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The Sanctity of Self
Category: Consciousness
Tags: Consciousness Empowerment Spirituality

by Brian Thompson


Forget everything for just a moment or two.

Slowly breathe in through your nose, hold it for two seconds, and then slowly exhale. Do this three times or more.

Experience the bliss of feeling the air tickle the insides of your nostrils. Notice how the air feels as it races against your upper lip when you empty your breath. Notice how your chest rises and falls. Hear the sound of your breath inside your mind. Feel the coolness as the air travels down your throat, and its warmth as it returns.

This is awareness, being fully present and aware. Now, doesn’t that feel incredible calming?

Close your eyes and try it again. How does your experience change? What more do you notice? Can you feel your feet on the ground? Can you feel your bum on the seat?


Notice the sounds of the environment around you—notice how they come and go as effortlessly as your breath.

This is your true Self—the knowing, the noticing, the experiencing—the eternal witness to all that Is.

Let every moment be like this, where all of the incredible sensations of the here and now tickle the very presence of your being.

Identify yourself with nothing other than this. You are this aware presence—and not any of the perceptions that appear within it.

Do not be stirred by any thought that appears from mind. Realize that all thought is a sense perception, not unlike your breath. Simply notice each one and allow them each to pass.

Accept and release. Un-grasped; no thought can linger, no emotion can remain. In this emptiness that is your presence of peace, no problem can ever appear.

All is well.



The Still Center of the Circle
Category: Consciousness
Tags: Consciousness Spirituality ransformation

By freefall

Upon awakening from her slumber, she found herself within a giant circular room. Within this cavernous room were smaller rooms with open doorways lining the perimeter of the circle.   The great enclosure made her feel as if it was turning, but if this was so, the movement was so insignificant that she couldn’t tell for sure.

She approached the nearest room surrounding the circle where she witnessed grown men sitting around with pieces of worthless paper in their hands. They were lighting cigars with the paper. The room suddenly caught fire and a door she had not previously seen slammed shut to protect the rest of the circle.

She approached the next open doorway. Within this room she found a group of people holding up handfuls of gold. They were fighting each other over it as each felt as if they could never have enough for themselves.

Within the next room, a group of people were sitting at the feet of a guru. The guru had a long flowing beard and piercing eyes. He spoke about how inferior this group was to him and that they should worship his ascended master if they were ever to find salvation from their wretched existence. But once he gained their acceptance for himself as well as his master, he began speaking of what wonderful people they were and that they were completely superior to their fellows outside of the room. But in spite of all this, he made it very clear that they must always go through him in order to gain audience with the master, as they could never become worthy enough to communicate directly with him for themselves.

Traveling to the next room, she came across two groups of soldiers separated by a transparent wall. Both groups would follow orders handed down by the same commander while taunting each other from each side of the barrier. They struck against this wall so fiercely that it finally gave way. They then proceeded to kill each other under orders of the commander. When the commander finally ordered them to stop, what was left of the two groups were once again separated and, under the commander’s orders, they rebuilt the wall between them. The process then began all over again as others joined the ranks on both sides.


At the next room, she found children sitting in front of a giant screen captivated by the images dancing across it. They showed no response as priests in white robes gave them a steady diet of pills and potions while feeding them strange foods revealing gross deformities.

In the next room, she observed a professor instructing young people how to operate a unicycle he was riding around the room. Although many of the students requested to ride the unicycle for themselves, this was never allowed.

She then went to a room where a man who was part preacher and part politician was standing on a stage. He was holding out a holy book in one hand and a gun in the other but would hide one behind his back depending upon the type of influence we wished to have upon the members of his audience.

Squatting in the doorway of the next room was the Great Whore glaring at her with contempt. Behind the harlot, she could see people moving around who all looked so much alike that only when they had taken off their clothes could their sex be determined. Thus began a great orgy with bodies writhing over each other in a way that reminded her of a large serpent.

In that moment, she realized that this had become an immense corruption to what she really represented. She also knew that what was lacking in the rooms she had seen as well as the many she had not were that the occupants no longer sought her influence.

Beginning to grow dizzy, she now realized that the giant circular enclosure was indeed rotating. Only in the very center of the circle did it not turn. She walked unsteadily towards this center.

She was the last to arrive as part of a small group that surrounded the center of the circle. Suddenly, the circle broke away from its center descending slowly into the distance like a stone sinking into the depths of a clear lake. She and the rest of those standing above in the center watched the circle spin around as the life-cycles of its inhabitants came and went into their different rooms, each taking their turns upon the wheel.

Those who had found the still center within themselves then merged together with the universe.


Everything’s Alright
Category: Consciousness
Tags: Consciousness Forbidden Knowledge Social Engineering Spirituality

By Julian Rose

As the discussions rages on about if, when and whether Jesus actually  existed  –  it seems a largely wasted argument – because, for whatever reason, Jesus’s words became nailed into our consciousness and still, to this day,  seem  as controversial as ever. Rebel? Shaman? Holy man? Or none of  these  –  maybe  just  an invention to fit cosmological orders of change.

One  quite  remarkable  revival  of the controversy factor surrounding Jesus Christ was the writing – in 1969 – of Jesus Christ Superstar – Andrew  Lloyd  Weber  and Tim Rice’s rock opera that stormed the sedate British  Anglican  Church  –  and  went  on  to do the same to Catholic bastions of power.

Even as I write – demonstrations by people who feel offended by the challenging nature of the libretto – are taking place in the Polish city of Poznan – where performances are taking place alongside a government led celebration of Poland’s 150 years as a ‘Christian democracy’.

If  you never really ‘got it’ I strongly suggest having another go. It is  a very penetrating  piece  of  art.  Written  by  two friends at Westminster  School  in London when they were just 17/18 years old.. a rare flowering of the genius of youth.

I  leave you with this clip from the 1973 film adaptation. Judas has issues with Jesus and Mary gets caught up in the middle.. Enjoy!



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