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Two Insight Articles about Mr. Netanyahu’s Visit to Congress in March (or is it February? or April? or maybe will never happen?) Tags: Netanyahu US Congress Obama

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Daily KOS 1-24-15: Dear President Obama: Please Invite Me to the White House During Netanyahu's Congressional Speech

Dear President Obama,

You don't know my name, though you know the names of those who represent hundreds of thousands of American Jews who, like me, publicly support your diplomatic efforts with Iran.

And while you don't know my name, you know that I and those like me represent 52 percent of U.S. Jews who support your diplomatic efforts over those presented by Congressional Republicans and Israel's Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, who are now shamelessly working in concert, behind your back, to undermine your administration's historic gains.

As the leader of Israel, Netanyahu often claims to speak for all Jews, absurdly conflating his political ideals with those of American Jewry. But he does not speak for most of us. Indeed, there are over three million American Jews for whom he does not speak. Over three million voices in the American Jewish community who reject current efforts to scuttle historic nuclear negotiations with Iran. Who reject efforts to undermine peaceful diplomacy. And who reject John Boehner's outrageous breach of protocol by inviting a foreign leader to deliver a response to your State of the Union address.

I know you are rightly outraged, viewing Netanyahu as having spat in your face after your consistent defense of Israel on the international stage. I know that you and officials in your administration feel as though there should be consequences for what is about to transpire on February 11 March 3, when Netanyahu will rise before Congress as the leader of a foreign 'ally' and publicly reject your diplomatic efforts for political gain back home.

This, in my view, should be the consequence: the amplification of 'pro-Israel' voices like mine in the American Jewish community who reject Netanyahu, be it for his desire to bomb Iran, his desire to continue Israel's occupation of the Palestinians or his expansion of settlements and rejection of peace.

I'm not actually asking for a personal invitation to the White House, though I would certainly not turn one down. What I'm asking is that you invite American Jewish leaders and activists to the White House on March 3 to publicly amplify those liberal and progressive voices Netanyahu claims to represent. I'm asking that you use this as an opportunity to reveal to the American public that most American Jews see Netanyahu as a harmful force, both in Israel, in the Middle East and in the world. I'm asking that you give us a chance to support your diplomatic efforts with Iran passionately and eloquently as Congress rises repeatedly to applaud Netanyahu's damaging rhetoric.

And after you have done so, I ask that you invite civil leaders and activists in the Iranian-American and Palestinian-American communities in order to amplify their pro-diplomacy, pro-peace voices.

The New York Times calls what Israel and the GOP have done to be a disrespectful "breach of sense and diplomacy." What NYT editors did not say is that this breach is an opportunity, now that the hole is gaping, for you to counter Netanyahu's voice with powerful ones which exist within the nation you lead.

I ask that you let us help you lead.

An American Jew


Johnny Punish VT 1-24-15: U.S. Congress Considers Appointing Netanyahu Emperor of the Republic for Life (Boehner and Netanyahu Conspire to Violate Logan Act)

Admittedly the title herein is a bit inflammatory but its meant to highlight a very serious fact that the Speaker of our House John Boehner has invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to lecture We-The-People on foreign policy as it relates to our U.S. Presidents Iran policy on February 11.

It should be a huge event. I hear he’s invited all the networks to play it live for We-The-People so that Bibi can promote his own Foreign Policy against the official U.S. position at the White House which may be in direct violation of The Logan Act

The Logan Act is a United States federal law that forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments. It was passed in 1799 and last amended in 1994. Violation of the Logan Act is a felony, punishable under federal law with imprisonment of up to three years.

The Act was intended to prohibit United States citizens without authority from interfering in relations between the United States and foreign governments.

At this time, to the best of our knowledge Bibi may have received American citizenship during his study years at MIT and has never renounced it. We tried to confirm this information but neither his office or the U.S. government will confirm or deny!

If a U.S. citizen, as such, he will be in direct violation of the Logan Act; plain and simple! There is NO way around it! Nentanyahu is NOT a member of the U.S. Government and has no rights to promote and negotiate foreign policy for our government.

Now of course, Netanyahu could care less about rule of law. He lives in a world of impunity protected by massive money in the corridors of power where one can murder over 500 children, over 1500 civilians, and murder 17 journalists in Gaza this past summer and get away with it while he marches in the Je Suis Charlie parade in Paris last week.

There is NOTHING this psychopath won’t do! He has no shame or conscience. He is evil incarnate; plain and simple! So don’t hold your breath on getting our paid off Congress to take action. They are more likely to give him a standing ovation and appoint him U.S. President for Life ala and change his title to Emperor Netanyahu.

Now are we going to put a stop this maniac or are we going to follow His Lowness and give him a standing ovation as our de-facto elect him U.S. President?

I encourage your comment below;



Ukraine Obama Phone Call Leak: Ukraine Shot Down B-777 Tags: obama and Poroshenko phone ukraine b-777 Ukraine shot b-777

Ukraine Obama Phone Call Leak: Ukraine Shot Down B-777

A Russian website has allegedly got hold and released a transcript of an intercepted telephone call between Ukraine President Poroshenko and President Obama.

In the phone call, recorded on July 22nd 2014, Poroshenko and Obama talk about the fact that the Ukraine shot the B-777 plane down. 

Source of the intercept

The source of the recorded telephone call allegedly comes from a Ukraine government insider who sold it onto a German news agency for $1 million. The transcript of the phone call then got passed to Russian Intelligence and from there it was leaked online.

Below is a transcript of the alleged conversation between Poroshenko and Obama (the translation from Russian to English may mean the language isn’t entirely perfect).

Ukraine shot down B-777 – Poroshenko and Obama phone conversation

Poroshenko: – Barack, I am surprised and upset your inconsistency in reporting the causes destruction of the Boeing … That We point you to the separatists, then to Moscow, then suddenly declare that the evidence of its involvement in this case is not … We agreed from the beginning to stick to one position … But if you continue to make such statements, it will be difficult to resist Moscow …

Obama: – Easy, Peter. You apparently misunderstood the nature of our applications … We say “unavailable” … But a lot of work on it … But you have to work a lot more now, to … to … to … it all looked as possible plausible … You made a big mistake by sending this very … Russian warplane … got him … And now you, and we will be very difficult obyasnit world … why this was necessary …

Poroshenko: – We did not have confidence that the ground we will succeed … I had to check … and err …

Obama – I know, I know … But it’s not included in our understanding of the pattern of events And now … at the hands of Russian have another trump card …

Poroshenko: – As it happened, how it happened …

Obama: – Peter, you see, what happened … This is bad … I mean that your plane that flew after us … This adds a lot of trouble …

Poroshenko: – We both denied everything, and will deny … The main thing to you, it has not tripped up by these strange statements about his innocence Russian … We are with you should be consistent in this … Otherwise it will be difficult …

Obama: – We will support you throughout the … We are sailing in the same boat … Do not hesitate … Although you have completed our overall plan to delay … It had to happen a little earlier …

Poroshenko: – But you well know the level of training of our specialists …

Obama – I’m worried that someone from these most experts do not spill the beans … Russian probably already hunting them. Try these .. save his people … If they open mouth …

Poroshenko: – I understand … We will make sure that they never open my mouth …

Obama: – You need to tightly control all svidelstvo and witnesses This … can spoil all our party …

Poroshenko: – And what about the black boxes? … I sent to England to their experts … they worked in contact with the British … But Russian also require access to this tape recorders or whatever … It’s very dangerous for us, for you … Russian there and should not be close … Otherwise …

Obama – I have already spoken on this matter with Cameron … Everything It will be okay … people will do anything wrong …


The Biggest State Of The Union Lies
Category: We are change
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Published on 20 Jan 2015 by by WeAreChange

In this video Luke Rudkowski goes over Barack Obama's 2015 State of The Union address and exposes some of the biggest lies told to the american people.












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