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The Recent Paris Attacks and the Bigger Picture Tags: Paris attack 911 exercises drills new world order false flags martial law globalists

I am truly sorry for the deaths resulting from the Paris attack. That is if there were real deaths. I do not at all mean to demean any of the people who may have died. We are all equally important. However, there are several suspicious incidents that fit the earmarks of a false flag event. I also have not seen any news reports showing deaths. I've seen an CNN report showing a man covered under a yellow tarp at an airport while reporting a terrorist blew himself up. However, I did not see any blood or the actual blowing up. Don't airports have cameras covering every angle? I also saw a news clip of a cop being shot, but the resolution was bad, the cop was too small and he was blurred out (this was for the Hebdo attack). Most of the news clips are of people reporting their experience of it, but not of actual evidence. I don't have the urls for these news reports, and if anyone can find any that does show actual evidence of real death, please leave a comment of a news clip where you saw actual evidence. There might have been real deaths, but there were also crisis actors who were also seen in the recent past during other crisis's. 

Of course, false flags are not always fake disasters, sometimes the disasters are real, but are used to fulfill an agenda. Constant media coverage is usually a sign of this. Why was there NOT much coverage of the Libya, Syria, and Beirut attacks, and others? 

The news has reported instantly that ISIS was behind it and the fear of Muslims is created again (as with the 911 attacks). It has been known for a while that ISIS is the United States (and now it comes out via Putin that ISIS is funded by 40 countries). Syria, who has already been suffering horrific attacks, has also been blamed based on a passport found in Germany. Now France, thanks to propaganda, is supporting bombing Syria. It is apparent these people are not aware that when you bomb a country; you are killing children, families, babies and pets. What a sad disconnection from reality. It is imperative that the masses learn that an attack on Syria and six other countries was already planned as early as 2001 according to whistle blower, General Wesley Clark (Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years). One can say this is hearsay, but most of the seven countries Wesley Clark mentioned have been attacked since after he blew the whistle.

There have been recent events and an upcoming event that would make France an ideal place to have a false flag (whether a real attack occured or not) to create fear throughout Europe, Canada and America to justify the taking of more rights and freedoms and attacks on more peoples. Here are at least four things (that I know of at the top of my head) that would add to the idealness of choosing France as the location of a large terrorist attack: Netanyahu warns of 'grave mistake' if France recognizes Palestine, France recently rejected the TTIP, French Court Finds Monsanto Guilty of Chemical Poisoning and the upcoming COP21 Climate Conference in Paris.The COP21 Climate Conference is a meeting of over 120 world leaders and is used for creating a one world government via Agenda 21 based on  CO2 being a pollutant. Chemtrail activists were planning to attend the COP21 to try to get the truth heard about geoengineering and the global warming co2 scam. Now, France is convienently bordered off.

A new world order has been incrementally created and the COP21 and the Paris attack seem to be major large steps towards it. See for yourself what Henry Kissinger had said in 2014 regarding the New World Order: Globalist Henry Kissinger Outlines “New World Order”. 

There have been so many strange "coincidences" which I'll list below, but here is one that warrants further explanation. That is the perpetrators being identified by fallen passports. This happened with 911, the Charlie Hebdo shootings and now the Paris attacks. A passport on the ground after hundreds or thousands of deaths is not evidence. If there actually were passports found in mint condition at these scenes, the governments would have no way of knowing whethert they belonged to a perpetrator or to a victim. Here I think I must mention that governments are now only vehicles to be used by globalists most of whom are part of the Illuminati. 

In January 2012, HR4310 was written to amend the 1948 Act which made propaganda illegal and changed it to make propaganda legal through movies and other media  (see pages 326-328). Since then, false flag events (excluding 911) have come so head-spinningly fast.


Uncanny Coincidences and Earmarks of a False Flag

1. Drill for same event happening just before or during the event 911, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, Paris multi-site attack
2. Perpetrator identified by a fallen passport 911, Charlie Hebdo, Paris multi-site attack
3. Repeat crisis actor or fake victim caught Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, Aurora, Paris attack, Foley beheading
4. Rights of citizens taken away 911, Paris attack
5. Media relentlessly trying to persuade the public it is better to give up rights for safety 911, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Virginia shooting, Oregon shooting, Paris attack
6. Continuous media coverage All the above mentioned
7. The perpetrators die 911, Paris attack, a few of the shootings
8. A group is accused when the government was behind it 911, Paris attack


Accompanying videos and links:





ISIS financed from 40 countries, incl G20 members – Putin (FULL SPEECH)


Paris Attacks: Multi-site Exercise planned for morning of Nov 13,2015 



Did the French President Just Call out the Illuminati for Attacking Paris?


Bottom line: it has been made clear that the majority of the attacks have been maneuvers to manipulate the public into agreeing to losing rights and to attacking other countries (not soldiers or governments, but towns and cities). It is time to grow up and share the truth in order to disempower the globalists (who work through government) from manipulating the public. It is especially important that the enforcers of the crimes and corruption are made aware of who and what they are really supporting. The enforcers being the police and the military. 


From False Flags and Crisis Actors on Chemtrailplanet

Spain is no longer a holiday destination
Tags: Europe EU Madrid Spain Holiday Destination MuzzleLaw PoliceState Police NWO Parsifal Bilderberg

While all eyes are on Greece, Spain has officially turned into a police state.
As of July 1, entered the controversial 'muzzle law' or 'Ley Mordaza' into force, which makes any form of 'non-approved' expression punishable.
And whoever protests against this law to restrict free speech and assembly, is automatically considered a criminal and has to pay a very high penalty.
With 30.000 to 300.000 euros will be fined if you protest 'without permission'.
Add to that a penalty of 600-300.000 euros for 'disturbing public events'.
Who shows to the police 'too little respect' and does not regard them as gods in uniform, will be fined 600 to 30.000 euros.

Photographing police officers in carrying out their work if they for example just beat up demonstrators, is also strictly prohibited.
The spirit of the fascist Franco dictatorship rose again.

Parsifal, July 10, 2015
image top: To protest against the new 'muzzle law' is prohibited

The brutality of the Spanish police, I myself experienced already in 2010, when I wanted to report on the Bilderberg conference in Sitges near Barcelona.
After I had photographed several black limousines with conference participants upon arrival, I went to the bar of the nearby camping place, to have a drink.
As I stood at the bar came two plainclothes policemen in and showed their 'GeStaPo badge'.
They called me on the photos that I had made to delete.
When I refused and asked them due to which law they can force me to delete photos, I was told quite cheeky, they were the law.
Since that reasoning was not good enough for me, I refused to continue.
They then threatened me with the Anti-Terror Law, which gives them omnipotence and allowed to imprison anyone without reason and suspicion for 72 hours.
When they tried to grab me and handcuff, I bent the threat and gave in, deleted the photos in the camera.
Not all I could then restore all the photos to the time fucking expensive recovery software on my laptop.

The fascist Franco regime ruled from 1936 to 1975 in Spain.

The dictators Francisco Franco and Adolf Hitler were close friends.

Fascism has not disappeared in Spain after 1975, but was only temporary hidden behind a facade of 'democracy'.
Now the Fascism is back open, showing its devilish grimace.
It is proceeded with draconian punishments against any expression of opinion or protest against the austerity measures, which totally impoverishes people.
The new muzzle law even applies into the Internet, because in the social media there are no longer allowed 'snide remarks' about the state, or called to - or organized demonstrations against the law.

The Spanish legislators have thought of everything.
In order to effectively implement this suppression of protests, to the to be 'respected' police officers was given carte blanche, means to use as much violence against the citizens, as they may deem necessary in order to stifle 'unauthorized' demonstrations in the bud and dissolve.
The law requires the police nothing short of to behave brutally.
By the ban on photography these violent acts can no longer be recorded and published.

Madrid September 2012 Austerity Protests




Spain is therefore no longer a holiday destination.
As a tourist with a camera on the go, with which one actually would take the 'wrong images', one can be sent to jail.
The Spanish police have been freed from all constraints in their actions since July 1.
Now they can beat everyone without consequences, who the police not considered to be all-powerful gods.
The assembly ban even goes so far as Botellón are now prohibited - the traditional meeting of friends outdoors to get together and to have a drink, is punishable by 600 euros.
People have to work kindly (if they have at all a job), or otherwise to stay indoors and to keep their mouth shut.

But beats everything, who is opposing eviction, who refuses to abandon his home and does not want to end up on the street as homeless, so that the banks can confiscate the apartments or houses and to sell, will be punished 600 to 300.000 euros.
The number of evictions in Spain has increased due to the economic crisis, a record high.
Even the new mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, known for her action against forced eviction, is so liable to prosecution.
The police have become the thugs of the financial criminals and beating people out of their home.

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But not only in Spain ruled the state power completely over the top.
How unreasonable and exaggerated the police behaved, was experienced at the G7 summit in Germany and at the Bilderberg conference in Austria.
3.500 activists came to Garmisch and were 'looked after' by some 20.000 civil servants, more than in any daycare centre: five policemen for one demonstrator.
In Telfs similar, 2.100 policemen for 500 demonstrators.
Here to the intimidated population was demonstrated what state power that tolerates no rebel really means.
So much for the 'European values', which represents the EU and propagated.
Welcome to fascism !

Check out this absurd procedure of the 'vigilantes'.

Punished for nail biting………..
In the Spanish city of Salamanca, a motorist was stopped due to nail biting and punishable by 80 euros.
In the police report is justified the punishment:
'Drove the vehicle without maintaining his own freedom of movement'.
And he 'drove while he chewed his nails'.

Probably the driver was so nervous because of the many police checkpoints in Spain that he chewed nails.
He promptly was therefore stopped and punished.
A scene for a comedy.
One could laugh when it would not have become so inhuman.
Fascism pure !
Another reason not to spend vacation in Spain !

If you know someone who has planned his vacation in Spain, please warn him of the draconian punishments which he can expect from now on if he does not totally subordinate to the state power.

He should also bring enough time for the holidays as this adventure could easily extend to years and he bring enough cash with him for the fines.

California's green living delusion collapses as residents start spray painting their lawns green
Tags: California drought green lawns spray paint

(NaturalNews) California's green living delusion is collapsing by the day. As the drought worsens, and lawns everywhere have turned to crispy brown dead zones, desperate residents are hiring companies to spray paint their lawns green.

As the Daily Mail reports:

As California is mired by its fourth year of drought, one industry has sprouted up from the seemingly endless dry spell.

In an effort to brighten up dry and unsightly lawns, some landscapers have been offering the innovative solution of painting lawns green.

LawnLift... is now a leading provider of lawn paint for homeowners, hoteliers, wedding planners and others who want to change the look of their drought-stricken grass.


Just what we need: More chemicals in the shrinking water supply

With lawns now being spray painted green, California cements its newfound role as the capital of delusional green living where the "green" comes from spray paint laced with chemical pigments.

If it ever does rain again in California, all that fake green will be washed right down the drain, further contaminating the dwindling water supply with yet more chemicals... on top of all the chemotherapy drugs, antidepressants, painkillers and cocaine already found in California's water supply thanks to the mass over-medication of the population.

The LawnLift company, by the way, says its green paint product is entirely non-toxic. But I can't find any ingredients listed anywhere on its website.

The company's FAQ document, which is riddled with hilarious typos, says things like:

Lawnlift uses expensive UV protected nontoxic binders to insure [sic] the products stays green and last longer.

The Completion: [sic] Never actually binds to the grass, runs off with water application and rubs off on everything.

LawnLift says, "LawnLift is not harmful to pets that have ingested grass treated with it," but its own MSDS says its product "May cause respiratory tract, eye and skin irritation."

That same MSDS explains why the company isn't willing to tell you what's actually in it: "The composition of this material is a trade secret."

In other words, you're supposed to spray it on your lawn and have it wash down the sewers with the next rain even though they won't tell you what it contains! Somehow this is especially fitting in a state where Nancy Pelosi once claimed we should all pass Obamacare so we can someday find out what's in it.

Perhaps LawnLift really is totally safe, but we won't know until the company reveals the ingredients. The company says "Lawnlift is a naturally occurring pigmented dye that is 100% safe for the environment and 100% biodegradable where as [sic] the other guys sell and apply toxic latex paint that will choke out any chance of life and is not safe for anyone to play on!"

Then again, I've seen natural protein companies make all sorts of false and deceptive claims on their own labels, too. By default, I don't trust companies that refuse to disclose their ingredients.

The Disneyfication of Fakifornia

Spray painting lawns green is the perfect metaphor for what's happening in California at every level. It's the "Disneyfication" of the state, where everything from politics to public health policy has collapsed into a state of total theater and desperate fakery.

This is not to blame its citizens, of course, many of whom are totally fed up with their own lying government, corrupted state Senators, mindless entitlement spending and police state control over their lives. Many activist citizens of California are fighting hard to restore their state to the greatness it once celebrated, but they are thwarted at every turn by disastrously wrongheaded bureaucrats like Gov. Jerry Brown who just can't help turning the state into a real-life example of the movie Idiocracy.

Determined to further plunge the state into public health chaos, the California Senate voted today to pass SB 277 which would eliminate nearly all vaccine exemptions, thrusting the state into the role of the autism capital of America.

No doubt there's some California bureaucrat ready to sell more government debt bonds to fund an "autism jobs creation program" that would hire the new wave of autistic children to spray paint lawns green. This, of course, would be proposed as an example of the government's amazing compassion for children -- the same children the government is poisoning with toxic vaccines.

Welcome to Fakifornia, where the green lawns are fake, public education is fake, medical "science" is fake, the right of a woman's medical choice is fake, the state budget is fake, the Hollywood faces are fake, the news is fake and the factory foods sold at the grocery store are fake.

There are a lot of amazing, REAL people in California -- many of whom are my personal friends -- but even they are getting fed up with the fakery and looking for exits.

That's why I am now publicly predicting a tidal wave of medical police state refugees and drought refugees fleeing California in search of water and dignity.

California is on the verge of ecological collapse, fiscal collapse and a massive collapse of the public trust in failed government. You would all be wise to watch this from afar rather than being stuck in the middle of it when all the fakery hits the fan. If you live in Collapsifornia right now, pick up your feet and scoot!

As a friend of mine is fond of saying, "When the s#!t hits the fan, try not to be standing in front of the fan!"


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