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Social Media Giants Adopt ”Mob Rule” Tactics Tags: Big Brother Orwellian world police state Science and Technology

[Apparently the Paris reverse false flag is working well to embolden stasi worldwide to crack down, the lying hypocrites. Stay sharp, snitch society coming into play as expected. – Z]

Janet Phelan
Activist Post

The recent decisions by social media giants Facebook and LinkedIn to adopt user crowd-censoring strategies may be less than benevolent.

According to its recent announcement, Facebook will employ an algorithm, based ostensibly on the numbers of user-generated flags, to reduce or mitigate the distribution of stories flagged as “false.” In addition, Facebook has announced that stories flagged in this manner will contain notice that the story has been determined to contain false information.

As stated in Facebook’s announcement this past week, “Today’s update to News Feed reduces the distribution of posts that people have reported as hoaxes and adds an annotation to posts that have received many of these types of reports to warn others on Facebook. We are not removing stories people report as false and we are not reviewing content and making a determination on its accuracy.”

According to Tweaktown, “This change will see posts that include links, photos, videos and general status updates affected – seeing it not limited to company news articles only.”

Fox News reports another angle on what constitutes “fake news.” According to Fox, “conspiracy theories” are also included. Reports Fox, “It’s launching a new feature that will let anyone report a post as being false. Those stories can include reports like celebrity deaths, conspiracy theories and promises of “free” products…”


Conspiracy theories­? Like who killed JFK and who was behind the attacks of September 11? Suddenly, Facebook’s interest in controlling spam seems less altruistic.

Such a mechanism for crowd or mob determination of truth or falsity contains certain built-in problems. A mechanism such as this, as contrasted to a peer review process, contains the potential for the worst kind of censorship. Gone is the scientific process of weeding out fact from fiction, entailing debate and dialogue and the scrutiny of substantiating evidence. With a mere click of a spam button, any internet troll – or paid employees of the CIA, for example – can reduce the dissemination of inconvenient truths, along with, of course, obvious scams and hoaxes.

The relationship between Facebook and intelligence agencies has been explored in Edward Snowden’s revelations, which portrayed the Internet giants as essentially house-boys for CIA and NSA in these agencies’ pursuit of harvesting our personal data and demographics. Facebook has also been linked to the Arab Spring and to color revolutions world-wide, events which, upon scrutiny, may have been initiated by US intelligence agencies in pursuit of US global interests. This most recent decision by Facebook to initiate crowd-censorship must of necessity raise certain questions about the intentionality of those who will be flagging posts as “conspiracy theory” or hoax.

LinkedIn has also initiated a form of user-based censorship. SWAM– “Site Wide Auto Moderation” results in a LinkedIn user being denied posting privileges for an indeterminate period of time. SWAMMING can result from a single anonymous user flagging another individual’s post as “inappropriate.”

An individual who is SWAMMED in one group will find himself on moderation in all LinkedIn groups. Many group owners/moderators are absent and do not take the time to cull through pending posts nor do they respond to group members who write them directly, asking for the auto moderation to be overridden. So what eventuates from the SWAMMING policy is a virtual gag on a user.

Gary Ellenbogen has started a LinkedIn support group for victims of SWAM. Ellenbogen, who is a former Psychology professor (University of Vermont) and now an officer with Vision Architecture, found himself SWAMMED over a year and a half ago and remains on moderation, in what may be the longest running case of SWAMMING yet.

According to Ellenbogen,

I joined a LinkedIn group owned by a man, which is about women in a particular profession. My objective was to learn more about how women function in that profession. This group’s intro page DID show that the group is owned by a man! This group’s description on that page did NOT state that men will be denied membership in the group. It turns out that the group Manager’s Standard Operating Procedure was to admit all Requests To Join, and then Block and Delete and newly found members who are a man rather than a woman.

Even after the group moderator, who deleted him from the group due to his gender, wrote a letter of apology and asked LinkedIn to reinstate his posting privileges, Ellenbogen remains sequestered.




American Sniper, 9/11 and You Tags: Alternative Knowledge conspiracy globalist agenda new world order police state Politics of War the awakening World at War

By Robert Cinque

For those who think Islamic Extremists did 911, I have some news for you: The Twin Towers were 110 story buildings, 1.2 million tons of concrete and steel that collapsed into their own footprint in 10 seconds and left a debris pile of only 2 stories. That pile should have been between 30 and 40 stories and we should have seen desks and chairs and bathtubs and recognizable objects but, instead, there was only dust. What kind of weapon has the ability to turn immense 110 story skyscrapers and everything in them to dust? The planes had nothing to do with the Towers’ destruction, the fires even less. If the fires took down the buildings, then why doesn’t your woodstove melt, too? Clearly, another explanation is needed, one that accounts for what we observed: buildings turning to dust and floating away. Who has the technology and weaponry to accomplish this never-before-seen event? And, Why would anyone do it? When you answer those two questions, you will be on the track of the 911 Killers.

The White House was frothing at the mouth to connect Iraq to the 911 attack and asked General Wesley Clark to explain the link between Terrorists and 911. He refused, on the basis of no evidence. Undaunted by the facts, the US Government tortured everyone it could find to extract “confessions” and make the link between 911 and Iraq. Even though there was no connection, the US invaded Afghanistan and Iraq on the pretext of fighting the “Global War on Terror”. The US destroyed Iraq, which is now a crumbling, unmanageable mess, which many Americans believe is perfect justice, they “got what they deserved”.

If Iraq and Islamic Extremists had anything to do with 911, I would have joined Chris Kyle and the American Military to hunt them down and bring them to justice. Defending one’s family and country from violent aggression is a natural and heroic thing to do. So far, so good. The only problem with this logic is that Iraq and Afghanistan (and Saudi Arabia) had nothing to do with 911. Nothing. They were Patsies who were set up years in advance by a disinformation trail that provided “evidence”, just like Oswald was set up for the murder of JFK.

Psychopathic monsters with extremely sophisticated weapons took down the Towers and blamed Islamic extremism. This ignited and inflamed the world with righteous indignation against the brutality and savagery of ruthless terrorists. Enter Chris Kyle and the millions of Americans who are motivated by love and caring and who will stand up to protect what is sacred. Sound great, does it not?


The people who killed JFK did 911, and for the same reason: enslavement, domination, control through fear and outrage at the “enemy”. This is a cartoon. This is a contrived scenario and you must break through it.

Chris Kyle risked his life to protect Americans. For this, he has earned my utmost respect and admiration. Chris Kyle also believed a monstrous lie. For this, he has earned my contempt and exasperation.

Believing what he was told, he killed at least 160 Iraqis to protect the world from madmen. The truth, however, is much uglier than he thought. He was a well intentioned man whose heartfelt courage and bravery sent him into battle. He fought the patsies and was completely unawares of the actual perpetrators: Israel and the Rothschild/London/US military/financial/pharmaceutical assault weaponry now being deployed across the globe to achieve “Full Spectrum Dominance”. These people are the true enemies of Humanity.

As adults, our responsibility is to love and truth, not cartoons spoon fed to us as if we are naïve and gullible schoolchildren. Anyone who accepts the official narrative of 911, including compelling stories like American Sniper, are allowing themselves to be manipulated by sloppy lies and blatant falsehoods.

How did we get into this mess? What happened to critical thinking? What happened to the seniority of factual evidence and empirical observation and the scientific method? Why do we believe what we are told instead of what we observe? The Towers came down in 10 seconds and left almost no debris pile. Explain that before you refute what I am saying. These are the facts. What the US Government told you is the Spin on the Facts. This is how truth is used as a Weapon.

As long as I am turning Sacred Cows into Hamburger, here is another Lie for your consideration. We are told that Christianity and Islam are mortal enemies, that the Clash of Civilizations is upon us, and that we must defeat the Jihadists in a new Crusade. This seems reasonable and appealing considering the brutality and violence all around us. But, here is the real violence: the idea that we are created by a male god with no female counterpart, subject to Original Sin which must be atoned for by the Blood Sacrifice of an Innocent, the “Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world”.

This spiritual psychosis is the real violence being perpetrated upon the peoples of the world. Christians sincerely believe that their tribal god Jehovah has devised a plan to save the world from godless infidels and that we must cooperate with this bloody execution of Islam in order to be free and restore sanity. Such a mindset is perfect for the Perpetrators of 911 and the “War on Terror” to succeed.

The only antidote to this entrenched madness is to take responsibility for what is true. I am not talking about your idea, or mine, about what is true. I am talking about Truth Itself. What is fundamentally, always already True, the discovery of which would eliminate all confusion and controversy?

The Truth is that our Wholeness, our Essence, our profound and majestic Humanity has been hijacked by false ideas implanted through trauma. Trauma based mind control has been operating on this planet for millions of years, starting with environmental cataclysms that the Kings and Priests spun as “God’s Wrath”. When you adopt the belief that you were born in Sin and need Salvation administered through priests and religious sacrament, you have set yourself up as a willing participant in the Greatest Lie ever foisted upon a childish Humanity. Your job and mine, is to recover from that Lie and directly experience the Truth of Life as Love, Light, Freedom, and Power, endlessly flowing into you.

Does the apple need salvation as it absorbs nutrients from the tree? No. What is the difference between you and the apple? The difference is you have the freedom to choke off the nutrient supply and contract into a cartoon of yourself. You have the freedom to believe what is told to you by experts who you think know better than you. You have the power to choose your identity. Are you really disconnected from the Source of Life or have you believed the experts and priests who told you that you are? If you are actually Connected, then you are invincible. If you believe otherwise, then you will continue to be subject to your own delusion and slavery and believe the premises of movies like American Sniper as if they are true.

This is the Crossroad. It’s not about Right or Left, Christian or Muslim, Victimhood or Salvation.

This is about Truth and what you and I are going to do about it.


Thinking: A Criminal Act? Tags: Brainwash globalist agend Orwellian world police state take action

By Julian Rose

“If my thought-dreams could be seen, they’d put my head under a guillotine…”

Bob Dylan

Well Bob, I’ve got news for you – they can – and that is what lies in store for all of us unless the ‘thought police’ fail to get their newly evolved ‘anti humanity’ mind scanning weapons legally integrated into everyday life.

As ‘the war on terror’ is notched-up to a further level of intensity, and the false-flag flagellations of New World Order exponents start outnumbering the real flag emblems of nation states, we know that we are witnessing a serious expansion of the control system’s morbid attempt to dominate humanity and completely crush the power of independent thought and action.

Have no doubt, this is the intention. The current ongoing shepherding of great swathes of human beings into mind controlled pens of fear and passivity, is the precursor of a time in which any independent thought process will be treated as a serious threat to the ‘normality’ of a subdued and static status quo.

A ‘thought crime’ would include ‘envisioning a better world’ and considering ways of bringing it about.

But hold on … aren’t we here already? Those who challenge the status quo’s perpetual commitment to war, resource mismanagement and rabid social inequality, are already seen as a threat to the state and singled out as potential terrorists.

It is only a small step from here to governments backing early warning counter-terrorist security measures that would legalise the brain scanning (overt and covert) of ‘suspects’ held to be harbouring illicit thoughts. As such thoughts, the argument would go, would be deemed to be forerunners to inciting anti social and criminal behaviour.


Thus, to implicate the offender as a threat to the establishment, all that is needed  is evidence that certain neurons situated in the area of the neocortex associated with ‘free thinking’, were actively engaged over ‘x’ period of time – and that this was sufficiently ‘abnormal’ for the individual to be singled out for special attention.

Under the designation ‘Remote Neural Monitoring’ we can already have our brains scanned and not even know it.

Yet the legacy of a largely brain-dead humanity is already strongly in evidence, and independent thinking individuals are an unusual enough commodity to be considered ‘rare breeds’, marginalised and even castigated, in this bleak era of fear induced mass conformism and mind numbing political correctness.

We who follow our hearts and deeper intuitions do indeed belong to the rare breeds stable – and every attempt is being made to ensure that the stable door is locked and bolted so that we can no longer pass our messages to the outside world.

On the flip side of the same coin we have ‘thought control’ – which is at an advanced stage – having been a major part of the control system’s sinister arsenal for many decades. A weapon with a special place in the carefully orchestrated strategy that surrounds the ever expanding ‘war on terror’.

The recent Charlie Hebdo horror debacle serves as a powerful reminder of just how easily millions can be instantly brought into line – when their everyday slavery is threatened by a sporadic act of preordained violence.

Let us briefly recount this phenomenon: a satirical magazine in Paris publishes, not for the first time, a stupidly insulting depiction of Mohamed. Right on cue, a clique of highly trained ‘Muslim terrorists’ perform an instant mini-massacre in a Jewish supermarket and then occupy the magazine’s HQ. The building is surrounded and the invaders are shot.

The violence, being vivid, open and rebellious, is depicted by mainstream media headlines, statesmen and the thought police, as a preposterous threat to the sanctity of freedom of speech and very fabric of French society. Tens of thousands of placards bearing the words “Je Suis Charlie” are instantly rolled-out, and the largest number of French citizens since the liberation of Paris at the end of World War 2 – well over 1.5 million – solemnly take to the streets holding up these placards “Je Suis Charlie.”

And what really is this statement saying?

It is a show of solidarity with a sick periodical that deliberately inflames racist passions by pushing the legal parameters of freedom of speech to their limits – deliberately stimulating controversy and thereby attracting ‘scandal value’ sales.  It is a political tool to incite hatred and racial prejudice.

Meanwhile the perpetrators of the killings are held up as symbols of Western hating Middle Eastern/Moslem sects, bent on dispensing carnage and death to a civilised, humanitarian, law abiding Western nation. All of which is one huge lie – from beginning to end.

Outstanding for its outlandish hypocrisy is the extraordinary omission of the hell that has been unleashed, year in year out, on the peoples of Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria .. by a carefully crafted US/UK/France military consortium. Those who master-minded the post 9/11 secret service sponsored vilification and destruction of anything that dared stand-up to the hegemonic perpetual war ambitions of nations bereft of any vestige of humanitarian, spiritual or self respecting values.

If the Charlie Hebdo attack had indeed been carried out, of their own free will, by those down-trodden and abused citizens of countries bombed to hell and back by US, UK and French invaders, the millions who took to the streets of Paris would be none the wiser. Their herd-like narcissistic response had already been assured.

They had been successfully mind controlled into seeing only that their freedoms and cultural mores had suffered an ‘unprovoked’ challenge.

This is the sedation formula which has been used in every one of the so called ‘terrorist attacks’ fomented and staged by the CIA, MI5 and Mossad triumvirate over the last two decades – and well before. Attacks that enabled posturing public figureheads to pronounce an indefinite ‘war on terror’ – the terror which they had themselves been instrumental in setting in motion.

Mind and thought control leads on directly to internet control. Charlie Hebdo film footage that showed contradictory evidence to the mainstream story, got taken down after more than 2 million hits in less than 24 hours – and there was no ‘blood and gore’ on show – no excuse for the complete removal of this evidence.

All of us who run websites seeking to expose the lies and reveal the truth, know just how tenuous the situation is. Shots keep being fired across the bows of our information ships – and increasingly into them. It’s being going on for years. But now, as the battle lines of extremism are once again been drawn and the orchestrated warmongering drum-rolls intensified, the glimmering lights of truth are systematically being shut down.

The widely documented David Icke insight: the establishment’s rolling-out of its provocation formula ‘problem, reaction, solution’ is in full swing. The ‘solution’ requires little speculation: a complete clamp-down on any and all information that contradicts the controlling establishment’s phoney ‘terrorist inspired’ battle plan…

“all in the interests of public safety and long-term security”.. of course.

We can all play our part in countering this world-wide attempt to suffocate the voice of truth and to replace it with a global ministry of lies. By resolutely refusing to be corralled into the grey soup of mass indoctrination we will be boldly flying the flag for the liberation of humanity.

It has come down to this. Holding our ground, thinking creatively and keeping open the lines of communication: these are now the primary tools of the resistance. The lines in the sand that we will never allow ourselves to retreat from.

It is from such acts of bravery that victory can and will be realised.

Julian is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, an international activist and author.

His acclaimed latest book ‘In Defence of Life’ can be purchased from www.amazon.com and from Julian’s web site www.julianrose.info


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