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The Yielding Power of Acceptance
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by Naropa, Contributor, ZenGardner.com


“Walls meant to protect have instead separated and isolated.

Your defences have kept you apart from those whom you most need to touch.

Whatever the reason for discord between you, it is time to lay down your arms.

Dispel the inflexible demands and fears of the Mind so that you may reunite in the Heart.

If you have begrudged, forgive.

If you have torn down, repair.

If you have injured, heal.

If you have judged, pardon.

If you have grasped, let go.”

I Ching, Hexagram 59

I think that one of the challenges in being a universally-oriented being, is relating and conveying ideas to other people, in a way they can resonate with as well. Indeed, the sometimes frustrating ineffability of the whole affair, whatever you want to call this game, is presented as a communicative ruse to the mystic, because he has to bridge for himself the gap back to every day human affairs and the every day world. Whether it is describing the unseen nature of reality, or the informational fields of awareness related to it (aka, the truth, the elite agenda, etc.), the challenge is similar. It’s somewhat like a child who finds him or herself in a state of mild confusion faced with the fact that all the grown-ups can’t see the magic in something as splendid as a teddy bear, or a toy car. “Look, look!” You know, eventually, the child learns to repress that magic and join the corporate world. It learns that in order to get approval from other people, he or she must act in a certain way, and perform certain tasks correctly, and believe certain things, even if it goes against what they feel inside. This conditioning, the learning the parameters of the game from peers, teachers, parents, religious and authority figures, very powerfully imprints the qualities and boundaries of that child’s inner and outer environment.

The shaman, the mystic or the sage, either is born with, or comes across such an experience which can be described as the piercing of the shell of acquired conditioning. One way or another, he or she has managed to tap directly into the source. Rather than a drunken regression into a child-like state as most people erroneously believe, this state provides an incredible clarity into the nature, or the core of the self, beyond all conditioning.  Sometimes it’s blissful and sometimes it’s not, but it inevitably always pathes the way to a revelation of some kind. Sometimes there is no conscious revelation, just a feeling- and that makes the matter all the more difficult to communicate to others. You’ve probably all seen the 1999 blockbuster hit “The Matrix”. The movie described it marvelously. In addition to being a sublime example of “The Hero’s Journey”, it is also a wonderful demonstration of an initiation, Neo, incarnating the role as the shaman’s apprentice. Mission: to Know Thy Self & Thy Source.

As Morpheus said, once you see (or feel) the Matrix, there is no going back. Once the shell is pierced, it must be nurtured, and it cannot be closed. It is nurtured by following the courageous warrior’s path of truth and love, love and light, in which the veil just keeps lifting, onward and into infinity, forever. It is like plunging into the darkness, completely abandoning yourself into the possibility of total annihilation. That is the cost of knowing thy self. It is the letting go of everything you cling onto or think is important, even your own body (and mind). This ongoing process, once initiated, brings forth a necessary renewal of the psyche as well as the body, a metamorphosis in preparation for the integration of the light of spiritus back in the corpus. It’s not that the light went somewhere, or left you, but rather that you didn’t see it, or forgot how to see it.

The integration of man is the transition from a tribal paradigm to a universal one, out of cultural conditioning, and into self cultivation, to find the nature and source of his or her own awareness. It’s kind of like having the ability to zoom out your perspective into space, and seeing the earth and yourself from that vantage point. The way you go “out” is by first going in, by discovering what you are, and what you are doing here. A lot of the details we are told are important in our culture, have no relevance from these new vantage points. That is what is meant by “expanding” one’s consciousness- it is expanding your field of awareness, whether it be informational, or perceptual. Different vantage points (world-views) may tend to clash, depending on their nature, but the most efficient vantage points are those that are able to compassionately embrace and accept all the others ones for what they are- different. The word compassion, from the latin “compassionem” means to “feel with”.

Now, one of the things that are eventually let go of are ideas and desires of material wealth, ego-driven behavior, competition, and negativity. These are all the things that are promoted in our Western culture, so it is a natural thing for a person on such a quest to seek development in more natural and laid-back settings, which do not impose such forces as an ideal.

Getting back to the communication gap, one of the tasks in this “ascension process” is to use the power of love, compassion and forgiveness, to bridge the gap back into the every day world, whatever it may be. Denying it would be an act of selfish insanity and inner delusion. As corrupt, capitalistic and irrational as our modern world may be, we should not abandon it! Doing so would mean imposing judgment on others, creating a new separation between self and other, and bringing in the competitive and comparative narrative into play. Too much mind involved in that, there’s a better way- go from the heart. Be the example, through your actions. Set the stage for the world you want to live in, and be the change you envision. If someone is running Capitalism 2.0 as their operating system, well that’s their right and you can’t take it away from them (although you certainly are free to discuss it). Free Will means everyone can choose their own operating system and that’s the beauty of it. Now how you go about formatting and installing a new one, that’s a topic for another discussion. The point is that having an open mind means having an open heart, so welcome all your brothers and sisters, the children of this creation, just as they are.

If they do not wish to share the experience of understanding your paradigm, or hear about the veil at this time, then thank them for taking that decision, because if they didn’t, there would be no game for you and I to play here on this earth. You wouldn’t know self without other, so no chance at discovering that they are both one and the same. Thank them for playing, and for being alive, for existing as one of your brothers and sisters on this earth. That you have both incarnated at the same time and can interact with each other in the most marvellous ways- that is a most precious gift. As the sands of time, made up of all the various elements, shift and turn, perhaps you will see yourselves again one day. You will see your self, looking back at you. You are already the great self, the pinnacle of perception. It’s a great big cosmic acting out of different kinds of existences appearing and disappearing, and they are all correct, all valid, just the way they are. That means you are perfect just the way you are, and so is everything else in existence. It doesn’t get any better than this, at least I don’t think.

Another toast to love,


Shit Storm
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Elva Thompson

A man who follows the paths of sorcery is confronted with imminent annihilation every turn of the way, and unavoidably he becomes keenly aware of his death. Without the awareness of death he would be only an ordinary man involved in ordinary acts. He would lack the necessary potency, the necessary concentration that transforms one’s ordinary time on earth into magical power. 

Carlos Castanaeda. A Separate Reality.

The End-game

The magnetosphere of our planet is weakening, the poles are wandering, and the Schumann Cavity Resonance is increasing…something cosmic is happening in our solar system… and maybe an extinction level event is on our horizon.

Out with the old and in with the new

Before the Age of Aquarius and the new Grand Cosmic Year can get underway, the old Age of Pisces, the twelfth house of the dying GCY has to be destroyed.  Our planet is due for a cleansing, whether it is a pole shift, an asteroid, a volcanic eruption, an earthquake, an ice age or a pot shot from the sun that decides the fate of Earth this time round, we can be sure that something cosmic is afoot.  We are at the end of the cycle of twenty-six thousand years, and the programme is getting ready to clear the playing field and start over….some of us feel it coming…and just hope it doesn’t happen in our lifetime!

Shit Storm

‘Their malice may be concealed by deception, but their wickedness will be exposed in the assembly’. Proverbs 26:26

As the matrix winds down for the reset, all the filth, lies and deceptions that have been buried for eons are rising to the top of the heap, and the stench is appalling.  Nothing will remain hidden in the months and years ahead, dirty laundry will be aired and karma will be instant… and when the ugly truth shows itself, most of humanity will go stark, staring mad.

The majority of people in this world are living the lie of the A. I, the ego. They are totally involved with the world of sensation and have bought the programme, hook, line and bloody sinker. They don’t want to wake up…the truth is too bloody terrifying, and when we try to raise the alarm, they stick their heads up their arse holes like the oozalum bird and carry on as normal.

Their reality and perception of life is contrary to ours.  So what is real?

 What is Real?

Without the five filters[sensors of frequency] embedded in the biological software we inhabit, there is no reality…

No ‘real’ because this world can only exist for us while we are in the flesh, and without the software[our bodies] to interpret the five frequencies that create physicality… the third dimension ceases to be …

It is a virtual reality matrix, a biological, inter-active software programme that needs a constant supply of bodies to play the game.484284_ml

The game of life only encompasses a small part of the spectrum, a smidgeon of the awesome power that lies beyond the veil, and to access the hidden realms, we have to expand our bandwidth and that requires some self examination…cleaning out the closet of the mind and dropping the rubbish in the bin ….

Be true to yourself

This above all; to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day. Thou canst not then be false to any man.’  Hamlet Act 1, scene 3.

Waking up is a reality bust, a shit storm, a trauma of immense proportions because it changes everything. Denial is no longer possible and it’s an ugly feeling when you start checking out your family and friends, and realise that beneath the polite, smiling, genial façade presented to outsiders…some are monsters.

 We all know some…but we keep mum…hoping they’ll improve.

The realisation that we may have to leave our wife/husband, family, friends and go seeking for companions of like mind is a big  feckin’ deal. This is freak out time for all of us, but we must trust that our aspiring resonation will be met, and if we are true to our hearts and don’t indulge in self destructive behaviour ….our needs will be met far and beyond our expectations.26848437_s

But, and it is a big but:  To throw caution to the winds and to strike out in trust is an awesome task, it is akin to stepping off the spiritual plank into the unknown and frightening sea of all possibility.

Resonating on the truth vibration

This reality is hardwired into our bodies, it’s fake and it takes a lot of lives spent in service to others to wake up to that fundamental truth.  The quicker we realise that we are taking part in a bullshit story, written by an Artificial Intelligence, the easier it is to put the book down and write our own script.

Can one electro-magnetic programme override another?

This reality is electromagnetic and so are we.  Is it possible that we can override the A.I and replace it with a new creation?

 Psychic imprints on the Ether

A footstep, a low throbbing in the walls,
A noise of falling weights that never fell,
Weird whispers, bells that rang without a hand,
Door-handles turn’d where none was at the door,
And bolted doors that open’d of themselves.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson, ‘The Ring’

Oxford University professor Henry Price had a theory which he called ‘psychic ether’.  He believed that an image born of mental activity lives on in another plane or multiple planes even after its creator has died, and that the ether is ‘something intermediate between mind and matter’ that exists in a dimension or dimensions unknown to us.



Project Blueballs – Fulford, Wilcock & the False Hope Energy Heist Tags: Activism Alternative Knowledge Big Brother Esoterica globalist agenda illuminati natural health activism new world ord

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by Zen Gardner

They’re all doing it. From religious spewing to the political realm to phony financial prognostications and alternative community advantage-takers, inadvertently or not, it’s an easy sell that goes down smooth.

False hope sells.

Obama’s wrecking crew is the perfect example as they finish what the last several Presidents started. Their bullshit “Hope and Change” campaign was disgusting in its pandering to a teed-up America whose anti-war-and-everything angst was deftly fanned into a bonfire by the complicit media.

Hence the emotional fawning over Obummer that was enough to make anyone half awake puke.

I’m more concerned about the alternative research community. I think it’s time to caution the sincere against these false hope snake oil salesmen that are bleeding the energy out of the goodhearted “wanting to believe something good” folks.

And that includes the Fulford-Wilcock preacher types and their cultish half-baked unsubstantiated claims of deliverance into a “new mafia” of all things.

No thanks.

image added by SiNeh

Fulford-Wilcock Leads to Nowhere

There’s not a lot that needs to be said about the Fulford-Wilcock affair. It may mean well but it’s spun around a very strange dynamic of secretive information and supposed interpretation. What I resent is being tooled along with it all, as if it’s real information and something to pin my hopes on.

And many sincere folks are falling for it because it brings hope.

It’s much like new age or religious info where you are strung along on supposed “facts” from doctrinal or channeled information and etherial suppositions.

Sorry, I’ve been tooled before. No longer.

This just smells completely wrong. The “dragon family” will supposedly replace the Bavarian Illuminati and all will be well? Hello? Anybody home? Millions of ninjas and Asian mafiosos will scour the existing power structure and bring harmony to the good of all?

Are we in a comic book?

Don’t need this kind of disinfo, however “well meaning”. Get your facts straight first, then report to us. We’re busy here trying to survive and help others transcend in a very real matrix-ruled world and working our way around and beyond it. Don’t screw with us.

Don’t you get that?

Another Example – The Ron Paul Bus to Nowhere

Sorry, and I don’t mean to make a blanket assessment on this issue, but it will seem that way. I like activism, I like to encourage participation, and I love to see people expressing their passion for freedom and a better world.

As long as it’s going somewhere – most of all towards a fully conscious awakening to the big picture which I believe is the litmus test.

But U.S. Presidential politics is a complete scam. Like they say, “Don’t vote, it only encourages them.”  It’s sickening–mostly that there are so many that don’t see it. Plain and simple.

More than that, to grasp that this crossroads of understanding is a place of decision that has everything to do with your spiritual outlook and overall perspective, that’s profound. But few will get that.

The Big Issue: The Energy Vampires

Where is all this energy going? These are perfect examples.

We all know Ron Paul would never get in. They’d assassinate him if they had to, but it won’t get near that. It is a good background with which to contrast the shallow insanity of the mainstream press and all, and might be leading to further wake ups.

To have any hope that this current system is reformable is ultimately a distraction and energy zapper. It may be building community with common thinkers which can be real good, especially to help each other prepare for the coming chaos that’s unfortunately right around the corner. But to give so much attention and energy to something we know isn’t going to come to fruition should be giving people pause to think.

Can we afford to really stop and think? I just hope they translate over to conscious awareness of the big picture.

image added by SiNeh~

Religion Preys on False Hope

We all wish something would work in our favor in the horrific situation we appear to be in. But we can’t pin any energy on false hopes. This is exactly how religion operates. Anyone who has had a conscious awakening and come through some of these paradigms can smell these things when they come around.

And it’s a lot healthier to be skeptical than a dumb sheep “believer” in something you have zip evidence is true. Only hope. And that’s where it takes root in your heart. Be careful.

It’s the same as “belief”. Know, or don’t know. It really is that simple. But the matrix programming will fight that. Learn this precept. Have a good heart, be intuitive, but don’t be misled.

They are completely different frequencies.

When Hope is Right

Yes, there’s hope. In fact in reality everything is just fine right now. Death isn’t gonna change a damn thing. We are eternal beings on a journey here and our main purpose is to discover who we already are.

The most wonderful thing there is in the Universe!

But we’re not here to invent a new belief system that feels comfortable and “seems” to explain things around us…oh, and by the way, will save you at the eleventh hour when things turn nasty…and bring you new adherents, and to pad your ego and account balance. Sorry, bastards.

Damn that.

I do believe we’re in a time of serious change, including esoteric influences that can be used in our favor, but I’m very skeptical of sweeping promises that are not consciousness based. I know from personal experience that conscious awareness, our oneness, our inter-connectivity and being a part of the Source..call it God or whatever..is our essence.

I feel I know very little about it but I know it. Period.

I’m just sharing my heart on all this.

Hope it helps. Be awake. Keep questioning.

Don’t believe…just know what you know!

Love, Zen



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