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Why I Wept at the Russian Parade
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Something extraordinary just took place in Russia and it may have moved our disturbed world one major step nearer to peace and away from a looming new world war.

Of all unlikely things, what took place was a nationwide remembrance by Russians of the estimated 27 to perhaps 30 million Soviet citizens who never returned alive from World War II.

Yet in what can only be described in a spiritual manner, the events of May 9, Victory Day over Nazism, that took place across all Russia, transcended the specific day of memory on the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II in 1945.

It was possible to see a spirit emerge from the moving events unlike anything this author has ever witnessed in his life.


The event was extraordinary in every respect.

There was a sense in all participants that they were shaping history in some ineffable way.

It was no usual May 9 annual show of Russia's military force.

Yes, it featured a parade of Russia's most advanced military hardware, including the awesome new T-14 Armata tanks, S-400 anti-missile systems and advanced Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets.

It was indeed impressive to watch.


The military part of the events also featured for the first time ever elite soldiers from China's Peoples' Liberation Army marching in formation along with Russian soldiers.

That in itself should shivers down the spines of the neoconservative warhawks in the EU and Washington, had they any spines to shiver.

The alliance between the two great Eurasian powers-Russia and China-is evolving with stunning speed into a new that will change the economic dynamic of our world from one of debt, depression, and wars to one of rising general prosperity and development if we are good enough to help make it happen.


During his visit, China's President XI, in addition to his quite visible honoring of the Russian Victory event and its significance for China, met separately with Vladimir Putin and agreed that China's emerging New Silk Road high-speed railway infrastructure great project will be integrated in planning and other respects with Russia's Eurasian Economic Union which now consists of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia with several prospective candidates waiting to join.

While it may seem an obvious step, it was not at all certain until now.


The two great Eurasian countries have now cemented the huge oil and gas deals between them, the trade deals and the military cooperation agreements with a commitment to fully integrate their economic infrastructure.

Following his meeting with Xi, Putin told the press, 'The integration of the Eurasian Economic Union and Silk Road projects means reaching a new level of partnership and actually implies a common economic space on the continent.'


It's Zbigniew Brzezinski's worst geopolitical nightmare come to fruition.

And that, thanks to the stupid, short-sighted geopolitical strategy of Brzezinski and the Washington war faction that made it clear to Beijing and to Moscow their only hope for sovereign development and to be free of the dictates of a Washington-Wall Street Sole Superpower was to build an entire monetary and economic space independent of the dollar world.


The Parade of the Good

Yet the most extraordinary part of the day-long events was not the show of military hardware at a time when NATO is not only rattling sabres at Russia, but even intervening militarily in Ukraine to provoke Russia into some form of war.


What was extraordinary about the May 9 Victory Day Parade was the citizens' remembrance march, a symbolic parade known as the March of the Immortal Regiment, a procession through the streets of Moscow into the famous and quite beautiful Red Square.

The square, contrary to belief of many in the West was not named so by the 'Red' Bolsheviks.

It took its name from Czar Alexei Mikhailovich in the mid-17th Century from a Russian word which now means red. Similar Immortal Regiment parades involving an estimated twelve million Russians took place all over Russia at the same time, from Vladivostock to St. Petersburg to Stevastopol in what is now Russian Crimea.


In an atmosphere of reverence and quiet, some three hundred thousand Russians, most carrying photos or portraits of family members who never returned from the war, walked on the beautiful, sunny spring day through downtown Moscow into Red Square where the President's residence, the famous Kremlin, is also located.


To see the faces of thousands and thousands of ordinary Russians walking, optimism about their future beaming from their faces, young and the very old, including surviving veterans of the Great Patriotic War as it is known to Russians, moved this writer to quietly weep.


read more William F Engdahl's article in NEO


Victory70: Largest May 9 parade in Russian and Soviet history since WW2

Video @ YouTube

Spiritual Russia
'The Western nations have abandoned agriculture and all want only rule.
Reign about themselves is not, so they begin to search for colonies and markets'
- Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910), Russian writer
And in this search for colonies encounter the western nations, especially the United States of America with the European Union and NATO on the guide rope, now Russia and Eurasia.
With conceivable unsuitable methods and with an arrogance that is second to none, should Russia and China will be forced to back down and to give up their vital national interests.
A unique in human history propaganda war was unleashed, the western Alpha media and Alpha politicians lie like come hell or high water, and so that, even for the politically less interested the penny starts to drop which irresponsible game is operated here.
Opposition stirs everywhere, newspaper of records loses readers and circulation and politicians lose voters and popular support.
Voter turnout at municipal level to the Bremen City Parliament (Landtag) in Germany was recently at only 38.3 percent.
Clearer can not be expressed a votum, clearer can not be expressed rejection.
However, neither of 'our' corporate media nor our politicians reason to alter their behaviour.
But on the contrary !
Our elites have now reached the point in their hubris, where they themselves are no longer able by to change, change ANYTHING.
Consequently, their demise accelerated because they are unable to assess the impact of their deeds properly.
Just the example of the Ukraine crisis caused by the West shows this more than clear.
The 'regional power Russia' (quote Obama) knows, despite sanctions and Western propaganda war to behave properly and is led by a president who feels truly committed to his country and wants to avert at all costs damage against his own people - and is also able to.
Thus here two worlds collide, two belief systems.
Russia and China, interested in equal partnership with the West and, Washington's neoco(h)nservative Zionist war hawks aiming at the submission and voluntary surrender of
Russia and Eurasia in the wake to impose the 'New World Order' the whole world.
Today we are witnessing the failure of this great plan of Orion-elites, because the New World Order will not come through !
Either with or without Russia.
And for this not only we who are increasingly waking up or Putin, resisting with all his strength, but mainly the warmongers worry in Washington and in NATO itself, as, with each new lie the drop height from which they eventually fall increases.
Neither Napoleon nor Hitler foresaw their own demise, and this however came !
The Anglo-Saxon world domination, like any empire, is underlying internal decay, decadence and hubris.
And perhaps the West is only a stone's throw away from the 'agriculture'.

Russia, however, is apprehends by a new spirit and this can be, as William F Engdahl in his article for the May 9 celebration, the day of victory over Nazi Germany, expresses 'only described as spiritually'.

(Which way will America go, cornered and wounded ?)

- Parsifal



Estas Tonnč's message to the world
Category: ART & MUSIC
Tags: Message Tonne Troubadour Russia Ambassador Artist Parsifal SixthSun

As a modern Troubadour Estas Tonnč travels in many places and finds himself in several cultural references without identifying himself with a single nation or country, rather with the cultural richness of the world.
His music is therefore a reflection of many approaches.
A fusion of classical structure, technique of flamenco, the tradition of gypsy, characteristics of Latin music... a variety of styles that show a harmonic structure of the sound that the guitar produces a wavelength of, performed improvisations are always different, but with a very precise textured melody.

Ha Ha Ha Song


His music is always shaped by emotional expression, and by a wide range of acoustic elements, coming not only from the various kinds of music, but from the access to the emotions themselves.
There are two fields where he shapes the music.
It is the underlying structure of 'I know', and the uniqueness of the additional improvisation with the starting point of 'I don't know'.
This particular approach to create music includes both the foundation and the freedom at the same time.
Estas Tonnč participates in concerts, conferences, meetings, Yoga, art events, and other festivals, yet it is involved in collaborations ranging from several film projects, poetry, meditation and dance and is often on the way as street-artist.

And recently his involvement in the film project 'Time of The Sixth Sun' which is featuring the concerts of the gigging, itinerate musician.
This film is thought as an inspirational and uplifting documentary about the shift in global consciousness and the emerging movement to find a new way to walk more lightly on this Planet.

Improvisation Germany, Tour 2013


His travels to international understanding Tonnč financed primarily from the proceeds from the CD sale.

This log is about the Concert in Ufa, Oct 31, 2014
(Ufa is the capital city of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russian Federation)
Parsifal, May 01, 2015

Estas, born in Odessa, Ukraine in the former Soviet Union speaks in his native language Russian.
I dared to translate transcripts of his words before, during and past his concerto to the best of my knowledge using yandex translate
I would like to add this is the line of reasoning and so language of an awakened artist, an uncommon, exceptionally gifted globetrotter in re music for understanding among human beings.
It might appear the translation does not in all reflect the denotation of this longhair nor of the mount spirit of the event; yet I am convinced you might catch the gist.

Also, I would again like to emphasize albeit this translation might not be accurate in all portions, it may reflect well the message which the Guitarist wants to carry with his music in October 2014.

(explaining supplements added in brackets)
concert starts @ 5 minutes --> volume up


Estas Tonnč Life @ Ufa in two parts

'I know we are all here for different reasons probably the only reason that all have in common is music.
Well, how cool!
I sincerely wish for all of us travel inside this, where we can put aside all other concepts...
It's difficult, especially for those who have music education.
It is difficult for anyone who can't 'immerse himself inside himself'
In general this applies to all of us... all...
You are used to look at a film... the outside... outside...
And to suffer about life...
Imagine that you came to the cinema, where the screen is visible - your life.
With all its emotions, stories, experiences, challenges, communication...
And - as if by a blow of a magic wand, dissolve these emotions because we can see them - they come from
somewhere in the depths...
And hide from them (is possible) nowhere, because we carry them inside.
There are emotions that are impossible to get ... even... for almost all life...
then they predominate in our communication with others and, above all, with ourselves.
So let's put concepts away for a few hours.
If it is too difficult to understand intellectually, not just by the heart, and to be here - please go home...
You don't need to fight.
I'm not here to surprise someone over some guitar technique ... is for those who came to see the guitarist
for me it means nothing... at all...
Technique is formed gradually with each step.
Mastery is a daily sharpening of the diamond, which has no boundaries and no limits.
Today it is (this), in 10 years it'll be something else...
The thing is as deep as you can look inside yourself.
(It is) to let something go, to embrace something, to smile about something, to cry about something,
we are all kind of wandering today... enjoy...'

@ ~ 67 minutes:
'Breathe .... breathe....
it may seem strange... weird... strange...
and it's not about the music...
I'm talking about...
.... more understandable because engaged in various practices ...
someone clearly because music education
someone clearly just because the heart is open
but mostly it is unclear what was removed... disable...
From generation to generation, from generation to generation, from generation to generation... cut...
and how to connect again... if you cut off?
Cut not 2-3 generations
but 10-20-30-40 generations - cut off...
all knowledge about the music cut off
all the pieces
be good guys - cut like a piece of paper'

At around 70th minute:
'Be a conscientious being among ... the inhabitants of the planet...
but where to hide from the fact that whispers inside?
Sometimes whispers, sometimes shouts
sometimes crying, sometimes screaming
there's no place to hide
it's impossible to disable
this, the TV will not see...
and that's all there is
it's holding a guitar
for some it's a dance
for some it's a sculpture, for someone is this a journey
for some it's just gazing at the stars
these doors, opportunities are countless
but allow yourself...
go in there so as not to think 'what will people think?'
'what would someone say?
How would he look at me?'
So watch and open ... and the Second...
Tenth. Hundredth and... and Thousand.
Be not afraid to be yourself...
Be not afraid to be in home state, because that IS the HOME
- there are no nationalities, no passports, no borders, no soldiers.
It's the ocean... that is love.
And the music I would say:
in each subject
animate and inanimate
There is melody
it's not even 'melody', and IT
here IT is
IT changes
depending on what a human being would think to feel.
IT will change something like this:
Our thoughts
it is our feelings
that's what we say to each other
you can go to the bathroom and even with no one to speak, but will feel in this room 'hangs' the IT.
thoughts... feelings...
someone can see these, someone may need to hear them
you need to take responsibility... to everyone, without expecting that someone will come and will do...
will show 'how'
tell 'what'
and 'where'
to take responsibility is a great work
but that's what we're here for
colorful, colorful...
It is the responsibility of each of us - what we do on the planet;
And what we pass on... (to) those who will come after us.
And the sooner we start to do it the faster we will begin to see changes - changes which are not outside
ourselves, but within because everything comes from there.

Just sleep no longer
you can't sleep anymore.
You can't sleep anymore.
I know... maybe many have come here for other reasons:
Well it is what it is... sleep no more.
Nor Ufa, nor in Yekaterinburg, neither in Moscow, nor in Paris to sleep no more!

I'll play you another 'theme'... I don't even know what to call it...  '...' .. 'song'... 'something'
it's called 'Roads that lead us home'...
Home... really Home.
I know we don't remember -
we are not taught.
Grandmother said something
Great-grandmother-we talked.
Looked movies.
But that's not all, it's not all that there is
Everything I say here today - check it out.
About the music, too: connect yourself to any equipment - we'll see -
on the monitor you will see different kind of waves that change
depending on what we say what we think...
what... we not sent into the world...
I'm saying let's create a beautiful Symphony:
In the first instance to take responsibility for each
waiting... waiting for something to happen, some kind of meeting.
Op! (oops) - and it was all over
day passes...
someone's entire life...
but if in one day I couldn't see
these thoughts
these experiences'

@ around 91 minutes
'It's aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa me mamamamamama
I if we don't see this deeper than this - the day was wasted
but the next day brings another opportunity
and another day
in a week
maybe 2 weeks, maybe years, I understand that it's not me
and all.
I am not here for minemineminemineminemine (minstrels)
And for total total total......   ............
It is a colorful, multinational, eternal.
Only and waiting (to) when you wake up..
To deliberately create this mandala of life.
Great picture of the invisible artist who separated himself into billions of pieces...
Why am I with her?

'This voice inside will be heard.
When all these fake programs, fake situations...
... not even a false one, and just 'sleeping'
...clearer then, coming to the concert; musicians, we won't pretend that 'everything is fine' when someone sits

and ...

(about the copycats)
...plays a soundtrack wrong...
but they, too, can understand...
Contracts - many need to survive.
But just as the musician is unforgivable and inexcusable for us all ... a soundtrack to play
... you can't sleep anymore.

All I said today
(Is) like a cloud that just passed
some rain, which we were refreshed and cleared our view.
Thank him... the cloud... and I'm just holding the guitar.
The cloud flew ... what next?
We asked what is left what is activated inside - something...

Thank you all for this moment, it is unique like every night...
and at every meeting.
We are unique, we are growing in number
let's just thank that moment, that inimitable (moment).
Thank you this is the place where we can meet up and share the moment.
All people whom we met and will escort and who did so thanks to them.
Thank you all.
The only thing that I wish you all - look around at those who stand beside you for a second... I know is not usual, especially in this country, unusual...
Look around... we'll see
This is just a reminder that every step and every meeting is unique...
This is an opportunity to go higher, better, farther.
We are all in this place.
Create a colorful picture of eternal life.
Thank you all'


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10 questions to Estas Tonnč by Paola Elena Ferri
1)   'Let's talk about you: who is Estas Tonnč and where does he come from?'

Estas: 'Thanks for asking.
Of course I can give you a superficial answer, but I don't wish to feed this story anymore.
So I would say this:
Who is Estas Tonnč?
A fragment of the whole…
And where does he come from?
I don't quite remember yet… but I might answer this question soon..'

2)  How did you start playing around the world and why did you decide to do that?

Estas: I didn't start to play around the world, it seems the world is round and I kept moving around it'.
3)  'I saw one of your videos and I was surprised by your ability to improvise.
What do you think and what do you feel when you play?'

Estas: 'What do you think when you walk the same street you walked last night?
Different things right?
So it is... now is one thing, the next now is another thing… though what is in between is very interesting'.

4)  'Who is and what is an Artist, according to you?'

Estas: 'ALL OF US, some could truly connect with the essence of it, some are exploring dimensions of it, and some think it's only "special people who have unique talents"... and that's true… we are all unique and talented... and all are artists...'

5)  'Can you tell me something about the project "Time of the Sixth Sun"?'

Estas: 'It's a film about raising the consciousness on this planet… shared by many beings who explore themeaning of it, some have answers, some dogmas, some are here to INSPIRE…
I truly wish this wonderful project would be available for the masses soon enough!'

6)  'I'd like to speak about your album "Internal Flight 2013":
What do you want to communicate, with this work?
You said: "A transformation of thought into eternal smiling silence".
What did you mean?'
Estas: It's all about transformation… like life itself and death also… moving from one state to another… so it's kinda transforming a Dragon into a Dragonfly…'
7)  'Have you ever been in Italy, my country?
If you did it, can you remember something particular that happened to you?
If you didn't, will you come to make a session?'
Estas: 'Yes, I love that part of the Earth called Italy, and I have many beautiful friends originally coming from these gorgeous lands.
I have never seen so many paparazzi in any other parts of the world, seems this word is living its purpose'.

8) 'What is your philosophy of life?
What do you believe in?'

Estas: 'It changes from moment to moment… yet I believe one day we will greet each other with an open heart…

and truly see who we are…

9)  'What does music represent to you?'
Estas: It's a wave….and we better choose what waves we are making …
As we are the waves also...

10)  'Is there anything that we didn't mention and you'd like to say?
What are your upcoming events?'

Estas: 'Having an Internal flight… as nothing else matters unless we are free… inside…'

'Thank you so much and have a great journey, Estas!'



Estas Tonnč:

Korwin-Mikke: Maidan shooters trained in Poland
Tags: Korwin-Mikke Maidan Shooters Trained Poland Ukraine Russia NATO Parsifal Interview Apo

Janusz Korwin-Mikke is a Polish politician.

He's since 2014 Member of the European Parliament and competes in the presidential election in Poland 2015 for his new party KORWiN, which takes place on May 10.

He is considered one of the richest politicians in Poland, so is financially independent and can pronounce truths that no one else dares.

In an interview with Wirtualna Polska, the largest and most famous web portal in Poland, he stated:

'The Maidan was also our operation.

The snipers were trained in Poland.

These terrorists have shot 40 protesters and 20 police officers at the Maidan, in order to provoke an uprising'


Parsifal, April 21, 2015

To explain:

Janusz Korwin-Mikke was one of the first Polish politicians who said publicly that the CIA has operated secret prisons on Polish territory and tortured prisoners there, something that the Polish government denied strictly ... until the US regime has itself admitted this fact.

If what he says about the snipers on the Maidan now officially admitted later?


Interview by Joanna Stanislawska translated by me with some help from a Polish friend and Yandex Translate


Janusz Korwin-Mikke (JKM): Poland has no conflict of interest with Russia.

We have no problems on the Polish-Russian border.

The promotion of a militaristic reasoning is not useful for us only for the US.

It is difficult to agree with people like Vladimir Zhirinovsky (Russian right-wing populist politician) because he's crazy, but he's right when he says that we are Washington's henchmen.


Wirtualna Polska (WP): But such feelings are of course, in the face of Russia's aggressive policy.

It's hard to ignore the Iskander missiles on our border.


JKM: Just a moment!

The Iskanders there are only since recently, after Poland has released hundreds of brutal verbal attacks on Russia, and after the American armed cavalry held on Polish territory parades.

I am a poker player and in poker you have to think like the enemy.

From the Russian perspective, the situation is as follows:

In the last 20 years, NATO has swallowed the GDR, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria, and wants to put his paws on Ukraine.

Plus, they have torn Kosovo from Serbia, have attacked Muammar Ghaddafi (may he rest in peace), and now they are attacking the only defender of Christianity in the Middle East, His Excellency Bashar al-Assad, just because he is an ally of Russia.

You will find on the internet a meme that says, 'Russia wants war.

Look here as they have moved the country close to the NATO bases'

So I wonder who is the aggressor?


WP: The Ukrainians will have a different view on this subject.


JKM: Unfortunately, they can thank the Americans for everything.

Russia had a pretty friendly president in Ukraine in the person of Viktor Yanukovych.

And Russia had no intention to take anything.

It was also the ideal situation for us, because it is in the Polish interest that Ukraine exists as an independent state, but also a weak.

This has destroyed the Maidan.

Victoria Nuland from the US State Department has publicly admitted that the US spent USD 5 billion to destabilize the situation in Ukraine.

We are dealing with a US aggression in Ukraine.

Putin has pulled only the chestnuts out of the fire.


WP: But that's money that the US spent since 1991 to democratize the Ukraine.

It has not been issued to organize the Maidan.

Do you think it was a CIA operation?


JKM: Yes ... and it was also our operation.

The snipers were trained in Poland.

Even the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper wrote, who actually shot on the Maidan.

The terrorists have 40 protesters and 20 policemen shot in order to provoke a riot.

The truth finally comes into light.


WP: Why did Poland train the ones you call 'terrorists' ?


JKM: Let me repeat:

We have done Washington a favor.

(Can also be meant 'Blowjob', because in Polish language are very similar the words.)


WP: Do you have any proof?


JKM: I'm sitting in the European Parliament alongside Mr. Urmas Paetz, the Foreign Minister of Estonia, who confirmed in a telephone conversation with Baroness Catherin Ashton, that it was 'our people', who shot on the Maidan, and not the people of Yanukovych, or of Putin.

Trained by us in Western countries.


WP: I do not know what Paetz and Ashton have spoken, but Putin has said that.

You repeat the Russian propaganda.

It is difficult to understand why it would be in the interest of Poland.


JKM: His Excellency Vladimir Putin said the same only two months after Mr. Paetz.

I believe in the principle of St. Augustine, 'even if the world goes down, but justice must prevail'

If the Russians say from the mouth of Sergei Lavrov, they have not hurt the Budapest Memorandum, then they either lying, or if it is true, then we have to take note of that.


WP: NATO has a defensive doctrine, while Putin will upgrade on a large scale, sends tanks and heavy equipment in Ukraine, and you say, this is not an aggressive policy?



The Americans!

War is only useful from an American perspective.

There is interest in the US who are pushing into an armed conflict:

The arms industry, the financies, some politicians, generals, but also many people (some of whom I know personally) among the neoconservatives.

They analyze the situation with cold logic:

We have created the most powerful army in the world, but we have 18 trillion in debt, and we can not afford any further development.

China, which supports Russia, will soon overtake us, so if we want to maintain our global hegemony, we need to start a war, at least in some years.

Ukraine is a very suitable pretext.

At the moment Poland is able to prevent III. World War.


WP: How so?


JKM: In which we declare our neutrality in concerns of the Ukraine.

Just as Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Belarus, which do not take part in the anti-Russian frenzy.

We could save the world, if we prevent the US military access to Ukraine.


WP: The Kremlin has occupied the Crimea and by pro-Russian separatists it occupies the eastern Ukraine, but we will say nothing happened?


JKM: The situation in Crimea is clear.

Russia has the Kosovo used as a precedent.

After all, why can separate Kosovo from Serbia, but not Crimea from Ukraine?

The Russians have warned, whoever recognizes the independence of Kosovo, gives consent to similar action in the future.

With Donbass it is not so clear, but there Ukraine has made a mistake.

It would have to give up the Crimea and to ask the military to the border with Russia.

Instead, they only have screamed, but the result of the yelling was that it lost the Crimea, while the inhabitants of Donbass said they will also succeed.


WP: One should therefore turn adrift Ukraine?


JKM: It does for Poland not matter whether the Ukraine has the Crimea and Donbass or not.

We must not forget, every assistance to Ukraine is help for people, at least in western Ukraine, who hate us.

Their heroes are Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych, who are responsible for the genocide of Polish civilians in Podolia, Volhynia and Eastern Lesser Poland, where up to hundreds of thousands were killed.

They are fascists.


WP: Again you repeat Russian propaganda.


JKM: You have to admit that so far the Russians are right when they use the term 'fascist' to describe the record i.e. on the 'right sector'.

His Excellency Vladimir Putin we have to be grateful for one thing:

Because of his actions Ukraine hate the Russians more than the Poles.




WP: Why do you think Putin would be a magnificent president of Poland?


JKM: Because he is strong and decisive.

The more they are unhappy with him in Europe, the better he is as President from a Russian perspective.

We also need a President, which fear our neighbors.



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WP: Warsaw could be hit by nuclear weapons?


JKM: I doubt whether Putin used nuclear weapons against a country that does not have these and does not threaten Russia.

There is not such a danger, because Putin is entirely rational in this matter.


The full interview covers a wider range of topics, here is but only an excerpt shown, with relevance to Russia and Ukraine.

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