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Over 214,000 Doctors Opt Out of Obamacare Exchanges Tags: Obama care doctors Affordable Care Act health care insurance


Over 214,000 doctors won't participate in the new plans under the Affordable Care Act (ACA,) analysis of a new survey by Medical Group Management Association shows. That number of 214,524, estimated by American Action Forum, is through May 2014, but appears to be growing due to plans that force doctors to take on burdensome costs. It's also about a quarter of thetotal number of 893,851 active professional physicians reported by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

In January, an estimated 70% of California's physicians were not participating in Covered California plans.

Here are some of the reasons why:

1.      Reimbursements under Obamacare are at bottom-dollar - they are even lower than Medicare reimbursements, which are already significantly below market rates. "It is estimated that where private plans pay $1.00 for a service, Medicare pays $0.80, and ACA exchange plans are now paying about $0.60," a study by the think-tank American Action Forum finds. "For example, Covered California plans are setting their plan fee schedules in line with that of Medi-Cal-California's Medicaid Program-which means exchange plans are cutting provider reimbursement by up to 40 percent."

2.      Doctors are expected to take on more patients to make up for the lost revenue, but that's not happening, because primary care doctors already have more patients than they can handle. "Furthermore, physicians are worried that exchange plan patients will be sicker than the average patient because they may have been without insurance for extended periods of time, and therefore will require more of the PCPs time at lower pay," says the study.

The study also points to two reasons that doctors might not get paid at all:

3.      An MGMA study indicates that 75% of ACA patients that had seen doctors had chosen plans with high deductibles. Given that most of the patients are low-income, doctors are concerned that the patients cannot meet the deductibles and they will get stuck with the bill.

4.      HHS requires that insurers cover customers for an additional 90 days after they have stopped paying their premiums: the insurer covers the first 30 - but, it's up to the doctor to recoup payment for the last 60 days. This is thenumber one reason providers are opting to not participate in the exchange plans. Currently, about a million people have failed to pay their premiums and had their plans canceled.

So, Obamacare is asking doctors to take on sicker patients for less money, with the risk of not getting paid at all? No wonder doctors are running from these plans!



Government Moves to Regulate YouTube Videos Under Campaign Finance Laws! Tags: globalist agenda internet censorship Preparedness

You are being censored and SCREW JEW TUBE already do it, they want more.... I also already experienced that Viemo and Daily Motion didn't let me upload some Videos.


Government Moves to Regulate YouTube Videos Under Campaign Finance Laws!

Published on 30 Oct 2014 by Mark Dice

Government Moves to Regulate YouTube Videos Under Campaign Finance Laws! Federal Election Commission wants political YouTube videos to be licensed and monitored by the government!





Soft and Powerless?
Category: Consciousness
Tags: consciousness spiritual warfare spirituality

Are we intuitively led and guided despite the ego? Looking back, my life tells me that we certainly are: intuition, synchronicity, the magnetic pull of our yearning to understand why, and what is… these things slowly move us toward awareness of True Self and Spirit. I imagine it’s that way for all of us who haven’t lost the yearning. We are remembering or reawakening to what is forgotten, and we are helped.

It’s totally on point to say ‘despite the ego’, since the ego is the obstacle. When I think about some of my attempts at spiritual seeking or having ‘spiritual’ relationships, always so fraught with righteous emotion, ‘worthless me’, and sacrifice, I have to shake my head and smile. What a story: big ego invites serious ‘rearrangement’… again.

When we start out we don’t know where the guide is, so we follow the direction of the personal will, thinking that spirituality must be all about me getting this information or getting this experience. Unfortunately the experience can’t help but be shallow because we’re shallow, and the information does not satisfy.

But when we really do yearn for understanding, there is always another day and another way. Being a bit more humble and open to change, we find the information soaks in better, and the right persons come into the picture to teach us or inspire us. The journey becomes a little less about ‘me’ and a little more about surrender: surrender the ego’s will, stop wanting, start listening, and the ageless divinity will show itself.

In the seventies and eighties spirituality was trendy, but not as trendy as we see it today. When something is a trend, the hard work moves to the background, quick fixes get monetized, and there is no depth or staying power. Shallow isn’t bad… a little bit of a good thing is better than nothing, and it can lead to continued effort as my own life demonstrates. So it seems to me that following a popular trend may open the mind and cultivate the energy.

One thing that occurs to me, though, is the false impression that a superficial trend creates. Are ‘spiritual people’ soft and powerless? No, not at all, but I can see where the impression comes from. Dedication, work, focus, commitment, sacrifice, honesty, humility, practice, tenacity… one doesn’t gain inner power by imagining it: it requires effort. Why would we presume otherwise? Effort is required in any undertaking in life.

The spiritual journey is ancient. When we study and dedicate to Spirit, we’re just uncovering, within ourselves, information that highly developed, wise and powerful humans have known and successfully utilized for a long, long time. Unlike in the control matrix, where power is displayed and wielded, inner power like unto that of the ancients is hidden, and it hardly ever needs to be wielded. And it is soft… as soft as a steel blade wrapped in cotton, or granite covered in velvet.

The trend followers are ‘hurting’ for happiness and fulfillment just like everybody else. Where can people go to get past superficiality, to become little more committed and dedicated? Anywhere. Everything is spiritual if you make it that way, including cleaning the toilet.

Some of our deepest learning and awakening experiences are the hardest, because they are the most humble. They are not ego-driven, require no travel, cost nothing, there’s no fashion involved, no special terminology, and nobody’s watching. We get this deepening experience and true information when working with what is right in front of us: those people and situations we have drawn to ourselves.

For example, if a couples relationship is the issue, then a good conversation with our partner, while observing the rise of thoughts and feelings within ourselves, will most likely give us a starting point from which to learn what we need to know. Remember: surrender the ego’s will, stop wanting, start listening.

How do you listen? First, take note that there is a difference between the cold ego and the warm heart. If in a conversation you hear yourself saying, “I have needs,” check where the assertion is coming from… the cold ‘I centered’ ego or the warm ‘I Am’ heart. We can feel whether we’re coming from a warm or cold place, and taking note of our thoughts and energy and other people’s energy in response to us, definitely works.

If the assertion is coming from the heart, it will most likely feel valid to both parties. The workings of the heart are tender and warm, respectful and generous, and truthful. Truth penetrates, and it is loving and healing at the same time. What a wonderful power.



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