Australian Radar Anomalies June 16 , 2011
Tags: Australia Weather

Uploaded by SolarWatcher on Jun 16, 2011

Australian Radar ANOMALIES found on the Australian weather loops June 16th+ 30th May 2011
Australians weather radar loop
Weatherzone loop
Weatherchaser loop
Music used created by soundcritters

Missouri residents under the threat of more flooding from stressed levees
Tags: Missouri USA

June 13, 2011HAMBURG, Iowa – The rising Missouri River ruptured two levees in northwest Missouri on Monday, sending torrents of flood waters over rural farmland toward a small town in Iowa and a resort community in Missouri. Water rushing from a 50-foot-wide hole in a levee near Hamburg, in far southwest Missouri, is threatening more people. Flood waters are expected by Tuesday to reach a secondary levee protecting the partially evacuated town of about 1,100 people. But if that levee fails, parts of Hamburg could be under as much as 10 feet of standing water, officials said. The breach near Hamburg, in far southwest Iowa, is threatening more people. The town of about 1,100 residents was already partially evacuated, and water rushing from the 50-foot-wide hole in the levee is expected to reach a secondary levee protecting the town on Tuesday. If that levee fails, parts of town could be under as much as 10 feet of standing water, officials said. About 45 miles south, the river punched a 225-foot-wide hole through a levee about five miles northwest of Big Lake in Holt County, Mo. The roughly 30 residents who stayed in the resort town after the river started rising were told to leave Monday. Iowa officials said they would close more than 20 miles of Interstate 29 in southwest Iowa and northwest Missouri by Thursday. –Yahoo News

Book Quote: Disaster waiting to happen: Even more alarming, the ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) report also found that more than 3,200 dams in the U.S. were classified as “unsafe” – meaning they possess deficiencies which make them susceptible to potential failure. The ASCE’s figure of troubled dams in the U.S. has increased by as much as 80 percent since 1998.” –The Extinction Protocol, page 296

Expanding Earth
Tags: Expanding Earth

Uploaded by SpydaNYC on Oct 10, 2006

An Incredible new theory of a growing earth.

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