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Iam Saums

Under the Influence:

Our world, as we have been led to believe, is an illusion.  All of us live out our days performing the roles we have been conditioned to adopt with the belief it is for a greater cause.  Yet, this synthetic purpose serves only the few at the grave cost of the many.  Our perceptions have been manipulated over the span of our lives to hypnotize us into accepting a meager, ordinary, repressed, and selfish existence.  We measure the growth of our progression by our physical appeal, our programmed intellect and our social status, while we avoid, dismiss and discredit the essential expressions of our heart and soul.

Soul Sacrifice:

There is a massive gap between what we interpret as spirituality, religion or faith and its authentic and resourceful application into our daily lives. Many of us flock to our selected practice searching for sanctity, knowledge and the meaning of life.  We kneel in blind devotion to superficial entities feigned to exist far beyond our limited commitment, comprehension and willingness.  What we either don’t choose or don’t want to realize about our fidelity is that we are handing over our personal power to various beliefs sourced not by spirit, yet invented and exploited by man.

Global Exploitation:


Everything about the three dimensional reality in which we exist is manipulated.  From the seemingly most sacred to the utterly profane, everything we encounter in our daily occurrences has come under malevolent influence.  As atypical as genuine epiphanies are in our modern lives is as rare we discover pure and true experiences beyond the realm of mortal persuasion.  Our natures have become attuned to the energy of manipulation.  It has desensitized, diminished and destroyed our innate propensities for acceptance, compassion, understanding, wisdom and love.

Living the Lie:

The wool of our cynicism, denial, judgment, insecurity and fear has been pulled over our perceptions.  We enable exploitation to occur in our experiences simply because we are too terrified to claim and live our truth, purpose and destiny.  It isn’t just the social indoctrination we are all exposed to well before the time, if ever, we remember who we truly are.  It isn’t even the betrayal all of us suffer from those whom we believe are closest to us.  We are all eventually seduced by and compliant to the artificial belonging, meaning and principle of common reality.

“How we perceive is what we believe.”

An Affinity for Acquiescence:

Since the dawn of belief, history, legends, stories and traditions have been invented to distract us from our souls.  We have been attached to a blind faith in others more than we empower trust in ourselves.  Our dependency upon the external world has enabled an ever-expanding, internal vortex that has left us aimless, empty and unfulfilled.  We have been modified to a simulated lifestyle of attention, desire, status and survival.  It has become the very nature of our existence.  This has conditioned us to seek in others what we can only truly discover within ourselves.

Swimming Upstream:

Contemporary society is designed to function and exist against the flow of humanity.  This is why for most of the world; life is deemed as “difficult.”  The elements of apathy, challenge and distress are constantly and strategically infused into our everyday reality.  We enable this belief and lifestyle by deciding to perceive it as such instead of choosing to embrace it as a powerful opportunity to transform ourselves and make a difference.  The mere perception that life is excruciating and insurmountable provides the perfect circumstance and excuse to yield our personal power and become social slaves.

Elusive Epiphanies:

We are multi-dimensional beings with vision and potential that reaches well beyond our human experience of imagination.  We have the ability to create, express, exist and destroy.  Our potential for adaptation, endurance, relation and transformation far surpasses our inclinations to consume, think, reason or feel.  Our addictions to our personal dramas, judgments and opinions distort our discovery, focus and purpose.  We have the inherent ability to clarify, intend and manifest all that our heart and soul desires.  Yet we continue to sacrifice our opportunities at the zenith of their possibility.

“It is only as real as we believe it to be.”

Towing the Line:

For centuries, the human race has born witness to the tragic consequences of a society ruled by the wants of the few at the cost of the needs of the many.  Each of us bears the burden of this “reality.”  Most of us are not willing to be present to or engaged in the human catastrophes of global inequality, injustice and impunity.  It has become contemptible, impractical and political to identify or entertain the vital issues of our contemporary time.  Consciousness transcends the current trends of our society, though its presence and expression garners great animosity and resistance.

Turning the Tide:

Those of us committed to and empowered by truth realize standing for it always requires great sacrifice, dedication and ridicule.  When we are inspired to choose to embark on our journey for authenticity, integrity, purpose and the fulfillment of our true destiny, the whole world appears to descend upon us.  The more we live against the popular currents of present day society, not with defiance but intention; we realize that even the strongest tides shift.  The affirmations we receive when our actions, thoughts, feelings and insights make a difference are the foundation upon which our transformation is possible.

A Call to Destiny:

We each have a vital contribution in the evolution and transcendence of the human race.  Our intuitive vision, personal power and creative expression make an extraordinary difference in the way we perceive, interact and exist in society.  The composition of our reality is created in the wake of our focus, truth, purpose and love.  The extent of our expansion and transformation is defined by our commitment to express, share and sustain its presence in our daily lives.  No matter how often we have opted to defer our personal responsibility, we are entitled only to fulfill our destiny.

An Emanation of Truth:

The world will always be exploited to the degree we enable with our amusement, drama, egotism, indifference and oblivion.  The power and possibility to transcend the present condition of society has always been within us.  It is up to all of us to offer our personal contribution for its manifestation.  Each one of our unique expressions is essential and significant to the multi-dimensional experience of global transformation.  This is the fundamental dynamic of enlightenment.  It is the only choice we will ever have to make.  If we don’t choose to be a universal emanation of truth, who will?


Vibration and Synchronicity – Releasing The True You
Category: Consciousness
Tags: Consciousness Empowerment Esoterica Transformation

By Peter Paul Parker

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

“Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.” – Carl Jung

The term ‘synchronicity’ was coined by Carl Jung. Throughout his life, Carl Jung came up with slightly different explanations of this complex subject, but the basic meaning is there for us to understand. He said if ‘meaningful coincidences’ occur with no ‘causal relationship’, but seem to be meaningfully related, this is synchronicity.

In other words, if unrelated incidents happen to you and you find yourself seeing things in a different way and feel more connected to who you are because of these experiences, then you have just experienced the wonderful world of synchrony. Carl Jung came to the conclusion that synchrony is a governing dynamic which underlies the whole of human experience. Quantum mechanics now verifies this statement and we will look into that later in this article.

Manifest Our Reality

We do have the power to manifest our reality, and many people who are exploring this subject, are coming up with some very profound truths. Synchrony happens all the time in our lives, and it comes and goes undetected if you are not tuned into it.


The universe will deliver what we ask for, but not for selfish, power grabbing or unjustified reasons. Then it seems that we are sent lessons to learn our path to synchrony. These occurrences can be very simple or very complex.

To be connected, we truly need to understand that what is good for me, is good for you too. This applies to everything in our experience, humans, animals, our environment, everything! Again some of these truths have been passed down from ancient times, and some are more recent in our history. Let’s explore some of these truths.

Essene Mirrors

Greg Braden has posted a terrific explanation of the Essene mirrors here on YouTube. The Essene mirrors have seven stages and the sixth one is the dark night of the soul. This is where you are synchronising with your observer consciousness, or soul, and seeing all the emotions, feelings and ego you have picked up during your life, or previous lives, and are starting to shed them.

If you have been through this, you’ll know it is a difficult time and you can feel completely disconnected. Well, that is true. All these negative vibrations are keeping you from synchrony with your true self and need to be dealt with.

The Essene mirrors help you recognise the transitions you are going through, and therefore it becomes easier for you to find your path of synchrony with your world. You will meet soul mates and you will meet people who will try to hold you back. Although it is easier said than done, always stick with the positive, even in the face of adversity. Sometimes it feels your life is falling apart, but remember, things need to break down before they can change, so there is no need to worry.

The Gnostics and the Archons

The Nag Hamadi texts tell us more about the Gnostics and their understanding of what is keeping humanity away from synchrony. They believed that we are all divine in nature, and we are in a consciousness trap.

It is the journey within that is important and that this experience we are having here on planet earth can be illusory in nature, so trust no authority that claims to be over you. This illusory situation is orchestrated by the Archons and the people being manipulated by them. The Archons are inter-dimensional beings that feed off negative emotions such as fear, anger or sadness. We certainly are awash with these emotions in our society today.

The journey within and the synchrony with our observer consciousness or soul is the remedy for this experience we are having on planet earth, so say the Gnostics, and I concur with that. Whether this is a story or a depiction of the truth doesn’t matter really.

What is important is that we all take the journey within to understand our true nature and reject all the emotions and feelings that don’t serve us, including anyone claiming authority over us, pretending to keep us safe.

We really need to understand that no man-made creation has authority over us because of our divine nature. We have all the answers within. We all need to find them to create one synchrony, our synchrony, the synchrony of love.

The Rothschild Meme

So many people are living a life that doesn’t allow synchrony to happen very easily. I call this the Rothschild meme. We are told our western civilisation is the only way we can live with each other on planet earth and we need to accept it.

Without wanting to sound like a broken record, this is insanity. How many more banking scams, political corruption and corporate crimes have we got to endure before we realise none of these institutions are actually serving us?

The way this so called civilisation is set up only serves a very few at the top. It is not even the one per cent. It is a very small group of people who orchestrate everything. They come from the school of divide and rule, and the Hegelian dialect of problem, reaction solution. They create the problem, get the required reaction and offer the solution.

This is creating a loss of synchrony amongst us as many are always ‘chasing their tail’ to survive and while doing so, enabling these people to carry on their corrupted way of life.

How many times has money changed the way that you think about things? The private central banking elite have monopolised the creation of money on this planet and this needs to be addressed and soon. It really is something to think about.

But change is coming slowly now, and we see a growing number of people actually waking up to the nature of our reality, which is the key to fixing this and ridding ourselves of institutions that do not serve humanity as a whole. Synchrony is there, waiting to play its part in our journey to health, happiness and freedom.

We can find our true nature and realise the nature of our reality. We can change the way we live on our planet and live with synchrony, creating a better way of living. We can take back our vision of a bright future, and let no one interfere with this vision again. We can reject the decline of morality we are witnessing today, which is like Babylon revisited.

This Rothschild meme is not our friend and does not serve us. We need to take our power back. So let’s have a look at the nature of our body and how we can do just that.

We Have Three Bodies

Everybody knows we have a material body. This is our casing for the material world. It is a transmitter and receiver of information and exists in this 5 sense reality, which only exists in a very small frequency range.

To keep this body in synchrony with itself, to stay younger and full of vitality, proper breathing, diet and movement is necessary.

Our material body is connected to our energy body. Our energy body, some call it the light body, is connected to the material body through our energy system. These are our meridian lines, acupressure points and the chakra system. Energy can be blocked in these systems which can cause bad manifestations in our material body. So we need to keep our energy body healthy too.

We have a third body, which is our observer consciousness, or soul. This is our true self, our real essence. When you find synchrony with these three bodies, you are well on the path to a happy and healthy life.

You will be aware of your eternal existence because of your understanding of your observer consciousness. You will find endless energy through your energy body and you will find zest and vitality in your material body, with clarity of thought and be able to understand and act upon the guidance from your soul, thus rejecting everything that is detrimental to you and your environment. This is a far cry from the way that the majority of humans exist on the planet today.

Rewiring the Brain – Synchronise! Synchronise! Synchronise!

There is plenty of research now that tells us that meditation stimulates the neo cortex and rewires the brain. Unfortunately some of the foods that we eat, the drinks we drink and pathogens and carcinogens we consume are actually rewiring our brain with a very detrimental effect. We can reverse this detrimental effect by changing our diet, gentle movement or exercise and through meditation.

Max Planck was the father of quantum mechanics whose research made him realise there is a field, which consists of primal vibrational waves, that we live in which encompasses everything.

What fills the space of this field are quarks and gluons. These are the fillers of the space between the protons and the neutrons which make up the atom, thus the space of an atom isn’t empty.

So, does the simple action of meditation connect us to this energy matrix? Yes it does. So does this simple action of meditation promote synchrony within our material lives? Yes it does. There are links (listed below) explaining quarks and the quantum field in more detail.

The film ‘The Matrix’ was based on Max Planks findings and is a good analogy of our world. Synchrony lies at the very heart of our existence in this 5 sense reality. We are connected profoundly to this field.


Vampire Empire
Tags: child abuse Consciousness Empowerment Mind Control

By freefall

Those eyes still freak me out.

The vampire is the perfect metaphor for what we are seeing today. His qualities of not being able to stand before the light, the inability to be seen in the mirror (dead to self-reflection), and enslaving others by stealing their energy are common trends in this disintegrating culture.

But the one quality of the vampire that stands out to me more than the rest is his ability to draw his victims to him by controlling their minds. Not only do they not attempt to escape but actually end up baring their necks to him.

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to meet someone like Obama. Many have described him as being able to put them at ease. They soon grew to like him even though they were previously against everything he represented. Obama’s one of the best in the business when it comes to running recurrent con games in which each lie is piled upon another while continuing to get away with it. The vampire nature is strong in him.

As children, it is the traumas committed against us that causes much of our problems in our lives. Although we had no choice regarding the initial violation, we are inexorably drawn back to the vampire’s embrace, as many suffering abuse later become abusers themselves. We become the offspring of other vampires.


As this darkness in them grows, just like their more mature controllers, these fledgling vampires believe themselves to be superior to their victims, even though it was their own victimization that created their nature.  This is pretty much the underlying reason for all wars.

But for some of us, the internal anguish that occurs due to unconsciously serving this hypnotic influence causes us to seek a way out. At some point, we can no longer take the path that the rest blindly follow.

We now live in a society that feeds upon itself. Each level attained in the hierarchy usually results in a lower level of consciousness. Without consciousness, the parasitical mind prevails. At this most basic level occupied by the masses, they have no real idea of how they’re being used by the system.

And then there are the vampires that control the system. They know very well what they are serving and use their underlings to bring them closer to their macabre vision of utopia; a utopia in which most are not intended to be around for to appreciate. These are the true faces of evil that prey upon the rest of us. They are faces that we rarely, if ever, see.

They trot out their political vampires to seduce the public with promises, most of which they should not even have the authority to fulfill if elected and yet the public still falls for it. And like the rest, they all eventually end up feeding on each other rather than driving a stake through the dark hearts of those they unconsciously serve.

But more and more of us are beginning to see through the entrancement. We are starting to turn to face the enemy. Their hypnotic mind-control games don’t work on us anymore.

And there’s something else we understand:  They are the anomaly, not us.


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