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Vatican Sainthood For Sale – Costs $550K
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Posted on by Soren Dreier
Author: Barbie Latza Nadeau

There is nothing like a good old Vatican scandal to bring Rome to its knees.

Never mind that the city government is already in complete shambles on the eve of the Vatican’s Holy Jubilee, which could double the many millions of visitors to the Eternal City over the next year. No, instead of finalizing preparations for what should be a feather in the pope’s mitre, the Vatican is bracing itself for the release on Thursday of two books that seek to expose the sinister side of everything from saint-making to the very sanctity of the Holy See.

On Monday, by way of preemptive measure, the Vatican confirmed that laywoman Francesca Immacolata Chaouqui, along with a Spanish monsignor named Lucio Vallejo Balda, had been arrested for allegedly leaking documents to journalists. Both had been on a special commission to advise the pope’s men in charge with reforming the Vatican’s broken financial system, which had, under previous papacies, been accused of money laundering and other unholy financial practices.

The Daily Beast obtained advance copies of both books ahead of their Thursday release, and both seem likely receptacles for the latest chapter of the VatiLeaks scandal, which began when Pope Benedict XVI’s butler was arrested in 2012 for stealing secret documents off his boss’s desk.

The most damning of the two is Merchants in the Temple—to be released as Via Crucis in Italian on Thursday and in English a week later—by Gianluigi Nuzzi, the journalist who was the recipient of the butler’s stolen files, which Nuzzi published in his bestselling 2012 book, His Holiness. In his new book, he focuses on Francis and finance, all the while weaving an intricate story between the popular pontiff’s promises and what Nuzzi tries to prove are his failings. Along the way, he also reveals through stolen documents, hidden taped conversations, and meeting minutes just who he believes Francis really is.

“The Pope, so sweet and affable in public appearances, but steadfast and firm before his closest collaborators,” Nuzzi writes. “Francis of the big smiles and kind words shows himself to be absolute in his goals and intolerant of the Curia’s ‘human ambition to power.’”

But rather than showing how Francis is defeating his foes, Nuzzi paints a far more vulnerable picture of the pontiff who, he believes, has managed very little in terms of reforming the Holy See’s messy finances—perhaps because greater powers prevail.

“Of all the reforms contemplated during the first year of his pontificate, very few managed to get off the ground. This unfortunately meant one thing: Bergoglio’s [Pope Francis’s] plan to drive out the merchants from the temple was still unfulfilled some three years after his election,” Nuzzi writes. “The only project that did become concrete was the communications hub, through the establishment of the new Secretariat for Communications. All the other projects and changes announced remained in the drawer or were only partially realized. This situation was a source of discontent all around. More and more cardinals were criticizing the Holy Father, some quite openly.”

The book contains somewhat bizarre revelations tied to the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, including how, a week after the historic announcement, the Holy See received documentation of an apparent deal with the devil to continue its profit-sharing cigarette business through what amounts to a special buyers’ club, complete with member cards for Vatican staff and Roman elite.

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Pope Francis Calls Chile Child Abuse Protesters ‘Dumb’ Tags: globalist agenda Jesuits Media And Politics the awakening Vatican

Calling Protesters in Chile ‘Dumb,’ Pope Francis Sets Off Uproar

Pope Francis told a group of tourists in Vatican City that people in Chile are “dumb” for protesting against a bishop accused of being complicit in clerical sexual abuse. The pope’s comments were caught on video by an Argentine tourist in May and obtained by a Chilean television station who broadcast the footage Friday. What do the pope’s remarks say about his commitment to protecting victims of sexual abuse?

Read the Story in the New York Times. SiNeh~

The video, filmed by an Argentine tourist in May, was obtained by a Chilean television station and broadcast Friday, quickly instilling doubts here about the pope’s commitment to protecting victims of sexual abuse.



The Final Test – Pope Launches the New World Order Tags: globalist agenda Jesuits Media And Politics he awakening Vatican



On September 26th Pope Francis (aka Jorge Mario Bergoglio or Petrus Romanus) will meet with the UN to launch an agreement known as “The Road to Dignity by 2030.” This document is simply a sugar coating of Agenda 21 and relies on the myth of man-made climate change to lock down humanity in a dystopian nightmare of total control, total surveillance and a one world government. Some Christians are calling this the beginning of the Tribulation.

WBB starts by examining the symbolic and ritualistic underpinnings of 9-11 and how that event was a necessary precursor for the Pope’s meeting with Obama (aka Barry Soetoro or El Dictator) and subsequently the pontiff’s meeting with the UN to end life as we know it on the earth. After a quick look at the real meaning of the Jesuit order and the Catholic Church’s involvement in world politics, attention is turned to the enslavement that is known as Agenda 21. Ending on somewhat of an encouraging note, this pod cast is essential for preparing you for the world to come.

If you´d like to hear more from Paul, pick up a copy of Belief Magic available from Amazon.com and on http://pineconeutopia.wordpress.com


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