Conspiracies & False Flags
MAKE NO MISTAKES: A new war in the Falklands is a blood sacrifice for the Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee?? Tags: Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Falkland War

Uploaded by undercoveralien on 11 Feb 2012

Exactly 30 years after the first war in the Falkland Islands aka Malvinas, the British government starts new military hostilities against Argentina, in the waters of South Atlantic. And according to the Argentinian government the British Navy has even deployed nuclear submarines in the area. Everything is happening right in the same year of the Queen's Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee. I've found strange occult patterns and numbers about these events and the more I look into it, the more I'm convinced that the British Royal family is pushing a new war against Argentina, as a massive blood sacrifice for the Queen's jubilee.


Gingrich: Bohemian Grove Observers Live 'Fantasy Lives' Tags: Bill Clinton Bohemian Club Cremation of Care idolatry male prostitute Moloch Newt Gingrich nudism orgies owls redwoods Richard Nixon

Gingrich: Bohemian Grove Observers Live "Fantasy Lives"

We Are Change


A Good Laugh Was Had by All...

Uploaded by wearechange
January 11, 2012

Presented with the taped comments of former Presidents Clinton and Nixon about nudism and unusual behavior at the infamous redwoods retreat, as well as the inflammatory allegations of a male prostitute in The New York Post, presidential candidate and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich dismissed questions about the secretive Bohemian Club by claiming that the observations were products of those living "fantasy lives."

USS Enterprise to be used in a False Flag attack? Tags: USS ENTERPRISE Persian Gulf false flag





Love~, SiNeh~

Uploaded by NWONoWorldOrderNWO on 24 Jan 2012

[Heretic Productions]


If the video should disappear, please let me know, I have it saved and would share it again.


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