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It speaks volumes and was taken in 1998.

Just 10 short years before becoming president.

Please share this photo of him holding a gun and dressed in a Black Panther uniform.




Putin is to blame for Brexit - and has won
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The propaganda against the Brexit is running in the British media at full speed and the voters for the exit from the EU are presented as a 'useful idiots' for Putin.
David Cameron has also said the result has certainly made Putin and ISIS very happy.
I beg your pardon ?
Putin and ISIS weaved together ?
Completely absurd this allegation.
The western puppet in Moscow Garry Kapsarow also had to provide his anti-Putin stance when he said the decision of the Britons to leave the EU, 'is the perfect gift for Vladimir Putin, because so the European institutions would be weakened to ward Putin's attack on the borders of Europe'
Which attack doth this man insane ?

Parsifal, June 25, 2016

The former US ambassador to Moscow, Michael McFaul, expressed his 'shock' on the Brexit and he said, 'the US and EU have lost and Putin has won!'

Of course, the referendum and a majority decision of the British to leave the EU has nothing to do with Putin and Russia.
But the dirty liars try the voters to convince remorse they were traitors to England and had Europe delivered to Russia.
The Russian government spokesman responded by saying this false claims with the words:
'As always, Russia is to blame for everything, no matter what happens in the universe'

And President Putin said to the accusations:

'It has already been constructed a conspiracy theory against Russia. A German friend of mine once told me, in his area had occurred a flood and he got the impression that I was to blame for this flood. I think it is not very decent to put Russia with any problem in connection and to make her a scarecrow'

Clear the Racism-lobe is now swinging because it is claimed by the pro-immigrant groups, the decision for the Brexit would be a sign of racism.
shaking my head
And the European Council President Donald Tusk went so far in his desperate situation to pronounce the following statement,

'... The Brexit could be not only the beginning of the EU's destruction, but also of Western political civilization in its entirety.'

Incredibly this defamation,  how vicious this anti Democrats think about the democratic vote of their sovereign.

These are the so-called 'European values', which are only included if the people do what they are told from above or otherwise, what the 'politically correct' require.

The majority of Britons now believe they are on the way out of the EU, but so easy it is not to make them safe.
They will still need to run hard battles to gain the final freedom.

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The EU apparatchiks with their licenced media and the traitorous politicians who serve the globalists will not let them go as easy.

The Euro-skeptic parties over the entire European continent gathered with the Brexit huge upswing and call with the political earthquake also for their own referenda.
Shortly after the announcement of the British result, the head of the National Front in France, Marine Le Pen, demands the so-called 'Frexit', while the Dutch right-wing populist Geert Wilders made strong for a 'Nexit'.

In Italy the leader of the Northern League, Matteo Salvini, has called the leadership of the European Union a 'Hogan's insane', which destroys jobs and treat with contempt the dignity of citizens.
And there are already voices who demand a Czexit (Czech Republic), Swexit (Sweden) and Grexit (Greece).
Anyway, the British withdrawal will have far-reaching consequences.

Interestingly the election eve up to the morning.
At 22:00 PM on Thursday the team of David Cameron has thought, they will win the 'remaining' in the EU.
The Prime Minister has taken a happy dinner with his wife and his circle of advisers constantly watched the incoming results.
Some alternated between Downing Street Number 10 and the victory celebration of the 'stayers' at the Royal Festival Hall and fro.

The mood changed however, when it became clear, Wales had chosen to opt out of EU.
At 3:00 AM an insider told Downing Street, the atmosphere in the government would be very tense.
At 4:25 AM the waiting journalists before the seat of government were told, the Brexit advocates would probably have won, but the hope of victory was still there.

Shortly thereafter has Nigel Farage, the leader of the UKIP (Independence Party), declared victory for the exit.
He began with the demand, Cameron must submit his resignation.
From 6:00 AM, it was clear that British voters had chosen to opt out of EU.

Farage then appeared as the first politician on the lawn in front of the Parliament and gave his assessment of the result of the large number of reporters and camera crews.
Cars are driven past have honked in support and the people were in joy, and Farage told the press, 'we have our country back'.
Then the MPs of all parties came and made their appearance.

What has the British most persuaded to vote for the exit from the EU ?
Was it the loss of sovereignty ?
Was it the dictates from Brussels ?
Was it the migrant tide-wave ?
The mood changed dramatically on April 22, when Obama uttered in a completely exaggerated act of hubris the threat 'you have to stay or there is nothing longer with special ratio and you stand at the back of the queue', while on detour in London to illustrate the threat.

Looks as if the British do not want to be told by other countries what they have to do.
Obama has caused exactly the opposite effect of what his intention was to intimidate the British to remain in the EU.


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THIS is the leader 'of the world' without a teleprompter
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By Parsifal

Listen to world class moron teleprompter reader in chief, war is peace medal winner Barack Hussein aka. Barry Soetero without any teleprompter who attempted an ad lib attack on Donald Trump - a rant which did not turn out as well as thought ...

The world according to Barack Hussein:






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