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Sure, most of the known proverbs are about weather.
But it is time that we redefine our relationship with the farmers - and they themselves and their work as well !

Parsifal, Merry Month of May 05, 2015

1. Honor the farmers as thyself !
Man, be aware that it is not the supermarket, not the large corporations, which physically keeps you alive, but the farmer.
Without his grain you have no bread without his vegetables, his potatoes and his cattle no lunch and no dinner.
Therefore look not down with disdain on the 'dirty, backward' farmer, but show him your gratitude by visiting once.

Or frequently:
Or buy your food directly at him and say thank you on the occasion for the wonderful apples, the delicious apple juice, the good meal.

By purchasing directly from him, you are doing him and the environment much good:
You reduce the transport insanity from one end of the continent to the other and so much unnecessary noise and emissions.
You prevent slave labor in vegetable plantations and the triumphal procession of unnatural forms of production as Hors Sol (landless stockbreeding or soilless agriculture) or genetic engineering - for both live from mass selling in the chains of supermarkets.
You help yourself and your body by purchasing mature food instead of such that has been harvested too early and then ripened artificially with gas.
Only matured food contains still vital substances, which our suffering soils provide.

Your respect and esteem help the farmers themselves to esteem again.
For many farmers suffer, to be treated like a state 'pauper'.
He really stands at the very beginning of the distribution chain:
Without his work with the soil, the water and the air itself can not even McDonalds sell hamburgers and Nestlé no chocolate bars.

2. Consider the matter of farmers as your affair !
Bridge the gap - here the 'modern society', there the backward farmers.
Sure, the farmer may sometimes have a pighead.
That's but understandable he is the keeper and not the revolutionary.
Is he yet deeply rooted bound to the soil, and not a multi-functional modern dreamer.
Carrying quietly a bit of fresh air to him, but do it with respect.
After all, he is headed for extinction.
Did you know that a hundred years ago between 40 (Switzerland) and 75 percent (Austria) the people still had to work in agriculture in order to have something on their plate ?
Then the appreciation of a dry piece of cheese or hard bread was great !

Speaking of bread:
Do you still remember the saying:
Stale bread is not hard; no bread, that's tough !?
Today children look blankly when we tell them that, because they no longer want to eat two-day-old bread.
But the time is not far aback, was rationed food if the stomach was growling or not, because a piece of stale bread could mean survival.
At that time, namely, when they took up arms instead plowshares and overlaid the ground with bomb craters in lieu of crop.

That was the time in Switzerland, where people like never before showed solidarity with the farmers.
They had to do it, because it was for their own survival.
In the famous 'growing battle' each tip of land was cultivated with potatoes, cereals and vegetables.
The livestock sector has been reduced; because they could not leave the cows the meadows and meat was a dispensable luxury.
The farmers moved by horse and carriage to the border in order to secure the Switzerland of the enemy.
So it was the hour of brave farmers, their children, the 'Großätti' and 'Großmüetti' who lived in the 'Stöckli'.
And it was the hour of the whole population who learned what is necessary from the arable soil to the full plate.
And the plates were filled !
Thanks to this unique, joint tackling Switzerland, which had fifty percent of their food needs have to import before the Second World War, had no rationing of potatoes, cereals and vegetables to introduce.

At that time the land service of the youth became popular:
Students who spent part of their summer holidays as a helper on the farm.
Strenuous weeks perhaps, but happy, because in close touch with nature, which also trained the character.

How about, to make again popular the land-service today ?

It could thereby benefit from the law of exclusivity:
It is no longer so easy to find a place on a farm.
Because today work just three percent of the population for the foundation of life of all the hundred % !

Give that it not even becomes less.
That is not out of sheer compulsion to size a cold-calculate soil-industrialist becomes from the farmer.
It is enough if the food gets later in the wheels of industry.

3. Farmer, love your work as yourself !
For one thing, dear farmers, love yourself for what you are doing.
Ogle not for a 'lighter' life with fixed closing time and guaranteed holidays.
For being farmer is not easily profession, it is always a vocation.
Are you born on a farm, then it may well be that it is your life's work.
See what benefits you:
You are your own boss (forget the inspectors and the officials, although they may be sometimes annoying as ticks - it is enough that you are dealing with them when they stop by).
Be aware that you have been given a great opportunity:
To a life with a lot of authenticity.
With true values.
And a simplicity that makes first a happy soul.
Happiness lies not in as many things, not in a thousand little freedoms.
Happiness lies in the ingenious, devotional doing for an important cause.
By the way:
Who today has such an exclusive residential area like you ?
Surrounded by nothing but nature, with sweeping views and little noise ?
Anyone lucky enough to shape together with the partner everyday life ?
To offer meaningful leisure activities the children, by pitching in namely, instead of getting longing eyes from the computer screen ?
Who can lead such a holistic community life with his family ?
Who already experienced the pleasant fatigue of a day of physical labor in the open air, instead of completely distorted nerves and flickering eyes after a hectic day in the air-conditioned bullpen, garnished with a bit of bullying by also stressed staff ?

4. Farmer, see yourself as the guardian of the earth !
Ah, now's getting corny, you might think.
But why ?
Is it not true that without the farmers would become desolate and run wild the scenery ?
We instead to walk over groomed meadows rather had to fight our way through brambles ?

Without your care, Farmer is from cultivated land fallow - eventually from fallow concrete.
Because the profit devours everything which is exposed to be devoured.
So you take care of your work not only for the fact that we have to eat, but that does not transform our country into sprawling urban desert or endless mishmash family house plantations.
What would be the spring without the yellow rape fields and the rejoicing song of the cherry blossoms ?
The summer without the waving wheat and fall without these wonderful scents of the earth, softly glowing fires in the fields, the boxes full of colorful apples ... and what would be the alpine countries without grazing cows ?
No longer of interest to the Japanese !
That was actually meant a joke, or at least an attempt to do so.

Yes, peasant, which is among the gifts that you make your people.
And this would befit the people well, if at least they sometimes perceive it as such, even if these are not wrapped in nice paper and are provided with ribbon.
Without farmers, there is no landscape !
Without farmers, there are steppes and boondocks and deserts, but no beautiful country, which delighted the eye and feeds the soul.

5. Farmer, love your entrusted creation !
Now it's even more tacky ... but it is to be !
Farmer, you choose with your attitude, whether you are the friend of the earth, the friend of the weather, the friend of your animals - or their enemy.
You see these with concern, contempt, fear or anger then you are their enemy.
And as befits enemies they must fight.
And turn many farmsteads in clandestine war theaters in which all suffer - the crumb under the poison, the plants under the Genetic Engineering, the animals under the keeping and

complete lack of love, and the farmer - yes, the farmer also suffers.

The farmer then suffers from all the 'drudgery' without knowing why.
But he, who sows suffering, can reap no joy.
That would have to be really evident to those who know that if you sow wheat, barley will not grow.

But sometimes you can see what is closest, no longer.
Because it's just become so self-evident.

Just as no remedy can heal the body, but in the best case can help the body to get whole faster, just as it is not the farmer who makes the potato.
He can provide her only ideal conditions.
The rest is 'God's work' - or whatever you want to call it.
Something autonomous, higher is living in Nature, and that is what brings life.
Some call it simply the 'Spirit of God'.
In any case, even the genetic engineers are unable to produce growth.
They can at best nudge it or manipulate.
The force that is inherent in the seed does not come from the people.
It is mysterious.
It is the original power of life - and over this, no man has the power.

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The correct attitude of farmers therefore lies in the realization that he is the 'midwife' for a great harvest, and not its producer.
He is only one link in a chain that consists also out of the ground, the sun, the rain, the heat, the wind.
And if all these elements completely engage with each other, added to the end of this chain the cornucopia a wonderful harvest.
Weakens a chain link, the horn of plenty will be less crowded, no matter how strong the chain link of the farmer may be.
And when he tried by force, with chemistry and technology, what does not want to attune naturally, then he may shortly make a profit from it.
But in the long term, he notched the other chain links, and one day they break.

But there are farmers who have decided to make nature to employees, contributors.
These experiences amazed at how all of nature is just waiting to cooperate with them in bringing forth grandiose, more exhilarating harvests.
They stand for the group of 'new' farmers who carry out their vocation with love, humility and willingness to learn - and are rewarded with wonder, joy and heart-shaped potatoes.

And the wonderful feeling of being a friend of creation.

What makes these ultra- rich imbreeds so royal ?
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This is a SPECIAL blog created from a comment I found this morning on a network in an Article. The Author is known by us as he is also member here at the BOLE. SiNeh~


What makes these ultra- rich imbreeds so royal ?


The World We've Made: Every 5 Seconds A Child Dies From Malnutrition And Hunger:
854 million people worldwide do not have enough to eat, more than the combined populations of the United States, Canada and the European Union

Now, let's do the math, in 14 hours, 10.000 children die from hunger. In just 14 HOURS !
Organized hunger has been made the order of the day, without any visible protest
Hunger Is a 'Weapon of Mass Destruction', says Jean Ziegler
'Every five seconds, a child under 10 dies of hunger.
- Thirty-five million people die each year from hunger or its immediate aftermath.
- One billion people are permanently and severely malnourished and the situation is becoming increasingly catastrophic
What we are witnessing today is the worst hunger crisis in human history.
And it is all because of human greed, colossal mismanagement for profit.
This could have been avoided.
This crisis is not determined by fate.
The world could perfectly well provide food for 12 billion people, almost the double of the present population of 7 billion'

- Professor Jean Ziegler
Photo of a Year (in the past)
21.000 Children die each day alone by malnutrition
And we the sheeple worship a dynasty of world-criminals former (or still NAZIS !!!, continuously robbing the whole planet of their natural resources, waging one war after the other in the name of humanity, we adore these because they got a baby !!!
The Artist Taxi Driver: The Royal Baby Is Here !!!!!!!!!!


if the media says this is important, the sheeple follow the call of the 0,1%o
Who Owns the World ? Queen Lizard II the largest landowner on Earth



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