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Live from Westmonster.. Omg!!!!! Tags: UK-Election 2015

Image: this is what has happen yesterday in the UK

by Sandra Barr

As I posted yesterday, there has been Venus Programming surrounding the new Royal, five is the order of the day, first shown surrounded by primroses (5 petals), now what would be the chances 5 days after the birth, of the current PM making the papers holding a pentagram?....
Well as it happens, today he is in the Independent holding a blue pentagram, the cover story being a child gave him it while he was campaigning somewhere in Cannock, the child was not named.
So one day before the election he gets his gob in the papers holding a pentagram, the symbol of Venus, and the most important symbol in Witchcraft! No self respecting coven would embark on doing a magic spell without the aid of this most powerful symbol.
As for the colour, blue is the most revered colour in Freemasonry, all the known Gods came from the sea or the sky, both being blue....blue blood! Venus is a Roman deity, her Greek counterpart is Aphrodite, and she came out of the sea.


Live from Westmonster.. Omg!!!!!


Published on 7 May 2015 by chunkymark

The artist taxi driver


Russell BRAND-ed Voting A Joke, Now Urges Fans To Vote Labour! Tags: UK-Election 2015

Russell BRAND-ed Voting A Joke, Now Urges Fans To Vote Labour!

The Fabian's Pied Piper Marching The Almost Awake Back Into The Left-Right Paradigm

Posted on May 4, 2015 by Kev Baker

Well, well, at last, the real Russell Brand, has stood up and shown the true colours that we all knew he was hiding under his Pied Piper atire.

Yes, the man that shot to revolutionary status with his book “Revolution”, and got hour upon hour of main stream coverage for his anti-voting stance, is urging his army of followers to get out and what?


Time and time again i have referred to Brand as the “Pied Piper of The Controlled Revolution” and on the evidence i would say myself, and so many others in the alternative media, have finally been vindicated.

Its was widely reported last week how Labour leader and potential Prime Minister Ed Miliband just popped round for a coffee and a chat with the comedian at his post £2m per-annum rented flat for an impromptu interview ahead of this weeks upcoming general election.

Ridiculously, Brand is quoted as saying the following….

“…what’s important is this bloke will be in Parliament and I think this bloke will listen to us, so on 7 May, vote Labour,”

Us? Us! Just which “us” is Brand on about here, because im getting confused. When he says us, is he referring to people with luxory accomadation in the centre of London that costs around £5k per month (rended of a bloke that doesnt pay tax, just saying, since this too is something Brand pretends to care about), people with say, oh, about a net worth of £9 million from his comedy, acting, endorsements and more recently writing?

Im struggling to figure out just who this “us” is that you refer to Russell.

It certainly cant be the army of followers he has built up since turning all Che on us, because im guessing most of them dont share his wealth and opulence.

Brand was, is and will remain the perfect agent of change, the Fabian Pied Piper indeed!

For those reading this that may not have come across the Fabian Society before, lets take a quick look at them before getting back to the Pied Piper.

Wikipedia, although admittedly not the most reliable source, gives this good description….

The Fabian Society is a British socialist organisation whose purpose is to advance the principles of socialism via gradualist and reformist means.[1][2] The society laid many of the foundations of the Labour Party and subsequently affected the policies of states emerging from the decolonisation of the British Empire, most notably India and Singapore.

Originally, the Fabian society was committed to the establishment of a socialist economy, alongside a commitment to British imperialism as a progressive and modernizing force.[3]

Today, the society functions primarily as a think tank and is one of 15 socialist societies affiliated with the Labour Party. Similar societies exist in Australia (the Australian Fabian Society), in Canada (the Douglas-Coldwell Foundation and the now disbanded League for Social Reconstruction), in Sicily (Sicilian Fabian Society) and in New Zealand.

Brand has been linked with the Fabians many times, and his writing for the New Statesman, a contraversial publication founded in part by a fellow great Fabian in George Bernard Shaw, has only seen the links solidify.

The Fabian’s spoke in glowing terms about his recent book and said it was one of the most important political books of 2014! On their website they claim his book is one of their “most essential” reads despite, wait for it… “rallying cry not to vote”!

Well surely the Fabian’s will be rushing to write an even more glowing review than the one you can find here on their own website.

For Fabians, read socialist revolution.

Having now shown his true colours by endorsing the Fabian founded Labour Party I put to you again that this abomination of a man is nothing more than the Fabian agent of change, to usher in a their vision of the socialist utopic age.


Russell Brand was never “one of us” despite his constant claims to the contrarery on the main stream media (yeah, like one of “us” always gets air time on the BBC, ITV etc), and in his role as pied piper in revolutionaries clothing, all he has done is appeal to those that were so close to waking up, bewildered them with his celebrity status and saying the sort of stuff not heard on TV, and thus giving them a sense of victory already.

He has taken those on the verge of seeing through the left-right paradigm and recharged their belief in the myth that voting can bring about a solution to the problems that face us all in this day and age.

His intention was never to appeal to the masses, no siree! He was put out there to placate the minds of those that were at last seeking answers.

Brand the revolutionary? All he has done is send thousands back to sleep in front of the TV.

Look, if he managed to mind rape you, thats understandable, but you now need to put the ego away, wear the big boy pants and admit you were wrong.

Because the alternative is to follow the tune being played by Brand and falling into the trance that only the Left-Right screw job can bring.


An "Unholy Marriage" Tags: Banking Bush Election Finance Hillary Clinton History Merkel Obama Politics Prices Real Estate Real sector UK USA

They do not need to be married as a couple, but they sure are virtually when it comes to poliTicks


If a Clinton were to marry a Bush, the US could cancel elections

RT 22 April 2015 ShortURL

Former Florida Governor and probable 2016 Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush (Reuters / Brian Snyder)

With apologies to their respective spouses, if Jeb Bush’s son, George P. Bush, had married Chelsea Clinton, Americans could have spared themselves the spectacle of Election 2016 and saved billions of dollars.

All that the USA needs now is for a young Clinton to pair up with a junior Bush. Should the union produce an heir, a single line of monarchy would be established. This is the reality of the USA’s broken politics in 2015. A country pretty much established in opposition to hereditary elites now has the most closed political system in the Western world.

In the past, America's strange obsession with the British Royal Family was usually explained by fact that the US has no monarchy of its own. The bad news for Queen Elizabeth's bunch is that this is increasingly the case in name only.

Hillary heads the market

Right now, Hillary Clinton is close to an even money favorite to become the next American President. The only other short-odds candidate appears to be Jeb Bush. After the former Florida governor there’s a clutch of outsiders like Rand Paul, Scott Walker and Marco Rubio filling out the field. It's depressing on so many levels.

Should Hillary, as expected, secure the White House and serve two terms it’ll mean that America will have been ruled by either a Bush or Clinton for 28 out of 36 years. The only break coming during the 8-year Obama Presidency. Of course, the former first lady served as Secretary of State for half of Obama's reign.

Despite a common misconception that the Roosevelts, Teddy and Franklin D, were close relatives, (they weren’t) keeping things in the family has not been the American way. In fact, George Bush Senior was the first President since FDR to have been born into the politically-connected WASP elite. Instead, post-war American Presidents have tended to be outsiders, coming from left field. Think Reagan, Nixon and Carter, for instance.

Even the ultimate ‘silver-spoon’ Commander-in-Chief, John F. Kennedy, was far from an insider by dint of his Catholic religion. Indeed, despite their great wealth and celebrity, the Kennedy clan never came close to establishing the kind of dynasty that the Bush family has managed. However, the Boston brood remains powerful in the world of baby kissers and it's commonly accepted that the late Edward was pivotal in securing Obama’s nomination for the 2008 contest.

Adding to the hypocrisy, Hillary’s initial campaign slogan is that “Everyday Americans need a champion.”


Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (R) and former first lady Laura Bush (Reuters / Jason Reed)

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (R) and former first lady Laura Bush (Reuters / Jason Reed)


Clinton's common touch?

In Clinton’s launch video, she laments the fact that “the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top” of the economy. These statements come from a woman who has a personal fortune of up to $25 million, according to her 2013 final disclosure report. This figure doesn’t even include the proceeds of her memoirs.

Chelsea is also far removed from the reality of contemporary American life. Again in 2013, the former First Daughter purchased a $10 million apartment near Manhattan’s Madison Avenue. Chelsea and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, were upgrading from a $4 million pad nearby. The Daily Mail indicates that if the Mezvinsky-Clintons have a mortgage on the property, it would cost $60,000 per month to service. According to the United Nations, the average US monthly wage is $4,695.

While Barack Obama’s 2012 election cost an eye-watering $1.1 billion, Hillary is reported to be aiming for an other-worldly $2.5 billion. This is more than the entire annual GDP of Liberia, a former African-American colony. Liberia has 4 million people.

Not to be outdone by Chelsea, Hillary and her husband, ex-President Bill, are known to own at least 3 homes. One in Washington and two in New York - a Manhattan apartment and a house in Chappaqua. The latter has 5 bedrooms and takes up around 550sqm. Their 3-story Washington abode boasts 6 bathrooms and homes in the area are valued at around $6 million by the real estate website, Trulia.

The figures seem mind-boggling because they are. Except, of course, for those in the one percent whom the Clintons really represent. When you compare her lifestyle to those ‘everyday Americans’ she claims to care about, the two faces of Hillary Clinton become apparent.

The contrast between Hillary, who wants to become the world’s most powerful woman, and the current holder of the title, Angela Merkel, is stark. Merkel, unlike Clinton, practices what she preaches. The pastor’s daughter lives in a relatively humble central Berlin apartment, eschewing the far more luxurious Federal Chancellery building, which offers a grace and favor dwelling.

Ask a group of people, who is wealthier, the Bush or Clinton families? I’d venture that 8 out of 10 would say the Bushes. While Bill and Hillary espouse a pseudo-left wing doctrine, their Republican counterparts are perceived as being far more capitalist. That perception is wrong. George W. Bush is worth less than half what Bill Clinton has to hand and Jeb Bush wasn’t actually super wealthy at all until recently.

The struggling rich

As Wire tells it upon leaving office as Florida governor in 2007, the Texas-born banker felt poor as he was barely a millionaire. What ensued was an attempt to make a lot of money, quickly. Hillary has also considered herself impoverished after Bill exited the White House. Both Jeb and Clinton mastered the same route of rapid enrichment.

Bush sat on six company boards at once as he tried to reel in cash. He also acted as an advisor to Lehman Brothers. You will remember them as the financial firm whose collapse helped trigger the Great Financial Crash of 2008. Additionally, Jeb made numerous paid-speeches, following the Clinton’s path.

Assuming the 2016 election will be Hillary vs. Jeb, expect not only a clash of America’s two great modern political dynasties. The other contest will see corporations like Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and Barclay’s going toe to toe. These companies gave the Clintons and Bushes their fortunes. Remember, who pays the piper calls the tune.


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