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Why there are Good and Bad Dictators
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Several times I pointed with my articles to the fact, which double standards of the West apply when it comes to the assessment of governments.
Washington separates the leadership of countries in good and bad, depending on whether they serve their interests or not.

As said Henry Kissinger ?

'The US has no friends, the US has interests'

In which category the classification takes place depends on whether a country obeys the orders of Washington or not.
This division into good and bad often changes.
That had Saddam Hussein (Iraq) known, just like Muhamar Ghaddafi (Libya), or Zine Ben Ali (Tunisia), or Hosni Mubarak (Egypt) or Bashar al-Assad (Syria), just to name a few.
With these guys, the West has for decades maintained the best relations, because they were 'our dictators' who served our interests.
Suddenly they were converted to evil dictators, because no longer useful to the interests.
They were either experiencing a color revolution and toppled, or swept away by a war of aggression and murdered.
For Assad, they are still working on it.
Parsifal, June 25, 2015

First friends then enemies ... top Saddam Hussein meets Donald Rumsfeld ... below Muhamar Ghaddafi meets Barack Obama.
Since they no longer served the interests of Washington, they were first coated with a war and then 'removed'.

With Viktor Yanukovych was just applied the same procedure.
He was the darling of Washington, as long as a good boy as he lead Ukraine to the West.
He was between 2002 and 2005 and again in 2006 and 2007 Prime Minister of Ukraine, and from February 2010 President.

But when he refused, for understandable reasons, to sign the Association Agreement with the EU, he was first by a propaganda campaign torn as an evil dictator and then removed with a violent coup in February 2014.
But Washington's puppets Zionist Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Zionist Petro Poroshenko were used as a (Fascist *) junta.
A typical case, beforehand good and then bad, so must be done a regime change.

Saudi Arabia is an example of a good dictatorship that serves the interests and therefore may do everything.
The regime there is probably the worst, most homicidal and inhuman of the world, but that's all no problem for America and Europe.
On human rights violations is benevolently overlooked and treated the royal despot, constantly courted and kept in power.
Obama, Cameron, Hollande and Merkel often journey there and make because of the petrodollars the best bargains, mainly arms deals.
Eventually, if the Saudi regime is no longer toes the line, it will be dropped, call the evil dictatorship and undergo a regime change.

Now I can already imagine the propaganda and statements of Western politicians.

'We are completely bewildered, because we now have learnt the Saudi regime oppresses women, does not allow them motoring, and for lowest crime chops man hands off and executes the death penalty by beheading with a sword.
This we can not allow, and therefore the regime must go'.


But meanwhile does allow the West these brutal methods for 80 years, since the discovery of oil wealth and exploitation by Western oil corporations.
As long as the Saudi regime sells the oil only for dollars, as long as Washington guarantees the preservation of power.
This deal has negotiated Kissinger in early 70's, after the gold backing of the dollar was lifted.

The carried forward enforcement of ethics, morality, human rights and democracy, is just a show for the stupid and naive audience.
If a regime serves the interests of America, then it may do everything and suppress the population and take all freedoms.
Conversely, a country can be very democratic, respect human rights even more so when it does not serve the interests of America, it is flattened.
See what happened to Chile when Kissinger gave the CIA the order the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende, which was more socialist oriented to remove by a violent coup and replace by a fascist military dictatorship.

With Belarus the Empire State has also attempted regime change.
President Alexander Lukashenko has been designated by the former American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as 'Europe's last dictator', which must therefore go.
Has not worked out so far.
Whereas there is a state leader who already is much longer in power and can be truly called the last dictator.

But again, he is not bothered because he is 'our dictator'.
To whom it is ?
To Milo Ðukanović of Montenegro.
He was President of the Republic of Montenegro (1998-2002) and several times (1991-1998, 2002-2006 and 2008-2010) Prime Minister of his country.
Since December 2012, he is again the Acting Prime Minister of Montenegro.

Ðukanović ruled uninterruptedly in different form already for 27 years, which corresponds to a permanent dictatorship.
Not even Josef Stalin had been so long in power in the Soviet Union.
Why do we hear no criticism of these very long 'reign' on the part of Washington or Brussels ?
Why do we allow him card blanche, although investigations running against Ðukanović in Italy and Germany because of cigarette smuggling on a large scale ?
The guy's a criminal and is part of the Balkan Mafia.
Yes why ?
Because he promised to lead the country as soon as possible in the European Union and NATO.
Aha, it serves our interests, then of course, not the usual mud-slinger is cranked, as the West makes it otherwise with unpleasant state leaders that they want to get rid of.

What we learn from this ?
Washington, Brussels, London, Paris and Berlin do not care really whether a state leader of any country to comply with the human rights, acting democratically, and implement and defend the so-called 'Western Values' (laughing).
That's completely irrelevant.
It may be the most brutal dictatorship, it is only important that the regime obeys the commands.
If it follows and acts in the interests of the West, then the regime has a charter to be able to do with the public what it wants.
But if a government does not follow and if it wants to go its own independent way, even if it is still legitimized as democratic, then it will be defamed, portrayed as vicious and putsches away.

That is, every time we hear by Western politicians and media, this or that president is an other 'evil dictator' and the 'new Hitler', Saddam was so called, as well as Ghaddafi, Dr. Assad and Putin, then we know, AHA, these leaders do not what they are told from Washington, they are not following orders and decide for themselves what is best for their country.
You can then often assume what we are then told bad things about it is not true but the opposite may very assuredly be true.
It's all about to establish a bogeyman in order to provoke and stage a coup in order to remove this person and replace by someone who obeys.

How often, Washington has been trying to assassinate Fidel Castro in Cuba ?
They have also tried with the debarment of CIA mercenaries at the Bay of Pigs, to overthrow the government by force.
Against the President of Venezuela Hugo Chávez they have done several times assassinations.
Why ?
Because the governments of Cuba and Venezuela do not submit the dictates of Washington.

What we learn from history, if a revolution does not work when a coup will not work if sanctions do not work if even the target person survived an assassination attempt, the war machine is used to carry out regime change.
See what they did with Saddam Hussein.
Washington has tried all methods to get rid of him.
First, bribery, then a boycott, then an uprising and then assassinations.
When he survived it all, Washington had to pull as a final step an aggressive war justified with lies.
Yes, they have attached to him the ownership of non-existent weapons of mass destruction, which threaten the whole world.

So it came to the war of aggression against Iraq, it was invaded the country, occupied and captured him and then hung.

That it did not exist the dangerous weapons and the threat was a pack of lies then no longer mattered.

The same procedure one tries with The Iran for decades.
An other country that not subjects the dictates of Washington and therefore had to be invented the story about a nuclear weapons program.
The sanctions have not let the country collapse, the color revolution has not overthrown the government, and assassinations also brought nothing, so we threatened with war.

Against Russia and President Putin for some time this strategy is applied, as Russia is the largest country in the world and he himself are the American world domination most in the way.
Therefore, he really must go.
Therefore, Putin and Russia is pelted with filth, the worst lies are told, and tried with a foreign funded 5th Column to incite the Russian people.
Therefore harsh sanctions are imposed and a financial war started to destroy the Russian currency.
But since this has not led to the goal and Putin enjoys a popularity of over 80 percent in the population, the war machine now comes into the play.
Therefore, the current upgrade and deployment of NATO troops and heavy weapons to the border with Russia.

Washington is determined to a war and is ready to carry out a nuclear first strike.

To enforce their (bad) dream of a world empire, are no-holds-barred, including the destruction of Europe.
The Cold War was only therefore not hot because West as East mutually realized and understood nuclear annihilation.
This insight, however, came to a complete loss in Washington after the collapse of the Soviet Union, because the US has declared itself the winner.
Now they are so arrogant, so boastful, and so sure-footed and think that one can lead a nuclear war and itself thereby get away undamaged:

So cracked are the psychopaths in Washington.

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*) epilogue

Camouflaged Fascism

The psychoanalyst Dieter Duhm writes that

'the ideological confessions are interchangeable as long as the inner structures are the same'.

Duhm calls this the 'most basic fundamental fact of political life'.


What distinguishes a mass murderer of an average citizen ?

The famous Swiss psychologist Alice Miller discovered in their biographical studies:

Almost nothing!

In both works the same structure of latent violence.

And if the experience of humiliation is almost made of an entire people, then accrues in a society a murderous potential of hatred and congested aggression, which enthusiastic lunges onto a prefixed enemy and eventually discharges into pogroms and wars.


Political channeling of dammed life energies

All imperialist systems know this psychic underground and use it for their own political interests - of Nazism, as well as the United States in its propaganda for the 'war on terror' (de facto war on brown people).

The power structures could not maintain itself if these were not available on a subconscious response in all of humanity.

What Hitler would have been without the projection of millions of heated Germans ?

What made the impoverished postcard painter from Braunau to the 'Führer' of the 'Aryan Race' was the demonic power of dammed life energy throughout the population that found a common channel and expression by his Nazi ideology.

Hitler and his men took not care to rational arguments, but solely relied on emotionally effective agitation.

In the psychological subsoil of Germany was ticking a bomb - and Hitler knew how to make it explode.

What happened in Germany between 1933 and 1945, was the culmination of an epochal cruel madness of 6.000 years of patriarchal history of war.

It was the result of a worldwide trauma, which was etched with the most terrible methods in humanity.

After centuries and millennia, in which the experiences of forced displacement, genocide, rape and war has been repeatedly imprinted into the human soul, the world's population lived under a genetic programming of fear, defence, mistrust and violence.

This information-pattern - the morphogenetic field of the war - dominated mankind to this day and is passed continuously.

The perpetrators of today are the victims of yesterday.

The perpetrators of tomorrow are the victims of today - until we realize the insanity and break the cycle.


As Fascism could rise

Hans de Boer, who fought already in his youth in the resistance against Hitler and later reported about the cruel power structures of imperialism, said:

'Indifference is the fascism of our time'

The more indifferent people are, the lower their active participation in the political process and global, the more subtle totalitarian systems can operate and the more undisturbed, they can destabilize countries of other continents and exploit.
The existing society pretends to be cosmopolitan and tolerant, and environmentally friendly, but is based on an unspoken agreement of what can be said and what may not.
If one dares to cross this convention and to ask questions that threaten the ideological foundation of the society, for example, whether the attacks on September 11 were not commissioned by the US government itself, then you will be assigned a label 'Conspiracy theorist' or 'anti-Semite', etc. and well covered by the media turned off.

US military setting up in Europe for war
Tags: US USSA Military Aggression Setup Ukraine Russia Europe War Carter Obama Parsifal

Everyone who only somewhat acquaints oneself recognizes, the US regime and its NATO lackeys totally invent a so-called threat which would emanate from Russia against Western Europe.

The purpose of this permanent lying and scaremongering is to justify the military build-up in eastern Europe and the stationing of weapons and soldiers on the Russian border.
This was confirmed by Bruce Gagnon, son of a professional soldier who himself served the Air Force in 1971 in the US, but then because of the Vietnam War became a war opponent.

'Today, there is no danger from Russia, NATO is exaggerating a Russian threat',


he said the other day as chairman of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space'.
Parsifal, June 22, 2015
image top: clearly a provocation: Russia is getting closer to US military bases

As with all issues, the reality is turned upside down and with the controlled media lied like crazy, portrayed the West as the good and all the others as evil.
In reality, the United States, NATO and the so-called West are the only aggressors and threaten Russia ... and China, The Iran and any other country that does not submit to the dictates of the Western Multinational's dictatorship.
These warmongers-hawks pretend peace, yet they only brew extortion, conquest and war.

How many countries have covered with war China, the Russian Federation, or The Iran ?
None !
Zero, nada, nothing.
Conversely, the list of countries against the Americans or British fought wars is very very long.
With a few exceptions, almost all have been attacked already in the last 100 years.
Whether in Latin America, Africa, Asia or Europe, the rogue Anglo-American Empire has repeatedly slammed military.

Why has the so-called defense alliance NATO fought a war for 13 years in Afghanistan ?
Has Afghanistan attacked a NATO member ?
The German government has not only lied, but also broke the Basic Law (the German Constitution), in which it has claimed, 'Germany is defended in the Hindu Kush'.
Ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schröder has even admitted he has violated International Law when he ordered the army to wage a bombing campaign against Serbia.

'There we sent our planes to Serbia and bombed together with NATO a sovereign state - without that there was a Security Council decision'.

Who bombed Libya into the Stone Age and brought extremists and terrorists to the helm ?
Who created the Al-Qaeda and the ISIS FIRST ?

The NATO countries have against international law a European country bombed for 80 days, with the aim of breaking up the Balkans and conquer.
After the invasion of NATO troops in Kosovo in June 1999, the US military base Camp Bondsteel was built in Ferizaj.

The base serves as a 'black site' with a prison camp, where people are tortured and kidnapped to.
The Human Rights Commissioner of the Council of Europe, Álvaro Gil-Robles, spoke after an inspection in 2002 of 'shocking conditions' in the camp.

But the Americans are indeed the good guys, we are constantly told !

And who caused the huge wave of refugees sweeping Europe, because we have the people in the Middle East and North Africa destroyed the homeland and the livelihoods ?
Yes who, well ?
The American war machine !

Who bombed at this moment strategic and logistic governmental goals in Syria and Iraq (and NOT the IS ) ?
The American Air Force.
Who commanded the war from the air with killer drones to Pakistan and Yemen ?
The Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama.
Who is constantly pulling up with aircraft carriers and warships off the coast of The Iran and China on provocative way ?
The US Navy.
Who ever enters the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea again and again with its Navy and holds maneuvers offshore Russia ?

It is ignored the by the West staged coup in Kiev, the violent overthrow of the democratic elected government, and acted as if Russia has caused the crisis in Ukraine.
The inhabitants of the Crimea fought only with their referendum against the takeover by the Nazis and understandably reconnected to the Russian Federation.
This expression of the popular will but is completely twisted, wrongly as portrayed as forcible annexation and used as a pretext for sanctions against Russia.

ALL Western governments exclusively consist only of dirty liars and warmongers.

From several sides I am daily informed by witnesses, as they observe the transports of American arms to Germany and then on to Eastern Europe.
On June 6, an armored transport rolled on track through Mannheim, with aim Coleman Barracks.
On May 4, 2015, the re-occupation of the site began with the units '16th Sustainment Brigade' and '21th Theater Sustainment Command', equipped with M1 Abrams and M2 Bradley tanks.

US battle tanks and infantry combat vehicles to be brought to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, and probably Hungary, photographed in Germany
A logistics expert informed me he had just returned from the States with a mission to transport thousands of US troops and heavy equipment in the coming months from the USA to Germany.
There is a massive American armament in Europe.
This was confirmed by the US Secretary of War Ashton Carter when he visited Berlin on Monday, Washington will deploy heavy military equipment in Eastern Europe.

The goal is 'the resilience of the alliance and in particular to increase by allies on their edges' Carter said.

'We will oppose Russia, when it tries to gain a sphere of influence as in the Soviet period',


Carter said, referring to the Ukraine crisis.
What doth this weirdo ?
Moscow has no interest in a territorial takeover of Ukraine.
The civil war has instigated the West, total chaos, the West presented and the bottomless pit to kindly fill the West with money.
It is yet again reversed.
The West has expanded its sphere of influence over Ukraine.
The regime in Kiev is still following orders from Washington.

If Moscow really wanted to snare Ukraine it would have done that a long time.

What's going on in the Ukraine a civil war by the fascists against antifascists, as in the Spanish Civil War in the 1930's.
The population of Donbass like in the Crimea will not be ruled by Nazis and defend themselves against the attacks of mercenary troops of the oligarchy and the army of the coup regime.
Which is anyway falling apart, because the young Ukrainian men deserting en masse TO RUSSIA, or cop out from obligatory military service.
Who is so stupid and shoot at their own people and wants to die for the chocolate-President ?

Who has created a so-called rapid reaction force a new ?
This 'spearhead' has recently completed in Poland its first major maneuvers.
2.100 soldiers from Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Poland demonstrated together with forces from the Czech Republic and Belgium on the parade grounds in Sagan their joint combat capability as companies and battalions.
Against whom this force is directed ?
Against Russia, of course.
A 'spearhead' is meant not a defensive weapon, but for attack.

Ashton Carter displaced Chuck Hagel in February 2015 as head of the Pentagon, who had after less than two years in office to pressure from Obama declared his resignation in November 2014.

Why ?
Because Hagel did not want to support the war policy against Russia.
Carter is the fourth Pentagon chief since Obama took office in January 2009, linked to General Philip Breedlove, Supreme Allied Commander Europe, and Frederick Hodges, commanding general of the United States Army Europe, plus NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, to these people who unconditionally want a war with Russia.

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People in Europe should at last understand, Russia is portrayed as an enemy image and demonized, because these war hawks want a war on European soil and not because Russia would be a threat.
The system in the West is completely broken and on collapse, so mean the psychopaths in power, only a war-like state or a real war can yet save the imploding empire.
History shows what regimes make when they see no loophole.
They do prefer war to distract, rather than being confronted with the harsh consequences of their mismanagement.

Therefore my message to all the soldiers of NATO:
Do not believe the lies that it is about defense and therefore you have to sacrifice your life.
Remember what Henry Kissinger said about you:

'Military Personnel are dumb stupid animals, used as pawns for foreign policy!'

He said that during the Vietnam War at that time Pentagon chief Alexander Haig, as in the book 'The Final Days' by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in Chapter 14 page 194 in 1995 published as a quotation.

Here the press conference by NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg on the 'spearhead', which is directed against Russia.
Listen carefully to what he says, even over Ukraine and Afghanistan.
Who elected these lunatics at all ?
What is their legitimacy ?
Memorize his face so that he can be arrested on occasion and brought before a future war crimes tribunal:

NATO: 'Spearhead Force' Ready to Battle Russia


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