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Walpurgis - Beltane - Baaltane
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Walpurgis - Beltane - Baaltane

Yeah, right, of course I could have named this essay 'the kidnapping of Beltane'


Baal and Beel
Baal Schamin (Jamin), as a fertility deity unerringly originates from the Assyrian - Babylonian area, so from the cradle of humanity.
To worship Baalschamin accordingly, fertility sacrifices were offered.
So water was poured into the altars of rock or placed flowers and herbs on the sacrificial stones or burnt incense, Baal-fires made, danced around and prayed to foster the prosperity of Nature in order to prevent crop failures.
The Middle East was then a forest with unique vegetation, there were nothing of karst,- steppe- or desert areas.
Especially the Lebanon Cedar dominated these huge woodlands but also huge Eucalyptus trees..

In the cultures that worshiped nature or the sun as deities it was assumed that the higher one climbs up the closer one is to God:
It attracted long pilgrimages from the villages, cities and sacred pilgrimage sites, mostly located in Syria (Palmyra), Hatra in Iraq and Baalbeck in Lebanon,  ...

image Interior of the Great Temple, Baalbeck

... to make pilgrimages up to the 2.800 Meter towering 'White Head Of Sheikh', ...

... the Djebel es-Sheik, also called Senir, Sion, Sirion or Ba'al Hermon, as the most impressive mountain there, except for the height, Hermon is toppled by the Anti-Lebanon mountain range.

Baal Hermon, surrounded by a protective forest of Cedars to celebrate with the temple priests at Hermon weddings and also commemorate blessings for happiness and to ask boon for the marriage at the peak of the Hermon High-Mountains.

Over time, the forests of Mesopotamia and Assyria disappeared and later the protective forest due to overexploitation (increasing the trading fleet of the Phoenicians) and the temple began to decay.
So vanished with the above-ground-ceremonial temple the priests (not their subterranean habitation) and the worship of the fertility and love-of-life god Baaljamin the memories.
This was when Baal was replaced by a Moloch named Beel.
Baal and what Baal represented was wiped from the history books, the natural religion hijacked, corrupted and transformed into a submission to a gory being.
Thus, the Beelsebub, Beelzebub (Schame-dim-name, corruption of text), as an idol was established and sacrificed animals and humans (and still on other places, apparently) for its goodwill to put it gracious.
It may be noted, ancient Assyria was then at the intersection of several countries of the Middle East and therefore was the influence of this blood-thirsty entity exceptionally high and expanded further throughout history. (timeleap)

The salient point but is ...
In ALL the sources I have scoured is this prince of the kingdom of darkness, the Beel-Zebub, the triple stoned Shaitan, ruler of the demons and supreme demon of the desert, Lord of the flies and manure (second highest prince of darkness after Satan), the symbol of corruption, impurity and the disintegration, embodying the destruction, FALSELY INTERPRETED OR NAMED Baal (!), although 'the two' are diametrically different.

One should not forget that with every worship the importance of deities would grow and thus its power over a respective region or matter:

Now, when you hear from the media since the beginning of April 2016 that, after the destruction of the Baal temple in Palmyra / Tadmur by ISIS in August 2015 (breathe in and forget not to exhale) starting from Times Square in New York and Leicester Square in London, in 1.000 cities worldwide, the Palmyran portal to the temples or the temple of Baal to be emulated, - closer considered - this would appear not to be a good idea.

In times of geoengineering, the progressive seizure (Corporatism) of agro-corporations, bee mortality, giving a shit about environmental protection, the clearing of rainforests and political motivated soil-sealing of entire landscapes, so destructive measures to be carried out ... rather than promote a constructive (true) Baal worship - as it was originally intended (no, I am not speaking of these nwo neo-pagan puppets who are misled to help achieve a communist new order of the world) - and to motivate people to care about and apply the traditions of our forefathers is planned in virtually ALL the major cities of the world the construction of such (artificial) Beel - portals, so to subject to the ruler of all demons.
... and all this, on the pretext of 'solidarity with Syria' (WHAT, since WHEN ?) and its UNESCO cultural heritage to consider as a new normality.

Ask yourself: Who would benefit ?

Below, you may find how the real Beltane, so the 'Baltane' traditionally has always been celebrated - this as an invitation and meant a counter-balance to the plans of the Satanists.

Now relax as I would like to invite you to enjoy and celebrate the real 'Baltane':
- Parsifal


Walpurgis - Beltane - Baal-tane by Parain


the recommended videos in my above essay in chronological order:

Here we come gathering nuts in May

Beltane Fire Dance (volume up)

And the Grass won't pay no mind

a very nice Beltane Festival at the Circle Sanctuary

The New Year starts so well again
Tags: New Year 2016 Cologne Germany U.S. Obama Russia Immigrants Refugees FEMEN Saudi Arabia Stock Market Parsifal

Just returned from my sweat lodge rituals, I enjoy a cup of tea and I write these lines, after the Christmas break and look again to the world events on the screen, read the news.
Is not very encouraging what I see.
The New Year starts again so well.

Parsifal, January 05, 2016

After the inspiring, exciting and exhausting days I really not want to hear anything bad from the matrix and to write about it.
But I did predict what now is going on.
As the consequences of the European welcoming culture.
The coverage read: Horror New Year's Eve in Cologne, Hamburg and other German cities: women raped, brutally groped, robbed and humiliated by young men who come 'according their appearance from the Arab or North African region'.

Even the ARD (All Real Disinformation - an other true to US principles German state TV) reported:

(German) Horror Silvesternacht 2016 Köln : Frauen vergewaltigt, brutal begrapscht, ausgeraubt und gedemütigt! Horror New Year's Eve 2016 Cologne: women raped, brutally groped, robbed and humiliated!


Video surveillance in order NOT to find the masked perpetrators after the crimes committed.
And Free Prostitution for migrants, because of their sexual needs ?

What do these stupid do-gooders invent next ?
With the mass immigration has opened a Pandora's box and the consequences are frightening.

(French) Des voyous brûlent un sapin de Noël à Anderlecht Thugs burn a Christmas tree in Anderlecht


Give Thanks to The Merkel and the whole politically correct bunch of traitors and the media whores for the invasion called 'cultural enrichment' or 'social fertilization' and the imported lawless wreaking in Germany.
She has allowed unchecked more than 1 million 'Asylum seekers' into the country and now is fire on the roof.
But you can not say anything, otherwise you're a Nazi !

Totally ridiculous is that, not being allowed to say the truth about what is really going on in the country.
Conditions of muzzle and speech ban, as in a dictatorship, is unbelievable !

It is still to become worse from 2016 on, much worse criminal excesses as before.
The opinion determinant immigrant lobbyist will destroy the country completely, since there is no trace of to stop the flood and enforce the rule of law.
Where is the real resistance against this treason ?
The Germans, as always kip and would never stand up against high treason, will only react if it's too late ... if at all.

Really startling is the fact that Merkel has not perceived that her mantra has disappeared into thin air from 'We Do That' (derived from Obama's 'Yes We Can') on New Year in Munich and Cologne.
In Munich, the people got a glimpse of the feeling that the terror in Germany is omnipresent and even more to come.

How illegal the regime in Berlin is, you can see to the permanent German arms sales to Saudi Arabia.
As if the current execution of 47 people by beheading would be something new, 158 executions in total in 2015.

Then, the whole world knows, the Saudis finance for decades all Sunni terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda, Nusra and the ISIS, and they are waging a war against the neighboring country Yemen with German weapons.
But that does not disturb the 'Christian' Merkel.

Just because of this blatant violation of the Basic Law Merkel would need to be degraded.
It is unbelievable how deceitful and hypocritical the German policy is.
The Saudi regime is the most brutal and inhuman in the world and Merkel courted the criminals.
Because of the deliberate and provocative execution of a prominent peace-preacher, a Shiite cleric, the situation between The Iran and the Gulf states has become a powder keg.
Possibly paves there to the next war.

And the stock market year has also 'great' started on Monday.
Immediately a crash of 4.5 percent for the DAX.
It was the worst start of the year for 28 years.
After a black Monday on China's stock exchanges, the world's stock markets roared into the depths.
The lie of the humming global economy is overtaken by the fact of the all-out braking.
2016 we are brutally to be born into to the world when it comes to the economy and the financial system.

So shall apply from 1 January in the EU the 'bail-in', which is the legalized theft of assets when a bank is broke ... and there are plenty at their end.
Can you still remember ?
In Cyprus, the test was carried out in 2013 where were frozen the accounts and plundered.
At that time people in central Europe laughed and said it hits only the wealthy Russians.
But I warned that will happen everywhere and now this criminal activity has become law across the EU.

Then the United States has with the state bankruptcy of Puerto Rico its own 'Greece' in the house.
One hears very little about it, but the donors have become very nervous.
Would not ever see their money again ?
Not only is Washington, so the federal government, with more than USD19 trillion completely in debt, but many states also.
The following five will soon become insolvent:
Illinois, Connecticut, Hawaii, New Jersey and Kentucky.

Many people in the US are tired from the debt economy, the constant wars, political correctness, the complete distortion of values, the perversion of morality and illegal mass immigration.
The regime in Washington and at all the corrupt Classe Politique in the Senate and Congress are hated.
If the minions of the arrogant and deaf government in Oregon carry out a bloody attack on the occupiers, it will trigger a nationwide armed revolt against the tyrannical regime.

The atmosphere is generally loaded in the United States.
More and more people are at the end, because of personal indebtedness, due to the loss of health insurance by the Obamacare-fraud, the loss of a job or wage-cuts.
The standard of living of Americans has constantly been going back for two decades.
The so-called American dream is a nightmare.
Americans see a president who does everything to destroy their country consciously, as the politicians in Europe do it well.

For whom ?
For the all-powerful financial oligarchs and monopolists and lobbyists for big business, the globalists and representatives of the new order for the world, which suck the Western society like greedy glutton parasites who wreak misfortune and plunge into disaster.
The Americans have realized, the insanity of the 'liberal' politicians who want to take them the rights conferred by the first and second articles of the US Constitution and put them under a regime of total submission and utter defencelessness.

'm curious to see how the race for the presidency in 2016 turns out.
Donald Trump is the only candidate who says what many Americans think.
Because he can not be bought because of his own fortune, he is not under the spell of the 'Lobby' and addresses the problems.
Almost all other 'competitors' are puppets of the moneyed elite.

It would not surprise me if the Shadow Power soon eliminated Donald Trump and heaves the Satanist Hillary Clinton (announced her intention to run at a place called Pindar. This is the code-name of one of the foremost Illuminati human sacrificers and operatives [See The Biggest Secret] High Illuminati witch and Satanist. Abuser of mind controlled women) to the White House.
She has proved as US Secretary of State with Libya, Syria, Ukraine, etc. how destructive and murderous she can proceed.
The refugee crisis we also have to thank her.
She is a real threat to the world, she should come to power.

But Senator Rand Paul is the only presidential candidate who is clearly against all war (ever been started and are all the wars instigated by the United States, funded or supported or kept running) and raises his voice in warning.

The madmen in the US government now claim even officially, they have brought peace and security to Syria.
Wait, What? State Department Says US Brought 'Peace, Security' to Syria in 2015
Here, according even (!) to the United Nations so far 250.000 people have been killed in the four and a half years of war in Syria, more than 11 million people became refugees.
These figures come in October 2015.
One in four of five refugees now living in poverty.
In connection with Syria to use the words 'peace' and 'security', is more than unsuitable to describe what the US government would have brought the country even says David Francis of Foreign Policy.
Currently the US, Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are trying to enforce their interests in Syria.
And as long as these countries have not agreed on a solution, there will be no peace or security.

Even if the conflict is ended, as you can see in countries such as Libya, for a long time it may not mean security.

The self-presentation of the US government should not hide such facts.

After Christmas the head of the Swiss Army, André Blattmann, commented on the threat-situation.

'The security events have skipped in the past two years. The terrorist threat is increasing; hybrid wars are being fought around the world; the economic prospects darken; the resulting migration flows - by war and economic refugees - have already reached an unexpected mass'

According Blattmann 'rising risks twice':
For weaker economic development would the competition added to the labour market.
Blattmann: 'Social unrest can not be ruled out; the vocabulary is progressively dangerously aggressive'
His conclusion:
'The mixture is increasingly unappetizing. The foundations of our prosperity have long been once again called into question'

Blattmann even reminiscent of the experiences from the Second World War.
'Only when something happens, it is dealt with it'

Regardless of whether in Germany, Switzerland or Austria, respectively the political puppets steer the tumbrel deliberately into the abyss, committing cultural and national suicide.
They are completely foreign controlled by the US and act against the interests of their own country.
Therefore, may in 2015 the arms purchases by the population for self-defence have risen massively in all three countries.
According arms dealers: More and more people would feel unsettled by the social changes of late.

I'm often asked, what can I do ?
Well, in my opinion, it's too late anyway.
Since how many years do I inform, I warn already and urge for action ?
Instead of protecting against the fire in advance, so that it does not arise, the hut is burning already ablaze.
Very funny to ask now.
The destruction of Europe is still in full swing.
When you wake up ?
Only if you are a victim yourself ?
You can watch it long enough in the wars of NATO that are performed in your name or what happens to the people in Southern Europe due to the euro crisis.

Oh now are German women, but also women in England, France, Denmark, Sweden and Finland, raped, brutally groped, robbed and humiliated by young men, with the 'Arab or North African' look.
Who has their livelihoods in their homeland by war and the subsequent power vacuum destroyed, which, yes promotes and nourishes terrorism, and lets these people in hundreds of thousands or millions as if on command immigrate ?
Now they are there, and the European society will change radically.
I foresaw that and many have already gone beyond the satanic Western Empire, where there are still intact values.

Here finally some good news in this context.
A founding member of the radical feminist group 'FEMEN' has distanced herself from the organization, has apologized to the Christians for blasphemy and adopted a positive attitude towards life.
Sara Fernanda Giromini, previously known as 'Sara Winter', when she founded in 2012 FEMEN in Brazil, now says the group encourages the destruction of the traditional family and moral values ​​of all of society.
Sara has written a book about her experiences as a feminist and about her conversion to a devout Christian.

She says by the birth of her second child she can see the light

In her book she describes how she was forced by the other feminists to take drugs and to enter into sexual practices with strangers.
She was also forced to be bisexual and lesbian, because of the acceptance by the group.
But now she rejects feminism in all its forms, describing it as 'sect' who seduced the women and regards them as mere objects, to promote homosexuality and paedophilia.

'Women are no inspiration for feminist sect; they are just things, in the worst sense of the word. They are useful objects for the purpose of incitement to the hatred against the Christian religion, to the hatred against men, hatred against the beauty of women, hatred against the emotional security of the family.
That is what it is about feminism and I can confirm that, because I was right in the middle!
I have seen how the feminist movement has covered the paedophiles. I have seen how the feminist movement has been chasing women ... I am witness to the fact that today for the feminist movement, women have no meaning except as a fuel for the fire of hatred that the sect does not want to run out'

A transformation from Saul to Paul, the true positive.

(Portugese) Peço perdão aos Cristãos pelo protesto feminista I apologize to Christians for feminist protest

this 3:00 minutes video requires translation as a footage against feminism.


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And you know who invented the feminism and persuaded the women ?
The same parasitic global elite, which are responsible for all the wars and even make matters worse, against the human race as described above.
What is the origin of feminism ?
Feminism, liberalism, globalism, communism and many other -isms are programs by the elite to the destruction of human society, disguised as protection of human rights, this is exactly the opposite intention.

Therefore, Russia is hated by the West, therefore is lied about Russia and misinformed because it still stands for traditional values ​​and constitutes a bulwark against the Satanists.
How many times have they tried to conquer Russia and enslave ?
The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 was therefore only financed by the financial elite, of Max Warburg, Jacob Schiff and JP Morgan and Alfred de Rothschild.
From 1905 to 1917 Geneva was the centre of conspiracy against tsarist Russia and Lenin and Trotsky have met regularly with Rothschild there.
But the Russian soul has been able to get rid of it eventually.

Wheel of the Year-Celebration Samhain Tags: Wheel Year Celebration Samhain Parsifal Celtic Life Death Halloween Wheel Year Festival

Followers of natural religions, and in the old days that were almost all people committed their festivals to the times the nature determined.
As the beginning and end of the harvest season, the summer and winter solstice, and more.

At Samhain we celebrate the beginning of the new year according the Celtic Wheel of the Year.
Most scholars are in agreement that Halloween is a Christianized feast influenced by Celtic harvest festivals like Samhain, a Gaelic festival that marks the end of harvest season celebrated by more and more people who want to head back to Nature and her Cycles.

Parsifal, October 29, 2015

Questions that we can ask ourselves to Samhain:

• What will die in me in order to make room for something new ?
• What legacy I want to let go permanently ?
• What does die for me ?
• How can my ancestors support me ?
• With whom ancestors is there still to clarify something ?

To celebrate the Wheel of the Year Festivals helps us us to reconnect with the forces and energies of nature, to hook ourselves in the rhythm of nature.

For our ancestors, it was very important to realize that everything is alive, growing and continually changing according

the cosmic laws of the annual cycle.
Our ancestors lived and celebrated eight festivals during the year, which found its origin in the cycle of nature and the changing seasons.

We commemorate four Sun Festivals, the winter solstice, the vernal equinox, the summer solstice and the autumn equinox.
In between there are the 4 moon festivals, which is Samhain, the Tree Festival in November, Brigid, the Festival of Lights in

February, Beltaine, the May Festival in May and Lughnasad, the Reaper Festival (Reapers) in August.

At Samhain we celebrate the beginning of the new year according the Celtic Wheel of the Year.
It is the festival of the ancestors, the dead, the unborn and the beings from other worlds.

It starts the darkest time of the year, a time of retreat and silence.
The festival helps us to prepare for this time that to many often appear difficult.
The vegetation has been drawn back into the earth.
Only survived the seed and accumulates in mother earth force for the new shoots in spring.

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Also we turn inward, let everything superfluous die and from the core, the essence of the new arises.
Only through death can occur new life - and so just stands the festival Samhain for the eternal cycle of life.
At this time the veil to Otherworld and the ancestors is very thin and we find it very easy to get in touch with them.
We can ask them for advice and ask their blessing and protection for the coming year.

Topics that are associated with Samhain
• perceive Life as eternal cycle - without death there is no Life
• withdrawal of all life on earth - withdrawal of us humans in our inner worlds
• to face the innermost, deepest, darkest feelings
• confrontation, examination with death and transience
• to end the old year - sow the seed for the new year
• conjunction with the Otherworlds - ancestors, fairies, elves
• appreciation of our own origin

images: thealchemistskitchen and lolaelespaciodelalma

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