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Elon Musk Funds $1B Project to Stop Human Destruction from “Demon” of AI Tags: Orwellian World Science and Technology Technocracy

By Brianna Blaschke

Elon Musk’s contributions to society know no bounds: his latest scheme is intended to save humanity from being destroyed by artificial intelligence (AI).

The billionaire, known for garnering a massive amount of wealth and attention with his revolutionary projects of PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX, has consistently warned against AI, recently calling it humanity’s greatest existential threat.

His belief of the detriment AI may cause has led him to pool forces with other well-known tech entrepreneurs to establish an investment fund intended for researchers to pursue actions with a positive social impact. The $1 billion fund is slated to assist humans in staying at least one step ahead of technology.

According to a statement released by the group of investors, AI’s surprising history makes it difficult to “predict when human-level AI might come within reach.” The statement continued on to advise, “When it does, it’ll be important to have a leading research institution which can prioritize a good outcome for all over its own self-interest.”

The debate within the technology world over the threats and benefits provided by rapid advances in computer intelligence is a long-standing one, with questions of whether or not legislation should be implemented to act as safeguards. A total moratorium on research has been contested as well, particularly as the scientific and technology worlds are arguably capable of advancing to the point of superseding humans. It is a very likely possibility that we may become redundant, unnecessary, and, thus, expendable.


Scientists postulate that eventually AI systems will be able to intercommunicate exclusively among themselves, controlling entire transport networks and even national economies.

Renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking told the BBC last year that technology could very well spell doom for the entire human race, warning of a type of system so advanced it could “re-design itself at an ever-increasing rate,” thus outpacing human improvements exponentially.

At a recent symposium held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Musk spoke of the dangers of AI, stating that “we need to be very careful with the artificial intelligence. With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon.”

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, along with tech giant Infosys and Amazon Web Services, have contributed to the startup of OpenAI. The non-profit will work towards researching novel uses of AI and share the findings; with access to this knowledge, the idea is to guarantee that someone is examining the pros and cons sans the financial restraints imposed by the research and development departments of conglomerates like Google and IBM.

According to OpenAI’s website, freedom from financial obligations allows for a “better focus on a positive human impact…AI should be an extension of individual human wills and, in the spirit of liberty, as broadly and evenly distributed as is possible safely.”

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Lies My Television Told Me Tags: Conspiracy Mind Control Orwellian World Social Engineering

by Hypatia

Every now and again I get a bit nostalgic and long for the days of my youth. I will watch an old episode of Bewitched or The Andy Griffith Show and be taken back to those times again when things seemed much more simple, relaxed and seemingly structured in tales of morality which you would be hard pressed to find in any new show or movie.  We like to fantasize about how great our country once was and the era that is sorely missed, but were things really better or do we tend to romanticize the past?

I do agree that those were indeed different times with different standards and norms, but to truly look back with discernment, the country we miss so dearly was filled with racism, the same hegelian dialectic used and a caste system instilled in each of us. Things are not the same as they were then and neither are we, but since the advent of television there is no doubt that we have been unknowing participants in a full scale assault on our minds. All we watch these days are wrought with hidden symbolism and subliminal messaging and we may not realize how much influence the media has on us and the power it has to create the norms of our society.

When we were kids most of us assumed anything coming from an adult was the gospel truth and double ditto for those holding authoritative roles such as our teachers, policemen and preachers. If my Sunday school teacher said hell existed where bad boys and girls would spend eternity if they did not except Jesus I believed him. Even though I would visualize hell with sinners burning in agony,  I would often be left with more unanswered questions than before. How do they burn forever? Do they have a body that feels pain and if so would it not consume us and turn us to ash or do we just keep remanifesting or if  we are just our souls then how does that work? What is the point of the fire and pain if we are not in physical form?

There were many other curiosities rambling around my head. Why does God have so many conditions to his love? Why did he accept sacrifices then, but not now? Where are the women leaders and why do we have to play second fiddle to men? Why would God test Job whom the bible clearly spoke of as a true man of righteousness just to prove his point to the devil? Why was there over 500 mosaic laws many specifically detailing how to treat your slaves or giving the okay to kill a disobedient child? How could such a loving father be so angry as to kill innocent children because of the actions of their elders?  And someone please explain to me how the trinity works without using the egg explanation.  Even today I think about that answer given to me by a Sunday school teacher when I am cooking breakfast, the three parts white, yolk and shell as God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost and I wonder if they have a better analogy now. I had a million and one questions for the adults and I expected every one of them to know each answer unequivocally.  They knew everything I thought, boy have those opinions changed.

As more and more questions came into mind regarding the stories of the bible or the history of mankind I became a bit of a skeptic and slightly cynical for a time. When I realized that the adults didn’t have all the answers it sent me on a mission to find them myself and throughout my life I feel as though an invisible hand has been there to guide me, give me insight and quell my thirst for knowledge. Each event orchestrated so beautifully, synchronized and all flowing in this upward momentum reaching out for the day when all is revealed and the truth of a higher form of being is reached and love is above all else. “Love IS God!”, I say to myself.  We have been molded into beings we are not for over 2000 years and it is time to stop assuming and reexamine the things we were told.


Everyone has their side and opinion and many articles and books have been written to convey their points. In my quest to uncover the facts I have deliberately read about each topic such as politics and religion from opposing sides. Even though I am of a completely different perspective than say, Ann Coulter, I have read a book of hers anyway. I went through several pages of people that I feel to be completely off track. I do this because I want to know why they think the way they do, where they came from and how they got the answers they were searching for. A life of doing my best to put myself in another’s shoes, see the world through their eyes was always in my dna. By no means has this made my life an easy, breezy one, but I would not take a second of it back, both good and bad always a learning process. One thing I can say with conviction is that the entertainment business has always had a secret agenda, to control the masses subliminally and create the norms as they see fit. “They” being those who have kept their identities hidden and their true purposes discreet for if the men behind the curtains were truly exposed, our world and the chaos they conjure would be no more. Corrupted human beings intent on a permanant change in what it means to be human.

They call it programming and that is exactly what it is. There was a story I heard of about the director Stanley Kubrick. He was known as being meticulous on set and a perfectionist with his ideal horror movie being one that would linger with his audiences. Reknowned as a genuis, he did some research before the making of The Shining and after reading a book entitled “Subliminal Seduction”, he met with some advertising agents to learn some tricks of their trade. We all know they don’t spend billions in advertising if it did not work so he set out to use the same symbolism and subliminal suggestions of the mind in his newest movie. After the first viewings,  many of the critics panned his film, but one critic went on to say that he just could not get that feeling of unease to go away. He later went to see the film again and now believes it to be one of the best in its genre. It was a film ahead of its time and after spending a little time learning about the occult or all things esoteric I see dozens of films since then, using these same techniques.

Coordinated attacks instilling fear into the subconscience is now common practice and found everywhere and in everything from a silly reality show to a children’s cartoon. Hollywood has definitely perfected their craft and the first step in regaining our own sense of being is to acknowledge this and learn the symbolism and the lies my television told me.

Lie #1 It is a dog eat dog world; survival of the fittest and you have to look out for number one.
Any professional in the field of anthropology will tell you that past civilizations thrived when working together and any good prepper knows that if the end was truly here it would take the coordinated efforts of many to survive. Lone wolves never fair well and humanity was meant to be communitive. In fact, it is our deepest desire to be accepted in a group and this they have spun around and used against us. Our need to fit in has been used to divide us. By creating the enemy within our own species they have used patriotism and team pride to keep us segregated as we are the many and they are the few and truly if we realized our strength in numbers it would be a mich different reality than we see today.

Lie #2 Women’s equality is mischaracterized as meaning women must behave as men when we are indeed quite different and for good reason. For a women to be on the level playing field as a man we are being taught that we can be just as promiscuous as them when most women need a mental connection. The new norm for young girls is to think as a boy. Although every woman should have a right to choose whether she wants to work or stay at home, the cia run women’s movement of the 70s clearly made a preference towards the working women demeaning the role of the stay at home mom. “We can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan and never let you forget you’re a man cuz I’m a woman”. Does anyone else remember this commercial from the 80s? Well for many this approach has been exhausting. We don’t have to think like a man to be equal to a man. We are different and the only problem with that is the ones we create.

Lie #3 The American Dream is true happiness and the goal for all.
The American dream is more like a nightmare replacing the virtues encoded in our very dna with the 7 deadly sins, most notable greed, gluttony and envy. We compete with our neighbors and value people on what they own instead of who they are. We have been taught to grade people on their jobs rather than who they are as a human being and how they treat others or what they offer in ways to make the world a better place for us all.  Hollywood teaches that greed is good.  The more material items you own the more you are worth to society. This could not be further from the truth which brings me to the next lie…

Lie #4 The problem with this planet is overpopulation. The problem is not overpopulation, it is over consumption. They preach consumerism making shoddy products that purposefully fall apart as soon as you buy it ending up in landfills and polluting the planet. This is the system that they created for us to follow and then blaming us for being too many in number.

Lie #5 Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll. If you want to have a good life party like there is no tomorrow. I am not against a good time, but take a drive through downtown L.A. at night. Talk to some people who have lived the so called high life. Every night is a party and it never stops. Truly I see the book Brave New World being played out in the new Babylon. It may seem fun at first, but it is a shallow life with no meaning and as many will attest to addiction is no fun and all the limelight may seem great at first, but our soul seeks more.

Lie #6 We are 100% material beings. They try with all their might to negate the fact that humans are not only material, but also spiritual beings. Without the balance and natural laws of nature we become shells of our former selves

Lie # 7 Transhumanism- change or die. With a host of comic hero movies and a long list of the new heros being less than heroic, it is easy to see the agenda is that their new world order is replete with mind altering chemicals, poisoning of our land, air and water and there is nothing we can do, but go with the flow so pop those mood altering drugs and become zombified. These men in charge do not hide their desire to be immortal and yearn to keep the power they have permanant.

Lie #8 We take away your civil rights because we care.  Daddy government knows what is best so never question and if you do than you too may be labeled as one of the whacko conspiracy theorists. This they instill in us so that we self censor. Truly we are a new type of slave kept ignorant of our own sovereignty. They preach it all the time that we are children needing guidance..we are weak and in need of saving.. We are victims and must be handled with kid gloves. All of this is complete and utter nonsense. You and only you are in charge of your immediate reality and as a whole we create this world..not in our own likeness, but in the fabricated one they have defined for us. For this reason I suspect the truest culprits at the tippity top to be inhuman all along desiring us to be as they are..without compassion, empathy and true unconditional love.

There are many ways in which we have been deceived, but a new day is dawning and the people are waking up to this psychopathic system and seeing that we have been misled our entire lives. If we truly seek the truth we find an entire life led by lies encouraging division amongst our brothers and sisters, creating constant wars and violence and ensuring a future void of true human compassion.

The time has come to say no more, admit we have been duped and to turn off that television set or at the very least realize and analyze the effects it has on our very souls. If you are truly satisifed in the world outside than I will say no more, but if you agree that mankind was not meant to be this way..it is you and you alone who must start the change, shift the paradigm and escape this matrix. There is an Orwellian war of words in the entertainment industry, the true land of bizarro where up is down and left is right. In our hearts and minds we know we deserve better than the world we have today and the time has come to unlock these chains and truly free our minds. We are here, we are many and we are waiting for you with a clear message to Hollywood…your days are numbered.



GWEN Towers – Electromagnetic Waves for Total Control Tags: EMF Pollution Mind Control Orwellian World Social Engineering

Prepare for Change



This article is an overview of how we are controlled by technology – from having our brainwaves deliberately changed en masse by transmitters regulating our state of consciousness, to how we are victims of electromagnetic waves disrupting the state of our health and finally how many of us will die, as decided by our global masters.

Earth is wrapped in a donut shaped magnetic field. Circular lines of flux continuously descend into the North Pole and emerge from the South Pole.

The ionosphere, an electromagnetic-wave conductor, 100 kms above the earth, consists of a layer of electrically charged particles acting as a shield from solar winds. Natural waves are related to the electrical activity in the atmosphere and are thought to be caused by multiple lightning storms.


Collectively, these waves are called “The Schumann Resonance,” the current strongest at 7.8 Hz.

These are quasi-standing extremely low frequency (ELF) waves that naturally exist in the earth’s “electromagnetic” cavity, the space between the ground and the ionosphere. These “earth brainwaves” are identical to the spectrum of our brainwaves.

(1 hertz = 1 cycle per second, 1 Khz = 1000, 1 Mhz =1 million. A 1 Hertz wave is 186,000 miles long; 10 Hz is 18,600 miles. Radio waves move at the speed of light.)

The Creator designed living beings to resonate to this natural frequency pulsation in order to evolve harmoniously. The ionosphere is being manipulated by US government scientists using an Alaskan transmitter called HAARP, (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) which sends focused radiated power to heat up sections of the ionosphere, which bounces power down again.

ELF waves from HAARP, when targeted on certain areas, can engineer weather and create mood changes effecting millions of people.

The intended wattage is 1,700 billion watts of power. A former govt. insider deduced they want to flip the world upside down. Sixty-four (64) elements in the ground modulate, with variation, the geomagnetic waves naturally coming from the ground. The “earth’s natural brain rhythm” above is balanced with these.

These are the same minerals as the red blood corpuscles. There is a relation between the blood and geomagnetic waves. An imbalance between Schumann and geomagnetic waves disrupts biorhythms.

These natural geomagnetic waves are being replaced by artificially created very low frequency (VLF) ground waves coming from GWEN Towers.



GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency Network) transmitters, placed 200 miles apart across the USA, allow specific frequencies to be tailored to the geomagnetic-field strength in each area, allowing the magnetic field to be altered.

They operate in the VLF range, with transmissions between VLF 150 and 175 KHz. They also emit UHF waves of 225 – 400 MHz.

The VLF signals travel by waves that hug the ground rather than radiate into the atmosphere. A GWEN station transmits up to a 300-mile radius, the signal dropping off sharply over distance. The entire GWEN system consists of, (depending on source of data), from 58 to an intended 300 transmitters, spread across the USA, each with a tower 299-500 ft high.

Three hundred (300) ft. of copper wire fans out in a spoke like fashion from the base of the underground system, interacting with the earth like a thin shelled conductor, radiating radio wave energy for very long distances through the ground. The USA bathes in this magnetic field which rises to 500 ft, even going down to basements, so everyone is subject to mind control.

The whole artificial ground wave spreads out over USA like a web. It is easier to mind-control and hypnotize people who are bathed in an artificial electromagnetic wave.

Covering the entire floor with aluminum and buying a CET (Cosmic Energy Transformers ) cylinder from various places -one of them, Nordic Living Water Systems – can help.

They are also used to send synthetic telepathy disguised as infrasound to those victims of US government mind-control implants.

These towers work in conjunction with HAARP and the Russian Woodpecker transmitter, a system similar to HAARP. The Russians openly market a small version of their weather-engineering system called Elate, which can fine-tune weather patterns over a 200 mile area and have the same range as the GWEN unit. One such system operates at the Moscow airport.

The GWEN Towers shoot enormous bursts of energy into the atmosphere in conjunction with HAARP.

The internet website: http://www.cuttingedge.org, published an expose on how the major floods of 1993 in the Mid-Western United States were instigated by these systems. How does this happen?

Invisible, enormous rivers of water, consisting of vapors that flow, move towards the poles in the lower atmosphere. They rival the flow of the Amazon River and are 420 to 480 miles wide and up to 4,800 miles long.

They are 1.9 miles above the earth and move 340 lbs of water per second. There are 5 atmospheric rivers in each Hemisphere. A massive flood can be created by damming up one of these massive vapor rivers, causing huge amounts of rainfall to be dumped. The GWEN Towers positioned along the areas north of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers were turned on for 40 days and 40 nights, probably mocking the Flood of Genesis. (This was in conjunction with HAARP).

The damming of the vapor rivers creates a river of electricity flowing thousands of miles through the sky and down to the polar ice-cap, manipulating the jet-stream. Again, these two major rivers flooded, causing agricultural losses of $12-15 billion.

HAARP also produces earthquakes by focusing on the fault lines. GWEN Towers are positioned on the fault lines and volcanic areas of the Pacific Northwest.

In 1963, Dr. Robert Becker explored effects of external magnetic-fields on brainwaves, showing a relationship between psychiatric hospital admissions and solar magnetic storms. He exposed volunteers to pulsed magnetic-fields similar to magnetic storms, and found a similar response. In the United States, sixty (60) Hz electric-power ELF waves vibrate at the same frequency as the human brain. In the United Kingdom, fifty (50) Hz electricity emissions depress the thyroid.

Dr. Andrija Puharich (in the 1950 & 60s), found that a clairvoyant’s brainwaves turned to 8 Hz when their psychic powers were operative. In 1956, he observed an Indian Yogi controlling his brainwaves, deliberately shifting his consciousness from one level to another.

Puharich trained people via bio-feedback to do this consciously, that is, creating 8 Hz waves with the technique of bio-feedback.

A psychic healer generated 8 Hz waves through a hands-on healing process, actually alleviating that patient’s heart trouble; the healer’s brain emitting 8 Hz. One person, emitting a certain frequency, can make another also resonate to the same frequency.

Our brains are extremely vulnerable to any technology that sends out ELF waves, because they immediately start resonating to the outside signal by a kind of tuning-fork effect.

Puharich further experimented, discovering that,
7.83 Hz (earth’s pulse rate) made a person “feel good,” producing an altered-state
10.80 Hz causes riotous behavior
6.6 Hz causes depression.
Puharich made ELF waves change RNA and DNA in the body, breaking hydrogen bonds to make a person resonate at a higher vibratory rate.

He really wanted to go beyond the psychic 8 Hz brainwave and attract psi phenomena.

James Hurtak, who once worked for Puharich, also wrote in his book The Keys of Enoch that ultra-violet caused hydrogen bonds to break and this raised the vibratory rate.

Puharich presented the mental effects of ELF waves to military leaders, but they would not believe him. He then gave this information to certain dignitaries of other Western nations. The US Government burned down his home in New York to shut him up, whereas he then fled to Mexico. However, the Russians discovered which ELF frequencies affected what portion of the human brain; it was on July 4, 1976, that they began zapping the U.S. Embassy in Moscow with electromagnetic-waves, varying the signal, also focusing on 10 Hz. (10 Hz puts people into a hypnotic state).

Russians and North Koreans use this in portable mind-control machines to extract confessions. (This system can also be found in some American Churches to help the congregation believe!)

This Russian “Woodpecker” signal was traveling across the world from a transmitter near Kiev. The US Air Force identified 5 different frequencies in this compound that the harmonic Woodpecker was sending through the earth and atmosphere.

In 1901, Nikola Tesla, Nobel prize winner in Physics (shared with Einstein) revealed that power could be transmitted through the ground using ELF waves. Nothing stops or weakens these signals. The Russians retrieved Tesla’s papers when they were returned to Yugoslavia after his death.

In Mexico, Puharich continued to monitor the Russian ELF wave signal and the higher harmonics (5.340 MHz) in the MHz range. He was somehow induced to work for the CIA and he and Dr. Robert Becker designed equipment to measure these waves and their effect on the human brain.

Puharich started his work by putting dogs to sleep. By 1948/49, he had graduated to monkeys, deliberately destroying their eardrums to enable them to pick up sounds without the eardrum intact.

He discovered a nerve from the tongue could be used to facilitate hearing. He created the tooth implant that mind-control victims are now claiming was put in by their dentist, unbeknownst to them, and causing them to hear “voices in their head.’ These were placed under caps or lodged in the jaw.

Implants are now smaller than a hair’s width and are injected with vaccine and flu shots. Millions have had this done unknowingly. These “biochips’ circulate in the bloodstream and lodge in the brain, enabling the victims to hear “voices’ via the implant. There are many kinds of implants now, and it is estimated that 1 in 40 people are recipients of these tiny implants due to alien abductions.

However, others have suggested that one in 20 might just be a more accurate statistic.

The fake alien abduction – these revealed by many victims – are actually engineered by the U.S. military, using advanced technology to create holograms (4th dimensional pictures) or holographic spaceships outside.

This holographic, advanced technology can actually create a scenario whereas the person believes he/she is going into a spaceship. However, once inside, the aliens are in masquerade; they are actually military personnel outfitted in full costumes, masks et al..

Certainly real abductions occur, however, the “alien abduction” scenario has been most useful to the military in confusing the over all issue. This clouding tends to halt any further investigation into a government participation and inevitably absolves them of any accountability.

They are banking on the poor helpless victims feeling too intimidated to reveal such a shocking episode, lest ridicule be visited upon them.
Are the global masters forcing us to respond to an artificially induced vibratory rate?

Those power mongers who want this planet to have a sudden leap in evolution, populated only by the psychically aware and therefore superior class of human?

What about the billions of people who are commonly referred to as “useless eaters”; are they to be conveniently disposed of by electro-magnetically-induced cancers and diseases?
It certainly causes one to stop and ponder this catastrophic situation.

The physics and engineering behind electromagnetic disease transmission are frightening. Diseases can be reproduced as “disease signatures” in that the vibration of a disease can be manufactured and sent on to be artificially induced. (The brainwave pattern of hallucinogenic drugs can also be copied and sent by ELF waves to induce “visions”).

Once diseases are sprayed in the air, electromagnetic waves attune to the disease by using harmonics and sub-harmonics, which in turn make them even more lethal and infectious; actually a more apt description would be deadly, as in inducing death.

The skies are filled daily with chemtrails, those crisscrossed white patterns that are sprayed out across the heavens in the United States and other countries.

Are these like contrails that jets emit behind them? Not exactly… contrails dissipate rather quickly, but the chemtrails – those feathery streaks that linger – are deliberately being sprayed and contain insidious chemicals (retrieved, analyzed and proven) which affect the state of consciousness, producing apathy.

This is only one “program” that has been initiated to keep the populace in a continual apathetic state. Add to this, the fluoridation of the drinking water, aspartame nutri-sweet, etc., and other highly-questionable drugs.

Fluoride disables the willpower section of the brain, impairing the left occipital lobe. Both fluoride and selenium (in additional amounts) can produce strange effects; one common symptom is that of “hearing voices’.

ELF waves create disturbances in the biological processes of the body, activated on a large scale once the body has been exposed to the aforementioned disease-causing chemtrails.

Some chemtrails have been analyzed under laboratory conditions, the elements shown to cause cleavages in spatial perceptions, blocking the interaction of various amino acids that relate to higher-consciousness. Some were also shown to increase dopamine in the brain thereby producing a listless, euphoric state of lower reactive mind.

This is done to basically create confusion, rendering a person unable to differentiate between the real and illusionary. In addition, some of these chemtrails could be connected with the many UFO abductions occurring on a global massive scale.

Many victims, some recalled under hypnotic regression, have witnessed other abductees laid out on tables (in a sort of assembly line operation) and in the process or being implanted.

Intelligence agencies are in league with each other, behind this disablement of the masses to such a degree where they can’t even fight back. In order to implement their plans, that of total control of the populace, they need the overall “frequency” of each victim to function at a specific rate, below the threshold of awareness.

Could this be part of a greater plan with mind-control transmitters covering the whole of USA and England, cleverly disguised as cell phone towers and trees? The power from microwave towers may be turned up to such a level that people will die.

A brain functioning at beta-level (above 13 Hz) is agitated and cannot change the perceptions if it is artificially stabilized to that frequency by technological methods. This frequency may also increase body electricity in others, giving them psychic powers. Is this linked to the new-agers claim of a 12-14 Hz Schumann Resonance, inching us towards the 4th dimension?

Stimulants ingested globally from higher-caffeine, genetically modified plants, may also make an impact on the “global-brain” in the ionosphere that is collecting our brainwaves.

New-age channelers say we are going into a 4th dimensional frequency. They “heard’ the voice of some “ET” who informed them of this.

However, some “ETs” are just plain earthians in disguise. Using Tesla Technology, Prisoners in the Utah State Prison were bombarded with voices from a “purported” ET, each prisoner receiving the same identical message. Curious, indeed. Today, it is relatively simple to produce these “voices in the head.” Implants/microchips are no longer necessary.

In 1988, an inmate in Draper Prison, Utah by the name of David Fratus wrote:
“I began to receive or hear, high-frequency tones in my ears. When I plugged my ears, the tones were still inside and became amplified. It’s as if they had became electrified echo chambers with the sounds coming from the inside out.

I then began to hear voices, right in my inner ears and just as vividly as though I were listening to a set of stereo headphones. The end result is that I am now having my brain monitored by an omnipotent computerized mind reading or scanning machine of some sort.”
Hundreds of inmates at the Gunnison Facility of the Utah State Prison and the State Hospital were subjected to this brand of mind-control, used as test subjects like rats in a lab.

In the early 1970s, this was revealed in the Utah U.S. District Court.

While incarcerated, these inmate test subjects, having been subjected to this Tesla-wave mind-control, tried to seek restitution in the courtroom. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful.

The University of Utah researched how Tesla-waves could be used to manipulate the mind into hearing voices, overriding and implanting thoughts into the mind, in addition to reading thoughts. They also went about developing eye-implants. Cray (The Cadillac of computers, ultra sophisticated) computers, using artificial intelligence, monitor the victims of government produced implants, sending pre-recorded sound bytes or occasional live messages.

They are picked up by satellite and relayed to whatever large TV broadcasting antenna, GWEN tower or other antenna that is nearest the victim. It is believed that some types of implants pick up the signal and broadcast the correct Tesla-wave pattern to create voices within the victim.

The tracking implant keeps the staff and the satellite system informed every few minutes as to exactly where to send the voice signals. The master computer and central HQ for this is reported to be Boulder, CO. It is thought that transponders are being made there.

The central cellular computer is in the Boulder, CO National Bureau of Standards building. AT&T is also cooperating; several agencies work together on this.

Tim Rifat of UK wrote that “this inter-cerebral hearing” is used to drive the victim mad, as no one else can hear the voices transmitted into the brain of the target. Transmission of auditory data directly into the target’s brains using microwave carrier beams is now common practice. Instead of using excitation potentials, one uses a transducer to modify the spoken word into ELF audiograms that are then superimposed on the pulse modulated microwave beam.

On March 21, 1983, The Sydney Morning Herald published this by Dr. Nassim Abd El-Aziz Neweigy, Assistant Professor of Agriculture, Moshtohor Tukh-Kalubia, Egypt.

This article stated:
“Russian satellites, controlled by advanced computers, can send voices in one’s own language, interwoven into natural thoughts.

They can target the population of choice with this diffused artificial thought process. The chemistry and electricity of the human brain can be manipulated by satellite and even suicide can be induced.

Through ferocious, anti-humanitarian means, the extremist groups are fabricated, the troubles and bloody disturbances are instigated by advanced tele-means via Russian satellites in many countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America.”
Another source says that these have been fed with the world’s languages and synthetic telepathy will reach into people’s heads making people believe God is speaking to them personally to enact the Second Coming, complete with holograms!

The Russians broke the genetic code of the human brain.

They worked out 23 EEG band-wave lengths, 11 of which were totally independent. So if you can manipulate those 11 you can do anything. NSA’s (U.S. National Security Agency) Cray computers can remotely track people just by knowing the specific EMF waves (evoked potentials from EEGs in the 30-50 Hz, 5 milliwatt range) of a person’s bioelectric-field.

Each person’s emissions are unique and they can remotely track someone in public.

Now if this isn’t a horrifically frightening thought, I don’t know what is.

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