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Obama: 'We have to twist arms when countries don't do what we need them to'

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U.S. President Barack Obama.(Reuters / Kevin Lamarque)

President Barack Obama has said the reality of “American leadership” at times entails “twisting the arms” of states which “don’t do what we need them to do,” and that the US relied on its military strength and other leverage to achieve its goals.

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In a broad-ranging interview with Vox, which Obama himself described as a venue "for the brainiac-nerd types," the US president both denied the efficacy of a purely “realist” foreign policy but also arguing that at times the US, which has a defense budget that exceeds the next 10 countries combined, needed to rely on its military muscle and other levers of power.

Lauding the rule-based system to emerge in the post-World War II era, Obama admitted it wasn’t perfect, but argued “the UN, the IMF, and a whole host of treaties and rules and norms that were established really helped to stabilize the world in ways that it wouldn't otherwise be.”

He argued, however, that the efficacy of this idealistic, Wilsonian, rule-based system was severely tested by the fact that “there are bad people out there who are trying to do us harm.”

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In the president’s view, the reality of those threats has compelled the US to have “the strongest military in the world.” Obama further says that “we occasionally have to twist the arms of countries that wouldn't do what we need them to do if it weren't for the various economic or diplomatic or, in some cases, military leverage that we had — if we didn't have that dose of realism, we wouldn't get anything done, either.”

'We occasionally have to twist the arms of countries that wouldn't do what we need them to do'

Obama argues that the US doesn’t have “military solutions” to all the challenges in the modern world, though he goes on to add that “we don’t have a peer” in terms of states that could attack or provoke the United States.

“The closest we have, obviously, is Russia, with its nuclear arsenal, but generally speaking they can't project the way we can around the world. China can't, either. We spend more on our military than the next 10 countries combined,” he said.

Within this context, Obama said that “disorder” stemming from “failed states” and “asymmetric threats from terrorist organizations” were the biggest challenges facing the international community today.

Obama also argued that tackling these and other problems entailed “leveraging other countries” and “other resources” whenever possible, while also recognizing that Washington is “the lead partner because we have capabilities that other folks don't have.”

'We spend more on our military than the next 10 countries combined'

This approach, he said, also led to “some burden-sharing and there's some ownership for outcomes.”

When asked about the limits of American power, Obama conceded that there were things that his administration simply cannot do in terms of power projection, but remained upbeat.

“Well, American leadership, in part, comes out of our can-do spirit. We're the largest, most powerful country on Earth. As I said previously in speeches: when problems happen, they don't call Beijing. They don't call Moscow. They call us. And we embrace that responsibility. The question, I think, is how that leadership is exercised. My administration is very aggressive and internationalist in wading in and taking on and trying to solve problems.”


U.S. President Barack Obama speaks at the United Nations meeting in New York September 25, 2014. (Reuters/Kevin Lamarque)

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks at the United Nations meeting in New York September 25, 2014. (Reuters/Kevin Lamarque)


This appeal to US leadership, which has often been couched within the notion of American exceptionalism, has regularly been questioned by Moscow.

'American leadership, in part, comes out of our can-do spirit'

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov took issue with the notion past September, following Obama’s speech before the UN in which the US president named “Russian aggression in Europe” along with the Ebola epidemic and ISIS as threats to international peace and security.

Lavrov said that Obama’s address to the UN was the “speech of a peacemaker – the way it was conceived,” but added that he had “failed to deliver, if one compares it to real facts.”

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The Russian foreign minister added that Obama had presented a worldview based on the exceptionality of the United States.

“That's the worldview of a country that has spelt out its right to use force arbitrarily regardless of the UN Security Council's resolutions or other international legal acts in its national defense doctrine,” Lavrov said.

In a September 2013 Op-Ed article in the New York Times, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the concept of American exceptionalism was a precarious one in the global arena.

"It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation," Putin wrote. "There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Their policies differ, too. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal."


Ukrainians protest against war service
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Once again a multipack article about Ukraine answering those questions you possibly would have never asked because you may still obtain your opinion (what you are supposed to believe) via the Western media.


1. In Ukraine, pro-American troops fighting
Parsifal, February 10, 2015

It's always interesting how the truth eventually finds its way through the thicket of lies.
For a year I write, Washington was behind the coup in Kiev and behind the war in Ukraine.

The Reason:
It's about the abuse of Ukraine as a tool in the war against Russia.
This fact is repeatedly denied by the politicians and the West-media, with the transparent lie that it is about democracy and Western values.

But now the following has happened:
CNN, the propaganda station of the US dictatorship, has called the Ukrainian troops as 'pro-American' (pro-US troops).
This happened when CNN reported the headline: 'Crisis in Ukraine - Obama considering arming pro-American troops'.
Aha, the so-called Ukrainian Army and the Nazi gangs of Zionist oligarchs, fight not for Ukraine, but for America.
Therefore they are called pro-American troops ! (image top)

So what is going on in Ukraine is a 'proxy war' that the United States is waging against Russia.
Therefore, it is a lie, Obama 'considered' to arm his useful idiots.
Since there is nothing to think about.
Washington already provides long arms and fighters to the coup regime.
Only, from the anti-fascists in Donbass they are getting the crushing defeat, losing the battle.

So it is not about a first time armament, this impression they just want us to convey, but a massive expansion of already existing weapons.
Because of the defeat of the pro-American troops in this war by proxy, Merkel was sent by Obama as obedient lap dog to Moscow.
On his behalf Merkel, has asked President Putin to withhold the successful separatists.

In the cauldron of Debalcevo are trapped not only 9.000 Ukrainian soldiers and henchmen of  the Nazi Azov Battalions, but also 1.500 members of the 'NATO Foreign Legion', including military advisers in higher military rank of the US, France and Germany.
Therefore, Merkel and Hollande have traveled to Moscow.

The so-called 'peace efforts' of the West and the meeting between Poroshenko Merkel, Hollande and Putin but instead take only place because the West is losing the instigated war.
Quite embarrassing would be if brought before running TV cameras the NATO officers as prisoners of the homeland defending anti Nazi fighters.

But really does lose the terrible suffering the Ukrainian population, especially in the east of the country.
Over 1 million civilians had to flee from their homes and may have been 50.000 killed or injured.
All because of the imperialist policy of expansion of the criminal regime in Washington.


2. Ukrainians protest against mandatory war service

Military commissioners now proceed against conscientious objectors in Ukraine and against the people who speak out against the war.

That is why the military have thought it would be a good idea to hold rallies in the villages that have been boycotting the forced recruitment.

Intention is to motivate the population with carrots and sticks, to submit to the compulsory military service.

The commissioners have asked the local authorities to prepare sound equipment and appeared with some activists to support who were in favor of the convocation.

But then something quite different happened.

In the resort Velikaya Znamenka Zaporizhia Oblast the women took over the microphone and expressed very clearly the feelings of the people, as may be seen in the following video.

Parsifal, February 11, 2015

At the beginning the military commissar speaks his pathetic words:


'At the moment, the soldiers of the Ukraine Armed Forces, are carrying out their duties in East Ukraine

in the service of the integrity of our Ukrainian lands and our state...


sarcastic heckle


- 'Yeah, right!'


'We want Ukraine to be one whole, from East to West, we have one Ukrainian nation

But... In March... Illegally...

The Autonomous Republic of Crimea was taken from us by force!

For some reason, it is now part of the Russian Federation!'


There is shouting:


'Why didn't you do anything back then?' and 'This is bullshit!'


'You are saying Crimea was taken by force? It left without a single shot fired! It's Russian land and they took it back!

Donetsk and Lugansk did not want to obey your junta which usurped power illegally!

Now it turns out we're all 'separatists', 'criminals' and we have to go fight Donetsk?

You're the illegitimate junta! You're the separatists!

We talk Russian, Donetsk talks Russian! You had no right to take our language from us! We don't make you talk in Russian!




'What do you mean by us?'


- Woman, who retakes the microphone and says:


'You, Poroshenko and all!

You started it when you talked about banning Russian language, killing Muscovites, killing separatists!

If we support Russian people then we are bad, then we are traitors! What right do you have to take our rights from us?

You call us separatists, and then you tell us we have to go kill people in Donetsk and Lugansk!

Because they want to live in their own land? If they want to - let them! Why should our men go and kill them!

That's what you keep saying! That we have to go kill them!

Your Ukrainian junta - Poroshenko, Yatsenuk - keep spouting that drivel, we're sick of it!

We won't listen to it anymore! Our children aren't going anywhere, our husbands aren't going anywhere!

They have all served already! They don't own you anything! We won't believe you anymore, you speak nothing but lies!'

Another woman - 'I can speak for the whole district, no one in the district will go to war, any volunteers that wanted have already gone'.

And we will stay here at home!'


Then the first woman continues:


'We want to build Ukraine, quit destroying it, quit bringing it to its knees,

Poroshenko should go to the Minsk peace talks! Then there will be peace!

Who needs this war? You need it? You go fight, we don't need it!

We want to raise children and grandchildren and build Ukraine!

We want to work here! Why did you come to take all our men?


The crowd -


'They won't bring our men back'


An other woman:


'You say there are enemies there? You go fight them, we have no enemies there! There are our people there, best friends and family!

Why do you conscript people? If someone wants to volunteer - let them go fight, I don't know for what cause;

We're tired of listening to the poison on TV!

How much longer should we endure those propaganda lies? Do you think we're all idiots here?

You think people are sheep, you can lie to us and scare us and we'll do what we're told?

No! We're tired of it! We will also defend ourselves!


The crowd -


'Well said!

All of us together, then we'll be strong!'


First woman:


'Quit ruining our families, our human lives! That's enough!

Look at Donetsk, what's going on there - poor people are hiding in cellars, hungry.

And Russia sends them humanitarian aid! Did Kiev send them any food? Did it send them anything at all!

They're sitting there without electricity, heating, food - why are they suffering? What for!

They lived there their whole lives, built the place! Have you built anything at all there, in the 23 years of 'independence'?

You can only destroy! Show us something you've built! You build only banks!

I build, I don't destroy anything, only build! We work, till the soil grow crops!

And you from [Kiev government] are always trying to cheat us and take our money!

What right do you have to take our money for this war?

We're against the war!


The crowd:


'Well said!'


An other woman:


'You have completely taken all our rights we have no right to speak! And we are against joining EU, against NATO!

We want to live as one nation! We want to be friends with Russia! And we were always friends with Russia!

We grow tomatoes here - you think we gonna sell them to America?

We want to live as neighbors with Russia like we always did - in peace in friendship!'


Ukraine - people protest against war service



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What do you think ?

What you need to know - First:

How is it that there is mobilization, if Ukraine is not at war ?

Consider the whole thing actually illegal, not that the 'eurodemocratic' government gives a damn about laws.


You can see the rally is being administered by the pro-Kiev mayor and cinema/theater official (in charge of the sound system).

They also happen to be the only two pro-government locals in the entire crowd.

So we can clearly see no 'Russian spies' (or, as called by the West-media 'terrorists') set the rally up, but rather pro-Kiev officials.


the video 'has been gone' from utube: WHY !


http://lostarmour.info/ lists over 900 burned of captured government armored vehicles that are only the ones caught on film.

The failing Ukrainian state apparatus can no longer exert complete control outside of major cities.

One of the most extreme recent cases was in a small town near Odessa, where hundreds of enraged locals surrounded the soldiers, took away their rifles, and burned the conscription papers; Mothers asking when will they see their sons that were supposed to be back 7 months ago…


I really mean these speeches of courageous women and their very explicit terms about how people in Ukraine feel and think should listen all Western politicians very loud and should be sent on all TV channels, so that the truth finally comes to light.


The population of the Ukraine, and we in the West are constantly being lied to by the media for the worst, there are construed enemy stereotypes and so we rushed in a war.

(the national currency now costs one-third of what it did a year ago, under 'bad' Yanukovich, which now makes Ukrainians by far the poorest people in Europe).

Only the criminals in power in the West and in Kiev necessarily want a war with the Eastern Ukraine and Russia, but not the ordinary people in the Ukraine, Russia, and not we !


Just as these women open their mouths and say aloud the truth, we should do the same.

What do you want to reply later if you are asked the question:

'You saw it coming - a war justified with lies ... what have you done about it?'

related in BOLE

1 million Ukrainian conscripts have fled

The world is facing a great war ~ Petition

1 million Ukrainian conscripts have fled
Tags: Conscripts Ukraine Flight Million Donbass Russia Poroshenko Yatsenyuk War Civilians Parsifal Obama US

I wrote several times about the sorry state of the Ukrainian army conscripted soldiers fight demoralized and without motivation against their own people in eastern Ukraine.

I also showed how serially is deserted and gone over to the so-called separatists or to Russia.

The war graves I have also shown.

This time it's about conscripts who scoot, for obvious reasons (image above)

For what these young men have fallen ?

For a Nazi gang ?

For NATO warmongers ?

Parsifal, February 2, 2015

Now, the war criminal Poroshenko has ordered the levy of 100.000 new recruits to launch an offensive against Donbass, once the winter is over.

However, the recruitment agencies are empty and when the military police knocking on the doors, then the wanted men are gone.

Now are available the exact numbers of how many conscripts 'duck-out' the war service.


After the Verkhovnaya Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) has named Russia as the aggressor, the 4th wave of mobilization was proclaimed by the coup regime in Kiev.

All men aged 20 to 64 should report to be drafted.

Only, most have disappeared.

Where to ?

Ironically, to the alleged enemy !


More than 1 million male citizens of Ukraine have fled to areas of the Russian Federation.

These data do not come from Moscow but was announced by the founder of the sociological research company Research & Branding Group, Yevgeny Kopatko, at a press conference in Kiev on January 31, 2015.

'According to the Federal Migration Service are 2 million 430 thousand citizens of Ukraine now in Russia, including 1 million 172 thousand men in the military age',


Kopatko announced.


He also dared to say:


In Russia, there is more freedom of speech on TV than we have



A friend of mine in Switzerland is Ukrainian and she told me that her brother (37), who has a wife and children, trying desperately to evade military service.

Although he was a year ago pro Euromaidan, he is now disillusioned and does not want to die or kill his countrymen in the East for the Poroshenko dictatorship.


The problem, however, when the men want to submerge across the border in a neighboring country while looking for work, they are either rejected by the Ukrainian border guards or immediately carried by the military police to the next barracks.


So that the men remain, they are lured additionally to the threat of imprisonment with money.

Poroshenko said in Ukrainian TV, every soldier gets 1.000 hryvnia per day to pay, equivalent to about 50 US dollars.

For comparison, I know a kindergarten teacher in a small Ukrainian town with a salary of 1.600 hryvnia a month and a teacher with 2.000 hryvnia.

The pension is ridiculous: 1.200 hryvnia per month.

Survival this tiny income was previously not given and now even less, because all prices such as electricity, water and heating for food (if any) have increased dramatically, have more than tripled.

Therefore, 1.000 hryvnia per day for soldiers is much, but still they do not go to war.

Why ?

Because for what they use the money when they are dead, and these are anyway empty promises of Poroshenko.

From what the Ukrainian government to pay USD 1.500 per month per soldier ?

Ukraine is completely bankrupt !


Report Russian agencies, there are over 3 million Ukrainians who came to Russia.

Most of them live with friends or relatives.

Then there are the 2.5 million inhabitants of the Crimea, which have opted for Russia, and 3 to 4 million residents in Donbass, who sympathize with Moscow and not wanting to be governed by the Nazis in Kiev.


No matter what positive lies the Western media tells us about the situation in Ukraine, how much the people would support the government of 'Yat the Rat' (Yatsenyuk) and find great the wonderful social changes the West enforces with coercion, the vote at the ballot box in the Crimea and in Donbass, as well as with their feet by fleeing says something completely different.


If the majority of Ukrainians really see Russia as an enemy and threat, namely that Moscow should be so aggressive and evil - we are constantly told, why do they flee in millions of all things to alleged enemy ?

Why men do not stay in the country and defend it ?

There is no need for an answer because the Western media propaganda again gives us a false picture.

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I hope that after watching these real pictures (exclusively for the BOLE) there is no more great desire to go to war:

Embattled East Ukrain Village Nikishin Today (retaken by the Ukrainian Anti Nazi Freedom Fighters, connivingly called in the media 'pro-Russians' or 'rebels' or 'terrorists')



Those still in doubt, who really started the Euromaidan in Kiev (and so the downfall of the country with the intention to weaken Russia as a prelude for sound international war) may watch the footage below.

1. video Fucktoria Nudelland (and here U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs) : 'Fuck the EU'

and 2. NEW: Obama admits US involvement in the Ukraine coup

The truth slips criminals out sometime.

In an interview with CNN's media hooker Fareed Zakaria, Obama has confirmed, the United States has the transition of power (coup) in February 2014 threaded in the Ukraine:

and carried on:

'Putin made the decision in relation to the Crimea, not out of a great strategy, but simply because he was surprised by the protests of the Maidan and the flight of Yanukovych [toppled President of Ukraine], after we brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine'

- Barack Obama in a CNN interview about the Russian-American relations, air date February 1, 2015.


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