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Spiritual Path – The Journey of Your Soul By John Holland
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Spiritual Path – The Journey of Your Soul

By John Holland


When you travel a spiritual path, it’s not uncommon to feel alone. After all, it’s your path and yours alone. But, it’s important to remember that there are like minded souls out there just like you. Reach out and search for different groups and organizations that feel right for you. Even when you don’t consciously reach out, you’ll find that people of the same vibrational level are attracted to you. It’s a wonderful thing when you share your experiences, because not only are you conveying what you’ve learned or experienced, you’re letting your soul educate, express, and show itself to others. The whole process can be liberating.

You’re on your spiritual path, so please honor that it’s meant for you. You shouldn’t try to drag, pull, bribe, or coerce anyone else into believing that what you feel is true. One of my favorite sayings is: “Everyone is exactly where they are supposed to be.” I believe that you have your own unique path to take as you journey through this life, and it’s nobody’s job to take drag you away from it. By exerting undue pressure to make someone believe in your views, it can result in taking them further away from their own journey. It’s the spiritual path, the journey of the soul in this life where you learn some of the most poignant lessons. When you respect and honor the beliefs of others, it will guarantee that you’re not leading them away from what their soul needs to learn.

If you have a passion for metaphysics and really believe in its teachings, but your partner, spouse, or family member has little or no interest, then there could still be a benefit. In truth, the other person may very well be a grounding force for you. You in turn may show them a new way of looking at something. When the time is right, others around you may begin to question things outside themselves, and hopefully, they’ll also look inward to find their own answers. You may even be the catalyst to boost their vibrational level, which enables them to see even greater opportunities and beauty. I guess there is something to the saying: “Opposites attract.”

As you continue your spiritual path, you may notice that some people in your life step back or disappear for good, and this doesn’t mean that you’re doing anything wrong. It’s more about the fact that your consciousness and vibration is at a higher level, and in turn, you may find that there are new people filtering into your life that are also tapping into their spirituality.

It’s important to remember that everyone is exactly where they’re supposed to be. You have to honor that. What’s happening at this time is the universal law of bringing others into your life who match your vibration. I really recommend that you stay grounded with the whole process of spiritual development. Once again, don’t forget that you’re a spiritual being having physical experiences. Honor all of you.


John’s Lesson

Is there someone in your life right now who you’ve been trying to influence to believe what you believe in? Think how many people you’ve given a book, a DVD, or a movie to, in the hopes that they will benefit from your guidance, only to find out they never even read or watched it.

Let it go. When the person is ready, they’ll do their own research in their own way, and in their own time.

Since I just moved, I ended up donating a lot of books to my local library and to a used bookstore. There are people out there who may not be able to afford a new book and will buy a used one or borrow one from the library. Look around this week, and if there are any books that you benefited from, then donate them. Because as many of you know, synchronicity always plays a big hand in bringing what a person needs for their highest good, just when they need it. One of your books could be that sign. You may not be able to help everyone, but someone will benefit who’s just taking their first steps on their own spiritual journey!

Live a Soul-filled life!

“The U.S. vs. John Lennon” [Documentary] (Video) Tags: John Lennon dissent Nixon government protests music Vietnam War activism

The U.S. vs. John Lennon” exposes the way the judicial and immigration systems operate in the United States by revealing the largely unpublicized story of how John Lennon’s outspoken anti-war activism and extraordinary influence on America’s youth in the late 1960s and early 1970s incited a perturbed, paranoid, and vengeful Richard Nixon to launch a diligent campaign to have him deported, as well as an extensive FBI surveillance program to keep tabs on and intimidate the ex-Beatle…

ΗΠΑ εναντίον Τζον Λένον by tvxorissinora



The John Titor Time Traveler Story
Category: VIDEOS
Tags: John Titor time traveler future 2036

jsnip4 of Youtube does an excellent job of reading the writings of alleged time traveler, John Titor.  John Titor comes back to the year 2000 from the year 2036 and mentions things about the future that had not yet happened in 2000, but has happened since.  He tells of how the world is in 2036 and mentions things like the skyline of New York City being different, U.S. Constitution being re-established (was not so badly trampled on until after 2001), schools no longer being indoctrination centers and much more.









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