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The Price War On The Oil Market
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this is the continuation of my previous essay What Energy Crisis ?
The world literally floats in oil, not only because currently, 1 Million barrel are produced more as the global consumption of 90 million barrel per day, but because the claim that oil would be a fossil fuel and we would have exceeded the so-called 'Peak Oil', is completely wrong, and a fairy tale.

Oil is not finite and is actually available in abundance, namely constantly produced in the interior of the earth.
See my article about 'abiotic oil'.
The current price of oil is so low as not anymore for a long time.

Currently a barrel is at 82 dollars, almost 30 percent lower than at the beginning of the year.
About why this is so and what is the reason for the pricing pressure, there are different opinions.
I want try to list these possible causes for a drop in price.

The above chart shows the fluctuations in the oil price in the last 36 months.
Currently the cost of a barrel of crude oil nearly as little as in July 2012, as the global economy crashed into recession and the need, therefore, fell sharply.
This raises the question, is the price so low because we are again in front of a worldwide recession, or are other factors at work ?
For example, a deliberate and controlled price war ?
Parsifal, October 15, 2014

Here is a list of possible reasons for the low price:

1st Scenario:
As already said, the industry experienced worldwide a significant decline in orders and therefore less oil as an energy source is needed, therefore, the afresh recession is to blame.
Europe and Japan will experience an economic downturn; the U.S. economy is woolgathering, and would appear as if it shrivels again.
An additional reason for the global economic downturn are the sanctions against Russia, which cause considerable damage, especially in Europe.
If the economy stagnates, and therefore less oil is consumed than is being produced, there is an excess squeezing the price.
Since the OPEC countries, as just confirmed want not adjust their production to the lesser need, but keep the flow rate constant and not reduce, the price goes down.
Supposedly, only in November at the next OPEC Meeting over a throttling of the flow rate will be decided.
New providers for oil are also on the market, because of the respective conflicts so far have failed, such as Libya and Iraq.

The ISIS also sells the stolen oil from the conquered Kurdistan with the help of Turkey for dumping prices.
How this under the watchful eyes of the Americans is possible, is a different question.
Their own child Al-Qaeda to rename in ISIS is probably the reason.

But overall there is too much oil on the market.

2nd Scenario:
Saudi Arabia, one of the largest oil producers in the world has decided on a reduction of the price, to increase their market share, and wants to disable the competitors.
To the Saudis and the other Gulf States doesn't fit the declared energy independence of the United States, which has been achieved with the massive use of fracking, in their plans.
By the reduction of the price to below USD 80 is the extraction of oil from shale uneconomical and slips into the red.
So the Saudis want the oil production over this new controversial method - which is relatively expensive to stall.
The goal is generally to squeeze all oil producers with high production costs out of the market.

Since the Saudi production works just unprofitable under USD 70 a barrel and Riyadh have a disposal on huge reserves of 750 billion dollars, they can sit through this price pressure for a long time until the troublesome competition in the United States is broken and stops.

If Obama puts up with that price fight is another question, as actually Saudi Arabia is the second most important ally of the US.
At the same time, the Saudis want to weaken The Iran as a competitor on the regional power with a low oil price, because if the agreement in the nuclear debate is concluded, the sanctions against Tehran will be repealed, then can The Iran again sell oil and with the higher income will be stronger.

3rd Scenario:
The sudden reduction of the price of Oil at USD 80 a barrel is a joint plan from the United States and Saudi Arabia to weaken Russia and bring Putin to fall.
Washington is trying to revenge because the regime change in the Ukraine assumed in a debacle.

Because the strategic goal of the Americans, by the coup in Kiev, to grab the Crimea, evict the Russians and take over the naval port of Sevastopol on the Black Sea, failed miserably.
Putin has them all completely outmaneuvered and the Crimea has just felt him without using violence in his lap.

Riad is crossed with Putin because Russia supports Assad which but the Saudis would like to have away.
The plan to take over Syria has so far failed.
If the price of oil is low, then is missing Moscow important revenue for the years 2015 to 2017, but have been budgeted as government spending with USD 100 per barrel.
The Russian government needs to drastically save, what may trigger civil unrest, and even the fall of Putin.
At least this is the thought which bend the Americans and Saudis with a price war.

4th Scenario:

It is exactly vice versa.
The Price erosion control Moscow as the largest oil and gas producer in the world, and China, as the largest consumer in the world, to harm the Saudis and Americans tremendous.
This maneuver is part of the plan of the 'De-dollarization' of the energy market - and indeed, the world economy - both want to go ahead with.
This fits the agreement between the Central banks of Russia and China over a three-year Currency-Swap-Deal of 150 billion Yuan, and 815 billion rubles (the equivalent of 25 billion dollars).
It is the goal for a massive expansion of the trade between the two countries and reduce their Dollar and Euro-dependence.

The trade between Russia and China now accounts for almost 100 billion dollars and, in the coming years should increase to 200 billion dollars.
Moscow has enough currency and gold reserves to withstand low oil prices in the longer term, to and has massively reduced its foreign debt in the last few months.
China is happy about a low purchasing price for oil and helps Russia in a price war.
As already mentioned above, is so also the oil production of the Americans greatly damaged, because fracking is too expensive and does not pay below 80 dollars.


One of the cited reasons for the drop in price of oil may be right, or several, or even all.
Each of the participants in this market has a motive for the price war.
The question resulting is, who will survive this struggle and who will carry away a significant damage ?
Most pleased will be the consumers, because the price of petrol at the petrol station is also decreased.
Should the OPEC countries first run out the road, they probably need to decide a throttling of the flow, so the price rises again.

Strictly speaking, there can no oil producer really economically produce under USD 100 per barrel and generate enough government revenues.
This is why 'cheap oil' will only be temporarily available.
What we must be clear, oil is the most important resource in the world besides water and is why virtually all of the interventions and wars of the West were in any way related to that.
A price war which likely ends in a shooting war.


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Russia Proves 'Peak Oil' Is A Misleading Zionist Scam

How to Make Your 'Revolution'
Tags: How Make Your Revolution Ukraine Syria Iran HongKong China Lebanon Media US Parsifal Business

Do you have a Problem with a disobedient government which refuses to submit the globalist and Zionist program ?
You can not convince your subjects to endorse a war of aggression against this recalcitrant government ?
It is hard to get your soldiers to motivate to sacrifice their life for the criminal moneyed elite and global corporations ?

Then try to overthrow the government in the crosshairs with a 'Soft-Power-Revolution'.
We were able to watch in the last decades, various coups, coup d'états and revolutions, here's a list of ingredients and steps for the organization and accomplishment of a successful (color)Revolution.
As I have described in my article 'Color-Revolution in Hong Kong', does the recipe there almost fit exactly to the point.
Conversely, almost nothing happens in this direction in Europe and North America, just because the ingredients are missing.
Parsifal, October 6, 2014

image top: Why is the poster in Egypt in English ? Because the Western audience needs to be addressed !

1. Make sure there is a US Embassy in the country of destination, as it is the command center of your revolution.
From there origin the commands and also the enormous sums of money which is necessary.
For example, in the Ukraine, where the US State Department invested USD 5 billion and the 'Opposition' stepped in and stepped out day in day out.

2. Send a squad of CIA, MI6 and Mossad agents into the country and use for different covert activities roles such as, 'Journalist', 'Tourist', 'Student', 'Businessman', 'Diplomat' and 'Development'.
Think for yourself, just be bold and creative !

3. Use as camouflage a humanitarian guise, as 'Pro-Democracy' or 'Human Rights' to establish your NGOs within your destination-country.
Conceal yourself in which you ostensibly also do some charitable work while in the background you fill your NGOs with useful idiots consisting of disaffected activists and gullible idealists.

4. Recruit a network of domestic traitors, bribable, and arrange that they like to work for you for money.
Target on intellectuals, academics, politicians, journalists, and, if possible, on military and corrupt them.
If they do not cooperate, then use your intelligence on their weaknesses and perversions to force them with extortion to participation.

5. If in the country of destination are trade unions at all, then buy the bosses, because people with a greater feeling of inferiority, who with the money immediately betray the workers there are not.
Most important use local institutions, parties and groups which supposedly engage for the people and abuse these for your purposes.

6. Pick a catchy slogan and a color for your 'revolution'.
See some examples of how to:
'Rose Revolution' (Georgia, 2003),
'Orange Revolution' (Ukraine, 2004),
'Cedar Revolution' in Lebanon, 2005),
'Green Revolution' (The Iran, 2009),
'Arab Spring (Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, 2010-2013),
'Euromaidan' (Ukraine, 2014)
... and now the 'Umbrella Revolution' or 'Occupy Central with Love and Peace (OCLP)' (Hong Kong, 2014).
It just is about strategic marketing, my dear (and who of the sheep want not Love and Peace !)

7. Start your 'Revolution' with a by-the-media-well-covered 'Spontaneous Protest'.
Use your agents for provocations of the government and your controlled NGOs for accusations about 'violation' of human rights, or freedom of speech, or of the democratic rights, or claim there is election rigging.
It's not about whether these accusations are true, you have to express the lie just loudly and repeat constantly.

8. Use your purchased journalists to 'leak' embarrassing secrets about the members of the target government in the media.
If the press calls 'scandal' with large headlines, then you will find enough disgruntled citizens connecting to your paid 'revolutionary'.


9. At this point, start as many petitions as possible where you portray the government in question as pure evil as this will create the believe 'something should be done' and at least even common people can from their couch oust a 'rogue' government.

Do not forget clicktivism is today sooo en vogue; and the more signatures you collect the more unpopular a government becomes in the minds of the broad mass, which in turn justifies all forthcoming means. (They sign everything if it is marketed far and wide and is added 'TAKE ACTION!' and appears as 'good, humanitarian etc. cause' ;-)

10. Paint or print your banners and posters in advance so that your mob can 'spontaneously' hold these in the demonstrations in the cameras.

(Use simple and acquainted verbalism - complexity would harm the prosperity of your 'revolution').
Of course the text is to be in English, because the goal is to get the bona fide American and Western public and the politicians on your side.
They will be then with your 'revolution' in solidarity and support you.

11. Now add to your protest movement your purchased celebrities, athletes, politicians and imported activists.
Care for better coverage, with Live Reports by ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS, BBC, ZDF, ARD, ORF, SRF and how all the controlled media are named, use existing live cams so live broadcast is available directly from the place with the camp of tents is transmitted to the whole world, and is from this point on the center of your 'revolution'.
Let in all the major media paid 'democracy experts' speak out on the 'crimes of the government' in all the details and recited by rote: The people believe everything which is told by 'experts' especially if the 'expert' is cravatted.
It will then connect to your movement all the other malcontents, people with legitimate complaints about maladministration and generally all who are bored and want to join a rampage.

12. Determine your 'Heroes of the Revolution', prepare them fit for camera, cultivate them with the right spells, so that in front of the cameras of the European and American media they portray your 'uprising' as 'spontaneous people's movement and mass protest' against the 'corruption', 'tyranny', 'election rigging' and whatever to rebel.
Ensure that these 'representatives of the people' articulate well, in English of course, and always to be chosen as interview partners.

13. Now where the whole world is watching and attention is directed to your 'revolution' stage an event.
Bring a fanatic to inflame himself, bring your Agent Provocateurs to throw cobblestones or even shoot, provoke the police to apply violence.
Use fake blood and actors, to play the injured and victims.
Hand over the media your Photo-shopped images accordingly prepared dramatically and have spread rumors about the encroachments of the state.

14. Use as 'victims' at the best women and children.
Care for real or phony dead.
The use of the social media is very important and that is why to post fake photos, and Youtube videos.
These are thanks to the US State Department ('Russian Invasion in Ukraine') now considered as 'evidence'.
The international and local media will like to absorb and spread these 'horror stories' unaudited.
So lose the government even the last supporters in the population and also in the world community, and is then full-blown 'delegitimized'.

15. Now add your paid international advocates, who tell the world in front of the cameras and occur in the talk shows and praise your 'revolution' and condemn their 'crackdown'.
Sooner or later, the US, the EU, NATO and the UN will sharply condemn and force your targeted government to concessions.
The threat of economic sanctions will convince the government, either to give in to your wishes, or to resign and call for new elections.


16. The aim of your color revolution is not to introduce real democracy, but to replace the existing government by 'your regime'.
As in Egypt, where a military dictator was replaced by a new one under the spell of the US.
Or, as in the Ukraine, where a gang of robbers has been replaced with a new, much more criminal gang of sinister oligarchs under the spell of the US.
The ultimate goal is an obedient regime in order to bring the destination country in the Western's sphere of influence and exploit.

Congratulations, sooooo it's done !

If your staged 'color revolution' does not work immediately and the government resist the toppling-attempt, then are all the other violent actions on the table.

Establishment of a no-fly zone, the bombing of the country, or the uprising of armed terrorists, I mean 'rebels', you infiltrate into the land.

Consider for this job violent mercenaries, Nazis and/or Jihadis.
A measure of last resort is a war of aggression and the occupation of the country.

Invent lies about the dangers of this government, rising nuclear mushrooms and the use of poison gas, are i.e. a good horrific picture.
Hollywood will vigorously support you.

Since all of these ingredients are missing in the Western hemisphere, such as in North America, Europe, Australia and Japan, there would be no 'revolution', although there are given most of the reasons for this and the situation is overdue.
As a rule, 'revolutions', take place only with a lot of money and are organized from the outside.
There is no one outside of the Western 'community of values' who so thinks and wants to carry out.

Neither Russia nor China have these ambitions.
So we will probably continue to suffer under the fascist corporate dictatorship and exploited ... and only export the 'revolutions'.

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now you have been looking how to make a GOOD Revolution ?

GOOD Revolution, coming from the People:
Revolution: An Instruction Manual
(if you know a policeman please share)


Anleitung zur Revolution
(wenn Du einen Polizisten kennst, leite bitte weiter)


Obama Wants His War Against Syria
Tags: Obama War Syria Iraq IS ISIS ISIL Pretext Parsifal Russia Iran China Assad Parsifal

While this caption may not surprise the majority of the BOLE readers, the disguise of Obama's desired warfare against Syria has changed from 'OMG WMD's !' to the revived 'War Against Terror' as an other pretext-on-the-sly to support his own creation of Islamist death squads raging in Iraq and Syria…

Obama announced on Wednesday in a speech to the Nation the fight vs. IS.
He would 'not hesitate' to attack IS positions both in Iraq as well as in Syria from the air.
So he wants to bombard the people who conduct the ' struggle for freedom' against the Assad government, and he and the entire policy of 'Western values' (cough, cough) in the last three½ years with all the political, financial and military means supported.

Yes, somewhere the 'weapons of the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate' need to be applied.

Finally, the war industry is the only branch of the ailing US economy which is booming.

So it repeats what Washington makes for a long time, first they create the terrorists for a 'regime change', then can/need to fight.


Or, in other words comes the fire brigade in order to extinguish the fire it has set.
What is also repeated, Obama is the fourth President who orders the bombing of Iraq.
Is probably a tradition, or better said, an obsession for US Presidents that every President needs to drop bombs on Iraq.
Starting with George H. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and now Barack Obama.

Parsifal, September 12, 2014

image top: The American war criminals of the last 20 years in one photo

When is finally stopped to flay the poor land ?
What has done the Iraq to the United States ?
The only thing comes to mind the Americans and their bootlicking lapdogs in Europe is guns, violence, bombs, war and smug but absurd and exuberant policy of sanctions.
Only that they perform perfectly.
The territorial integrity, its violation in the case of Ukraine of which are falsely accused the Russians and therefore imposes sanctions against Moscow, of course, are in Syria and Iraq without meaning.

Obama says autocratically, he can hurt the sovereignty of Syria.
For me, it is therefore clear that the fight against IS is just an excuse to implement the original plan still being able to make a war against Syria come true.
Because, air raids of American fighter planes to targets on Syrian territory is an impeccable martial act.
Yet, despite all the browbeating by the Western media suggesting that any targeted airstrikes would be strikes against ISIS, the truth is that the airstrikes are actually aimed at the Syrian government.
This is nothing more than a backdoor attempt at establishing the buffer zone that NATO so ardently desired early on in the Syrian conflict.
With the establishment of this buffer zone, a new staging ground will be opened that allows terrorists such as ISIS and others the ability to conduct attacks even deeper inside Syria.

Obama so wants his terrorist after three and a half years unsuccessful proxy war against Syria finally and unhampered permit the destruction of the secular Syria and so to match the needs of the Western arrogance...
To achieve this goal, have his death squads effectively eliminated the air defense capability of the Syrian government in the east of the country.
After all, the Pentagon even stated that one of the biggest threats to an airstrike operation in Syria are the Syrian government's air defenses.

Thanks to ISIS, those air defenses no longer exist in the east of Syria so that the NATO powers can launch airstrikes against the Syrian military and thus freeing up a launching pad for the terrorists to conduct attacks deeper into Syria.

Imagine the reverse case.
President Putin would as Obama did appear in front of the cameras and announce the fighters of the fascist Azov-battalion and of the right sector, belligerent against the Russian- descending population in Eastern Ukraine are terrorists and that is why Russia is to bomb the Ukraine.
What would be going on ?
The outcry of the Western media and the politicians would be huge; they would not recover from sheer outrage and immediately proclaim III. World War.
If, however, Obama bombs Iraq and Syria, then that's fine.

No peep you can hear from the 'peaceful' EU as a protest.

1.4 million dead Iraqis and 200.000 Syrians are not enough, it must be killed even more Arabs.

There were only three countries who expressed sharp protest against the bombing of Syria, Russia, Iran, and the affected Syria.

  • The Russian foreign Ministry said, without the consent of the UN Security Council this would be a blatant violation of International Law.
  • Tehran said the actions against the Islamic State (IS) would consist of serious contradictions.

It was not really about the fight against the IS, because the terrorists have so far been backed by the West, but to provide an excuse for a war against Syria.

  • The Syrian government said bombing Syrian Territory would be an attack on Syria.

Obama however, during his speech indicated, he does not care what the Syrian government thinks about it.
Although more of a tepid response, China has also stated that, while the world should fight terror, national sovereignty should be respected.

The world's Greatest Arrogance has spoken.

And it spoke with twisted tongue:

To fight IS, one need not to bomb Iraq and Syria, but only immediately stop to provide these gangs of terror weaponry and cut off the money supply.
Without weapons and money dissolves these troops of murderers by itself.
Who buys the oil IS steals from Syria and Iraq and via middlemen for half of the price brings to the world market ?

According to Gulf News the IS with the stolen oil makes 3 million dollars per day !
These terrorists control 60 percent of the oil fields in the eastern provinces of Syria, and seven oil fields in Iraq.
The oil is smuggled to the southern part of Turkey and sold there.
That is why Erdogan to oppose the fight against the IS.
The Turkey is the main transit route for the extremists, and a hub for their lucrative mineral oil smuggling.

US-foreign Minister Kerry (Cohn) arrived in Ankara on Friday to convince Erdogan to partake in fight against the IS.
Ankara has, however, already in the run-up made it clear that Turkey will not take part in a military operation against the IS.
The Turkish government to allow the Americans to use their airbases in Incirlik and Batman only for logistical and humanitarian purposes.
The excuse of Erdogan, Turkey had to restrain because of the 49 staff members of the Turkish General Consulate which were held hostage by the terrorists in Mosul, or because in Iraq, tens of thousands of Turks are employed which could be kidnapped, is only superficial.
A top priority for Turkey is, as before, the fall of Bashar al-Asad.

Exactly that is what Obama wants and pushes the fight against the IS as an excuse.

Obama wants a war against Syria, because his puppet-masters forced him.

President Putin and foreign Minister Lavrov a year ago have 'messed his plans up' with the diplomatic move to remove the chemical agents from Syria and outmaneuvered.
But this war prevention succeeded through Moscow is, unfortunately, only preliminary.
Now, my foot ! is pulled the rabbit in the form of War On Terror out of the hat.

It was staged the beheading of an American journalist and that is enough to justify the bomb-war against Iraq and Syria.
How completely contradictory and hypocritical it is exactly to fight now the same terrorists which were created to oust Dr. Assad, apparently interferes again no one in the West.

ISIS Exposed 100% As CIA Operation


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