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Medicine Wheel
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Everything that is, runs in cycles, recurring cycles determine our lives:

Day and night, the circle of the seasons, the cycle of the stars, the cycle of the lunar cycle from new moon to new moon, death, birth, rebirth.

The circle itself is an 'ingenious invention', has neither beginning nor end.

Stone circles, medicine wheels and circular megalithic can be found all over the world.

They play an important role in the traditional knowledge of many tribal cultures.

Shamanic traditions, there have been and still exist in many parts of our earth, and they lie alive everywhere where people have remained in touch with nature.

Stone circles represent connection points between the influences of the earth and the sky.



In Königsdorf, Bavaria near the village I was born, there are forests with old mossy trees and steep slopes leading down to the merrily swirling Lech creek.

At this idyllic place met some five hundred friends and followers of the Ojibwa medicine man Sun Bear, to celebrate a Medicine Wheel Ritual.

The Medicine Wheel, a mandala (vision board) of stones is based on a vision that had received the medicine man from high spirits.

The origin of Shamanism: Altay, Russian Federation

The stone circle connects all beings- the animals, the 'green people' (plants), the stones, the stars, the clouds- spirits, people and all things (everything that is) - with one another and with the Great Spirit.

In the centre of the wheel is a large stone, which represents as 'Grandpa Stone' the Creator and the sole origin of the universe.

In addition to the grandfather stone is directed eastward a buffalo skull.

Buffalo Scull on Grandfathers Stone Centre Sacred Medicine Wheel

Four paths lined with stones radiate from this centre and hit the outer stone circle, which symbolizes the entire creation circle.

In the seventies of the last century emerged from the New Age Movement (i.e.. Vision of Sun Bear, a Metis Ojibwa Indian) astrological horoscope and aligned medicine wheels.

One result of the Zeitgeist of earlier New Age dreams.

The ancient Indians turned to astronomical knowledge for the basic orientation of the wheel (e.g. solstices), and certainly little astrology, not at all for horoscopes.

Current traditional Indian representatives reject the alienation of their spiritual traditions from consistent.

These Indians will not be dictated by the stars, but transferred from a singular personal vision out of a totem (e.g. animals, plants, rocks, etc.).

In this sense our (Lakota) Medicine Wheel was launched and aligned.

'The Medicine Wheel is a springboard of power that will allow you to link up to all the energies of the universe'

- Sun Bear


Parsifal, August 09, 2015

Participants in the ceremony are smoked with Sage - Steppe Wormwood (Artemisia prairie trilobata), the guardians of the four directions and the other spirits are invoked; the sacred pipe is lit and circling in the course of the sun, and last tobacco and small gifts deposits on the outer circle.

Tobacco sacrifice at the outer circle

Sun Bear said the ritual radiates peace, harmony, prosperity and healing to the entire environment.

In order to conduct the rituals at the meeting and to convey sacred knowledge, indigenous medicine people and carriers of wisdom were flown in from the Russian Federation and America and invited domestic European 'shamans' and spiritual leaders.

My friend and mentor J. Reuben Ortiz Silverbird ('walk in beauty') the Peace Ambassador and accomplished musician, singer and performer, internationally recognised as a leading teacher of Native American spirituality could unfortunately not partake.


Manitonquat - also called Medicin Story -, the guardian of the tradition of the Wampanoag Indians, was there, as well as the Canadian Indian Luke Blue Eagle.

Wabun (Wind), the wife of late Sun Bear clearly produced.

Although she is a White of Anglo-Welsh origin but has been adopted by the Ojibwa and feels very Indian.

Drum makers, traders in skins, animal skulls, Native American jewellery, glass beads, fuming herbs and leather clothing, and also sellers of wilderness and Indian literature presented at their stands.

Large and small tepees were erected and many camping tents.

Everywhere smudged campfires.

There was a cheerful mood, full of expectation.



Ghost rain

Right at the beginning, at the dedication of the medicine wheel, there were disagreements.

One of the organizers, a dedicated women's rights activist, considered it as an affront to womanhood that a male grandparent stone occupied the centre of the circle as the creator.

It was supposed to be a grandmother, who sits there, finally be the women bearers and creators.

The argument that this stone in the middle really would carry the entire masculine as well as the feminine, in itself that he was androgynous, she let not apply.

Without further ado, she dragged another stone in, a 'Grandmother Stone', and superimposed him on the Grandfather Stone.

The slightly corpulent, flaxen blonde chief of 'Bear Tribe' of the German section would therefore not pick a quarrel; he put up with the grandmother, just let her go.

He tried to perform the ritual, the smoking and the invocation harmonious and correctly.

But no sooner had he started, the sky moved unexpectedly because unannounced, and there fell the first drops of rain.

There were always more.

Soon it rained so hard that many participants left the medicine wheel to get to dry land.

The rain did not let up.

It rained the rest of the day and the whole night.

It dripped through the chimney and out of the rods of the tepees, cold dampness penetrated the tents, sleeping bags soaked full with water.

The next morning, in completely drenched clothes, the Bear Tribe people took their breakfast in the canteen.

Some had not slept all night.

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The next morning it was raining blithely, except during short interruptions.

The workshops outdoors, in the forest and the river cancelled.

Heavy and gray closed the sky and everywhere there was dribbling down.

Wabun and the Indians said they would do something about it.


The Spiritual Leaders met behind closed doors in the sacred tepee, where in the middle blazed an 'Eternal Flame' for the late Sun Bear.

Also, I was invited into the illustrious circle.

'Wherever I am, the sun comes forth. I can talk with the clouds spirits. They listen to me!'

Told Luke Blue Eagle, who immediately took the chief seat opposite the teepee entrance.

Using an eagle feather he let ascend swaths of sacred prairie mugwort (ragwort) qualms, took the frame drum in the hand and sang his Medicine Song.

'Heya, Heya, ya, ya, ho' or something like it sounded.

An impressive performance - but without effect !

It was raining even harder !


Now came the turn for the white-haired old Manitonquat.

He also burned incense and sang Indian power songs.

The cloud spirits did not seem to be impressed.

On the contrary, now it flowed torrentially down.

Cernunnos, the Deer God as Lord of the Weather

'Parsifal Rain', they now asked me smiling, 'you know something that calmed down the rain spirits?!'

I did not want to blow and explain that 'making the weather' was actually to my cradle, not only because I'm still experimenting very cautious, thus I decided to keep my big mouth.

After all I've done with the 'rain-making' already quite a loss which was certainly due to a particular arrogance after initial successes and besides, I have, as Goethe's sorcerer's apprentice handled with powers of which I knew next to nothing.

Actually, I knew very little except that with the Ordinary Hemp Agrimony (Cunegonde herb, Eupatorium cannabinum), the ancient Celts have operated weather spells.

The herb that grew by chance next to the Tipi was - according the tradition - ordained the weather sensitive deer, the antlered Cernunnos, the sun god of the underworld.

Only I did not know whether the Pagan Celts summoned the rain with the herb or dispelled or whether they were able to do the both.

It was worth the try.

I picked the high-growing herb, waved it in the air and put it next to the sacred fire in the ground.

Now I would like to be able to say: ... and once the rain stopped.

But it was not so.

General perplexity now spread through the round.

Since Wabun spoke - after she was the boss.


'Someone said, in this place here was once a camp of the Hitler Youth'

she said in a meaningful sound.

'We bring light and good energy, but the spirits of the Nazis want to prevent that.

These evil spirits intend to expel us by the weather'.

This explanation seemed plausible to those present and witnessed her high spiritual gift - that but did not harm the rain.

It seemed to me the explanation anyway was somewhat far-fetched, especially if you know what the Hitler Youth was - and what it was not, and the thing about 'light and energy' is anyway fishy to me.

But that's beside the point.


I had learned from the Cheyenne that a ritual that the spiritual beings make known a medicine man in his vision, never ever may not be amended in the slightest detail.

A ritual sets forces in the spirit world in motion, which then have very concrete effects in everyday reality.

Even if one does have very best intentions, one must not simply change a ritual fixed by the Manitus (deities).

We must not create a 'Great Mother Stone' and then, moreover, put on the grandfather stone at will out of political correctness.

Thereby is the original quiescent centre, the primal unity split, so that polar tension and discord are possible.

But 'ho', Wabun had spoken !

She brooked no argument.

It seemed like confirmation of my suspicion that Wabun somehow could be wrong, as next day I met the master of herbalism, Sepp Ott.


He had heard that I and also the 'Aschenbrennerin' - the talented Bavarian herbalist Eva Aschenbrenner - were here at the meeting, that's why he once came by.

Sepp Ott, a Munich original and old outdoorsman who performs with a lot of wit and humour very educational herb hikes in the middle of the Bavarian capital, was in a particularly good mood.

'It's wonderful to be here, in spite of the rain. Königsdorf makes me wonderful memories, I tell you. Back when twelve or thirteen years of Bua (lad), I camped here with the Hitler Youth.

Yes, my, what a Gaudi (jamboree) we had!'

I must well have looked a little strange, so he answered my thoughts:

'Uh, so (such) a rubbish that has never had anything to do with Nazis.

We were just boys who even came out from the narrow streets of the city and took the opportunity to let off steam in the woods and down the river, and to sit in the evening around the campfire. Really enjoy the great outdoors, which was wonderful!'

I felt my thoughts confirmed and was glad to meet the old Sepp again after years and above all that he could remember me.


Also on the third day it rained on.

Only when my herb hike there was - as luck would have it - a short break, so I could show people native medicinal plants and edible wild vegetables.

That night were heard suspicious noises: hasty steps to the latrines, choking and throwing up.

Everywhere, behind the tents and in the bushes, was puking.

It smelled like diarrhoea and sour vomit.

The constant rain and cold had done theirs - epidemically spread from to an intestinal flu.

One of the participants, with whom I had befriended, was a young doctor.

He let it be known publicly that he would put up a tent and ordaining anyone who is afflicted with the intestinal flu treatment, free of charge.

'What kind of medicine do you have?', I asked him curiously.

'Oh, you know, nothing. I serve little white placebo pills.

This stabilizes at least the psyche. We do not want a panic. Why, you know about a herbal remedy?'

'No, nothing comes to mind', I answered truthfully.

Despite abdominal cramps, nausea and the runs the ordination tent remained virtually empty.

The Naturals, eco-freaks and Indians fans were indeed come to get out at least for a week from the estranged from nature, wired, over-technological consumer society to get rid of electronic bracelets and to behold the rehearsal for future natural, harmonious and spiritual New Neolithic.

They were almost offended when one came up with pills that had been produced in any chemistry lab.

Wild growing medicinal herbs, as they used the Indians or Celts, was which they wanted.

On this, they insisted.

They turned to me and jostling:

'Come, Parsifal, you certainly know any herb that acts at intestinal flu!'

As so often I stood there helplessly.

Why all these people come just to me !

There are some experts familiar with a high number of plants signatures and can assign therefore a specific form of the disease.

Certainly I had somewhere once, read in Maria Treben's herbs lexica, the herb priest Künzle, the pharmacist Pavlov, Ethno-Botanist, Culture-Anthropologist Stohrl learnt about herbs for intestinal flu, but for the moment struck me nothing at all, except chamomile.

But suddenly it was as if I heard the voice of a ghost:

'Open your eyes, you stupid man!

The solution to the problem is right in front of you. Know, salvation is always present'

'What's the hardest part of it all?

What you seem the easiest:

With the eyes to see

what lies before your eyes'

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



At that moment I saw it:

As they grew everywhere at the brook and on the meadow - Engelwurz, Wild Angelica (Angelica, Archangel, Holy Ghost, Alexander, Master Word), the Angel of the Forest.

I had little experience with the large plant until then.

In the community near Villingen in the Black Forest, where I was once a vegetable gardener, we had daily drunk in the cold and damp transitional period between autumn and winter for the prevention of colds and flu the Angelica tee as infusion.

It was said that the spicy herb infusion strengthen the immune system.

The plant itself I knew then not, as we got the dry, crushed roots from the pharmacy.

But the tea seemed to work.

The actual plant I had learned to know much later as the herb master Sepp Ott, at a herbal excursion in the Black Forest showed me radiant of joy a nearly two meters tall, thriving umbellifer and said: 'Look, is she not beautiful?'

He was amazed that I, the alleged herbal expert who did not know Angelica.

Yes, and now she had called me.

Bill TallBull, the Cheyenne medicine man had always told me: 'Not you are looking for the plant, but she is looking for you!'

I took a bucket, my friend, the doctor got hold of two spades, and together we dug out in incessantly pouring rain, the strong white roots, one by one.

We were soaked to the skin.

In the kitchen we washed and brushed the roots clean and cut them to small pieces.

The chain-smoking cook, who was not a member of the 'Bear Tribe', looked at us too sceptical.

When we asked about her biggest pots, she hesitated.

She wanted to know first what kind of a root it was and who could account for it, to brew a tea.

I could read her gloomy thoughts.

She was afraid it might be a poison herb.

In her mind she saw already, printed in thick black letters, the headline of the German Bild newspaper: PSEUDO-INDIAN CULT COMMITTED MASS SUICIDE WITH POISONOUS PLANTS.

Yes, had there not once been the Jonestown cult in Guyana, by losing it and had itself killed with poisoned effervescent powder ?

Hundreds sect members had died.

Nevertheless, I managed to reassure the cook.

She lit another cigarette and debouched with the 50-liter pots.

Soon the people were queuing after refreshing, sharp spicy tasting elixir.

Some became immediately well, others took a little longer.

For many it was an important confirmation that the straight nature to those which correspond to it can provide a cure.

One need not even to import expensive exotic plants.

Everything we need grows where you need it.


Pause and look:

Unique, always new and fresh

is our world and full of wonder.

Hold on.

Rush not past like a madman,

trapped in endless thoughts loops

and the sticky web of pipe dreams

Look deep, look the miracle,

the gift of nature,

the gift of our true self !




Angelica - an abstract

click image to enlarge

Planetary affiliation:

Sun, Mercury. Nicolas Culpeper (1616-1654). The famous English herbalist and Herbal-Astronomer, presents the majestic plant under the rule of the sun. 'The plant is like the sun when it is in her house in the lion', he writes.

In addition, it takes effect against all diseases of Saturn: hardening (concretion), cold, toxicosis (poisoning) (Culpeper, 1999: 8).


The Angelica is with her hollow stems and inflated leaf sheaths open to air and light effects; at the same time reveals the vigorous taproot a solid relationship with the earth forces. The signature suggests a holistic harmonizing effect. Her protective property is reflected in the bracts that protect the flower umbels from external influences.


Essential oils or terpene hydrocarbons (have a cleansing effect and expectorant for the lungs and respiratory system), angelic acid, coumarins (Woodruff smell!), Bitter substances (stimulate digestion), flavonoids, tannic acid.

Warning: contains furocoumarin; the fresh juice can induce in direct sunlight in susceptible persons skin irritation.


The root was once used against plague, cholera and typhoid, today in lung ailments, colds, flu, viral diseases, indigestion, and loss of appetite, mononucleosis, digestive problems, intestinal fungi and pancreas weakness.

Because it promotes the intestinal blood flow, it is also indicated for colitis, enteritis, gastritis and even with gallbladder and liver disorders.



to be continued

Sungazing Myths Exposed Tags: Sungazing Natural Health Forbidden Knowledge Health Empowerment

by Andrew Fisher, guest writer for In5D.com

We’ve all been told by parents, teachers, doctors, and mainstream scientists that we will go blind if we look at the sun. Well folks, we have been suckered, and I am a living example!

The act of sungazing, or literally looking at the sun, is one of the most beneficial things a human being and other animals can do for physical, mental, and spiritual enhancement. It turns out that when you look at the sun, the electromagnetic energy from the sun bypasses your physical and goes right to your brain to “recharge your batteries” and neutralize your body for the better, causing no eyesight loss in the process. Kudos to akashic records reader Andrew Bartzis for pointing this out!

And it also turns out that sungazers had it all wrong when they said that you must look at the sun only during the 1 hour window of sunrise and sunset when there is a UV index of zero, and that any other time will cause harm through ultraviolet radiation. Is it an accident that, as Mark Matika told me in an interview with him, that Florida is the state with the lowest skin cancer rate yet it is the state where people spend the most time in the sun? Not at all!

Mainstream science has lied to us about the nature of the sun in regards to its chemistry, physics, and how its rays affect us. First of all it is electromagnetic and NOT powered by nuclear fusion. Just like light bulbs are “hot spots” on the web of electrical wiring that goes throughout a building, so too are stars “hot spots” on a universal web of electromagnetic consciousness energy (with planet being the “cold spots”). The fact that stars get their energy from the OUTSIDE is the real reason why the corona of a star, which is many miles above the surface of a star, is so much hotter than the surface of the star. Further, the radiation that comes from a star like our sun is not harmful to our bodies in the way that we are told by mainstream science. Rather, it is a giver of life and energy! So while the brightness of the sun may cause discomfort if done at high noon, your vision will not suffer from this discomfort. Although experienced sungazers have been able to get used to the brightness to the point where they will be able to look at the sun at high noon with ease. I myself am not quite there yet, but I am getting closer and closer to it day by day.

Sun gazing makes the most of this solar aspect by giving your body a general feeling of mood enhancement and spiritual uplift, while also causing a loss of appetite as your body has the ability to convert sunlight into essential nutrients through sungazing. Prominent sungazers like Hira Ratan Manek (often called HRM) have utilized this nutrient aspect better than most other sungazers. Yeah, yeah, HRM may have been caught eating in the documentary “Eat The Sun,” but he is still living proof that sungazing is highly beneficial for the mind, body, and soul. I can, from experience, testify that I am living proof of the same.

Staying grounded while sungazing is said to be the most beneficial way of doing it as you “complete the circuit” between the sun and Mother Earth when you stay grounded. While standing barefoot on grass or dirt the most common and most effective way of doing this, you can still stay grounded by putting your bare hands or any other part of your body that has no clothing over it on the grass or dirt. Walking barefoot after a sungazing session potentiates the effects of sungazing. I also like to do Ki breaths during sungazing which are similar to the Ki breaths done during Aikido practice, and I have noticed from experience that Aikido practice seems to run more smoothly if done after a sungazing session.


The 3rd eye (aka, the pineal gland) becomes more active from sungazing. However, this is not an area that I go into as I think it is better to focus on the heart chakra more so than the 3rd eye chakra. Some even assert that obsessing about using your 3rd eye all the time can come back to haunt you since the Archon control system wants your 3rd eye open (contrary to what many conspiracy theorists think) so they can take control of your mind which is where the 3rd eye is located. That’s not to say that using the 3rd eye is totally harmful, and not using it at all can cause you to miss out on all the fun! However, when used in the wrong way, the 3rd eyecan be used by the system of domination and control to control your mind for their agenda, so use the 3rd eye with caution folks!

You can expect some people to call your crazy for looking at the sun, and I myself had to go through such an experience as my mother, who is an ophthalmologist, was freaking out at me when I told her I would sungaze starting last April. Despite the fact that her own son is living proof that looking at the sun will not harm your vision, she still refuses to acknowledge that sungazing does not hurt vision. She has clearly been brainwashed by the Rockefeller-controlled medical system which only treats symptoms and not causes. And with that said, looking at the sun can treat the causes of many illnesses, which is yet another reason why I advocate sungazing and do it all the time myself. And I don’t care if people like my own mother call me crazy for it, because what other people think about me is none of my business or concern!

About the author: Andrew Fisher is the host of the Nature of Reality show on Blogtalk radio

PLEASE NOTEThis sungazing information is for educational purposes only. We do not recommend sungazing to anyone. If you are considering sun gazing, please research this as much as possible.


Estas Tonnč's message to the world
Category: ART & MUSIC
Tags: Message Tonne Troubadour Russia Ambassador Artist Parsifal SixthSun

As a modern Troubadour Estas Tonnč travels in many places and finds himself in several cultural references without identifying himself with a single nation or country, rather with the cultural richness of the world.
His music is therefore a reflection of many approaches.
A fusion of classical structure, technique of flamenco, the tradition of gypsy, characteristics of Latin music... a variety of styles that show a harmonic structure of the sound that the guitar produces a wavelength of, performed improvisations are always different, but with a very precise textured melody.

Ha Ha Ha Song


His music is always shaped by emotional expression, and by a wide range of acoustic elements, coming not only from the various kinds of music, but from the access to the emotions themselves.
There are two fields where he shapes the music.
It is the underlying structure of 'I know', and the uniqueness of the additional improvisation with the starting point of 'I don't know'.
This particular approach to create music includes both the foundation and the freedom at the same time.
Estas Tonnč participates in concerts, conferences, meetings, Yoga, art events, and other festivals, yet it is involved in collaborations ranging from several film projects, poetry, meditation and dance and is often on the way as street-artist.

And recently his involvement in the film project 'Time of The Sixth Sun' which is featuring the concerts of the gigging, itinerate musician.
This film is thought as an inspirational and uplifting documentary about the shift in global consciousness and the emerging movement to find a new way to walk more lightly on this Planet.

Improvisation Germany, Tour 2013


His travels to international understanding Tonnč financed primarily from the proceeds from the CD sale.

This log is about the Concert in Ufa, Oct 31, 2014
(Ufa is the capital city of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russian Federation)
Parsifal, May 01, 2015

Estas, born in Odessa, Ukraine in the former Soviet Union speaks in his native language Russian.
I dared to translate transcripts of his words before, during and past his concerto to the best of my knowledge using yandex translate
I would like to add this is the line of reasoning and so language of an awakened artist, an uncommon, exceptionally gifted globetrotter in re music for understanding among human beings.
It might appear the translation does not in all reflect the denotation of this longhair nor of the mount spirit of the event; yet I am convinced you might catch the gist.

Also, I would again like to emphasize albeit this translation might not be accurate in all portions, it may reflect well the message which the Guitarist wants to carry with his music in October 2014.

(explaining supplements added in brackets)
concert starts @ 5 minutes --> volume up


Estas Tonnč Life @ Ufa in two parts

'I know we are all here for different reasons probably the only reason that all have in common is music.
Well, how cool!
I sincerely wish for all of us travel inside this, where we can put aside all other concepts...
It's difficult, especially for those who have music education.
It is difficult for anyone who can't 'immerse himself inside himself'
In general this applies to all of us... all...
You are used to look at a film... the outside... outside...
And to suffer about life...
Imagine that you came to the cinema, where the screen is visible - your life.
With all its emotions, stories, experiences, challenges, communication...
And - as if by a blow of a magic wand, dissolve these emotions because we can see them - they come from
somewhere in the depths...
And hide from them (is possible) nowhere, because we carry them inside.
There are emotions that are impossible to get ... even... for almost all life...
then they predominate in our communication with others and, above all, with ourselves.
So let's put concepts away for a few hours.
If it is too difficult to understand intellectually, not just by the heart, and to be here - please go home...
You don't need to fight.
I'm not here to surprise someone over some guitar technique ... is for those who came to see the guitarist
for me it means nothing... at all...
Technique is formed gradually with each step.
Mastery is a daily sharpening of the diamond, which has no boundaries and no limits.
Today it is (this), in 10 years it'll be something else...
The thing is as deep as you can look inside yourself.
(It is) to let something go, to embrace something, to smile about something, to cry about something,
we are all kind of wandering today... enjoy...'

@ ~ 67 minutes:
'Breathe .... breathe....
it may seem strange... weird... strange...
and it's not about the music...
I'm talking about...
.... more understandable because engaged in various practices ...
someone clearly because music education
someone clearly just because the heart is open
but mostly it is unclear what was removed... disable...
From generation to generation, from generation to generation, from generation to generation... cut...
and how to connect again... if you cut off?
Cut not 2-3 generations
but 10-20-30-40 generations - cut off...
all knowledge about the music cut off
all the pieces
be good guys - cut like a piece of paper'

At around 70th minute:
'Be a conscientious being among ... the inhabitants of the planet...
but where to hide from the fact that whispers inside?
Sometimes whispers, sometimes shouts
sometimes crying, sometimes screaming
there's no place to hide
it's impossible to disable
this, the TV will not see...
and that's all there is
it's holding a guitar
for some it's a dance
for some it's a sculpture, for someone is this a journey
for some it's just gazing at the stars
these doors, opportunities are countless
but allow yourself...
go in there so as not to think 'what will people think?'
'what would someone say?
How would he look at me?'
So watch and open ... and the Second...
Tenth. Hundredth and... and Thousand.
Be not afraid to be yourself...
Be not afraid to be in home state, because that IS the HOME
- there are no nationalities, no passports, no borders, no soldiers.
It's the ocean... that is love.
And the music I would say:
in each subject
animate and inanimate
There is melody
it's not even 'melody', and IT
here IT is
IT changes
depending on what a human being would think to feel.
IT will change something like this:
Our thoughts
it is our feelings
that's what we say to each other
you can go to the bathroom and even with no one to speak, but will feel in this room 'hangs' the IT.
thoughts... feelings...
someone can see these, someone may need to hear them
you need to take responsibility... to everyone, without expecting that someone will come and will do...
will show 'how'
tell 'what'
and 'where'
to take responsibility is a great work
but that's what we're here for
colorful, colorful...
It is the responsibility of each of us - what we do on the planet;
And what we pass on... (to) those who will come after us.
And the sooner we start to do it the faster we will begin to see changes - changes which are not outside
ourselves, but within because everything comes from there.

Just sleep no longer
you can't sleep anymore.
You can't sleep anymore.
I know... maybe many have come here for other reasons:
Well it is what it is... sleep no more.
Nor Ufa, nor in Yekaterinburg, neither in Moscow, nor in Paris to sleep no more!

I'll play you another 'theme'... I don't even know what to call it...  '...' .. 'song'... 'something'
it's called 'Roads that lead us home'...
Home... really Home.
I know we don't remember -
we are not taught.
Grandmother said something
Great-grandmother-we talked.
Looked movies.
But that's not all, it's not all that there is
Everything I say here today - check it out.
About the music, too: connect yourself to any equipment - we'll see -
on the monitor you will see different kind of waves that change
depending on what we say what we think...
what... we not sent into the world...
I'm saying let's create a beautiful Symphony:
In the first instance to take responsibility for each
waiting... waiting for something to happen, some kind of meeting.
Op! (oops) - and it was all over
day passes...
someone's entire life...
but if in one day I couldn't see
these thoughts
these experiences'

@ around 91 minutes
'It's aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa me mamamamamama
I if we don't see this deeper than this - the day was wasted
but the next day brings another opportunity
and another day
in a week
maybe 2 weeks, maybe years, I understand that it's not me
and all.
I am not here for minemineminemineminemine (minstrels)
And for total total total......   ............
It is a colorful, multinational, eternal.
Only and waiting (to) when you wake up..
To deliberately create this mandala of life.
Great picture of the invisible artist who separated himself into billions of pieces...
Why am I with her?

'This voice inside will be heard.
When all these fake programs, fake situations...
... not even a false one, and just 'sleeping'
...clearer then, coming to the concert; musicians, we won't pretend that 'everything is fine' when someone sits

and ...

(about the copycats)
...plays a soundtrack wrong...
but they, too, can understand...
Contracts - many need to survive.
But just as the musician is unforgivable and inexcusable for us all ... a soundtrack to play
... you can't sleep anymore.

All I said today
(Is) like a cloud that just passed
some rain, which we were refreshed and cleared our view.
Thank him... the cloud... and I'm just holding the guitar.
The cloud flew ... what next?
We asked what is left what is activated inside - something...

Thank you all for this moment, it is unique like every night...
and at every meeting.
We are unique, we are growing in number
let's just thank that moment, that inimitable (moment).
Thank you this is the place where we can meet up and share the moment.
All people whom we met and will escort and who did so thanks to them.
Thank you all.
The only thing that I wish you all - look around at those who stand beside you for a second... I know is not usual, especially in this country, unusual...
Look around... we'll see
This is just a reminder that every step and every meeting is unique...
This is an opportunity to go higher, better, farther.
We are all in this place.
Create a colorful picture of eternal life.
Thank you all'


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10 questions to Estas Tonnč by Paola Elena Ferri
1)   'Let's talk about you: who is Estas Tonnč and where does he come from?'

Estas: 'Thanks for asking.
Of course I can give you a superficial answer, but I don't wish to feed this story anymore.
So I would say this:
Who is Estas Tonnč?
A fragment of the whole…
And where does he come from?
I don't quite remember yet… but I might answer this question soon..'

2)  How did you start playing around the world and why did you decide to do that?

Estas: I didn't start to play around the world, it seems the world is round and I kept moving around it'.
3)  'I saw one of your videos and I was surprised by your ability to improvise.
What do you think and what do you feel when you play?'

Estas: 'What do you think when you walk the same street you walked last night?
Different things right?
So it is... now is one thing, the next now is another thing… though what is in between is very interesting'.

4)  'Who is and what is an Artist, according to you?'

Estas: 'ALL OF US, some could truly connect with the essence of it, some are exploring dimensions of it, and some think it's only "special people who have unique talents"... and that's true… we are all unique and talented... and all are artists...'

5)  'Can you tell me something about the project "Time of the Sixth Sun"?'

Estas: 'It's a film about raising the consciousness on this planet… shared by many beings who explore themeaning of it, some have answers, some dogmas, some are here to INSPIRE…
I truly wish this wonderful project would be available for the masses soon enough!'

6)  'I'd like to speak about your album "Internal Flight 2013":
What do you want to communicate, with this work?
You said: "A transformation of thought into eternal smiling silence".
What did you mean?'
Estas: It's all about transformation… like life itself and death also… moving from one state to another… so it's kinda transforming a Dragon into a Dragonfly…'
7)  'Have you ever been in Italy, my country?
If you did it, can you remember something particular that happened to you?
If you didn't, will you come to make a session?'
Estas: 'Yes, I love that part of the Earth called Italy, and I have many beautiful friends originally coming from these gorgeous lands.
I have never seen so many paparazzi in any other parts of the world, seems this word is living its purpose'.

8) 'What is your philosophy of life?
What do you believe in?'

Estas: 'It changes from moment to moment… yet I believe one day we will greet each other with an open heart…

and truly see who we are…

9)  'What does music represent to you?'
Estas: It's a wave….and we better choose what waves we are making …
As we are the waves also...

10)  'Is there anything that we didn't mention and you'd like to say?
What are your upcoming events?'

Estas: 'Having an Internal flight… as nothing else matters unless we are free… inside…'

'Thank you so much and have a great journey, Estas!'



Estas Tonnč:

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