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Never send a boy to do a man’s job.

I fear that the USSA’s “Dear Leader” may be in way over his pay grade.

The same goes for the other, red-white-and-blue and/or “blue” creatures such as McCain, Hillary, Boehner, Pelosi, Reid, Petraeus, Wolfowitz, Cheney, the Bushes, Kerry, Slick Willie, Brennan, Powell, Rice, Rumsfeld, Breedlove, Netanyahu, et al.

This Just In — Breaking News!

As those of you who follow astrology must know, the charts in recent days have been, well, way off the charts. As my e-buddy, Robert Hitt, at astroecon.com says, there has been some of the most violent astro he has ever seen in recent days.

And yet we have not seen a huge eruption of violence on the international stage.


Why not?

The Dark Side loves violent astro like vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge topping, chopped nuts and a maraschino cherry on top. So what has given them pause?

Well, I suspect the context runs along the lines I will presently sketch for you.

Quite likely, one of the reasons we have not seen a paroxysm of conspicuous violence from the USSA/ZioNazi Axis of Evil is that very serious chess players have been just off stage, cooking up some masterful chess moves; and the ZioNAZIs and their evil Sauron ally in Mordor-on-the-Potomac have sensed a ripple in the Force. Every Neo-Sauron and ZioNAZI whisker is now nervously aquiver with apprehensive trepidation. They are advisedly wary.

To wit: for the past 10 days there was an international hue and cry over the absence of Vladimir Putin from public view.

“Oh, where, oh, where can he be?” was the cry on the international media’s lips.

Clearly, the answer is that he had removed himself from center-stage for a brief while to craftily concoct a delightfully clever geopolitical gambit that not one person in one thousand saw coming.

Oh, dear friends, it is a thing of rare and delicate beauty.

A masterful marvel. A most serendipitous ploy worthy of the grandest chess masters of them all. I am open-mouthed with admiring astonishment.

While He Was In Siberia Perfecting His Most Excellent Gambit

It all begins with an insignificant move of the smallest piece on the board: the pawn. The little pawn leverages, or hinders the movement of the larger, more powerful pieces. Indeed, the larger pieces may boldly display their prowess with extravagant feints and probes that bid fair to strike down the opponent’s queen or even threaten the king himself with check or checkmate; but at any moment the match’s outcome may be determined, even scores of moves in advance, by the seemingly insignificant, but oh, so strategic and timely deployment of an innocuous-seeming little pawn.

But Putin is no insignificant pawn. He is a prodigious player, a force to be reckoned with in his own right.

He is as slyly smooth as silk.

So he disappeared from view. He can do that, can’t he? It doesn’t matter where he was — deep beneath Yamantau Mountain in the endless miles of clandestine, subterranean corridors, meeting with his military command and plotting the Kremlin’s military response to any USSA/ZioNazi attack on the Russian homeland, or cuddling with his mistress in a cozy Siberian bungalow, or trout fishing in the Urals, or maybe he spent several uninterrupted days of spiritual contemplation in a quiet, isolated, rural Russian Orthodox Church monastery, up at dawn to chant and fast with the monks or could he have been laid up in bed with a bad back, immobilized with excruciating pain in his spine?

The point is — it doesn’t really matter much. The absence was the thing. A dramatic pause just when the mundane astro was at its most violent. A wily maneuver by a crafty geopolitical magician, whatever the cause and whatever the reasons.

The Dramatic Reappearance of Vladimir

And then he dramatically, publicly resurfaced without explanation, bashfully smiling like Alice’s Cheshire Cat, to immediately order a massive, snap, combat readiness, military drill in Russia’s vast, frozen north.



BOLE EXCLUSIVE: Became Obama a father in Switzerland ?
Tags: Obama Switzerland Ticino Father Baby Exclusive Parsifal Putin Media

The canton of Ticino and half of Switzerland is excited since it was announced the girlfriend of President Obama has a few days ago given birth to a child in a local clinic.
The happy father is therefore flown hastily to Switzerland to meet his offspring at the mother's side.

It is supposed to be a boy, what Obama is particularly pleased he has two daughters with his wife Michelle.

The marriage between the two is only as a show for American audiences.
Till the end of the term of Barack Obama in 2016, is the 'First Couple' supposed to stay together. (photo above)
Parsifal, March 14, 2015

map of Ticino
Since at least the farewell commemorative celebrations for Nelson Mandela in December 2013, the world audience realized the house blessing between Obama and Michelle is crooked.
She is still very angry because her husband got his photograph at the stadium for 'selfies' taken with the blonde Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and the two obviously fell in love.

Afterwards, the American tabloid newspapers published pictures that showed how much fun Obama and the pretty Dane had together while Michelle Obama angrily watched beside it.

The fact, Obama has a girlfriend and is unfaithful, is an open secret in Washington.
The American media is to be silent about it, since the institution of the US president must not be damaged.
There are, however, leaked photos that show Obama with his girlfriend.
Even in the White House, she goes in and out.

In order to attract no attention at home, Alice K... (31), was brought by special security measures to Switzerland, to accomplish the birth there.
According to insider information, the American couple to have reserved two rooms in the hospital.
One for the birth and the second for the bodyguards.

Beginning of the week the rooms were occupied for a few days, now are free again.
The birth took place last week.
Obama has come directly to the birth.
He has stayed with friends.

The presidential plane Air Force One landed at the US Air Force base in Ramstein, Germany, because the airfield of Lugano is too small for a 747 and then they went in a motorcade to Switzerland.

As a note, the event actually took place last week, many black limousines been spotted wearing American flag in Ticino.
Why a clinic in Ticino was selected ?
Because Obama is also chummy with a gynecologist (Mary K…) of this clinic.

According to locals, Obama's girlfriend was seen walking around with big belly in Piazza before.
Now Obama makes his deserved paternity break and therefore does not appear in public for a few days.

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This story about Obama with baby and girlfriend of him is fictitious, a complete fabrication.
I want to show how easy it is to construct a fairy tale with some believable text and fake photos.
Why ?
Because that's exactly what happened.

Namely, the biggest lies Journal of Switzerland for days reports a baby story about President Putin and his alleged girlfriend, who is said to have given birth in Ticino and he would have been present at the birth.

'Putin's Ticino-Baby - it's a girl'
Although the spokesman of President Putin denied this story and describes this as the largest newspaper duck for a long time that needs to be awarded a prize, goes the bumf further with the invented story and other media over the world have taken over.

'Information that Vladimir Putin was born a child are not right',


said Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov in the Russian edition of the magazine' Forbes'.

'It should be initiated a reward for the 'Best Media Duck'


joked the speaker.

'I plan to organize a competition for the best journalistic ducks'.

It would not matter and it is Putin's private matter if the story would be true.
For it is not a bad thing in this case if a divorced man with his girlfriend conceive a child.
It is the most natural and most human matter of the world.
We'd have to congratulate him, if it were so.

But the media in Switzerland to completely invent a story and the people believe it.
Here, the dirt sheet 'Blick' does not even get the name of the alleged girlfriend right.
On a photo the pretty lady is called Alina and on another Alinda.

Then it is claimed that 'friend' of Putin, Alina Kabaeva, would have been earlier gymnast, while she was 2004 Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics, which is a whole different sport.

It is simply a scandal, as the paid West media works today.
Suck tales about Putin out the fingers, make up out of rumors a supposedly true story that will appear in the most widely read newspaper in Switzerland.
In the same way they invent another fairy tales about what is supposedly happening in the world which believe the faithful stupid readers.

The releases from the press, radio and television can no longer be taken seriously, because most of it is either completely banal or a pack of lies !

And to belie all reports of the Western press of lying, President Putin was sick or removed from office or even dead, here's a photo of the meeting on Friday with the chairman of the Russian Constitutional Court Vyacheslav Lebedev:

Look what this crap, considered far and wide a 'serious media' in Switzerland talks rubbish:

'Dead ? Overthrown ? Traveling ?'

The dirtier the better ...

To me it seems as if the presstitutes consider President Putin the Sun King, Louis XIV, who was accompanied from the morning toilet until bedtime by the court cringers and observed.
If Putin does not appear in public only one day, is already speculation about his whereabouts and is beget a rumor.
As if he had not a right to a private life.

related in BOLE

Where is Putin? 'Missing, ill, dead, riding a weasel' - media abuzz

'... may we please give you a blowjob?'
Tags: Netanyahu USCongress America Republicans Obama Parsifal Israel MassMurderer WarCriminal Speech Iran Humor

Even the more conservative Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth recommended Netanyahu:

'Do not go to Washington!'

to deliver your speech to the US Congress.
But he did it.

Despite all the concerns, as many in Israel fear a deterioration of the relations with the United States.
He did not as usual arrange the visit with the President and thus injured an essential rule of diplomacy.
The relationship with Barack Obama is even more burdened and therefore Netanyahu was not received by the White House.

Image top: The standing ovations were longer than his speech
Parsifal, March 07, 2015

Obama does not want to see him any longer.
But with the warmongering Republicans who get their campaigning sponsored by AIPAC and other pro-Israel organizations, he is welcome and so, they have invited Netanyahu.
56 of the Democratic lawmakers with character boycotted Netanyahu's speech.
Which are now probably removed from the bribery, (cough slightly) I mean list of donations and entered on the enemies list.

It was in this speech to the US lawmakers about the election campaign that takes place in Israel, as the Zionist and mass murderer Netanyahu (Mileikowski) image  wants to be re-elected Prime Minister.
And his intention was to sabotage the agreement with The Iran on the nuclear issue.
Throughout his pungent speech, he announced only that The Iran was dangerous (for his dictatorship) but with the usual lies he nailed an enemy onto the wall, The Iran would have a nuclear bomb and wants to destroy Israel, and so forth !

The former head of the Mossad, Meir Dagan, convicted in an interview with the Israeli Channel 2 on Thursday's Netanyahu speech before Congress and called it


The ex-spy chief is a vocal critic of Netanyahu and has called on Saturday in Tel Aviv to a rally for a change of government.

I go further than Dagan and call the speech Netanyahu not 'bull-shit', but a lies tirade of a dangerous psychopath, murderer of children and women !

We remember

Gaza War 2008 - 09 Operation Cast Lead

Gaza War 2012 Operation Pillar of Defense

Gaza War 2014 Operation Protective Edge

where led the Israeli apartheid Zionesia regime with its brutal brainwashed army of occupation criminal wars against the people of Gaza, killing thousands of defenseless civilians.

But back to the show of lies by the weirdo Nutty in the US Congress.
Because the majority of infamous Republicans stood up in the hall in every other sentence from the war criminal and applauded, (what does this tell about American Foreign Policy ?) has commented the well-known American satirist Jon Stewart, in his TV show 'Daily Show', the homage to Bibi by American politicians with rude words.

'Whether Netanyahu reached his goal to sabotage the agreement with Iran or ripped a trench in the US-Israeli relations... the response to this speech was by far the longest blowjob a Jewish man has ever gotten'.

As a Jew, Stewart may say (lol). See here ...

Yes, one can only laugh over these danger alarms which Netanyahu always spits out about The Iran.
For over 25 years, he and other Zionists announced in a single year, The Iran has the bomb and they use it.
And then passed the year and the forecast did not arrive, we were tell again ... and soon The Iran will certainly have a nuclear bomb ... and again and again !
So he brazenly lies to humanity from year to year until today ... and now Netanyahu has done it again.
He is a pathological liar !

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The real reason why Netanyahu was come to Washington was to convince Americans of a war against The Iran.
Together with the Neoco(h)ns, the Israel lobby and the other belligerent hawks of war, claims Netanyahu, The Iran is building a nuclear bomb and is therefore an 'existential threat' to Israel.
Exactly the same lie we have heard from him in 2002 about Iraq at that time.
What was found in Iraq ?
Nothing !
What has become the country ?
A radioactive debris - contaminated desert (DU-ammunition), where Wahhabi cut-throats rage.
Now American soldiers are to die for Israel and the next country to be destroyed for a 'regime change'.

Here's a remix of his speech:


There is only one regime with an arsenal of nuclear weapons in the Middle East, which repeatedly threatened his neighbors and attacks ...

which is Israel !


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“The Speech for the American Reichstag” | Uri Avnery VT 3-7-15

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