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Khomeini Was An American Stooge - Sibel Edmonds on The Corbett Report Tags: iran revolution Khomeini


Published on 17 Jun 2016 by corbettreport

Last week I reported on the recently declassified cables that show how Ayatollah Khomeini had a secret channel with the US through which he negotiated his return to Iran during the 1979 revolution. Today Sibel Edmonds of Newsbud.com joins us to discuss these newly-released documents, their significance and historical context, and her own experiences living through the revolution.

SHOW NOTES AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=18938

Another ‘Conspiracy’ Confirmed: Khomeini Had A “Secret Channel” With The US

Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds: Uniting for a Revolution … and the Morning After

Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds- Project AJAX, CIA, False Flag Ops & the Illusion of Home-front Sanctity

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Yes, The US Government Really Is Bankrupt Tags: Afghanistan default ETC Iran Iraq Reality Tax Revenue

Yes, The US Government Really Is Bankrupt

Zero Hedge

Submitted by Simon Black via SovereignMan.com,

I’ve long-stated that the government of the United States is completely insolvent.

And that is 100% true statement.

The government’s own numbers show that official liabilities, including debt held by the public and federal retirement benefits, total $20.7 trillion.

Yet the government’s assets, including the value of the entire federal highway system, the national parks, cash balances, etc. totals just over $3 trillion.

In total, their ‘net worth’ is NEGATIVE $17.7 TRILLION… a level that completely dwarfs the housing crisis.

If you include the government’s own estimates of the Social Security shortfall, this number declines to NEGATIVE $60 TRILLION.

And it gets worse every year.

Now, is this balance sheet an accurate reflection of reality? Do we really trust the bean counters to tell us what the United States of America is really worth?

Surely there must be significant intrinsic value to the United States military, for example.

Or the US government’s ability to collect taxes.

Or what about the value of all the natural resources underground?

These must all be HUGELY positive and would swing the government’s net worth back in the right direction.

Guess again.

The US military is certainly one of the best-trained and most effective forces in history.

But it’s difficult to place a substantial value on it when the government can no longer afford to use it.

And even when they do use it, the overall cost of doing so is negative.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost the taxpayers $4 trillion. But where’s the financial benefit?

Aside from a few defense contractors profiting handsomely, the Chinese got most of the oil.

ISIS ended up with much of Iraq. And Iran made out like a bandit, with the US government taking out its most threatening neighbors free of charge.

Mission accomplished.

Bottom line, even the best asset in the world can end up being a big liability if it’s used improperly.

So what about the tax authority of the US government? If Uncle Sam can collect $3 trillion in tax revenue each year, surely that must count as a huge asset.

And it absolutely is. If you conduct a Present Value calculation of the future tax revenue of the US government discounted by the official 2% rate of inflation, the US government’s ability to tax its citizens is ‘worth’ $150 TRILLION.

But… if you’re going to count the government’s tax authority as an asset, you have to be intellectually honest and consider the expenses as liabilities.

Think about it: yes, the government brings in tax revenue every single year. But for nearly every year over the last seventy years, they’ve spent far more money to deliver on the promises they’ve made to their citizens.

Those promises are liabilities. And given the government’s spending history since the end of World War II, the liabilities far exceed the tax authority asset.

More importantly, though, isn’t it a little bit scary to consider that the government’s #1 asset is its ability to steal money from you?

Or that the only way the government can make its liabilities go away is by defaulting on the promises it has made to its citizens?

That’s their only way out: steal from you, and default on you.

*  *  *

Join me in today’s very sobering (and inspiring) podcast as we dive deep into the government’s own numbers and discover the truth… and what you can do about it.

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Russian cruise missiles launched from the Caspian Sea
Tags: Russia Cruise-missile Caspian-Sea Syria Iraq Iran Parsifal Shoigu ISIS War

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, four warships of the Russian navy in the Caspian Sea have fired a total of 26 cruise missiles on positions of ISIS in Syria, the Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu announced.

'Intensive work of the various intelligence agencies in the past two days have made it possible to discover a large number of IS systems. Command posts, ammunition dumps, arms depots and training camps of militants. In the early morning, war ships of the Caspian Flotilla and airplanes were used against them. Four missile cruisers fired 26 cruise missiles at 11 targets. According to the control data all targets were destroyed. Civilian objects suffered no harm'

Shoigu said.
Parsifal, October 7, 2015

That's a big surprise, an attack on the ISIS from the Caspian Sea, so from the other side.
Who would have thought it possible ?
I used to swim on the Iranian side of the Caspian Sea and took a vacation, which is 25 meters below the normal water level of the oceans.

This means that the Russian remote cruise missiles had to travel 1.500 kilometers, demonstrating the power of this weapon.

In addition, the countries of The Iran and Iraq had to be flown over to reach Syria.
The two governments have apparently given permission to overfly their territories.

We see here an example of how the four countries, Russia, The Iran, Iraq and Syria to cooperate militarily in the fight against the terrorists.


'As of today 112 goals since September 30 have been hit'

Shoigu said.

'The intensity of the attacks will increase. The Russian air forces have destroyed 19 command posts, 12 ammunition depots, 71 military units and 6 factories producing booby traps. 23 aircraft continue hammering the positions of militants since this morning '

added Shoigu.

ISIS hiding weapons next to mosques
The following video shows footage of a Russian drone showing the displacement of weapons of ISIS.
Due to the effective destruction by the Russian attacks vehicles with weapons and ammunition are placed directly next to mosques and other civilian buildings.

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So they should be protected from the attacks, or if they are destroyed, one has the excuse, how but evil are the Russians, because they attack mosques.

Since the ISIS blows historical monuments from the Roman era without scruple in the air, as is happening again in Palmyra, is be trusted them entirely to blow up mosques as False Flag to make it look like a work of Russians.
With this covering by the System Media, we soon may brace for.


The difference between a radical and a moderate terrorist:

President Putin's 63rd birthday on October 7 !


'Благодарность за помощь в Сирии' - Парсифаль

    'I love Germany and make no bones about it. I speak always bad German, but I like the German language. I love German culture. It occupies an enormous place in the civilization of mankind. Russia has always been linked by close ties with Germany'

- Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with Süddeutsche Zeitung October 11, 2006

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