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Russian bases to span entire Arctic border by end of 2014 Tags: Air Force Arctic Army Military Modernization Navy Russia

Russian bases to span entire Arctic border by end of 2014

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RIA Novosti / Alexander Petrov

Russia will have military control of the entirety of its 6,200 km Arctic coastal zone by the end of 2014, just a year after Moscow announced its ambitious plan to build military presence in the region, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has announced.

“We have set quite a pace in our foray into the Arctic,” Shoigu said during a military council meeting in Moscow. “By the end of the year we will already deploy most of our units in the region – from Murmansk to Chukotka.”

Moscow announced its intentions to create a special force grouping in the strategic region in December last year, with Vladimir Putin saying that Russia needs to activate “all the levers for the protection of its security and national interests” in the “promising region.”

The undertaking, which Shoigu labeled “fundamental,” is now in full flow.

“Many of the sites in the region have to be repaired. In fact, a lot of them, such as airfields, logistics facilities, water intakes, power stations will have to be built from scratch, which is what we are doing right now.”

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu.(RIA Novosti / Igor Russak)

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu.(RIA Novosti / Igor Russak)

Russia’s Northern Fleet, which is headquartered in Severomorsk on the Kola Peninsula, has been assigned as the core of the new Joint Strategic Command, and also the main strike force.

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Two Borey-class nuclear submarines, which will form the spine of the refurbished fleet, have been armed this year, and a third one has just completed trials. In total, eight Borey vessels are expected to be built by the end of the decade, though some of them may be re-deployed with the Pacific fleet.


RIA Novosti / Vladislav Belogrud

RIA Novosti / Vladislav Belogrud


Russia is also in the process of unsealing at least seven airstrips that were shut down following the collapse of the Soviet Union, with Tiksi in Yakutia expected to house the bulk of the Arctic air force.

Work also began in September on a permanent base located on the New Siberian Islands in the Laptev Sea. A military group consisting of two brigades will be stationed in the far North as part of the new military district.

The Arctic has attracted an increasingly intense gaze from the powerful nations that border it in the past decade, not least because it is thought to contain up to 30 percent of the world’s oil and gas. As technologies have advanced, more and more of those hydrocarbons have become recoverable and viable. The stretch of sea can also provide new shipping lanes for goods traveling between Asia and America and Europe.


Airport in village of Tiksi in Sakha-Yakutia.(RIA Novosti / Valeriy Yarmolenko)

Airport in village of Tiksi in Sakha-Yakutia.(RIA Novosti / Valeriy Yarmolenko)


Russia already has rights to any territories located within 370 km of its border, but has lodged claims on a much bigger part of the territory with the UN, due to the existence of an underwater shelf, which would make a sizeable portion of the Arctic an extension of Russian territory.

Canada and other Arctic powers have followed suit, with the exact divisions of territories expected to be decided over the course of the next decade.

Despite concerns from environmentalists, Shoigu said that the military would play a positive role in safeguarding the unique Arctic environment, and said that units are already engaged in a program of clearing up debris “that has accumulated for centuries.”


The Price War On The Oil Market
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this is the continuation of my previous essay What Energy Crisis ?
The world literally floats in oil, not only because currently, 1 Million barrel are produced more as the global consumption of 90 million barrel per day, but because the claim that oil would be a fossil fuel and we would have exceeded the so-called 'Peak Oil', is completely wrong, and a fairy tale.

Oil is not finite and is actually available in abundance, namely constantly produced in the interior of the earth.
See my article about 'abiotic oil'.
The current price of oil is so low as not anymore for a long time.

Currently a barrel is at 82 dollars, almost 30 percent lower than at the beginning of the year.
About why this is so and what is the reason for the pricing pressure, there are different opinions.
I want try to list these possible causes for a drop in price.

The above chart shows the fluctuations in the oil price in the last 36 months.
Currently the cost of a barrel of crude oil nearly as little as in July 2012, as the global economy crashed into recession and the need, therefore, fell sharply.
This raises the question, is the price so low because we are again in front of a worldwide recession, or are other factors at work ?
For example, a deliberate and controlled price war ?
Parsifal, October 15, 2014

Here is a list of possible reasons for the low price:

1st Scenario:
As already said, the industry experienced worldwide a significant decline in orders and therefore less oil as an energy source is needed, therefore, the afresh recession is to blame.
Europe and Japan will experience an economic downturn; the U.S. economy is woolgathering, and would appear as if it shrivels again.
An additional reason for the global economic downturn are the sanctions against Russia, which cause considerable damage, especially in Europe.
If the economy stagnates, and therefore less oil is consumed than is being produced, there is an excess squeezing the price.
Since the OPEC countries, as just confirmed want not adjust their production to the lesser need, but keep the flow rate constant and not reduce, the price goes down.
Supposedly, only in November at the next OPEC Meeting over a throttling of the flow rate will be decided.
New providers for oil are also on the market, because of the respective conflicts so far have failed, such as Libya and Iraq.

The ISIS also sells the stolen oil from the conquered Kurdistan with the help of Turkey for dumping prices.
How this under the watchful eyes of the Americans is possible, is a different question.
Their own child Al-Qaeda to rename in ISIS is probably the reason.

But overall there is too much oil on the market.

2nd Scenario:
Saudi Arabia, one of the largest oil producers in the world has decided on a reduction of the price, to increase their market share, and wants to disable the competitors.
To the Saudis and the other Gulf States doesn't fit the declared energy independence of the United States, which has been achieved with the massive use of fracking, in their plans.
By the reduction of the price to below USD 80 is the extraction of oil from shale uneconomical and slips into the red.
So the Saudis want the oil production over this new controversial method - which is relatively expensive to stall.
The goal is generally to squeeze all oil producers with high production costs out of the market.

Since the Saudi production works just unprofitable under USD 70 a barrel and Riyadh have a disposal on huge reserves of 750 billion dollars, they can sit through this price pressure for a long time until the troublesome competition in the United States is broken and stops.

If Obama puts up with that price fight is another question, as actually Saudi Arabia is the second most important ally of the US.
At the same time, the Saudis want to weaken The Iran as a competitor on the regional power with a low oil price, because if the agreement in the nuclear debate is concluded, the sanctions against Tehran will be repealed, then can The Iran again sell oil and with the higher income will be stronger.

3rd Scenario:
The sudden reduction of the price of Oil at USD 80 a barrel is a joint plan from the United States and Saudi Arabia to weaken Russia and bring Putin to fall.
Washington is trying to revenge because the regime change in the Ukraine assumed in a debacle.

Because the strategic goal of the Americans, by the coup in Kiev, to grab the Crimea, evict the Russians and take over the naval port of Sevastopol on the Black Sea, failed miserably.
Putin has them all completely outmaneuvered and the Crimea has just felt him without using violence in his lap.

Riad is crossed with Putin because Russia supports Assad which but the Saudis would like to have away.
The plan to take over Syria has so far failed.
If the price of oil is low, then is missing Moscow important revenue for the years 2015 to 2017, but have been budgeted as government spending with USD 100 per barrel.
The Russian government needs to drastically save, what may trigger civil unrest, and even the fall of Putin.
At least this is the thought which bend the Americans and Saudis with a price war.

4th Scenario:

It is exactly vice versa.
The Price erosion control Moscow as the largest oil and gas producer in the world, and China, as the largest consumer in the world, to harm the Saudis and Americans tremendous.
This maneuver is part of the plan of the 'De-dollarization' of the energy market - and indeed, the world economy - both want to go ahead with.
This fits the agreement between the Central banks of Russia and China over a three-year Currency-Swap-Deal of 150 billion Yuan, and 815 billion rubles (the equivalent of 25 billion dollars).
It is the goal for a massive expansion of the trade between the two countries and reduce their Dollar and Euro-dependence.

The trade between Russia and China now accounts for almost 100 billion dollars and, in the coming years should increase to 200 billion dollars.
Moscow has enough currency and gold reserves to withstand low oil prices in the longer term, to and has massively reduced its foreign debt in the last few months.
China is happy about a low purchasing price for oil and helps Russia in a price war.
As already mentioned above, is so also the oil production of the Americans greatly damaged, because fracking is too expensive and does not pay below 80 dollars.


One of the cited reasons for the drop in price of oil may be right, or several, or even all.
Each of the participants in this market has a motive for the price war.
The question resulting is, who will survive this struggle and who will carry away a significant damage ?
Most pleased will be the consumers, because the price of petrol at the petrol station is also decreased.
Should the OPEC countries first run out the road, they probably need to decide a throttling of the flow, so the price rises again.

Strictly speaking, there can no oil producer really economically produce under USD 100 per barrel and generate enough government revenues.
This is why 'cheap oil' will only be temporarily available.
What we must be clear, oil is the most important resource in the world besides water and is why virtually all of the interventions and wars of the West were in any way related to that.
A price war which likely ends in a shooting war.


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What Energy Crisis ?

Russia Proves 'Peak Oil' Is A Misleading Zionist Scam

What Energy Crisis ?
Tags: What Energy Crisis PeakOil Russia China DeepDrilling MotherEarth Vietnam Parsifal Jukos Petrol Fossil

Gentle reader - to explain my attitude to this topic at the beginning - I would like to state the following: This is not a pleading for the already outmoded paradigm to burn oil to maintain a habitual, certain standard of living.

There are alternatives for oil, especially sustainable and even 'free' means and an alert mind will have these possibilities recognized, or already apply.

At the first blush, this blog entry may appear controversial but I leave it to you to answer the many accosted questions for yourself.

This topic, I have written in two parts, for better understanding please read this essay first to catch up with the endowment for the second part where I present a few theories on today's Oil Price War and its geo-strategically consequences.


1966: The Oil supplies will still last about 30-40 years

Isn't that strange ?

The survival of our civilization seems to be closely linked to the availability of oil, but nevertheless, it is anything but easy to learn any significant facts about the formation of oil.

Countless Cassandra-callers refer to the theory that oil is to be very soon no longer available in sufficient quantity.

But is this true at all ?

Which is why the mantra of an unproven thesis from the 18th century is endlessly repeated, without laying modern arguments on the table which withstand a scientific review ?

Parsifal, Pula, June 6, 2008

It is told us crude oil is a fossil fuel, created in the geological past, before 500 million years, from the products of decomposition of dead plants and animals.
Dead microbes were on the bottom of the sea in sludge layers sealed air-tight and superimposed of other strata, so that in the course of time formed the oil.
It is told to us, the energy of the sun would have been captured by these creatures and we can this for hundreds of millions of years stored energy release by the burning of oil.

Today we are told, the reserves of fossil fuels especially oil would extend to a maximum of about the year 2060…

One important factor in addition to the range would be the time when the oil production can no longer be increased, but begins to decline.
This summit of the oil maximum is called 'Peak Oil'.

Because the ratio of supply and demand changed, this can rapidly raise prices.

The 'Peak Oil' is the time at which the production rate of all global oil reserves reached its absolute maximum.
This point is when about half of the recoverable oil has been gained.

It is said that the reach of the global so called Hubbert Peak is already done in the past and therefore we are approaching an Energy Crisis.
The evidence for this assertion, we are told, is the continuous increase in prices for the crude oil of 25USD per barrel in 2002 to 134USD on June 6, 2008. (Today, October 17, 2014 84,57 USD - the phenomenon of the currently declining crude oil prices, I will deal with in one of my next blog entries 'The Price War On The Oil Market' so be there)

Therefore, we are told, must be covered the expected supply gap by appropriate lower consumption and alternatives, such as renewable energy.
We need to move away as quickly as possible from the oil, because it will soon come to an end.

It is told us, because the oil only once in the history of the earth has formed hundreds of millions of years ago, there is only a certain amount, it is precious and rare, so it is alway pricier, we consume too much and too fast, and if we have hoisted the last drops, is done, is the end of the oil-era, the party is over, empty bottle, our following generations will have nothing more of it, we are egoists, and therefore need to have a guilty conscience.

This all is told us !
But what if this whole story isn't true at all and it's a fairy tale ?
Yes, what if the fossil fuel oil is not fossil, not of dead marine life, but something quite different ?
What if it is not at all going to end ?
What if we're actually swimming in oil, and it is available in unlimited quantities and is continuously renewing ?
If thus can be no energy crisis, and it is not 'Peak Oil', but this story just told, so we should believe it is rare and therefore expensive, and readily we swallow the always higher price for oil.

Yes, what if is served a gigantic lie about the oil ?

It is the time to clean up this fairy tale and to tell a different point of view about the oil.

The claim that there is a maximum in oil-production was already widespread in 1919 with panic only at that time it was not called 'Peak Oil', which is a hipster propaganda term.
It was at that time already said of 'experts' the oil would suffice for only 20 years.
What really happened ?
Each year since is the end of the oil again and again postponed to the future, and today, 90 years later, we still have oil, even though the production and consumption has increased each year.

Accordingly, for a long time we would be left stranded, when it comes to the 'oil-experts'.

So much about the accuracy of what geologists predict.
Are they still credible and we can seriously accept their statements ?
Tell they this nonsense, and this fear-mongering only because the oil industry is generally the largest employer of geologists, and they are afraid losing their jobs ?

An alternative, such as oil otherwise could have accrued, may not be proclaimed, because it is not in the interest of the oil corporations.
If we all knew oil would be in abundance, yes it constantly arises anew, and the sources even re-fill, then there would oil be dirt cheap and no more a good deal.

The corporations have only one goal, to make as much profit as possible, the maximization of profit is their sole purpose, for it is done everything.
So one has just to spread the propaganda of the scarce and soon coming to shortages of oil, and the gullible people swallow it.

The abiotic oil
Where did the narration from oil which origins from fossil creatures, so would be biotic came from ?

The Russian geologist Mikhailo Lomonossov came up on this idea first in the year 1757 namely 'oil comes from the tiny bodies of animals encased in the sediments, under high pressures and temperatures over unimaginably long periods of time transformed to oil'.
We do not know which observations only led him claim this theory - it has never been proven - and just is for over 200 years unaudited accepted and taught in the universities.

In oil-deposits have never remains of fossil organisms been found.
This lack of evidence shows that the theory of fossil fuel is simply a claim and would not withstand scientific scrutiny.
Geologists which spread the theory of fossil fuels have no evidence to teach about the presence of those creatures, from which oil is supposed to have originated.

One of the most abundant elements on our earth and in our solar system is carbon.
We humans consist largely of carbon, like all other living creatures and plants on our planet.
It is even so, that on at least 10 planets and moons in our solar system, large volumes of hydrocarbons were observed, the basis for oil.

The Cassini spacecraft during the flyby of Saturn's moon discovered on Titan great lakes which are filled with liquid hydrocarbons.

But there were no 'beings' that may have produced the hydrocarbons, it must arise another chemically way.
Due to its special configuration of electrons has carbon the ability to form complex molecules, and exhibits of all the chemical elements, the greatest diversity of chemical compounds.

Back on Planet Earth, we, and respectively the tectonic plates float on an unimaginable amount of hydrocarbons.
In the depths of the earth's mantle originate, like in a chemical plant, at the appropriate temperature, pressure and right conditions, large quantities of hydrocarbons.
The inorganic carbonate-rock is converted in a chemical process.
The resulting hydrocarbons are lighter than the superimposed earth and rock layers, therefore, rise through crevices, and gather under impermeable layers of the earth.

The magma, a mixture of molten or semi-molten rock, volatiles and solids is the energy source for this process, and thus, oil is NOT stored solar energy, as is always claimed.
The result is called abiotic oil, because it is not from decomposing biological life forms, but from a chemical process in the earth's interior.
And this process runs continually and for ever.
The oil is constantly being produced and can never run out.


In the introductory lectures of the subject oil-technologies hear students that oil is the raw material for approximately 70.000 industrial products; these include, in addition to many other pharmaceuticals, synthetic fibers, fertilizers, paints and varnishes, acrylic, plastic and cosmetics.

All of this is factual information.

But if students in the lecture hall next door are introduced the geology of the oil to, then pours over a rhetoric of fantasy, which, in essence, is nothing more than a warm-up of Lomonossov's stale hypothesis that oil comes from fossils.

The main arguments for abiotic oil are:

- Already the ancient Greeks knew that mineral oil (LOL) is of abiotic (mineral) origin and therefore they called the mineral juice 'petrol'.

- Oil is brought up from very great depths of up to 13 kilometers.
This completely contradicts the fossil origin, because the creatures from the sea never got there and the high pressure and the temperature at this depth would have destroyed all organic material.
Only an abiotic origin of oil can be explained.

- Oil wells which would have long ago (since the 70's) been exhausted fill up again by itself.
A formation of fossil oil, which only once before 500 million years took place can not explain this phenomenon.
The abiotic genesis only, because that's where the oil is constantly being produced.

- The amount of would-up oil in the last 100 years exceeds the amount of oil which from biomass would have arisen.
So many plant and animal substances has never been at the same time, transformed to oil.
Only a process for the production of hydrocarbon in the interior of the earth can provide these gigantic quantities.

- If you look at the large oil deposits in the world, then is striking that these occur where tectonic plates collide or move.
In these areas, there are plenty of crevices, an indication that the oil comes from the earth, and migrates across the openings slowly to the surface.

- In laboratories were established conditions, such as rule deep under the earth.
There could be produced hydrocarbons such as methane, ethane and propane.
These experiments prove that the hydrocarbons can form within the earth in the course of simple inorganic reactions - and not only in the decay of dead organisms, as is generally assumed.


- Oil can not even be 500 million years old, and so long have remained in the ground 'fresh', until we have it now extracted to the daylight.
The long molecular chains of hydrocarbons would have long since disintegrated.
The oil that we use is young, otherwise it would have volatilized long since.

This fact is a complete contradiction to the fossil origin of the oil, but confirms the theory of abiotic oil.

The Russians have discovered it

In 1970, the Russians started to make deep-drilling, they reached incredible world-record depths of over 13.000 meters.
Since, the large Russian oil companies, including Jukos, have drilled about 310 super deep oil wells and hoist this oil.
In 2007 has Russia overtaken Saudi Arabia as the largest oil producer in the world.

The Russians have mastered the complex technology of drilling already for 30 years; they can tap unlimited oil reserves available deep in the earth's interior, while the West ignored it completely and extend the poisonous and dangerous concept Fracking.

The Russians have proved the statement of the Western geologists, the oil would be decayed organic material, which transformed to oil, is completely wrong.
This fairy tale - one can probably - if there is not much pondering, believe easy, but it is nonsense.

To their astonishment have Russian oil-specialists discovered in the 40's and 50's that the oil reserves somehow filled on their own again from the bottom.
They came to the conclusion that the oil is produced deep in the interior of the earth, and then it moves to the top, where it collects.
This was too good to be true, but they proved it by deep drilling.

Meanwhile, in the 90's was then Russia in the technology of the drilling in large depths streets ahead to the West that Wall Street, or the Rockefeller and Rothschild banxters, then gave the order and the money to the oligarch Michail Chodorkowski to buy the Jukos-company and so steal the drilling know-how for a bargain of 309 million USD.

Now you can understand why President Vladimir Putin reversed the give away of the Russian crown jewels by the boozy and corrupt predecessor, Boris Yeltsin and had to lead back Jukos and other oil companies in Russian hands again.
This was strategically very important for Russia, and the global elite, the locusts from the West, like George Soros and all their collaborators as the Russian oligarchs, he has sent packing, or put in jail which is a reason why the Western Arrogance hates Putin so much.

Meanwhile want the so-called scientists, lobbyists, their media hookers and politicians have us believe the end of oil, if not the world, is imminent, because the production has already reached the summit, and it goes downhill now.
It is their intention, of course, create an environment of high oil prices to justify and make huge profits.
Or as of today, by falling crude oil prices push through geo-strategic interests (my blog to the effect to follow)

As we now know, you can virtually haul out oil anywhere in the world, on the understanding one is willing to invest in the high cost for a deep drilling.

Each country can be energy independent.
Only the West and its oil corporations want this not at all, they need to have dependent countries which dance to their tune and pay dearly for imported oil.

Vietnam is a good example of how to deal with the smaller countries.
After more than 60 years robbed and raped by the French and then by the Americans, American oil corporations said to the poor Vietnamese that their country had no oil, it would in this respect be a barren desert.
They would have no possibility of producing oil and so recover with the revenue from the disaster of the Vietnam War and to resolve the catastrophe which the Americans by bombing and spraying Agent Orange have left behind.

This is what wanted the Americans, namely to leave the country is in a state where it never again comes around.

Then came the Russians and said to the Vietnamese, the Americans have lied to you.

Oil experts were flown in from Moscow, and it was entered into an agreement, in which the Russians in a Joint-Venture allocated the equipment and the know-how free of charge, for a percentage of the revenue from the oil-production, if at all oil would be found.

Vietnam had nothing to lose and gave the green light.

Thereupon, the Russians, what is now the 'White Tiger Oil Field', drilled down to 5.000 meters through hard basalt and opened a source, which now provides 338.000 barrels of oil per day.
As a result, the Russians helped the Vietnamese to win self-confidence and at the same time, made independent from Western handout.

Vietnam was suddenly among the members in the club of oil-producing countries and from the surprised America faced with very different eyes.
The Vietnamese, however, have not forgotten as they got ripped off by America and lied to.

This good news has quickly got about and requested Russia from all sides to deep drilling.

So, the Chinese have started along with the Russians some deep drilling.

It will still take some time, but if the springs should bubble, then these countries and others from the Third World in the Western stranglehold of the oil companies become independent of the enslavement of the globalist banxters and not longer be blackmailed for a shipload of decayed rice.

They then can tell the globalist order of the world: 'DEUCE' !

The claim that there is a 'Peak Oil' is actually a fraud and a lie of the global elite.
It's not about the world will soon have no more oil or there may be not enough to pull out in order to meet the demand.
The tale of the 'Peak Oil' has been invented, in order to disguise the fact that America has an insatiable thirst for oil, but won't be able to pay for its oil imports.
In other words, America is broke and therefore must invent an excuse to distract from this situation, in which it constructs an artificial scarcity and price increase.

Less and less countries accept the worthless Dollar and want to be paid with a stable currency for oil.
America is but since the 70's to rely to pay for oil with self-printed worthless Dollars.
As the only country in the world they so get oil practically for free.
Every other country needs to generate foreign currency to pay the oil-bill, only America not.


Should the oil producing countries insist to another currency such as the Euro or Gold, then the party is over for America, and then would have the standard of living there be drastically reduced.

No more 'American way of life'.
America, therefore, has only two options either halved its incredibly high consumption or they inevitably need to coerce the oil-producing Nations, if necessary by force, to continue to accept the Monopoly Money Dollar; and as we can see, this already happens by way of brute force.

An argument of Peak Oil-advocates is, since the oil wells in the course of time give decreasingly, they must soon run empty.
But this is a very big mistake, because the reason for the sinking pressure and the flow rate is not because the reservoir empties, but because the hole clogged over time.
There form layers of deposits on the hole and less oil flows through the constriction.

This knowledge but know the oil-experts all well.

Instead to clean the old hole, what costs a lot of money, the oil field is abandoned and closed.

They could also drill a new hole to restore the pressure or rehabilitate it.

But for the oil corporations, this is too much effort, would limit the profit.
They prefer to go the easy way and change the area.
Actually, oil fields run mostly not empty, but they are abandoned of greed.

Of course you can't have more oil as flows.
According to the calculations of experts, they would have to reduce the production at the sources in Saudi Arabia, for example, for only 30%, so by the natural replenishment of the quantity to remain stable.
Such a restriction would be manageable without problems for our economy, if all savings and optimizations are used.

In summary,

the claim that the oil would be of fossil origin and everything about 'Peak Oil' is told is unproven and pure propaganda.
Like the Russians, the Chinese and many others know, but also the Western intelligence agencies, the abiotic oil produces deep under the earth, and is therefore practically infinitely available.

Brazil is a recent example, where have been found in the sea near the coast very large oil fields in 5.000 meters depth in the last year.
Deep drillings are of course very expensive, therefore they are reluctant to Western oil corporations they prefer the taps near the ground-level, easily accessible and thus profitable sources.

What is told by the global elite that there is a crisis is not true and said for very different reasons.
It is just another made-up fear mongering, such as the destruction of forests, acid rain, the ozone hole, the virus-pandemics, terrorism and anthropogenetic global warming.
It's like everything about business, profits, power and control.

By the way, Iraq was raid because of oil, among other reasons also, that is absolutely clear.
Only, not to get access to the oil, on the contrary, but to prevent too much oil on the market and thus prices fall.
Before the first war, Iraq produced 6 million barrels per day, now almost 2 million.
The difference is taken from the market.
Saddam Hussein had threatened to produce maximum amounts of oil to swamp the market and to sell the oil only against Euros.
Doing this, he presented a threat to the economic survival of America and the Saudis were therefore also angry at him.

That was his death sentence, therefore, was attacked Iraq, therefore, the close cooperation between the United States and Saudi Arabia, that is why he was removed from power and hanged, that is why the United States permanently stay there and it was deceptively announced by Bush II:

'Mission Accomplished' because a de-stabilized country like Iraq with destruction everywhere would not be able to recover and under American control not produce higher quantities of oil.
It was not allowed that someone would have his hand on the oil tap, in a country with the second largest oil reserves in the world that the U.S. can't control.

This is also why The Iran is threatened, the lies and scare tactics about nuclear mushrooms constantly repeated, because the country is still a big oil producer which not dances to the tune of Washington.

The Propaganda works perfectly well.
The high oil price is another scam as it is a speculative bubble, not reflects the real situation on the market, so supply and demand, but it just is about maximizing profit.

Here is a lecture by Lindsey Williams who has worked in Alaska for oil corporations.

He says, in Alaska, there is an oil field that alone could provide the US for 200 years:

The Energy Non-Crisis- Lindsay Williams -Truth about Oil and Oil prices



What but if the crude oil is the blood of the earth who that of the human parasites stolen amounts continually supplements in order to stay alive ?


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Russia Proves 'Peak Oil' Is A Misleading Zionist Scam

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The Price War On The Oil

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