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Heavenletter #5209 Know Yourself as Happiness, February 28, 2015
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Heavenletter #5209 Know Yourself as Happiness, February 28, 2015

God said:

You may love solitude because, with just you and Me, you have a break. With Me, you don’t have to talk. When you and I talk together, you know what you mean to say and become clearer. We just are. We speak in Oneness. You may love just to be, just to be One with Me, which is to say, One with your Self. It is simplicity itself, Our being together and out of the parade that passes by that you don’t always want to march in. With Me, you are in My Light, yet you are, so to speak, away from the betting tables.

There are some of My children who love the stimulus of the world, and they love to roam in it. They drink in every flavor of life in the world, and they excel in it all. They may be riotous in it. And, of course, there are many betwixts and betweens.

I say to enjoy all directions. Enjoy being quiet when you love quiet. Enjoy being the life of the party when you enjoy being the life of the party. You know what? Simply enjoy, and don’t bother yourself with self-itemization. Just be what you are at the moment you are. Let go of before and after. Enjoy the moments with Me, and enter into all the other moments when you think of Me and when you don’t, and enjoy them as well. Enjoy the plateaus and enjoy the wild rides. Enjoy whatever you enjoy, and be glad.

Enjoy being good to one another. Everyone knows what this means. Hearten one another with the life of your spirit. Be happy, and the world is a happy place.

There is no need to search for happiness, for happiness is here, right here, right now. It is said that happiness is where you find it. Beloveds, happiness is where you are. Be happy where you are. Happiness is called for. Be good at it. And, yet, happiness is not something you do.

Often, when you think about happiness, happiness gets lost. With effort, happiness loses its place in the Universe and doesn’t find itself. Happiness does not have to be pursued. Happiness links itself with Being without examination of your state of happiness.

There can be a focus you seek that when you find it evokes Eureka! There is more to happiness than something eventful and new, yet every moment of happiness is new, for happiness itself is ever new.

The more you insist on happiness may be the more that happiness escapes you. Happiness just doesn’t want to be the star of the show. Happiness just wants to be present and not stared at. Happiness just doesn’t require medals pinned on it. When happiness is self-conscious, it is uncomfortable, as if happiness were a commodity. Happiness is more of a quality of Being left alone to find its own way. Happiness can be elusive when it is chased.

Happiness isn’t an action. It is a State of Being. You might bite into a juicy apple and call that happiness. Appreciation accompanies happiness. Come to think of it, appreciation is good at happiness. Gladness is happiness. Happiness doesn’t have to be a great moment in your life. It doesn’t have to be a milestone. Happiness comes along in life, in being alive, in appreciation of your partaking in life, yes, this life on Earth.

Happiness is not meant to be separate from life. It goes hand in hand with life. Happiness, small or large, is a flavor you endow to life as you live it. Fast or slow, happiness is something you bestow upon life. It is you yourself who ennoble your life with happiness. You bestow happiness. Bestow it generously. Happiness will follow you. Welcome it. May happiness be your silent partner and go everywhere with you, something like your name. Know your very self as Happiness.

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Obama Blocks GOP Attempt to Throttle Internet Freedom | Gordon Duff VT 2-27-15 Tags: globalist agenda internet censorship Orwellian world

Obama Blocks GOP Attempt to Throttle Internet Freedom

GOP crushed by Obama ruling on internet freedom

GOP commissioners cited Obama as a “flip-flopping communist” for blocking the attempt led by Verizon and their Wall Street backers to put a “choke valve” on the internet.  The GOP plan, backed by the ADL and AIPAC, would have allowed full censorship through cutting off bandwidth to controversial websites.  They simply would never load.

The GOP plan was to put a choke on all content other than approved propaganda and pornography.

With internet hoax websites citing Obama’s backing of telecom and NWO attempts to throttle internet freedom, the mysterious Mr. Obama turned the tables. Similarly, Veterans Today has learned that the proposed reclassification of some classes of .223/5.56mm ammunition, reported to have been an Obama “executive order,” was actually done by Bush appointees who remain in control of ATF policy.

Today the FCC voted to declare the internet a public utility and to begin investigations of both service providers and search engines that censor content, block free speech and choke off content the find politically “troublesome.”  From Huffington Post:

The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to approve strong net neutrality rules in a stunning decision, defying vocal, months-long opposition by telecom and cable companies and Republicans on Capitol Hill.

Democratic Commissioners Jessica Rosenworcel and Mignon Clyburn joined Chairman Tom Wheeler to approve a rule that reclassifies consumer broadband as a utility under Title II of the Communications Act.

The FCC intends to use this new authority to ban “paid prioritization,” a practice whereby Internet service providers can charge content producers a premium for giving users more reliable access to that content, as well as to ban blocking and throttling of lawful content and services.

The GOP says it plans to seek impeachment of President Obama for influencing the FCC vote.  The GOP has already begun to file lawsuits against the FCC on behalf of telecom giants who spent tens of millions buying influence to pass the “internet death rule.”


Opposition politician Boris Nemtsov killed in the center of Moscow Tags: Boris Nemtsov Assassination Moscow Russia

Opposition politician Boris Nemtsov killed in the center of Moscow

RT February 27, 2015 ShortURL

Boris Nemtsov (RIA Novosti / Ruslan Krivobok)

Famous Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov has been shot dead in the center of Moscow. The shots came from a vehicle. Reportedly, Nemtsov had previously received death threats on social media sites.

“Boris Nemtsov was shot four times in the center of Moscow at Vasilyevsky Spusk. An investigation team is working at the scene,” police said.

A law enforcement source told Interfax news agency that a white vehicle approached Nemtsov, fired the shots, and sped away. Police later said there were three white cars on the bridge during the shooting, according to footage from street cameras. The vehicles were identified as two Ford Focus models and one Ford Mondeo.

The license plates have been established and police are conducting a search. However, some witnesses said the car containing the suspects was without a license plate.

Police have opened up a criminal investigation into the murder and illegal arms use, dubbing the operation 'Interception.'

“[We] confirm that the man was killed in central Moscow, documents for the name Boris Efimovich Nemtsov have been found,” the Interior Ministry’s press service said.

According to the police, Nemtsov was accompanied by a woman at the time of the murder. Her name is not being released due to the ongoing investigation.

“Nemtsov was walking on Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge with a visitor from Ukraine. It was then when he was shot from a car that was passing by,” said the ministry’s official representative, Elena Alekseeva, as quoted by Rossiya 24 TV channel.

“The woman who was with him is currently being interrogated in a police department,” Alekseeva added.

Police said that traffic has been restored on the bridge.

Nemtsov’s family lawyer, Vadim Prohorov, said the politician began receiving various types of threats – including death threats – on social media sites a few months ago.

The politician’s family members arrived at the crime scene early on Saturday. Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev spoke to them at the site. Television host and opposition activist Ksenia Sobchak was among those at the scene.

Before authorities could confirm Nemtsov’s death, the politician’s colleagues spoke out.

“Unfortunately, I'm currently looking at the body of Nemtsov," a fellow member of his RPR-Parnas party, Ilya Yashin, confirmed to RIA Novosti. I see the body, and a lot of police.”

Nemtsov served as Russian deputy prime minister under former President Boris Yeltsin. Though he was more involved in business than politics in recent years, Nemtsov voiced opposition to President Vladimir Putin, criticizing the government and its policies. Since 2012, he had co-chaired the pro-business party RPR-PARNAS (Republican Party of Russia – People's Freedom Party).

Nemtsov’s assassination comes just one day ahead of the Vesna (“Spring”) opposition rally slated for March 1 in Moscow.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was “immediately informed” about Nemtsov’s assassination, presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said.

“Putin has stressed that this brutal murder has all [the] signs of a contract murder and is extremely provocative,” Peskov said.

“The president has expressed his deep condolences to the family of tragically deceased Nemtsov,” he added.

Nikita Belyh, governor of the Kirov Region, said he was shocked to hear about Nemtsov’s death and expressed his sincerest condolences to the politician’s family. “This is a nightmare. Boris Nemtsov was killed. I can’t believe this, I talked to him just four hours ago – we laughed, reminisced about something,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

Human Rights Watch representative Tanya Cooper called for a “thorough” and “unbiased” investigation into Nemtsov’s murder, adding that police must consider all angles, including the victim’s political career.

US President Barack Obama has condemned Nemtsov’s death, describing it as a “brutal murder,” the White House National Security Council said on Twitter. The council also called on Russia to conduct a “prompt, impartial and transparent investigation” and to “ensure those responsible are brought to justice.”


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