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Melanie Vritschan EUCACH: We have evidence now that NSA is behind the Transhumanist Agenda to implant and robotize humanity Tags: Transhumanism globalist agenda mad scientist syndrome Orwellian world Science and Technology

Melanie Vritschan EUCACH: We have evidence now that NSA is behind the Transhumanist Agenda to implant and robotize humanity


Published on 30 Oct 2014 by Alfred Lambremont Webre

VANCOUVER, BC - In an ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Melanie Vritschan, public relations directors of  the European Coalition against Covert Harassment (EUCHAC.ORG), reviews the electromagnetic weapons attacks and physically directed against EUCACH and its staff ever since NSA whistleblower William Binney was confirmed as a keynote speaker for EUCACH’s Brussel’s Covert Harassment Conference on Nov. 20, 2014.

Electronic Terrorism & Psychiatric Terrorism

Melanie Vritschan also details NSA-related electromagnetic attacks on and injuries to her as EUCACH liaison to the European Parliament, timed right before and after her legislative visits to the EU Parliament.









Magnus Olsson: Transhumanist Agenda are mind-stealers! Brussels conference to feature NSA whistleblower William Binney



Heavenletter #5089 Oneness of Light , October 31, 2014
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Heavenletter #5089 Oneness of Light , October 31, 2014

God said:

You do not live as I do, for you inhabit space and time, as if in a space capsule. I do not live in errant time or space.
One way to say this is, of course, that I live in Infinity. I live Infinitely, and, of course, in Truth, so do you. Infinity is timeless. If, in the world, you could back out of space and time, you would be in Heaven. Freedom from the limitations of time and space would free you. The same world you live in now would, indeed, be a different world from the one you subscribe to now.
It is said that nothing is solid, that all creation is made of atoms whirling. What would atoms whirling be but Light, and what would Light be but Love Shining in All Its Glory? What would there be but Oneness, Oneness of Light and Oneness of Love? There would be no distinction between them. What would there be to analyze and dissect, and who would want to anyway? Who would there be to analyze anyway when the subject and the object are One?
Without space, there would be room for everyone in every heart. Without time, there would be no pause, no delay, no intermission, no slow, no fast. What would a heartbeat be then but easily identifiable as Love and Love Supreme? There would not be all these distinctions, nor would there be any use for them. Who would desire them let alone think of them? Oneness would exist without having to be counted or checked first. That’s as far as mathematics would go. What other possible use could there be for math when All is One, and One is All?
There would be love and nothing else on your mind even as love wouldn’t be on your mind. Living love, you would live it. You wouldn’t elaborate on it. You would know nothing else, and there certainly would be nothing to elaborate on. There would be no hot or warm or cold or chilly. There would be love, and love would be all. You would know love and nothing else. There would be nothing else to know.
There would be love unnamed, yet love rampant just the same. No word would be needed for love. All would be love. What room can love leave unoccupied for anything else? What is would need no name. Words are to represent something. Love would not have to be represented, for love would be the medium you live in.
Is there somewhere else you would like to go? There would be nowhere you would want to be except right where you are now. What else can exist but love? If love is everything, and I tell you time and time again that love is everything, not only would you want to stay in love, there would be no place else to think of let alone to go to.
In a World of Oneness, there could be nothing opposite to Oneness, for Oneness Alone Reigns. There would be richness and fullness and abundance.
Yet, at present, you live firmly in a world of opposites, and the world you presently live in thrives on opposites. What would happen to society? In Oneness, there could not be strata. What would happen to commerce? How could it be squeezed in? All the serious matters that would not matter in Oneness.
What would a World of Oneness be like? It would be like the Garden of Eden, endless in its joy and love. Oneness is a Garden of Love where all know Who they are and what Life is really and all that Life is intended to be. All will fit in My Garden and rejoice. Rejoice now. Outer can stay outer. Inner can be Inner anywhere.

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Rabid U.S. – More Planes Armed with Depleted Uranium to MidEast Tags: American gulag Depleted Uranium depopulation horrors of war mad scientist syndrome


There’s a version of this story at Al Jazeera.

The U.S. Air Force says it is not halting its use of Depleted Uranium weapons, has recently sent them to the Middle East, and is prepared to use them.

A type of airplane, the A-10, deployed this month to the Middle East by the U.S. Air National Guard’s 122nd Fighter Wing, is responsible for more Depleted Uranium (DU) contamination than any other platform, according to the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons (ICBUW). “Weight for weight and by number of rounds more 30mm PGU-14B ammo has been used than any other round,” said ICBUW coordinator Doug Weir, referring to ammunition used by A-10s, as compared to DU ammunition used by tanks.

Public affairs superintendent Master Sgt. Darin L. Hubble of the 122nd Fighter Wing told me that the A-10s now in the Middle East along with “300 of our finest airmen” have been sent there on a deployment planned for the past two years and have not been assigned to take part in the current fighting in Iraq or Syria, but “that could change at any moment.”

The crews will load PGU-14 depleted uranium rounds into their 30mm Gatling cannons and use them as needed, said Hubble. “If the need is to explode something — for example a tank — they will be used.”

Pentagon spokesman Mark Wright told me, “There is no prohibition against the use of Depleted Uranium rounds, and the [U.S. military] does make use of them. The use of DU in armor-piercing munitions allows enemy tanks to be more easily destroyed.”

On Thursday, several nations, including Iraq, spoke to the United Nations First Committee, against the use of Depleted Uranium and in support of studying and mitigating the damage in already contaminated areas. A non-binding resolution is expected to be voted on by the Committee this week, urging nations that have used DU to provide information on locations targeted. A number of organizations are delivering a petition to U.S. officials this week urging them not to oppose the resolution.

In 2012 a resolution on DU was supported by 155 nations and opposed by just the UK, U.S., France, and Israel. Several nations have banned DU, and in June Iraq proposed a global treaty banning it — a step also supported by the European and Latin American Parliaments.

Wright said that the U.S. military is “addressing concerns on the use of DU by investigating other types of materials for possible use in munitions, but with some mixed results. Tungsten has some limitations in its functionality in armor-piercing munitions, as well as some health concerns based on the results of animal research on some tungsten-containing alloys. Research is continuing in this area to find an alternative to DU that is more readily accepted by the public, and also performs satisfactorily in munitions.”

“I fear DU is this generation’s Agent Orange,” U.S. Congressman Jim McDermott told me. “There has been a sizable increase in childhood leukemia and birth defects in Iraq since the Gulf War and our subsequent invasion in 2003. DU munitions were used in both those conflicts. There are also grave suggestions that DU weapons have caused serious health issues for our Iraq War veterans. I seriously question the use of these weapons until the U.S. military conducts a full investigation into the effect of DU weapon residue on human beings.”



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