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by Zen Gardner

Is anyone else having a hard time going through what often appears to be the same old news? Is it just me, or are we seeing a manifestation of a change of attitude and consciousness in lieu of this incessant and increasing barrage of repetitive memes?

An interesting question.

This does seem to happen to myself periodically but it continues to take on an almost sneaky, changing nature. While I get weary of it at times, on the other hand the vibrations of this massive awakening continue to arouse and inspire which brings everything into play with renewed interest and passion.

I have to say, this morphing enigma called change of consciousness continues to confound and amaze me.


Tracking and Tacking

Sailing lifeís seas is an art. Seasoned sailors can use any wind to their advantage, even opposing ones via a technique called tacking, using the oncoming wind to literally create a vacuum that draws the ship forward. The illustration above shows how this is possible, which is done using the shipís fore and aft sails that need to be re-set on every turn into the wind. (See here for a basic explanation.)

We appear to be in just such a time. The powers that shouldnít be appear to be unleashing more and more of their weapons against humanity and we certainly need to keep shifting our sails as we navigate these manipulated headwinds.

No doubt this barrage coming at us can be quite daunting at times, with so many so eager to swallow the party line in the name of ďsecurityĒ. Itís a sad sight to behold, but then again, donít believe everything you see and hear.

The state controlled media is downplaying anything that doesnít fit their narrative, so any statistics or volumes of coverage do not indicate any form of reality. Iím not trivializing the amount of people that fall for all of this, but letís not let the would be controllers minimize the growing numbers that are connecting the dots and realizing whatís really going on.

This is why we need to keep up our full frontal attack, exposing the hypocrisy and agenda with real facts and founded understandings.

Tracking their moves while tacking our ships into the wind.

Rough Days and Days that Amaze

Slogging through the headlines each day can be quite unpleasant. It is information, at least for many of us, that we need to be aware of in order to keep our fingers on the pulse of whatís going on.

But it can weigh on you. The brutality and carnage with hardly a peep of public outrage against the† injustices is downright discouraging at times. We know itís but a symptom of a very serious parasitic virus that has invaded our planet and has been confusing and consuming it for a long time, but the inhumanity can wear on us as each day seems to be fraught with high crimes and atrocities.

However, the other side of the coin is bright and beautiful. Despite the blacked-out backdrop of this current attempt to draw humanity into a new dark age, people are waking up. As noted before, it is often through very trying circumstances that individuals are finally willing to open their eyes to whatís going on around them and consider an alternative world view, for starters.

People also dig deep for spiritual answers to put everything in context. This is good. Itís a shame so many have to be forced to get serious about such issues, but if thatís what it takes, so be it.

The beauty of the opportunity before us now is the wildly accelerating connectivity taking place over the internet. Besides finding others of like mind and similar new found realizations, knowledge that was once sequestered deep in old libraries or government dossiers is now readily available. On virtually any subject!

This it a first for humanity and a total game changer.

Never Underestimate the Power of Awakened Truth

Itís said the pen is mightier than the sword. Do we believe that? If so, just search and count how many internet pages cover any one of the hundreds of alternative research subjects or independent media reports.

Itís inestimable. Why? Because it continues to grow exponentially. Those who wake up are vocal, they share their new found knowledge and findings. Truth is contagious.

Do you think the media presstitutes or government lackeys would ever report the full truth about this ďtruth movementĒ phenomenon, except disparagingly? They have unlimited assets and millions of paid employees to micromanage the mainstream media. And weíre not part of it.

And what about this massive truth movement, the alternative research community and the growing number of independent media outlets? Thatís the beauty of it. We have no leader. We have no contrived agenda. We are spontaneous and thereís nothing they can do about it except try to muzzle us.

Herein lies the rub. We donít stop. We are driven by passion, to them itís just a job. We and truth are like water, we weave and move where the openings are, openings they cannot control as hard as they try.

So sail on into the wind, keep sowing seeds along the way, and even occasionally look back to see how far youíve come for your own encouragement. And on a clear day you may get a glimpse of the massive armada of other ships just like you advancing into the fray!

There is a lot to be encouraged aboutÖbut thereís still a whole lot to do!

Warriors to the helm!

Love, Zen

[For more articles and interviews by Zen see his Timeline]

Something to think about..
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Much to learn you may not know.

Something to think about... Found this clip

Posted by Frank Alvarez on Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Take the $100,000 Global Warming Believer Challenge! | Corbett Report Tags: Global Warming


Published on 29 Nov 2015 by corbettreport

Do you believe in the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming hypothesis? Want to help the IPCC with an embarrassing little statistical problem in their latest report? Want to win $100,000? Today James introduces you to Douglas J. Keenanís $100,000 contest to identify trend-driven time series. Details are in the show notes. Good luck!

SHOW NOTES AND CONTEST DETAILS: https://www.corbettreport.co≠m/?p=17101

IPCC 5th Assessment Report

Statistical Analyses of Surface Temperatures in the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report

$100,000 Contest: identify trend-driven time series


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