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They do not need to be married as a couple, but they sure are virtually when it comes to poliTicks


If a Clinton were to marry a Bush, the US could cancel elections

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Former Florida Governor and probable 2016 Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush (Reuters / Brian Snyder)

With apologies to their respective spouses, if Jeb Bush’s son, George P. Bush, had married Chelsea Clinton, Americans could have spared themselves the spectacle of Election 2016 and saved billions of dollars.

All that the USA needs now is for a young Clinton to pair up with a junior Bush. Should the union produce an heir, a single line of monarchy would be established. This is the reality of the USA’s broken politics in 2015. A country pretty much established in opposition to hereditary elites now has the most closed political system in the Western world.

In the past, America's strange obsession with the British Royal Family was usually explained by fact that the US has no monarchy of its own. The bad news for Queen Elizabeth's bunch is that this is increasingly the case in name only.

Hillary heads the market

Right now, Hillary Clinton is close to an even money favorite to become the next American President. The only other short-odds candidate appears to be Jeb Bush. After the former Florida governor there’s a clutch of outsiders like Rand Paul, Scott Walker and Marco Rubio filling out the field. It's depressing on so many levels.

Should Hillary, as expected, secure the White House and serve two terms it’ll mean that America will have been ruled by either a Bush or Clinton for 28 out of 36 years. The only break coming during the 8-year Obama Presidency. Of course, the former first lady served as Secretary of State for half of Obama's reign.

Despite a common misconception that the Roosevelts, Teddy and Franklin D, were close relatives, (they weren’t) keeping things in the family has not been the American way. In fact, George Bush Senior was the first President since FDR to have been born into the politically-connected WASP elite. Instead, post-war American Presidents have tended to be outsiders, coming from left field. Think Reagan, Nixon and Carter, for instance.

Even the ultimate ‘silver-spoon’ Commander-in-Chief, John F. Kennedy, was far from an insider by dint of his Catholic religion. Indeed, despite their great wealth and celebrity, the Kennedy clan never came close to establishing the kind of dynasty that the Bush family has managed. However, the Boston brood remains powerful in the world of baby kissers and it's commonly accepted that the late Edward was pivotal in securing Obama’s nomination for the 2008 contest.

Adding to the hypocrisy, Hillary’s initial campaign slogan is that “Everyday Americans need a champion.”


Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (R) and former first lady Laura Bush (Reuters / Jason Reed)

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (R) and former first lady Laura Bush (Reuters / Jason Reed)


Clinton's common touch?

In Clinton’s launch video, she laments the fact that “the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top” of the economy. These statements come from a woman who has a personal fortune of up to $25 million, according to her 2013 final disclosure report. This figure doesn’t even include the proceeds of her memoirs.

Chelsea is also far removed from the reality of contemporary American life. Again in 2013, the former First Daughter purchased a $10 million apartment near Manhattan’s Madison Avenue. Chelsea and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, were upgrading from a $4 million pad nearby. The Daily Mail indicates that if the Mezvinsky-Clintons have a mortgage on the property, it would cost $60,000 per month to service. According to the United Nations, the average US monthly wage is $4,695.

While Barack Obama’s 2012 election cost an eye-watering $1.1 billion, Hillary is reported to be aiming for an other-worldly $2.5 billion. This is more than the entire annual GDP of Liberia, a former African-American colony. Liberia has 4 million people.

Not to be outdone by Chelsea, Hillary and her husband, ex-President Bill, are known to own at least 3 homes. One in Washington and two in New York - a Manhattan apartment and a house in Chappaqua. The latter has 5 bedrooms and takes up around 550sqm. Their 3-story Washington abode boasts 6 bathrooms and homes in the area are valued at around $6 million by the real estate website, Trulia.

The figures seem mind-boggling because they are. Except, of course, for those in the one percent whom the Clintons really represent. When you compare her lifestyle to those ‘everyday Americans’ she claims to care about, the two faces of Hillary Clinton become apparent.

The contrast between Hillary, who wants to become the world’s most powerful woman, and the current holder of the title, Angela Merkel, is stark. Merkel, unlike Clinton, practices what she preaches. The pastor’s daughter lives in a relatively humble central Berlin apartment, eschewing the far more luxurious Federal Chancellery building, which offers a grace and favor dwelling.

Ask a group of people, who is wealthier, the Bush or Clinton families? I’d venture that 8 out of 10 would say the Bushes. While Bill and Hillary espouse a pseudo-left wing doctrine, their Republican counterparts are perceived as being far more capitalist. That perception is wrong. George W. Bush is worth less than half what Bill Clinton has to hand and Jeb Bush wasn’t actually super wealthy at all until recently.

The struggling rich

As Wire tells it upon leaving office as Florida governor in 2007, the Texas-born banker felt poor as he was barely a millionaire. What ensued was an attempt to make a lot of money, quickly. Hillary has also considered herself impoverished after Bill exited the White House. Both Jeb and Clinton mastered the same route of rapid enrichment.

Bush sat on six company boards at once as he tried to reel in cash. He also acted as an advisor to Lehman Brothers. You will remember them as the financial firm whose collapse helped trigger the Great Financial Crash of 2008. Additionally, Jeb made numerous paid-speeches, following the Clinton’s path.

Assuming the 2016 election will be Hillary vs. Jeb, expect not only a clash of America’s two great modern political dynasties. The other contest will see corporations like Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and Barclay’s going toe to toe. These companies gave the Clintons and Bushes their fortunes. Remember, who pays the piper calls the tune.


How Hillary Clinton Will Win The 2016 Presidential Election Tags: USA Election Clinton


Published on 16 Apr 2015 by WeAreChange

In this video Luke Rudkowski breaks down the game of how Hillary panders to the rich establishment and then uses there money to fool you vote for her. Please share this video with anyone who is considering for voting for her.


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Hillary 2016? Recalling the Clinton Body Count


Hillary 2016? Recalling the Clinton Body Count Tags: USA Election Globalist Agenda

by Makia Freeman


If you or anyone you know is thinking about doing such a thing, you may want to read a little further and learn some more about the Clintons. The Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign is now official, so America will be faced with the horrendous prospect next year of having to choose between continuing a Clinton Dynasty or a Bush Dynasty. If indeed Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush become the presidential candidates for their respective parties, and get elected for 2 terms, do you realize what that would mean? In that scenario, we would have had a Clinton or Bush in the White House from 1980 to 2024! That would be 44 straight years of a Clinton or Bush (remembering that George Bush Sr. was VP under Reagan and that Hillary worked, and still works, under Obama)! Could it be any more obvious that the US is not a Republic or democracy but rather an oligarchy of the rich and powerful? A bloodline aristocracy may be a better term, since all of the 44 US Presidents have been part of European royal bloodlines, despite having different last names.

A Brief Recap of the Clinton’s Criminal Past

Both the video embedded above and The Clinton Chronicles offer a good recap of the Clinton’s criminal history. The fact that they are still around after so many murders and scandals is tribute to their power and ruthlessness, to the fact they have very rich backers, and to the fact that the American public is under a shocking spell of amnesia. This brief list of their scandals comes from the video above:

– The Whitewater Scandal: Bill used the power of office of Governor of Arkansas to build public roads to the Clintons’ private land. They made money with real estate contracts for Whitewater property that included harsh clauses. This resulted in elderly buyers defaulting on land payments and repossessions.

– Hillary’s Magical Trade: Hillary invested $1000 and turned it into $100,000 through insider trading, entering and exiting the markets at the exact right time. According to economists at Auburn and Nth Florida University, 1995, who concluded in their study in the Journal of Economics and Statistics, the probability of Hillary’s trade being genuine and not an insider trade was 1 in 250,000,000! The broker involved was given a 3 year suspension.


– The Clintons appoint Patsy Thomison who eliminated random drug testing at the White House.

– Vincent Foster, who knows Rose Law Firm (Hillary’s old law firm) and the Clintons’ financial secrets very well, dies under highly mysterious circumstances. The day before, on 7/14/93, Bill fired FBI chief William Sessions out of the blue. Bill called a second time and commands that Sessions leave the building immediately. The next day Foster is found dead. Normally this would have fallen under FBI jurisdiction, but the local Park Service took control of the investigation, and were inadequate for the job. A suicide note was mysteriously found 4 days later, allegedly written by Foster, but experts say it is a fake. The official autopsy leaves out wound on neck. The entire scene where the body is found looks fake and set up; Foster had no fingerprints on the gun, no soil on his shoes, and his hands were neatly by his side. Patsy Thomison breaks into Foster’s safe before the body is widely known to have been found. Bill pretends on live TV at 9pm he doesn’t know about Foster’s death, despite being told earlier. Assistant Attorney General Webster Hubbell on July 20th, 1993, concludes: “Don’t believe a word you hear. It was not suicide. It couldn’t have been …”

– Jerry Parks collected a dossier of photos on Bill Clinton, as ordered by Vince Foster. Foster was ordering Parks to conduct surveillance on Bill, allegedly for Hillary, to see how vulnerable her husband would be if he ran for President. Foster gave files to Hillary. 2 days later Foster was dead. Later Parks is shot and the files allegedly taken from his home.

– Kathleen Willey’s second husband, Edward E. Willey Jr., committed suicide on November 29, 1993 — the day she claimed Clinton’s sexual misconduct against her took place.

– Mary Caitrin Mahoney, a former White House intern, is found shot.

– Johnny Franklin Lawhon, who found cashier’s check to Clinton in car worth $27,000, later died mysteriously.

– Department of Commerce worker Ron Brown dies in a plane crash, after voicing displeasure at Clinton’s White House perverting point of energy swaps. Nico Josic was the ground investigator and was shot to death. It was ruled a suicide before he could be questioned.

– FileGate: Bill Clintons misused more than 1000 FBI files with sensitive information of average American citizens to make a “Compilations of Enemies” list. Congressman Bob Barr comments:

“Clearly what the Clinton Administration is trying to do is an orchestrated systematic effort to thwart justice, to thwart the rule of law, to thwart legitimate investigations by the Congress, whether it is impeachment proceedings or regular oversight … to derail investigations (and) derail prosecutions.”

– The China Connection: Clinton (and Gore) take money from rich Chinese donors who ran prostitution rings.

– Prison Population Explosion: The total prison population increased by 673,000 people under Clinton’s tenure or by 235,000 more than it did under President Ronald Reagan, according to a study by the Justice Policy Institute.

– The Clintons ties to human rights abuses in Colombia.

The Clinton Body Count

The Clinton body count is quite a long one, full of suicides, car accidents, plane crashes or explosions, people dying of gun shot wounds and people dying from falling out of high apartment buildings. Since the overwhelming majority were officially ruled as suicide, the Clintons enjoy plausible denialability, which the elite regularly use as a legal shield behind which to hide their horrendous crimes. Here is a partial list of those who knew or were close to the Clintons:

July 1978: Susan Coleman is shot in the back of the head after allegedly becoming pregnant to Bill Clinton. Verdict: “suicide”.

August 1991: Danny Cassolaro is found dead in bathtub after investigating corruption including the Clintons. Verdict: “suicide”.

July 1992: C. Victor Raiser II (and son Montgomery) die in a plane crash/explosion, and Herschel Friday dies in a separate plane crash/explosion, both deemed “accidents”.

September 1992: Paul Tulley dies to unknown causes.

December 1992: Paula Gober, speechwriter for Clinton, dies in a car accident.

December 1992: Jim Wilhite dies in a skiing accident.

January 1993: Ed Cauley, former Clinton Arkansa campaign manger, dies.

May 1993: John Wilson, former DC city councilman with inside knowledge of Whitewater, is found hanged in his room. Verdict: “suicide”.

July 1993: Paul Wilcher, an attorney, wrote a 105 page letter to then attorney general Janet Reno, describing knowledge of the Mena, Arkansas gun-running and drug-dealing activity. He is found dead in his apartment. The coroner did not rule on the cause of death.

August 1993: Jon Walker, a senior investigator for the Resolution Trust Corporation, looking for source of a suspicious $50 million transfer related to $40 million embezzlement scheme involving Whitewater and the Clintons, falls to his death from a high apartment building. Verdict: “suicide”.

September 1993: Dr. Stanley Heard and Attorney Steve Dickson, family doctor for the Clintons, are killed in 2 plane crashes.

March 1994: Dr. Donald Rogers, family dentist of the Clintons, is killed in plane crash, ruled an “accident”.

May 1994: Gandy Baugh, attorney, commits “suicide” by jumping out of an apartment building.

June 1994: Stanley Huggins, a partner in Memphis law firm investigating the Madison loan, is found dead of viral pneumonia.

July 1994: Calvin Walraven dies of a gun wound to head. Verdict: “suicide”.

October 1994: Florence Martin, who had the PIN to bank account of $1.46 million set up for Barry Seal, is found dead of gun shot wounds to the head.

November 1996: Barbara Wise, worker at the Department of Commerce, is found dead.

Finally, here is a quote from Aldrich who worked in the White House as a FBI agent:

“My name would be mud, my FBI career would be over, and I might even be in danger, if the stories coming from Little Rock were true – about how so many enemies of the Clintons ended up having fatal accidents.”

– Gary Aldrich, special FBI agent assigned to the White House

The Clintons and Mind Controlled Sex Slaves

The account of Cathy O’Brien in regards to the Clintons is very revealing (I wrote about this in the article Hillary Clinton 2016). O’Brien is a former mind control victim who suffered horrific SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) at the hands of her handlers, who programmed her to become a sex slave. You can read her story in her book Trance-Formation of America. She explicitly mentions being abused and repeatedly raped by many high-ranking politicians including George Bush Sr., Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton.

Still Thinking About Voting for Hillary in 2016?

Still thinking about voting for Hillary in 2016? Hopefully not, but many will, despite the availability of information out there which shows us that the Clintons are power-hungry psychopaths ready to eliminate anything in their way. Even if you are not familiar with all of the above details in this article, just the recent Benghazi and emails scandals alone are enough to show us that Clinton was involved in gun-running to terrorists in Libya, and flagrant in her disregard of the law by hiding emails, using her personal meal and wiping them all clean when she came under scrutiny.

Wake up America. Time to say no to the Clinton Dynasty.


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Makia Freeman is the editor of The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at ToolsForFreedom.com, writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the global conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance.








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