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US military setting up in Europe for war
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Everyone who only somewhat acquaints oneself recognizes, the US regime and its NATO lackeys totally invent a so-called threat which would emanate from Russia against Western Europe.

The purpose of this permanent lying and scaremongering is to justify the military build-up in eastern Europe and the stationing of weapons and soldiers on the Russian border.
This was confirmed by Bruce Gagnon, son of a professional soldier who himself served the Air Force in 1971 in the US, but then because of the Vietnam War became a war opponent.

'Today, there is no danger from Russia, NATO is exaggerating a Russian threat',


he said the other day as chairman of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space'.
Parsifal, June 22, 2015
image top: clearly a provocation: Russia is getting closer to US military bases

As with all issues, the reality is turned upside down and with the controlled media lied like crazy, portrayed the West as the good and all the others as evil.
In reality, the United States, NATO and the so-called West are the only aggressors and threaten Russia ... and China, The Iran and any other country that does not submit to the dictates of the Western Multinational's dictatorship.
These warmongers-hawks pretend peace, yet they only brew extortion, conquest and war.

How many countries have covered with war China, the Russian Federation, or The Iran ?
None !
Zero, nada, nothing.
Conversely, the list of countries against the Americans or British fought wars is very very long.
With a few exceptions, almost all have been attacked already in the last 100 years.
Whether in Latin America, Africa, Asia or Europe, the rogue Anglo-American Empire has repeatedly slammed military.

Why has the so-called defense alliance NATO fought a war for 13 years in Afghanistan ?
Has Afghanistan attacked a NATO member ?
The German government has not only lied, but also broke the Basic Law (the German Constitution), in which it has claimed, 'Germany is defended in the Hindu Kush'.
Ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schröder has even admitted he has violated International Law when he ordered the army to wage a bombing campaign against Serbia.

'There we sent our planes to Serbia and bombed together with NATO a sovereign state - without that there was a Security Council decision'.

Who bombed Libya into the Stone Age and brought extremists and terrorists to the helm ?
Who created the Al-Qaeda and the ISIS FIRST ?

The NATO countries have against international law a European country bombed for 80 days, with the aim of breaking up the Balkans and conquer.
After the invasion of NATO troops in Kosovo in June 1999, the US military base Camp Bondsteel was built in Ferizaj.

The base serves as a 'black site' with a prison camp, where people are tortured and kidnapped to.
The Human Rights Commissioner of the Council of Europe, Álvaro Gil-Robles, spoke after an inspection in 2002 of 'shocking conditions' in the camp.

But the Americans are indeed the good guys, we are constantly told !

And who caused the huge wave of refugees sweeping Europe, because we have the people in the Middle East and North Africa destroyed the homeland and the livelihoods ?
Yes who, well ?
The American war machine !

Who bombed at this moment strategic and logistic governmental goals in Syria and Iraq (and NOT the IS ) ?
The American Air Force.
Who commanded the war from the air with killer drones to Pakistan and Yemen ?
The Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama.
Who is constantly pulling up with aircraft carriers and warships off the coast of The Iran and China on provocative way ?
The US Navy.
Who ever enters the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea again and again with its Navy and holds maneuvers offshore Russia ?

It is ignored the by the West staged coup in Kiev, the violent overthrow of the democratic elected government, and acted as if Russia has caused the crisis in Ukraine.
The inhabitants of the Crimea fought only with their referendum against the takeover by the Nazis and understandably reconnected to the Russian Federation.
This expression of the popular will but is completely twisted, wrongly as portrayed as forcible annexation and used as a pretext for sanctions against Russia.

ALL Western governments exclusively consist only of dirty liars and warmongers.

From several sides I am daily informed by witnesses, as they observe the transports of American arms to Germany and then on to Eastern Europe.
On June 6, an armored transport rolled on track through Mannheim, with aim Coleman Barracks.
On May 4, 2015, the re-occupation of the site began with the units '16th Sustainment Brigade' and '21th Theater Sustainment Command', equipped with M1 Abrams and M2 Bradley tanks.

US battle tanks and infantry combat vehicles to be brought to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, and probably Hungary, photographed in Germany
A logistics expert informed me he had just returned from the States with a mission to transport thousands of US troops and heavy equipment in the coming months from the USA to Germany.
There is a massive American armament in Europe.
This was confirmed by the US Secretary of War Ashton Carter when he visited Berlin on Monday, Washington will deploy heavy military equipment in Eastern Europe.

The goal is 'the resilience of the alliance and in particular to increase by allies on their edges' Carter said.

'We will oppose Russia, when it tries to gain a sphere of influence as in the Soviet period',


Carter said, referring to the Ukraine crisis.
What doth this weirdo ?
Moscow has no interest in a territorial takeover of Ukraine.
The civil war has instigated the West, total chaos, the West presented and the bottomless pit to kindly fill the West with money.
It is yet again reversed.
The West has expanded its sphere of influence over Ukraine.
The regime in Kiev is still following orders from Washington.

If Moscow really wanted to snare Ukraine it would have done that a long time.

What's going on in the Ukraine a civil war by the fascists against antifascists, as in the Spanish Civil War in the 1930's.
The population of Donbass like in the Crimea will not be ruled by Nazis and defend themselves against the attacks of mercenary troops of the oligarchy and the army of the coup regime.
Which is anyway falling apart, because the young Ukrainian men deserting en masse TO RUSSIA, or cop out from obligatory military service.
Who is so stupid and shoot at their own people and wants to die for the chocolate-President ?

Who has created a so-called rapid reaction force a new ?
This 'spearhead' has recently completed in Poland its first major maneuvers.
2.100 soldiers from Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Poland demonstrated together with forces from the Czech Republic and Belgium on the parade grounds in Sagan their joint combat capability as companies and battalions.
Against whom this force is directed ?
Against Russia, of course.
A 'spearhead' is meant not a defensive weapon, but for attack.

Ashton Carter displaced Chuck Hagel in February 2015 as head of the Pentagon, who had after less than two years in office to pressure from Obama declared his resignation in November 2014.

Why ?
Because Hagel did not want to support the war policy against Russia.
Carter is the fourth Pentagon chief since Obama took office in January 2009, linked to General Philip Breedlove, Supreme Allied Commander Europe, and Frederick Hodges, commanding general of the United States Army Europe, plus NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, to these people who unconditionally want a war with Russia.

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People in Europe should at last understand, Russia is portrayed as an enemy image and demonized, because these war hawks want a war on European soil and not because Russia would be a threat.
The system in the West is completely broken and on collapse, so mean the psychopaths in power, only a war-like state or a real war can yet save the imploding empire.
History shows what regimes make when they see no loophole.
They do prefer war to distract, rather than being confronted with the harsh consequences of their mismanagement.

Therefore my message to all the soldiers of NATO:
Do not believe the lies that it is about defense and therefore you have to sacrifice your life.
Remember what Henry Kissinger said about you:

'Military Personnel are dumb stupid animals, used as pawns for foreign policy!'

He said that during the Vietnam War at that time Pentagon chief Alexander Haig, as in the book 'The Final Days' by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in Chapter 14 page 194 in 1995 published as a quotation.

Here the press conference by NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg on the 'spearhead', which is directed against Russia.
Listen carefully to what he says, even over Ukraine and Afghanistan.
Who elected these lunatics at all ?
What is their legitimacy ?
Memorize his face so that he can be arrested on occasion and brought before a future war crimes tribunal:

NATO: 'Spearhead Force' Ready to Battle Russia


Russia has better things to do than start WW3 (OP-ED) Tags: Canada EU G7 Obama Politics Putin Russia Security USA Ukraine

Russia has better things to do than start WW3 (OP-ED)

Bryan MacDonald is an Irish writer and commentator focusing on Russia and its hinterlands and international geo-politics. Follow him on Facebook

RT Published time: June 08, 2015 05:17  ShortURL


Leaders from the Group of Seven (G7) industrial nations hold a working dinner in the Bavarian village of Kruen, Germany June 7, 2015. (Reuters/Stephen Crowley)

Vladimir Putin said this weekend that “Russia would attack NATO only in a mad person’s dream.” Unfortunately, there are a lot of mad people working in western politics and media.

If the G7 were based on GDP, adjusted for purchasing power, it would be comprised of the USA, China, India, Japan, Russia, Germany and Brazil. Such a lineup would have remarkable clout. Members would boast 53% of the globe’s entire GDP and the planet’s 3 genuine military superpowers would be represented.

The problem for Washington is that this putative G7 might actually be a forum for a real debate about the world order.

Instead of a real G7, we have a farce. An American dominated talking shop where the US President allows ‘friendly’ foreign leaders to tickle his belly for a couple of days. There is no dissent. Washington’s dominance goes unquestioned and everyone has a jolly time. Especially since they kicked out Russia last year – Vladimir Putin was the only guest who challenged the consensus.

However, the problem is that this ‘convenient’ G7 is way past its sell-by-date. The days when its members could claim to rule the world economically are as distant as the era of Grunge and Britpop. Today, the G7 can claim a mere 32% of the global GDP pie. Instead of heavyweights like China and India, we have middling nations such as Canada and Italy, the latter an economic basket case. Canada’s GDP is barely more than that of crisis-ridden Spain and below that of Mexico and Indonesia.

Yet, the Prime Minister of this relative non-entity, Stephen Harper, was strutting around Bavaria all weekend with the confidence of a man who believed his opinion mattered a great deal. Of course, Harper won’t pressure Obama. Rather, he prefers to – metaphorically – kiss the ring and croon from the same hymn sheet as his southern master.

NATO and the G7 – 2 sides of 1 coin?

There was lots of talk of “Russian aggression” at the G7. This was hardly a surprise given that 6 of the 7 are also members of NATO, another body at which they can tug Washington’s forelock with gay abandon. Obama was at it, David Cameron parroted his guru’s feelings and Harper was effectively calling for regime change in Russia. It apparently never occurred to the trio that resolving their issues with Russia might be easier if Putin had been in Bavaria? The knee-jerk reaction to remove Russia from the club was hardly conducive to dialogue.

Meanwhile, Matteo Renzi stayed fairly quiet. It has been widely reported that the Italian Prime Minister privately opposes the EU’s anti-Russia sanctions due to the effects on Italy’s struggling economy. Also, Renzi’s next task after the G7 summit is to welcome Putin to Rome.

With that visit in mind, Putin gave an interview to Italy’s Il Corriere della Sera where he essentially answered the questions that Obama, Cameron and Harper could have asked him if they hadn’t thrown their toys out of the pram and excluded Russia from the old G8. Putin stressed that one should not take the ongoing “Russian aggression” scaremongering in the West seriously, as a global military conflict is unimaginable in the modern world. The Russian President also, fairly bluntly, stated that “we have better things to be doing” (than starting World War 3).

Putin also touched on a point many rational commentators have continuously made. “Certain countries could be deliberately nurturing such fears,” he added, saying that hypothetically the US could need an external threat to maintain its leadership in the Atlantic community. “Iran is clearly not very scary or big enough” for this, Putin noted with irony.

A world of ‘goodies’ and ‘baddies’

For Washington to maintain its huge military spending, it has to keep its citizens in a state of high alarm. Otherwise, they might insist that some of the armed forces’ cash is diverted to more productive things like hospitals and schools. These services, of course, are not very profitable for weapons manufacturers or useful for newspaper and TV editors looking for an intimidating narrative.

Following the collapse of the USSR, Russia was too weak and troubled to be a plausible enemy. Aside from its nuclear arsenal – the deployment of which would only mean mutual destruction – the bear’s humbled military was not a credible threat. Instead, the focus of warmonger’s venom shifted to the Middle East and the Balkans, where Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, Slobodan Milosevic and Osama Bin Laden kept the general public’s attention occupied for roughly a decade and a half. However, they are now all dead and pro-war propaganda needs a new bad guy to play the Joker to America’s Batman.

Kim Jong-un looked promising for a while. Nevertheless, the problem here is that North Korea is too unpredictable and could very feasibly retaliate to provocations. Such a reaction could lead to a nuclear attack on Seoul, for instance, or draw Washington into a conflict with China. Even for neocons, this is too risky. Another candidate was Syria’s Basher Al-Assad. Unfortunately, for the sabre rattlers, just as they imagined they had Damascus in their sights, Putin kyboshed their plan. This made Putin the devil as far as neocons are concerned and they duly trained their guns in his direction.

Russia – a Middle East/North Africa battleground?

In the media, it is noticeable how many neocon hacks have suddenly metamorphosed from Syria ‘experts’ into Russia analysts in the past 2 years. Panda’s Mark Ames (formerly of Moscow’s eXILE) highlighted this strange phenomenon in an excellent recent piece. Ames focused on the strange case of Michael Weiss, a New York activist who edits the anti-Russia Interpreter magazine (which is actually a blog). The Interpreter is allegedly controlled by Mikhail Khodorkovsky and a shadowy foundation called Herzen (not the original Amsterdam-based Herzen) of which no information is publicly available.

Weiss was a long-time Middle East analyst, who promoted US intervention to oust Assad. Suddenly, shortly before the initial Maidan disturbances in Kiev, he re-invented himself as a Russia and Ukraine ‘expert,’ appearing all over the US media (from CNN to Politico and The Daily Beast) to deliver his ‘wisdom.’ This is despite the fact that he appears to know very little about Russia and has never lived there. The managing editor of The Interpreter is a gentleman named James Miller, who uses the Twitter handle @millerMENA (MENA means Middle East, North Africa). Having been to both, I can assure you that Russia and North Africa have very little in common.

Weiss and Miller are by no means unusual. Pro-War, neocon activists have made Russia their bete noir since their Syria dreams were strangled in infancy. While most are harmless enough, this pair wields considerable influence in the US media. Naturally, this is dressed up as concern for Ukraine. In reality, they care about Ukraine to about the same extent that a carnivore worries about hurting the feelings of his dinner.

Russia’s military policy is “not global, offensive, or aggressive,” Putin stressed, adding that Russia has “virtually no bases abroad,” and the few that do exist are remnants of its Soviet past. Meanwhile, it would take only 17 minutes for missiles launched from US submarines on permanent alert off Norway’s coast to reach Moscow, Putin said, noting that this fact is somehow not labeled as “aggression” in the media.

Decline of the Balts

Another ongoing problem is the Baltic States. These 3 countries have been unmitigated disasters since independence, shedding people at alarming rates. Estonia’s population has fallen by 16% in the past 25 years, Latvia’s by 25% and Lithuania’s by an astonishing 32%. Political leaders in these nations use the imaginary ‘Russian threat’ as a means to distract from their own economic failings and corruption. They constantly badger America for military support which further antagonizes the Kremlin, which in turn perceives that NATO is increasing its presence on Russia’s western border. This is the same frontier from which both Napoleon and Hitler invaded and Russians are, understandably, paranoid about it.

The simple fact is that Russia has no need for the Baltic States. Also, even if Moscow did harbor dreams of invading them, the cost of subduing them would be too great. As Russia and the US learned in Afghanistan and America in Iraq also, in the 21st century it is more-or-less impossible to occupy a population who don’t want to be occupied. The notion that Russia would sacrifice its hard-won economic and social progress to invade Kaunas is, frankly, absurd.

The reunification of Crimea with Russia is often used as a ‘sign’ that the Kremlin wishes to restore the Soviet/Tsarist Empire. This is nonsense. The vast majority of Crimean people wished to return to Russia and revoke Nikita Khrushchev’s harebrained transfer of the territory to Ukraine. Not even the craziest Russian nationalist believes that most denizens of Riga or Tallinn wish to become Russian citizens.

Putin recalled that it was French President Charles de Gaulle who first voiced the need to establish a “common economic space stretching from Lisbon to Vladivostok.” As NATO doubles down on its campaign against Moscow, that dream has never looked as far off.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.


Syria is coming to an end
Tags: Syria End War Assad Obama Netanyahu US Israel Saudi Turkey Zionist NATO

It does not look good in Damascus.
Last Tuesday, two mortar shells fell and exploded on the premises of the Russian Embassy.

'One fell near the main entrance and the other hit an administration building',


reported Asiya Turuchiyeva, the spokeswoman for the embassy.

Already days before landed grenades near the Russian Embassy.
One person was killed and three wounded all of them Syrians.
In January already hit a grenade the roof of the consulate building.
The Syrian authorities promised to strengthen the security of the Russian Embassy, ​​but the Assad government can not even liberate the outskirts of the capital city of the terrorists, from where the shells are fired.
Then the government in Damascus has lost the provincial capital of Idlib and the Syrian military failed in Aleppo and Dara'a.
Parsifal, May 22, 2015

ISIS conquered the historic city of Palmyra
The assault rifle in the terrorists hand is a M16 'Made in USA'

After the capture of Palmyra 26 civilians were executed by the ISIS

Then the terrorists went to the destruction of the millennia-old art treasures

Currently the terrorists of ISIS could conquer Palmyra what a severe body blow.
Half Syria is under the control of one or another terrorist group Al-Nusra, or ISIS.

The government has no way to replenish the losses in the armed forces let alone to strengthen and launch new offensives.

The civilian population and the military are demoralized, even though they are further behind Dr. Assad.
But the ongoing war of attrition in four years has greatly weakened the country's resources and the willpower of the people.
The country is surrounded on all sides by enemies, which support terrorist groups, constantly passing new fighters and weapons across the borders.
It surprises me anyway, as long as the Assad government has persevered, demonstrating the support of the population.
But now it's probably because economically and militarily worn out, to an end.

On last Monday has Judicial Watch - a group that monitors the US government - released a number of confidential documents whose delivery it has fought against the US Department of Defense and the US State Department by a court ruling.
A document of the Defense Intelligence Agency from 2012 shows an 'Islamic State' is intended for eastern Syria to enforce Western policy in the region.

it says:

'The West, the Gulf states and Turkey to support the Syrian opposition ... it is possible, in eastern Syria to build a declared or undeclared Salafist Principality (Hasakah and Der Zor), and that's exactly what the supportive powers of the opposition want to, to isolate the Syrian regime'.

The document or here

would prove as early as 2012, the US Secret Service announced the advent of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS), but has not declared the group as hostile, but (in the contrary) recommended the terrorists as a strategic tool for US foreign policy.
This confirms what I wrote from the first appearance of the ISIS in Syria, it is a set up by the neighboring countries and the United States, a funded and armed terrorist organization.
The actions of the Gulf States and the US against ISIS with air strikes is a show, or helps terrorists.
In fact, they are strongly supported, to overthrow the Assad government and the government in Baghdad, both friendly towards the Shiites (Iran).
Therefore, the ISIS in Iraq and Syria scored a territorial gain after another.


President Assad Interview with Charlie Rose-CBS-news| 26 Mar 2015

'This is part of the malicious propaganda against Syria',

Dr. Assad said during an interview with Charlie Rose.


The question is therefore how will the only supporters of Assad react ?
What are Russia and The Iran about to do ?
There are only two possibilities.
Either drop Syria and admit defeat, leave Syria to the cut-throats, with all the cruel consequences for the population, including mass killings and destruction of ancient cultural monuments.

The origin of Christianity is then flattened and all the 'infidels' slaughtered.
Or will they have to intervene militarily themselves, send their own soldiers, which is almost unthinkable.
As it is now it can't go on.

Although Russia and The Iran intensified the weapons supply, there, is a lack of the number of Syrian troops (and motivation) which can use these weapons.
It would then take place only a delayed defeat.
That's how it looks.

What can also happen, Russia and The Iran will demand concessions from Washington for dropping Assad.
Moscow what the Ukraine - and Tehran as regards Iraq, plus respectively the lifting of Western sanctions.

Finally, their own interests and spheres of influence having priority.
That would explain the current approach of the US regime to both.
Perhaps the supporters come to the conclusion Assad is no longer tenable, so one makes the best of it.
Anyway, I see only that Assad has lost and will not survive 2015.
The enemies of Syria are too powerful and his friends have been too hesitant from the start.
Russia and The Iran would have to draw a red line and a lot more assertive against the enemies.
But for that it is probably too late.
Diplomacy is good, but the criminals in Washington understand only one language, military strength and own losses.

Damascus 2010, one year before the Ziosphere initiated the destabilization of the secular country
Yes, another Arab country will probably fall into the hands of the radical Islamic extremists which serve as useful idiots for the Zionist goal of Erez Israel, The Yinon Plan for the Greater Israel and end up as a failed state, like Iraq or Libya.
So, that's what the neighboring countries, the EU and the real axis of evil, the Ziosphere: Israel, United States and the Gulf-States with their NATO-satellite-cling-on-states wanted, destroy and annihilate.
Syria will soon no longer exist, but then divided among the supporters of terror and genocide.
Especially Turkey and Israel will first incorporate Syrian territory near the border, founded as a 'buffer zone', and get the Kurds and the Islamic State their share.

The abundant natural resources are - as usual plundered and the oil is either - as now, by the ISIS transported to Turkey - or the oil-producing plants are destroyed, this would benefit especially the Saudis.
Russia will give up its only naval base in Tartus on the Mediterranean and the game is up.
Whoever believes the fall of Syria would not concern the rest of the world is completely wrong.
The flood of refugees is then really going and the ISIS is then spread with this wave everywhere.

Those who have created the terrorist monster to overthrow Assad, are then haunted themselves.

a highly recommendable read (extract)

Damascus and Baghdad: A Marine's Syrian Education

'My first visit to the region as a civilian desiring to study Arabic in 2004, after completion of active duty military service, began a process of undoing every assumption I'd ever imbibed concerning Middle East culture, politics, and conflict.

An initial visit to Syria from Lebanon was the start of something that my Marine buddies could hardly conceive of:

Damascus became my second home through frequent travel and lengthy stays from 2004 to 2010, and was my place of true education on the real life and people of the region.

While my fellow servicemen were just across Syria's border settling in to the impossible task of occupying a country they had no understanding of, I was able view a semblance of Iraq as it once was through the prism of highly stable Ba'athist Syria'.

read more



The peak of hypocrisy is again, as the politicians and journalists of the West shed crocodile tears over the destruction of the historic town of Palmyra by the ISIS.

The World Heritage Site is 2000 years and is now systematically broken and desecrated by the terrorist organization Islamic State.

The excitement is highly hypocritical, because those who do so have great concern are the same who helped ISIS and other terrorist organizations ideologically for years with its support of the so-called 'Syrian opposition' and their desire for a fall of Dr. Assad.

They are directly responsible for ensuring that the unique historical heritage from the Roman period is destroyed now.

ISIS is only the executor of their criminal ideology in which they destroy civilization, plunge whole countries into chaos and murder everyone brutally, which who represents the 'old order'.

Just like Palmyra, Syria needs to be fragmented into a thousand pieces because it is a geopolitical obstacle in the eyes of Washington and Brussels.

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