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SOURCE: http://kentfreedommovement.com/profiles/blogs/in-defence-of-the-people-s-voice

The KFM felt compelled to write this blog in defence of "The People's Voice" after what is doing the rounds on social networks and the Internet since Sonia Poulton has decided to leave TPV.

So lets start at the beginning.

Sonia Poulton released this statement on her facebook page.

"Today I have left The People’s Voice. I didn’t want to. I have put my heart and soul into it but I have become aware that to stay there is very bad for the things I stand for and fight for. I will be issuing a statement soon. Thank you for all the wonderful support. New plans already underway.


That was followed by this statement from "The People's Voice" released on their facebook page.


Sonia Poulton has decided to leave The People’s Voice today after threatening to walk out in the middle of a live show if she didn’t get her way. This was the third time that she had threatened to walk out if her view did not prevail and she chose to leave after a discussion about her behaviour during the live show and other matters.

We thank Sonia for her efforts over the last few weeks since The People’s Voice has been on air.If TPV is going to succeed everyone must work together for the common good and treat each other with equal respect.

The above statement has been removed by TPV.



This was followed by Sonia Poulton releasing this statement on facebook. 

"I am aware of the statement put out by The People’s Voice regarding my departure today. I can state, with absolute certainty, that the reason given was not even mentioned at this morning’s meeting. It was the ‘other matters’ that was the cause of my leaving. I hope you can bear with me as I gather myself to release a statement of full events from the start of my time at TPV until the finish".

It must of been the shock of Sonia leaving because at this point all reason seemed to have left the building as well.

Facebook and other social media descended into a anti TPV hysteria. Never mind that both had not even really explained there positions yet, Sonia had left and it must be down to TPV.

Most of the comments while no doubt well meaning were in fact emotionally driven and bared no relation to reality.

Next came Sonia Poulton's statement in full for why she had suddenly departed TPV.

I will use the scriptonite blog for this because it's a perfect example of how disingenuous and ill informed some of these bloggers are. See Sonia's statement in the link below.



Now before we get to Sonia's statement this particular blog is interesting for other reasons that tie into the whole anti TPV agenda that seems to be being waged in some quarters of the alternative media.


Firstly "allegations of Racism" comes from a very interesting source it is none other than the seriously imbalanced Mark Welsh who is the vindictive character behind the http://earthlinggb.wordpress.com/

blog who has now decided to dedicate his life to destroying TPV as best he can. Mark you may remember is the guy who was briefly on board TPV but left in a fury after they would not pay for his travel expenses to attend an exhibition. He then started to cause no end of trouble and he was being a very divisive factor at a time when TPV needed to focus on the job at hand rather than his constant moaning about money and what he sees as injustice. You can no doubt read his 1 million odd blogs on the matter on his blog. This led to a parting of the ways and Mark's current full time occupation of trying to harm TPV in any way he can. Again he has a million odd blogs on the matter if you can spare a few months to read them all.
Here is what is very interesting, you see Mark took it upon himself to smear all involved at TPV who he deemed had not supported him in his deranged mind. This naturally included Sonia Poulton.
Mark creepily went as far back as 2 years into Sonia's FB and twitter accounts in his quest to "prove" that she was basically a millionaire only doing it for the money.

Also Sonia Poulton revealed that Mark Welsh wanted her to do an exposes on his ex wife in the Daily Mail.To Sonia's credit she declined. This is the kind of vindictive character that he is, so unbelievably arrogant and like a spoiled child will stop at nothing no matter how long it takes to get revenge on people.Maybe that's why he started to add Sonia Poulton in his constant rants.

After constant harassment and lies from Mark Welsh, Sonia released a statement saying she had had enough and was considering legal action against him. It suddenly all went quiet from Mark, I can't think why.

So I find it very curious that scriptonite uses Mark's blog in it's rather disingenuous attempts to smear TPV, with Sonia's statement following on from that, more to the point what does Sonia think as she has threatened to sue the unsavoury Mark Welsh. Very curious. Also it should be noted that it is Mark who is forever trying to discredit TPV using the money angle as his mode of pathetic attack and now it seems Sonia is doing the same. Funny old World ain't it.


Sonia's statement in so many ways reminds me of the MSM, it's not what they say but what they leave out that tells it's own story. No mention of the fact that for the third time she threatened to walk out, the last time live on air, also at this time we did not know that she has managed to go through an incredible 4 producers in 6 weeks.

Her statement itself is in my view a blatant attempt to cover up her own outrageous behaviour (see video below) and the emotive tone of it means to me there is very little substance to her story. Again in the video below the much needed transparency that Sonia calls for will be forthcoming, indeed they would have had to publish yearly accounts anyway so why the sudden rush? 

Also if TPV meant so much to Sonia why has she suddenly jumped ship at this most critical time and thrown around hearsay and made unnecessary demands that would have been forthcoming anyway?


The People Voice respond to Sonia Poulton's statement. David Icke discusses Sonia from 13:15

In Sonia's statement she says " I would be more than happy to debate TPV with David Icke, Sean Adl-Tabatabai and Liz Roberts on camera and in a neutral environment. I have nothing to hide".

TPV also say she can have her right to reply. Now lets see if Sonia responds or will it be like the CCTV footage of a false flag event and never forthcoming? We shall see.


On balance any fair minded person can only deduce that Sonia Poulton has acted incredibly unprofessionally and the suspicious amongst us must wonder if she has played her part in helping to discredit TPV and help to bring about it's demise. Lets see where Sonia goes from here, I mean she wouldn't go back to the mainstream would she? I mean she is so honourable and full of righteous morality that she couldn't possibly go back. The KFM will be watching Sonia's next move with interest but would not be a bit surprised if that's exactly where she ends up. 


The KFM fully support "The People's Voice" and it's ambitious aims to reach a Global audience with this much needed information. We are also delighted that Mark Windows will be taken over the 5-7pm slot now vacated by Sonia. His show "Windows on the World" will be going out from Monday 13th January. From an information perspective this is a positive move forward as Mark has considerable knowledge in all aspects of this agenda as can be proven by his excellent website www.landofthefree.co.uk


There has been too much nonsense written by people over this and TPV in general. There seems to be something in the British psyche that will not be happy until TPV fails, sad but true unfortunately.

Make no mistake if TPV goes we have all lost an amazing vehicle that could make all the difference to turning this all around for all our benefit.


I'll leave the last word to Mark Downie who's rightly hits the nail on the head.


"It staggers me, the level of ignorance amongst people whenever it comes down to money and 'the right to know' where that money goes. Everyone is arguing amongst themselves and threatening to cancel subscriptions and accusing this one and that one. Isn't that what we've been doing for thousands of years? - Arguing whilst the real enemy looks on with laughter? - What about the money you are all being fleeced out of by institutions and governments and continue to be fleeced out of every day? Thousands of pounds of your hard earned cash? What about being fleeced out of tv licensing money or bedroom tax or tax full stop? If everyone spent a fraction of the energy they have spent complaining as they have done over the last few days and standing up for their rights against the REAL TYRANTS, the world would soon shift and we wouldn't need to give money to anyone or fight to be free. It's completely understandable to be frustrated about this whole ordeal but it's more important to direct that frustration in the right direction in order to create the correct result is it not? Let us not forget who we are ... we are energy ... where attention goes, energy flows and right now it's going to the enemy. Come on people, if we're going to come together let's do it but let's direct it towards the real problem and the real people".


The KFM second that Mark.


Additional adding by SiNeh~

And here we have the video that Sonia made today on January the 9 th

Sonia Poulton's response to David Icke on her departure from The People's Voice


Published on 9 Jan 2014 by Lee Ryan

It's raw, unedited and unscripted...this is Sonia Poulton's response to David Icke's video on her departure from The People's Voice.

She currently has no plans to say anything else on the matter unless it's in a live studio with David Icke, Sean Adl-Tabatabai and Liz Roberts - or unless they continue to attempt to smear her.



ANCIENT GIANTS existed - Best Full Documentary
Category: Myths & Legends
Tags: Arc of the Covenant Brad Steiger cyclops David Hatcher Childress double rows of teeth Goliath Israelites Jim Marrs Philistines six fingers a


There are legends from different cultures all over the world, which universally tell of giants, who roamed the Earth, before a global flood wiped them out.

In America, there are photographs of the mummified remains of 9-foot tall giants, that were inadvertently unearthed all over the country, from Indiana to California. Apart from their size, these skeletons appeared to be human in every way, however, there were some that were anomalous; possessing 6 fingers and six toes, having double rows of teeth and in some rare cases, with horns sprouting from their skulls.

In 1912, ranchers started coming to a particular cave in Nevada, to making extra cash by procuring bat guano to sell as fertilizer. There, one group unexpectedly found some 7-foot tall mummies (wrapped-up, similarly to the mummies of Ancient Egypt), with shoulder-length red hair.

It turns out that these red-headed giants were well-known to the local Paiute indians, who had been at war with them for centuries. In 1883, Paiute Indian princess, Sarah Winnemucca, wrote the book, 'Life Among the Paiutes,' where she referred to of these giant, re-haired people - and of how her tribe had finally rid themselves of these cannibalistic giants by stoking and then setting fire to the cave in which they lived - the same cave which was, decades later mined for bat guano by the white ranchers.

Author/Publisher, David Hatcher Childress says that 60 giant skeletons were removed from this cave but that their whereabouts remain completely unknown. He asks, "Is there something like an archeological cover-up that hsa occurred here? Something that concerns giants?"

Well-known author, Jim Marrs did some more digging and discovered that such remains, including human skeletons up to 12 feet tall have been found virtually everywhere around the globe. There is no particular place, from where it could be said that these mysterious giants originate - on this planet...

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