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8 Limiting Beliefs that Plague the spiritual Community
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by Andrea Schulman,
Guest writer, In5D.com

Would you consider yourself a part of the spiritual community?

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you are probably well-aware that I am a proponent of the Law of Attraction. I know that many of my readers are spiritually-minded, kind and insightful people who care about others and who want to make the world a better place.

However, while the spiritual community is often very well-intended, at times it promotes struggle and hardship through limiting beliefs without even knowing it.

I’ve been on social media for years, and I love seeing so many spiritually-themed blog posts, memes and videos. Knowledge of spirituality and metaphysics has grown tremendously over the years.

However, not everything that glitters is gold, and not everything labeled as “spiritual” actually alleviates spiritual suffering or promotes unity, love and spiritual ascension.

Below are 8 common limiting beliefs in the spiritual community that make life harder than it needs to be. With the Law of Attraction, we create more of whatever we focus on, so focusing on the limiting beliefs below actually causes an expansion of these problems and limitations.

We live in a universe based on attraction, and we get what we believe in. When we choose to believe in the ideas below, we bind ourselves to them, and our reality reflects them in greater strength and frequency.

Common Limiting Beliefs in the Spiritual Community Today:

  1. People who have money are corrupt and/or greedy. Money erodes spirituality.
  2. You have to eat organic/gluten free/vegan in order to have a high vibration.
  3. The government is corrupt.
  4. Drugs/alcohol lower your vibration/prevent you from being “spiritual.”
  5. You must bring awareness to social problems like hunger, violence, or illness in order to find the solutions to them.
  6. Humans are destroying the planet.
  7. You need to get rid of the negative/toxic people in your life if you want to be happy.
  8. The “elites” are conspiring against the rest of us.

I know the premise of this article may be unpopular with some, and I understand why. After all, there is factual basis for these limiting beliefs. These issues and limitations do exist in our universe, and I certainly do not dispute the fact that there is evidence to support these claims.

Because these issues exist, they have been commonly debated and discussed and have ramped up a lot of momentum in the spiritual community. At the heart of these discussions are always passionate people who want to leave behind a better world for our children.

However, just because these problems and limitations exist and we want to get rid of them, our attention to them does nothing to make life easier on any of us. In fact, our attention to these issues literally makes the problems worse and the limitations more binding.

To prove my point, here are a few questions to consider:

  1. Has our attention to the problems in the government made the government less corrupt? If whistleblowing and exposing corrupt politicians was effective, wouldn’t our government be free of corruption by now?
  2. Has raging against the elite class evened the playing field at all? Have you noticed that the separation between the upper and middle class has actually widened dramatically as we’ve paid more attention to the disparity between the social classes?
  3. Have you ever noticed that what is considered “unhealthy” changes as time goes on and we can’t seem to truly pinpoint what is healthy vs. what is unhealthy? For example, in the 80s sugar was the devil, and aspartame was touted as the healthy solution. Today, though, it’s the other way around! No matter how much we figure out what is unhealthy, new nutritional “problems” keep cropping up.

In any event, you will see quickly that focusing on problems and limitations does not create lasting and effective solutions. Instead, when we focus on problems, they expand and become more commonly known and experienced.

So while many people feel they must focus on limitations and problems out of duty or responsibility, this is actually a misconception. Spreading awareness only enhances and expands limitations and problems.

Why does spreading awareness expand problems and limitations?

Well, the truth is, we live in a universe with infinite realities. There are infinite versions of this world and our life in it, some “good” and some “bad.” There is a version of the world plagued by poverty, corruption and greed, another one radiating love and light, and a version for every possible combination between the two.

We get to choose what version of the world we experience through our focus. We can choose to focus ourselves into realities where problems and limitations like these exist, or we can choose to focus ourselves into realities where these issues are relatively unheard of.

This is how the Law of Attraction works. Out of a sea of infinite outcomes, each of us gets to align with whatever outcome we are focused on through our attention and our belief.

This is why some people get cancer from smoking at a young age, and others smoke into their 80s or 90s without incident. It’s why some people can eat whatever they want and stay trim while others gain weight without eating much at all.

The truth is, there are no “rules” that apply to everyone and every situation. We get to decide which rules apply to us individually through our focus and belief.

When we insist on limitations and problems by discussing and debating them, we keep ourselves firmly rooted in a reality where we believe in them and therefore they must exist.

However, though these problems do exist in our current reality, we do not have to continue to live in a world with these issues. We always have the option to change our focus and redirect to a more wanted version of reality.

How do we redirect ourselves to a “better” version of reality?

Well, the first thing to realize is that it simply isn’t possible for us to eradicate problems and it isn’t possible for us to standardize the “right” way to live life. We live in a universe of inclusion, not exclusion.

Everything is possible and must exist in an infinite universe. The good and the bad, the popular and the unpopular, the likely and the unlikely all must exist somewhere.

It isn’t your job, or my job, or anyone else’s job to eliminate all of the problems. Additionally, it isn’t anyone’s job to define the “right” way to live or be spiritual, because these are individual choices that each of us has the ability to create in our own lives.

In other words, it’s possible to be healthy and eat junk food. It’s possible to get cancer from junk food. It’s possible to be on drugs and be very spiritual, and it’s possible to be on drugs and be extremely disconnected.

It’s possible to keep the negative people in your life and be happy, and it’s possible to be surrounded by toxic people who drag you down. It’s even possible for toxic people to change! It can go whichever way we focus it into being.

To align with the world we prefer, we just have to let go of the world we don’t prefer. We let go of the world we don’t prefer by letting go of the debates, the arguments and the discussion of all of the problems that plague humanity in the realm of the universe we would like to leave.

We don’t let go because we don’t care, or because we want to be ignorant and certainly not because it’s easier to turn a blind eye. Rather, we let go because we care and because we are enlightened to the fact that our focus aligns us to the world we live in and experience.

We let go because we want to live in a world where generosity, prosperity, health and kindness abound for everyone. We let go because we know we cannot help anyone by focusing on their problems.

Universal truths

At the end of the day, there will always be a way to negatively focus, and therefore there will always be problems when we go looking for them. There are versions of this world much worse than the one we live in, and we can focus ourselves down much further if we choose to.

However, the same is true for the opposite end: there will always be a way to positively focus, and there are versions of the world much better than this one we live in. We can reach new heights through focusing our attention into these realms.

It can always get worse, but it can also always get better.

Ascend to the next level. Release yourself from the responsibility to change things you cannot change about this corner of the universe, and instead focus yourself into into the corner you’d prefer to exist in. Allow yourself to experience what’s possible, rather than what already is.

XO, Andrea


About the author:
Andrea Schulman is a former high school psychology teacher and the creator of Raise Your Vibration Today, which provides free and easy Law of Attraction techniques. She will be available for group educational seminars and webinars starting in the summer of 2015.


Source : http://in5d.com/8-limiting-beliefs-that-plague-the-spiritual-community/

9 Essential Rules To Manifestation Techniques
Tags: Law of attraction manifesting

via Life Script Doctor,

There are all kinds of law of attraction, how to make a wish come true as well as manifestation related courses and seminars. Many of them offer powerful manifestation techniques and even wish spells that suppose to make sure that your desires will actually come true. Not many of them actually give detailed explanation of physics behind manifestation process or offer essential rules that people need to follow in order to manifest their wishes in reality.

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.” – George Bernard Shaw

Manifesting your wishes process is not very complicated, however there are certain essential rules that need to be followed. Here are 9 rules that will help you with making your wishes come true and ensure that law of attraction manifestation techniques get the results you desire.

1. Be in the Now when Making a Wish or Conducting any Manifestation Technique.

When making a wish or conducting a manifestation technique (here is an example of a very powerful how to make a wish come true manifestation technique) you need to be present in the now. You need to concentrate your energy on the present moment and direct it towards creating a hologram of your wish. You need to visualize, feel and be in the state where you have already manifested your wish. After your “wish hologram” is created in your mind in the now, all you have to do is direct your body towards actions that will give that hologram a physical form.

2. Keep your wishes to yourself. Don’t brag about your desires.

It is true when they say that silence is golden. When you speak to others about your wishes you waste the energy that was committed towards manifesting those wishes. Just talking does not do anything. You can of course discuss with others the things that would get you closer to manifesting your wish but talking about your wishes disrupts the energy-informational field and ultimately confuses the Universe about what you really want. Do you want to spend your energy on talking about your wishes or do you want to act towards achieving your goals?

3. Your wish should not be a condition for another wish.

If you are wishing for the money to buy a car, then money becomes the middleman in making your wish come true. If you want the car, then you should wish for the car and there should be an emotion behind it. You should strive for feeling good while driving the car and not for the money to buy it. There are many different ways that Universe can help you manifest your wish. Go deep in what you really want and avoid creating a middleman.

4. Your wish should be in harmony with Nature.

Be ecological when making a wish. Any wish that is directed towards destruction or harming another will eventually have negative consequences. When you intentionally wish for something bad to happen to another person, it will backfire sooner or later. Your wishes are a vital part of creating your own reality and when you deliberately wish for something mischievous, you are bringing it on yourself (or your kin). You might ask then why there are so many bad people in this world? Well, that would be a topic for another article, but in short everyone has their role to play here on Earth. The best way to treat those who you consider evil is to treat them as your teachers and as examples of what not to do. Nature keeps everything in balance, even when you might think that it is not so. It is always your choice what role you want to play in the game of life created and facilitated by Nature.

5. Your wish should be directed towards yourself.

Here is the thing, you can’t wish for someone else to do something or become someone they are not. It might work for your kids before they turn 21, but after that, everyone is an adult according to Nature. If you want to teach someone how to make a wish come true, then be the example. Become a happy person who can manifest all his or her desires. Don’t force your truth on others. Even if you succeed in convincing someone in your own truth, they will become a parasite and feed on your truth for the rest of their life. Everyone should discover their own way in life and that is why you can only wish for things that concern you and not other people.


6. When making a wish, you should treat time as energy.

Some sources say that you should have a deadline when making a wish or conducting one of the manifestation techniques, others claim that your wishes should not be bound by the concept of time. The easiest way is to treat time as energy. Every wish needs a certain amount of energy (that includes energies of different spectrum and frequency). Time is just one type of energy that is needed to manifest a wish. Complicated wishes may take longer while simple wishes can be manifested within weeks, days or even hours.

7. Follow the signs after you make a wish.

One of the very important things in manifesting your wish is to see and follow the signs after you have expressed your wish to the Universe. Many people make a wish, but then they just fail to see the signs and act in the direction the sign was showing. One has to be open to receiving abundance from the Universe and pay attention to what is happening to him or her in order to make choices that would lead to the manifestation of a wish.

8. There is no elevator to manifesting all you desires, you have to take the stairs.

Many people wish for million dollars or winning a jackpot on the next national lottery, however not many of them even wonder what happens with those who got rich really fast or got their wildest desires fulfilled immediately without any effort (see sudden wealth syndrome). In order to achieve stable and long lasting results you have to take things step by step. Quantity of your invested energy will eventually shift into the quality of your wish manifestation.

We all have our purpose and mission in life (see “How Knowing Your Cosmic Address Can Help to Realize Your Potential” to know more about the tools that can help you discover your mission in life). If you wish for something that is within your mission, you usually get it really fast and the process of manifestation is joyful. If you are wishing for something that doesn’t fall into the current goals your higher self has set for you, then manifestation process could be a real challenge. Make sure that you are true to yourself and that you have a true passion towards your wish in order to ensure its flawless manifestation.

Manifestation techniques are the tools that can help concentrate your energy in order to manifest your wishes.

And one more thing, when manifesting your wish, please keep in mind that Nature always pays in advance. When your wish is granted, enjoy it as much as you can. Those emotions you receive from winning a wish manifestation game will be the foundation of your wishes on the next frequency level of consciousness and will guide you on your road of spiritual evolution.

Watch the following short video with clips from the “How To Make a Wish Come True: Advanced Manifestation Beyond The Law of Attraction” webinar and make sure to share these rules with a friend if you agree that following them will ensure manifestation of your wish.

About the Author:
Originally from Ukraine, Dmitriy (aka Life Script Doctor) has been studying new spiritual science Infosomatics as well as other consciousness awakening fields since 2008. He continues his research and guides people on their road of self-discovery using Infosomatic energy-informational map of the higher levels of consciousness. Powerful Infosomatic self-healing visualization techniques that have been tested in practice are used to reveal causes and offer solutions to the problems with health, personal or professional life. www.lifescriptdoctor.com/




Vaccine Victory for New York City – So, Why Are Parents Being Kept in the Dark? Tags: vaccines law suit lack of transparency

By TLB Staff Writer: Christina England

Parents won a court case and overturned the ruling requiring all children six months through 59 months of age to be vaccinated with the flu vaccine in order to attend preschools, day care centers and Head Start Programs regulated by the City of New York.

Sallie 1

When the ‘unlawful proposed mandate’ was passed in New York City in 2014, requiring all young children entering day care, nursery school, pre-school, and kindergarten to be fully vaccinated with the flu vaccination, the news hit nearly every newspaper, radio show and television outlet in the US.

Not a day went by that news of this so-called medical victory was not discussed by a news reporter somewhere. Parents throughout New York City had just had all their vaccination rights snatched away from them and instead of outrage, as one would expect, there was jubilation.

One group of parents however, was less than happy about the news, because they felt that their rights had been violated. Instead of sitting back, doing nothing and accepting the inevitable, they decided to oppose the decision in the courts in regard to the yearly flu vaccine.

In an unprecedented step, they decided that enough was enough and that they would bring a lawsuit against the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene; the New York City Board of Health; and Dr. Mary Travis Bassett in her official capacity as Commissioner of the New York City Department of Mental Health and Hygiene. This was because they had pushed through a requirement that all parents wishing their children to attend pre-schools, day care centers and Head Start Programs regulated by the City of New York had to have their children fully vaccinated, including the yearly flu vaccine which was not originally included on the mandate.

Sallie 3

However, as of December 16, 2015, the flu vaccine is NO LONGER a requirement because, amazingly, at the end of a triumphant and victorious battle, the parents WON their case.

Speaking from the steps of Manhattan Supreme Court, Michelle Carol, one of the brave parents involved in the case, made the following statement to the US press:

“I just think that it is important to remember that vaccines are drugs, and just like any drug, not every vaccine is going to be right for every single child. This ruling is important because it leaves the decision about whether or not to vaccinate our smallest, youngest and most vulnerable citizens to the pediatricians and parents, which is important.”

With news on this scale, why has mainstream media not taken this story and run with it? After all, it is not every day that a battle of this magnitude is won. Why has this news not reached the parents of NYC? Sallie Elkordy, a frontrunner in this battle against mandatory vaccination, told The Liberty Beacon that many of the parents whom she has spoken to since the hearing have not been made aware that this vaccine is no longer a legal requirement. She feels that parents should be made aware of this fact as soon as possible; so that they can make an informed choice as to whether or not they should have their child vaccinated.

In his final ruling, Judge Manual J. Mendez wrote:

Vaccine RulingNotice his words, NOT LAWFUL! It was because the flu vaccine was added unlawfully, that this ruling could be overturned, making this an outright victory for the parents who support informed choice. The full ruling can be found here.

Aaron Siri, a lawyer who worked with the parents who filed the suit against the city, told The New York Times that the health department had greatly overstepped its authority:


Sallie 4a

“Parents across the city who, in consultation with their doctors, made the decision that the risks outweighed the benefits for their particular child, had that right taken away from them by 11 unelected individuals sitting in the Board of Health right across the street.”

At a news conference in Lower Manhattan, Mr. Siri said that:

“If anybody is going to take away that right, it should be the elected representatives of this state.”

Sallie Elkordy, who has been fighting this decision with parents from the onset, called the judge’s ruling a “Christmas Blessing.”Making her thoughts and feelings on the court’s decision very clear, she has spoken out across America on public access television.

Sallie 2

In public broadcasts, Ms. Elkordy thanked not only Judge Mendez for his decision on the ruling, but also the five brave parents whom she believed put their own children on the line to save other children. Not forgetting to thank attorney Aaron Siri, who was brave enough to take this case on pro-bono, she gave everyone a fitting tribute. To see her tributes and to learn more about the ruling, see the public access show below.

To offer your support please visit: Awake New York

Support Flu Shot Lawsuit: Lawsuit to Repeal NYC’s Forced Flu Shot For Tots

Sallie 5


The Liberty Beacon contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available to our readers under the provisions of “fair use” in an effort to advance a better understanding of political, economic and social issues. The material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving it for research and educational purposes. If you wish to use copyrighted material for purposes other than “fair use” you must request permission from the copyright owner.



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