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Feedback After The Full Moon Event on 6 November 2014
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Above, Raju, one of the participants in our 6 November event. He cried when he was rescued four months ago in India, after more than 50 years of being chained up, starved and cruelly treated.

Feedback from participants, surrogates & facilitators after the event

By Edna Spennato


On 6 November, Earth Heal hosted the Full Moon group distant healing event with a special focus on animals and our relationships with animals, and for the morphic field of the planet and the collective consciousness.

The treatment process was facilitated by Edna Spennato in Brazil, with the assistance of Amanda Siegruhn in South Africa. The energy was anchored with the help of seven surrogates in five countries, and continued for five hours in total.


The 6 November event was dedicated to the memory of our dear Miawrio (above), who left his body just three days earlier, on 3 November 2014, and is missed by his humans, cats and dogs.

There was a total of 244 participants around the world, about 60 % people and 40 % animals, some of which were already on the other side i.e. had left their physical bodies, but still required healing work, as beings.

There were many dogs and cats included as individual participants, as well as horses, mules and donkeys, an elephant in India (Raju) and the elephants of a nature reserve in South Africa, a pink dolphin (Han) in Singapore, a family of humpback whales in the Sea of Cortez, two rabbits, a family of chameleons, a rat, a lizard, a hamster and a family of wild miniature marmoset monkeys in Brazil (below) that visit us on a daily basis!

The participants

As a group of beings working together for our own personal healing as well as the healing of the whole, our intention for this event was to provide support for the participants and to provide the crucial ground support needed by the non-physical beings of light who guide the treatment process for the highest good for all.

Our role as a group is to anchor and ground the incoming healing energy and to release through our bodies the disharmonic energies which are cleared on behalf of all the participants and the collective energy field, or morphic field, of the planet.

Many of the participants reported that they and/or their animal companions experienced powerful energies and sensations during and after the treatment, as well as noticeably intense detoxification processes in the days following the event.

Excerpts from the feedback received after the event are shown below.

Han, another of the participants in our 6 November event. Han has skin cancer and is currently living in extremely stressful and sub-standard conditions at Underwater World in Singapore.

You are invited to join us for the Solstice group healing event on 21 December2014, either as a once-off participant or as an annual member of Earth Heal, participating in all the distant healing events in the coming year. All the membership info can be accessed via this link, and more info about the upcoming Solstice event will be posted here soon.

A double synchronicity for the co-facilitator, Amanda…

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

…Shortly before the treatment started, I walked into the kitchen (internet radio most of the day) while ‘Let it be’ was playing:

‘When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
And in my hour of darkness
She is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
Let it be, [etc.]‘

So it shouldn’t have been too much of a surprise when she (Mother Mary) came in to assist with the treatment.

Note from Edna: The first step that came up for all of the participants and the planet as a whole was:

Received healing energy from a being of light working for the highest good of all, known to us as Mother Mary.

Amanda continues….

Yet I was astonished when I walked into the kitchen straight after the treatment and there the song was playing again!

Related video clip:

View Video

VIEW: The Beatles – Let It Be (Live In Studio)

More info:

“Let It Be” is a song by the Beatles, released in March 1970… It was written and sung by Paul McCartney. It was their final single before McCartney announced his departure from the band.

McCartney said he had the idea of “Let It Be” after he had a dream about his mother during the tense period surrounding the sessions for The Beatles (the “White Album”). According to McCartney, the song’s reference to “Mother Mary” was not a biblical reference.[3] The phrase has at times been used as a reference to the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus of Nazareth;[3] in fact, the words “let it be” are direct quote from the Prayer of the Annunciation, Mary’s response to the Angel Gabriel in Luke 1.38. Nevertheless, McCartney explained that his mother — who died of cancer when Paul was fourteen — was the inspiration for the “Mother Mary” lyric.[4][5] [Source]

Amanda Siegruhn, co-facilitator, Paarl, South Africa

Selected feedback from three participants

Thanks Sofya, for the cute gif…

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Piq, my cat, is always much improved and happier after events and treatments. In a year he’s gone from not liking to be touched or picked up & fearing entrapment when I try to hug him – to jumping onto my lap for a short time of cuddling right after I get up!…

Edmonton, Canada

Friday, 7 November 2014

…I’m afraid that I fell asleep sitting up during the healing, shortly after the beginning. I often felt sleepy during the day too. Perhaps that was part of the process.

Anyway, I was clearly aware at the beginning of the session and I saw white light flowing into Owen (participant’s elderly cat, who was also included in the treatment yesterday) and through his body, ‘igniting’ both kidneys with a brilliant white/blue light, moving through his urinary system and then going to his lungs and staying there for some time – going into the tiny spaces there and clearing them.

I then extended attention to another cat who passed away earlier this year and sent her blessings even as she had blessed the lives of my family for 21 years. I felt the energy had connected.

I don’t remember anything after that until 1.30 am our time when I realized I was still sitting up, but with no awareness of the intervening one and a half hours. I must have fallen asleep. I woke up this morning with a headache, but that’s not unusual with the high humidity here at the moment…

South-East Asia (updated below)

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Owen (participant’s 20 year old cat, who was included in the treatment – see above) does have more energy now and is zooming around quite a bit and annoying our other and even older black and white cat.

South-East Asia

Sunday, 9 November 2014

…Thank you for your Full Moon Healing Event. Marley (participant’s dog, who was also included in the event) has been like a new puppy since. I know some disharmony was released from her. I’ve had her for about 2 years, getting her from someone at 4 months of age and I believe he was abusive to her in some way. She’s always been skittish and reserved, but since Thursday she’s acting playful, talking to me like crazy and just engaging much more. It’s so precious. It’s just me and her and this is a wonderful feeling for both of us. Heartfelt thanks.

Ocala, Florida, USA

More feedback…



Kitten Zanovitch, our animal surrogate for 15 years, who left her body in August 2010, but still comes through during our healing events to bring healing energy to all the participants, especially the animals that are included.

Feedback from the facilitators

Friday, 6 November 2014

…Last night’s event felt relaxed, and very light. We were working from about 7.30 to 10pm (local time in South Africa), so not such a long session.  Such a heart-warming, loving experience to work with the animal kingdom, no matter what circumstance of animal abuse is included in the work…

Amanda, co-facilitator, Paarl, South Africa

Feedback from the surrogates

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Zonked since this morning, had to nap early. E. was knocked out like never before, I was wonky all day. We had a tremendous session affirming all the objectives of the treatment and more than that …was like jumping into a current of living water…

Z., currently traveling around South America

Hi Edna— wow— as you know I usually don’t feel much during the treatments, but today, about half an hour before it started I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. I’m still zonked and am going to bed as soon as I can…

E., currently traveling around South America

Dull frontal headache
Evident tiredness – and then a strange calm.
Slept well.
Feel misplaced this morning, strange feeling – sort of empty.

K., near London, UK

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Wednesday and Thursday I was feeling out of sorts around noon in the day; like anxiety and shoulder/back cramps. I have been having a dialogue with Buddha a lot lately, and instead of asking for things, I’ve been focusing on gratitude. I’ve been aware of a opening and deepening of flow psychically.

I have been quite aware of the plight of wild animals and their mass extinction, and the loss to humanity of these essential partners to our well being. On the upside, frogs have returned to our neighborhood in town, and their song fills the air each evening.

I am currently reading “Dogs that know when their owners are coming home” by Sheldrake. I am touched by the blessings animals are in our lives, and reminisced on my relationship with a loving bull terrier we had when I was a young boy on the farm in Klapmuts. Tessie had such loving eyes, and she was my companion through many hours of wandering around the county side. I do not think I acknowledged the depth of her love at the time, and we are still in contact, even though she died many years ago.

Some business dealings were not coming to conclusion on Thursday, so I let it go, and prepared for the treatment by taking things easy and focusing on getting supper out earlier than usual.

At 19h00 (local time in South Africa) we connected as a family, and by 19h30 I was lying on the bed connecting to the event.

Amanda (the co-facilitator for the treatment process) did her thing, and time went by. Sometime after starting the treatment, Gypsy our cat jumped up and laid on the table behind my legs (at this time I was lying on my side).

I felt as if in suspended animation for the treatment, not remembering many of the thoughts that may have passed through my mind, and I felt light and calm after the treatment.

K., Paarl, South Africa

Saturday, 8 November 2014

‘Twas a beautiful fall day here. But, highly unusual for me. I came down with a full blown head-cold (Note from Edna: this may have been a  detox) and was blowing away the full four hours.  It has let up some, but……I did feel Eddie’s presence with us, and he was/is indeed a lover of animals.  Our home was filled with his many pets and varmints for those sixteen years (Eddie is Sheila’s son, who passed on from this life at the age of 16, many years ago).

S., Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Toots (Z.’s little dog, who was included as a participant as well) is great! Happy and spunky… really responded – no more doldrums or health issues!!!! Wonderful – and she seemed to get even more affectionate – and that’s a lot!! ;;)))))

Z., traveling around South America

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Good news! The inquiry from the tax agency that we included in the treatment resolved today in my favor!

E., currently traveling around South America


Buddha, a beloved companion who left his body in August 2012, and came through with healing energy for all the participants and the morphic field of the planet during the 6 Nov event. He took care of all the abandoned kittens we rescued, and from the moment he arrived as a two-week old rescued kitten, was the embodiment of love.

Feedback from the participants

Friday, 7 November 2014

Thanks for the event Thursday, it really hit me like a ton of rocks this time :)

But it really did start off a bit sooner like u always write that it will.

Tuesday: I just started realizing I wanted to invite my deceased cat to this healing event. Only ½ – 1 hour later of considering this (basically I had already decided it at that time), I felt strong heat energy running from my thighs all the way to my abdomen. It was a pleasant but intense feeling. This went on for about 15 min. and then stopped and started all the way until Thursday. There were several hours between these waves of intense heat.

Thursday: In the beginning (18:00 my time), the energy hit me like a ton of rocks, I started by relaxing of course and focusing on my pet(s), but it very quickly became a bit overwhelming, and I felt the same heat energy slowly building up, and now at the same time different pressures in the head from my nose to forehead started pushing and pulling weirdly…. it was really intense this time and completely drained me. Only 10 mins later I felt like laying down. I took a nap for 45 min., and after this I felt a lot better. The rest of the evening continued normally and was relaxing, only with a minor bump of energy around 22:15-30, I guess it ended around that time :)

Friday: Later Friday (the 7th) the pulling/pushing sensations kept staying around my nose and forehead, I guess continuing whatever was started Thursday.

All in all, very intense this time around, and thanks to everyone involved.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Well, this treatment was very, very intense. …

Swakopmund, Namibia

Wow what a ride today was! I had talked to my “invisible friends” as I like to call my angels and guides last night and told them I wanted to set my intention to ground as much energy as I could and when possible practice this holding space since the term is relatively new to me and I think I might have a little idea as to how to do that.

I know my friends are always around and I am finally getting to where I can hear them sometimes again finally! Seems each time I move I have to recalibrate everything as the energies are different in each place.

Had an interesting thing happen earlier yesterday… I was talking to my son about all the repairs to our home he is making and he suddenly just stopped mid sentence and got a strange look on his face. Seems our home gave him a total history of itself to him. I thought that was so awesome!  I know as soon as I walked into the house to check it out before he signed the papers on it and I immediately knew we would be living here. I have noticed our home at times working with me to move and transform energies. I am pretty sure it does it more times than just when I notice….

So aside from almost constant brain fog today, which is out of the norm for me when working, several times I felt huge amounts of energy running down my spine to the core of Gaia. I saw a friend this afternoon and she was being affected by all this stuff so many of us were doing. I explained to her it was a good thing – she was feeling crud from her youth as it was coming to the surface to be cleared, which helped her a lot. Also her St. Bernard dog Lucky is so sensitive… I gave him a bit of Reiki and he thanked me….

Apparently I have dumped a bunch of old energy since that last meditation we did as totally different stuff was happening…

Bremerton, WA, USA

Last night (the night following the event), very late, I had a feeling Kiv (participant’s cat, who left his body about a year ago, and was included as a participant yesterday) was with us. My partner was sleeping, it was very quiet. Just a feeling… no reason except Piq (participant’s other cat, who is Kiv’s twin brother) was looking fixedly in a certain direction with his eyes really big, but not acting scared. I spoke to Kiv, but I think his visit was just for Piq this time. Kivi did come by frequently right after his passing. I always knew by the unique scent that was suddenly in the air.

Edmonton, Canada



Navy Veteran Exposes Disturbing DHS Presence Near Ferguson — and Gets Fired for It Tags: DHS Fergurson Veteran militarized police protests

by Jason DeWitt |

With a Grand Jury decision that may spare Ferguson, Missouri Officer Darren Wilson an indictment this week, concerns about violence have never been higher. Protesters and agitators — and even the KKK — are streaming into Ferguson and the St. Louis area, making threats and ratcheting up the tension.

And in the run-up to this decision, one man documented some very strange activity from the Department of Homeland Security right outside Ferguson this week — and paid a steep price for it.

Mark Paffrath was leaving work from the Drury Plaza Hotel in Chesterfield, Missouri, Thursday when he noticed something unnerving — about 100 Department of Homeland Security vehicles in the parking garage, Argus News Now reported.

Paffrath snapped a couple of photos and took a short video that he uploaded to his Facebook page:




“Why are all the cop cars here…I wonder if it has anything to do with Ferguson,” his Facebook status read. Paffrath also included #Ferguson #NoJusticeNoPeace, News Now added.

Drury Plaza Hotel in Chesterfield is about 25 miles southwest of Ferguson where protests erupted since Darren Wilson, a white police officer, fatally shot Michael Brown, a black 18-year-old in August. A grand jury is expected to announce its decision any day on whether Wilson will be indicted — and many are concerned about more unrest should the decision be no.

As Jon Street reported:

Shortly after arriving to work on Friday, Paffrath told News Now he was called into the office of hotel general manager Jeff Barker and told to remove the photos and video. Paffrath did — and then finished his shift.

But just 30 minutes after Paffrath arrived to work Saturday, Jim Bohnert, director of security for Drury Hotels Company, told Paffrath he had been fired, News Now reported. His Facebook posts apparently cost the hotel chain a $150,000 contract with the Department of Homeland Security, the outlet added.

As if that wasn’t enough, Paffrath also claimed Bohnert told him, ”[Y]ou’re a terrorist and you have dishonorably served your country by posting the photos and video.”

When Paffrath told Bohnert he never put the location of the vehicles on the photos or the video, Bohnert reportedly said “all they have to do is click on your name and see where you work.” Paffrath said Bohnert concluded their conversation by saying “if you repost the photos and video you will have the Federal government knocking on your door and you will be incarcerated.

Of course it seems ridiculous to persecute an employee for posting something that could easily have been posted by any number of guests during the time this massive DHS presence was to be evident at the hotel. If this is what the Obama’s Administration thinks is “stealthy”, then their incompetence from everything from Benghazi to ISIS to the border makes perfect sense.

Paffrath, a U.S. Navy veteran who served in the Middle East before coming home to the St. Louis area, was stunned by his dismissal, but did not seem to be taking it too hard. He had this to say on his Facebook page Saturday:


Drury Hotels General Manager Jeff Barker did not respond to requests for comment Sunday.

But a front-end manager at the hotel reportedly wrote a message to all employees at the location, saying “The Department of Homeland Security Group: Confidential in nature, which means brag to your family about it after they check out.

Yeah, it’s so “confidential” that they are parking 100 vehicles in plain sight at one of the St. Louis area’s largest hotels. Something does not smell right. We will stay on top of this story as it develops…

Video report below:

Act of Terror – Rise of the Police State Tags: Big Brother globalist agenda new world order police state statism

While filming a routine stop and search of her boyfriend on the London Underground, Gemma suddenly found herself detained, handcuffed and threatened with arrest.

Act of Terror tells the story of her fight to bring the police to justice and prevent this happening to anyone else, ever again.

It is easy to forget about the 2000 Terrorism Act and its damaging effect on civil liberties and human rights.  Act Of Terror puts the spotlight back on this murky law, and demands that we keep vigilant in the face of ever increasing state power.

An animated journey through the labyrinthine world of English Justice, the sinister caveats of Terrorism legislation, and the shocking cronyism of the police complaints system, Act Of Terror is about strength in the face of powerlessness and finding the courage to fight back.

Act of Terror from Fat Rat Films on Vimeo.



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