M7.5 Quake & Tsunami Watch - Papua New Guinea May.5.15 Tags: S0 News

treamed live on 4 May 2015

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center:


5/03/2015 -- Major Earthquake activity in the United States -- Michigan, Mississippi, Texas Tags: USA Earthquakes


Published on 3 May 2015 by dutchsinse

Full website earthquake update here with links to all the information shown in this video:

San Francisco California was hit by a 4.0M earthquake after I made this video, full post on that event here:


Dallas Texas, and Los Angeles California fracking earthquakes:


5/01/2015 -- MAJOR GLOBAL UNREST -- Earthquake forecast, West Coast Eruption + 7.2M in PNG


Published on 1 May 2015

A full (extended) earthquake forecast, overview, and global update as to where we stand currently.

As I was recording this video, a 7.2 magnitdue (6.8M revised) struck Papua New Guinea.

Full website post on Papua New Guinea here:

New Eruption off the West Coast -- Oregon undersea Volcano :

New Large eruption at Calbuco volcano in Chile:


Links to all things mentioned in the video which happened the past 7 days up to May 1, 2015:

4/24 : First Eruption of Calbuco Volcano in Chile, hadn't erupted in 42 years:


4/25/2015 -- 7.8M earthquake strikes Nepal:


4/26/2015 -- Hawaii lava levels top out at Kilauea , overflowing in the caldera:


4/25 + 426/2015 -- Major land movement in North Japan, followed by earthquake at the same location:


4/28/2015 -- Plume event in Nevada:

4/29/2015 -- Dormant volcanoes show movement in California:


4/28 - 4/29/2015 -- Mount Sinabung sends of new blasts from flank of volcano:


4/30/2015 -- First 6.8M earthquake strikes West Pacific Papua New Guinea:


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