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Happy new year ?!
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Happy new year ?! I wonder what will be happy in 2015, with over 110,000 homeless in Gaza after they lost their homes during this summer offensive, with the Israeli ongoing attacks in the WB, with the killing in Iraq and Syria, with fighting in Kashmir, the hunger of Somalia, and Ebola in West-Africa, with youth being arrested in Egypt for no reason, with people being attacked in the land of "democracy" because of democracy ..
Sorry for being pessimistic, but i see so much suffering in this new year ..
I will try my best to enjoy tonight with my friends, however all pain that was planted in my heart during this devastating year, will remain forever Noor Harazeen in Gaza


This message was today, December 31 2014 posted from Nor at her Facebook and I felt deep with my own heart her pain. If only more people would pay attention and stand up for what is right, we could change much or all adverse things happen in this world. SiNeh~

We wish you a blessed New Year
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Tags: BOLE New Year 2015

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