TED: Yves Rossy: Fly with the Jetman
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TED: Yves Rossy: Fly with the Jetman


The Thrill of Flying

Uploaded by TEDtalksDirector
November 15, 2011

Strapped to a jet-powered wing, Yves Rossy is the Jetman -- flying free, his body as the rudder, above the Swiss Alps and the Grand Canyon. After a powerful short film shows how it works, Rossy takes the TEDGlobal stage to share the experience and thrill of flying.

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Category: PEOPLE

I am gratefull for all of you here :-D

The Pursuit Of Happiness
Category: PEOPLE
Tags: Danmak

The Pursuit Of Happiness

Little Denmark, with its five-and-a-half million people, is the happiest country in the world, says a study done by an English University. Morley Safer reports why the Danes are so happy and explores why the U.S. is way down the list.

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