4/29/2012 -- 5.9M earthquake off the coast of Honshu Japan -- 50 miles from Tokyo Tags: Dutchsinse

Published on Apr 29, 2012 by dutchsinse

The past 24 hours .. we saw a 6.7M in the southwest Pacific (Tonga) north of New Zealand.... and now a 5.9M in Japan.

Be aware of this ongoing rollercoaster of large earthquake swarms. We see them occur in clusters.. so be aware we may be seeing another uptick in seismic activity.


Large EarthQuake Tonga 6.6 mag 28th April 2012 Tags: WEATHERORNUT

Published on Apr 28, 2012 by WEATHERORNUT

There has been a report of a Large EarthQuake Tonga 6.6 mag 28th April 2012.. Hopefully no damage but as yet no reports..Possible small local tsunami may be generated from this event but no reports as yet..Thank you for being here..the list of links are below and i am grateful for their service.


4/24/2012 -- Mount Etna - Italy - Erupts violently Tags: Mount Etna

Published on Apr 24, 2012 by dutchsinse

thanks to martin piddington from the facebook group for sharing this!

Mount Etna (at 3am european time) April 24, 2012 -- a fairly large eruption occurred.

here is the direct link to the various Mount Etna , Italy webcams to watch for further eruption:

Link to most of the known webcams covering the volcanoes of the world:


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