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Top 10 Spiritual Places With The Strongest Energy Field
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Many outdoor pursuits and enthusiasts seek or connect with nature for a “spiritual experience.” There are so many destinations which are more than an average location – they are sacred and spiritual places in nature, and may have native history that contains thousands of years of history and spiritual significance. Such type of places could give you answers to a long asked questions and make you feel the energy concentrated on a higher spiritual level.


Here’s a list of the top 10 powerful spiritual places in the world worth visiting, regardless of your religion or spiritual views.

1. Machu Picchu, Peru

Spiritual Places Machu Picchu, Peru

What they say is true: the sacred city of the Incas is magical. The Incas built Machu Picchu in a particular place, high in the Andes. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, this ancient citadel boasts stunning scenery and stone monoliths that will leave you tingling from head to toe. Where did all this energy come from? The place itself channels the energy and allows people to experience something that just does not belong to our world.

2. Sedona, Arizona

Spiritual Places Sedona, Arizona

In addition to being a beautiful and serene place, Sedona has long been known as a spiritual power center. This is because the power that emanates from the vortices produces some of the most remarkable energy on the planet. This energy is the reason Sedona is full of people that are “on the path”, that is, people who have made a commitment to grow and become as much as they can spiritually. It is also the reason that such a large New Age community has sprung up in the Sedona area, bringing with it a variety of spiritual practices and alternative healing modalities, and it is the reason Sedona has sometimes been called a spiritual Disneyland.

The energy centers at Sedona are both exciting and growth inspiring. If you are at all sensitive to the more subtle things, the experience of standing at one of these vortices, and letting the energy flow into you and through you, can be almost overwhelming. People come from all over the world to experience this.

3. Stonehenge, UKSpiritual Places Stonehenge, UK

Silhouetted against the skyline Stonehenge overlooks the windswept Salisbury Plain. Over the centuries many colorful theories have been put forward to explain the purpose of the stone temple. Yet, the real reason why the monument was built still remains a mystery.

Stonehenge is world-famous for its spectacular solar alignment at the summer solstice on June 21st. From the center of the monument the midsummer sun is seen to majestically rise over the Heel Stone and thousands of people gather every year to view this awesome sight. The cycles of the Sun and Moon were clearly important to our distant ancestors. Likewise the Earth was also revered as a powerful deity that could influence daily life. Ancient people across the world appear understood that the Earth produces energy lines and holy temples, tombs and monuments were constructed upon them.

4. Crater Lake, Oregon

Spiritual Places Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake was formed 8,000 years ago, after an alleged massive eruption caused Mount Mazama to collapse. The lake plunges nearly 2000 feet below ground, which makes it the deepest in the US and seventh deepest in the world.

The Native American Klamath tribe has always called this lake a sacred site. According to one of their legends, the Chief of the Above World and the Chief of the Below World had a battle which led to the destruction of Mount Mazama. In earlier times, the tribesmen used Crater Lake in their vision quests and it is still considered a spiritual spot. The lake is now part of Crater Lake National Park and should be topmost on your travel list.

5. Socotra Archipelago

Spiritual Places Socotra Archipelago

Socotra is an archipelago of four islands in the Indian Ocean to the Horn of Africa. The largest occupies about 95 % of the total area of the island. As a result of isolation, at Socotra were born many specific species that are found nowhere else in the world. Its specific landscape as well as flora and fauna look like come out of a science fiction movie.

When you’re exploring Socotra, you’ll feel like you’re on another planet. The spiritual energy here connects the human soul directly with the cosmos.

6. The Plateau Uluru, Australia

Spiritual Places The Plateau Uluru, Australia

This place is located right in the middle of the continent, being Australia’s spiritual center. According to locals and visitors, you end up feeling the energy really fast after you reach the destination. We are faced with a hollow plateau that is locally called Tiukurpa, which means dreamtime. There are many ancient tribes that stayed in the area and this led towards many different energy accumulations. Spiritual visions are quite common when you are in the Uluru Plateau.



7. The Easter Island, Chile

Spiritual Places Easter Island, Chile

Most people do not know this place. We are talking about one of the really isolated locations of the world, a home for some pretty huge statues. What is interesting is that scientists cannot tell you who made those statues. The entire island is basically a mystery. 53 stone houses form a village that is not inhabited. These homes have no doors or windows and the huge mystery is connected to Navel Of The World. This is a circular stone that is said to hold the secrets of our universe as it collects most of the spiritual energy lines of our planet.

8. Rila, Bulgaria

Spiritual Places Rila, Bulgaria

This mountain range is one of the energy centers of the world. In the past people would call Rila Mountain the Nose of the Earth because it stood high above everything else and never submerged under water. Even though things have changed slightly today, the mountain still remains pretty close to God and has managed to preserve some of His most impressive creations intact, namely the marvellous Seven Rila Lakes and the enchanting Stob Pyramids.

The powers of the former are used as a means of spiritual cleansing by thousands of people every year, while the latter serve as a natural anthology of ancient myths and legends.



9. The Bosnian Pyramids, Bosnia

Spiritual Places The Bosnian Pyramids, Bosnia

According to carbon analysis, these pyramids have been around before the Neolithic period. We are talking about over 12,000 years, making them even older than the well-known Egyptian pyramids. What is quite interesting is that right under this place you will find a blue lake and many underground rooms. The water of the lake is 100% clear, free of any negative presence. They call it living water because it purifies  the body. This means that these facilities are “healing rooms”. Human body regenerates faster and the illness disappears.

10. Mount Kailash, Tibet


Spiritual Places Mount Kailash, Tibet


Photo Credit: Martin Gray

Mount Kailash (6740m) is located in the North of the Himalayas, in Tibet. This fascinating mountain resembles a meteor that got stuck in the ground. Kailash is the spiritual center of four great religions: Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and the ancient Tibetan religion that came before Buddhism – Bongo.

This mountain is the destination of many pilgrims coming from all over the world. Nowadays, a growing number of people believe that Kailash is the energy center of the Earth and that the entrance to the Forbidden City – Shambhala – is located near the mountain. Also near Kailash, on the Tibetan plateau, is the the impressive Lake Manasarovar. Going on a pilgrimage around Mount Kailash and swimming in Manasarovar are sacred experiences that bring redemption and wash away all sins committed throughout life.


In the busy lives of metropolitans, it becomes pivotal to wait a bit, relax and seek solace in the realms of one’s own mind and soul. Such an experience not only relieves one of stress but also pushes one towards beautiful feelings such as compassion, inner peace, forgiveness and any more. We suggest go and visit any of these places and rejoice your Being!

There are so many other spiritual places with great spiritual energy worth seeing, but we have made this list of the top 10 most spiritual places based on the experience of so many people that have already been there.

Which of these spiritual places have you visited so far? Feel free to add another place that you think people deserve to know about. Share your experience with us in the comments section below!





Feel to Heal, Forgive to Move Forward
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By Marc Lainhart

Are You Feeling Your “Shen?”

On average, every day, 153,424 people from around the world pass over into spirit according to the World Health Organization.

Our true spirit is what the Chinese call “Shen.” It is the spark of divinity that resides within the heart of every human being. It manifests as love, kindness, compassion, generosity, giving, tolerance, forgiveness, mercy, tenderness and the appreciation of beauty.

One of the most famous quotes of every 12-step program out there is, “You have to feel it, to heal it.” Many people and different cultures, from around the world, refuse to feel or even acknowledge the term. “Feeling” can be perceived as a vulnerability or weakness, especially here in the United States. Feeling is actually one of great strength, growth, transformation, and healing!

One thing all of us have in common is that we have all felt pain firsthand, witnessed pain of another, and all have a story to tell of painful life situations. All of us share together in the “pain community” of what life can bring our way; no one is exempt from this community. Pain, sadness, grief, anger, not forgiving, and holding onto those feelings, that energy, or thoughts only stagnates, imprisons, and limits our lives. It can actually be a great catalyst for growth, transformation, knowledge, and even wisdom!

Everything We Feel Holds a Lesson

Every feeling and experience in life teaches us about ourselves and the world around us. It gives us the ability and opportunity to heal and connect on a much deeper level. Allow yourself to feel everything either in the moment or reflect after the moment has passed. This works whether it is a childhood memory, a personal traumatic event, the passing of a close friend or family member, or a toxic relationship. Allow your energy, heart, soul, and thoughts to explore this “spiritual paradigm” in greater detail.


The human ego always kicks into high gear or “survival mode,” or “protection.” Ego whispers to your energy, heart, soul, and thoughts that you must not face the real pain of the situation. Ego forces us to stay busy, focus on your career, focus on others, pretend it didn’t happen. In survival mode, we seek to evade or escape from this pain, trauma, and grief that is right in front of us. The human ego will continue to do this until the day you are one of the 153,424 people who transfer back into spirit, energy, and love.

What Happens If We Ignore What We Feel?

Ignoring the feelings, not embracing emotions, and letting them build on each other over time has a negative potential. This leads to other problems, from depression, poor health, broken relationships, loneliness, stress, disappointment, negative thinking, loss of faith, and even suicide. Most importantly, the “Shen” of your heart will begin to lose its spark and fade away. Keeping that spark of divinity “alive” and “charged” in our heart is not always an easy accomplishment. It requires “awareness,” and “discipline” on a daily basis, especially with all the changes life can throw our way. Working on your feelings and emotions through the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body, and the spiritual body as four different bodies is a way to gauge where you are at on your spiritual path on a daily basis.

Feel into what is in front of you, acknowledge, accept, let go. Set the intent to move forward with much gratitude so you can keep your “Shen” open and recharged on a daily basis. Live presently and authentically in your life. As the old sayings go, “smooth seas never made a skilled sailor.” “Your beliefs don’t make you a better person, your behavior does.” So take the time in your busy day to practice and be aware of feeling and forgiveness. Include plenty of healing, love, patience, tolerance, and acceptance…because life will throw pain your way.

How to Transform with Shen

Don’t judge it. Don’t analyze it. Don’t get negative with it. Don’t be scared of it. Feel into it, acknowledge and accept the feelings and emotions, and “let go” the pain you feel. The action and intent of acknowledgment, acceptance, and gratitude allows for the release and healing to take place. This creates a new, healthy, loving space for your energy, heart, and soul to grow. It can transform, heal, and lead you somewhere special!

Once the heart is open, “Shen” manifests as light and energy. It always follows our intent and illuminates the path for all of us in the “Soul Adventures” of life and the journey forward. It aims us towards the spiritual goals of love, kindness, compassion, generosity, tolerance, forgiveness, mercy, tenderness and the appreciation of beauty.

Life is short – feel to heal and forgive to move forward. There is much truth in “what we resist persists,” and “the only way out is in.” So listen to the whispers of your heart. Allow the clarity, freedom, knowledge, and peace of what true healing can bring to the soul! The expansion, growth, and transformation to allow your journey to move forward while stepping into the authentic, loving, peaceful, and wise person you are! Hold on and get dragged or let go and be free, the choice is entirely up to you.

Every day is a brand new day…Let your “Shen” shine brightly!

About the Author:

Marc Lainhart is an international and tested Spiritual Medium. Marc serves as a Radio Show Host, Hiking Guide, Certified Diver, Metaphysical Teacher, Holistic Healer, Inspirational Thought Leader, and Writer. He uses his gifts to guide, transform, and inspire others in connecting to self, spirit, and the world around us! For more “Spiritual prospecting,” please visit MarcLainhart.com or Internet search ‘The Intuitive Prospector™

Source: Rise Earth via OM Times


Are You in the Process of Transcending to a Higher Vibrational Frequency?
Category: Consciousness
Tags: Consciousness Spirituality The Awakening

by Dylan Harper

How do you know that you are in the process of transcending to a higher vibrational frequency?

A lot of emphasis has been being placed on spiritual vibration and ascension to a higher consciousness in today’s society.

Specifically over the past couple of years due to various causes, some of which just being the trending nature of perspective which we typically follow. A

lot of people I know personally have noticed a difference in the world and what people seem to value, and some are even discussing oncoming life changes based on these newer perspectives.

No matter what the reason for the growing understanding and acknowledgment of the concept of spiritual ascension may be, one thing is for sure: more people are paying attention to ascension than ever before. 

Some believe that this is because Gaia is coming to maturity and people are growing more and more spiritually connected in today’s age. In fact, according to some researchers, 2016 is regarded as the year of completion.


This is also mentioned extensively in goldengaiadb.com, referencing Sept 28th, 2015, 12/12/15, and the “Wave in Consciousness” brought forth in January of 2016.

There are a lot of different opinions on exactly what it means to ascend spiritually and raise your vibrational frequency – to vibrate on a higher level than others.

Some reference kundalini, others will preach that simply meditating on a regular basis will enforce your ascension, and others will say that the only way to attain heightened vibration is through a relationship with God.

Others, yet, view the ascension of our spirit as a direct correlation to the ascension of Gaia, or the planet, which is mostly a druid belief but also has ties to various other religious practices.

Personally, as I typically lean in all of my speculations, I believe that each of these theories is absolutely correct in some ways, and lacking understanding or perspective in others – they are all right and wrong simultaneously, but infinitely right for those who accept them to be so and use it to better themselves.

One such perspective, regarding meditative practices including mantra, provides a set of tools which can be used for working toward raising your own vibration.

So how do you know if you’ve been whisked up onto the train of spiritual ascension? What signs can we look for to know whether we’re heading in the right direction toward becoming a spiritually minded person?

Honestly, I believe there are a few things which can be observed in our own actions and thoughts which help to define our standing on a heightened vibrational frequency.

1. The perception of the existence

The first of these to look for is whether or not you believe your understanding of the workings of the world and the fact that you have ascended means you can hold yourself in higher regard than other people who have not yet awaken; if you believe there is any rationale in condescending thoughts toward others, chances are you haven’t yet started awakening, yourself, and just that you acknowledge there is a higher form of consciousness which helps us make life better for ourselves and those around us.

2. The perception of yourself

Second, a significant sign of heightened vibrational frequency which we can notice, is based on our understanding of ourselves and the world in which we exist. If you see life as a bunch of sticks, stones, people, and mundane artifacts, chances are you haven’t awoken to the point of opening your eyes to reality, yet.

Conversely, if you look out and see yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience, notice the beauty and light of all life as observed in absolutely everything (yes, even darkness is beautiful), then you’ve likely reached a slightly heightened form of understanding.

3. The perception of other people

A third teller is how we approach interactions with people, particularly pertaining to learning or teaching opportunities. If we approach interactions with our ego in the forefront and have a driven goal to convince them of our perspectives, or to tell them theirs are wrong, we are likely not yet awakening.

This isn’t just because being of a higher conscious understanding means we are less hypocritical or less aggressive (less aggressive energy, maybe…), but the ability to stop projecting our own negativity on others as well as your focus being on your own growth more than theirs. To acknowledge that teaching is teaching and not preaching, so to speak.

4. Self-love

The fourth observation I’d like to mention is highly important in acknowledging spiritual growth: you find yourself practicing self-love. To understand that whatever is happening in your life can help you to reach a higher state of understanding and no longer expect yourself to maintain a reputable level of “perfection” while getting upset with yourself for not managing it.

To have grown spiritually a person must see the world as it is: beautiful and stunningly imperfect. And you, as part of the world, will never be perfect either. For one to actively practice forgiving oneself, caring for oneself, and with the goal of improving oneself, is a sure sign that ascension and transcending to a higher vibrational frequency is in the process. That is, as long as it isn’t while being condescending…



Dylan Harper

Dylan is a 32-year-old surfer from California. He traveled the world, rode the waves and learned the universal concept of oneness. He is a vegan for over a decade and, literally, wouldn’t hurt a fly. He was reunited with his twin soul in Greece, where they got married and settled… for now. Dylan is a staff writer for DreamcatcherReality.com and teaches surfing to children.


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