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Jo Cox: The Sacrificial Lamb: Part 1


Published on 19 Jun 2016 by truthseeker444

This is the link to my Jo Cox blog, it is unfinished, but it has the 2 vids in the series so far posted, along with quite a few links.
There will hopefully be a part 3 before the end of the week.

Jo Cox: The Sacrificial Lamb: Part 2


Published on 20 Jun 2016 by truthseeker444

Sound track Charlotte Church: Voice of an Angel
I will hopefully be adding part 3 before the end of the week.
This is the link to my Jo Cox blog, it is unfinished, but it has the 2 vids in the series so far posted, along with quite a few links.
There will hopefully be a part 3 before the end of the week.

The Brexit camp have benefited in no way from the death of Jo Cox, the only people who have benefited are the remain camp, when a murder is committed, you first look at who gains!

When the psychopaths who run the planet want something, they make sacrifices, they want us to remain in Europe, this is imperative to their plans for a one world order, they must first have in place a seat of government for each continent .

Even is there is a land slide exit vote on Thursday, I do not think they will let us leave, its like selling your soul to Satan, you cant get it back!

Part 3 will look at where Jo was killed, her murder took place exactly .36 mile from an ancient Pagan site. I still have to establish if there are ley lines between that site and the place of her murder.

It will also look at the number seven, and a few other things that did not fit into parts 1 & 2.


I will add the 3th Video into this Blog as soon Sandra have it available, and may also add some more we find out later in the comments. If you are interested, check back again in a few days.



HERE some links from Sandra's blog

Academics try justify Dee's sorcery LINK
The Chymical Wedding 1616  LINK
John Dee Wikipedia LINK
The truth about Shakespeare, includes depiction of Dee and Bacon LINK
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Arrest of Tommy Mair. He appears to have suffered a head wound during the arrest, and he has a large cut on his elbow. There is blood on the road from his head wound, and a little on his T shirt from the cut on his elbow, bar this, there is no blood on his clean grey T shirt.
When a neighbour was interviewed, she said that she had spoken to him that morning, and he was wearing a grey T shirt, so he had not changed his clothes. LINK


Day 3 - Bilderberg in Dresden
Tags: 3 Bilderberg Dresden Parsifal Markwalder Interview

Day 3 - Bilderberg in Dresden; Conversation with a participant at Bilderberg

Sunday was the last day of the Bilderberg conference in Dresden and the departure.
So, the no-fly zone for miles around Dresden was lifted.
We watched as the participants of the Bilderberg meeting stepped one after the other into their limousines and were driven to the airport.
Sunday is also the day that we, the longtime observers of Bilderbergs to sit down comfortably after a stressful week, to share our experiences and look forward to the successful reporting and have a beer.
So this time too.
Parsifal, June 12, 2016

So we sat outside under the umbrella of the 'Alex' and were on chatting, when suddenly a participant in the Bilderberg conference walked past that I discovered first as she came into my direction.
It was Christa Markwalder, the presiding officer of the Swiss parliament.
Freeman reached out to her spontaneously and asked her to talk with her.
When she realized Freeman, she consented immediately and sat down with us at the table.
Not only that, she treated all of us (each...) a pint.

We then asked our questions, which Mrs. Markwalder answered very openly, as is allowed under the Chatnam-House Rules.
(Chatham House rule is in short an anonymity clause which allows the dissemination of information on the condition that the source of the information remains anonymous)
How was the conference
What was discussed
What was her impression
Whom she came to know

We had a very informative and nice talk, have communicated our position on the secrecy and what we experienced around the conference hotel with the police - well, everything.

After TWO hours, Mrs. Markwalder bid goodbye to us and I made a group photo.

During our conversation:

When Mrs. Markwalder had sat down to us, she asked us, "you are the ones that denote me as a 'heavy smoker'?"
Freeman replied, 'Yes', and she said, 'I was just for a bit of a smoke, just then you have shot me ;-), but then I can now smoke with you together a cigarette'

As stated above, she ordered us all a beer, although of course, we wanted to invite her, but she insisted.
Then began the conversation and we were very curious what she would respond to our questions.
We talked in English, not all at the table spoke German:

Had to sign a declaration of silence?
No, but there are the Chatnam House Rules.

Got in advance a detailed briefing on the discussion topics to prepare herself?
No. She knew the issues that were in the press.

Who invited her to Bilderberg
Mr Kudelski, a Swiss member of the Steering Committee.

Who pays for the travel and accommodation costs
She has paid.

We made her aware that we do not find it okay that the taxpayer must pay the police, the security costs, although the Bilderberg conference is to be by its own account a private event and therefore notour affair.

Are allowed the participants to use their mobile phones, tablets and laptops during lectures?

But she mentioned, in other political meetings with representatives of foreign governments, the handbag must stay outside with mobile phone, what she finds not good, especially when she was invited to the meeting as a guest.

Could she ask questions after the presentations
No, because she was at the bottom of the list.

From her came the statement that she does not understand the secrecy and why conspiracy theories have emerged

We made her clear that in the past, for example, the former president of the Bilderbergs, Étienne Davignon, boasted THEY have decided in the 50 years to create the European Union and the common currency.
The decision was taken by the transatlanticist and not by politicians.

We also made Mrs. Markwalder aware about the relationship between Bilderberg participation and then steep careerism of politicians.

As Bill Clinton who participated in 1991, as an unknown governor of Arkansas at Bilderberg in Baden Baden and then just two years later, in 1993 was the 42nd President of the United States.
Such examples of the relationship between Bilderberg participation and introduction to high office, there are many, as well as Merkel in 2005 or Obama 2008.

We asked Mrs. Markwalder, if the German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen attended the Bilderberg conference, because we saw her nor arriving nor departing.
She said yes, von der Leyen was there.


The other two federal ministers, Schaeuble and de Maizière, we have seen and captured on camera.

In between, I want to tell you, we have addressed some Bilderbergs and tried to ask questions when they have stayed outside the security zone and visited Dresden.

For example, we have Sylvie Goulard, French MEP, Alex Karp, chief of Palantir Technologies, Julia Jäkel, head of Gruner + Jahr, James Johnson, campaign manager of Obama and big sponsor of the Democrats, and Jacob Wallenberg, one of the richest Swedes, confronted with questions.

Nobody gave us an answer.

We confronted Jacob Wallenberg with questions but he sent us packing.

Either they said, 'bugger off!', or they ignored us, or like Wallenberg who referred us to the interview of the Bilderberg boss Henri de Castries on Tuesday in the 'Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten'.
Therefore, it is quite remarkable that, as an exception, Christa Markwalder faced our questions.

Freeman asked Mrs. Markwalder, if Russia would have been an issue in this year's conference, what she could tell us about that?
She said she would be the co-president of the Parliamentary Group Switzerland-Ukraine, and gave us to understand that she was out of sorts to talk about Russia. Mainly because of the shootings on the Maidan, and because of the referendum in the Crimea, 'which took place only a week after the Maidan and therefore was prepared by Russia' as she claimed.

I pointed out to her, Andriy Parubiy, the 'commander of Maidan' and co-founder of the right-wing Socialist-National Party of Ukraine, the forerunner of today's Swoboda Party (Nazi Party), who occasionally was also active in the leadership of the nationalist organization Patriot of Ukraine, has used the snipers, as even the BBC and as well other Western media have reported.

Then I corrected Frau Markwalder, saying the referendum was held on March 16, 2014 which is more than THREE weeks after the Maidan-coup, so the illegal removal of the democratically elected President Yanukovych took with February 22, 2014 its peak.
So her insinuation that the Russian government would have had the referendum in the drawer is wrong.
(No lawyer in the world can seriously talk of annexing the Crimea because the referendum complies in all with international law.
It was therefore a secession, therefore legitimate, in respect to international laws.
This secession, however was not in conformity with the Ukrainian Constitution.
But this constitution was previously abrogated, broken by the violent removal of the president by the coup.
The Western media have once more reverses the cause and effect, in order to deceive their consumers)

The date of the vote was brought forward twice (first from May 25 to March 30 and then on March 16), because the Crimean residents have noticed the violent discrimination against the Russian-borns in Ukraine, the prohibition of the Russian language and the shut-down of all Russian TV and radio stations and wanted to prevent a violent action of the Nazis in the Crimea.

Apparently she believes the official version of the coup regime in Kiev and is so one-sided and misinformed.
Mrs. Markwalder also has forgotten, on May 2, 2014, the massacre of Odessa took place, where 42 anti-Maidan demonstrators were shot by a nationalist mob in union building, killed and burned.
200 people were injured.

This fate was spared the Crimean residents with the decision to join  the Russian Federation .
Just as a Swiss politician she would have to respect the results of the referendum, Freeman said.
So the official result, according to 96.77% of voters expressed themselves with a turnout of 83.1% for a connection to Russia.

She said on the occasion, the Bilderbergs to frown on that Henry Kissinger has a more pro-Russian attitude and calls for more understanding for the position of President Putin.
An interesting insight !

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Freeman asked Mrs. Markwalder, if she had talked with Kissinger himself and she answered no.

Has she talked to Henri de Castries, the president of the Bilderbergs, we asked her:
She replied, no, because he was chief of the competition, the AXA insurance, and she works as a lawyer for the Zurich Insurance Group.

Then we asked the question of which person has most impressed you at the conference
She thought for a while and then said it was Mehmet Şimşek, the Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey.
She sets certain hopes in Şimşek, although he is of Kurdish origin and therefore can not be predestined for a very high office.

To illustrate, Şimşek has last worked for UBS, German Bank or Merrill Lynch.
In the 2007 parliamentary elections he was elected as a candidate of the AKP in the Gaziantep constituency and appointed after the election to the State Minister.
He is responsible for the Treasury and the Turkish Central Bank.
Probably the Bilderbergs want him as successor to Erdogan.

Then we asked Frau Markwalder, what the Bilderbergs think of BREXIT, on June 23
She rolled her eyes and gave order to understand an EU exit would be the nightmare for the Bilderbergs.
As globalists and internationalists any return to a national policy is the exact opposite of what they have always promoted.

In the end, we asked her very directly, which role plays Switzerland in the transatlantic policy and is Switzerland in the transatlantic alliance integrated
She replied, yes.
The reason it was about the West's common values ​​and also to Switzerland would be a member of the Partnership for Peace (PfP), a 1994 launched connection to military cooperation between NATO and 22 European and Asian countries that are not NATO members.

Freeman criticized her about the takeover of the sanctions policy of Washington against The Iran and Russia through Switzerland, which would be detrimental to the Swiss economy and not evidence of neutrality.

Even medicine would the Iranians not be able to buy from Swiss pharmaceutical companies.
Not because a company not wanted to deliver, but because The Iran was excluded from the payment system SWIFT and could not pay.
She replied that Switzerland would have kept open the connection to the Iranian National Bank and not implemented all of the Washington sanctions .

Finally confirms our conversation with Mrs. Markwalder, her attitude represents clearly the EU and US policy .
She is the president of the Parliamentary Association Switzerland-USA.
I see no 'neutrality' in her statements and in her behavior.
Therefore, the Bilderbergs have invited her as their 'submarine' for Switzerland !

Praiseworthy is certainly their willingness to face our questions, in contrast to the other Bilderbergs, who are completely incommunicative.
She's just a thoroughbred politician, knows how to deal with people and on top is charming.

We have thanked Mrs. Markwalder for the interview and then made as shown above the group photo.

Our fears have come true anyway: The actors which perform the roles of Politicians really believe the lies they tell us; or are deeply indoctrinated by the system or can't help.

My comment on the appearance, or rather, non-appearance of the Dresdeners and all of the Germans on the occasion of the Bilderberg meeting:
A total failure and a huge shame.
There was hardly anyone to see in the 'demos' which were a joke in relations of attendance.
In addition, there were more rapporteurs of alternative media from abroad as locals.
Always have a big mouth, but actively do nothing about it.
Cowards always get what they deserve !

At the demo of the AFD, which passed by the Bilderberg Hotel on Saturday, not more than 20 brave demonstrators took part, 'protected' by at least 50 police officers in riot gear.

a few other impressions

not to be missing a Pyramid with an allseing eye

related in BOLE

Day 2 - Bilderberg in Dresden

Day 1 - Bilderberg in Dresden

Day 2 - Bilderberg in Dresden
Tags: 2 Bilderberg Dresden Parsifal

From a Swiss perspective, it is in my opinion scandalous that Christa Markwalder, the politician of the FDP and reigning National Council, also called 'highest Swiss', participating in the Bilderberg conference in 2016 in Dresden.
She arrived as latecomer on Friday morning, because the arrival day was indeed yesterday on Thursday.
Parsifalrain, June 10, 2016

What does a Swiss politician, and then as the highest representative of the Swiss people have to seek in the criminal organization of the globalists, the EU turbos and NATO warmongers ?
What she wants to discuss with mass murderers like Henry Kissinger ?
Receive from them their orders ?
Where are the Swiss media, which should also provide these questions ?
Nowhere to be seen and they're again conspicious by their absence !
Yes, soccer is so important.

Kissinger arrived on Thursday in Dresden:

We photographed Christa Markwalder outside the hotel Taschenpalais Kempinski when she arrived on Friday and shared the images evenly because of the topicality:

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Day 1 - Bilderberg in Dresden

Copyright of all images Hanna Borno


Schäuble arrived at Bilderberg
German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble arrived June 10 on Friday at 17pm in Dresden to attend the Bilderberg Conference.
With an escort of THREE police cars he drove past the hotel entrance and driven through the back gate into the underground parking.

Thus one does not recognize him, he held his hand over his face

Parsifalrain, June 10, 2016
On Thursday arrived Mathias Döpfner, chief of Axel Springer Verlag:

And ?
What report his newspapers like the BILD about the Bilderberg meeting ?

Or here one sees Joe Kaeser on arrival, CEO of Siemens AG:

Or Thomas Enders, head of Airbus Group:

Are all just 'B-celebrities', like the bullshitters from DWN say.
Sure, only sparrow brains mean so.
Or those who belong to the controlled media.


Chain Smoker Christa Markwalder at Bilderberg
Parsifal, June 11, 2016

In the Conference Hotel Bilderberg in Dresden, Taschenbergpalais Kempinski, smoking is not allowed.
We know the 'highest Swiss' is a chain smoker.
On Saturday June 11 she has therefore fast inhaled a 'ciggy' outside the hotel entrance at 8:30am before the Bilderberg conference began on this day.
I've filmed her: https://yadi.sk/i/vemcHK3tsRA9B


Parade of the Bilderbergs
This has probably never been before.
A public parade of Bilderberg on the way to dinner on Saturday.
As they ran on a catwalk from the Hotel Kempinski crossing the forecourt with the all-seing-eye to the Royal Palace (Residenzschloss) for all to see.
Not as a group, but each individually at long intervals.
The whole parade lasts one hour.
This run was commented by many observers with whistles and loud calls as 'war criminals', 'mafia' or 'shame on you'.
We believe it was again a provocation and demonstration against us, the 'mob', like 'we have the power and you, who you are imprisoned behind the fence can not do anything'
Parsifal, June 11, 2016

Christa Markwalder, reigning National Council of Switzerland, and Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum (WEF):

US General David Petraeus (right), war criminal in Iraq, CIA Director and inventor of ISIS:

Christine Lagarde, IMF chief and Finance blackmailer of states:

The mass murderer Henry Kissinger (3 million people on his conscience in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia) can hardly walk with his 93 years:
(video on my yandex-cloud)



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