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David Icke - Free Your Mind (from the matrix)
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David Icke - Free Your Mind (from the matrix)


Published on 30 Oct 2014 by jay4louise2
Exposing the dreamworld we believe to be real. Open Your Mind,Face the fear and be free.
Erotical Trance- Matrix II Trance Mix



David Icke - The Perceiver & Decoder of Reality



The Battle for Donetsk Airport Rages On (Graham Phillips)

The Battle for Donetsk Airport Rages On (Graham Phillips)

Phillips visits Donetsk airport, where the fighting continues. Completed at a cost of $500 million in 2012, it was a huge infrastructure project. Now it has been reduced to post-apocalyptic rubble

Never one to shy away from the front line

The Donetsk airport story is truly bizarre.  Seen as strategically important by both sides, both sides have been fighting fiercely to control it, ceasefire be damned.

The Resistance fighters are now in posession, having taken the airport in building-to-building fighting reminiscent of Stalingrad, and now they are being shelled by Ukrainian forces from a distance.
Check out the astounding photographs below the video.  The airport was brand new in 2012, at a cost of $500 million, and was the pride of East Ukraine, its largest infrastructure project, one of the largest in the country.  Now it looks like a scene from Mad Max.
An indication of the ferocity of the war, both sides seemed to be saying, "If we can't have it, we'll make sure you won't be able to use it too."  Scorched earth, just like in WW2.
If you haven't yet watched Graham's material on YouTube, his recent escapades inside a Soviet bunker with the looming dangers of mortar attack wasn't enough of a threat to him to deter him from pressing deeper into the conflict.
His recent investigations have led him right into the heat of the airport battle.
In this latest front of the civil war, Graham delivers unique first-hand footage.

British born journalist Graham Phillips travels to the heavily contested Donestk Airport, Ukraine, which is all but completely destroyed due to ongoing intense fighting. 
(Graham Phillips Behind the Scenes) 

Graham is walking on streets, senses heavinness: people being warned about coming new shelling and requested to stay home. Grey sky, grey day. Traveling on empty places and meet warriors, asking usual question about why they fight. Meanwhile on background sounds of shooting Ukranian weapons.

It is a fight for Donetck Aeroport. Below pictures before and now. 






Kremlin Economy Boss: Please Don't Cancel Sanctions - They're Helping Russia

Kremlin Economy Boss: Please Don't Cancel Sanctions - They're Helping Russia

Igor Shuvalov, the top Kremlin official responsible for the economy: Sanctions force companies to modernize, be more efficient, less complacent. We've been saying this for months: sanctions are helping Russia. Western media is getting this badly wrong.

Top Russian economic boss: Sanctions are helping Russia...

This is an account of comments made by Igor Shuvalov, Russia's Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the economy, last week in Sochi.
Western leaders might care to reflect on them and on what Shuvalov reports Putin telling Biden (see the two paragraphs at the end).
This is an extract from an interview to Russia Direct, by the American political scientist, Nikolai Petro.
"Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov put forward the view that, if they last long enough, Western sanctions will be an impetus for modernization.
The very worst thing that the West could do now is to lift sanctions quickly.   This would have the short-term effect of telling government officials and the heads of state enterprises that they need do nothing to change.
Russia would be caught in a more stringent liquidity crunch, as it waited for the end of sanctions to take effect, but still could not obtain credit cheaply or quickly. Shuvalov therefore concluded that, “the sooner sanctions are lifted, the worse for Russian modernization.”
He went on to list several reasons why conditions are now optimal for Russian modernization: Falling gas prices are forcing Russian producers to be more productive; sanctions are forcing Russian companies to search for new sources of international funding at a time when the emerging economies have more cash liquidity than their Western counterparts; low debt and high cash reserves means that Russian investment programs can continue without foreign borrowing – at most, he said, if further sanctions are imposed, Russia will delay full implementation of current programs for two years.
This year once again, he reminded us, the Russian government expects to have no budget deficit. Finally, Putin’s astonishingly high popularity means that he has a window of opportunity to push through unpopular economic reforms.
Shuvalov concluded by telling us of a discussion that Putin allegedly had with U.S. vice president Joe Biden several years ago. Apparently, Biden had just told Putin that Russia was simply too weak to compete for global leadership.
Putin replied that, while Russia might not be strong enough to compete for global leadership, Biden might reflect on the fact that Russia will still be strong enough to determine who that leader will be."
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