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By Rene Matthijssen

I keep coming across articles about the desperation of ordinary people to start a better life for themself and their families. For those not familiar, all over the world people are realizing that things aren't going well and they try to escape the suppression.

Some recent examples are;

  • Two weeks ago, a boat with refugees capsized in the Mediterranean sea, killing 600 people.
  • Last week, the Italian navy confirmed that they had rescued 4,400 people from overloaded boats IN ONE DAY !
  • Yesterday, a truck was found in Austria (Europe) with 71 bodies inside, this was another failed attempt to reach freedom.
  • Today, 400 more people drowned when their overloaded boat capsized.

It's time to rethink what life should be and how we can help humanity by putting our attention on positive solutions.

The MSM in the meantime is going all out to plaster the front pages with yet another (already proven) hoax about the shooting in Virginia. These hoaxes are all geared towards gun control and it shows how worried the "Powers That Be" are of us common people. The goal is to keep us in fear.
Plus, they want you to worry about Hillary's honesty and her chances to become president.....


In search of a better life.
The Unravelling Tags: Consciousness Empowerment Social Engineering

by Zen Gardner

It’s hard not to see what’s going on. The imposed system is coming apart at the seams. I know the matrix is some metaphysical energetic thing of some sort, which doesn’t intimidate me in the least, but I’m talking about what’s front and center to our very lives.

It’s all disassembling, as plain as day. Politicians and disgusting paedopheliac oligarchs are being massively exposed for who they truly are despite mainstream media spin and cover ups; the economic paradigm is clearly being manipulated even though most folks are keeping it alive still playing on the rebound in their reactionary fear-based mindset, and the escape to safer places of all kinds continues to escalate on a wider and wider scale.

That only touches on the surface. Underneath the mainstream and even alternative narrative is a rumbling. The confusion and scrambling for a solid perspective is palpable. There’s a lot of finger pointing going on as to who or what is causing this confusion which is only adding to the condition.

It’s time to stand back and take a deep breath. And then stay there. This is all a passing fantasy, as real as it may seem. The organic spontaneous awakening, as furious and confused as it may appear to be, is in full swing. This is not to minimize the realities that affect our lives, but to mitigate our attachment to this distinctly contrived imposed insanity and get some conscious perspective.

 Stand Back

This might seem an esoteric sounding principle but it’s our lifeline. We have to view these conditions from a position of awake, aware strength. Not a made up one, but a real one. What we’re viewing and experiencing at this time is a monumental shift in humanity – it’s perception, designed and otherwise behavioral attributes notwithstanding, as well as our engineered understanding of the course ahead of us.


Think transhumanism for the perfect example. They’ve carefully designed their intended pathway on many fronts.

A perceived state of hyped up confusion only leads to easy manipulation. As we know, this is where social engineers always steer humanity.  They call it “chaos theory” for one. It’s a scientifically proven formula well documented throughout their control manuals and has proven true though decades if not centuries of installation into the projected world paradigm. That they have forecasted these devices is testament to their bravado and arrogant confidence that they are in control without question over the “plebians” they like to think they dominate.

Rise above it. Your inner heart and self tell you exactly what I’m trying to say. Shrug off the programming and live to your fullest, awakened potential.

How To Shake the Programming

It’s really not that complicated. Operate from the heart, not the head. They of course work together but this isn’t a time to entertain “reasoning” with a psychopathic force. It only delays solutions as they execute their plans.

Time is of the essence. And I mean that.

The workings of this desperate despotic force we’re all faced with is no joke or something to simply be philosophized about. We’re talking about survival in a clamp down psycho-spiritual warfare.

Do whatever it takes to spare yourself and your loved ones the influences of this parasitic invasion. It appears to be reaching its peak power at this time and we need to be very smart. Awake, aware, ready for action, and on our toes continually.

I wish I had more comforting news but this is the state of the “onion”. We’ve worked hard to expose and destroy the lies that have been foisted on us but now they’re coming at all of us with guns blazing, and we need to be wise and responsibly responsive.

As I’ve always said – disengage, disconnect and be in a safe place, optimally with similar like minded folks and community. This is a nasty time and it’s about to get worse, sorry to say.

But keep firing! The truth is killing them one dart of truth at a time. Never, ever minimize that.

Inform others, act accordingly, and live the life you know you should.

Much love always,



Shock Value and the Bullshit Burners
Tags: Consciousness Conspiracy Forbidden Knowledge Social Commentary

By Randall

Serious students of research and investigation in the quest for truth will at some point come in contact with information that shatters the belief of what they thought to be real. Looking at the truth is one thing, seeing it for what it is adds shock value to the substance of what’s been discovered. This shock value is not only about waking up to the real deal, but a significant side effect in keeping the eyes full open, maintaining the spiritual mind aperture in a receptive posture.

If that’s you, be ready for shock.

At the moment of conception, a spark was given to the human being, a spark that would keep the pilot light of its life on forever. This light burns within each and every human, and more are becoming aware that this little light needs fuel. It needs the curiosity of the child to prevail, to overcome the fear of what is found to be true, and become one that realizes that information is  not always knowledge, as bullshit burns out so quickly.

Where’s the shock? Must be the wrong fuel.

Lacking confidence in the trek towards fulfilling a spiritual obligation to spread the word of truthful discovery to others can be a daunting task to overcome, made all the more tentative while displaying the countenance of shock. If the seeker is not convinced, most likely the ones that actually heard the word won’t be either. Trading shock for bliss is a tough barter. It’s all the more shocking that the bullshit burners busy themselves with gathering more bullshit to keep them warm and snuggly. Why not? The bullshit is plentiful and refreshed daily.


As the core of truth can be elusive, it’s not a bad thing to hold up on the hip shot until the aim is steadied by evidence that others can see….if they look. 9/11 truth is a great example. Bullshit burning is big business. The baby faced shock carriers are not here to burn up all the bullshit, they’re here to choke the life out of the compost dispensaries. Government to develop it, media to sell it, military to guard it, religion to believe in it. Money to pay for it? Starving the bullshit burners out of fuel with the shock of truthful reality, which results all too often in truth being labeled bullshit.

That’s no bullshit.

The shock value of new revelations is what is contained in the envelope sent to us a long time ago, courtesy of a universal truth courier. Dare to open its seal, to see…. to reveal. It is not difficult to expose the deceptive nature of the civilized construct, when the liars are assisting in revealing themselves. When they get caught, they are shocked, and the burners of bullshit are shocked they are looking so shocked. Hillary of Clinton is a perfect example of the significance of shock value that active truth seekers have imposed upon her. Shocking, but important to remember that bullshit comes in a variety of flavors, and repackaged according to public demand…or outrage.

If you are not surprised by any of the revelations that have come your way, it would be a safe assumption that you have been on the bumpy road of exploration for a while. Long enough to develop shock absorbers, long enough to be resilient, vigilant, stalwart in conviction, and innovative enough to begin forging plans for an alternative future. If this is you, then the fuel you have put on that little pilot light is growing into a forever furnace. You have become bullshit free, immersed in a welcoming hunger, prepared for the shock of what the light from your flame will reveal. The hoax of Sandy Hook is now entering the public awareness arena. Thanks to You.

When you have completed your task in choking out the bullshit factories, its product will become scarce, eventually extinct (x-stinked), for without your light the world will remain dark.

Keep up your baby face, your fire and spread the value of shock. It works. If we have our way, then drinking a glass of wine every time one of the heartless bastards hits the ground, we will find ourselves as round the clock drunks. So be it.


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