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Published on 28 Jul 2016 by Bad-clown Rising

The identity of the Munich GHOST - assassin
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The German media claim that the perpetrator of Munich, Ali S. David, was a racist with a right worldview.
He would come from an Iranian family and would be proud to be an Iranian and a German 'Aryan'.
This learned the 'Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung' from security sources.
An attempt is made to push the identity of the assassin of Munich in the right corner, where they veiled his name and only called him Ali David S.
Then they showed his alleged full name, 'Ali David Sonboly' so he sounds West.
But my search found a completely different identity and origin.
His real name is Ali Daud Sunbuli (سنبلي), < so it is spoken correctly, because it is an Arabic name, which means 'wheat kernel'.
He is not Iranian but Syrian and his Facebook page shows Turkish flags because he was against Assad and pro Erdogan and pro the Turkish Islamists.
So it is but a terrorist attack with Islamist background, what the German security authorities deny, in which out of hate nine people were killed.

Parsifal, July 27, 2016
The above photo shows 'Ali David Sonboly' as the Bild newspaper published -- and practically every system media in the West

And here an image of the Facebook page of Ali Daud Sonboly or Sunbuli how to pronounce it BEFORE IT WAS ALTERED after his allegged death

On his timeline, he posted a Turkish flag a year before his alleged rampage !

What tells us the above entry ? He goes from March 2011 on in Germany to the school and not only two years.

Someone has turned the Arab middle name Daud to the Jewish name David.
Does not fit the assertion, the assassin would be a right-wing extremist.

Yes I know, in the Koran, King David is mentioned and there's he called 'Dauud'.
Nevertheless, who would change his name and call himself David as an alleged right ?

If you researched the family name, then this is from a clan of Homs in Syria.
The sympathy of this family is the Jihad-practicing Islam.
They are for Erdogan and for Turkey and hate Assad, are fighting the Syrian government.

This means that it has been made a Syrian to an Iranian, a Syrian Sunni to an Iranian Shiite, a jihadist to an extreme right that hates foreigners and imitated Anders Behring Breivik.

Here the Twitter message from a Allia Sunbulli from the family.
It should be noted, no matter how you spell it with our letters, in Arabic it is always the same written 'سنبلي'.
These are radical Islamic terrorists and fighting against Assad, so Sunni Extremists.

Then look at the following close-up.
This should be a 18-year-old lanky boy ?
Note that he is left-handed !

This terrorist must have had a gunnery training, as has hit his victims and reloaded.

A witness who wants be cited only by her first name Lauretta, told CNN that her son was in the toilet of Mc Donalds before the shooting and saw the assassin with a gun in his hand.

'There he has his gun loaded,' she said.

'I heard something like an alarm and then boom, boom, boom ... and he'll kill more children. The children who were eating. They could not run away'

Lauretta said she heard the attackers shout 'Allahu Akbar' and added:

'I know that, because I'm Muslim. I heard it and I can only cry'

The officially claimed identity must be doubted.

But there is MORE, we can see the terrorist suddenly appears like a 'Ghost' out of nothing - (and to topple these events - on more than one place) o-O

The invisible man

if video would for some reason disappear from utube, you may watch or download the same from here https://yadi.sk/i/aq-MrYWNthodi
or here

Amok in Munich - Video Fake (Amoklauf in MŁnchen - Video Fake)
(video is in German, but you might well get the gist - the person who shoots did NOT come out of Mc Donalds, but, merely, emerged out of a 'brown shadow')

if video would for some reason disappear from utube, you may watch or download the same from here https://yadi.sk/i/MXbW719nteyTH

Transformation, X-Ray Eyes and the Lifting of the Veil
Category: Zen Gardner
Tags: Empowerment Nature of Reality Overcoming Transformation

by Zen Gardner

These are very exciting times as well as extremely challenging ones. Changes continue to accelerate on personal as well as external fronts, and will continue to do so.† This veil lifting meme has come on strong. Itís in our collective consciousness. Itís the awakening morphing as we said it would and will continue to do.

On the external front, the BREXIT issue is very indicative of the growing effects of recent events, even if itís engineered to try and bring on a new globalist plan. The point is people are getting a sense of empowerment and involvement. When these openings arise they lead to more awakenings of the spirit as related issues come to light.

I see and feel it here in Spain, as there are a lot of Brits here and theyíre talking about it quite a bit and recalculating many things as a result, as are all other nationalities here in Europe. It affects trade, freedom of movement and places of residence the most immediately.

People are already on the defensive with the monetary manipulations and the underlying issue of disappearlng national cultures with the migration agenda in full swing, so the cumulative effect of these issues is precipitating new viewpoints and understandings about whatís going on.

Populations are also being battered about by these escalating false flags and ginned up fear with the resulting militarization of their otherwise peaceful nations. Theyíre seeing through all this more and more. Thatís pretty powerful. Itís all backfiring as they get more and more desperate to gain control, and people arenít buying into it nearly as much.

The Break Though Is Under Way Ė And Itís Very Personal

The truth is bubbling through this lifting veil and changing the playing field in more ways than we can even clearly identify. Itís a shift Ė ultimately in consciousness that is affecting the entire planet and everything and everyone in and on it.

The most profound manifestations are whatís happening in peopleís personal lives. Iíve been going through a major shift the past 10 months with very personal ramifications coming at me full speed and from all sides. The thing is, Iím hearing this from every quarter. My own children, close friends, readers and commenters on the site, people Iím meeting, and just perusing the consciousness oriented web sites.

The shift is hitting the fan. And itís all for good.

Itís really remarkable how lives are being impacted. And itís clearly whatís most important Ė that we make the personal changes that are being required of us to prepare us for whatís ahead, as well as in fulfilling our essential roles as sovereign awakened souls and awake and responsible inhabitants of this glorious planet.

Y-Ray Eyes Ė Just Wait To See What Youíre Gonna See!

Whatís thrilling about these changes is what is being revealed to us. Not only in our general outlook as that will continually keep morphing, but our self perception and how we view those about us that closely influence our lives.

Youíll see yourself, first of all, warts and all as the layers peel off. But itís revealing your real shining self. Itís all good. I get into this in other articles but you know what Iím talking about. Transformation is a painful but necessary process.

Donít fight it. In fact, pursue it.

The wild stuff Iíve been experiencing the past several months and which continues to step up is seeing not only myself, but other people differently. Especially the ones I thought I ďknewĒ. Things get revealed to you. Brace yourself, a lot of it comes as a shocker or sideways revelation, but trust what your heart is telling you. And respond accordingly as youíre led.

Itís an ongoing adjustment process but quite a thrilling experience. Itíll make you draw close to some and distance yourself from others as your newly revealed self comes to the surface.

The Bombastic Bullshit Factor

Thereís a lot of complete bullshit getting thrown around, and pointless, distracting and time and energy wasting drama. Itíll be cloaked in anything from morphed new age type spiritual rigamarole, a very toxic infection going around, to shallow amusements with no lasting value that also drain the spirit and distract from deeper relationships grounded in reality.

Youíll also see other people you donít know differently. Itís sort of like having x-ray eyes that are waking up and activating. It gives you a lot more compassion to realize what people are trapped in, as well as an increasing disdain for destructive behavior and deliberate ignorance.

Events and news morph too. Youíll be able to more easily resist areas of information that you once tolerated and even sought after. Go with it. As we detoxify it gets easier and easier and we naturally spend more time on connecting with nature and relaxing as well as working on spiritual grounding, essential to our health and survival, especially now in these increasingly turbulent times, both socially and spiritually.

Hyperdimensional Stuff

This canít be emphasized enough. Without awareness of this aspect weíre sitting ducks. Almost if not all of our problems are influenced by hyperdimensional energies and entities. Weíre under attack now more than ever and as the veil lifts, but weíre going to be able to identify these pestering spirit influences at work.

Thatís why grounding work in order to stay firmly planted in reality is so very important.

But itís all for our good and growth, so react consciously. Again, the Wetiko information is very empowering in this regard. We need to understand what is going on in this important hyperdimensional aspect and thereís a lot of great information regarding this available.

But nothing takes the place of vigilance. If weíre ďon callĒ weíre much more likely to nip things in the bud before we get entangled and things really become complicated and confusing. Thatís why I wrote about social contracts and co-dependence recently, because these can be activated before we know it. Itís bad enough the ones weíre aware of and already disengaging from, but why bring on more problems for ourselves if we can avoid them?

Can I Help?

Co-dependency often manifests in trying to help others in the wrong way and with the wrong motives driving us. Maybe weíre drawing others to ourselves, or working out old issues with wanting to feel needed. It could be a lot of things.

This phrase ďcan I help?Ē has become a joke with my closest friends. We talk about all these things Iím writing about here a lot which really helps heighten awareness of it. But if you can laugh when you catch yourself doing it itís a real good sign! Issues like this are a manifestation of previous trauma and tragedy in our lives and may not seem so funny at times, but we can get past it.

We just need to see it for what it is.

That takes some ďhomeworkĒ but itís an essential part of our growth. Wrong, binding social contracts are another extension of co-dependency. Itís that thing that reaches out and attaches in completely unhealthy ways. It reminds me of the quote:

ďThoughts are not the problemÖ itís the thing that goes out and grabs them and makes them Ďyoursí thatís the problem.Ē- Jack Oíkeeffe

Watch Your Thoughts Ė And Everything Else

That quote above is like anything in us that seeks attachment. And let me tell you, hyperdimensionals LOVE attachment! Besides what basic attachments to to bind up personally, attachment is how these entities and influences work and even travel from person to person. So watch out where you hang out, who youíre with and what you think. Do regular energetic cleansing.† All this may seem a tall order but itís the nature of the beast right now.

Actually it always has been.

ďEternal vigilance is the price of freedomĒ is a lot deeper than we thought. But itís not that complicated. It will take some tough decisions to let go of compromised situations. The answer is usually clear and easy but the execution can be tough. Some things take more time to unravel and disconnect from than others. But we all can do it.

Unveil Yourself

Iím dwelling on these personal aspects because self-healing is the most profound manifestation of this lifting of the veil. And once weíre whole weíre way more effective in helping to change the vibrational level of our environment. Thatís the most effective thing any of us can do.

Itís also where these other forces and issues canít touch us, and that awakening process continues to self replicate and raise in not just frequency, but power and speed. Besides, itís the unknown territory we all crave to find and explore and dwell in.

And itís at all of our fingertips.

Now thatís empowering. Weíre in the midst of a planetary shift thatís being energetically charged, and as we respond and resonate it works synergistically to compound this wonderful change exponentially.

Keep on. Itís an individual fight, but we each help each other massively by overcoming.

Meet you in the unknown! Itís the place to be! 😉

Love always and all ways,


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