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How the Law of Attraction Fails and Becomes Brainwashing
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by Jon Rappoport

“The focus on positive vs. negative thoughts is juvenile. It’s minor-league foolishness. And it leads people to obsess about their own minds. People aren’t passive magnets that attract and repel. That’s utter nonsense.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

The law of attraction is stated in two ways.

First, positive thoughts attract positive results in life, and negative thoughts attract negative results. This is mainly a descriptive overview. It doesn’t apply to people who consciously do something to change their own thoughts. It’s a “philosophic” basis for understanding why people get what they get in life.

Therefore, one assumes, if a hundred thousand people are dying of thirst during a drought, they brought that on by thinking a whole lot of negative thoughts.


People who advocate the law of attraction tend to dislike such examples. They sometimes hedge their bets by asserting that external events (e.g., a drought) are quite real and they never claimed otherwise.

This produces a blurry line between events that “just happen” independent of what people are thinking, and events which are the result of negative or positive thoughts.

The second version of the law emphasizes that people, by changing the nature of their own thoughts, automatically affect what they get in life.

Certainly, this isn’t achieved by a person entering his own mind like a surgeon with a scalpel, pruning away the negative. The interior landscape is far too large, the flows of thought are too mercurial, and quite often, what seems like a successful surgery later turns out to be a dud: the old excised thoughts return.

A frontal attack on thought is like trying to wipe out air.

But there are meditations and repetitive affirmations. Some advocates of the law recommend them. Focus on thinking about what you truly want. Clarify such thoughts. Repeat them to yourself over and over. Affirm them. Or concentrate on an object of desire.

Doing this in a dispassionate way hardly calls up very much energy. It’s about as effective as trying to move forward in an active ocean while sitting in a paper boat and paddling with a soup spoon.

What, though, happens if you really believe you can get what you want by thinking positively about it over and over, or by focusing on it?

In that case, the driving engine is that belief.

And this is a whole other territory. Suppose you ardently believe that by visualizing a purple rose sitting on a boiled egg, you will become rich? Suppose you believe that a pink bulldog dropping down from the sky holding the string of a large balloon will give you a new house?

The purple rose and the boiled egg and pink bulldog aren’t the vital components. What’s vital is the underlying belief.

Is belief enough? Will it carry the freight?

There is no blanket conclusion possible. It all depends on who is believing and how they are believing and with what power they are believing, and with what conviction, and with what passion, and with what “belief in their belief.”

I have seen, and you have, too, I’m sure, people who achieve remarkable things based on what they believe.

And it doesn’t matter whether they are engaged in “changing their thoughts from negative to positive.” The law of attraction itself is irrelevant.

Furthermore, people who hold very strong beliefs act on them. They don’t sit in a room and power up that belief-engine and wait for something to happen. They aren’t involved in some “snap-of-the-fingers” manifestation. They take massive and sustained action.

They live out their beliefs.

They create what wasn’t there before.

And in that act of creating, during a life lived, at some point along the line they experience remarkable collisions of events—the fancy label is synchronicity. People and situations come to their aid.

You could call that magic. You could call it oobladee. It doesn’t matter.

In large numbers of people, the ordinary notion of the law of attraction helps to make them passive. They wait. They think. They re-think. They spin wheels.

Some of them begin to believe they have to banish the negative, and this process leads them into confusion and discomfort of a high order, because it doesn’t work. Thoughts, untold numbers of floating random thoughts, are the wrong target. They’re a dime a dozen, and there are billions of dozens. Who cares?

The idea of purifying one’s own thoughts is a dead-end alley in the long run.

It becomes a fetish.

And those who preach the “philosophy” are, sometimes, merely interested in controlling the flock. The more androidal members of the flock will, now and then, say, “Did you hear about Bob? He’s in the hospital. Too many negative thoughts.”

On a political level, this degenerates into “we suspect Jones just had an incorrect thought.”

Living a creative life through and by imagination is a whole other process. It’s the major leagues. It’s the expression of life-force in a voice that tears away the curtain of consensus reality.

Inventing what otherwise would never be there.

This kind of life quite naturally, without effort, defuses trillions of sputtering thoughts because they don’t matter. Negative? Positive? Makes no difference. It’s a puerile distinction.

In living a life through and by imagination, one’s past, one’s experiences, feelings, thoughts, memories—they’re all fuel for the fire. In that fire, a soul forges what he will invent, what new reality he will make.

He doesn’t diddle around with “positive and negative.”

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at NoMoreFakeNews.com or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

A great way to a new standard.

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Tricks & Traps of The Court - Breaking the Legal and Language Code Tags: Gobalist Agenda New World Order Orwellian World Manipulation Language Courts Law Humanity Empowerment

Video @ ZeeklyTV

A must see series that will blow your mind. Fabulous presentation on awakening the subconscious and disengaging from the imposed system that’s been foisted upon us.

Just terrific!

I also have @ YouTube created a PLAYLIST and there you can see it part by part in case you have not time to see 2:22 hours at once.

Please feel free to download this Video and share it via medium of your choice.




I'm not Charlie
Tags: Charlie France Parsifal Kouachi Assassin Police Lynchlaw NATO Satire Hebdo Provocation FalseFlag StateTerror

At 16.56 clock on Friday French Special Forces stormed the printery where the Kouachi brothers hid and killed them.
The hunt for these designated scapegoats ended as expected.
No matter what is now claimed by the rule of media harlots, the job was to clear away the two, so no one can hear their version of the story.

It is an outrage that the media have not spoken of 'alleged perpetrators', but from the first minute only of 'terrorists' or leastwise 'cold-blooded murderers'.
Nothing has been proven and nothing examined but the judgment was universally equal.
In this case, only a Court of Law may pronounce someone guilty, upon presentation of evidence and no one else.
Everything else is lynching and that's what was done with the Kouachi brothers.
Parsifal, January 9, 2015
image top: Today the media operate modern lynching and the mass of sheep find this cool

It is unbelievable how suddenly, a seemingly global hysteria has erupted, how masses of people, politicians and the media claim 'Je suis Charlie', they all would be Charlie Hebdo.
They now pretend as if they considered the freedom of the press as sacred and defend it.
This hypocrisy is hard to beat.

However, today, the leadership of the ruling class and the corporate, the state media feign the last remnant heart out of their bodies and talk about the murders in Paris of an 'attack on press freedom', yes even to all of us.

image newseum.org

What freedom of the press ?

Why is the cry only be heard if it hits the media from the NATO realm or journalists who are in line with NATO ?

I could list numerous examples of how the people who now loudly cry 't'was was an attack on freedom of the press', just on what they have previously fought sharp as they themselves were criticized.
As a reminder, the predecessor of Charlie Hebdo, the anarchist magazine Hara-Kiri, was repeatedly banned by the French government and was discontinued.
Where was the outcry then ?

In Germany, the SPD (Socialist Party in Germany) has tried to censor against a satirical magazine, the 'Titanic' as they brought in a complaint in 2006.
According to the judgment of the District Court of Hamburg this publication may not be reprinted.
Now these SPD upper chadbands are Charlie and for press freedom through satire.
The 'jokes' by Titanic entailed numerous lawsuits and injunctions.
The 'victims' of biting humor have not found it funny.
Since the founding of the magazine until 2007 a total of 35 issues were banned, the publisher was involved in 55 lawsuits.
So much about freedom of the press in Germany and how now all are Charlie.


Where were the squallers at that time ?
None has protected Titanic.

None has called himself Titanic.
Suddenly, however, are all Charlie.
Even NATO.

'We are in full solidarity with our ally France',


sounded the Secretary-General.

Even the German Federal President, speaking on behalf of all Germans:


'We are Charlie'.

Has he ever asked whether they agree ?
The number of Charlies grows by the hour, by a declaration of solidarity to the next.
The CSU (German Christian Social Union) is Charlie.
The FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) is Charlie.
The Welt is Charlie.
Of course, The Bild is Charlie.

left Muhammad: A Star Is Born
right The film, which inflames the Muslim world. And my ass? They love my ass?

But this 'Charlie Hebdo' is not a real example of press freedom or freedom of speech which needs to defend.
It is rather a shit-stirrer disguised as satire and a hate sheet to disseminate Islamophobia and anti-Muslim racism.
Many cartoons had nothing to do with humor, anything with a exaggerated representation of political issues, but were solely insulting and provocative.
It's the full intent of this tab to incite hatred and intolerance against Muslims.
This form of 'speech' 'would be unthinkable against Christians and especially against Jews and would trigger massive protest.

Caricatures of Jews are anti-Semitism. Of Muslims, it is freedom of expression

Double Standards
In 2012, Charlie Hebdo dismissed cartoonist Maurice Sinet summarily because of cartoons about the Jewish daughter of Sarkozy, and he did not apologize.

The cartoonist said he would rather cut his own balls off, and which was promptly fired.

I hereby wish to declare in public, I'm certainly not Charlie, not under these circumstances, the feigned dismay and fraudulent labeling.
The very thought to this phony fuss fills me with nausea.
Not because I am against freedom of expression, exactly the opposite, I practice it constantly.
How many times was tried to get me to silence ?
How many times have I already been threatened with slander and abuse, violence, even murder ?
It came especially from a group who always enjoys presenting itself as sitting ducks, one which, by all means orders to be quiet, acts most forbidding and censored if criticized.
'I'm Charlie' drips of hypocrisy !


What's with the massive censorship of the French comedian Dieudonné because he criticized the Jewish lobby in France with satire ?

The media which are now all Charlie have shot him down in flames and calls for the boycott of his performances.

They have insulted him as anti-Semite also the German media.

Who has constrained the French government to muzzle this artist and impose a performance ban ?

It was the Jewish lobby CRIF.

So much for freedom of expression in France which does not exist.

Because it all depends on who is doing something and the freedom to say anything is relative.

Therefore, 'Je suis Charlie' is pure hypocrisy and double standard.


Obviously, the assassins were not the same and were then chased of being accused by the placement of false evidence.

On Friday evening, the Kouachi brothers were executed in a massive hail of police bullets:

Listen to how often was shot.

A clear sign that living prisoners should not be:


What a coincidence who stayed at the crime scene and filmed everything.
The recordings on the flight of the alleged assassins shot Amchai Stein, deputy chief of the Israeli IBA TV- channel 1.
It can be seen masked tall professional killers who hide their identity, which then mutate into silly little Kouachi brothers who will leave an ID card in the getaway car so that the police can identify them.
Obviously, the assassins were not the same and were then accused of being chased by the placement of false evidence.


I'll say it loud and clear that the attack on the satirical magazine on 07/01/2015 in Paris was a false flag operation by intelligence agencies which sequenced in classic style.
It was staged a heinous assassination, spread from the start who the perpetrators are, (as almost every time, and again) Muslims, then the designated scapegoats came into play with fake evidence, which then were chased and subsequently murdered, so there are no witnesses.
The description of the whole process and who are the villains was controlled by the corporate media (in line with NATO) for all to get the lie implanted into the brain.
So it was in the murder of JFK, in 9/11, 7/7 and Boston.

Where was the concern for THESE murders ?

- I'm Gaza
- I'm Odessa
- I'm Donbas (Is here now also about freezing to death)
- I'm Syria
- I'm Libya
- I'm Iraq
- I'm Afghanistan

Oh, that is of course something different !


Suicided Chief-Investigator ?
The 45-year-old deputy director of the Criminal Investigation Department in Limoges, Helric Fredou has committed suicide in the night from Wednesday to Thursday.
This was reported by the French police union on its website.
He is said to have shot himself with his service weapon at his office in the head, reports Le Populaire.
His body was found on Thursday by 13 clock from a colleague, reports the Regional Radio Tendance Ouest.

The reason for the suicide should have been depression, a spokesman for the police union said to the television station France 3.
Fredou was tasked to investigate the assassination of the French satirical magazine 'Charlie Hebdo'.
The Commissioner was from 2007 to 2010 the head of the police department of Haute-Vienne.
Then he was stationed on the English Channel and was ordered in 2013 to Limoges.
There, in 2013 his predecessor should have committed suicide, reports Le Parisien.


Was it an assassination attempt ?
Or was it a terrorist attack ?

And where lies the difference ?

Let us ask Wikipedia:

'An attack ... is an act of violence, which aims to damage or death of an at least in the sphere of interest of the assassin standing decision-maker and ideological (religious, political, moral)… (is motivated)'

'Under terrorism ... is … to understand … violence and acts of violence (such as kidnappings, assassinations, bombings, etc.) for…  to bring about a political order…  political change'

Was it an assassination or a terrorist attack ?
Clearly, one immediately recognizes the difference that these two concepts have in their execution.
In Paris 2 people came to the office of Charlie Hebdo and shot 12 people on their way through the building.
They called the names of those who wanted to shoot, they left on their way (except for armed police) all live, except employees of Charlie Hebdo, who, in their eyes had to die.
So it was an assassination on certain persons of a 'Satirical' magazine.
No terrorist attack on a country.

No terrorist attack on Europe.


The media to shape a Goebbelian illusory world according to the specifications of the Empire.


No False Flag ?

Sorry, False Flags are a Fact

As difficult as it is to admit, false flag operations are a disturbing fact of life.

These attacks can be loosely defined as a covert undertaking designed to deceive a population.

The attack gives the appearance it was carried out by a foreign entity (or domestic terrorists,) when in fact it was carefully orchestrated by internally-trained experts.

Something invariably goes 'boom' and the blame-game begins.

Forces are rallied and guns are leveled.

When the dust and smoke settles, a handful of mysterious people make off with a boatload of blood money.


Damning evidence is planted and sometimes even phony witnesses are conjured to further implicate the targeted group.

In such cases, the media is often complicit and will taint public opinion by choosing the right words in the headline and slanting the facts just far enough to sound fairly convincing.

People who voice opposition to a military offensive are often snubbed as non-patriotic, enemy sympathizers or worse.

Sooner or later a politician begins banging the war drums.

And just like magic, a highly developed response plan goes into effect.

Complex laws and legislation are spawned practically overnight.

Well, that's because they were written well in advance just waiting for the rightful moment.

It's magic alright.

Given an illusion of this scale, I don't believe even David Copperfield could top such an act.


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All this is by design.

Frightened citizens scream fastest after a new order for the world and then abandon their civil liberties for more security.

The goal is to stir up Islamophobia in the population and even more distracting of the serious crimes from the ranks of Zionist owned finance capital, reduce democratic rights and terms of the surveillance state, especially in the Muslim community, to further expand, deepen the divide-and-conquer, and the division of society.

'…The fundamental source of conflict in this new world will not be primarily ideological or primarily economic. The great divisions among humankind and the dominating source of conflict will be cultural.

Nation states will remain the most powerful actors in world affairs, but the principal conflicts of global politics will occur between nations and groups of different civilizations.

The clash of civilizations will dominate global politics'

- Harvard University Professor Samuel Huntington, 1993


If you listen closely and strained to the KEYWORDS system-dependent-experts of all fields of science, entertainment (keep-under) & other scum spout out, generously appropriated by the controlled media and check their vast statements; below you may find listed the most striking slogans according the number of mentions and may come to your own conclusion:




(more) police









surveillance (increase)




security forces




terrorist suspects






what do you think needs to be engraved in our minds ?


"The times we live in are so dangerous and so distorted in public perception that propaganda is no longer, as Edward Bernays called it, an 'invisible government'. It is the government"


- John Pilger im Logan Symposium, January 05 - 07, 2015 full speech



Who ordered the attack against Charlie Hebdo?

by Thierry Meyssan



Clash Of Civilizations - An Apocalyptic doctrine

by Thierry Meyssan




Promoting Islamophobia

The Main Purveyors of Islamophobia

The roots of Islamophobia in America can be traced to a small, well-funded and well-connected network of 'misinformation experts' who use Islamophobia as a tool to promote the Israeli agenda ...


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