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The EUSSR Army is ready to combat insurgencies
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Did you know that the European Union® (EUSSR) has its own Army® since 2005 ?
The name of this Army is EU Battlegroup® or EUBG®.
At the strategic level is the political - and thus top - leadership by the Political and Security Committee (PSC
®) of the EU®.
Never heard of it ?
® is a body of the European Union®, where high-ranking officials of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs or the Permanent Representations of the Member States will meet once a month in Brussels®.
Another one of NON- elected apparatus (Committee and Panel), which is completely anonymous and opaque.
® is based on the establishment of the European Political Cooperation (EPC®) in the year 1970.

Have three guesses who initiated the EPZ® ?
It was Étienne Davignon
®, 2005-2014 president of the Bilderbergs® and how could it be otherwise, child abuser.®
Parsifal, May 26, 2016

Are now emerged photos of some of the EU Army®, taken during maneuvers in the British Isles®.
On the largest British military training area in Salisbury Plane tanks and other military vehicles were seen with the emblem of EUBG®.

A vehicle of EUBG® in desert camouflage

They took part in one of the largest EU military® maneuvers in the British Isles.
Interesting is what was practiced - namely counterinsurgency and the enforcement of martial law, which is, translated to Orwellian newspeach called peace® mission®.
Pacifying missions rather -- Inside and outside the EUSSR®.
This time troops from Sweden, Latvia, Finland, Lithuania and Ireland trained here.

The 1.500-strong force to intervene quickly by order of the EU Council of Ministers® in so-called security crises.
Fast means within 15 days.
The Austrian Lieutenant General, Chief of the Military Staff of the European Union and Foreign Legionnaire® Wolfgang Wosolsobe® is currently military commander®.

Of course, denies the EU Politburo® that EUBG® would be a EUSSR® army®, but in fact it is.
Officially, this coming July 2016, it will be announced:

One waits with the decision until after the proposed (BREXIT®) referendum® on United Kingdom® membership in the European Union® in order not to provide the EU® opponents any arguments, and of course, when the EU® citizens are in the summer holidays® and without much attention facts are created.

Most of the German Federal® regime calls for a really big EU Army®.
The EUBG® is the smaller version as a precursor and as a test.
Then can these non-elected EU leaders®, the European Commission® and the EU Council®, without NATO®, so without Washington®, theirselves play war®.

German® EUBG® officer® with Croatian colleagues

There is already an own youtube channel 'EUSecurityandDefence'®

When planning an indication for combat® missions, a 6.000km radius round Brussels® has been set, thus a possible focus mainly in areas of conflict® in Africa and the Middle East, but also clearly in the direction of Russia.

6.000 kilometers is a very large area, going down to the South to the middle of Africa, to Pakistan in the Southeast and to the Urals in the East.
From Brussels® to Moscow there are only 2.255 kilometers.
This shows how expansive®, aggressive® and arrogant® the EUSSR® sees its sphere of influence®.

The operational radius is almost equal to that of the Nazis® in World War II®.
In the East to Moscow.
To the South to North Africa.
In the West to England®.
In the North to Norway.
Some say the Nazis® also went to the South Pole (Neuschwabenland - New Swabia or Great White South).

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No wonder said the former German® War® Minister® Peter Struck® (Socialist Party®)

    'The security of the Federal Republic of Germany® is also defended in the Hindu Kush'

Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan is 5.408 kilometers from Brussels®, that is the radius of the EU Army®
One must always distinguish between reality on the one hand, and on the other hand the trash that is on our history books®.
Primarily, however, NATO® seems to intend imperialist® operations and wars® of aggression® against international law, the EU Army® is probably chiefly responsible for the suppression® of riots and the murder® of its own citizens in the interior.
Though there is also still the EUROGENDFOR.

The European Gendarmerie Force EGF® - Force de gendarmerie européenne FGE® is a European military police force® (Gendarmerie, Military Police, Paramilitary), which is to serve the crisis management.
It was declared in 2006 fully operational and is headquartered in Vicenza, Italy®.

The European Gendarmerie Force® can be placed under the command® of the European Union®, the United Nations®, NATO®, the OSCE® and other international organizations® or ad hoc coalitions®.

The UN® is indeed constitute the blueprint for the planned totalitarian world government®, as seen it is interesting that the EUROGENDFOR® can also be placed under UN® command®.
As is known, the disarming® of the citizens and the tutelage® by military forces® is the basis for any dictatorship®.

If a country refuses to comply to the criminal orders® of the World Government®, then it will become simply militarily occupied® by the forces of the UN®, arrested the recalcitrant politicians and sentenced to death® - in the highly unlikely event that some politicians should discover their conscience and actually d'be loyal to their own citizens.

Something like a BREXIT vote to be made impossible for all time.

It is claimed by the EU turbos®, together with the newly fraudulent-elected 'independent' but green®-fascist® Austrian® President Professor Alexander Van der Bellen®, whose parents fled during World War II® from the Soviet Union® to Nazi Germany®, the security of the European® continent can not be guaranteed without a common and functioning security union®, therefore the need for a separate EU Army®.

In addition to NATO®, how many tools of war® the EUSSR® needs ?

® stands for Rothchild Imperialism

Boldly Engaging the Ongoing Adventure
Category: Zen Gardner
Tags: Empowerment Nature of Reality Overcoming

by Zen Gardner

Very new times are upon us. The shift continues to shift in new and amazing ways, challenging even new found paradigms almost as quickly as we arrive at considering them.

If things aren’t morphing that quickly for you perhaps you’re not paying attention. Because there’s a good chance they are and you’re just not noticing.

Little things and big things are taking on new shapes and forms. It may appear subtle at first until you tune in, but timeline splits and glitches in the matrix are real, as is this powerful background of vibrational change. We’re beginning to notice things we either were too preoccupied to take note of, took for granted, or were too naive to pay attention to.

But now they are increasingly hard to miss.

What to Look Out For

One of the biggest manifestations I’m currently experiencing is meeting new people and seeing an openness I’ve never seen before, almost as if people have awakened out of a dream or some sort of suspended animation but didn’t know they were “on hold” for an indefinite period of time.


This has been profoundly so in my recent and current travels, and has been corroborated by trusted awake and active colleagues of mine.

It’s quite thrilling. The awakening we’ve sensed for so long is manifesting so rapidly now anyone can see it – – if they’re looking. Just as profound if not more so is personal experiences I and others I’m in close touch with are experiencing. I’ve written on these types of phenomena for years but they’re not just accelerating in frequency now, but taking on new, intriguing nuances.

That to me is the most confirming aspect of these types of new experiences. They’re out of my old interpretation and experiential paradigm, as awake and aware as I thought I may have been. It’s totally new. It my seem similar in many respects but it’s as if I’ve never noticed these types of things before. It’s very similar to the Mandela Effect and other slippages, be they timeline and parallel world phenomena or aspects of perception.

To me these attributes validate what I’m experiencing as potential “Doors of Perception“, as Aldous Huxley wrote about, however misleading or covert his intentions may have eventually been.

It’s simply a great metaphor.

With Parallel Awakenings Come Parallel Challenges

The hyperbolic step up of technology is not necessarily an organic outgrowth of the human experience. It’s being used as a co-vibrational suppression technique by external influences while appearing to be empowering. We can always use anything to our advantage, but what’s being unleashed on humanity is a very severe, parasitic attack on our conscious awareness and has aspects that are disturbingly insidious, including implanted technology in all of us of varying types and the manipulation of our electromagnetic and plasma fields. When you add the other vectors assaulting our DNA and overall natural state their overall methodology clearly states their intent – not just the subjugation of humanity, but the altering of its very nature into something completely controllable.  becomes

No matter what is foisted upon us, we have to rise to the occasion, as any alive being of any sort would and should.

It may be unexplored territory learning about these influences we’re becoming more aware of all the time, but that’s what pioneers and world changers do, which potentially includes all of us.

And we’re each up to it.

That we’re concurrently becoming aware of other potential, parallel worlds of existence right within our own is extremely empowering and should propel us into a state of higher consciousness and awareness which in turn will lead us into new and more profound solutions to the dilemma we’re faced, one that can appear to have no restraints upon it and does not portend well for our planet.

Therein is the key. Understanding that our perception cannot and need not be what they are projecting and reinforcing. There is a better way – in fact, many of them! They only await our discovery and realization.

Where To Now?

Good question. That’s up to each of us, isn’t it. How we respond to these new types of changes is a very personal decision, but ultimately a very simple one. Do we say “yes” and keep progressing and investigating new avenues of thought and behavior and methods of being as well as expression as new input and realizations come along? Or do we dig in our heels and say enough is enough and it’s getting way to weird for me out here and it’s no use.

“Besides, it defies everything I’ve come to learn and throws my life into a tailspin!” Good!

I’ll take “weird with meaning” any day. We need new tools, new understandings, and new spiritual methodologies desperately, to not just exist here, but defy this parasitic invasion of our species and planet. Old methods simply won’t work and obviously never have. Attempting to confine us to their playing field has been the smartest ploy they ever had – and ultimately the only one.

We have to let loose to realize that at its true nature humanity is unstoppable and uncontainable, and that this time around we’re not going to fall for the old tricks nor take this lying down any more.

Much to their chagrin. Hence the insane toxified and fascist clampdown world we’re witnessing today. We are their enemy.

Launching Into the Far Beyond

We’re here. It’s time for the big adventure and clearly a time for letting go in new and wonderful ways. We’re being called where precious few have dared to go, at least in this generation of human existence. It’s our time, our place, our space and our calling. The time to reach into the great beyond is upon us.

When we realize there’s nothing to fear in conjunction with the great confluence of energetic influences we’re currently experiences, we quickly come to the realization much more, and much better, is required to overcome the dark and increasingly complex forces we’re facing at every level. The very fact of their morphing oppressive existence is testament to our need to adapt.

So much has to do with our egoic identity regarding who we think we are and what we think we can be or perform. Their programming is limitation – freedom is the realization of our utter infinite potential.

The requirements for this adventure are simple: Letting go of attachments of all sorts and a solid desire to go wherever Universe leads and inspires us. That’s a rather broad generalization but we simply need to let go of the known and genuinely and unconditionally draw in the greater manifestation of source that always awaits us.

Enjoy the ride, but never forget that once you’ve willingly entered these new dimensions you are now a warrior.

And there’s no better willing manifestation of the precious gift we’ve been given.

Love always, Zen


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