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The Yielding Power of Acceptance
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by Naropa, Contributor, ZenGardner.com


“Walls meant to protect have instead separated and isolated.

Your defences have kept you apart from those whom you most need to touch.

Whatever the reason for discord between you, it is time to lay down your arms.

Dispel the inflexible demands and fears of the Mind so that you may reunite in the Heart.

If you have begrudged, forgive.

If you have torn down, repair.

If you have injured, heal.

If you have judged, pardon.

If you have grasped, let go.”

I Ching, Hexagram 59

I think that one of the challenges in being a universally-oriented being, is relating and conveying ideas to other people, in a way they can resonate with as well. Indeed, the sometimes frustrating ineffability of the whole affair, whatever you want to call this game, is presented as a communicative ruse to the mystic, because he has to bridge for himself the gap back to every day human affairs and the every day world. Whether it is describing the unseen nature of reality, or the informational fields of awareness related to it (aka, the truth, the elite agenda, etc.), the challenge is similar. It’s somewhat like a child who finds him or herself in a state of mild confusion faced with the fact that all the grown-ups can’t see the magic in something as splendid as a teddy bear, or a toy car. “Look, look!” You know, eventually, the child learns to repress that magic and join the corporate world. It learns that in order to get approval from other people, he or she must act in a certain way, and perform certain tasks correctly, and believe certain things, even if it goes against what they feel inside. This conditioning, the learning the parameters of the game from peers, teachers, parents, religious and authority figures, very powerfully imprints the qualities and boundaries of that child’s inner and outer environment.

The shaman, the mystic or the sage, either is born with, or comes across such an experience which can be described as the piercing of the shell of acquired conditioning. One way or another, he or she has managed to tap directly into the source. Rather than a drunken regression into a child-like state as most people erroneously believe, this state provides an incredible clarity into the nature, or the core of the self, beyond all conditioning.  Sometimes it’s blissful and sometimes it’s not, but it inevitably always pathes the way to a revelation of some kind. Sometimes there is no conscious revelation, just a feeling- and that makes the matter all the more difficult to communicate to others. You’ve probably all seen the 1999 blockbuster hit “The Matrix”. The movie described it marvelously. In addition to being a sublime example of “The Hero’s Journey”, it is also a wonderful demonstration of an initiation, Neo, incarnating the role as the shaman’s apprentice. Mission: to Know Thy Self & Thy Source.

As Morpheus said, once you see (or feel) the Matrix, there is no going back. Once the shell is pierced, it must be nurtured, and it cannot be closed. It is nurtured by following the courageous warrior’s path of truth and love, love and light, in which the veil just keeps lifting, onward and into infinity, forever. It is like plunging into the darkness, completely abandoning yourself into the possibility of total annihilation. That is the cost of knowing thy self. It is the letting go of everything you cling onto or think is important, even your own body (and mind). This ongoing process, once initiated, brings forth a necessary renewal of the psyche as well as the body, a metamorphosis in preparation for the integration of the light of spiritus back in the corpus. It’s not that the light went somewhere, or left you, but rather that you didn’t see it, or forgot how to see it.

The integration of man is the transition from a tribal paradigm to a universal one, out of cultural conditioning, and into self cultivation, to find the nature and source of his or her own awareness. It’s kind of like having the ability to zoom out your perspective into space, and seeing the earth and yourself from that vantage point. The way you go “out” is by first going in, by discovering what you are, and what you are doing here. A lot of the details we are told are important in our culture, have no relevance from these new vantage points. That is what is meant by “expanding” one’s consciousness- it is expanding your field of awareness, whether it be informational, or perceptual. Different vantage points (world-views) may tend to clash, depending on their nature, but the most efficient vantage points are those that are able to compassionately embrace and accept all the others ones for what they are- different. The word compassion, from the latin “compassionem” means to “feel with”.

Now, one of the things that are eventually let go of are ideas and desires of material wealth, ego-driven behavior, competition, and negativity. These are all the things that are promoted in our Western culture, so it is a natural thing for a person on such a quest to seek development in more natural and laid-back settings, which do not impose such forces as an ideal.

Getting back to the communication gap, one of the tasks in this “ascension process” is to use the power of love, compassion and forgiveness, to bridge the gap back into the every day world, whatever it may be. Denying it would be an act of selfish insanity and inner delusion. As corrupt, capitalistic and irrational as our modern world may be, we should not abandon it! Doing so would mean imposing judgment on others, creating a new separation between self and other, and bringing in the competitive and comparative narrative into play. Too much mind involved in that, there’s a better way- go from the heart. Be the example, through your actions. Set the stage for the world you want to live in, and be the change you envision. If someone is running Capitalism 2.0 as their operating system, well that’s their right and you can’t take it away from them (although you certainly are free to discuss it). Free Will means everyone can choose their own operating system and that’s the beauty of it. Now how you go about formatting and installing a new one, that’s a topic for another discussion. The point is that having an open mind means having an open heart, so welcome all your brothers and sisters, the children of this creation, just as they are.

If they do not wish to share the experience of understanding your paradigm, or hear about the veil at this time, then thank them for taking that decision, because if they didn’t, there would be no game for you and I to play here on this earth. You wouldn’t know self without other, so no chance at discovering that they are both one and the same. Thank them for playing, and for being alive, for existing as one of your brothers and sisters on this earth. That you have both incarnated at the same time and can interact with each other in the most marvellous ways- that is a most precious gift. As the sands of time, made up of all the various elements, shift and turn, perhaps you will see yourselves again one day. You will see your self, looking back at you. You are already the great self, the pinnacle of perception. It’s a great big cosmic acting out of different kinds of existences appearing and disappearing, and they are all correct, all valid, just the way they are. That means you are perfect just the way you are, and so is everything else in existence. It doesn’t get any better than this, at least I don’t think.

Another toast to love,


Stand Alone
Category: Consciousness
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By freefall, Contributor, ZenGardner.com


Much has been said recently regarding the “mass awakening.” Whether this is really occurring at this time or not, while certainly significant, it is not what is most important to me.

Personally, I can think of no fate more cruel than to rely upon the elevation of consciousness of the sleeping masses for my continued existence. This sounds like the false construct devised by a demon rather than emanating from anything good.

Sorry, but I just don’t buy it.

Please understand that I do believe that remaining alive in physical form could very well be dependent upon mass awakening. Unconscious people have killed off good people throughout the centuries and it continues to this day with reckless abandon.

I just don’t believe that this is where it ends. There is either a realm beyond this life or dependency upon the awakening of others must be, by default, the cornerstone of our reason for being. In that case, there is no god that I wish to serve that would put me in such a horrific situation.

I believe that the true Source has a love that is unconditional. It is not dependent upon my awakening or anyone else’s for its existence. It’s the other way around. It allows me to go on my merry way due to free will. My suffering from going the wrong direction is what calls me back.

The only real purpose of our lives is not so much to attempt to awaken others as it is to continue to follow the light within ourselves. Why do I care what others think of me? Why do I not have the guts to stand up to this? Why do I continue to compromise myself in order to get along with people who have absolutely no concept regarding the purpose of their lives? These are the sort of questions we should be asking ourselves.

In this life, we must be willing to stand alone in our understanding. If we take a moment to look around us, we will see that we are not alone. Although this is certainly heartening, it’s not why we do it. But if we look within ourselves, we begin to see that what connects us to these like-minded souls comes from the same place. It’s not up to us whether the masses make this connection and choose to follow it or not. All we can do is tell them the truth.

There is more to life than just this physical incarnation. Whatever our fate, I have every intention of seeing others who have made this connection on the other side. If there is no “other side” for consciousness, then this life is nothing more than a sleep and a forgetting. And that means that there really is no reason to pursue enlightenment at all.




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Morgan Freeman narrates the greatest story of our generation - the story of the human journey at this critical moment in time. Of all the stories to belong to, this is the story to be a part of.

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