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Russian cruise missiles launched from the Caspian Sea
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In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, four warships of the Russian navy in the Caspian Sea have fired a total of 26 cruise missiles on positions of ISIS in Syria, the Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu announced.

'Intensive work of the various intelligence agencies in the past two days have made it possible to discover a large number of IS systems. Command posts, ammunition dumps, arms depots and training camps of militants. In the early morning, war ships of the Caspian Flotilla and airplanes were used against them. Four missile cruisers fired 26 cruise missiles at 11 targets. According to the control data all targets were destroyed. Civilian objects suffered no harm'

Shoigu said.
Parsifal, October 7, 2015

That's a big surprise, an attack on the ISIS from the Caspian Sea, so from the other side.
Who would have thought it possible ?
I used to swim on the Iranian side of the Caspian Sea and took a vacation, which is 25 meters below the normal water level of the oceans.

This means that the Russian remote cruise missiles had to travel 1.500 kilometers, demonstrating the power of this weapon.

In addition, the countries of The Iran and Iraq had to be flown over to reach Syria.
The two governments have apparently given permission to overfly their territories.

We see here an example of how the four countries, Russia, The Iran, Iraq and Syria to cooperate militarily in the fight against the terrorists.


'As of today 112 goals since September 30 have been hit'

Shoigu said.

'The intensity of the attacks will increase. The Russian air forces have destroyed 19 command posts, 12 ammunition depots, 71 military units and 6 factories producing booby traps. 23 aircraft continue hammering the positions of militants since this morning '

added Shoigu.

ISIS hiding weapons next to mosques
The following video shows footage of a Russian drone showing the displacement of weapons of ISIS.
Due to the effective destruction by the Russian attacks vehicles with weapons and ammunition are placed directly next to mosques and other civilian buildings.

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So they should be protected from the attacks, or if they are destroyed, one has the excuse, how but evil are the Russians, because they attack mosques.

Since the ISIS blows historical monuments from the Roman era without scruple in the air, as is happening again in Palmyra, is be trusted them entirely to blow up mosques as False Flag to make it look like a work of Russians.
With this covering by the System Media, we soon may brace for.


The difference between a radical and a moderate terrorist:

President Putin's 63rd birthday on October 7 !


'Благодарность за помощь в Сирии' - Парсифаль

    'I love Germany and make no bones about it. I speak always bad German, but I like the German language. I love German culture. It occupies an enormous place in the civilization of mankind. Russia has always been linked by close ties with Germany'

- Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with Süddeutsche Zeitung October 11, 2006

ISIS left so weakened by airstrikes and desertion it could be destroyed in just HOURS Tags: ISIS Russia

ISIS left so weakened by airstrikes and desertion it could be destroyed in just HOURS

ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) is now so fragile that its so-called Caliphate could be wiped out in a matter of HOURS, a top terror expert said today.


Western and more recently Russian airstrikes, chaotic leadership and mass defections have weakened the jihadi group to such an extent that it would be unable to repel even a small invasion force. 

A terror analyst told Express.co.uk that the fanatics have vastly exaggerated their military strength and called on Western leaders to launch a co-ordinated fightback which would obliterate the hate group. 

Dr Afzal Ashraf said ISIS has become its own worst enemy with its campaign of terror against the West, which has prompted an international backlash. 

A US-led coalition including Britain has launched airstrikes against the extremist group which have killed thousands of its fighters after being outraged by its barbarity. 

And Dr Ashraf said that another atrocity on the scale of this summer's Tunisia beach massacre could result in boots on the ground and an end to ISIS' evil grip on power. 


An ISIS compound in flames after an airstrike

AP,ISIS has been significantly weakened by airstrikes

Peshmerga forces mass for an assault on ISIS

AP,The Kurdish Peshmerga have been driving ISIS back in northern Iraq

A flag flies at an abandoned ISIS outpost

AP,An abandoned ISIS outpost which was overrun by Kurdish forces

He said: "This mythical state will disappear in a matter of hours once the international community decides to act. 

"It won't take very long at all to drive them, if not out of all of Iraq or Syria, then certainly the majority of their territories. 

"They will hide in towns, but I would say do not to follow them as they would use innocent civilians as human shields. 

"Leave them in these isolated settlements and they will soon lose control." 


Two ISIS fighters hold a flag

AP,ISIS has reportedly lost half of its fighters

Footage from a Russian drone showing the destruction of an ISIS headquarters

AP,Footage from a Russian drone showing the destruction of an ISIS headquarters

Smoke billows from an ISIS building after an airstrike

AP, Smoke billows from an ISIS building after an airstrike

ters have now been killed, whilst others are deserting en masse after their salaries were slashed. 

Dr Ashraf, a researcher at the respected Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) think tank, added that assessments of ISIS' military capabilities have been vastly overplayed. 

He said: "They have built up this superhero status because of the way the Iraqi army just fell apart when they confronted it. But that was not very much to do with their ability to fight, it was to do with the Iraqi army, which just doesn't have a leadership that inspires. Once you've got a General running off you don't expect the soldiers to stand and fight. 

"As a result, they have given the impression that they are far more capable than they are. If we had serious forces fighting in a coordinated battle against these people they wouldn't last very long at all." 


A convoy of ISIS fighters in jeeps

AP,A terror expert said ISIS' fearsome reputation on the battlefield is unwarranted

An ISIS fighter fires a rocket launcher

AP,ISIS' advance has stalled after its initial gains

An ISIS sniper in a building

AP,Dr Afzal Ashraf said ISIS' Caliphate could fall within hours of an assault

His comments came as it emerged that ISIS is now indirectly inspiring far more terror plots abroad than it is carrying out itself. 

Research by the Henry Jackson Society showed that the jihadis have been involved in the planning of just one Islamist attack in the last 14 months. 

Instead, three quarters of those plotting atrocities in the group's name are inspired by online videos and had never had any contact with its fighters. 

But Dr Ashraf said ISIS' strategy of promoting 'lone wolf' attacks will turn out to be its biggest blunder yet. 

He said: "Late last summer when ISIS came under attack from Western forces it started to lash out, first through beheadings of Western hostages. 

"The reason we've seen a fall in beheadings since then is because they achieved nothing. ISIS had a lot of demands and they never succeeded in those demands. 

"Instead they are now encouraging attacks in other countries, but their actions both in terms of inspiring these attacks and in causing a refugee crisis have taken the heat off Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and have put the focus of the main threat onto them. 

"What's happening with these attacks, particularly the Tunisia attack, is that the British government has now taken an increasingly more assertive and aggressive role in the fight against them. 

"ISIS has now achieved itself through its own actions what many politicians and people failed to do, and that's to galvanise the international community against it." 

His comments came after Russian warplanes pounded nine ISIS outposts in Syria, obliterating a key command centre and potentially killing dozens more of its fighters. 

Last week Kurdish troops sent fighters from the hated jihadi group running for the hills following a fierce firefight in northern Iraq. 

The fearsome Peshmerga fighters captured several villages west of the key oil-rich city of Kirkuk, which is already in their sights. 




The next information war against Russia
Tags: Syria Russia US USrael ISIS ISIL IS Israel Parsifal Information War AlQaeda Daesh AlNusra

It was to be expected, the propaganda of the Western media against Russia began as if on command immediately after learning of the air strikes against the ISIL in Syria.

As if the horror stories prepared for a long time and were in the drawer, they appeared immediately.

Reuters has spread first the hoax, the Russian jets had attacked positions of the 'moderate rebels' in Homs, rather than the terrorists of the Islamic State.

They cited a so-called opposition leader named Khaled Khoja, who has claimed 36 civilians were killed.

Then have instantly all usual suspects of newspapers and TV stations parroted and spread this lie.

Here, the US Secretary of so called Defense Ashton Carter has said the Pentagon can not confirm the accusations.

Moscow criticized the misreporting violently and called it an information war.

Parsifal, September 30, 2015

image top: Command centers of the ISIS in the mountains were completely destroyed


'Russia had not even launched its air campaign against the ISIL, Foreign Minister Lavrov has expressed no single word before the US Security Council, since numerous reports in the media have already been published, civilians have died because of the Russian approach and aimed at democratic forces in Syria'


said the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova.


'It's all an all-out information war, a war that we have experienced so many times,'


she added.

Zakharova also said she would have been completely surprised by the magnitude and speed, over what she called an 'info-injection' in the social media, as 'pictures of the alleged victims' who have appeared on the net, whilst hardly have begun the Russian air operations.


'What can I say? We know very well how such images are formed',


she said, and reminded them of the Hollywood movie 'Wag the Dog', about a war not held in Albania, with fake media reports, photos and TV images but victims deceived the audience.


The spokeswoman calls on the media, especially the western media, they should not find out from dubious sources such as Twitter or Facebook, but should contact the officials of the Russian Defense Ministry, if they fail to provide correct information about the operations in Syria.

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Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry said,

'Today Russian Air Force jets have carried out precise attacks on eight positions of the ISIS-terrorist group.

A total of 20 sorties have been made'

'As a result, weapons, fuel depot and military equipment have been destroyed. Command centers of the ISIS in the mountains were completely wrecked',

he added. He stressed explicitly,

'civilian infrastructure'

 has been avoided in the attacks.


'All flights took place in accordance to [our] aerial reconnaissance and accurate review of the data provided by the Syrian army',

Konashenkov said.


I have to shake repeatedly my head when the West-media talks of 'moderate rebels'.

Such there are not in Syria.

A pure fantasy.

There are only the foreign-grown and trafficked rabid dogs that lead to the existing order in a brutal war and massacre everything that in their eyes is not 'halal', brutally execute, or blow up.


For years, the American killer drones kill indiscriminately civilians in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan and Yemen, again and again, also a wedding party is confused with a meeting of terrorists.

In the media such murder is never reported, but refered to as 'collateral damage' and just bad luck, because people were at the wrong place at the wrong time.


If really 'civilians' in Syria have been killed, then only because the cowardly pigs of ISIS hide behind women and children, which they consider as sex slaves and now use them as shields anyway!

Just as the cowardly Israeli occupation forces hiding behind Palestinian children as hostages.

On Wednesday evening, the Prime Minister of Iraq has said the Russian attacks on targets of ISIS are 'useful' to expel the jihadists.

Each country was 'welcome', which combats terrorism.


'One must not forget that Iraq was often attacked from Syria across the border by Daesh and ISIL what cost many human lives, and the people were abducted, people were enslaved'

said al-Abadi Jaider.


Here is the list of the countries of the coalition in the air war against the terrorists from Wikipedia who bombed since 2011 Syria and Iraq:

* United States

* Canada

* United Kingdom

* Australia

* Jordan

* Bahrain

* Qatar

* Saudi Arabia

* Turkey

* Morocco

* United Arab Emirates


Have you ever heard in the media that, it would have been hit civilians in their bombings?


Are surely most 'smart' bombs that can distinguish between civilians and terrorists.

Something the Russians do really miss !

Or it is because the bombs of the 'coalition' have hit no goals and all went past the positions of ISIS.

Must be so, for they have brought nothing and the ISIS grew stronger and expanded more and more.

The French have also joined the bombing since a few days.

The following video shows the attack by two French Rafale jets, as they allegedly attacking positions of the ISIS in northern Iraq:



A UN Resolution or approval is not needed, if the ASKS government for military AID, which is indeed the case here.

It is different, when is used military force AGAINST a government WITHOUT its consent - such action is taken, like in Afghanistan, Serbia, Iraq, Libya, etc.


Oh, yeah, AGAIN !

There are no 'moderate rebels', this is really ridiculous.

They are neither moderate, nor are they rebels.

This is a tall tale of the Western politicians and the system-media.

Even Washington had only a few days ago to admit, when they train their 'rebels' in Turkey and Jordan, they run, along with the weapons immediately to the ISIL as soon as they arrive in Syria.

There then they rage as cut-throats and bloodthirsty monsters.



Real War News, Israeli Commando's Fight Alongside ISIS in Syria

(Currently up to 800 IDF forces are operating in support of al Nusra and ISIS inside Syria, coordinating operations including artillery and air support for al Qaeda and other terrorist groups)



Just like the old pics from Georgia as 'proof' of Russian invasion of Ukraine:


Homs Airstrike: White Helmets Caught Faking Syria Casualties Report

The Soros-sponsored 'White Helmets', one of the largest NGOs operating on the territory of Syria, is busy with cooking up lies instead of protecting the human rights of the Syrian people.

The 'White Helmets', a controversial quasi-humanitarian organization, is playing dirty in Syria: the NGO has been spotted fabricating 'evidence' of Russia's 'disastrous' involvement in Syria.



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