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One Stitch Closer: Veronika empowers other women
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This is the Spirit of Detroit…


Published on 14 Mar 2014

Get inspired by Veronika, CEO and founder of The Empowerment Program, who empowers women to become more independent. #WomenInspire


It's not the government that will safe Detroit, you see people like Veronika do it. You may also check out THIS WEBSITE. SiNeh~



Palestinian Embassy to Open in La Paz, Bolivia
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 Palestinian Embassy to Open in La Paz, Bolivia

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met with the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, in New York on Tuesday. 


Abbas thanked President Morales for Bolivia's solidarity and political action taken on the Palestine question and, particularly, its recognition of the Palestinian State, as well as its strong position of support during the latest Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip.

According to the PNN, President Abbas expressed willingness to strengthen the bilateral relations between the two countries, in addition to increased involvement by Lattin America in the upcoming political efforts to end the Israeli occupation.

See: Abbas To Submit Resolution To UN Security Council Friday

President Abbas reportedly stressed that, for many years, Palestine has been a gateway for friendly nations to expand relations with the rest of the Arab world, and that this would not be any different in the case of Bolivia.

Finally, President Abbas announced the planned opening of a Palestinian embassy in La Paz. Bolivia is a country which has integrated thousands of Palestinian immigrants into their social fabric, people who have contributed to the economic, cultural and social development of Bolivia, and has committed its support to the project, the PNN reports.

Palestine is deeply thankful for the treatment and the status given to its Palestinian community in the South American nation.


A great way to a new standard.

Gold in small units, also one gram at time

Lilica:The Junkyard Stray with a Big Heart
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The human race still has a very long way to go when it comes to the treatment of animals. Things are changing, however, as more people are starting to realize that most beings on this planet, if not all beings, share something in common within their hearts; love, care, emotion, altruism, affection and consciousness. We are talking about living, breathing, feeling beings that are extremely intelligent. The only difference is that they take a different form than us, and use different communication techniques.

Animals Teach Us So Much!

We have so much to learn from animals. In the meantime, we have completely destroyed their world to support our greed. We’ve become completely disconnected with nature, and we will not be able to advance as a species if we continue down the same road we’ve been traveling.

I can understand why many of them fear us, and are very hesitant to come into contact with us. At the same time, many out there recognize that there is still good on this planet. I believe this comes from situations like the video shows below, or incidents like this one, where a whale showed amazing appreciation after being rescued from tangled nets.

Some people might be reading this and saying “duh.” On the other hand, I’m sure this video and these words will impact some in a positive way.

I came across this video floating around on the internet. It’s about a homeless dog who takes a 4 mile trip every night so she could feed her friends that were also hungry. Those of you who have a dog will not be surprised by this at all.


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