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Glenn Beck Asks Facebook Users Who the Person of the Year Should Be, and You’ll Never Guess the Winner
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Lily Dane
Activist Post

Glenn Beck, political commentator and owner of The Blaze, posted this question on his official Facebook page today:
Who is your pick for Person of the Year? Post your pick in the comments. We’ll reveal the winner tomorrow.

The responses are varied, but there is a clear winner, and I’m willing to bet my life savings that Beck didn’t see this coming.

As of the time of this writing, Beck posted that question 7 hours ago. So far, there are 2,256 comments, 572 likes, and 81 shares.

Who is getting the most votes so far?

*Drumroll please*

Most of those 2,256 comments are votes for Larken Rose, an anarchist writer who is well-known for challenging the IRS over the federal tax liability of citizens.


Here’s a screenshot of some of the conversation:

Larken Rose

Apparently under pressure from his growing base of fans, Rose posted this response on his Facebook page:
Okay, I’ve made an executive decision, by which I overruled myself. Or else I was bullied into it by YOU people! (Democratic tyrants.) If Glenn Beck invites me to be on his show, I will do it, despite the fact that I retired from such things a few months ago. The opportunity to fling the seeds of voluntaryism into a big-ass fertile field is just too tempting. If you’re wondering why I’m even talking about this, you can witness the ridiculous insanity here, under Glenn Beck’s “Person of the Year” poll on his Facebook page, which was mega-bombed by lots and lots of voluntaryists. (I only knew this was happening halfway through, and it was NOT my idea or my doing.) I’m infinitely flattered and appreciative, although mostly I just find the whole thing, and the way it has unfolded, to be hysterical and ridiculous. It will be really interesting to see what–if anything–Mr. Beck has to say about it tomorrow.

Indeed, it WILL be interesting to see how Beck handles this!

Rose is becoming increasingly popular on YouTubeFacebook, and Twitter, and is the author of several books, including The Most Dangerous Superstition.

Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion is perhaps the most well-known video featuring Rose.

In April, he was interviewed by Tom Woods.

If Beck DOES decide to make the results of his poll public (beyond his Facebook page) and interviews Rose, this could be huge for the freedom movement.

Tune in tomorrow for updates!

Lily Dane is a staff writer for The Daily Sheeple, where this first appeared. Her goal is to help people to “Wake the Flock Up!”
Little flutist plays to keep hope alive, feed his family
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Tags: 6 years old boy flute hunger refugee Turkey family

Click link to view video as I cannot post!


(CNN) -- In the busy streets, shoppers and workers rush by the homeless little boy with a flute -- some dropping change, but most ignoring him.

Sitting on the sidewalk in Istanbul, Turkey, his head is barely above knee height of the adults around him. But he plays on -- for hours, knowing that each coin or note can help his family survive another day.

The flute is a cheap one, but it is key to their struggle. The money he makes -- usually about $10 a day -- will help feed his mom and four siblings.

The family escaped the horrors of war in Aleppo, Syria, and he says they now live in a park. He does not say which park or if they have a tent for shelter at night.

Syria's youngest refugees

According to U.N figures, there are about 1 million registered refugees in Turkey, but the country says the total is closer to 1.6 million. Research from the Migration Policy Centre adds that in the last couple of months, there has been another spike as Syrians flee the rise of ISIS.

The boy says he has been in Turkey for about a year.

He plays falteringly and his young face looks innocent, but he knows the cruelty of war. He says his dad died in Aleppo, which has seen some of the fiercest fighting in Syria and is a rebel stronghold that President Bashar al-Assad's army has attacked.

The boy, who says he is 6, complains that his head hurts and talks of the guns back in Aleppo.

As he plays on, he is relying on the kindness of strangers and watching for police patrols, as begging on the streets is illegal.

When police do see him -- this time as he walks back to his makeshift home -- an officer confiscates his flute.

But he cannot be kept down. A new flute is $5 -- half is daily profit -- but if he is to play on, if he is to help feed his family, if they are to have some hope, it's a small expense.

And tomorrow, he will play again.



North Korea 60 Years After the Great War
Tags: North Korea 60 Years Anniversary Enter Pyongyang Parsifal Great War

60 years ago North Korea won the war.

This event is celebrated this year.

Some 4 million people died many of them civilians.

Maybe it was more than 4 million, nobody knows exactly.

The capital city Pyongyang was totally leveled to the ground.

The country lost thirty percent of its population as a result of US led bombings in the 1950s.

image top: Victory: U.S. Troops Out of Korea Now


In the tunnels of Sinchon, the US troops massacred thousands of civilians during the war.

The number of civilians killed there over the 52-day period was allegedly over 35.000 people.

The Northern part of the Peninsula of Korea was paved by the U.S. with many more bombs as during the entire World War II bombs were dropped on Europe.

Compared the small land area of North Korea with Europe, the country was literally plowed and bombed to Stone Age.

As harsh sanctions were then imposed by the US onto North Korea, it was prevented reconstruction.

In addition, the agriculture of the country was destroyed with biological attacks (as in Cuba).

Parsifal, August 14, 2014

Pyongyang before the war

Since then, for more than half a century, North Korea has remained in the cross-hairs of a US program of military intimidation, economic warfare, increased sanctions, diplomatic isolation and ideological assault, targeted for regime change for rejecting participation in a US-superintended global capitalist order.

For decades North Koreans were being portrayed as inhabitants of some monstrous hermit empire where everything would be dull, grey, outdated and cold, men, women and children all look alike, dress the same, behave like robots, never smile and do not look into each other's eyes.


Of course, it was after all the effects of war a certain standstill.
What was told us about North Korea, were there ANY positive news, and what do we actually know about the country and the people there ?
It is time to put this picture in the light it deserves.
See for yourself how it looks.......................


It is their common tactic.

They portray people of China, Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, The Iran, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan or i.e. Serbia as heartless, as if they were some plastic androids.

Then, subconsciously, compassion for the people of those nations vanishes from the hearts of the Western public.

Suddenly it is fine to starve them, to bomb them, to murder thousands, even millions of those androids.

But once the faces are shown, the Western public gets confused; many refuse to support mass murder.

'Enter Pyongyang' is an amazing video that gives us an insight to the unknown country.
The makers JT Singh and Rob Whitworth have with the latest technology, including time lapse, flowmotion and acceleration presented a modern panorama of the North Korean capital, no one knows.
So are some of the stereotypes and misconceptions eliminated, because it was done a lot in North Korea.

It was a cell phone network built, there will come more and more tourists to the country, special economic zones were created in cooperation with China, Russia and South Korea.
It will also be connected the above-mentioned countries with a new railway.

Young people have fun at the skate park of Pyongyang

In the last few years, much changed to the positive.

Water Park in Pyongyang

It is common practice for the Ladies just as here to go to the hairdresser

We know, every country which not unconditionally submits the US imperialism and the financial mafia, shall be punished, represented as evil and only reported bad things.

A defense preparedness and protection from negative foreign influence is described as a hostile threat.

The West is a great in the creation of enemy images and, in lack of wisdom, its recent policy is reduced to boycotts, provocations and saber ratting !

'Enter Pyongyang' is an invitation to explore the country and to correct preconceived opinion, instilled prejudice by the Western propaganda apparatus.
There are only few places in the world, which were hermetically sealed, such as North Korea, but for some time the country has opened and you can travel as a Tourist.

An opportunity for an eye-opener can be such a visit and perhaps will accrue the sudden knowledge of how wrong and one-sided we in the West are informed.

Enter Pyongyang from JT Singh on Vimeo.

If you are soon asked, 'where were you last summer?', maybe you can say, 'I was skiing in North Korea !'

The winter sports resort of Masik Pass in the Kangwon province



With no word I defend the situation in North Korea.

Nor the government.

A 'prosperous Empire' I've never mentioned in my article.

But I show that it is different than what is told us and it would be worth a trip by every one to make an independent picture.


I wish the people would with some zeal clean up the own mess in their country, because in their own country, there are enough lies, propaganda, war-mongering, corruption, spying, oppression, poverty, and bad things that should be treated.


Are the Bush no family of dictators ?

The third Bush is ready for 2016.

The population in the US is not completely brainwashed ?

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