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NATO provokes new Russian Defense Efforts on its border
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The Russian envoy to NATO in Brussels announced on 31th March, Russia will react 'totally asymmetrical' to the movement of new armored units by NATO in Eastern Europe.

US tanks in Poland

'We are not passive observers, we undertake constant military measures that we deem necessary to compensate for this increased presence, which is not justified'

said Russian NATO envoy Aleksandr Grushko in Brussels.
'Of course we will react totally asymmetrical'.

Then he said:

'As of today, if we estimate what the US and NATO all makes, then there is a significant change for the worse as far as the security situation'.

The response to the NATO aggression is known now.
On Wednesday, the Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu announced the countermeasure.
There are established three new divisions to counter the deployment of troops of NATO directly on the Russian border.
Parsifal, May 07, 2016

'The Department of Defense is taking a number of measures to encounter the structure of NATO forces in the immediate vicinity of the Russian border. Two new divisions are set up in the western military district and a division in the southern military district',

said the defense minister.

The work has already started to build the necessary infrastructure at the sites of new divisions, he said.

'I have given the arrangement to apply the most advanced construction methods for building the plants. In particular, block-modular structures are used. The use of modules allows to construct buildings within three to four weeks'

said Shoigu.

If necessary, the buildings can be promptly dismantled and transported to another location.
The supply systems, including heating, built in the same fast way.

Each of the three new Russian divisions consists of 10.000 soldiers.

In addition to the deployment of armored personnel by NATO in Poland and the Baltic countries, US General Breedlove has suggested the spy planes from the U-2 or RC-135 are to be increasingly used against Russia.

Furthermore, I can only shake my head.

Breedlove probably does not know the history of the U-2.
In 1957 the CIA U-2 spy flights conducted in the Soviet Union from the airbase Adana in Turkey.
On May 1, 1960 Gary Powers flew a U-2 espionage mission from northern Pakistan over the Soviet Union.
Although the plane was 20 Km high, twice as high as an airliner, it has shot down a Russian air defense missile.

The remains of the downed U-2 can be viewed in the Military Museum in Moscow

The pilot Powers landed by parachute near Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg) and was captured.
In the following, carried out under great international media interest process, Powers was sentenced to a long prison term.
This was seen by the US as sensitive humiliation.

If the Russians in 1960 were able to shoot an intruder at this level, to what are they now capable ?

Therefore Grushko said he excludes the use of such spy equipment on the border with Russia or over Russia.
He means what Breedlove said would be propaganda and not really feasible.
Besides, the Pentagon wants to provoke a shooting to to be able to portray NATO as a victim of the Russians.

Exactly, this is the issue of the deployment of US and NATO troops on the border with Russia.
It's about a provocation, because a real threat from the Russian side does not exist.
If there are not terrorists or a virus or non-existent weapons of mass destruction or the extraterrestrials, it is the Russians who threaten the West in their sick imagination.

There is a medical term for this: paranoia, so persecutory delusion !
People who suffer from it, as Western leaders, special in Washington tend to interpret neutral or friendly actions of others as hostile (paranoid personality disorder).
So start wars !

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Russia to arm at the border'
Recently I visited friends.
We agreed upon this meeting but appointed no time.
When I entered, the telly was on.
The first German television reported just about a military upgrading of the Russian Federation on its borders to the West.
I paused and asked to watch the report, because I know for a long time what is behind . . .
It depends on the correct word.
Proper said: the wrong word.
The right thing wrong.
So propaganda works: confusing.
Propaganda must confound their audiences, that is its charge.
It must obfuscate the obvious and educate us towards blind faith and obedience - to believe the untrue is true, the right wrong, good evil, evil good.
In the propaganda, which we are exposed to much more often as we realize, in almost every case, all during wartime, Enlightenment and Propaganda are a pair of concepts like freedom fighters and terrorists.
The good, namely our people, warn.
The wicked, that is, the enemies threaten ..... because warning this is a friendly, threatening, however, a hostile behavior.
So the propaganda staged the world theater and makes us to supposedly knowing, without that we have proof, because the two words are so inconspicuous that they usually do not strike us when reading or listening.
They act subliminally.
The media supplied us with many examples of propagandistic linguistic adulteration :
'Moderate rebels' be called 'west supported insurgents', they are 'moderate' because we're the good guys, despite their Christian massacres and crucifixion or beheading crimes.
The Ukrainian Azov murderous militias are no fascists, but 'pro-government fighters' because they fight for us and the Zionist Poroshenko government against the evil Russians.
Since we are good, the fascists can not be vicious.
If vigilantism is practiced towards Ukrainian government opponents, then the West media call it not terror, but 'ugly picture'.
In the report I refer to means the headline:
'Russia upgraded militarily at the border'
This has to sound to the peace-loving citizens martial.
The term 'armament' evokes the association 'Military threat, enemy aggression'.
Subconsciously the Russians are so,  as always placed in the corner of the 'evil'.
Relatively inconspicuous and unobtrusive, the Western media put so even forth the demonizing of the legitimate defense aspirations of Russia, subtly.
Since it seems hypocritical as buried somewhere in the article (transcript) -text when it is noted that the Russian plans are a response to the provocations of NATO.
Significantly, the media call this NATO threat scenario veiling and misting 'NATO military presence' in Eastern Europe ..
Sometimes called it similar misting 'commitment of NATO in Eastern Europe' or gently 'transfer of military equipment' or 'planning of military bases in the Baltic States'.
The 'wording' armament is nowhere in the coverage of the NATO activities.
It is reserved for the evil Russian enemy.
This example shows once again as subtle but effective operate media propaganda.
Did it feel committed the truth, to peace, the headline should have read something like this: 'NATO provokes new Russian Defense Efforts on its border'.
Unfortunately, the truth has no chance.
After all, according to what is spread by the media, sit apparently people on the levers, who are totally committed the promulgation of 'transatlantic' propaganda.

So, it goes for a year, Tanks and military equipment are brought non stop to the new East Front through Central Europe EU even during daytime, also the so called neutral Austria is full-swing transit-area.

Despite being quick to condemn Russian military manoeuvers, NATO is conducting wide-scale war games in the Baltic states and creating a 'line of troops' across Eastern Europe since early 2015.
The US denies this double standard:


Join Russians in Commemorating the WWII Fallen Tags: Russia V-DAY WWII


Published on 4 May 2016 by Russia Insider

A new Russian tradition turns international
Source Besmertni Polk https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-2z...
Letter to the Editor
According to most estimates, the Soviet Union lost up to 27 million citizens during World War II, which Russians call the Great Patriotic War. Nine million fell on the battlefield, and to his day, there is hardly a family that doesn’t remember relatives killed or wounded, or who lived through wartime hardships.
That is why V-Day, May 9th in Russia, is a cherished national holiday. The peak of official celebrations is the annual military parade on Red square. But several years ago, a new tradition in Siberia: Immortal Regiment Marches, in which young people would come out in the streets carrying portraits of their relatives who fought in that war.
Last year, on the 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory, it went national.
This year, in addition to Russia, Immortal Regiment Marches will be organized in 50 countries around the world. Join them as a sign of gratitude to our ancestors – not just from Russia but from many countries that fought or resisted the Nazis


Who Has Really Won the II. World War


Who Has Really Won the II. World War
Tags: World War US Soviet Union USSR Russia Germany Parsifal Won Who History Wehrmacht Bagration

One of my greatest passions is history.

Whether the 2000 years or the last century.

The real and true history, not that we are told in the schools, in the universities and in the media which is anyway either incomplete or one-sided or completely wrong.

Because, history consists of the lies, the historians have agreed upon.

Today I want to deal with the theme - the end of World War II -, because there-over are the greatest myths and fairy tales.

At that, I will explain three sections.

Parsifal, April 29, 2016


Why is it important to know the actual course of history ?

To start with we should know, it is criminal to falsify history and to lie about what happened in the past.

Secondly, one understands just why the world is as it is, if one knows the true history.

And third, I find the wisdom of Orwell absolutely right:

'Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past'.

So, it is about control and manipulation of people.


The orwellian statement symbolizes the system by which the elite dominated humankind.

Just like in his book, Nineteen Eighty-Four, there is in the real world no history that exists unaltered.

There is really The Ministry of Truth and there are hundreds of thousands of workers every day busy to match the past to the present.

But not only the record of the past is changed, also the texts authors have once written.

These are adapted to the Zeitgeist and revised with political correctness.

read on below

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Who Has Really Won the II. World War by Parain


the embeddable videos in chronological order

Eastern Front Battlefield - Russian photo archives collection


Operation Bagration in colour


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