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Awakening Albion - Newsletter May /2015
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Awakening Albion

Written by Lisa Renee


Dear Ascending Family,

In the ancient days, the oldest name for England was Albion. The names for Scotland in the Celtic languages were also related to Albion: Alba in Scottish Gaelic, Alba in Irish, and Alban in Welsh, Cornish and Breton. These names were later anglicized to Albany, which was once an alternative name for Scotland. Many myths and legends have long existed that giants were either the original inhabitants of the United Kingdom, or were the founders of the land named Albion. The mystical significance of Albion has been memorialized through poems, stories and mythos.  Together they suggest the nature of Albion is related to collective human consciousness and the World Soul, to which we are all intimately connected.


The Albion is the androgynous human template created from the twelve spheres of the Tree of Life which, during the fall of humankind, became buried in the lower dimensional fields of the earth, waiting to be awakened. This elemental structure of the primordial human template is located in the earth body, and is made from the Original Cosmic Blueprint. This original blueprint records the divine plan for humanities ascension to the silicate matrix and holds the celestial records of humankind’s evolution throughout the Solar System. The Awakening Albion occurs in progressive stages, and recent Sirius and Canopus star transmissions are intelligently designed to stimulate the higher mind activation throughout the Albion body in the earth. This gently accelerates the shift in the mental body of the earth to reflect the higher mind consciousness which is reflected in the stages of Awakening Albion.

Canis Major is a constellation in the southern celestial hemisphere that contains Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, known as the "dog star".  Recent transmissions activated the planetary body to communicate with the intelligent living matrix of the Canis Major and Carina constellations. This unites ancient geometries between the Sirius Star System and Canopus to open gateways into the Paradisian Suns, which is the architecture of the Golden Fleece and Golden Cities. The Sirius Star System acts as the transmission agent of the Cosmic Logos into the planetary body to awaken human consciousness in stages throughout the evolutionary timeline. Sirius does this through the methodical process of Awakening Albion, which holds within itself the Cosmic Logos record. The states of evolution are related to the Universal Laws of Alchemy, which are transmitted from the Galactic Zodiac constellations. These transmissions move through the Sun to earth, as we move through the annual ecliptic.  The stages in the Galactic Zodiac represent moving human consciousness evolution through the process of Spiritual Ascension, the process of humanity undergoing the spiritualization of the matter world. As we expand consciousness, we are connected to the Albion body, which acts as the consciousness representative of the entire human species. As we awaken to our spiritual nature and oneness, we are contributing to the collective Awakening of Albion.

The Krystic Avatars come to the earth through the Sirius B portal, and Sirians were some the original engineers of many of the planetary grid networks, stone megaliths, dolmens, and many other geomantic structures on the earth. Many of these geomantic structures exist in the parallel earth or in the higher realms of the future earth, such as 7D Gaia. We are in the process of descending many of these higher timeline geometries and instruction sets into the lower earth plane during this time. This is to activate previously dormant or inactive geomantic structures to be able to run and exchange living life current. These are called chalice formations in the planetary grid. Chalice formations bring support to the earth and the local inhabitants, who can be replenished with this quality of life force.

The Templar

The planetary grid network is a living consciousness matrix that is encoded with the blueprint or original instruction set for the divine plan of humanities spiritual evolution. Much of our mission as Starseeds is to extract the alien machinery and fallen entities which obstruct, siphon or damage energies in the planetary grid system. Deeply hidden in the organic matrix of our planet is the mirror image of the cosmic projection of our Galaxy of Stars, which is the multidimensional hologram of the Cosmos. When we are describing planetary grid work, we are describing the consciousness body (holographic geography) which is representing the map of the Galaxy on earth. When we consciously understand this interplay, we can help support consciousness evolution by dedicating ourselves as conduits to express the divine plan for planet earth.  We currently refer to this level of participation or conduit, as gridworker. Over the ages the spiritual science of gridworking has also been referred to as the “Templar”. Templar defines a person who comprehends planetary architecture, and the math behind the geometries of earth consciousness in the geomantic structures. Templars can sense how the spiritual-energy current moves in the earth and how to create or work with the geomantic structures to direct that energy.

Retrieving Shattered Mirrors

Canis Major is the guardian of the Galactic Zodiac, which functions as the bringer of the souls through these constellation forces and archetypes.   These forces propel humans to traverse through the underworld realms in order to reach their final destination as a Krystic being. The human consciousness currently existing on the lower 3D earth timeline represents the “Fallen Consciousness” of collective humanity as the World Soul. The Fallen Consciousness of every human being on the earth is what feeds into and manifests as the Luciferian Body, and its realm of forces. The Luciferian collective consciousness was once the light bearer, and became distorted as he became trapped in the earth (matter) and bound to time. Hence, the Luciferian light became dead light trapped in matter and digressed into the False Father principle. Dead light is dead energy and is a static field, like frozen shards of broken glass. From this dead light the negative forms and the Imposter Spirits were generated in matter over time. In these broken shards of glass, the human soul became stuck or imprisoned in its shattered mirror image. The continuation of propagating dead energy in the shattered mirror generated more of the same throughout creation, such as miasma, disease, shadow selves and demonic hierarchies. 

As the dead light of the bi-wave polarity spawned massive amounts of accumulated miasma, this toxicity took over the fields of matter on earth.  As repeated reincarnation was forced in the last precession cycle, the Fallen Consciousness of humanity fell into a deep sleep. As the World Soul of the Albion body fell asleep into the lower realms of unconsciousness, it digressed into existence within the bottomless realms of the underworld in the phantom realities. As most humans are asleep in matter, the collective World Soul and its collective manifestation body descended into the pit. As many off planet extradimensionals recognized what was happening to humanity, they took technological advantage to accelerate the digression and enslavement of sleeping humanity. Many of the NAA use technology to keep humans asleep and amnesiac, which kept the Albion asleep. Many of the Guardians of the earth watched these events with great sadness, however, all knew the time of liberation would come. The Ascension timeline is when the Cosmic Awakening would be stimulated, and many of us that were the original planetary architects and engineers from Sirius, would return to the earth again to help free her. Most all of the Blue Rays and Indigos came to earth through the Sirius Portals.

Additionally, what would be the paramount planetary grid project, would be to locate all of the fractured pieces of humanities collective body that is recorded in the Universal Tree of Life that makes up the entire Albion body in the earth. We would need to find the soul fragments (the broken mirror images) and reintegrate them back into the Universal Tree of Life, where the Mother’s Holy Spirit would be able to breathe living life back into them. From the Atlantian cataclysms, the wars and explosions caused great fracture in the World Soul and Albion, and thus soul fragmentation of collective humanity. The Universal Tree of Life would be the core manifestation body of all multidimensional layers of creation, through which all spiritual pieces in matter could be found, magnetically attracted and integrated back into wholeness. The process of reintegrating the World Soul of the collective body of humanity is represented in one body that makes up the perfect template of the original divine design of the Human Tree of Life. The blueprint for the World Soul in its original perfect human body represented in the Human 12 Tree Grid, as the first divine human ever created in a silicate matrix, is called the Albion.   

The Cosmic Heart of the Albion body, contained in the heart complex of every human being on the earth, is Emerald. Emerald is the connection to the Universal Holy Father. The Universal Stage has been set to reintroduce the Cosmic Monad of Father, to transmit these emerald frequencies into the earth. This is a planetary transmission of the Cosmic Emerald Heart from the Father of God, which is designed to help more pieces of the sleeping Albion body to awaken. The Albion body was the umbilical cord of the original humans on Gaia that connected them directly to the Cosmos. The original humans on 7D Gaia were our Monadic bodies of the Hyperboreans, thus the Albion body structure buried in the 3D earth is from the timelines of Hyperborea.

Hyperborean Albion

The Hyperboreans are the Root Races from 7th dimensional Earth known as Gaia. Hyperboreans are important, because this was the timeline of the original trauma of the "fall" that happened to the human race. This is where the split in time occurred and this is when the Moon was brought to the planet, as its companion satellite to manage the gravitational field. The Hyperborean period on Gaia was humanities Golden Age. This level of monadic identity was fully connected and fully embodied in Christ Consciousness. When the electric wars happened to the Hyperboreans, they were split apart from their higher spiritual counterparts in Polaris. On the 7D Gaian body, which is the monad body of planet Earth, the Hyperboreans existed as a consciousness.  Currently that consciousness has an access point in the timelines, in the northern part of our planet in the United Kingdom.

With the latest transmission of Galactic Law, the planet is intersecting with the Hyperboreans timelines in the 7th dimension, which are the original histories of humanities fall from the Edenic state. The current Aeonic Pairs (hierogamic unions) are being taken out of the dimensional door of Transtime continuum (TTC) to experience the infinite space of God Worlds, in order to bring back that specific timeline memory to this density of earth. The Albion body contains the collective memory record of the human experience in the 7D timelines on Gaia. The divine plan is to find and locate the pieces of the Albion body, which awaken the World Soul through the Galactic Zodiac and star transmissions. Ultimately, this integrates all the broken mirrors into the Albion body which then can unite with the Cathar Body of Mother. This is the Alchemical Wedding of the masculine and feminine principle, which is the marriage of spirit and matter on the earth in this ascending timeline.

As we expand our consciousness, our spiritual mission is to facilitate the preparations for this sacred union of the Albion and Cathar bodies, as we bring our witness to the ceremony that takes place during the Alchemical Wedding. The Alchemical Wedding is also called Hieros Gamos or hierogamy.

The Albion body has energy chakras and consciousness centers that make up entire sections of his body which represent principles recorded in the earth to expand solar consciousness and beyond. When the Albion body is asleep, it exists in states of unconsciousness and generates darkness, understood as the dead light of the Luciferian consciousness. To Awaken Albion is also to rehabilitate the unconsciousness of the Luciferian forces (Fallen Angelics) on earth, to the self-realized higher consciousness of the Krystic Self in the Diamond Sun DNA that recognizes it is one with all things.

Albion Code and Cathar Code

The Albion is in the planetary body as a sphere and it is the exact replica of an original 12 strand DNA human, the first expression of a human being that is recorded within the planetary body. The Albion is comprised of the architecture of the Universal Law of Structure that manifests as the divine human body in the Universal Tree of Life. The Albion is within the core manifestation template of the human body, and the actual shape of that body is referred to as the Albion.  The Albion is masculine in its principle, although it is genderless, it is a manifestation of the Law of Structure governed by the Cosmic Logos. The Albion exists as a cell in the body of the Solar Logos. Each of us exist as a cell in the planetary body. The planetary body is made in the image of the Albion, as it is connected to the 12 Strand DNA silicate matrix body. Each of the twelve spheres in the Tree of Life represents a part of the consciousness of the auric egg that makes up the Lightbody. The auric egg contains color waves within the spheres and these are known as the Cathar, which is the feminine principle. The Albion and the Cathar, represent the Holy Father and Holy Mother Principle united, as the Hieros Gamos, or the risen Christos-Sophia made manifest through the corrected Albion.

The Cathar is the mother principle of the sound, tone, music, and colors that fill in the Albion spherical architecture.  The Cathar is the Holy Mother’s body which is the color tonal wave spectrum, and the living life code of the breathing Holy Spirit. The Cathar is Mother’s creation code, the Albion is Father’s creation code, and both have to interact and interconnect in sacred marriage to birth the Christos-Sophia. As they unite in hierogamic union, Mother’s sound tones and Holy Spirit can bring color waves into the base template of the Albion architecture. This sacred union generates new balanced creations throughout the matter worlds, as matter becomes spiritualized through the animating force of the Holy Spirit. 

Dragon Lines

When stellar transmissions occur, such as the recent connection made between Canis Major, Sirius and the Carina (Argo Navis), the flow of cosmic energy can be directed to previously dormant sites. The earth grid is filled with energetic impressions from ancient spiral vortex systems that were imprinted in the earth eons ago. When these ancient spiral vortexes are activated they act as massive sound resonators that play celestial music in the ethers that elevate human consciousness.

This recent transmission relates to what is known as the Dragon Lines, which are the main twelve lines which transmit qualities of the Galactic Zodiac and DNA code into the planet. As we prepare to move into the Galactic Laws of the Taurus constellation, the earth element is re-encrypting patterns as it unites with the solar transmissions made during the electrical peak period in May.  Since May 1st the Taurus Dragon Line that enters into the Avebury area is being angled in new degrees to the Aldebaran Star and constellation of Taurus. The angles reflect Krystic mathematical architecture shifting how the Taurus Dragon Line runs Solar Frequencies through the local ley lines. The St. Michael lines diagonally cross through Avebury, moving in both southwesterly and northeasterly directions, and appear to have grid point connections designed to stimulate the Albion Body parts to awaken.

Each of the Dragon Lines are woven into primarily twelve main sections comprising the world grid. Over the last year, more Dragon lines were created to reflect the changing zodiac patterns interacting with the earth grid (during Ophiuchus). However, each of the twelve main sections holds an image of the Albion reflection into its entire holographic mirror, as each image is like a face or facet, which is directed by a different astrological influence from the zodiac wheel. Each of the twelve spheres is an aspect that interfaces with the Human 12 Tree Grid of Life, and connects into the energetic center of the planet and into the center of 7D Gaia’s grid system. The Albion body was originally designed to hold the higher self-mind of Sirius for the earth, which also holds (hides) the consciousness records of the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One.  The Sirius Star System acts in its Universal principle as the higher mind functioning for the earth body. This Star System is the entry point for the Lodge of the Families of the Law of One, who are the record-keepers of the Krystal genetics and ambassadors that administer to the Laws of Creation.

The connection point to the Albion body in the United Kingdom is exactly in the center of the island, which allows access to the center of the 7D Gaian grid system and its umbilicus into the Cosmic Time Cycle. The East-West Axis of Aldebaran (Taurus) and Antares (Scorpio) function as a pair, and form the demarcation points of East and West positions in the Galactic Zodiac wheel. Aldebaran and Antares are the East–West alignments of the Four Royal Stars that open the Universal Gates into the Cosmic Time Cycle. Those East-West circuits can be accessed through Dragon Lines in the center of the United Kingdom, which connect into 7D Gaia.  Aldebaran also connects into the consciousness archetypes of St. Michael as the defender of the Christ Logos, and the history recorded on the St. Michael lines in the United Kingdom. The Taurus Dragon Line transmission (mid May to mid June) relates to the impact of Aldebaran and the collective Michael consciousness upon the earth.

Albion and King Arthur

Additionally, the origins of Albion are interwoven with the storyline of King Arthur. The essence of Albion and of Arthur, the “future messianic king” are still deeply felt and represented in myriad ways throughout the culture of the United Kingdom. Tintagel in Cornwall is King Arthur’s reputed birthplace, and Glastonbury is where his body was discovered in medieval times. One recurring theme in Arthurian literature is that he would one day return in the role of a messiah to save his people. Thus bringing peace, abundance and wellbeing to the lands, the same force represented as Christ consciousness returning to the earth.

Exploring these ancient mythologies can be important in the revelation of consciousness that is recorded in the landmass, and holds universal and eternal truths about humanities spiritual awakening. Our consciousness may return to resolve or complete these archetypes, as they are deeply embedded in the human psyche that connects with consciousness aspects of the earth.

The Round Table is King Arthur's famed table, around which he and his Knights congregate. As its name suggests, it has no head, implying that everyone who sits there has equal status. The symbolism of the Round Table developed over time to represent the code of conduct and virtues associated with Arthur's court, and the Knights of the Round Table.

Esoterically, the “Round Table” means to run Diamond Sun rainbow current into the earth grid. The Templars knew that to protect the earth and her inhabitants, the “Knights” would defend the earth from invaders by running Rainbow Round Tables. To protect the earth, the Knights Templar would go to planetary Stargates, communicate with the Krystic forces and run the “Round Table”. This refers to three to twelve Templars gathering in the Stargate to run rainbow current and protect it from intrusion.

King Arthur represents the Solar Angelic or Krystic consciousness aspect that can be connected to through this archetype on the earth. The birthplace of Arthur represents the birth of the Golden Child, where the Solar Angelic presence can be communed with by the sensitive seeker. That Solar presence can be intentionally directed to animate and energize the awakening of the Albion body.

NRG Suppresses Albion Awakening

The NRG is an alien machinery in the United Kingdom that is covering the Albion architecture and is using the Albion body. The Albion ultimately generates forces of the Diamond Sun DNA consciousness, but the spheres and the Cathar code are disconnected. The Albion code and Cathar code must be re-connected, re-paired and re-circuited to exchange energy together and build the DNA strands.  The main circuits for connecting the Cathar and the Albion bodies are the United Kingdom and France. The NRG headquarter hub in the Stonehenge area, acts as a final collection point by directing huge amounts of Electromagnetic power, through massive amounts of collected (stolen) life force from all over the planetary grid lines. The NRG function is to break apart hybrid genetics by reversing any synthesis of alchemy that happens organically between the male and female principle (electron-proton balance).  As a result, it repels any healing for the DNA of reverse pair bonds that are based in the reptilian genetics. This is desired by the Reptilians because their human representatives that are hybridized Nephilim (genetic hybrid between Oraphim and Reptilian), are easy to possess and Mind Control for their negative alien agenda.

The NRG alien architecture is harvesting the energy of the Albion source in order to suppress humanities consciousness and to stunt the progress of DNA assembly. We have discovered that this alien machinery is responsible for the suppression of the Albion body. The Albion is to be awakened in the earth, and this has forced many mission upgrades since early 2001. The NRG forces electron structures to distort the spinning ratio through smashing the protons. We can see a clear agenda of smashing protons to create black holes, such as the billion-dollar CERN project. These technologies are designed to stop the neutron and neutrinos from being generated and to split apart the electron-proton balance.

When we work with the planetary field, it is possible to run circuits and geometries that deflect a wide array of disturbances in the field. Prayer groups for these areas on the earth can be effective to neutralize black hole damage and run rainbow current rounds to support the grids.

As we get more advanced in our relationship to protect the earth, we may use the main building blocks of geometry in the grid, the platonic solids, to strengthen the grid patterns into energetic balance. As an example, one can simply work with one or more elements, which will contact the elemental spirits. For example; through the geometry of water, (Icosahedron), you may intend to manifest clear, clean and pure water for the earth, through prayers to the elemental spirits while sending many Icosahedron shapes to the oceans, ponds or rivers. 

Platonic Solids

The Mystery Schools of Pythagoras, Plato and the ancient Greeks, taught that these five solids are the core patterns behind physical creation. However, this was ancient knowledge known since the beginning of time. Four of the Platonic Solids are the archetypal patterns behind the four elements in all creation; Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. The fifth pattern was considered to be a Universal Substance of creation and in some Mystery Schools was considered the fifth element of Aether. The fifth solid is the dodecahedron and its usage in the material world was closely guarded as it was felt to be dangerous if it was misused. We are acutely aware the NAA and many of the Secret Societies, and Illuminati lines, have misused these as forms that are the basis of reversal ten structures that have been placed on the earth as Mind Control matrices.

These are called Reversal 55 Grids and appear as many of the dodecahedron shapes, as many are interconnected with the reversal matrix used by Service to Self entities. Hence, in our model we consider the dodecahedron as the elemental matrix or substance used to form time and space. The matrix can be programmed into a variety of angular proportions and light refractions that can bend time and space inorganically. Through Hieros Gamos, the upgrade is the Star of Azoth, from the Krystal Star, Seven Sacred Suns, which hold the Cosmic Aether component.  This fifth element upgrade to a sixth element supports our connection and communication, which is fully governed by Cosmic Sovereign Law and the Krystal Star host. The Cosmic Aether or Mothers Quintessence manifests itself into any geometrical wave pattern and breathes life into form.  She creates offspring, as multiple fractal patterns of spirals that are creations birthed into form and matter. Platonic Solids arrange themselves in fractal patterns that weave a Morphogenetic Field into a Blueprint that manifests a matrix in space, which interconnects atoms with the Stars in their celestial patterns. Although the scale of the platonic solid shapes are different, the ratios between them are the same, using the same geometries and following the same holographic patterning. This is following the Hermetic principle of "As Above, So Below".

These celestial patterns are in the annual movement of our Sun on an elliptical path through the constellations, moving over many thousands of years in evolutionary cycles called the Precession of the Equinoxes. The Universe moves and evolves through spirals. All opposing polarities resolve, by spiraling into balance.  Balance between polarities is made visible in the spiral movement. The movement of spiraling energy has the center core which is called the eye, in the eye of the spiral is the absolute zero, neutral or calm center. This core center in the spiral of consciousness exists in all living things.

The Five Platonic Solids are the building blocks of Sacred Geometry in consciousness which share the same characteristics:

  • All faces are the same size
  • All edges are the same length
  • Only one angle throughout the entire shape
  • All points touch edge of a sphere perfectly


Tetrahedron - The first Platonic Solid is a triangle with four (4) sides and represents the element fire. It is related to the intersection paths of the planets Jupiter and Mars, and was first documented by Johannes Kepler.

Hexahedron - The second Platonic Solid is a square with six (6) faces and represents the element earth. It is related to the intersection paths of the planets Saturn and Jupiter, and was first documented by Johannes Kepler.

Octahedron - The third Platonic Solid is a triangle with eight (8) faces and represents the element air. It is related to the intersection paths of the planets Mars and Earth, and was first documented by Johannes Kepler.

Dodecahedron - The forth Platonic Solid is a 5 sided pentagon with twelve (12) faces and represents the element of time and space, the substance that builds matrices. It is related to the intersection paths of the planets Earth and Venus, and was first documented by Johannes Kepler.

Icosahedron -The fifth Platonic Solid is a triangle with twenty (20) faces and represents the element of water. It is related to the intersection paths of the planets Venus and Mercury, and was first documented by Johannes Kepler.

The Unified Field Grid

The Platonic Solids are geometrically formed composites which are arranged in various groupings to form coding on the base structure of the grid. The grid is a general term used to explain the multiple layers of the Morphogenetic Field, which form the Unified Field of living substance, through which all things in the Universe are interconnected. The Grid represents the fabric in which, layers of crystalline blueprints are woven into manifestation, to support form and consciousness. Grid energy is the very essence and fabric of the Universe.

The geometric forms are crystalline structures that form the multidimensional layers of both consciousness and matter forms. These act as the building blocks of frequency and sound tones which are what the core manifestation template body is built upon. The geometric forms are what project and expand the consciousness form throughout time and space as well as contract and return the Consciousness body, back to the center core. They set the geometric foundation for all matter, structures and biology that experience perception of space and time throughout the Cosmos. These base geometries set the shaping of electromagnetic fields moving through multiple dimensions simultaneously, and direct how those fields will manifest and build matter forms. The Platonic Solids form the crystal matrix of electromagnetic fields and consciousness that run through all things and interconnect all things in the Universe.

Sacred Geometry

The base geometric forms of the Platonic Solids are arranged into groupings, which form more complex instructions sets and geometric code. All forms of matter and consciousness energy are structured upon these basic groupings and sets of geometric coding. This determines the base atomic structure and genetic arrangement of a form, and the characteristics and personality that form will have.  To work with Sacred Geometry is to reference the groupings of the geometric patterns held in the Platonic Solids. To witness how these groupings form specific coding, which direct light and sound waves to form into multiple consciousness expressions, in multiple dimensions simultaneously. These geometric codes hold together the primary core manifestation template of all individual forms.  They also hold the primary structure that organizes the consciousness intelligence within all things in the Universe. The attributes of manifestation in form can be altered or adjusted through rearranging these core geometric codes.

Sacred Geometry holds the instructions sets and the building blocks for the Blueprints of all of creation, from the unmanifest to manifest worlds, and is the basis of all form and Consciousness. Sacred Geometry is the pattern of Consciousness. On every scale from the quantum to the massive planetary and celestial bodies, every pattern of growth, change or movement will conform to the mathematical precision of one or more geometric shapes. Sacred Geometry is an ancient metaphysical science that explores the mathematical patterns that are inherent in creation and reveals the precise way that the Universe organizes itself. Sacred Geometry reveals the underlying connection between all things in the form of math, numbers and geometry that proves the hidden order behind creation, in Divine Infinite Calculus. When we have a greater understanding that "God is Math", and Sacred Geometry is the language of the Universe behind all form in creation, it creates a cosmology of unity, rather than a perception of separation.

The experience of Sacred Geometry through meditation or contemplation is essential in revealing the nature, purpose and necessary education, of the Soul-Spirit. Our unique soul pattern holds mathematical patterns and geometric forms, which dictate the pattern of our consciousness. When we study these structures of awareness we gain deeper insight into these mathematical patterns and codes, which reveal the symbolic nature of our relationship to ourselves, our relationship to the Universe and to God.

Everything has a pattern, which is the basis of a blueprint and is the key to creating specific experiences and effects in our consciousness or perception. When we study the natural change and movement of the nature kingdoms, when we study the geometry inherent in nature, it will inform us greatly of how nature works. All forms are brought forth in the Gender Principle of Creation. The Mother-principle and the Father-principle together, through their mating everything is created.

Light Symbol Codes

Light Symbol Codes make up frequencies of light and sound, and are composed of electromagnetic energy configurations. These configurations of light and sound energy are programmed into the core geometric patterns, and direct the angle, speed and rotation of the consciousness units and how they refract light and replicate themselves. Light Symbol Codes direct the way the consciousness energy will move in the form, and they organize the geometric program that is held together in the grouping of the geometric forms (Platonic Solids). When adjusting or altering Light Symbol Codes, the core geometric pattern is altered, and this initiates changes to be made in the Crystal Body. Spiritual Ascension, or human evolution through the expanding consciousness, can be accelerated and supported by activating Light Symbol Codes that are inherently a part of the core geometric structure of the Crystal Body. Light Symbol codes direct the pattern of frequency into the DNA, which activate dormant levels of DNA to come online and function at higher levels. The mind can be used to direct Light Symbol Codes, or the core Geometries to direct frequencies into the body for healing, wellness and a variety of consciousness enhancement purposes.

Light Symbol Codes operate on an Unconscious Mind level and direct core patterns into the crystal body to alter base codes of matter. When using Light Symbol codes in gridwork, they program and direct angles of light refraction in the geometric form, which alter the way the electromagnetic energy pulses and moves in the hologram. When using Light Symbol Codes in one dimension, it simultaneously alters the sound field in the dimension above it. The Core Geometries of the Platonic Solids must be programmed on the grid in the dimension above where they are being placed. This is accomplished by accessing the light field spectrum in one dimension, in order to direct the sound frequencies and its field in the dimension above it.


A Fractal is a repetitive geometric pattern that can be scaled to any size, from extremely small to extremely large. The scale may change but the ratio remains constant. The same repetitive patterns that are found in the Platonic Solids that fit within each other are fractals. That fractal pattern is what shapes the atom, the smallest unit of matter that defines the chemical elements. That same atomic structure behind the fractal pattern is what shapes our planets, stars and the Universe. The inner structure of a fractal is reflected identically in its outer structure, is the same geometric pattern repeated. A fractal means fraction, which indicates that it is a fraction of the all. Each piece is holding a reflection of the part of the whole. The fractals of the Electromagnetic Field energy interconnect with everything through multiple layers of Morphogenetic Fields. They repeat their fractal pattern in many dimensions within the Universe, and are the basic building blocks of the Holographic Universe.

Ley Lines

Ley Lines are the meridian axiatonal lines or grid system that conducts and transmits frequencies throughout our bodies and the planet. They are an exact mirror as they exist in our personal holographic template and are reflected from within the larger mirror of the planet’s own meridian and template system. This is one way to describe our micro and macro system of nested holographic energy templates, or the 12 Tree Grid, that generate within an infinity spiral of ever expanding spinning fractals.

Axiatonal Lines create the macro-system energy network in the Lightbody where all dimensional frequencies are transduced into the meridians, chakras and etheric nadial structure. Ley Lines run the same energetic network into smaller tributaries in the micro-system. This is similar to understanding the difference between an arterial vein and a capillary vein functioning in the same human circulatory system. The same energy network of Axiatonal Lines that are present in the personal Lightbody and the 12 Tree Grid, is also interconnected to the larger planetary axiatonal lines. The larger planetary body has an energy network which is an exact replica of our personal energy network. This expands throughout the unified field of energetic layers that comprise the Planetary, Galactic, and Universal consciousness energy systems. This combined network is the Unified field of Energy and Consciousness that together make up the entire time and space field of multiple dimensions, as well as the individual form and consciousness that reside in the entire Cosmic Structure.

As we discover more on how our planet actually works, we are learning how to be Guardians of the earth. We can help to support the expanding human consciousness to Awaken Albion by connecting to these basic principles, which govern the energies and geometries inherent in the mechanics of time and space. With a pure and loving heart, this knowledge must be respected and treated with great care by those who genuinely love and respect the Earth.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker.

I am the Cosmic Sovereign Law Made Manifest. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

Coping with EMF Radiation - Newsletter February /2006
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Written by Lisa Renee


My Dear Family,

Due to the intensity of our current energetic terrain and the related Ascension Symptoms within the last weeks, I felt an Alert was needed. There have been some physical symptoms that have been rather accelerated and have had many of us feeling completely disoriented and exhausted. If you have been feeling this way over the last month then this newsletter is for you! This is a primer for describing EMF fields and the dynamics as to why Lightworker's are experiencing EMF radiation over exposure and its related symptoms, NOW!

Current Stellar Energy Activation Dynamics

As many of us are aware, we have experienced some intense Stellar Energy Activations from the recent 11:11, 12:12 gates and beyond. These frequencies are being accreted (absorbed) and integrated into the larger level of the planetary and unified energy fields over the last weeks. This will continue. As these new energetic forces settled and began anchoring into the planetary grids, we began to feel a significant energetic and "timeline" shift that gave many of us odd, disorienting, out of body and unpleasant bodily sensations and experiences. The energetic layers within our personal Auric Fields are progressively undergoing transmutation of form. This may cause various physical symptoms from this adjustment in our energy fields of which I will discuss further below.

The expansion into the greater realities of the higher frequency dimensions reached an important milestone at that moment of "Time and Space" approximately on December 31, 2005. This event was a "time vector" code sequence activation for our dimension, that included an outpouring of energy wave infusions that anchored us and further attached itself to the next higher level of frequencies/dimensions/Universe (i.e. The New World, the Next Universe). This event is acting as a new information exchange and high frequency energy "hub" that is accessible to all of humanity. It is an entirely new energetic frequency band, reality and species introduced and available to this plane of Earth existence.

Things will be moving even quicker from this time forward for us, those that have chosen to be on this "timeline". Thus, our relationship to time and space will feel disorienting and unstable at times. I refer to this timeline as the "First Wave", a generation of the New World Servers and builders of the "New Energy" for the New World. We have soul contracts and agreements in place for this purpose. It is that specific group of servers that will experience the most intensified or emphasized symptoms as YOU are the conduit of this "New Energy"! It is a very exciting time, yet we are feeling the growing pangs of giving birth to our new creation.

To understand our symptoms we will need to understand some basics about the Stellar Activations and what the "EMF" stands for.

What is A Stellar Activation?

The process of dissolving the lower-dimensional energy layers within the Auric Field and transmuting their particle content into the next dimensional band of frequency is referred to as a Stellar Activation. As the planetary body or human body evolves through these multiple levels of frequency accretion, the energetic layers within the Auric Field progressively undergo transmutation of form. Once a personal energy or Auric Field has accreted most of the frequency bands from the dimensions that compose one Harmonic Universe, (i.e. The Earth's Field) the energy layers that correspond to these lower dimensions begin to dissolve. The particles contained within the dissolving auric layers open into the auric layers of the next highest dimensions, in the next Harmonic Universe up. This is the energetic Ascension Dynamics by which forms and consciousness progressively evolve from one dimensional span of experience to the next.

These Stellar Activations are a natural part of the light accretion/evolution process, and occur as the pulsation rhythms of particles in the lower dimensions speeds up into the rhythms of the next dimensional frequency bands.

Through the process of Stellar Activations the levels of the auric field progressively open up into each other, dissolving the dimensional frequency barriers that kept the levels separate at one time within the auric field. The levels continue to dissolve as these energetic and auric fields progressively draw in more frequency patterns from the higher dimensional "Unified Fields". As these levels dissolve, progressively more energy and awareness merge with and become held within, the matter-life form, and the matter-life form shifts from one set of dimensional time continuum cycles to another.

What is an EMF?

EMF stands for ElectroMagnetic Field. An electromagnetic field is composed of two related vector fields: the electric field and the magnetic field. When referred to as the electromagnetic field, the field is imagined to encompass all of space; typically an electromagnetic field is considered to be limited to a local area around an object in space.

We are ElectroMagnetic Field, Multidimensional Beings of Light. So a way to visualize this is to think of our personal energy field and the planetary energy fields, along with all of the collective fields of many other objects, people and the planet. Etherically, it would appear like a huge web of layers, upon layers of electrically charged particles of energetic fields of colored light wave spectrums - all connected and interacting with each other. We would see millions of variations of colors, frequencies and octaves in a movement of swirling patterns held within an dimensional grid matrice giving it form in a level of time and space.

We then could visualize our personal electromagnetic battery bodies, also known as our Auric body, as it consists of many vast layers of subtle energetic bodies, as our Personal EM Field. We could consider our planetary bodies with its various layers as the Planetary EM Field, and so forth and so on for all objects and beings.

All of these Electrically charged particles, all of these EM Fields are constantly emitting (or absorbing) photonic fluid, which is more commonly known as Light!! So how is light related to the electromagnetic field? Electromagnetic (EM) waves are the undulatory movements of light, which can always be observed to be emitted by electric charges undergoing an acceleration from a source of which it has been propagated.

So, this further takes us to understand the process of Electromagnetic radiation, as this is a propagating wave in space with electric and magnetic components (Our Stellar Activations). This term includes also, for example, as light travelling through an optical fiber, or electrical energy travelling within a coaxial cable. For our purposes of discussion this electrical energy (i.e. Stellar Activations) is travelling to our personal EM Fields and the resulting Electromagnetic radiation carries energy and momentum which may be imparted when it interacts with us, conducted through our electromagnetic battery body and then absorbed into our physical cells, our body in matter. We are transforming from carbon based matter into silica based forms. This is occuring at an incredibly rapid and accelerated rate as we are exposed to these "New Energies" never before felt or experienced in these realities that we are sharing now!

Now if you have made it through all the basic Scientific Ascension technical data, congratulations! This is a huge step in comprehending multidimensioanl mechanics and Ascension Dynamics! The bottom line, my lovelies, is this - we are feeling fried, nervous, exhausted, and a bevy of "radiation"-like symptoms from our acute exposure to these huge Stellar Activations. Understanding the dyamics will help us cope and keep us out of fear - ready to run to the local doctor's office. Regretfully, we live in a reality where if you tell your doctor you have 'EMF sickness and kundalini flu' he will probably stare at you quite blankly. I have, therefore, compiled some support options at the bottom of the article. If this resonates with you please feel free to email me for a more detailed support list. Here is more:

Electromagnetic Field Overexposure - Symptoms:

1.  Spaciness, dizziness/vertigo, disorientation, lost time spaces or voids, inner ear sensations like buzzing or humming, feeling out of your body, feeling like you are spinning or oscillating with your eyes closed (or open!), feeling light headed as if you are mildly drunk, cannot mentally focus, feverish or heat pulses that stop and start, blurred vision, seeing spots or flashing tiny lights, cranial aches or pain (back of neck, third eye - pineal), wanting to lie down, taking excessive naps or sleeping from exhaustion for no apparent reason. The brain hemispheres (right and left, front back) and our neurological net are being adjusted and recalibrating. We feel all kinds of odd "neurological" stress. These symptoms seem to span an average of 3-9 days and began about last week of December, 2005. They do appear intermittently.

2.  Solar plexus discomfort brings, consistent nausea, digestive complaints, weird bowel, food needs change, (starving, you are scarfing down food at 3am, during the day nothing looks right or tastes right), weight gain or bloated feeling. Some muscle achey-ness generally occurs after you have passed through the first levels of "spaced out" and dizzy feeling. Patterns appear mostly in the lower body such as the sacrum, legs, lower body aches. A few days of this and intermittent symptoms. Much of this is dropping density and releasing the past ancestral issues.

3.   Mild falls or accidents, hitting your head or toe several times in a row or in a short period of time. Clumsy - you are not! (Sometimes spirit uses this way to repattern and reorganize a "stubborn area" in your auric field. Say hello to your evolution support team next time you fall over! Do pay attention however... Sometimes your guidance is whacking you over your head to lay down, rest and listen internally.)

4.   Ancestral and family of origin issues or conflicts from the past come to a head, are surfaced, then cleared, resolved, or terminated. People are cut away and terminated from being an active part of your life.

So, my dear ones, stay in the luminosity of your Heart and Soul Path! Know we are in for an exciting ride and share this with, as they show up, any in your new light family that may need some clarity! It is important to support your physical body so listen, rest and do as you are guided.

We are here as One!

Some EMF Support Suggestions
NOTE: Muscle testing and dowsing are always preferred when figuring administering and dosage, if you are able. You may need to use very high dosages and then curtail them dependent on your bodies personal needs. Listen to your inner guidance and consult your MAP team, healers, and evolution support guidance.

Nervous system support:
Supplements have been useful and I suggest using them as needed and guided.

Hyland Homeopathic Bioplasma - Tissue Salts
Take as directed on bottle and whenever you have nervous tension.
B-Complex 150 formula
5 HTP - Take 200 mg daily
Planetary Formulas, Mylein Sheath Support - Take 2 daily or as guided
Essential Fatty acids - Take a full spectrum Omega 3-6-9
(Health by Sun - Total EFA) Take double dosage
Icelandic Cod or Fish Oils - liquid

Flower Essences:
Hyland FES - YES (Yarrow Environmental Solution) - Not only does it work to optimize physical health by counteracting EMF contamination, it is also an excellent boundary-strengthener.
Bach Flower (Rescue Remedy) - Use when feeling overwhelmed at any time. Good for bedtime sleep.
Flower Essences of any kind are incredibly helpful for the etheric nadis.
Consult your Flower essence specialist to make you a personal EMF brew.

Herbal healer - RadiAlgin drops (Sodium alginate)
Liquid Iodine drops
Bath Soak:
The following is a Radiation Detox Recipe...
1 cup sea salt
1 cup baking soda
1 4lb. container Epson Salts
Sodium Alginate capsules 2 times a day.

Section 1: On the first day soak in a bathtub of hot water (as hot as you can stand) filled with 1 cup baking soda & 1 cup sea salt for 20 minutes. (Do not do more than 20 minutes). Drink plenty of purified water before, during and after the soak.
Section 2: The next day soak in a bathtub of hot water (as hot as you can stand) filled with the full 4 lb. container of Epson Salts for 20 minutes. (Again, do not do for more than 20 minutes.) Drink plenty of purified water before, during and after the soak.
Note: If you are not feeling like you can do the Epson Salt bath on the 2nd day, then wait 2-3 days between soaks.

Nature and Crystals:
Stand in sea water at the ocean, or in any body of water as you are able. Let it wash over your legs and feet, keep submerged for awhile.
Walk and hike in nature, find a spot and mediate and align your energy fields to the planet life force. See your field and the planet field synchronized in light.
Use your crystals or find a new crystal to lay on your pineal glad and thyroid. Use crystal therapies as guided.
Biogenesis - Bio Translator Crystal. Lay point up on your forehead and ask to recalibrate your left-right-front-back brain hemispheres in divine perfection and balance.

2006 Lisa Renee, www.EnergeticSynthesis.com

The Spiritual Nomad - Newsletter January /2006
Tags: Series Lifting Your Veil Ascension Newsletter Lisa Renee Alternative Knowledge



Written by Lisa Renee


There is a significant phase that occurs in the process of initiation for many Lightworkers that I refer to as "The Spiritual Nomad". Often, when one reaches this transition phase of spiritual evolution, it can be so painfully unnerving to the personality/ego that it not only devastates one's self esteem, it also severely undermines our confidence to manifest even the most basic needs for our survival. It is precisely our "root" fears of survival that are being shaken to the core and unpeeled from us during this process. We are being prompted to work toward clearing these fears and perfecting our trust and surrender. So it is extremely important to understand the dynamics of why this occurs and actually how entirely common it is!

This will help you avoid the pitfall of allowing yourself to dwell in feelings of humiliation, shame and embarrassment by this externalization of forces that transform your world in to what appears to be a great "sacrifice". This is a crucial part of some of our Light Family's development and I want you to realize that you indeed have many family members that either have already undergone, or are currently working through this phase of spiritual development. I promise you this is a TEMPORARY phase. So if you know anyone who is presently working through this, do be sure to acknowledge their courage, strength and bravery to surrender to divine order and align to their soul's purpose. Send them love. This is the TRUTH of what they are doing and it is to be honored and acknowledged.

We need to be more conscious of supporting those being recruited (The Newbies) and the new additions (Child Indigos, Crystals and Aliens) awakening to reinforce our divine purposes of bringing higher consciousness to this planet. We are moving incredibly swiftly - forward!

What is the Spiritual Nomad?

Some questions to define "The Spiritual Nomad":

  • Are you currently jobless, juggling jobs, possibly homeless and relationship-less... much to your own bewilderment because you are an incredibly talented, skilled and loving being? You may even have an L.A.c, Ph.d, M.H.T and other assorted credentials after your name.
  • Do you feel invisible - like no one will hire you, love you or even recognize you? And, really, for no apparent reason (it feels like you have a mark on your forehead)?
  • Are you unable to do anything as you did in the past to earn a living or live as you once did?
  • Are you a healer or working in the healing arts, running around trying to find a way to translate this into cash or a means of support?
  • Do you seem to travel a lot, drive or go long distances, or sleep in several different places in short periods of time, perhaps even on your ex's couch?
  • Do you feel confused about your purpose and identity in the world?
  • Are there people, such as your biological family or friends, who are completely shocked or troubled by your life, attempting to offer their advice of what went wrong with you?

Oh my dear one, welcome to "The Spiritual Nomad". Fun, isn't it? The rest of this article is for you!

THIS IS THE TIME in one's life where every aspect of perceived "security" in the structure of the human world is completely unstable, unknown and unforeseen. Your life in all major areas, such as relationship, money, career, residence is all abruptly halted, changed and/or terminated. You are left feeling isolated and standing in a place of total bewilderment, wondering what happened to your life, the people in it and your former identity. This sets off every fear button you have because there is absolutely no sign of what is going on, what is coming or why it's happening. There is only a sense that some force came in, picked you up out of your hologram and placed you into someone else's life. For a while, you may not recognize whose life it is! It is very much like the sensation captured in the Talking Heads song lyrics, "Once in a Lifetime"...

Where does that highway go?
And you may ask yourself
Am I right? Am I wrong?
And you may tell yourself

I have included the full lyrics for your amusement at the end of this article just to remind you that there are many others walking this path, and feeling just the same way you are!

In the process of our unraveling consciousness in this human drama setting, this is one of the experiences that we have set up as "spirit" to create the experience of learning to FULLY surrender to divine forces. It is a complete dismantling of our ego and ego defenses. This is the crossroads where we start to leave the world of human order and align to the Divine Order. To many of our earthly cohorts, biological families and old energy friends, it will appear as if we have stepped off the edge of a chasm into a realm of insanity.

Groups will stand around shaking their heads, whispering how you have gone off your rocker and offer lots of advice and theories to your problems and issues. As unsolicited advice starts mounting - generally suggesting that you are incompetent, "less than", unrealistic, ungrounded, living in the clouds or just purely strange - your subconscious fear programs get triggered. Maybe, just maybe, could they be right? Internal pressures increase and you feel extremely conflicted about who you really ARE and what the heck you are doing with your life. This sets you off on a tangent of extreme inner examination and the re-evaluation of every goal, dream, thought and idea that you have had about your role in the world. Will I EVER make it? Will I ever become self actualized? Will I have the ability to create abundance in my life?

This process is designed to cultivate the incredible inner strength needed to face yourself and your deepest fears of survival. You then become intimate with the universal Law of Abundance and learn how generous the universe really is, even if it's not all manifested in order of your personal preference. You find that somehow, someway, all your base needs are being met, even though you have not the foggiest clue how it's happening or who some of the strangers are that have appeared in your life to support you - in ways you would never imagine! You learn how to receive from total strangers (an illusion, as everyone is Family) or from new sources, and learn how to acknowledge and receive these new ideas of abundance of which you were not formerly aware.

So, most commonly, one is feeling a type of embarrassment at being in the situation one is in; yet, simultaneously, feeling gratitude at these blessings being demonstrated at the most mundane levels (or even incredibly opulent levels) of existence. Finally, at about this time, you begin to Trust and realize that you REALLY are divinely protected and supported! You can relax now (at least a little)!

Here's an example of my own experience: I was classified as "homeless" (as the Spiritual Nomad) and, yet, found myself staying and living in multi-million dollar mansions... and actually more than one at a time! The juxtaposition of having $20 to my name and hanging out in sprawling acreages with koi ponds was really quite bewildering to my brain/ego. I began to experience a new level of universal abundance and had to release my attachment to my ego's desire/need to create it as coming from me. That illusion was a tricky one to dispel! I spent many bemused moments pondering the circumstances in which I found myself. It cultivated in me a trust that my needs would be met and that my spiritual path and mission was indeed supported in the physical world.

These experiences DO cultivate a level of deep faith and trust in the Divine Order, even when you do not have any external validation of "safety" - and that safety could be monetary, emotional support or a place to call "home" with a bed in it. Even when you are feeling blind and disconnected, to face this uncertainty and to find yourself 'okay' with it all is a major revelation. When you realize that your deepest fears (so many of them!) did not happen anyway, and, if they did... well, it really was not as bad as you once imagined it! My God! You can face just about anything! Your personal power begins to increase and your inner light glows ever more radiantly!

Well, my little darlings, if you find yourself smack dab in the center of this process, know that Spirit has many designs and great plans for you! It is important to work through all your fear, worry and obsessions. Then work to allow guidance, support and the light to shine on your path, even when it makes absolutely NO logical sense. You are learning to work your new Higher Sensory Perceptions and these antennae within you are being finely tuned for your new task and mission in the world.

You cannot "make" anything happen while you are in this process. So, you must relax as best you can. You are in transition to your greater destiny. When relaxing, you are expanding, not constricting, and the divine forces can more easily work through you and for you. Know that transformational forces are working magic in your life in ways you cannot comprehend. There really IS a Divine Order to what is happening to you. Know that it is okay not to know. Get more comfortable with uncertainty and external chaos while you cultivate that impenetrable core of divine essence to show the way for you and others. Finally, know that your Family is out here. We get it; we know what it's like and we love you for walking the path with US!

Until next time, stay in the luminosity of your Heart and Soul Path! We are here as One!

 2006 Lisa Renee, www.EnergeticSynthesis.com

Once in a Lifetime

by Talking Heads

And you may find yourself living in a shotgun shack
And you may find yourself in another part of the world
And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile
And you may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife...
And you may ask yourself "Well, how did I get here?"
Refrain 1:
Letting the days go by / let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by / water flowing underground
Into the blue again / after the money's gone
Once in a lifetime / water flowing underground.
And you may ask yourself "How do I work this?"
And you may ask yourself "Where is that large automobile?"
And you may tell yourself "This is not my beautiful house!"
And you may tell yourself "This is not my beautiful wife!"
Water dissolving, and water removing
There is water at the bottom of the ocean
Carry the water at the bottom of the ocean
Remove the water at the bottom of the ocean!
Repeat Refrain 1, twice
And you may ask yourself "What is that beautiful house?"
And you may ask yourself "Where does that highway go?"
And you may ask yourself "Am I right? Am I wrong?"
And you may tell yourself "MY GOD! WHAT HAVE I DONE?"

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