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Max Igan - PressTV - ISIL Destroys Part of Temple of Bel in Palmyra, Syria

Max Igan - ISIL Destroys Part of Temple of Bel in Palmyra, Syria - PressTV August 31st 2015


Charleston Shooting Happened During Federal 'Active Shooter' Drill - BOOM Tags: mass shooting at a historic church in Charleston South Carolina


Published on 21 Jun 2015 by DAHBOO777

We now have solid proof of Federal Agents and Local Law Enforcement In Charleston Conducting an Active Shooter Drill June 15-19th. They were already in position and this is why FBI was on the scene like lightning.
The shooting happening right in the middle of this 5 day Drill.
There is no denying the Proof we now have. Evidence continues to mount!

Federal Training Schedule PDF:



Tony Blair, The Benevolant Dictator, Admits He & His Cronies Want To Rule The World Tags: advise conspiracy theory dictator global government governments leader new world order prime minister statesmen

Tony Blair, The Benevolant Dictator, Admits He & His Cronies Want To Rule The World

Mask Coming Off The True Power Elite

Posted on April 12, 2015 by Kev Baker in World News

Like the smell of spilled milk, it just never seems to go away….

What is the it i talk of?

Tony B.Liar, thats what. Yes, I said “what” not “who”, for i fail to find anything human about this particular creature from the dark side.

Why not let him and his friends rule the world?

He is back in the media and in a recent interview with Newsweek titled “Democracy Isnt Working”, Blair spoke of setting up an “old boys club” styled group of ex-leaders and to go around the world advising governments how to run their country.

The odacity of the man. Tony Blair, the man with the blood of over a million dead Iraqi’s and coalition servicemen that died in the war based on document he and his government “sexed up” to justify going to war on a country that had made no threat of violence to us, nor had any involvement with Al Qaeda that were being hunted post-9/11 in T.WA.T. (The War Against Terror).

And he even openly supports the style of governance that pays no heed to human rights or civil liberties, naming Egypt as a perfect example.

In the profile in the American magazine Newsweek, Mr Blair also praised the authoritarian military regime in Egypt, which has been accused of human rights abuses, saying: ‘Yes, democracy is important, but democracy is not on its own sufficient. You need effective government taking effective decisions.

Blair says that the foot and mouth crisis was a perfect example of how the military can handle emergencies better than governments. Yes, you heard that right. Well he does think Egypt is a good model to follow, so how long before we have a general running the country? or for that matter the world?

Martial law anyone? And by anyone, i dont just mean people in the UK. Blair has his evil eye on something far bigger….

‘I’ve done British. I suppose where I think I can make most difference is on a global level, working on things that had interested me as Prime Minister but that I was not able to devote myself to.’

On a “global level”. Like the true globalist he is, he craves nothing more than the elite few at the top dictating to the many below.

Can you imagine what his “club of statesmen” may end up looking like? The mind boggles.

the leaders

We would probably have Kissinger finally sliding out of Washington and taking up residence in Astana, the capitol of Khazakstan, a place fit only for the the top table of the NWO! There, he and Blair would joined by the likes of Daddy Bush, Zbignew Brzezinski, Darth Cheyney, Berlusconi, Robert Mugabe, E-Lizard-Breath the Queen of Transelvania, oops, I mean the UK & Joseph Fritzel (well they will need someone to build a good basement….. too soon?

We can go even further with this, all for the sake of satire of course lol and with CERN opening wormholes and talk of potential time machines, how long until we see Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Saddam Hussien joining them.

I must admit, the entertainment would be good. There would be elvis and a full set of Bee Gee’s for starters, not to mention all the greats from classical music returning to conduct their own masterpieces. We could get Di Vinci back, if only to find out what the hell the Mona Lisa was all about, and which one of the 48 facebook genders would apply to it.

Yes im being ridiculous. But in a world where something us conspiracy theorists have been shouting about shadow governments and a global conspiracy, to see one of the main players coming out and openly suggesting it, well, thats it, we are here….

The New World Order is now.

With the 2015 & 2016 elections coming up on either side of the pond, please keep in mind that it matters not one iota who you vote for, for the governement always wins, and the agenda stays the same.

Dont believe me? Well take it from Tony B.Liar himself…


No shit Sherlock!


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