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Face the Lie | Max Igan
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Face the Lie

Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix


Published on 5 Feb 2016

Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - Episode 249 - American Voice Radio - Feburary 5th, 2016




Operation Eyewash: CIA Misleading Employees Proves Conspiracies Real Tags: Mind Control Social Engineering Surveillance Society

21st Century Wire says…

The CIA is trying its best to avoid oversight and accountability.
The CIA practice known as the ‘eyewash’ has just been uncovered. ‘Eyewashing’ involves sending accurate information only to a very small number of people, and disinformation to all other employees.

An anonymous ex-CIA officer explains:

“The classic use of an eyewash is if you have a garden-variety source and all of a sudden he gains access to truly sensitive information,

“What you might do is have a false communication saying the guy got hit by a bus and died. The large number of people aware of this source suddenly think he is dead. But the continuing reporting on that source and from that source gets put into a very closed compartment that few would know about.”

In one documented example, CIA officials said that a senior Al-Qaeda member was killed as a result of tribal violence. Yet, in actual fact, the terrorist had been killed by a drone strike.


The intent behind this eyewash was to conceal the then-secret CIA drone program in Pakistan.

Former CIA inspector general, Fred Hitz, said that deliberately misleading employees is really playing with fire.”

Steven Aftergood, a government secrecy expert at the Federation of American Scientists, said, “When you introduce falsehoods into the communications stream then you can destabilize the whole system of intelligence oversight and compliance with the law.”

What now needs to be examined is the extent to which this practice still takes places today and who exactly receives the accurate information. Is the true information ever sent to elected officials, or always withheld by this shadow government operating essentially on its own?

Interestingly, it is often said by skeptics that any part of the government could never be involved in a monumental conspiracy because too many people would have to know about it, and someone would talk.

The exposure of the eyewashing program now crushes this argument, as it reveals to us the extreme extent of compartmentalisation that exists within the modern American government that is capable of hiding the most despicable activities.

It is also likely that many other government agencies employ similar tactics, in order to ensure that those at the top stay there and threats to their power can be dealt with quietly. Departments look out for themselves, and particularly their own relevance.

Naturally, this intelligence phenomenon extends into the media, as mainstream media outlets always rely on their internal agency “sources” for any ‘inside information’ – which could  misleading, or completely false.

What might they do, and subsequently try to hide, to ensure they stay relevant?



Vampire Empire
Tags: child abuse Consciousness Empowerment Mind Control

By freefall

Those eyes still freak me out.

The vampire is the perfect metaphor for what we are seeing today. His qualities of not being able to stand before the light, the inability to be seen in the mirror (dead to self-reflection), and enslaving others by stealing their energy are common trends in this disintegrating culture.

But the one quality of the vampire that stands out to me more than the rest is his ability to draw his victims to him by controlling their minds. Not only do they not attempt to escape but actually end up baring their necks to him.

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to meet someone like Obama. Many have described him as being able to put them at ease. They soon grew to like him even though they were previously against everything he represented. Obama’s one of the best in the business when it comes to running recurrent con games in which each lie is piled upon another while continuing to get away with it. The vampire nature is strong in him.

As children, it is the traumas committed against us that causes much of our problems in our lives. Although we had no choice regarding the initial violation, we are inexorably drawn back to the vampire’s embrace, as many suffering abuse later become abusers themselves. We become the offspring of other vampires.


As this darkness in them grows, just like their more mature controllers, these fledgling vampires believe themselves to be superior to their victims, even though it was their own victimization that created their nature.  This is pretty much the underlying reason for all wars.

But for some of us, the internal anguish that occurs due to unconsciously serving this hypnotic influence causes us to seek a way out. At some point, we can no longer take the path that the rest blindly follow.

We now live in a society that feeds upon itself. Each level attained in the hierarchy usually results in a lower level of consciousness. Without consciousness, the parasitical mind prevails. At this most basic level occupied by the masses, they have no real idea of how they’re being used by the system.

And then there are the vampires that control the system. They know very well what they are serving and use their underlings to bring them closer to their macabre vision of utopia; a utopia in which most are not intended to be around for to appreciate. These are the true faces of evil that prey upon the rest of us. They are faces that we rarely, if ever, see.

They trot out their political vampires to seduce the public with promises, most of which they should not even have the authority to fulfill if elected and yet the public still falls for it. And like the rest, they all eventually end up feeding on each other rather than driving a stake through the dark hearts of those they unconsciously serve.

But more and more of us are beginning to see through the entrancement. We are starting to turn to face the enemy. Their hypnotic mind-control games don’t work on us anymore.

And there’s something else we understand:  They are the anomaly, not us.


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