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Netanyahu Stares at the UN for a Minute
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We can still remember the embarrassing speech by Netanyahu three years ago, before the UN General Assembly, where he showed the world the caricature of a bomb, like from the Cartoon series 'Road Runner' and drew the red line, which was and is completely ridiculous.

He tried the UN to persuade The Iran has the bomb, wants to destroy Israel and therefore The Iran must be attacked.

Parsifal, October 2, 2015

Except smiling, there was no response.

Meanwhile, the members of the UN security Council (P5+1) agreed in Vienna with the conclusion of the nuclear agreement with Tehran.

It is proved that The Iran does not pose a hazard, the nuclear facilities are controlled, the sanctions soon to be lifted, we all can return to normality in the relations, the economy is in the ready, doing good business with The Iran.

After his appearance with the bomb cartoon was Netanyahu the laughing stock of the Internet: But the Israel Lobby kept on and on, and tried all means, including threats and bribery, to sabotage the ratification of the agreement with The Iran in Washington.

Did not work, and Netanyahu has, therefore, before the UN let off steam.

On Thursday, he was again harping the same old story and the lies to umpteen times, argued that Iran is evil, Iran has the bomb, Iran wants to destroy Israel.

Only a few country representatives were, therefore interested in his speech in what the many empty chairs showed.

It is clear, who cares still about his constant fear-mongering, now where the case with The Iran is done.

In addition, the audience is tired of the whining, the victim role and the naysay.

He complained, therefore, to the still present members of the UN, they would do nothing, and about the danger of The Iran, in his opinion, be silent.

He stared at the attendees, about 46 seconds with saturnine look, and not a peep was heard.

Real creepy the 'deafening' silence.

see the following video to believe:


The guy is really not quite right in the head, which is but nothing new.

He behaves as if he was the boss, threatens with raised finger, and lead all by the nose.

But since nothing, because no one is more artificial shit-friendly and still has no fear of retaliation by the Israel Lobby, because that was already too often overused.

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If you scream MORE THAN 20 years ALARM !!!, and purport false claims Iran has a nuclear bomb in one year, and then the years pass, one after the other and nothing happens, and again and again this lie is offered, then that is the end of credibility and nobody takes Netanyahu seriously any longer.

Therefore, he has no longer set up his arrogant grin, as otherwise shown and in his face one saw the loss of self-confidence.

Netanyahu knows that he fighting an already lost battle, with the scare tactics about The Iran, he can no one any longer impress.

His politics of hard line and the saber-ratting is failed.

The International Community is tired to listen constantly to his lies.

everywhere have recognized that The Iran wants peace and to be left in peace, to go his own way without submission.

Therefore, one wants to have good relations with The Iran.

The unjustified sanctions of over 35 years, long enough for the Peoples in Iran, but also harmed in the West.

Such an appearance has been used for Satire and numerous videos have underlaid the silence with soundtracks.

Like this, Bibis Sound of Silence:


related in the www

Bibi, where's the red line on Apartheid?


Financial Survival: The Liquidity Crisis - Interview 1065 | Corbett Report Tags: federal reserve greece imf iran korea

Interview 1065 – Financial Survival: The Liquidity Crisis

Broc West07/24/201

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed

As James returns from his summer holiday, he re-joins Alfred Adask for their weekly conversation on Financial Survival. This week they discuss the “resolution” of the Greek crisis, the growing panic over the liquidity crisis in the bond market, and whether or not the Iranian “deal” is actually a treaty.


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Iran Deal: A Treaty Or Not A Treaty, That Is The Question


Who is the real enemy of mankind ?
Tags: US USSA MIC America Dempsey NATO Parsifal Russia China Iran NorthKorea Dominance Deception

According to a new strategic report of the PentaGram, the US military has classified Russia and China as a threat to national security interests.
The Chief of Staff of all US forces, Martin Dempsey, has even talked on Wednesday of a 'small but growing' probability that the US must wage war with these major powers.
The main reason for the alleged threat is claimed in the 24-page strategy report the annexation of the Crimea by Russia and China's territorial disputes with neighboring countries over islands in the South and East China Sea.
The Iran and North Korea are also seen as threats in the report due to their nuclear programs.

Dempsey is concerned about the creeping loss of power of the US Army.

'Our comparatively military advantage has begun to erode',


is stated in the strategy paper.

'Today's security environment is the most unpredictable which I have experienced in 40 years of service'.

In conclusion Dempsey calls for more money for the US military, so that the US may continue its 'global responsibility' needs.
Parsifal, July 2, 2015

Aha, that's the point, then, more money for the war machine that anyway has a 'defense budget', almost as high as all other countries combined.
Translated, the statement of Dempsey, the United Satans of America are afraid to lose their global supremacy, therefore, inventing with lies a threat from Russia and China, as well as The Iran and North Korea to squeeze out more tax money for themselves.
Officially, the budget for the PentaGram amounted only to ridiculous 600 billion dollars.
In fact, it is closer to USD 1.2 trillion if you add the cost of the wars that are not included, plus the military spending of 16 US intelligence agencies, the US State Department and the Congress for the 'democratization' of countries, including the billions on propaganda.

For example, Victoria Fuck The EU Nuland confirmed, 5 billion dollars were spent alone only for 'regime change' in Ukraine.
These funds for subversions you have to add, because the US is waging one war at all levels, tucked away on the institutions 'democratization', through NGOs, foundations and 'independent' think tanks, plus a cyber - and information war.
The budget for this will be spread over many ministries, so it does not look so high, but all are used for the maintenance and expansion of the Empire of the USSA.

If you study the budget of the US State Department in 2015, one sees an item of fabulous USD 50.3 billion just for itselves and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
That alone is much more than Germany issues for 'defense' (42 billion euros).
Russia has a budget of 52.5 and China of 87 billion euros for the military.
USAID is also just a front organization for the expansive hegemony.

The NSA, CIA, and how the many other Secret Services are called, add to with more than 50 billion dollars of official budget.
The unofficial monies 'generated' by drug trafficking, other criminal black business and machinations, one must also add like worldwide infiltration, hidden wars and the whole gamut of colorful revolutions, Arab 'Springs' of the government coups programs.
See Iran-Contra Affair, to name just one example.

Additionally to the gigantic American military budget you have to number along those of other NATO countries, plus the ANZUS states (Pacific NATO), as well as from Japan and South Korea, because these lackeys under the spell of the US Empire serve the preservation and expansion.
The so-called 'coalition of the willing' ('cling-on' or simply expressed slave states) indeed participate at all US-led 'security operations' far away from their own territories the commanded aggressive wars.
ASEAN should also be given a military arm, which will be under US dominance.


So in this western military superiority it's completely ridiculous when are honest considered Russia and China a threat to the US territory in North America.
Russia and China, or The Iran and North Korea, neither built military bases right on the US border, or have deployed missiles there, nor go with warships off the US coast back and forth.
But that does the United States, provoking constantly with their military equipment under the noses of others.

The ultimate symbol of the Cold War is again applied to the confrontation between NATO and Russia.
14 days ago, the PentaGram sent B-52 Stratofortress bombers which are equipped with nuclear weapons, to Sweden, allegedly as part of the NATO-maneuver 'Baltops'.
The no longer 'neutral' Sweden has long been integrated and even in the encirclement and threat to Russia.
Therefore, the horror stories of non-existent Russian submarines (see annex) were invented, which were supposed to be turned up in Swedish waters.
There is zero evidence, so it's all about to scare the Europeans.

Washington did not really fear the Russians and the Chinese will invade or attack the US, Europe or Asia, but wants to enforce its aggressive policy for total control by military means.
In fact, the two 'rivals' were completely surrounded by US military bases and Washington puts the arrogant territorial claim, the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea, the China Sea, the Atlantic and the Pacific, yes indeed all oceans to appertain the United States.

Russia and China do not longer accept an unipolar world, so no sole US dominance over the planet, want to preserve their own interests' and that's what bothers Washington.

Therefore, the PentaGram claimed quite cheeky, Russia 'does not respect the sovereignty of its neighbors and is ready to use force to achieve its objectives'.

China's actions 'raise tensions in the Asia-Pacific region'.

Iran 'strives for nuclear and missile technologies' and is a 'state sponsor of terrorism'.

North Korea threatens its neighbors by 'the pursuit of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles'.

This invention of threats and hold itself up as a blueprint of innocence, this hypocrisy and prevarication is incredible.
None of the accused countries here are involved in a war against anyone, but while the US leads several wars, such as in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, is flying over numerous countries killer drones and has military forces stationed in more than 100 occupied countries.
The conflict in the Ukraine in the form of a civil war (meanwhile increasingly proxy war) alone has to answer Washington.

We meanwhile know that the crisis in Ukraine and thus Western conquest of the immediate neighbors of Russia has been around for over 20 years, planned by Washington.
The aim was to grab Crimea thus to have a naval base in the Black Sea and bounce the Russians from Sevastopol.
I have pointed out this fact on the basis of documents, such as the US Navy had over the years already invested millions of dollars in buildings in Sevastopol.
The US Navy wanted to move in after the coup.

see 'As the U.S. Navy helps Crimea'.

When the violent coup in Kiev took place which was directed by the US, the democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych was deposed and Nazis came to power, realized the population of Crimea, of this criminal junta it does not want to be governed.

Washington took advantage of the Olympic Games in Sochi as a cover and distraction, because they knew the host of the sports world would be Putin and Russia ever so fully busy.
So they accomplished the 'regime change' to get Ukraine into their own sphere of influence.

It was then the task of the West media complicity, with (yawn) lies and propaganda, to sell this coup the world audience as 'democratic change'.

Immediately after the Olympics, President Putin introduced countermeasures.
He realized an acquisition of strategic Crimea ultimately by NATO, the expulsion of the Russian Navy in Sevastopol, the ravages of ultra-nationalists against the people must not take place.
So the referendum was held in the Crimea, with the simple question will you continue to belong to the Ukraine or to join the Russian Federation ?
About 90 percent of the electorate voted for reunification and so signaled the world that they would prefer to be again a part of the Russian Federation rather than ruled by Nazis.

Historically, the Crimea was for many centuries Russian;

the majority of the population of Crimea is of Russian descent,

and the 'gift' of Crimea by Nikita Khrushchev in 1954 to his homeland, the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, was anyway illegal.
No one was asked, let alone the population.
To say that the Crimea belongs to Ukraine, is just as absurd as the claim that Austria is part of Germany simply because Adolf has his 'homeland' once incorporated into the Reich by 'affiliation'.

Washington and its European lapdogs have then invented the lie about annexation of the Crimea by Russia and insist to this day on this claim, ignoring the historical connection and the democratic will of the sovereign through a referendum.
Important is but not what the coup regime in Kiev thinks or what Washington, Brussels or Berlin argue because of maintaining the 'territorial integrity', but only and alone what is the will of the population of Crimea.
Every nation has the right to decide whether it wants to be independent, or part from a state and wants to join another even if this law of nations, the oh so democratic West permanently and vehemently rejects and knows to prevent his for independence striving States.

That of all people, The Merkel does not recognize international law, is an outrage.
She's only Chancellor, because there has been the unification of the GDR and the FRG.
In this case, no referendum was held in contrast to the Crimea.
The citizens of the GDR were never asked if they want to give up their own state and be incorporated to the FRG.
This was swept over their heads as dictated by the West.
Therefore, whoever wants the Russians give lessons about 'democracy' or 'international law' ?
Not to mention the illegal, forced by the West secession of Kosovo from Serbia.
There, too, there has never been a referendum.

I provide here another example of how the West and especially the United States are applying double standards and themselves do what they want, when they say do what we command and not what we, ourselves are doing.
We are witnessing the state bankruptcy of Greece.
At the same time but has a different 'territory' declared bankruptcy, namely Puerto Rico.
The island, which is not a full-fledged US state, has a public debt of 72 billion US dollars.
End of June 2015 declared Governor Padilla that Puerto Rico could serve no more due loans, the island is therefore bankrupt.

How has Washington ever became 'owner' of Puerto Rico ?
Yes, well, how ?
Through a war of conquest, of course.
1898 occupied the United States Puerto Rico during the Spanish-American War and claimed the island for itself.

This was more than an annexation, but a violent foray.
The same applies to the other so-called US foreign territories such as the many islands in the Pacific, all conquered, or were stolen, including Hawaii.

What a monstrosity by Washington therefore of the referendum, which took place on the other side of the world in the Crimea, to construct an aggression on the part of Russia and thus to justify sanctions, and to consider Russia as a threat, which is why they will start a new arms race which might lead to international war on European soil.

For every person reasonable minded but is again the proof, in Washington sitting dangerous psychopaths who want by lies and prevarication justify their ambitions for world conquest.

In the strategy paper is namely established, the PentaGram is willing to wage a nuclear war.

'In the event of an attack, the US military will react with a damage of highest magnitude to force the enemy to a cease-fire or to make incapable of further aggression. A war against a larger opponent will make the full mobilization of all instruments of national power necessary'.

Mentioned is also the reintroduction of mandatory military service, how it's said to have enough manpower for a larger opponent.
The warmongers see apparently in everything and everyone an enemy.

According the latest revelations of WikiLeaks, Washington has tapped and bugged the telephones of almost all ministries in Berlin, also talks of Merkel (see here translated by google translate http://tinyurl.com/pc9uttr).

What the content-free speech bubbles and multi-clause sentence oozing *), external shame inducing remote controlled walking pantsuit, political actor The Merkel® (only genuine with the rhomb) has said in 2013 after the NSA scandal became known to the public ?

'Spying among friends - this is a no-go'.

Only, this traitor has done nothing against the espionage !
Idle is to ask the question why the German population still accepted a government that is working for and by foreign powers.
Germans get what they deserve !

Washington and its puppet masters have never seen in Europe a friend, but considered useful idiots, to be incited repeatedly against Russia in the war.
When especially the population in the West will wake up and finally realize who the real enemy of mankind is and only wants death and destruction ?
We in Europe must not be protected before Russia or China, and certainly not against The Iran or North Korea, but only from our 'friend and partner' the USSA !

'Fuck off USA' ...

and ...

'Yankees go home'



*) Incidentally, 'Bla Bla Bla' is in English 'Yadda-Yadda'

Here is the link to the strategy report (.pdf) ...



Do not miss my next digital diary in this theatre to find out about Russia's reaction to the newest US - war - threat



The Americans know exactly when Russia and China join forces to an economic block with the other BRIC countries, they sink to insignificance.

In reality it's not about the military threat from Russia and China, but about the economic issue.

The Yanks are now trying to prevent this collaboration by all available means.

They manage again and again to drive a wedge where it benefits their interests:

Between Germany and Russia.

Between Ukraine and Russia.

Between Sunnis and Shiites.

And between Christians and Muslims, as was recently with the attacks in France and Denmark.

They repeatedly make it to turn sister peoples or befriended cultures against each other.

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Sweden hunts for mystery submarine October 21, 2014

Sweden hunting for suspected Russian sub

The radio transmissions were being sent to the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, 330 miles (530 kilometers) south of Stockholm on the Baltic's southern shore, according to The Local report.

There were also reports that a foreign vessel was spotted in the waters near Stockholm.

Russia ... denied it has any vessel in Swedish waters.

Moscow suggested the vessel may belong to the Netherlands and have been involved in naval exercises off Sweden, according to a report from Russia's Itar-TASS news agency.

(read more if you trust the Censored News Network, Crap Not News) http://edition.cnn.com/2014/10/20/world/europe/sweden-russia-submarine-mystery/index.html


and so the submarine issue really was

Saab unveils superstealth 'ghost submarine' that is virtually invisible to enemies and even allows divers to silently enter and exit

Saab has unveiled what it claims is the world's most advanced stealth submarine.

Sweden is unleashing its GHOST (Genuine HOlistic STealth) technology, thus making the Kockums A26 submarine effectively invisible.

(read more in the dailymail)


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