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Food Being Contaminated to Promote Vaccinations? Tags: Conspiracy Food GMO Medical Fascism Vaccinations

This video explores the manipulated link between contaminated food recalls and free vaccinations.


TPP is Treason. WAKE UP! Globalization Goes For Checkmate
Tags: TTP Parsifal

A few notes by me:

... as the caption would say: TTP and the likes are treason.

We have heard endlessly we were conspiracy nuts, for speaking out about the perils of this transcontinental treaty, so called free trade treaty ... now the facts start to come on the table ... and ... we were right.


It is all about corporatism as the final form of fascism and full spectrum dominance.


The EU is just the continuation of the III. Reich, made by the same tratitors who could not complete their mission in WWIII... (ever wondered where all the Nazi's have gone when the War ended ?)

Europe is chosen to be the battleground for the US and to be destroyed in the end in order not to have an other competitor but in this stage is to be sucked dry in order to clear resistance and dissent.

The synchronization of the media is juat an other interim step.


A treaty as the TTIP was and is the goal for the fascists to succeed as to impose a globalist world order governed by a few on the shoulders of the people.


Now the TTIP is on the table, every day will be revealed an other aspect of it.

If we act not now we give away our chance to thwart the plans of the moneyed elites that should not be.

- Parsifal

Part 1, to be continued after release

By Brett Redmayne-Titley

Foreword: The secret Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) is very close to ratification by the US Congress and the final draft of this insidious corporate takeover has already been signed by twelve countries that value corporate interests more than those of their own sovereign nations. In Europe and the UK the TTIP treaty is the mirror image of this proposed treasonous treaty and just as secret. Both must be stopped! Now!

In July of 2012, thanks to the help of local activists the author obtained a Press Pass and a very coveted 'Stakeholder’s Pass' that allowed him into the San Diego TPP negotiations, thus being the only reporter present who was not pro-TPP. His tough questions, interviews, and press conference challenges put the author in the line-of-fire and led to a shocking, multi-part exposé, possibly the most in-depth, inside look at TPP.

Due to the constant secrecy of the TPP negations - highlighted in this series - very little new information has been revealed since. In an effort to provide the reader information on the threat of TPP, Activist Post is kindly re-publishing the series - one part each day - as a service to its American and world-wide readers. A new final chapter will be offered that will include the most recent updated information. TPP and TTIP must be stopped! Read on and find out why. TPP is not secret anymore! B.R-T. 


'We have to stop them before it gets to Congress', warned Brooke Harper, referring to the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), the proposed pan-Pacific trade treaty. This is likely the most insidious piece of corporate-inspired global legislation ever to be secretly slipped through the halls of the US Congress. Its details were a secret until two weeks ago. Now, opposition must rise quickly. The consequences for America and eleven other nations are indeed terminal.

Ms. Harper, who represents Global Trade Watch, an organization based in Wash. DC, has just arrived in San Diego. Her goal: to rally Southern California area activists in preparation for the upcoming TPP eight-day negotiations to be held at the Hilton/San Diego Bayfront, in San Diego, July 2-10, 2012. This is round thirteen of the 'negotiations'.”


read more @ Activist Post


The Analogy Of The Man On The Island Tags: Inspiration Consciousness Empowerment Survival


There once was a man on a beautiful, green, small island.

One day he felt that the island trembled beneath him.
'should I do something?'
he thought.
But when the island ceased to tremble, he decided to wait and see.
A little later, broke off a piece of the coast and fell thunderously into the sea.
The man was troubled.
'should I do something?'

he said to himself.
Since he could also live well without the piece, he decided to continue to wait and see.

Shortly thereafter, a second piece of his island fell into the sea.
The man was now deeply frightened.
'should I do something now?'

he thought.
But when nothing happened, he decided, still to wait and see.
'So far,'

he said to himself,

'everything's gone well'.

It was not long, because the island sank into the sea, and with it the man who had inhabited it.
'Maybe I ought to have done something'
was his last thought before he drowned.

- unknown


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