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President Rohanis Music-Video
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The music-video illustrates well why the Iranian nation, the Iranian people is probably the most stable nation in the world.

The Iranian documentary filmmaker Hossein Dehbashi has produced a music video.

It consists of excerpts from President Rohanis inaugural address, which is repeated and sung by some famous singers and actors.

In addition there are excerpts from historical quotations, such as by Ayatollah Khomeini, Mohammad Mossadegh and the Persian poet Hafez, from which the name of the video comes from, 'Nosafar' or in English 'The traveler'.

Parsifal, November 27, 2013


'We have produced the video on own account', Dehbashi said to the New York Times, 'but Mr. Rohanis office has approved it'.

It can be seen on Rohanis Youtube channel, linked on his Twitter account and is also shown on Rohanis website. (translated by google translate)

One sign of a complete change in communication through the use of modern means.

Rohani called in his speech for a compassionate Islam, a rational Iran and a kindly establishment.

The video makes the demands now voices and faces and suggests that Rohani as president does not legitimize his actions by the opinions of the religious scholars of the Islamic Republic, but from the Iranian traditions and the population.


The creator of the video, Hossein Dehbashi, spent two months in the Supermax prison in Baltimore, USA.

He was interrogated by the FBI for his residence permit, although he himself says, there were political reasons.

Dehbashi has also produced the election campaign videos of President Rohani.


Quote from a commentator:

'This is the true face of Iran. A peace-loving nation that is against extremism and moves towards greater democracy and culture; The Presidency of Dr. Rohani is the result of the election of the Iranian nation: a step to a brighter future :)'


There are other signs of liberalization in The Iran.

President Rohani has kept its election promise to loosen the dress code for women.

He has the moral police (Gashte Ershad) taken away the power about how women dress like in public and to complain.

The head of the Iranian police, Ismail Ahmadi Moghaddam - confirmed the subject how women and men dress is not longer a matter for the law enforcers.

video description

Inspired by the "Yes We Can" video, this piece was produced by Hossein Dehbashi for the 100th day of the Government of Prudence and Hope, featuring Hassan Rouhani's first speech as President of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This video was an initiative taken by the artists (without the President's knowledge) to immortalize President Rouhani's emotional speech, where he expresses hope for peace, friendship and progress. Only at the later stages was the video shown to President Rouhani.

This melodic piece is the first time ever for a chorus to sing along with a formal speech by a prominent Shia cleric and high ranking Iranian politician. Featuring musical instruments on video and singing by women are prohibited by Iran's state television. The fact that President Rouhani's personal website decided to feature this video was a great and notable step to break this taboo and support Iranian artists.

To pay tribute and celebrate Iranians from all backgrounds, parts of the video are in Kurdish, Balochi, Azeri and Arabic.

image top

video @ utube

Arnold Schwarzenegger will attempt to run for president in 2016 Tags: Arnold Schwarzenegger President USSA

Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if Schwarzenegger really would come the next President of the United States even with all the hurdles that he "seems" to have to take. Hurdles can be removed. In my humble opinion, in today's America everything we think would be right is left and what we think is left is right,so to speak. Let's also not forget WHERE "Noldi" is coming from (Where was he born, why he left to the USA, etc, etc.)


Arnold Schwarzenegger will attempt to run for president in 2016

Source: http://tinyurl.com/mttgrpg

November 13, 2013

He was once famous for saying “I’ll be back” and he might very well be.

The United States Constitution forbids foreign born citizens for running for president, but many have attempted to challenge the law. According to the New York Post, former governor of California and action movie star, Arnold Schwarzenegger will attempt to challenge the law and run for president in 2016. The news broke while Schwarzenegger was promoting his new film “Escape Plan,” in New York City, also costarring another veteran action star, Sylvester Stallone.

The 66 year old Schwarzenegger was born in Austria and became a United States citizen in 1983. The former Republican governor of California was elected in 2003 during a recall election and won reelection 2006, holding the office until 2011. Sources note that Schwarzenegger will file paperwork in an attempt to challenge the Constitution so he can be on the ballot in 2016.

“Schwarzenegger has been talking openly about working on getting the constitutional rules changed so he can run for president in 2016. He is ready to file legal paperwork to challenge the rules.”

Schwarzenegger appeared on the “Tonight Show” in 2010 and told host Jay Leno that if the law was changed, he would seriously consider a run for the nation’s top office. In order to have the law changed, it would have to be approved by two-thirds in the House and Senate and be ratified by 38 of the country’s 50 states.

If Schwarzenegger was able to successfully challenge the law, he would in an interesting position. For the last five years that President Obama has been in office, he has faced tremendous scrutiny from the far right who, despite overwhelming evidence against their position, believe that he was born in Kenya or another foreign country. Schwarzenegger was popular during his early time as governor, but in his final months in office his approval rating had dropped to the mid-20s, nearly matching the former governor Gray Davis who Schwarzenegger replaced in 2003.

If Arnold Schwarzenegger happens to change the U.S. Constitution, he would still have an uphill battle to climb. Before returning to film, Schwarzenegger was on the front page of the entertainment headlines when it was revealed that he had fathered a baby with his former housekeeper and eventually split from his longtime wife, Maria Shiver.

Source: examiner

Jesse Ventura - Enough of this war-shit
Tags: Bribery CNN ConspiracyTheory Corrupt Democrats Gangs JFK Minnesota Parsifal President Republicans ShutDown Tax Ventura

The former governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, expressed on Tuesday on the Piers Morgan show on CNN what many Americans think.
'Why do we continue to pay taxes if the state has set its performance because of the 'shutdown' ?
Why should we pay when they do not work ?'
A legitimate question.
Parsifal, October 2, 2013

'If we stop with the damn wars finally, we would have more than enough money for health care.'

Then he called for a revolt in America.
'For long I challenge a peaceful revolution !
Elect all out of office, all Democrats and Republicans, and elect new in, except Democrats and Republicans.
There are Republicans and Democrats who have built up this corrupt system for 150 years, which is only based on bribery.
Only those who corrupts gets heard.'

Ventura said he is considering running for the presidency.
Turning to the onlooker he put them in view:
'I will give you the opportunity to choose the first president who belongs to no party since George Washington.
He was the only president belonged to no party, and it is high time that a president is elected, who does not belong to these two gangs.
It is these gangs who dictate what happens.
Here's a gang war takes place.
The gangs face the money in the first place and the country in second or third !'

Then he expressed what I have described in many of my previous articles, the Americans are tired of wars.
Of Obamacare, he he does not think anything and he said: 'I think when anyone is sick in the United States should be able to go to the doctor.
How they propose to do with it I do not care.
If we stop with the damn wars finally, we would have more than enough money for health care.
Only war, war, war.
We are at war for 60 years.
Enough of this fucking war !'


At the end of the interview, he introduced his new book: 'They killed our President: 63 Reasons to Believe There Was a Conspiracy to Assassinate JFK'

my remark:
'If we stop with the damn wars finally, we would have more than enough money for health care.'
This is not like that.
Because America for decades has drawn his wealth from palming off a forged, worthless paper for real goods and services to the world.
In the long run this only works by military force on a global scale.
If America was no longer allowed to invade any country, or threatening to raid countries, it so could not further apply this worthless paper game, spontaneously America had nothing left to survive.
This was the major-reason, why all empires of the past have become history and at their end in full - spectrum lunacy by way of desperate sweeping blows like a drowning they assaulted not only more countries but lacerating themselves in order to distract from the painful decay.
When a country is at war with everything including itself, it is not able to produce something valuable, uplifting and great for humanity but on the contrary, crossed the Great Divide.

Which could, on the other hand be a huge benefit for the world.


Piers Morgan Jesse Ventura FULL Interview. Government Shutdown To JFK Conspiracy


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