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Damien Lafont, Guest, Waking Times

If you read this article you are probably one of those people who feel the connections around us and who feel there is something greater, something much larger than ourselves. We are indeed in a world made of connections and that is what gives us more energy and what makes us feel alive. The connections exist at different degrees and have different dimensions. There are connections with our past and our ancestors, with Earth and Nature or with animals. But immediately we think of connections between people, their mind, their ideas, their thoughts and consciousness.

The idea of a higher level of consciousness exists in ancient to modern forms of spirituality and philosophy. Many phenomenons also raise the question of a higher level of consciousness. Near death experiences (NDE), chamanism, out of body experiences, all of them open new perspectives. However, if the Eastern world and the ancient cultures have never forgotten the link with a greater spirit, the Western world has only started recently to make more efforts in this direction. Many projects like The Global Oneness Project[1], The Global Consciousness Project[2] or the World Shift Movement[3] aim to show the existence of this global consciousness. Other international initiatives participate in making people more connected through thoughts and ideas. A good example is the TED[4] inspirational talks with hundred of people who share their passion, show us the power of thoughts and suggest a higher connection.


Alfred North Whitehead, English mathematician and philosopher developed a comprehensive system. He asserted the essential inter-relationship of matter, space, and time; that objects may be understood as a series of events and processes. This concept was elaborated further to assert that the process of becoming constitutes the fundamental constituent of the universe. He stated: “nature is a structure of evolving processes. The reality is the process.”

Vladimir Vernadsky and Teilhard de Chardin gave a name to this “sphere of human thought”: the noosphere. Along Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a visionary French geologist, paleontologist and philosopher, the cosmic evolution, from the Big Bang up to now, presents nine levels of complexity, which can be grouped into three stages: the lithosphere (the “dead” matter), the biosphere (the “living” matter), and the noosphere (the “thinking” matter) which is organized by the software of the human brain and active by creative intelligence. The cornerstone of his theory is the structuration of universal evolution in layers, each describing how systems become more complex within one layer. Along with this complexification there occurs a progressive development of consciousness. Consciousness evolves to spirituality, its highest form. Ultimately there is a convergence into a higher consciousness that he called the Omega Point. Teilhard de Chardin passed away a full ten years before James Lovelock suggests that the Earth is actually a biological super-system. In his theory, the Gaia hypothesis – after the Greek goddess who drew the living world forth from Chaos – was chosen – Earth itself is seen as a single self-regulating biological entity, a superindividual being. He extends his reflection by questioning the link between the Gaia and the collective consciousness:

“To what extent is our collective intelligence also a part of Gaia? Do we as a species constitute a Gaian nervous system and a brain which can consciously anticipate environmental changes?”

Science and Noosphere

In 1996, Roger Nelson developed the idea of attempting to register some indication of a global consciousness. It was the birth of the Global Consciousness Project (GCP), an international collaboration of scientists, engineers, artists and others, funded by private donations. He created an Internet-based array of continuously recording random numbers around the world. It resembles the placement of electrodes on a human head for electroencephalogram recordings. They collect data continuously from a global network of physical random number generators located in 65 host sites around the world. The Global Consciousness Project is an effort to capture some indications of the presence and activity of a global consciousness. Their purpose is to examine subtle correlations that may reflect the presence and activity of consciousness in the world.


Their preliminary result shows that a large-scale group consciousness has effects in the physical world. Indeed, they observe structure in what should be random data, associated with major global events. When millions of us share intentions and emotions the network data show meaningful departures from expectation! Roger Nelson says that global consciousness “coalesces only when great events bring us together, make us focus and temporarily share understanding and emotion.” The network is affected when powerful events in the world cause large numbers of people to pay attention to the same thing. These effects can be observed during focus of a great deal of attention, for example an event of worldwide expression of compassion like at the memorial ceremonies for Mother Teresa. They explain the observed effects by the interconnections and interactions of human beings all over the world, just as the mind is formed by the interaction of neurons in the brain.

The Institute of Noetic Sciences[5] in the North of San Francisco gives a logistical support to this project. This Institute goes beyond the observation of consciousness effects. They try to answer fundamentals questions like “Why this consciousness matters?” or “How to highlight these subjective insights people have reported during our history?” Their goal is supporting individual and collective transformation through consciousness research and engaging a global learning community in the realization of our human potential.

Physical Effect

There are other physical expressions of this global connection. Rupert Sheldrake[6] highlights the structures and experience that were common to many people in the past and that we can connect with. These structures constitute a sort of organized fields. These fields are organizing patterns that transmit information through space and time by a process of resonance. Within what he called a morphic field, the mind learns new ways of doing things by an unconscious connection with the world at large.

Bernard Werber, French writer, remind us an old idea suggesting we can tune in on the noosphere channel through our right brain. Hence, our creativity would be often our ability to tape into the infinite ressources of the noosphere. The information would be potentially accessible to everybody, however some of us would have a better ability to be the receptor and translator of the messages.


Some people are going beyond the intereaction between the noosphere and the physical world and see a link between the Internet and the noosphere. We can even hear that the noosphere comes from the meeting between human beings and new technology. According to this view, when human communiation reaches its highest level of intensity, it will take on a physical form, the noosphere. David Woolfson says: “The opportunity to shift upwards to this next level of our collective development has been enabled by the recent and on-going revolutions in information and communication technologies.”

For Lorenzo Hagerty, in The Spirit of the Internet, this creation is the result of the “symbiosis between humans and the technology we are creating.” According him, we are able to develop the solutions required by the problems raised by our new technology and the global ecological disaster only by expanding the current limitations on human consciousness. He describes different aspects of spirit as manifest in the Internet community. In 1996 Francis Heylighen founded the Global Brain Group[7], created to discuss the emergence of a global brain out of the computer network, which would function as a nervous system for the human superorganism. He is working in particular on the development of collective knowledge and intelligence, and its application to the emerging intelligent web, or “global brain”: “Society can be viewed as a multicellular organism, with individuals in the role of the cells. The network of communication channels connecting individuals then plays the role of a nervous system for this superorganism, i.e. a “global brain”. In this group we can meet Joël de Rosnay or Peter Russell who are involved in other global projects.

Here, there is probably a misconception of what is the noosphere. We should be careful to well separate the physical effects and its true nature vibrating at a higher level. Of course, this planetary communication is an interlinked system of consciousness and information and participes to change our relationships to space and time. But can we consider the Internet as the frame allowing the creation of the noosphere? That is not sure and it is probably to give a lot of credit and importance to science and technology! The noosphere is definitively more than a physical grid through which we are all connected. Seeing the noosphere simply as a grid gives us a wrong idea, a ‘flat’ idea. The noosphere has different levels in which space and time are not linear and exist all at the same time.

Beyond Science

Researchers want to accumulate scientific evidence for an interaction among human beings. The GCP has shows that human consciousness and emotions have effects in the physical world. We can acknowledge their efforts to measure physically the effect of a global consciousness. However, as we have seen, the connection is probably far beyond the physical world. There is indeed a natural limitation of science to approach the noosphere: We don’t have the tool yet to study the the noosphere which by nature belongs to another dimension. Why? Because we don’t have to understand it, we don’t have to explain it. It must be felt, as we feel love. Our connection to the noosphere is a matter of heart and soul. If technology plays an important role to bring people together, the awareness comes first from the heart. It is therefore not too late to admit that science is maybe not the best way to access the full range of human experiences.


Some people like David Woolfson, co-initiator of the Worldshift movement, argue that our ability to communicate globally “gives rise to the opportunity to create a unified global consciousness”. For them, the noosphere is created and now is growing from more connections. Thus, the noosphere appears to be a goal to reach or a final achievement. However, if we consider that we are already part of the noosphere, nothing has to be created. Rather, it is something we can connect with. I think it is more a question of manifesting rather than creating. It is all about manifesting what exists already, what we already know deep into our heart. It is to manisfest what we knew before coming on the Earth, i.e we belong to the noosphere.

Your Own Way

The question is therefore how to manifest our connection with the noosphere. We can find the connection by taping into what is already present within us. That’s what is all about in the ancient master’s teaching and wisdoms. We can draw on past worlds and cultures. For centuries, Eastern thinkers followed a different path than our. Through Tai Chi, Yoga or martial arts, they approached the human being both through mind and body. To evolve, every individual must return to fundamentals roots like breathing, movement, balance and meditation. All these techniques having one unique goal: to help us toward our enlightment. When we place ourselves at the soul level, we realize we are part of this energy and there is no inner or outer, but only different ways to re-connect our higher self. We can do that through the active ways like transmitting, teaching, or being a connector or we can do it through the contemplative ways like meditation. We all do this in a different way. We just have to choose our one way in which we get in the heart the easiest.


We also have teachers, guides, angels and masters to support us. They are always around us, accompanying our journey. They just wait for us. Whoever they are, they all teach us to give more importance to what we feel, to change the way we are acting, and to realize that each of us is connected to a great spirit. We can see many examples all around the world: Kiesha Crowther, Barbara Marx Hubbard[8], James Redfield[9], Dan Millman[10] and many others. All have their own words, their own approach, but all of them show us the connections. Those people are only few examples of individuals who are part of the process of revealing our true nature, our true being. James Redfield, for example, in his beautiful book The Celestine Prophecy shows this energetic connection between people and the existence of a higher level of consciousness. He also teach us how to be aware the synchronicities which are manifestations of the noosphere.

What makes the message of these teachers so powerful is their ability to think ahead and to be heard by the whole world. That’s what is really new. A new level certainly made easier through to the new technologies. It is what shows us everyday Lilou Mace[11] who interviews the most inspiriting people on this planet. She shares the wisdom of amazing teachers of life who care about the others, who care about the world and its future. They are things we can do to join this group of people dedicated to change the consciousness. If we take a look at all her interviews, we see a link between all these teachers:  They all share universal values of love and compassion. She is using a perfect word describing who want to be part of her amazing journey: co-creator. To co-create is exactly what we need do. We create our future, but not alone. We create it all together. And what puts everybody together is love.

Soul, Heart and Love

The noosphere is more than a “planetary thinking network”, an interlinked system of consciousness and information, a global network of instantaneous feedbacks and planetary communication. All these descriptions forget the spiritual part: the soul. The noosphere is indeed not only a sphere of thoughts but also a sphere of souls. For Chardin, the convergence was not a convergence of merely minds or bodies but of heart: “It is not our heads or our bodies which we must bring together, but our hearts.” Indeed, one thing often forgotten is that in the vision of Chardin, the noosphere would surround the Earth unified by love.

The World is Moving

Today, many of us are waiting for a shift. We can feel this shift in consciousness, but we have no idea when the change will happen at a global scale. We may have perhaps one, five years or perhaps more to be prepared for this shift and to learn more about our universal connections. When will be the defining moment? Are we approaching the omega point that Chardin was so excited about?  Is the humankind crossing a threshold? Nobody can tell. Kiesha Crowther[12], shaman also called “Little Grandmother” says it well: “Not one human being on this planet, knows exactly what is going to happenNot one.

Yes the world is changing. When we travel the world or take a rapid tour on the Internet, we can see the emergence of ideas, projects and networks dedicated to love and humanity more frequently than before. We can even feel this awakening. More and more people are awake and take opportunities. It looks like they are getting prepared. It is like knowing that something must change. They feel the need to transmit what they have learnt or simply what they feel. They don’t really know why they do it, why their commitment is total. But they know that it’s important and powerful. Many people are actively engaged to change the world in a positive manner. They have different voices, different backgrounds but the same energy is driving them. And this energy is direct to a unique and beautiful goal: to combine our heart for a better world. Until now chocks or negative events triggered the evolution of consciousness. Now, people are born with this awareness, with this universal consciousness. That is the big change: Now the change comes from within.

Indigo and Crystal

This new generation is often called indigo or crystal children who are more sensitive and more aware than those of any previous generations. What distinguishes them the most from the rest of the people is their sensitivity. This sensitivity to feelings and sensations is at a global level. They recognize themselves in everyone and everything. They care about the world, they care about the Earth, they are activists, artists, they feel the need to express what they feel. A common feature is that they cannot turn off their emotion and sensitivity. They are driven by both inner and outer energy. They are probably the connectors between the human energy and the noosphere. As connectors, they are often in contact with the other side, with other beings, spirits, guides or angels. They are often taught or already know that alone we cannot make it. All of them know that what gives meaning is heart and love. They know with every fibre of their being that they can change the world, they can make a difference. They feel the emergency for change. And they are changing the world.


Today, the consciousness starts to grow in all different way. It’s something happening on the planet right now. It’s to each of us to determine a course of action in order to be part of the next step of our evolution as human beings. We don’t have to be a master, light keeper, mystic or shaman to understand we are not alone. There is nothing to buy nothing to sale. The opportunities are limitless because we have an amazing and untapped capability of changing the future. What can we do? The answer is to share our thoughts, our visions and our feelings. Of course, love is the central element. Love is the key. What we need to do is not only to let go our old view of reality and the world, but also to deeply feel in our heart that we are all connected. We don’t have to change our way of thinking, but our way of being. Little Grand Mother resumes it well: “We were born into a way of thinking instead of feeling.

Some of us seem to dream of a noosphere. But we are already connected! We are living inside this sphere of souls. To look at the bigger picture, to see and feel it, we have to see more than just with our eyes, we have to feel more than with our body, we have to live from the heart. Indeed, it is not a question of knowing, it is a question of being. It is not the time of mind and knowledge, but the time of heart and love. It is time to remember who we really are.


–          Take time everyday to meditate

–          See the connections

–          Be truly prepared for what’s coming up

–          Pay attention to your dreams, to your day dreams

–          Write a list of what you can change

–          Give love

About the Author

Damien Lafont is a Certified Mental Trainer and tennis pro based in Los Angeles, California.  He works with athletes on developing the mental skills needed for them to perform at their best.  To find out more about Damien, please visit www.damienlafont.com


Intervention on Earth: An Interdimensional Opposing Consciousness Tags: Consciousness Spirituality Esoterica The Shift Take Action Empowerment

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Gaia’s shift of consciousness into the Fifth Density has been timed not just for earth’s continued evolution, but also to deal with an Opposing Consciousness that has intervened in the natural evolutionary path of the planet.

Now, as humanity’s awakening accelerates, the lid is beginning to lift on this Intervention. Although souls will still be sensitive to what has previously been a taboo subject, ‘disclosure’ is now beginning to happen. I have had many close encounters with this energy. As more people increasingly unfold into multiple dimensions, it feels right to explore more deeply how that consciousness is limiting people and what we can do to nullify its effects…

The Original Mistake

Connection with benevolent consciousness has drawn my attention to what I call ‘the original mistake’. It’s something that happened in the dawning of the physical universe where consciousness took on form, became self aware and able to read the flow of manifestation. There’s a problem with this. Because at those higher frequencies manifestation happens at the speed of thought, then the risk is you shape reality before what’s meant to happen truly unfolds by itself. Lack of trust, control, ‘playing God’, being too heavily invested in the material was for me the ‘original sin’.

It is this dynamic that has created a powerful karmic affect through the manifested universe that we are all living with: the exploration of divine creation yet not getting caught up within desire led intention.

It’s been a core theme of creation. Here on Earth it’s manifested in the classic “Adam and Eve” story – getting too heavily invested in the physicality; lost as we consume of the apple. For quite some time now, elements of the mainstream spiritual community have been caught up in trying to manifest ‘more abundant realities’ or to intention and envision what they desire. To me this is clearly a reflection of this ‘original sin’, being played out through the manifested universe. It plays right into the hands of the intervention. The time has come to peel away this veiling illusion.

An Ancient Colonising Race

On Earth the universe has manifested this karmic mirror in the form of an ancient colonising alliance – an Opposing Consciousness – that has emerged from other constellations in the cosmos. It is their inherent pattern to colonise, ethnically cleanse, exploit and control other species just as humanity does sheep, pigs and cattle. Working surreptitiously in the shadows, it is well versed in advanced deception techniques. For those who care to explore, delving deeply beyond denial, you can see the rippling effects right across our exploitative and unjust society (it’s covertly influencing leadership in many areas from politics to business).

In fact society is so unjust, so inequitable and so destructive to our environment, you’d have to ask was it purposefully designed that way? How can it be anything other than a conspiracy, when just one percent of the population own most of the wealth at the expense of the other ninety nine percent? Is there an alternative, synthetic agenda this Opposing Consciousness has in mind? To me there is only one answer: resoundingly Yes!

Considering themselves more advanced and having the ability to intervene almost at will, they have shaped the very fabric of society, showing about as much consideration for humanity as our industrial food chain does for animals. It’s a mirror which we are all invited to thoroughly digest.

Mankind is not alone in the universe and is as yet, immature in a cosmic sense. What now needs to be digested with a sense of urgency, is that Humanity is facing a grave threat, a challenge to it’s very sovereignty and freedom as integral beings. An unholy, inter dimensional alliance has been working behind the scenes, in the shadows, pulling the strings of authority, its agenda to hybridise new physical forms here on earth. Although vigorously rejected by Gaia, the Intervention still very much exists in the energy field around us – they are the ‘mechanics’ of the matrix in which we live.

Although there’s been much speculation about their purpose being to acquire important resources such as gold, this is only in part true. In my direct experience, their overriding agenda has been to synthesise a physical vehicle which they could incarnate here on Earth, this being a very challenging environment to their current interdimensional form. Homo Sapiens has been one stage within that agenda. Their purpose would seem to be to create a subtlely subservient species that can be controlled and further hybridised. At least that is the undeniable effect and within society, their agenda is gathering pace with each passing day.

The Intervention is Being Engaged

Fortunately there is a vast array of cosmic energy now gathering on and around Planet Earth, to bring awareness to humanity, to challenge and break the intervention. The message is being wilfully transmitted that such control and manipulation has no ultimate future; realignment with the source and the natural flow is the only way to achieve lasting peace and harmony with life.

Having connected through ‘the ether’ many times with leading higher dimensional elements of this intervention, I observe a definite realignment has happened at the higher levels of consciousness. Success has caused those elements to realign and they now seem quite gentle and benign. That said, lower down, there’s still resistance that needs to be softened.

Intervention on Earth Part 1 An Interdimensional Opposing Consciousness insert Intervention on Earth: An Interdimensional Opposing Consciousness

A leopard does not change its spots overnight. And there are many layers of the intervention. Every system we have come to depend upon in society is sustained by this energetic grid matrix. It will take time to confront the various layers and unwind them, but benevolence is now strongly bringing its energies to bear. And people can each help by confronting the intervention within their own being, by connecting to their higher self, and working to fully embody it.

So with the culmination of 2012 and Gaia’s centering in the 5th Density, it is perfectly timely that the intervention is starting to be broken down and at least some of the Opposing Consciousness is now starting to leave, which is a very positive sign. However there is much yet to happen. The future of 3D Earth hangs as yet in the balance. This intervention is intimately interwoven through the human psyche, which each ascending person must work to unravel.

Taking Full Responsibility

It’s also vitally important to realise that whilst it would be entirely understandable to judge, blame and project anger, that would be completely counterproductive. Humanity only drew this Opposing Consciousness in the first place because of its inability to accept life as it was on Earth without trying to control, manifest, colonise and industrialise. It is humanity’s own karma of non acceptance and lack of trust which drew the intervention. It’s a mirror of the ‘original mistake’ I spoke of earlier, but played out in a very human, “Adam and Eve” way: becoming too engrossed in the manifestation – the physicality – and therefore disconnecting oneself from the sense of eternal spirit.

So people are invited to take full responsibility and ownership of their predicament, to realign and walk the spiritual path. Ascension is the solution. Whilst human DNA can be repaired over time and evolve into new form, an unsustainable situation has been created here on 3D Earth. Gaia’s solution has been to centre in the 5D and now cleanse her third density.

The question is how can humanity benefit from and work with this realignment? In short I feel the impulsion for humanity to ascend into the 5th Density (as we outlined in Five Gateways).

Within that, a more complete understanding of the limitation that has been imposed should help accelerate the situation.

Energy Implants

I introduced the topic of energy implants in this article… Removing Energy Implants. Most, if not all people carry these to some degree. The ‘reptilian’ implant affects the consciousness of the digestive system, linking into the core of humanity’s ‘lizard brain’. Through this energy field implantation, it is possible to shape a landscape agenda which the soul gets fragmented and diverted into. An illusionary reality filter is created. We take on behaviours and addictions, which because are so widespread, most accept as normality. Humanity has been programmed to accept exploitative consumeristic behaviour that serves neither us nor the natural eco-systems of our planet.

Increasingly, people are now becoming aware of these implants as they raise their vibration, reintegrate the soul and thereby increase internal sensitivity. The implants can be experienced as headaches, migraines or ‘buzzing’ in the head during meditation; an ungrounding spinning vortex over the crown; a tightening contraction in the solar plexus; conflicting directive impulses that mask the authentic pull of the soul; and by incongruent eating disorders to name just the key symptoms. It’s why for example when we walk the path of the soul, we’re strongly guided to fast, cleanse and purify internally in order that we may raise our vibration, increase energetic sensitivity and thus regain personal sovereignty.

Crucially, once you become aware of these implants, you are already empowered to remove them. It happens naturally by following the increasingly insistent inner voice of the soul. If we follow the path of purification, and realign with the soul, then there comes a point where the entities can no longer be sustained in your field. Once you become conscious of how they’re working, the application of a willful intent to remove them usually works by itself. You simply have to open your heart to the assistance of benevolence – especially the angelic realms – and ask for them to go. The key is to realise they’ll go when we’re totally accepting and non-judgmental, that we actually don’t need them to leave. Thus the karmic attachment is broken. Forgiveness happens and there’s no longer anything for them to grasp onto.

Cosmic Assistance

Fortunately humanity is not alone in its epic journey. Cosmic energies of benevolence have gathered in great strength at this crucial juncture to help. The Christ Consciousness (not of a religious kind) is activating in people’s hearts. It’s the pull to a higher truth, a sense of rightness and non-judgmental discernment. And people can intensify the affect of this benevolence by bringing attention out of the mind and into the heart: by feeling what wants to really happen next and aligning with that.

Humanity has reached a crucial juncture in its history. The future for many hangs in the balance. Now is the time to shake off the sleepy delusions of the past. Despite what’s happened up to this point, everyone who can summon the inner will to proceed, is capable of success.

Ascension is open to everyone with the courage and conviction to truly choose it…

Choosing Ascension

“It’s been prophecised and spoken of for centuries. It’s magical and mystical. To the uninitiated it may seem way out, weird and whacky; but in fact its grounded in the quantum fabric of science. It is very ordinary, awesomely ordinary! It is our Ascension…”


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