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6 Keys to Successfully Making the Shift to the New Earth
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By Jeff Street

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Look around. The great shift in the consciousness of humanity has hit critical mass and passed the point of no return. It’s been building slowly but surely, and now it’s about to kick into high gear. The next decade or so will be a period of enormous change and perhaps more than a little turbulence. Think of this as the process of humanity going into labor as it begins to birth a new earth reality.

In this article, I offer what I consider the six keys to smoothly and successfully making the shift to the New Earth and becoming a charter member of a wonderful new era of humanity. Before diving into the practical advice that I have to offer, I’ll briefly explore the shift that is underway.

As always, my articles are simply my perspective that I offer in the spirit of discovery and empowerment. Take what resonates for you, and leave the rest behind.


The Shift and the Ascent of Humanity

The Earth and our entire solar system is being bathed in powerful cosmic energy causing the base frequency of the planet and everything on it to ascend. The Earth has transitioned from the 3rd to the 4th dimension, and it continues to slowly shift upward (check out The Multidimensional Universe to learn more about frequency and dimensionality). This energy is triggering awakenings and shifts in consciousness of people all over the world. As our consciousness shifts to higher perspectives, we are taking our first baby steps towards transcending this realm of duality and separation.

Even though the collective consciousness of humanity is ascending, many remain locked in 3D consciousness. This level of consciousness focuses on differences, separation, and limitation, and expresses as fear, self-serving and controlling behaviors, and us-against-them dog-eat-dog mentalities. The ultimate result of which is the creation of a world characterized by competition, conflict, and suffering.


Those that can break free from 3D consciousness will have the pleasure of experiencing the birth and growth of a wonderful new era of humanity — one characterized by cooperation, harmony, peace, and prosperity for all. The key to participating in the new earth reality is is to attain and maintain heightened levels of consciousness.

What to Expect During the Transition Period

You can expect the next decade or two to be a period of unprecedented revelations and change. Many startling and even disturbing revelations and disclosures will unfold. These revelations will include the economic and geopolitical manipulations and fraud of the global banking syndicate, the UFO/ET presence and secrecy and related hidden technologies, and the suppression of free energy technology and other important technologies, and more. Many may be shocked and angered by what they learn.

There may be some turbulence as the foundation of peoples’ beliefs are shaken to the core, and the winds of change start to rock our existing institutions and systems. How extensive this turbulence will be is impossible to predict, but one thing is for sure — your state of consciousness determines whether, and to what extent, you get entangled in it.

Two Worlds, One Playing Field

Contrary to what some people believe about the trans-dimensional shift of earth from 3D to 4D, those who remain in 3D consciousness do not disappear from our 4D earth reality. We all remain visible to each other, and we will all appear to be on the same playing field.

Despite appearances, it will be more like two separate worlds coexisting in the same space. Third density consciousness will play out, and this will be witnessed by those of us that have moved beyond 3D consciousness as the fall of the old world and its mentalities. Those that remain stuck in 3D consciousness won’t just witness this fall they will directly experience it and some of its associated unpleasantness. At the same time, those that have transcended 3D consciousness will be experiencing the birthing of a wonderful new world and the worst of any unpleasantness will pass them by.

The 6 Keys to Successfully Making the Shift

Many of us are well on our way to transcending 3D consciousness and have released many outmoded and limiting beliefs, buried negative emotions, and fears — others still have some work to do. In the challenging times ahead there are some potential stumbling blocks that may trip some of us up and cause some backsliding. Here are six things that you can do to help avoid these stumbling blocks and stay on track to becoming a charter member of the New Earth.

#1 – Release Your Emotional Baggage: Every soul who chose to have human experience knew that the separation from their divine source that the Earth game entailed would lead to some painful emotional experiences. To cope with it, many of us have deeply buried lots of emotional pain — pain that we have accumulated not only in this life but many others.

An integral part of the awakening process and shift of consciousness that is sweeping across humanity, is the surfacing of our deeply buried emotions. This surfacing of emotions, although painful and disturbing at times, gives us the opportunity to address and release the emotions, as well as forgive all those involved, including ourselves.


These buried emotions are low frequency (negative) energies trapped within the energy field of your body. As the base frequency of earth — and everything on it — increases, these stuck emotions keep you tightly anchored to 3rd density earth reality, and will continue to adversely affect your physical health. If not addressed they will ultimately lead to your expiration from the Earth game.

Another problem related to unreleased emotional baggage is that it will trigger the manifestation of increased adversity into your life. Because of the heightened base frequencies of everything in our reality, manifestation is quickening. Now, more than ever, any pent up negative emotional energy is a potent manifestation force that will draw adversity into your life.

We can see this adversity happening every day. All of our emotional baggage is surfacing and releasing, giving the appearance that the world is worsening rather than improving. It’s a good sign, however, because once it’s all cleared the state of our lives and the world will start improving and become far more harmonious.

Ultimately, you won’t complete the shift to 4th density earth without releasing all your emotional baggage. You simply cannot stay with the new earth if you do not release all your emotional baggage. It is lower frequency energy that will keep you anchored in 3rd density.

Here’s a great article by world famous spiritual author, Deepak Chopra, on how to release your past and return to love and present moment focus. Or consider reading this book, The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions, before Dr. Bradley Nelson.

#2 – Maintain the Sacred Neutral: Remember the importance of sacred neutrality. Find a way to not be drawn into the negativity that is rampant on our world. There are plenty of people whose awareness has not expanded yet that are still living in fear and negativity. Worse yet, our fear and negativity is being encouraged by a few with a very self-serving agenda. There is a small elite group of people lurking in the shadowy parts of our government, corporations, and the military/industrial complex that want to maintain their power and control at all costs.

Try not to get drawn into the confusion, mayhem, and nonsense that may ensue as the old begins to crumble. Stay grounded and detached from the chaos as you watch the drama play out, while you continue to be a living example of a new level of awareness. Do not be drawn into the fray and drama of those that do not want to let go of the old ways and the old world. Do not be drawn into the drama of those well-meaning people who are outraged by disturbing revelations, or the actions of others who allow themselves to become embroiled in the drama. This is their choice. Stay on your higher path.

Stay centered in your heightened consciousness and keep the drama at bay. Stay out of the fray and focus your energy on maintaining your heightened perspective. Focus your energy on being a shining example of the new consciousness. Focus your energy on demonstrating this through your enterprises and in your local communities. Do whatever you can, however small, to contribute to creating the new paradigm wherever you are — in your enterprises, your communities, in your families.

No matter what happens, strive to stay neutral and calm — be the “eye in the center of the hurricane” as the world storms around you. Make every effort not to engage in the drama, even if terrible things happen. Doing so only gives energy to and makes it worse. Remain centered in your higher perspective, principles, and ideals.

Avoid the temptation to judge or condemn those embroiled in the drama, on either side, as good or bad, regardless of whether their actions seem justified or not. Judgment and condemnation never serve to heal these situations; they can only ever sustain them or make them worse.

Be a living example of sacred neutrality, calmness, positivity, non-judgment, and love in the face of the storm. Your example will be an immense help to all those that are struggling with and getting drawn into fear and negativity. Humbly and quietly share from your heart your perspective on the bigger picture if anyone asks how are you maintaining such calmness, such stability, such a positive outlook. This will be of great service to the world in the times ahead.

Strive to keep this all in perspective. Remember that this is a journey and adventure that your soul chose. Even if you don’t remember why right now, there certainly was a reason why you chose it; why we all chose it. The challenges we are facing can be seen as unexpected chaos and lead to feelings of despair, or they can be viewed as the anticipated and needed catalysts for our individual and collective spiritual growth, which leads to feelings of joy as we attain new levels of understanding and awareness.

Love Rebels, Unite!#3 – Send Unconditional Love and Forgiveness to Everyone Involved: As we begin to witness the fall of the old world and the mayhem that may ensue as 3D consciousness plays out, it is imperative that we send everyone involved unconditional love and forgiveness. Send it to innocent bystanders, send it to those you may view as unenlightened that allowed themselves to get caught up in it, and even send it to those that you may view as self-serving or dark, that may have been the instigators.

As you observe the world in conflict and violence, remind yourself of your core principles and values. Rather than reacting with judgment and condemnation, consciously choose to respond with love and forgiveness. Forgive everyone involved and send as much healing love as you can to them. Do it in any way you know how, any way that resonates with you, but do it. Unconditional forgiveness and love is the secret sauce that holds the power to heal the entire world! Jesus knew it, Martin Luther King Jr. knew it, the Buddha knew it, and we know it.

#4 – Accept that the Old Will Fall and Focus on Creating the New: We are birthing a new world, a new paradigm. As a part of this process, much of the old will fall. But, what will sprout up in its place are the very things we are creating from the grass roots up right now. Don’t be too concerned with the fall of the old. The old must wither and die to make room for the new.

Like the plants that grow in your garden; when fall comes, they wither and die, and then rot in the ground — but they enrich the soil. They must pass to make room for the new growth of spring. In the spring, the seedling sprouts anew. We are the seedlings — the seeds of the new world are being sown by us.

Focus on the wonderful garden we are going to create together; the new paradigm we are birthing. If the seeds that fell spent all their energy on trying to stop their parents from withering and dying, they might very well exhaust themselves and be unable to sprout the next spring.

#5 – Maintain the Highest Vision of a Smooth and Effective Shift: Even though the transitional period is likely to include some turbulence, its extent is by no means set in stone. Do not fall into the trap of imagining the worst outcome. You are a creator and you are co-creating our reality with your thoughts, so make sure you steadfastly envision only the best outcomes for everyone involved, and trust that by living squarely in the new consciousness the worst of any turbulence will pass you by.

#6 – Demonstrate the Higher Way Through Simple Acts of Kindness: Kindness is the one thing above all else that will take us to the next level. Kindness is your helpful, supportive, and uplifting words and actions. Kindness is informed by, and an expression of, the divine qualities of acceptance, allowance, non-judgement, forgiveness, and compassion (I will write more on these qualities in future posts. Follow my blog to stay tuned…) and is perhaps the most important key to making the shift to the new earth.

The world does not need more cleverness; it needs more kindness. Simple acts of kindness are the force that will birth our new world and guarantee your place in it. Shower everyone and everything with kindness and watch the magic happen!

Birthing the New Earth

Tremendous changes are rapidly approaching that will herald the arrival the new era. As the beliefs, institutions, and systems of the old paradigm begin to shake, crumble, or morph radically around us, stay unwaveringly centered in your new consciousness, and you will successfully join the new earth and participate in the new era of humanity.

Let each of our lives be the living example on which this new era is grounded. Let acceptance, allowance, non-judgment, forgiveness, compassion, love and kindness guide our way to the manifestation of a wonderful new era where cooperation, harmony, peace and prosperity for all will flourish!

All for one, and one for all!

Jeff (“El Jefe”)


This Just In!
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By Iam Saums

“A wise person makes their own decision.  An ignorant person follows public opinion.”

– Chinese Proverb

Extra Extra…

It’s a free-for-all!  And we do enjoy the ride.  We are helplessly and hopelessly addicted to, dependent on and enslaved by all forms of media.  Be it news broadcasts, the sports industry, all things entertainment and last but not least politics (which has become the most atrocious form of amusement.)  Yet the style of media that seems to “trump” it all is the one to which we all subscribe every day of our lives.  It is the worst expression of our nature as human beings.  Gossip is the greatest destroyer of experiences, opportunities, people and possibilities.  We are the echo of a society built on arrogance, entitlement, envy, judgement and self-righteousness.

…Read All About It!

We haunt our computers in a quest to find the meaning, purpose and truth of life.  We pour over articles, interviews, social media, videos and website links to fill in the missing pieces we ourselves have vacated in our pursuit to gratify our egos instead of expressing our souls.  Countless individuals with audacity, ingenuity and vanity rush to their cameras, devices, keyboards and personal media outlets to offer their radical commentary on hot topics that are as contrived as the reality in which we are imprisoned.  We all have an obscene tendency to offer the craftiest of our intelligence to compensate for the absence of our wisdom.

Hot Off the Presses:

The line of demarcation between truth and fiction in the media has long been blurred beyond recognition.  Reality has become a lie and a lie has become our reality.  The mass manipulation of our global culture has polluted the roots of our understanding by the very information we are conditioned to believe is real.  Reality is as subjective as perception.  The nature of which has been infinitely distorted with the stratagems of advantage, control and distraction.  It is not those who govern the air, food or water supplies who rule the world.  It is those proficient in manipulating reality and our perception of it who hold absolute dominion.

If It Bleeds, It Leads:

Believe it or not, we are the primary administrators and enablers of this diabolical system of information and perception manipulation with our obsessive attention, energy and reactivity.  Our focus is forever upon the drama, trauma and tragedy of others to forget about our own downfalls, failures and tribulations.  We populate our consciousness, listening and vision with a barrage of artificial stimuli in a wanderlust of broken destinies, dreams, lives, loves, people and promises.  In the face of adversity, diversity and possibility we chase after celebrity, controversy and rumor.  We exchange our need for purpose, truth and worth with our want for self-indulgence.

Know Your Sources:

A handful of corporations own most if not all of the existing media outlets in the world.  Everyone has an angle and those with the most to lose will do anything to proliferate and protect their investment to the greatest degree.  Every major corporation devotes a phenomenal sum toward the advancement, expansion and fulfillment of its agenda. This is the foundation upon which fortunes are made and lost.  The only way to always win a game is to rig it so the other players believe they are going to win up to the moment they lose.  This is the fundamental nature of society’s information and perception manipulation.

“What we don’t know we don’t know about the media is that it is invented.”

Get a Quote:

The evolution of the quote has surpassed the origin and significance of the story.  The attention span of the human race has accelerated at an alarming rate, desensitizing us to the gravest and most scandalous of editions.  Quotes once stood as beacons of clarity, hope, inspiration, promise and truth.  Now their ambiguous diversion and political correctness has left their audiences rummaging around in the intellectual shadows for reason, sense and understanding.  All who are granted the authority and prestige to provide a quote usually do so with the intention of saying nothing while seemingly saying everything.

Cover Story:

Mainstream news broadcasts and reports are altered and/or invented to captivate our attention, fear, reaction and upset.  Media networks use chaotic and distorted electromagnetic bandwidth frequencies to distract, hypnotize and “program” their audiences.  This ensures that the information they are disseminating is transmitted and received to its optimal impact and potency.  Conventional networks will often air biased and simulated reports and feature hostile debates to divert the focus of their audiences away from the truth of every day inequalities and injustices.  We pull the wool over our own eyes when we fail to exercise our personal discernment.

Headlines and Deadlines:

The contemporary consciousness of the human race is such that it doesn’t take much to attract, captivate, maintain and stimulate its attention.  Headlines are designed to assault us from the page or computer screen by drawing upon the greatest false power ever devised.  The sharing of information in our mainstream society has gradually declined from one of genuine awareness to blatant, outright fear.  Once our interest, intelligence and possibility was sourced by a common purpose.  Now it is restricted and replaced with incorporated propaganda pushing anxiety, “dis”-ease, opposition and “terror.”  Headlines have become deadlines.

Scrolling for Ratings:

Since the invention of the running scroll on computers, devices and television screens, the attention spans and listening of audiences have been gradually altered, disrupted and distorted.  The stimulated sense of emergency and urgency subliminally traumatizes its viewers with an experience of apprehension, bewilderment, hypnosis, hysteria and vigilance.  The visual content, energetic frequency and regularity of the transmissions render the spectator’s comprehension, listening and perception vulnerable to assimilation, conditioning, influence and intimidation.  Viewership becomes a vicious cycle of existential, perceptual and social enslavement.

The Spin Factor:

Contemporary reports about events that occur around the world are profoundly adulterated, editorialized and fabricated to promote the illusion of freedom, justice, opportunity and unity.  Yet, all that is truly conveyed is its extreme antithesis.  Media outlets provide only the tip of the iceberg of available information.  What is broadcast is a corporately-crafted, agenda-driven viewpoint to program its audience into a two-dimensional experience of right and wrong, love and fear, left and right and dark and light.  Every facet of the mainstream media spins its news updates in their own interpretation to control, manipulate and modify the nature of reality.

The Source of All Sources:

In a society besieged with drama, distraction, dysfunction and division, there is only one true source that is diverse from the cacophony of human reality.  It is the eternal spring of consciousness experienced only through the transcendental nature of our intuition.  It is all possibility of everything that was, is and ever will be.  It is the multi-dimensional expression of the universe that resonates with every element of our being.  When we envision and experience what is beyond the information and perception manipulation, we become the manifestation of the source.  The truth exists in reality when we choose to personify it.

This Just In!

We will never receive authentic, balanced, comprehensive and empowering information from the current network of news sources in the world.  There is too much at stake for the few to endorse and publicize the truth to the many.  All we can do as reluctant subscribers of contemporary media is to exercise our own choices, distinctions, epiphanies and insights.  The more we inspire our own experience, vision and wisdom, the more we will be able to distinguish ourselves from societal fear, prejudice, propaganda and vanity.  The present and future of our lives has, is and will always be in our power.  Yet, it is only attained if it is willingly claimed.

“There is nothing more destructive than an illusion believed to be true.”


Spiritual Guidance for Surviving the Coming Earth Changes Tags: Alternative Knowledge Consciousness Earth Changes Empowerment Overcoming Transformation

Rene’ Descartes, Contributor
Waking Times

Teacher to student…

As in Ancient times, we are again in the beginning of a period of radical changes for the Earth and its inhabitants, physically, mentally, and spiritually (the entire threefold nature). Humanity’s selfishness has taken its toll and is starting to come back in full fury. With the damage that has been done already, there is no preventing the great Earth changes within the next decade. Given a sufficient rise in Consciousness, those things that are not past the ‘karmic point of no return’ could be altered by free will, however, many are past the point of no return. Ask yourself if the first drops of rain from this great storm of purification, have not already begun to fall.

There are many things today that are similar to conditions in the old world before the great Earth changes that destroyed it – including the political powers. The forces of darkness – best described as the Sons of Belial, have grown very powerful, and seek to enslave the world, at any cost. Many people who are not directly Sons of Belial, are pawns by virtue of their own selfishness they ‘unconsciously’ follow the conscious evil ones. This is no excuse however, because they chosen their unconsciousness’. They are but selfish cowards who have willingly participated in the evil that will bring their own destruction. The brave people of this world open their eyes to what is happening, and refuse to be pawns.

Even many of the brave ones are not aligned with the light yet, but at least they have resisted the darkness. These people can save themselves. After they suffer the horrors of what is about to befall the people of the Earth, they will have been purified enough – involuntarily as it may be – and this purification will awaken them to the Spirit within, and return them to serving Universal Will.

The coming Earth changes are not ‘bad’ things, in and of themselves. They are necessary now. Necessary for a clean up of both the Earth and of humans.

As all of these changes come to pass, we are given the opportunity to transcend into a new world of Unselfish Love and harmony. Some will approach the sufferings of this purification with patience, understanding, and Unselfish Love. Others will react with selfishness, negativity, and resistance. Universal Law dictates that each individual, through their attitudes and resultant actions, create, and modify, their own experiences. Those who Love Unselfishly, will ultimately experience the ‘heaven’ of that attitude, while those who are negative, will ultimately experience the ‘hell’ brought by that.

So it will be like the old world all over again?

More Final Than the old Ancient World?

There are some distinct differences between the Earth changes of Atlantis’ day, and what is going to take place now. First, we cannot escape them as some of the Children did when they fled Atlantis. But also, there are various possibilities for intervention during these great Earth changes. It may be that we will even have some outside help. Many things are not determined fully. Free will choices are still dominant, particularly in whether or not there will be nuclear annihilation, which would create a much bigger mess if it is more than a very limited warring or act of violence.

So is there anything we can do about any of it?

Yes and no. We can’t stop the purification – it is badly needed anyway and we shouldn’t want to stop it. We shouldn’t see it as a ‘bad’ thing.

But can we do anything about it for ourselves, to survive it?

What for? That is the most important question. Do you want to survive to save your selfish separate self, or to help be here to truly free others and point them to the way back to Oneness, and free them from their selfish separate selves? But to answer your question directly, yes, and know – know to make Inner preparations. There are some physical preparations one could make, and perhaps that will be done by you or others.

I will not be involved because I will be gone by then. But think! Think! What good are physical preparations if you don’t make the spiritual ones – what’s the point? Raise your consciousness first, then help others do the same if you wish to. There is nothing more to say!

I have heard people discuss possible ‘safe’ areas – places of refuge during the coming changes. I know of many areas that will be more or less free from earthquakes, etc., more or less safe – barring nuclear war and the like. But I tell them what my teacher told me, and his told him, and the ancient teachings told us all.

Make your spiritual changes your priority first. Raise your consciousness first. After you have done that, if you still want to pursue safer physical areas, then look for areas where people who have higher consciousness are living. That doesn’t mean where the people with the greatest knowledge are, but rather, where those with the greatest kindness and harmlessness are. The greater the consciousness concentrated in a certain area, the greater the chance of being safe. Even on a one to-one basis, the ground could be falling out from under your neighbors’ feet, while under your feet, the ground is lifting you above a flood or tidal wave.

Raise your consciousness first, and then it won’t even matter what happens to you! And like he said, we’re all going to die someday anyway. And regardless of how, do you want to be prepared to go on, or be stuck with karma that forces you back to a life on the Earth, over and over again – a life of pain and pleasure, or possibly just pain, on an Earth that is very different from what you know now?

For one thing, at this time, because of free will factors, we still don’t know if the Earth of the immediate future will even be inhabitable. But regardless of whether it is or not, the main thing you can do is to become a truly good person, an Unselfishly Loving person.

If there is to be any intervention (the flow, God/hierarchical help, extra-terrestrial or whatever), the humans who have changed to a new vibration, a harmless, caring, Unselfishly Loving vibration, are the people who will be ‘safe’ – one way or another. If the Earth becomes uninhabitable, or there is not intervention, those who have transcended this plane by becoming Unselfishly Loving, can just go on to a higher plane. And if you were a “higher being” from outside this plane, intervening and saving people, who would you choose to save? The selfish who live out of harmony with the Universe and Nature? Or the Unselfishly Loving, who live in harmony with the rest of the Universe?

But many people think they will be saved from the tribulations.

Indeed. What a surprise they have in store if they don’t change. There are many people out there who are under the delusion that they are going to be saved from facing the trials that are coming up for us all. And they think that they don’t need to do anything – except perhaps, talk about it, or ‘believe’ in this or that.

Some think Jesus will save them, without them becoming really good people, just because they believe in Jesus. Some think aliens will save them, some think they’ll go to ‘the 4th dimension’. The biggest “hole” I see with these hopeful, ‘wishful thinking” scenarios, is the lack of personal responsibility that they allow for. Some believe that ONLY whatever they think, or believe, or ‘accept’, will totally create their reality. So they think that if they don’t ‘give energy’ to Earth changes or the coming chaos and destructions, they will not be subject to them, because they did not create them for themselves – so they won’t have to experience them. But they take this precept to the extreme – and this precept is only half of a paradox – only partially true.

We are talking about reality here. And Universal Reality. Our species has been running the red lights of nature. They have run the big red lights and broken Universal Law. You personally have probably done so also, unless you are already enlightened. Most of the people of the world have run the big red lights. And there simply is NO way of escaping the consequences of breaking Universal Law. Unlike on Earth, with man-made laws, there is ultimate justice in this Universe. That is Karma.

Teacher, why do so many people believe they will be saved from all these things at the last minute?

Despite a lack of logic regarding there being any substance to the various fantastic theories of unearned salvation, and a preponderance of evidence that we are facing REAL ecological and socio-political disaster, the illogical salvation theories are what many people desperately want to hear and believe – so they believe. They buy into this mental/emotional panacea, this religious ‘fire insurance’.

Why? Why do they close their eyes when opening them is their best chance to get through whatever happens?

Simple. Fear and laziness. The selfish separate self doesn’t want to die and let the Inner Being take its place on the throne, nor does it want to face its Karma, or the reality of the Karma created by what has been done to the entire Earth. So they exhibit the ‘Ostrich Syndrome’ – they hide their heads and think they’re safe.

They do this because they’re so full of fear that they don’t think objectively or logically, thus they are more than happy to accept these unfounded theories of ‘Salvation without need for personal purification, enlightenment, or responsibility’. Just think for a moment, why would we deserve such unjustified salvation? Do you really believe the Universe works that way?

Do you not think there are Universal Laws that govern the functioning of all things? Do you think you can break those laws and nothing will happen? What alien or higher being, who really is a higher being, is going to save parasites that are so destructive, so disharmonious to nature and Universal flow?

Eart Changes


That’s what ALL unenlightened humans are – destructive, inharmonious parasites. Or like a virus, or bacterial infection in the body of the Earth. So what if the destructive parasites are ordinary, relatively nice people with ‘good’ beliefs, even the metaphysical beliefs or religious beliefs such as many religions have?

Do you know what the Universe’s response to that is? ‘SO WHAT.’ If there is going to be any outside help, from the predicted return of the Christ, to the space brothers, to whatever, the logic is that they are only going to save those who are truly different from the rest – truly worthy of saving. Meditation is not going to do it for you. And just having a lot of metaphysical knowledge, or religious beliefs, certainly doesn’t make you worth saving. Neither does being a relatively good person. If that’s what you think, you’ll have a big and unnecessary shock when the changes come to your door, and you stare death in the face, only to realize you aren’t ready, when you could’ve been!

How many of you can say you are truly giving, that you care about others more than yourself, that you love Unselfishly all the time, and that you have truly and completely transcended your selfish separate self and your physical body and mind? Not many. And if you haven’t changed in that way, you’d better get busy, and you’d better make it your top priority. Drop everything else you are doing in your life and get busy with what is really important and eternal – before it’s too late. Be brave, and take a completely honest look within yourself.

Are you truly good enough to live in a perfect paradisiacal world? Look for, and see the things about you that still need perfecting. Be glad when you find the imperfections! It means you’ve seen them early enough to do something about them! Face the things you have been avoiding. Do the things that inside you know you must do. Change for the better, so that you can save yourself, so you can be saved, so you can go on to a wonderful place – whether it be on a physical plane or a spiritual one.

And if you think you have truly changed and transcended yourself, consider this: those who achieve the death of the selfish separate self, and thusly attain enlightenment/Universal Consciousness, either leave this plane, or stay to be a true teacher, and help others achieve the same. When you meet those who only have knowledge, and only tell of wisdoms and truths by moving their lips, and talking about it, or worse, telling people they don’t need to do anything but ‘think positive’ or ‘believe in Jesus’, or just believe in anyone or anything, you tell them this: You will not be saved, nor can you be helping other people be saved – i.e., helping them become truly loving and enlightened, while just disseminating theories of ‘Don’t worry; Just go with the flow and don’t bust your buns changing to be an Unselfishly Loving person; Just have positive thoughts and faith and you’ll be taken to paradise in the ‘rapture’, or the ‘4th dimension’, or to a ‘wonderful new planet you can trash again’; or, ‘Don’t worry, the space brothers will fix all the toxic waste and neutralize the bombs.’

Surprise, surprise! You must act. You must change. You must live as the grand master taught us through his examples on earth!

All of us were so moved, and stunned, that we were silent for at least five minutes. Along the same subject, one day I had asked my teacher about all the references I’d read about God’s “chosen people”. This is what he had to say: “The ancient teachings say the ‘chosen ones’ are not ‘chosen’ because of genetics, their heritage, beliefs, being God’s favorite brats, or through knowledge – they are the ones who have made themselves ‘chosen’ – vibrationally changed by their own hard work and self-sacrifice.

Thus, if there is intervention in the hard times, or last days of life as we know it now on Earth, the true ‘chosen’ will be recognized by their enlightened, selflessly loving vibrational signature. And if there is no intervention, the “chosen” (those who chose to change for real), will still have vibrationally mandated their rise to a higher plane of existence, when the time comes to leave here – because they are the ones who have gone through the fires of purification in order to become totally harmless and giving. You had better get real. You had better wake up. You had better dispel your self-centeredness.”

Love is the answer. Any questions?

About the Author

Rene’ Descartes is a frustrated desert veggie farmer in South Africa who ponders and wonders much about truth. Having sailed around the world on a small yacht over a 4 year period, Rene’ is now interested in healing the terminally ill and in being of assistance to the all the souls entering earth right now. Email Rene’ at Shamballa@wispernet.co.za.


This article (Spiritual Guidance for Surviving the Coming Earth Changes) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Rene’ Descartes and WakingTimes.com. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.


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