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Wholeness and Desire: Experiencing Heart-Centered Sexuality
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By Philip Shepherd

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

A well-known neurological phenomenon is expressed in a catchy maxim: “What fires together wires together.” This phrase tells us that if two distinct neural pathways habitually fire together, they eventually lose their distinctiveness. The brain starts to treat them as one, because it’s more economical. As an illustration of this, researchers taped two fingers of a hapless monkey together for a period of time; and when the tape was finally removed, the two fingers straightened together and bent together. Their neural pathways had been forced to ‘fire’ together, so they had ‘wired’ together.

There are many ways in which our neural pathways practice such economy in our daily lives, but the effect often remains hidden to us because the ‘wiring’ so often belongs to the culture that shapes us.

My childhood was shaped by the stifling conformity of the ’fifties – the tone of which was set by a generation of fathers who had been in the army as teenagers. They were prepared to die for a cause, and were themselves shaped by a paternalistic, top-down organization in which efficiency relied on conformity, feelings were to be reigned in, and sensuality was a liability.

I was also shaped by the ’sixties, an era distinguished as the first time in human history in which a generation of young people turned to their parents and said, “What you are doing is wrong.” Reacting against their parents’ world, the younger generation empowered a cultural revolution on several fronts – a revolution in social justice, in self-expression, in a renewed identification with wild nature, against the militaristic imperative, against racism and sexism, and of course for sex. The sexual revolution assaulted the prevailing views that sex was sinful unless sanctified by the church; that genitals are inescapably shameful; and that deep physical pleasure carries the taint of deep guilt.

Whoever believes that the sexual revolution freed a generation from those burdens underestimates their tenacity. But it did bring bodily pleasure front and center, and brought the body itself into plain view as both an object and source of pleasure. Because this was coupled with the self-fulfillment espoused by the ‘me’ generation, the effect was mixed. For instance, the resulting freedoms have been a huge boon to advertisers, who are relentless in searching for ways to overtly associate their products with sexual pleasure. The potent effect of such advertising is brought to light by the maxim quoted above: if every time you see a certain product advertised, you also experience the pleasure of a mild arousal, the product and the pleasure are firing together and begin wiring together. You are then more likely to buy the product because it ‘feels better’ than the others. Reason tells us that choosing on such a basis is ludicrous – but as advertisers know all too well, we are not governed by reason.

In some ways our progress towards sexual liberation has created a greater potential in us as individuals for experiencing our wholeness. It has taken the edge off many of the divisive condemnations and shamings that have been with us for generations. But it has also brought with it forms of division all its own. These newer divisions show up in the social pressure to be sexually active, as though it were a failing not to be; in the hook-up culture; in the ability of marketing campaigns that use soft porn to tacitly (and ridiculously) promise us more sex if we buy their stuff; in the massive sales of Viagra, and the hopes pinned on the newly approved version for women; and in the common view that having sex is primarily a means to self-gratification.

I sometimes think that in carrying our sexuality out of the darkness, we managed to bring the body, but forgot to bring the heart. Without the engagement of the heart, we tend to objectify what we see and experience. The objectification of the body, and especially of the female body, has been noted and discussed at length. What remains underappreciated, I believe, is its effect on the person doing the objectifying.

To be sure, the naked female form is ‘a thing of beauty’, and our evolution has amply prepared us to appreciate it. But to stop there, to see it as a mere object that triggers desire, is to remain in a divided state within yourself. The stirrings of your desire will be disconnected from your heart. In our culture this is a normalized state, and we are surrounded by invitations to it; but when the objectification and the desire fire together over and over in the course of a day, and do so every day, desire learns to lean on and seek objectification. Eventually sexual arousal is associated with objectification. They wire together. And when that happens, sexual arousal ends up in one category, and the heart’s love (which never objectifies) ends up in another: they live within us as separate energies.

Because this division has been normalized in our culture, the fallout from it can be seen all around us. There are men and women who dearly love their partners, but are frustrated in the bedroom because they don’t know how to let their love flood their genitals. There are sex addicts who can never find deep satisfaction, because what they really long for is the intimacy of expressing love. There are men and women who tire of being in bed with the same body year after year, and sometimes switch for a new one to feed their arousal – because unlike love, objectified arousal cannot deepen over the years. In fact, objectified arousal needs to find more and more extreme forms of objectification to maintain its charge.

This cultural tide is hard to swim against. But as a man, I know that if I look at a beautiful woman from a place of wholeness within myself, I see her wholeness; and seeing a woman in her unique wholeness – having a sense of her courage, hopes, uncertainties, sensitivity and grace of being – always enhances my appreciation of her beauty. At the same time, it disarms my experience of the pull of any neediness.

I really believe that the deepest human longing is to grow into our wholeness as individuals, and to learn to experience it and trust it; yet we live in a culture whose corporate and political interests have learned to prey on our divisions and deepen them. When we are divided, we are confused and malleable. But we do have choice. We can learn to soften our inner divisions and grow into wholeness. When you grow into wholeness, you grow into love. And as you grow into love, you begin to attune to a coherence that imparts a clarity to everything. As we gain that clarity, we come to understand that it is more than just a personal clarity. The coherence it arises from isn’t circumscribed, but borderless – generated and upheld by the ineffable harmony of the world in which we live.

Moving towards that kind of clarity begins with a simple but crucial first step: recognizing when you are in a divided state, and understanding that when it comes to your wholeness, you do have a choice.

About the author:

Philip SheperdPhilip Shepherd is recognized as an international authority on embodiment. His unique techniques have been developed to transform our experience of self and world and are based on the vision articulated in his celebrated book, New Self, New World. Philip understands that most of our problems, individually and globally, stem from a single root cause: we have created a culture of disconnection. The approach he takes heals the frantic, restless pace of the intelligence in the head, which tends to run on overdrive, by uniting it with the deep, present and calm intelligence of the body.

You can follow Philip’s work and contact him via his website www.philipshepherd.com and www.facebook.com/philip.shepherd.16.


Listen to the Message Beyond All Fear and Anger
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by Frank M. Wanderer Ph.D

Some of our fears are caused by future events that we are afraid of now, in the present time. When our thoughts are not engaged by this fear of the future, we often turn towards offences and pains we have suffered in the past. Memories such as ”I was humiliated,” ”deserted,” ”kicked,” ”ignored,” ”called a liar,” ”cheated on,” ”robbed” fill our minds.

In our spiritual Journey, when we are burning in the fire of fear, we fail to recognize that the final root of all our fears is the fear of death which hogties us, makes our life bitter and prevents us from fully experiencing the joy of existence.

Because of those fears (regular or permanent anxiety, a sense of being threatened, or outright panic) the Ego-dominated mind cries for an urgent treatment.

Society offers a “solution” to that problem through entertainment and medical industrie, the production of consumer goods and stimulants. These are all prosperous, tremendously lucrative businesses. They afford “effective” remedies, suppress and treat the fear the spiritual Seeker experiences on their journey.

Despite all the “help” society has to offer, there are periods in the life of the spiritual Seeker when he/she will be alone and the “wrath generator” begins working. The “I am angry” is an expressive indicator of the venom circulating in the system of the individual, causing spiritual and physical destruction and diseases. Fear in this way turns into anger, performing its destrcutive work in the life of the spiritual Seeker.


“But why am I angry at all just because of the recollection of a negative event that took place in the past? And why remembering something that should not have had to happen in the first place?”– the spiritual Seeker may ask himself the question.

But the spiritual Seeker often expects the answer all in vain. Because of the lack of Consciousness, the spiritual Seeker fails to recognize that he/she insists on the emotions generated by hatred and wrath that he/she considers as justified, instead of choosing the quiet and peace of Consciousness. The reason for that is that the Ego wants to defend itself.

The spiritual Seeker does not realize that in connection with past events the question is not that they were good or bad, since those things are dead and gone, they do not exist. Still, the spiritual Seeker will exhumate events of the past in order to identify, unite with them.

Another strategy of the Ego-dominated mind forces the spiritual Seeker to find shelter from the fear and anger in nostalgic memories of the past and an expected brighter future. These images provide good feelings, and for a brief period take the spiritual Seeker away from the effects of his fear and sorrow.

Without the “help” of the industries mentioned above, the flames of the fear and anger that look so frightening initially, would calm down and turn into a transmuting glow in which pure Consciousness would be born and awaken to its real Self.

The objectives of the nostalgic memories of the past and the beautiful visions of the future, as well as the social techniques aimed at suppressing fear are the same: to deprive the spiritual Seeker of the absolutely unique experience of Presence.

The spiritual Seeker would hear the message waiting for him/her for such a long time, beyond all fear and anger:

You are the Spirit, the pure Consciousness!

About the author:

Frank M. Wanderer Ph.D is a professor of psychology, a consciousness researcher and writer. Frank is the author of the books „The Revolution of Consciousness: Deconditioning the Programmed Mind”, “The Flames of Alertness: Discover the Power of Consciousness!“, “The Biggest Obstacle to Enlightenment: How to Escape from the Prison of Mind Games?” and several books on consciousness. With a lifelong interest in the mystery of human existence, Frank’s work is to help others wake up from identification with our personal history and the illusory world of the forms and shapes, and to find our identity in what he calls “the Miracle”, the mystery of the Consciousness.

You can also follow his blog HERE


Ego Cannot Exist Without A Time-Based Reality
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The survival of the ego depends on the existence of a time-based reality, attachment of appearances, past and future, is the name of the game for the ego.

The Ego

You have created an eidolon masquerading as yourself, a persona that you use to gain more out of the matrix. You may call the ego your personal matrix, as it is only relative to your own recognition and guidance of its ways and ethics.

For a more devolved being, the ego is perceives as self and not the “I” — the “beingness,” spirit or soul, call it what you prefer.

With the persona leading the charge, all connection to the soul is lost, causing total relativity to the primary matrix — in other words, complete slavery.

The egotistic mistaken identity is very powerful as the negativity of its nature has been energized by consciousness for millions of years, and its breakdown does not occur overnight.


A persona and a terminal is synonymous. As I have mentioned before, the persona/ego is an installed program, which possesses the soul. This program is negative as it feeds off the positive pole of the mainframe matrix — cause and effect.

It is a gradual process to rid oneself of the virus that only survives in the past, future and present moment — basically, anywhere else but in the now, where it cannot function and where the primary matrix has no effect on it. You ,through the obsolete vehicle, need to access consciousness.

When you have no ID (identity), then your ID (Inner dimension) cannot be hacked.

The creator of the matrix reality, with the help of information technology, uses identities and personas because they are the vehicles that fulfill roles in all the divisions of slavery.

When still stuck in the realm of cause and effect, the creator continuously implants imagery into the mind, relating to the past and the future, anything that leads consciousness out of the now and into a dreamworld, leaving the rest of you unoccupied in the now and open to relativity to the primary matrix.

New age spiritualists have come up with visualization techniques which, honestly, do more bad than good, as visualization is simply an escape mechanism from the now.

Egotistic Time Travelling

The creator of the matrix and the ego use the past to lure consciousness back onto the time-track, in order to live again and again the attachments to long gone memories, so that the ego can cement and strengthen its identity and reminisce in the illusory role it played.

Consciousness is being bombarded with illusory imagery relating to both past and future.

Note that I call the past illusory too. You may call it real, but how can it be real in relativity to the now that is outside of time? The past is simply data that can be deleted, just like on a computer.

Now there can be no pinprick of a distortion in the psyche demanding attention from references in time. Within this realm, awareness is operating at its complete potential and supernatural abilities become second nature.

The future is also required by the ego to be in a certain way for its own pleasure and selfish desire, and it continuously suggests imagery of how things should turn out and what steps you should take to enforce the desired future. It’s nature is to stray away from the path needed by the soul for expansion.

This phenomena is the main cause of all anxiety experienced by mankind. The feeling of anxiety does not belong to you, it is manufactured by the fear that reality will be unfavorable to the self-created matrix, all of which is not you.

As you can see, anxiety also alchemizes from life when the future is not impinged upon. The future only changes when the condition of consciousness changes, which sets the stage for a new external reality, harmonizing with the internal, and when a new reality is experienced, the previous step on the ladder is called the past, and we look forward yet to more future, more advancement, even though everything is only actually happening in the present moment.

It is funny how we have all got stuck in this illusion of time.

The ego/persona lives just as much in the future as in does the past. It is crucial for you to realize that any demand that you exert on a delusional future is a massive wastage of energy and it only serves to keep you away from the now which is the only realm a “conceived” future that can actually be reeled in…

Information Technology and Ego are One

The creator knows the ego you have created better than you, they are buddies in this story called life. The creator and all that you have become here since birth are one.

The virus that you have come to embody is greatly adapted to avoid its own annihilation and to keep itself at the forefront of consciousness, always one step ahead and always having yet another trick up its sleeve to lead you into trouble and then to make it seem like it’s all your fault.

You being second best to it is the result of having no faith in the self due to the lack of a foundation built on the absolute nature of the earth element. Most are founded upon their mother or father, religion, trauma (including past life) and knowledge itself – all of these break the connection to the cosmic consciousness, the five elements and the soul!

Guidance from Dreams

The deeper entranced you are by this physical, earthly experience, the more parts of self become liable to remain in different timelines, thus divided.

I believe that dreams do offer us an opportunity to see ourselves in these different lives as to bring parts of our division to attention. The subconscious mind is well known to communicate with us through our dreams.



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