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The Little Lie We Surely Deny Tags: Consciousness Creative Writing Poetry

The Little Lie We Surely Deny

When you whisper to the one beside you,
Realize just who it is your speaking to,
It's not that hard to do.
The words that flow, flow from you.
Do you listen well?
Ego speaks, we let go,
And we'll only be that which we know.

And when that person whispers back,
What they say doesn't relate to that.
The subconscious attack,
Breaking through the ignorant fat.
The reflections' shown.
When others speak, it just isn't so,
'Cause we'll only be that which we know.

For human nature has us in its' grasp,
And surely you can hear us laugh,
At this intellectual past.
But time, it doesn't last,
And never will.
Just sit back & it will flow,
And we'll only be that which we know.

Not content with what it is that's seen?
Most certainly it could've never been,
Neither you, nor me,
Who isn't living this dream.
The little lie.
We're not as we try to show,
'Cause we'll only be that which we know.

The simple truth can't be found in words.
For they are always misunderstood.
Each of our souls holds our truth.
Only confusion keeps us where it should.
That is...
The little lie we surely deny.

- Thomas Van Dyke

Don’t Take Things Personally
Category: Consciousness
Tags: Consciousness Empowerment Inspiration


A profound truth that will help keep your detachment full and solve a lot of issues that most people grapple with, both consciously and subconsciously. Enjoy!


End of Age
Tags: Inspiration Creative Writing

By freefall

Gazing through the prism of this prison
Archetypes are juxtaposed on-screen
But insight will reveal what they don’t mention
This nightmare we were sold is just a dream


Awakening to see their true intentions
Relinquishes their grip upon our souls
Their messages can only cause dissention
The inner path is meant to make us whole



Our differences they use to keep us running
To hate instead of seeking the sublime
Can never overcome a mind of reason
Or heart of love that we’ve set out to find


The walls they’ve built are crumbling down around them
While fear and force remain their only tools
But now they know humanity is rising
As finally we see beyond their ruse


The end of Age is rapidly approaching
In that there’s nothing anyone can do
Through conscience we create a better future
While moving past their lies to seek the truth


The psychopaths cannot remain long hidden
When consciousness is shining through our eyes
No longer will we have them as our leaders
Self-ownership will come as no surprise


We’ll know then there are none out there to save us
Or anything we need salvation from
It then becomes a simple understanding
That all of us were meant to be as one



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