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Does Appearance Change How People Are Treated? Tags: Consciousness Spirituality Empowerment

Does Appearance Change How People Are Treated?


What would you do if you saw a man on crutches fall down on the sidewalk and what if that man was homeless? This video set out to answer the question: Does appearance change the way people are treated?

This experiment resulted in some pretty surprising and sad results. First, a business man falls down on the sidewalk and instantly many people rush to his aid and help him back up. This is wonderful to see but what happens when a man dressed like a homeless man falls? Watch the video to find out.

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People in Need -Taking Our Turn to Give


The Healing Field: A New Understanding of Miracles
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By Greg Strom, The Mile that Matters

At a time when it was supposed to be the happiest event in their lives, Kate Ogg, and her husband, Dave, were told the words no new parent would ever want to hear.

The nurse told her:  “Jamie didn’t make it.  We’ve lost him.”  Kate had just delivered twins prematurely at 27 weeks.  The birth was difficult, and after being told her baby boy, Jamie, wouldn’t make it, he was pronounced clinically dead.

Jamie’s limp body was delivered to his parents for them to say goodbye.  But instead of bidding farewell, Kate talked to her beautiful newborn son.  For two peaceful hours he lay on his mother, skin to skin.  Kate loved him, stroked him, cuddled him and talked to him, “Your twin sister, Emily… I want you to know, she’s fine,” she said.  Even though Jamie was gone, Kate figured he would want to know how his roommate in the womb was doing.

Then, nothing short of an astounding medical miracle occurred.  Jamie began to move.  He started acting normal, regular, like any newborn child.  Kate couldn’t believe it.  “I’m like, oh my god!  What is going on?” Kate recalls.

The doctor told her not to get her hopes up.  That it was just a reflex, not a sign of life, and that it was impossible for him to be alive.  So Kate continued, saying, “I’d carried him inside me for only six months, so not long enough. I wanted to meet him! And to hold him!  I wanted for him to know who his parents were and to know that we loved him before he died.”  She kept telling him his, and his sister’s names.  She gently informed him of how she was doing, and all of the things that, together, she wanted their family to do with him as he grew up.   In Kate’s words, “I tried to entice him to stay.”


Then, a short time later, Jamie opened his eyes.

Kate took her breast milk on her finger and held it at Jamie’s lips, and he began to suck in that adorable, newborn baby way.  Her doctors were in shock!  As Kate put it: “The doctor just kept shaking his head.  I don’t believe it!  I don’t believe it!” he said, over and over.

Jamie, the medical miracle baby, came back to life before their very eyes.  The kindness, compassion and love of a mother for her newborn child had literally saved his life.  Her husband, Dave, said, “I’m lucky I have a very smart, very strong wife who instinctively did what she did.  If she hadn’t done that I believe that Jamie wouldn’t even be here.”

There is, indeed, magic in a mother’s touch!  And today, Jamie and his twin sister Emily are now healthy and happy, living in their home in Sydney, Australia.

But how can this possibly be?  What’s really going on?  What brought about this miracle in the Ogg family? And, perhaps more importantly, how might we learn to create similar amazing results in our own lives?

It’s helpful to take a deeper look at what is really going on in our experience.  To take a peek behind the curtain and see what the great wizardry of the universe provides for us every waking moment of every day.

Quantum physics has revealed that everything in the known universe is comprised of energy, and that energy is intelligent.  What appears as a solid physical universe is actually ridiculously small, bundled groups of electrical charges that have, for the most part, no mass at all.  This energy is comprised of information that helps create the logic and order of the known and unknown universe.  It shapes our experience, and it is instructive of everything we call our life experience.

This energy is in constant communication with all other units of intelligent energy through what is called the zero-point field.  Empty space isn’t empty – it’s filled with energy, information and intelligence.  What we can’t see, but what is true nonetheless, is that the universe is a teaming, ordered storm of energy not bound by space or time in the ways we are accustomed. “Your” energy is constantly communicating with energy that is “not you.”

Is this real?  Well, it’s as real as you are.

This intelligent energy is everywhere at once.  It responds to the directions you give it through the intentions you choose.  This might be called mindcasting, a type of broadcasting you do naturally through your intentions with your mind.

You mindcast constantly when you’re awake, which helps you accomplish tasks and create results throughout your day.  You want to open a door?  You mindcast your desire and intention, your brain commits to a series of learned action steps, and your body handles the rest.  Without the intention to actually open the door, the door will remain closed.  Conversely, your intention to open the door doesn’t become a true possibility until you are willing to take the appropriate action – or someone else picks up on your intention and opens the door for you.

Your energy is a critical part of the cosmic energy ecosystem that we see as our physical environment, and it isn’t limited to what you are physically seeing or experiencing at this moment.  Everything communicates through the zero-point field at all times.  This energy is non-local, which means it can be potentially anywhere at anytime.  This accounts for an infinite number of examples that we’ve all seen or experienced at different times in our lives: intuition, serendipity and coincidence, déjà vu, recollections and memories, communication with animals, spiritual hunches or feelings – even the synchronized movements of entire schools of fish or flocks of birds that occur spontaneously are communicated through the zero point field.

It’s a common but peculiar fact that we go to bed exhausted, yet wake up refreshed, even though all we’ve done is remain still and exist in a sleep state.  The energy that restores us during our sleep comes from the zero-point field.  It literally replenishes us by invading and interacting with our bodies.  In our reality, this energy does this, tirelessly, every microsecond of every moment of every day.

Our entire ability to comprehend and understand the world around is due to the exchange of energetic information to and from the zero point field.  It truly is the currency of life.

So it is reasonable to conclude that Kate Ogg created such a strong pro-life intention by loving Jamie, stroking him, talking to him and cuddling him that he was literally energized back to animated life.  It’s clear that her intention for her newborn was to experience her unconditional love, despite the unfavorable circumstances.  She wanted to meet him, to introduce him to his sister, to get to know him, to name him, to hold him and to entice him to stay.  This pure intention created what we label as a miracle: Jamie’s seemingly helpless, infant being responded to the loving energy and information his mother poured into him.

This story has a happy ending, and there are many, many more like it.  In practical, real-life terms, this means you’re not alone in this universe.  You don’t need to feel like you’re isolated; you’re not.  You don’t have to do everything by yourself; you can’t.  When you marry your pure intention with the supportive energy in the zero-point field, your actions are communicated in ways both seen and unseen. This interaction is recognized and respected by the intelligence of all that is within and around, and it dramatically increases the likelihood of what you desire showing up as reality in your life.

Just ask Kate, Dave, Emily and Jamie Ogg.  You can create miracles. Try it and see for yourself.


Scientific Evidence of an Ambient Intelligence Tags: Alternative Knowledge consciousnes spirituality

By Dr. Robert Neil Boyd, PhD and Dr. Jon Xue Zhang, PhD

Scientific evidence of an Ambient Intelligence has been found through experiments in Wave Genetics, and through experiments involving Spin Field technologies. Experiments at Lebedev University (equivalent to our MIT), in Moscow, have irrefutably demonstrated that the so-called “vacuum” has a memory:
http://worldwithinworlds.yolasite.com/dnaphantom1.php   Also see:


Briefly, a DNA sample is inserted into a vacuum-tight container, and set into a vacuum chamber. Laser-correlation spectroscopy instrumentation [by Malvern, Inc.] is used to measure the tiny electromagnetic field strengths and structures which exist in the vacuum chamber, before, during, and after the DNA sample is placed in the vacuum chamber. The instrumentation records the readings, which are then converted into charts which give a good understanding of the electromagnetic field densities and structures which exist in the volume of effect of the instrumentation. (A vacuum chamber, in this case.)

In these experiments, it was recorded that there was no detectable E/M field present in the vacuum chamber, before the DNA sample was placed in the chamber. When the sample container was placed in the chamber, the laser correlation spectroscopy readouts showed the E/M structures and E/M densities which existed inside the vacuum chamber, while the sample resided there. Then, when the DNA sample was removed from the vacuum chamber, contrary to common expectations, the laser correlation spectrometer readings indicated undeniable physical evidence that there was still an electromagnetic structure present in the vacuum chamber, which looked exactly the same as when the DNA sample was in the chamber!

Multitudinous repeated trials indicated there was no fault in the instrumentation, nor in the proceedings, but the electromagnetic signature of DNA, from the sample, remained inside the vacuum chamber for weeks after the DNA sample itself was removed from the vacuum chamber. Eventually, the research team realized that the supposed “nothing” of the vacuum, was producing direct instrumented evidence of having memory. Then the inquiry automatically became, “How can a nothing, in a measurable vacuum, produce physical evidence of having a memory?”. Once the research staff admitted to the physical facts, then they had to come to grips with the reality of hundreds of exceedingly accurate measurements.

After painstaking analysis of the instrumented data, they were forced to admit that the vacuum has a memory! Then the quest was on to find out, how is this possible, since there is not supposed to be anything in there, other than nothing. Eventually their explorations arrived at the conclusion that there had to be a something in there that was retaining the E/M information, in the manner of a memory. It just wasn’t “ponderable matter”.


So maybe it was aether? This question led to many other searches, eventually arriving at two primary hypothesis. First, there actually is an aether, but it is made of particles much smaller than normal matter. Secondly, these vacuum memory results are evidence of “a new kind of subquantum field”. The undeniable scientific fact that “empty space” [the aether plenum] has a memory, implies that there may be some sort of Consciousness in there. These findings are significant in themselves, and the implications of this set of experiments are vast.  But that is only the first step.

In subsequent researches out of Lebedev, it was discovered that there is are “environmental factors” which directly cause all the particular manifestations of the DNA which we see in the world today, through a branch of research called Wave Genetics, pioneered by P. Gariaev, et. al.. (See the above linked reference to GarFried06-01.doc for some foundational understandings along these lines.)

The DNA does not make our bodies the way they are. The DNA is merely a factory that mass-produces the pieces and parts which are internal to each individual cell. The DNA factory manufactures the various protein structures which form all of the tiny parts of each cell, such as the mitochondria, cell walls, and so on. Then just as with any other factory, the DNA factory needs instructions on how many of each part need to be built, and in what order, and then needs to know where to ship those parts to.

Those orders are not built into the DNA, as many people have been misled to believe. There are no such instructions internal to the DNA factory. So where does the DNA get its instructions, so that it knows how many of each part to make and where to ship them?

It turns out that there is an “environmental factor”, an ambient intelligence that has perfect and intimate awareness of all these situations and issues direct instructions to the DNA factory about how many to build of what, and where the resulting manufactured parts are destined to go. This is not imagination or supposition or conjecture. This is the fact of what the DNA is and what it does and how it works.

Without the “environmental factor”, the Ambient Intelligence, the DNA would never get any instructions regarding how many of each cell part to build, and where to send them, and there would be no biological life forms to be found, anywhere in the Universe. For details on this research, see this important paper at: http://www.emergentmind.org/gariaevI3.htm, titled: “The spectroscopy of biophotons in non-local genetic regulation” ( P.P.Gariaev, G.G.Tertishny, A.M. Iarochenko, V.V.Maximenko, E.A.Leonova, Wave Genetics Inc., Toronto, Canada)

So now we know that an Ambient Intelligence is required for the DNA factory to function, at all. What other evidence can we find for this idea? In researches of “Spin Field” technology, we have found that the spin field acts to impart information from the first material item which the spin field passes through, into every material along the same line, after the first in line. See: “Reduction of Physiological Effects of Alcohol Abuse By Substitution of a Harmless Alcohol Surrogate Created by Application of a Spin Field” (R. N. Boyd) at:


In this particular set of experiments, vodka or grain alcohol was the first substance in line. The alcohol information (not the substance of alcohol) was copied into pure distilled water by passing the spin field through both the vodka and the water. When a large enough quantity that information-treated water is subsequently consumed by a human being, or any other biological organism, that organism exhibits all the physiological symptoms of being drunk. But the blood alcohol level registers as zero, and “breathalyzer” test analyzes as zero alcohol. Yet the organism or human is physiologically impaired, as though inebriated. At the same time, the intellect of that organism is not impaired, whatsoever, and there are no untoward behaviors which indicate any of the emotional imbalances which are typically due to alcoholic inebriation. Most startling is the fact that although the individual exhibits all physical symptoms of being drunk, yet none of the mental ones, there is never a hangover due to this kind of information-based inebriation.

Further experiments along related lines included various herbs and pharmaceuticals, which were tested in studies on volunteers with regard to what effects the copying of the information of that herb or drug would have when the person consumed the sugar cube into which the information of that substance was copied. We found that some of the drugs and herbs would copy almost exactly and have the clinically expected results. We discovered that other herbs and drugs would only partly copy selected attributes. And we discovered that some substances would not copy by way of the spin field, at all, in any way.

After years of these kinds of trials, is was realized by one of the research staff, J. DuFour, that there must be some sort of Aware Intelligence involved with the spin field copying process. When his insight was tested, we then realized that this aware and active Intelligence, knew the entire pharmacopeia and what would be the effects and influences of all the herbs and drugs we tested, on the human psyche and the human physiology.

We discovered, much to our amazement, that the Intelligence which was directly involved during the copying process was highly selective. That Intelligence actively and selectively excluded each and every deleterious effect and influence from each and every substance, and actively prohibit it from being copied into the surrogate substance. Over the years, it became undeniably obvious, that the Intelligence involved during the spin field copying process would not allow any deleterious effects of any kind to be copied into the sugar cube, from the original chemical substance. So now if we want to know how beneficial a given substance is, we just copy it with the spin field and see what portions of the expected effects transfer into the surrogate substance. We eventually came to realize that substances which are not allowed to be copied, in any regard, are probably perfectly toxic to the human being.

Subsequently, Dr. Huping Hu and his wife, Maoxin Wu, MD, performed experiments related to these, with astounding results. In one of these experiments, volunteers sat in a dental chair and were given water to drink while the effects of that water on their physiology were constantly monitored. In one of these experiments, light from an ordinary flashlight was directed through a transparent container which held a surgical anesthetic, so that the light passed through that container and entered a container of water. The flashlight was held in this position for several minutes, then turned off. When the volunteer drank this water, they were found to be clinically anesthetized, within a short time. So how did that happen?

Information transportation by electromagnetic radiations is a fact. The Ambient Intelligence was involved here too, simply because it allowed the entire of that information to be copied from the anesthetic fluid, into the water. It was also noted that, remarkably, the volunteers exhibited no anesthetic after-effects, which would normally be expected.
See: Spin Mediated Consciousness Theory and Its Experimental Support by Evidence of Biological, Chemical and Physical Non-local Effects (Hu, Huping and Wu, Maoxin)

Convinced at all yet? We know we are. One can find direct and personal evidence of this Ambient Intelligence in their own daily lives, if they keep an eye out for it. So, this clearly implies that the entire physical Universe has all the attributes commonly associated with Consciousness.

This statement suggests that Consciousness may have non-local attributes, as well as local ones, which brings about debates regarding what are called “supernatural events”. Supernatural occurrences and experiences in the various bands of consciousness, and experiences of various levels of Being, are for the most part, Natural. These kinds of superlative Natural events and conditions predate the human intellect and are a part of Nature.

Unfortunately for the most part, these Natural events have been lost or subsumed by a global human predilection with constantly thinking, rather than simply Being and using ones senses and emotional sensitivities. This damaging situation causes inevitable emotional difficulties, that many cannot intellectually come to terms with, precisely because it is the intellect that is causing the problem in the first place.

The only real thing that is actually unnatural, is in fact, man’s limited intellectually-biased understanding of Nature and the repercussions that come with those limited understandings. In all the Indigenous societies, participation with Nature is paramount, not only for survival, but for actually enjoying living, while being completely without any “modern” comforts or conveniences.

Unfortunately, the term “Consciousness” is often poorly understood as being synonymous with exclusively brain-oriented theories. Such theories are disastrously incorrect, as they assume, without any supporting evidence of any kind, that Consciousness must exclusively require the existence of biological bodies with very large brains, such as those of human beings. This is anthropocentric thought at its worst (Thinking about everything only in terms of human beings, in intellectually limited human-centered concepts, where nothing else except humanity has any sort of merit, to be considered as having any validity or relevance, because humanity is all there really is, that really matters.).

There are vast numbers of different kinds of Conscious, Intelligent, Sentient and Aware biological beings, in addition to human beings. In fact, there are many forms of Consciousness that are completely non-biological, and even more forms of Consciousness that are non-physical. All these various forms of Consciousness are, and have always been, direct and constant participants in the continual harmonious operations of Nature.


Generally people today do not know how to connect with Nature on any level other than thinking about it.  They typically do not not do much in the way of appreciating Nature, feeling it and participating with it, because this is not a choice that has been offered to them by their day-to-day society, nor by their indoctrinations, nor by the culture.

Nowadays, sensory and direct experiences are filtered through our analytical intellects through biases and beliefs, as well as sociocultural influences. How did this happen? Why are people so disconnected from their sensory perceptions? How is it possible for us to have an experience unencumbered by any of these intellectual factors that prevent us from having sensory experiences? It all boils down to the faculty of attention.

A large number of motor accidents occur because the driver was thinking about something other than keeping eyes on the road. Placing attention on our intellectual thoughts often leaves us blind to everything else that goes on around us. In the context of driving, the driver places their attention on their thoughts, and thus becomes disconnected and separated from reality. Much of the time, when people arrive from A to B, they do not recall much of the actual journey as they engaged their analytical intellect the whole time, as opposed to their sensory awareness.

True Reality is Nature, as It has always been, is and always will be, with or without people. The world we live in and the Earth we live on are two different places. The Earth we live on is Nature; mountains, trees, rivers, stars, Devas, rocks, Angels, mountains, Healing Spirits, the list of Consciousness goes on. These are all explicitly, intricately and intrinsically connected with the Universe, and each other.

The mind-world we live in is intellectually driven, rule-imposed and fundamentally separated and detached from Nature, from True Reality. People can often think that they enjoy being out in Nature, which they acknowledge intellectually. But the majority have not explored the extents and depths of Nature through the limitlessness of Consciousness and extended sensory experiences.

In today’s world, people are taught that they have free will, when actually, they have only a relatively narrow selection of societally originated and culturally delineated choices. In fact those choices are limited by many layers of restricting sets of intellectual concepts, rules and laws. Nature doesn’t have laws or rules, because it doesn’t need them. Nature doesn’t have police or courts or jails, because Nature doesn’t have any harmonious use for such things.

Nature Itself works on different principles, principles of Caring, Harmony, and Unity. Human separation from the Divine, separation from Life, Nature, Harmony, and separation from ones own Divine True Conscience (which is made of caring, and an aware alignment with the Natural Harmony), through rationalization and the making of excuses, is why this mental world produces so many unnatural stresses, rather than the predominance of Natural Harmony which used to be everywhere.

People are so divided from Nature. Already we can identify this to be the primary cause of the current state of affairs on the Earth. This observable fact therefore identifies people thinking all the time, and never using their God-given senses, as being the problem. When we look at how vast the inter-connected Infinite Universe is, teeming with Harmonious life, why should life on this planet be different?

If we draw a large circle on a sheet of paper, to represent the universe and then draw a very small point inside that circle, to represent the world we live in, then we can see that in the Cosmic sense of things, most social paradigms, religious and scientific dogmas, cultures, human-originated laws, and politics, are insignificant, relative to the Cosmic Whole.

The Divine is not authoritarian. It does not demand things. Yet It has immense, unfathomable powers, and creates miracle upon miracle, and beauty upon beauty, all throughout Nature, each and every day. It constantly intends the most beautiful and fulfilling experiences possible, and the completion of a love-filled life, for each and every Being, in each and every instant. The problem is that we have these analytical minds, which want to control everything, mostly out of fears and worries. So because of analytical thinking, we become separated from Peace and the Beauty World. Pain is often resulting resulting from the mind’s efforts to control everything. In fact, analytical thought is the causation and origination of emotional and psychological pain. How this works is, one is either resting in the Natural Harmony, or one is not. The Divine Itself is not residing in any intellectual thought-originated “laws”. Laws are always about people attempting to limit other people, according to some peculiar set of intellectual persuasions or beliefs. Such intellectual constructions and beliefs typically have very little or nothing to do with Harmonious Natural Reality.

The Divine is to be found Beyond Thought, not in thought. All that is truly worth experiencing, is beyond thought.

One of It’s (the Ambient Intelligence) Primary Principles is a Universal Natural absolute, called Free Will. Any living Being can do whatever it wants to, whenever it wants to. In Nature, all of everything (except steeply indoctrinated massively acculturated human beings), does exactly what they choose to do, at all times. Natural Free Will is how Nature (and the Divine) operates. While people make laws and preach against killing, we still have to eat to live. Nature continues to live in Abundance by eating what is naturally provided by the Harmony, for the individual Life, in the Natural Ways. So all of Nature is not in agreement with any human-made law opposed to eating to live. Thank goodness, or we would all have starved to death a long time ago.

At the same time, missing from recent human cultural predilections is the fact that All Life is Sacred. In Nature, all forms of Life are in harmonious cooperation. Everything depends on everything else. There is no Darwinian “survival of the fittest”. In Nature, everything helps everything, out of caring, not out of any “duty” or “laws”, or “moral obligations”, but out of Natural Harmony and Caring. Everything in Nature cares about everything. Everything in Nature is directly connected to the Cosmic Harmony, the Ambient Intelligence, which plans where every leaf which falls from every tree will end up and decay into new soil to support new growth, and so the Circle of Life-Into-Life continues, intricately planned within a framework of Absolute Freedom (not mere intellectual freedom).

When the Free Will of any living thing is impeded, or over-ridden, this is not is agreement with the Natural Principles inherent in the Harmonious Ambient Divinity. So what happens then is, eventually that critter or person gradually gets cut off from Divine support systems (which are more than just physical). As that individual continues to refuse to act in accordance with Natural Harmony, they become more separated from Nature. When separation from Nature, due to constant self-centered analytical thinking, for example, and inharmonious actions, reaches an absolute, they are “on their own”, as the saying goes. Then they will suffer, in various ways that they would not have suffered if they lived from their hearts, rather than from their heads.

The support provided by Nature is an incredible interconnected interactive, telepathic and empathic, fabric of threads made of Consciousness, in which all of everything, including rocks and clouds and stars and trees, is directly involved, and Aware Of.      Are You?

What people don’t understand is how to get connected with the Natural Harmony, in the first place. It cannot be contacted (initially) through intellectual thought. It can only be discovered by intimate Direct and Personal Experience, where the intellect has completely stopped, and all the Attention is involved in exploring the Universe through the physical senses and through the emotional and intuitive sensitivities which are inherent to All Life in all forms.

Then, once Direct Personal Contact with Nature has been established once more, there are several stages of development to go through (for most people) before any direct empathic-telepathic communications with Nature (It ~ the Ambient Divinity) arise. Only at that point may a person be entitled to say they know anything about God, because at that point they know things about It and how It works and what It does and what It intends, through direct and personal experience.


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