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Really? Pope Francis Stepping Down, Says ‘There is no God’ Tags: Vatican Pope

Pope Francis Stepping Down, Says ‘There is no God’

November 29, 2014 by Abe Abrams ShortURL

Pope Francis shocked the Catholic world today announcing that he plans on stepping down from his position. Papal Resignation is extremely rare, and this will only be the 7th time in the history of the church. Pope Francis made his announcement from his balcony in Vatican City to thousand of shocked spectators. 

“I have come to the conclusion there is no God,” said Pope Francis, a man who has become known for his unorthodox views on the Catholic church. “I have dedicated my life to the church. Clearly, so many wasted years of unanswered prayers. I can no longer in good faith head the church anymore, as whatever spirit that had filled my heart is gone.”

A shocked crowd of onlookers became extremely quiet as the Pontiff continued, many of whom openly wept.

“I will stay on long enough for another Pope to be chosen, of course. I know many of you will be upset, but please be happy for me and my new life. I plan on spending my remaining years traveling, maybe finding a good woman and settling down. Hell, maybe even a good man. Who knows? It’s a new day, and I solemnly believe that everyone should choose to live their life the way they want. I wish you all the best and don’t let my decision stop you from believing in an imaginary God, if that’s what you want to do.”

”Pope Francis’ decision comes as no surprise to Vatican insiders, his hard-line stance on altar boy molestation, his generosity to the poor, and his blessing of gay marriage have made unpopular among priests of the church,” says Vatican reporter  Francesco Rinaldi. “Some say the Pope was being blackmailed to step down by Church officials. Whatever the reason, most look forward to his departure so the Church can get back to business as usual – hating gays and bashing sinners.”


1500 year-old ‘ Syriac ‘ Bible found in Ankara, Turkey : Vatican in shock ! Tags: Bible relic Vatican Aramaic Turkey

Ancient Bible in Aramaic dialected Syriac rediscovered in Turkey

The relic was ‘rediscovered’ in the depositum of Ankaran Justice Palace, the ancient version of bible is believed to be written in Syriac, a dialect of the native language of Jesus.

Ankara / Turkey – The bible was already in custody of Turkish authorities after having been seized in 2000 in an operation in Mediterranean area in Turkey. The gang of smugglers had been charged with smuggling antiquities, illegal excavations and the possession of explosives and went to trial. Turkish police testified in a court hearing they believe the manuscript in the bible could be about 1500 to 2000 years old.After waiting eight years in Ankara the ancient bible is being transferred to the Ankaran Ethnography Museum with a police escort.


Ancient Bible will be shown in Ankaran Ethnography Museum

The bible, whose copies are valued around 3-4 Mil. Dollars had been transferred to Ankara for safety reasons, since no owners of the ancient relic could be found.

The manuscript carries excerpts of the Bible written in gold lettering on leather and loosely strung together, with lines of Syriac script with Aramaic dialect. Turkish authorities express the bible is a cultural asset and should be protected for being worthy of a museum.

Ancient Bible in Aramaic dialected Syriac rediscovered in Turkey

Syriac is a dialect of Aramaic – the native language of Jesus – once spoken across much of the Middle East and Central Asia. It is used wherever there are Syrian Christians and still survives in the Syrian Orthodox Church in India and a village in the vicinity of Syrian capital Damascus. Aramaic is also still used in religious rituals of Maronite Christians in Cyprus.

Experts were however divided over the provenance of the manuscript, and whether it was an original, which would render it priceless, or a fake. Other questions surround the discovery of the ancient bible, whether the smugglers had had other copies of the relic or had smuggled them from Turkey.

Vatican eyes the faith of the ancient relic

The Vatican reportedly placed an official request to examine the scripture, which was written on pages made of animal hide in the Aramaic language using the Syriac alphabet.

The copy of the ancient Bible is valued as high as 40 million Turkish Liras ( 28 Mil. Dollars)

Sixty percent of our taxes goes to the Vatican Tags: taxes Vatican Karen Hudes whistle blower banksters Examiner

December 1, 2013

Karen Hude

A graduate of Yale Law School, Karen Hudes (1) worked for more than 20 years in the legal department of the World Bank.

She studied economics at the University of Amsterdam, worked in the US Export Import Bank of the US from 1980-1985 and in the Legal Department of the World Bank from 1986-2007.

In addition, Hude established the Non Governmental Organization Committee of the International Law Section of the American Bar Association and the Committee on Multilateralism and the Accountability of International Organizations of the American Branch of the International Law Association.

She knows her stuff.

After being dismissed in 2007 by the World Bank for her investigation into the elite's agenda, Hudes formed a whistleblower group and is working diligently to expose those who use power and wealth to control the world.

The Forerunner Chronicles (2) interviewed Hudes Nov. 30 in a jaw-dropping expose (3) of behind-the-scenes skullduggery and power struggles of society's upper echelon, which mainstream media will never report.

Hold on to your hats, 'cuz here we go!

Three mathematicians from the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland performed a study of the owners of global companies. Though there are 43,000 transnational corporations holding shares on the capital markets, the mathematicians discovered a super secret entity, composed primarily of bankers such as Citibank, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank.

Though listed as separate entities, these banks are really one bank and it is they who own the US Federal Reserve system. According to Hude, they also have seized control of 60 percent of the annual earnings of capital markets and 40 percent of the value of these companies.

"But they didn't do it by investing a lot of money," Hude said. "I mean, yeah, it's a lot of money, but they have 10 times more the power then you would actually expect them to have. And they did this very cleverly by having these same directors go from one company to another and another. And to answer your first question, they also control all of the media."

Though the likes of John Paulson, Warren Buffett, and George Soros, have what Hude referred to as a "playbook," for the destruction of the US dollar, she claims that they are not calling the shots. Citing a model created by political scientist Jacek Kugler, (4) she stated that if one country would expose the corruption, then we would have rule of law.(5)

This same model, however, warns that the United States is in danger of losing its leadership or "gentlemen's agreement,"—an agreement that the president of the World Bank was always going to be appointed by the United States. Europe, in turn, appoints the managing director of the International Monetary Fund.

"So these banksters are bound and determined to keep us—you know—what can I say, imprisoned in debt, except that it's not working because what we've done is we've alerted all the countries of the world."

Hude worked diligently to expose the truth. "I have written to the ambassadors of all these countries many, many times. I've written to, in Washington and New York, I wrote them a letter a couple of months ago where I was telling them about the fact that their ambassadors were all being blackmailed when they tried to fire Paul Wolfowitz."

Then Hude dropped an unexpected bomb as she explained the workings of the Federal Reserve.

If you have the Treasury Department that is issuing the currency, then you don't have to pay interest on it. But if you have the Treasury Department issue a promissory note to the Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve then issues the currency, then this note that the Treasury Department issued, there's interest on it. And that's how the debt every year gets bigger and bigger, because we're going to be spending more money than we're taking in.

Wait for it. . .

You know when you fill out your taxes and you send a check one place and you send the tax form another place, the check that you send goes directly to the Federal Reserve and they take that check and they send it to the United Kingdom and the UK keeps—not the government—the UK banksters keep 40 percent, and then they send 60 percent on to the Jesuits in the Vatican. That's what's happening to our tax dollars.

Hude explained that in 1200, the king of England borrowed a lot of money from the Vatican to finance wars, signing a treaty to guarantee repayment of the loan, and we've been paying war reparations to the UK since our Capitol Building was burned down in 1812.

Hude on the Vatican:

First of all, let me start out by saying that this has absolutely nothing to do with the Catholic faith," Hude said. "This has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the people of faith who are not aware of this. And I have to tell you that there are, unfortunately, people who will mock the faith and they will put on the priest's garb just so that they can hide their crimes.

These are criminals; these are not Catholics. And unfortunately, there are many of them at the very top. It's rot at the top. And that's the way it is and it's been documented and I've been working with people who have documented this. It's been going on for a very, very long time.

You can read what our founding fathers had to say about the Jesuits. After Lincoln was assassinated, the Jesuits were not allowed certain things—certain privileges in the United States and that ban on the Jesuits was lifted by Ronald Regan, unfortunately.

One may wonder, then, how the US government stays afloat. "We're selling drugs," Hude said. "We’re selling the drugs that we grow in Afghanistan. We never had any poppies there until the war in Afghanistan. You'd think with all the satellites flying over they couldn't see where the poppies field are? No, that's how we earn our money."

Reiterating the power of the whistleblowers' involvement, Hude recanted an incident that happened just last week:

All of the congress was told to get on four airplanes—military aircraft—and fly to Florida for the funeral of one of the members of congress. And I've been working together with a group of people; they call themselves "Able Danger." That's named after an agent that was working to try to prevent false flags.

And anyway, so we warned congress that if they got on those aircraft, one of two things could happen: It could be diverted to a prison. It could be diverted to Guantanamo Bay, or it could crash—those military aircraft. And we advised them not to go and as a result, only 30 congress people did go.

Hude explained why services such as the CIA have not become involved. Originally, the CIA was created with only one mission in mind: to guard the world's gold. "There's a lot more gold than people know about—about three or four times more than what people are officially told," Hude said. Hawaii, currently possesses 170 thousand tons—more than most people are aware is in existence in the entire world.

"It was supposed to be for that special purpose. But they lost their way," Hude said.

Why doesn't the CIA confront the Jesuits?

"Because the Jesuits are in charge of the CIA," Hude said.

According to Hude, Barack Obama is not about to get involved, either.

"Unfortunately, he's [Obama] not in a position; his wife is being blackmailed," Hude said. "Because she has fallen for some, what they call 'honey traps' in a hotel with two-way mirrors. She has been compromised."

I'll say.

Barack Obama's (Barry Soetoro) (6) grandmother was a CIA agent, as well as his mother. It was his mother's job, according to Hude, to trap people with the very same honey trap that ensnared Michelle Obama.

Mr. Obama, then, according to Hude, is playing into the hands of the Jesuits.

Then Hude confirmed the story that went viral several weeks ago regarding the two generals who saved South Carolina from a nuclear strike (7) at the hands of our Traitor in Chief:

A couple of weeks ago, I believe it was the 8th of October, there was supposed to be a nuclear bomb detonated on South Carolina. And two army generals made sure that that bomb went off, off the coast, 600 miles off the coast and detonated under sea. And those military officers were fired. And now, at this point, there are about a 180 generals and brass that are being fired. These are the people that are protecting us citizens of the United States. That's why they're being removed. (8)

When Pope Francis assumed the throne earlier this year, the media was literally dripping with stories of his profound humility. One such story was his decision to forego use of the papal apartment for something much less extravagant.

Hude set that story straight.

"I can tell you that Pope Francis doesn't go into his papal apartment because Pope Benedict—Ratzinger—was removed because of child trafficking and financial crimes. He was removed from the papacy. So this is a very precarious situation for the Vatican right now."

Lord Jesus, crucified, have mercy on us.


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