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Keith R. Holden, M.D., Contributor
Waking Times

Research on the placebo effect is revealing some amazing discoveries about the power of belief. Placebos were created to control for suggestion, imagination, and bias in both investigators and patients in clinical studies.(1) At the time placebos were first introduced into medical research, investigators didn’t know how they produced their effects. As the field of neuroscience has evolved, it is becoming clear that belief induced within the context surrounding the placebo produces very specific and powerful physiologic effects.

Research shows there are actually multiple placebo effects. In other words, there are multiple ways the placebo influences the body-mind to heal depending upon the therapy or condition being treated. This research shows that the placebo effect is mediated by the release of neurotransmitters, consistently impacts certain areas of the brain, and even mirrors the action of pharmaceutical drugs on human physiology.(2)

Randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trials are the gold standard for proving effectiveness of a medication. The placebo – a pill containing no active substance – is used in these trials to act as a comparison for the active drug being tested. If you say the words ‘placebo effect’ to a pharmaceutical industry researcher, they might cringe. This is because it is not uncommon for the placebo to beat the active drug in clinical trials, and this is especially true for antidepressants.


Antidepressants versus placebos

In 1998, researchers published a meta-analysis of the effectiveness of sixteen antidepressant medications. They found that 25% of the effectiveness was due to the specific action of the drug, 25% was due to spontaneous remission, and 50% was due to the placebo effect.(3) Ten years later another meta-analysis of antidepressant clinical trials for four modern antidepressants was published. It showed antidepressants were clinically significant in only a few relatively small studies conducted on extremely severely depressed patients. For moderately depressed patients, these antidepressants had no effect at all.(4)

The mind as healer

Research on the placebo effect proves the mind is capable of great feats in healing the body, which is really not a surprise given that the body is an infinitely intelligent organism. Humans have been healing themselves long before the invention of modern medicine techniques. Indigenous shamans have been facilitating healing for thousands of years, often in conjunction with the placebo effect. They gave patients hope, and through expectation, the mind initiated the changes in physiology for the body to heal.

Psychosocial factors of placebo

It turns out that the placebo effect is the power of belief, and is related to multiple psychosocial factors. One factor is expectation, which relates to a reduction in anxiety or in expectation of reward. Learning is another factor related to conditioning through giving a medication prior to a placebo, or social learning whereby patients heal because they see others heal.(5)

The placebo effect provides insight into the complexity of consciousness and how little we really know about the mind and its ability to heal. But the scientific evidence is accumulating and points towards the possibility that the mind has an unlimited healing ability. This makes total sense to me, but skeptics don’t like common sense until the science proves it. They should be prepared to wait a very long time before science proves everything.

Placebos mimic drug effects in the body

Research shows that a placebo exactly mimics a drug’s effect when the patient has been exposed to the drug prior to the placebo. This has been shown with pain medications, an immune suppressing medication, an anti-Parkinson’s agent, and an anti-anxiety drug. What’s even more amazing is that the placebo effect can even be quantified based on what is told to the patient regarding the likelihood they will be getting a drug.(6)

Ritual of the therapeutic act

The placebo effect is a mind-body phenomenon that starts in the brain, results in clinical improvement, and is intimately related to the ritual of the therapeutic act. This ritual involves things such as the people in the room, spoken words, syringes or other devices, and even the color of a pill.

One of the most important factors that trigger expectations and belief is a verbal suggestion. Verbal suggestions are frequently given in clinical studies of the placebo effect, and these words as part of the therapeutic ritual have powerful effects on the body. This is an important concept to remember because your own words based on your innate beliefs are part of your own therapeutic ritual every single day of your life.

Fabrizio Benedetti, M.D., one of the world’s lead researchers on the placebo effect says, “In fact, what is emerging today from a strict scientific standpoint is that the very ritual of the therapeutic act can change the patient’s brain, thus anybody who performs a therapeutic ritual can influence the physiology of the patient’s brain and obtain positive effects.”(7)

Your body-mind is listening

The placebo effect emphasizes the importance of belief in overall health and wellness. Be positive in what you say and be discerning about what you believe. Your body-mind is listening.

About the Author

Dr. Keith Holden is a physician who is board certified in Internal Medicine and trained in Functional Medicine. He has a special interest in parapsychology, mind-body medicine, and spirituality in medicine. His popular course on Udemy.com, “Power of the Mind in Health and Healing,” teaches how to use the power of your mind to heal your body and maximize your intuition.


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Published on 25 Mar 2015 by The Harmonics Of Consciousness

'Awakening' is an invitation to remember the vastness of your eternal nature, and celebrate the geometries of love that carry you in every moment of time. In this consciousness and sacred space, you have unwavering dignity and sovereignty of being; you are love, and you are whole.


So Just Where Are We, Humanity? Tags: Consciousness Empowerment Esoterica

Makwah, Guest Writer, ZenGardner.com

Those of us who perceive the evils happening on our planet, certainly feel that we are awake.  Yet, there is this constant struggle to ascertain truth, what it is, and how we can learn and make progress.  There are countless books, articles and videos that seem to lead in so many different directions.  Some resonate, some do not, ever wonder why this is?  It would seem that the likely candidates would be our personal life/lives experience and that irascible ego.  How the ego decides to deal with this info often times shows in many responses.  We see comments and articles that seem ego driven, as to who knows most/best.  Most likely we have all done this too.  So how do we reconcile all these diverse opinions?

Each one of us has come to this level of thinking/feeling/knowing, from so many different backgrounds, belief systems, programming, etc.  Most of us are striving to move forward, little by little.  We also get knocked on our asses regularly with new info.  Many times, this new info creates stress/pressure, where some grasp at old familiar ways, longing for the “good old days”.  They tend to look outside of themselves for answers, or just can’t shake away from the clutches of religion, bs science, old friends and even family.  Some will procrastinate, hoping that somehow things will just magically work out.  Others hold on to old beliefs, as if they were some kind of life preservers, and not the anchors they really are.  Distracted, overwhelmed and paralyzed by constant fear.

So just where are we?  With everything from aliens/archons to illuminati, gmo’s to radiation, interdimensional’s, Gnosticism, Biblism, Buddhism,  different versions of His-story, add in Gaia’s story, this has become more like looking for one specific needle, in a haystack of needles.  We are pricked and prodded, continue searching, still more questions arise, than answers.  When we feel we have found an answer, we want to share it, sometimes to find out, that most everyone already knows or else is busy with what they believe to be truth, while pointing out that we’re wrong at the same time.  So much is backwards, its hard to get a real grasp of anything solid[so to speak].  Down here, truth does not seem like a rock as much as it does clay.  Where many seem to be molding truths to fit their own personal paradigm.  I believe this, you believe that, and the twain shall never meet.  Ah, that damned ego, again.

I was told long ago that there are many paths to the top of the mountain, not just one.  Just how many truths are there?  So we continue on, somewhat blindly toward the end of this age.  Some say prep for the upcoming hostilities, while others say to look inside oneself.  Some say all humanity must come together and awaken to survive,  while others believe only those awake will make it.  Who is right?? Our planet is being terraformed  before our eyes, radiation, Haarp, chemtrails, and more, by psychopaths, who have no morals nor love for humans.  So Humanity, just where are we?

Well for those who are “awake,” we are more aware of things, most others seem to miss.  The number of those awakening is growing daily.  We live in the “NOW” and appreciate life as an experience, and not a burden.  Continuing the search, we move forward in our knowledge and understandings.  We relish this time with our earth mother.  I urge you to spend as much time in nature, as you can.  We keep spreading the news of what is really happening to our world, without restraint.  We share what truth we know, and try to be more tolerant and loving.  Please make sure to love each other, as well as love yourselves.  We must light the way with kindness and compassion, understanding that’s what it truly means to be human.  “Peace and Harmony” must be our path, when insanity is the call of the day.   We are just at the summit of this mountainous undertaking, there is a lot of work ahead.  It is not an accident that we are all here at this moment.  Native peoples do not believe in coincidence, and being born on this planet[this time around] makes all of us native to her.  So,  just where are You?

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