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The truth must always be spoken. (Syrian Refugees speak out on NATO war-propaganda)
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September 10, 2015, Parsifal, SOURCE

For decades, it is the US strategy to encircle with the help of them equipped and trained Sunni terrorist groups Russia or before the Soviet Union and to keep them at bay.
That was so with the Taliban, in Chechnya, and that is in Syria today, where the Americans are trying to overthrow the last secular government in the Middle East... no different.

The Cold War has never ceased for the United States.
The warhawks in the PentaGram have always known that Russia, the great and, as has already experienced Napoleon, invincible continental power in Asia is the only power that has the chance to oppose resistance to the ambitions of global domination of the US hegemonial empire.

Against this background it must be a nightmare for the warmongers in the White House that Russia and China constitute a long-term axis.
To so more angry and uncompromising is the US policy.
Which always foments war in Syria again.
Just because the United States destabilized Iraq and Syria, there is the ISIS.
Only because of the firebrand of the war, the US has inflamed from the Hindu Kush up to Aleppo, there is a wave of refugees.

Syrian Refugees speak out on NATO war-propaganda

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And if today it has been demanded (in the US occupied German parliament) that it must be tackled the causes of flight waves, then one should first begin to exercise a moderating influence on the FASCIST (the political incorrect but absolutely true term) warmongers in the White House and PentaGram and refuse them any further logistic and operational support (Ramstein Military Base).


ISIS Unleashed Mustard Gas Attack In Iraq, US Officials Claim Tags: Iraq John McCain Obama Administration Reuters Ukraine

ISIS Unleashed Mustard Gas Attack In Iraq, US Officials Claim


A long time ago, in a proxy war far, far away, some YouTube videos (around 100 of them apparently) “proved” that Bashar al-Assad’s regime had unleashed a horrific chemical attack on its own people.

In a lengthy report subtly titled "Syrian Government’s Use of Chemical Weapons on August 21, 2013,” US officials laid out their reasoning for trusting the veracity of the clips, and while you can read the entire report here, the punchline is this: “We have identified one hundred videos attributed to the attack, many of which show large numbers of bodies exhibiting physical signs consistent with, but not unique to, nerve agent exposure. We assess the Syrian opposition does not have the capability to fabricate all of the videos.”

That’s right, the US very nearly started World War 3 based on Washington’s assessment of the Syrian opposition’s video editing capabilities. 

Fast forward to March when, almost two years after the first round of YouTube chemical attack videos nearly led to US strikes on Damascus, Washington still hadn’t managed to stir up enough public support for an invasion (which may have something to do with the fact that most Americans couldn’t even identify Syria on a map let alone tell you anything about its four-year old civil war) and lo and behold Reuters reported that “a group monitoring the Syrian civil war said government forces carried out a poison gas attack that killed six people in the northwest, and medics posted videos of children suffering what they said was suffocation."

That prompted the John Kerry to send the following message to the Syrian regime: “Assad must be held accountable for atrocious behavior [and] military pressure may be needed to oust [him]”

Well, five months later and the American public still doesn’t care about Syria or Assad (after all, there are more pressing issues to worry about, like Cecil), but one thing it does care about is ISIS which is why now, the West will try to tie Islamic State to chemical weapons and see if that’s effective at bolstering support for boots on the ground. Here’s CNN


The U.S. is investigating what it believes are "credible" reports that ISIS fighters used mustard agent in an attack against Kurdish Peshmerga this week, causing several of them to fall ill, U.S. officials working in at least three separate parts of the Obama administration said Thursday.


All of them strongly emphasized more intelligence is being gathered on exactly what may have happened near the town of Makhmour in northern Iraq.


And here’s WSJ explaining that ISIS most likely obtained the mustard gas in Syria or maybe in Iraq where stockpiles belonging to Assad and Saddam Hussein, respectively, were supposed to have been destroyed but weren’t: 


Islamic State militants likely used mustard agent against Kurdish forces in Iraq this week, senior U.S. officials said Thursday, in the first indication the militant group has obtained banned chemicals.


The officials said Islamic State could have obtained the mustard agent in Syria, whose government admitted to having large quantities in 2013 when it agreed to give up its chemical-weapons arsenal.


The possibility that Islamic State obtained the agent in Syria “makes the most sense,” said one senior U.S. official. It is also possible that Islamic State obtained the mustard agent in Iraq, officials said, possibly from old stockpiles that belonged to Saddam Hussein and weren’t destroyed.


U.S. intelligence agencies are still investigating the source and how it could have been delivered this week on the battlefield, officials said.


Islamic State has taken control of territory in Syria close to where President Bashar al-Assad’s forces stored chemical weapons, including mustard agent. The regime said in 2013 that all of its mustard stockpiles had been destroyed, either by Syrian forces themselves or by international inspectors.


Inspectors, however, have subsequently said they weren’t able to verify claims by the Syrian government that it had burned hundreds of tons of mustard agent in earthen pits. U.S. intelligence agencies now say they believe Damascus hid some caches of deadly chemicals from the West, possibly including mustard.

WSJ goes on the say that as of now, it's "unclear how much mustard Islamic State might have obtained," and the German ministry says we won't know for sure whether any mustard was spread until a team of German experts (who are "on their way to the scene") have had a chance to assess the situation. "What it was exactly we don’t know," a spokesman said. 

But that's ok because the US does know courtesy of multiple "independent reports." And if that's not good enough for you, just ask Congressman Adam Schiff, a ranking member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence:


"Did ISIS find some mustard? We think they did. We think they have used it."


And John McCain agrees, as is clear from the following tweet, in which the Senator encourages you to read a completely unbiased WSJ Opinion piece called "Islamic State Gets Mustard Gas: Assad’s stockpiles weren’t destroyed, and the jihadists have them".

McCain - who, you're reminded, is the poster child for foreign policy failures in Syria and Ukraine - seems to have completely missed the irony in his retweeting an article in which the very first line reads: "foreign-policy failures have a way of compounding." 

In any event, we suspect it won't be long before John Kerry tells the nation that it might be necessary to use further "military pressure" to hold ISIS accountable for their "atrocious behavior" which is now in direct contravention of another international warfare "norm". As for seeing "proof" that Islamic State did indeed "find and use some mustard," don't hold your breath (unless there's mustard gas around):


While there have been accounts posted in social media about the incident, the officials said they have independent information that strongly led them to assess there was a use of chemical weapons. The officials would not tell CNN what evidence led them to this belief.



Obama: 'We train ISIL'
Tags: Obama ISIL Training US America Iraq Syria Clark CNN Parsifal FreudianSlip

My readers know by now that USrael is behind the ISISILDaeshQaedaNusraFSA… theater, as it develops, finances, supplies weapons, equipment, vehicles, provide intelligence directly or covertly via its partners Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Turkey and therefore closely cooperates with its self-created cut-throats (thanks to the US taxpayers).
From the very beginning at the appearance in Iraq and Syria, I reported that the terrorist organization ISIS ISIL or IS and how else they call themselves, is supported and controlled by Washington for the benefit of its allies in the ME, mostly Israel to render feasible the Yinon- Erez-Israel-Plan anticipating the rabid Zionist desire for the origination of The Greater Israel.

Now even Der Führer himself admitted it: 'We are training ISIL' during a press conference.
Parsifal, July 9, 2015

The statement is:

'...that is why, with the additional steps I have ordered last month, we are accelerating the training of ISIL forces, including volunteers from Sunni tribes in Anbar province...'

He made this without flinching, without correcting immediately his statement.

One explanation for this may well be a Freudian slip, also called lapse linguaet or a linguistic blunder, where supposedly a basic thought or an intention of the speaker involuntarily outcrops.

I would like to note once and for all and address everyone who constantly says 'Obama is a liar!'

Der Führer has spoken the truth, and it slipped him out.

video description: 'The White House.gov website has corrected an embarrasing mistake made by President Obama during his press briefing yesterday about the Islamic State when the President said that U.S. forces were 'training ISIL''


If for whatever reason this video should disappear from utube, there is a backup https://yadi.sk/i/fUn49ysThn6ob


Earlier General Wesley Clark, the former supreme commander of NATO forces in Europe has said in a CNN interview in February:

'The ISIS began in which our friends and allies, … they financed ... to destroy the Hezbollah ... It is a kind of Frankenstein'.

listen for yourself:

Wesley Clark: 'Our friends and allies funded ISIS to destroy Hezbollah'


backup: https://yadi.sk/i/kYYuVwjWhn6zY


'ISIS was created through the financial support of our friends and allies. They have recruited zealots and religious fundamentalists, so they fight to the death against Hezbollah'


Clark knew better as 'to denominate US friends and allies' by name, but is not difficult to guess whom - except Israel - he meant.
According to Clark, the USA seem to be directly involved.
Because the General continued in plural:


'We have created Frankenstein'.

Clark means the US allies in the Middle East, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc. and that the ISIS would have mutated to a monster.

The background image that CNN used, 'War with ISIS', can be understood as a 'war along with ISIS'.
Otherwise it would have to be written there, 'War on ISIS' or 'War against ISIS'.

Already October 2014 it came out that humanitarian aid comes from USAID is delivered to the ISIS.
But not only food and medicine, but also American arms shipments that are dropped by air, land 'by mistake' in the hands of the Islamist Jihad Wahhabi head cutters.

The terrorist group 'Islamic State' is a remake of Al-Qaeda, which is denotes for the good faith Western audiences as 'enemy' and combats for show but to actually apply it as a useful tool to destabilize the target country and therewith to intervene militarily.

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In effect, the IS is used for partition of Iraq into three regions for weakening of the country, for the overthrow of Dr. Bashar al-Assad in Syria and his replacement by a willing USrael puppet as we see in Egypt.

Who can really believe the terrorists are allegedly fought with bombing by the US Air Force when they ever conquer simultaneously in Iraq and Syria more territory, control the two countries almost half, and unhindered can spread even to Libya and Afghanistan.
Without massive financial and military support from the West it is not possible.

Thus, the historical evidence is provided that Dr. Assad was always right when he explained that the fighters come from abroad and were trained by the Yankees.

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