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Thanks for giving: Ferguson bakery owner in tears after public donates over $200,000 in repair funds
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Thanks for giving: Ferguson bakery owner in tears after public donates over $200,000 in repair funds

[this story restore my hope that "there out" still are Humans and help one another. SiNeh~]

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Image from Facebook.com (Natalie's Cakes & More)

A Ferguson resident who saw her bakery vandalized during the recent riots has received over $200,000 to repair her business. Natalie DuBose said she was “in tears” at the amount of support she has received during “this crazy difficult time.”

Following the advice of a friend, she decided to start an account for donations to help rebuild her business. Little would she know that she would manage to raise over $215,000 in less than a day, with over 6,500 people making donations from $10 to $1000.

“I'm overwhelmed by the amazing generosity I'm receiving. The love, attention, support, the many, many people stopping by to say hello, the offers of assistance, the letters, the anonymous donations, the lovely letters, flowers, telephone calls, media support, and the support of the people of Ferguson. Thank you for the wonderful comments; I can't wait to read them all. I am truly and humbly blessed,” she wrote on her GoFundMe donation page.


Screenshot from gofundme.com

Screenshot from gofundme.com


Messages of support have been pouring in as well, with one contributor, Pete Sequeira, saying: “Natalie, you a truly an inspiration to the millions of single parents raising young children through hard work and sacrifice. You deserve ALL the love and good wishes pouring in from all over the world! God Bless you and have a Happy Thanksgiving.”

DuBose, a single mother of two, has always loved baking. However, her shop was left in ruins after two nights of rioting following the acquittal of Darren Wilson – the officer who fatally shot 18-year-old Michael Brown in August.

Her bakery, Natalie’s Cakes and More, is located on South Florissant Road, which saw a number of businesses targeted during the unrest. It could not have come at a worse time, with Thanksgiving just around the corner.

“I have invested everything into my business. I can’t go anywhere and I am not going to go anywhere. They destroyed a lot of the windows. They destroyed a lot of the materials I needed for upcoming Thanksgiving orders,” she said in an interview to St. Louis television station KTVI. At the moment, she is busy cleaning and trying to repair her business to make sure she can deliver orders on time.


Image from Facebook.com (Natalie's Cakes & More)

Image from Facebook.com (Natalie's Cakes & More)


It has not been an easy journey for Natalie to do what she loves doing most. She managed to raise the capital to open her bakery after selling cakes at flea markets, and finally managed to accomplish her dream of opening her store this summer. Business was slow at the start and only got worse after the fallout from the Michael Brown shooting in August.


Image from Facebook.com (Natalie's Cakes & More)

Image from Facebook.com (Natalie's Cakes & More)


After an earlier appearance on a local radio station, business had started to pick up – but then disaster struck again, as violence once again returned to Ferguson.

Due to the outpouring of generosity from her fellow Americans, Natalie now has much more money than she needs to repair her shop. For the moment, though, she is just trying to make sure she has plenty of satisfied customers who can enjoy her cakes while celebrating Thanksgiving.


The Final Clampdown: What Is Holding It Up? Tags: Banksters Financial coup globalist agenda martial law police state


A State of Emergency is in order in case of natural disaster of extreme proportion. The objective is to assemble and organize all the available resources under a central command to rush help to the victims, without getting bogged down with the niceties of a civilized-democratic process.

On the other hand, a State of Emergency – leading to an oppressive and fascist dictatorship, is imposed to suppress the mass civil unrest that erupts, or expected to erupt, in response to the ongoing police brutalities and violence, enormous income and wealth disparities between the wealthy and poor, and, especially, in case of a Total Financial Meltdown.

We are at the brink of total financial meltdown. The world’s longest running Con Operation – the Ponzi Scheme of the centuries old Banking Dynasties, has long passed its natural life cycle, and is about to go bust. The financial ruin and disaster that is going to follow will be without any parallel in the history. It will be complete systemic failure. With no food and supplies, the public anguish and anger will erupt in a violent revolt.

The Financial Meltdown is not only unavoidable, it is around the corner. The governments in the western hemispheres, and, in particular, the establishment in the US, are long done with all the preparations, and are ready for the Final Clampdown – But, still, despite all the indications that the time is running out for the Ruling Elites, there is something that is causing them to hesitate and hold on.

And, the single factor responsible for this hesitation is: The Fear!

To understand what is going on at this juncture, we have to dig a bit deeper into the history and the organizational structure of the “System” that has been in place in the West since the mid 18th century.

The Banking Clan: The Birth of The Modern Banking System


The early 18th century Europe was a composition of a large number of ‘principalities’ and kingdoms. Internal rivalries and non-stop treacherous wars between these lilliputian kings and princes were constantly changing the borders and the regional affiliations of the states. The hordes of the ‘kingly’ wealth – mostly in the form of gold, diamonds, and jewels, were also changing the ownerships and were on the move – from one palace to the other. There were no economies – just the loots, from one region to the other. People’s lives were miserable, and the princes and kings were always looking for the more innovative ways to skin the public a bit deeper to finance their ongoing adventures.

The Banking Clan of the central Europe were the lenders of the last resort for the ruling families to finance their extravaganzas. They used to finance both sides of the waring factions – for large profit margins, and a share in the loot . With the continuous drain and depletion of wealth due to continuous skirmishes and wars, the kings were running out of the leverage to finance their wars and their lavish life styles. The kings were desperate for the ‘money’.

The Banking Clan proposed their ingenious plan, from one king to the next; the king would appoint them to ‘produce’ the money – make it the legal tender, and they would have all the money to ‘lend’ to the kings at the lowest interest rate – payment of which would be collected from the subject by way of taxation. Kings loved the idea. The problem of money, for the kings, was solved for good.

With the perspective of the subject of the kings, it was a disastrous scheme as the free flow of the new money had introduced a new element of pain: The Inflation. Inflation was further depleting the ‘working class’ capabilities to afford the necessities.

For the banking clans, it was The Bonanza – More the kings borrowed, the more money they had coming by way of the interest payments. Plus, they had the privilege to create all the money they wanted. With their ‘money creation’ power, they were able to acquire all the assets they wanted – from the things to the people. And, they were able to form their own secrete armies and their own secret assassins. The Banking Clans soon became the real power, the King Makers of the Europe.

By the mid 19th century, the banking clans had infiltrated and taken over all the institutions of power in Europe, from The Vatican to the kings and their kingdom. They were moving into the Americas.

The banking clans had decided to move their power-base to The New World – away from the old familial loyalties, traditions, and instability. They achieved their objective with the separation of The Colony form the British Crown.

In 1913, through manipulations, intimidation, and assassinations, the banking clans had finally succeeded in taking over the banking system in the United States of America. The year earlier, in 1912, they had all their opponents, who were coming to US to mount the opposition to their takeover scheme, executed and sank along with the Titanic. Since then, the USA is The Seat of Power of the Banking Clans of the Europe.

They have been the ‘movers and shakers’ of the world – They have been the progenitor of all the wars and the ‘revolutions’ in the world. Nothing of significance has ever since happened unless they wanted it to happen.

That was until recently.

Modern Banking: The Ponzi Scheme With A Time Stamp

The modern banking system – The Banking Clan’s power to create the ‘Money’ at will is the foundation of their power. It is a Ponzi Scheme – a Con Operation, cleverly devised to snatch away the wealth, resources, and production of the people. The Banking Clans, through their infiltration and control of all the institutions of power and influence – from the education and media to the intelligence and judiciary, have been able to control every aspect of people’s life. They have been able to mold and modify the collective behavior and the public opinion to their liking.

The Banking Clans had been very confident in the absoluteness of their power. Nothing could shake them. They owned every one and every thing. They could see and hear every thing. No one could succeed in dismantling the Empire of the Banking Clans. But, their was one thing that they didn’t take into account – The Time. Every thing changes with The Time.

The pendulum of time has swung to the other side. Time is no more on their side. With the each tick of time, their Ponzi Scheme is getting closer to go bust. There is no way out. The failure and collapse of such con schemes is inherent into its very structure, and, hence, unavoidable. The ancestors of the Banking Clans, apparently, had forgotten to look into this.

To fully grasp the causes, and the effects, of the approaching collapse of the bankers grand Ponzi Scheme, we will need to understand some basic facts about the ‘Money’, its creation mechanism, and the economic and social cost of the ‘money’.

The Reality of The Money:
In a real Economy and Monetary system, there is just enough money – both in circulation, on deposit, and in reserve, to account for the goods and services produced by a nation, taking, of course, into consideration the growth factor of the economy. In such a monetary system, there is never any ‘inflation’ or ‘deflation’ – Money simply represents the value of all the goods and services available to the society – it is the Real Money – a representative of the value of the goods and services, and a medium of trade settlements.

In the Ponzi Scheme system introduced by the Banking Clans, it is the Fiat Money. In the US, it is simply a ‘note’ (promissory note) of the Banking Clans’ Central Bank, The Federal Reserve Bank. It is not backed by any physical asset. A holder of a federal reserve note, commonly known as the US dollar, has no right to demand an asset such as gold, silver, or goods from the Federal Reserve Bank or from the government in exchange for the note. Instead, this fiat money is backed only by future claims to wealth of the taxpayers and other income sources of the Treasury. This already ‘voided’ promissory note has no real or implied ‘value’. It is only a medium of exchange – mandated by the power of the government.

In fact, it is not even the Fiat Money, it just an ‘illusion’ of the money. Whether your bank account balance reads $500,000 or $500, it is just an electronic entry. When you buy an asset, and opt to ‘pay’ for it, your bank subtracts the numerical value from your account and adds the same value to your seller’s account – No money is transferred – No money is given to anyone.

In the similar manner, transactions worth hundreds of billions of dollars are conducted – mostly by way of ‘loans’ from the banks – where the banks give NO money to anyone. But, you end up paying to the banks many times the amount that they ‘didn’t pay’ to you, or to anyone, by way of your work and your production. Through your work and production, banks have been able to amass a tremendous amount of wealth, assets, and resources. Using their ingenious money scam, the Banking Clans have ended up controlling and owning almost every thing in world that interests them.

But , there is one problem with the bankers Ponzi Scheme – it has already Expired.

The Life Span of The Ponzi Scheme:
The bankers fraud, like any other Ponzi schemes of the past, is set to fail. It is a mathematical certainty – the ultimate failure is inherent in the very set-up of this scam.

As the scam grows, it propagates more of those promissory notes. Over a period of time there are many times more of those notes floating around than the available goods and assets. Recall, the only ‘value’ that the bankers notes have is the trust of the public that they can always trade them for the goods and assets. When public, at any point, is unable to exchange them for the goods, for any reason, the trust is gone. And , with the vanishing trust, is gone the scam of the bankers.

The bankers Ponzi Scheme was about to go bust back in the early 1970s, But, with the ‘help’ of the ‘Petro-Kings‘, the day was saved for the bankers’ dollar notes. With the increased price of the crude oil, the Banking Clans were able to expand the spread and reach of their dollar note globally. They were able to circulate hundreds of times more notes overseas than they were able to do within the US.

By the mid 1990s, it was becoming apparent that the world was becoming bloated with the circulating dollar notes. The global economy couldn’t absorb it, and the US didn’t have much to offer for its promissory notes. At that point, it was only the “Bomb Power” of the US that was keeping the ‘trust’ in the bankers’ notes. That too started waning with the resurgence of the Russian military might and the rise of the Chinese dragon.

To keep the Chinese in line, the Banking Clans made the US handover and transfer its high-tech industrial and manufacturing facilities and the intellectual/technical assets to China. The vaults of the Fort Knox and other repositories of the US government’s Gold were also emptied out.

But, still, the global financial system couldn’t hold the enormous bulge of the US dollar notes, and, in 2008, it busted form the seems. Ad-hoc accommodations were made with China – with more preferential rights granted to them.

Recall: the high power US delegations, comprising all the three branches of the US government practically camping in Beijing during the first few months of the Obama administration’s first term!
Deals were cut with the Chinese to get more time for the Banking Clans – at the expense of the public.

Japan, a US occupied territory since the 1945, was also sacrificed at the alter of the Banking Clans dollar notes – Its assets looted and the economy left to go bust.

Now, the borrowed time is over and the clock is ticking again. And, the Banking Clans know it and understand its implications very well. They have no other choice, but to let the bubble burst. When it does, unfathomable misery will strike the populations. The population, burning with anger and anguish will rise and revolt. Unless, the precautions are taken.

And, the Banking Clans have already taken all the necessary precautions, and the plans in place. They are ready to impose an utterly ruthless dictatorial system in the US, and in all over the Europe. The apparatus is ready for The Final Clampdown.

But, there is something that is holding them back. They are scared – They know that something may go really very wrong – The moment the apparatus swings into motion for the Final Clampdown, the trap may turn over to them. And, that will be the Check Mate – the end of their Con Game, and The End of them. They must, indeed, be very scared.



Mother’s revenge: Afghan woman 'kills 25 Taliban' after son shot dead Tags: Afghanistan Arms Clashes Opposition Security Shooting Terrorism Violence

Mother’s revenge: Afghan woman 'kills 25 Taliban' after son shot dead

A brave women..... SiNeh~

RT November 27, 2014  ShortURL

Still from youtube video (Hussein Ahmadi)

An Afghan mother, enraged by the Taliban’s fatal shooting of her policeman son, has allegedly helped to kill 25 militants. She rushed to a police outpost near her home upon hearing gunfire, before her adrenalin took over and she “began to shoot back.”

The incident happened early in the morning on November 17 in the Balabolok district, in the Farah province of western Afghanistan, near the border with Iran.

"It was around 5am when my son's check post came under the attack of Taliban," the mother, Reza Gul, told Afghan television network, TOLOnews. "When the fighting intensified, I couldn't stop myself and picked up a weapon, went to the check post and began shooting back."


Screenshot from Google Maps

Screenshot from Google Maps


Her maternal instincts took over after seeing her son Safiullah lying dead in front of her eyes, after a gun battle with the Taliban. However, she was not acting alone: a number of family members, including her husband, daughter and youngest son, rushed along to help and provided her with ammunition.

"The fighting intensified when we reached the battlefield along with light and heavy weapons," said Reza Gul’s daughter-in-law, Seema, according to TOLOnews. "We were committed to fight until the last bullet." She added that the intense fighting lasted a number of hours, with 25 militants left dead and others wounded.

Reza Gul’s daughter Fatima says, “We started a kind of family war against the Taliban.” She added that she helped to prepare bullets for her mother and father to fight off the militant organization. Reza Gul’s husband Abdul Satar said they were prepared to sacrifice the whole family to ensure that the Taliban would not encroach on their lands.

"My young son who was a police officer was killed in front of my eyes," Abdul Satar said, as reported by TOLOnews. "I pulled aside his dead body and started fighting to defend my soil to prove that this is the soil of Malalai, the hero. I was committed to give up my life, but not my son's check post."

He was referring to Malalai of Maiwand, an Afghan folk hero who allegedly helped to defeat the British in the second Anglo-Afghan war in 1880.

The provincial police chief, General Abdul Razaq Yagubi, confirmed that the Taliban had launched an attack on Balabolok district on November 17. He also added that they came with an estimated 400 fighters to try and take the area.

Safiullah was the head of the local police post and had 10 other policemen under his control. However their post was shelled by Taliban militants and Safiullah was killed in the resulting firefight. His mother's presence “boosted the morale of policemen resisting the attack, and after seven hours of heavy fighting, the Taliban fled. At least 25 Taliban militants were killed and 31 injured in that village alone,” Yagubi added, NBC reported.

It appears Raza Gul’s actions could go down in folklore and she could well become the new Malalai of Maiwand.

"We are proud of the bravery of this family and this is a saga that will be remembered for long by police and residents of Farah province," Yagubi added.

Afghans are fiercely loyal to their homes and these sentiments were confirmed by the family’s youngest son, Sardar, who has a word of warning for the Taliban if they ever think of returning.

"The Taliban are foreigners, they are servants of Pakistan, if they attack 100 other times, I will continue to defend my country and will shed their blood to not let them dare to enter my village,” said Sardar, who also helped to prepare bullets for his mother and father, according to TOLOnews.


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