6.7M earthquake strikes Panama + Dallas Texas earthquake SWARM | 1/07/2015


Published on 6 Jan 2015 by dutchsinse

An actual earthquake 'swarm' is occurring in Dallas Texas. SEVEN different events over the course of 1 day in downtown Dallas near the old stadium site -- very close to what appears to be some sort of abandoned oil/gas well.

See the location in question in my most recent videos here:

1/06/2015 -- TWO MORE back to back earthquakes -- Trinidad Colorado / Dallas Texas fracking operations

Back to back earthquakes strike Texas! 250 miles apart.. within one hour of each other.

Both at fracking operations.


Full earthquake update from January 4th, 2015:


12/28/2014 -- New island forms South of Japan mainland -- Nishinoshima Volcano grows 10X size Tags: Nishinoshima Volcano


Published on 28 Dec 2014

Watch the volcanic eruption flyover released by the JAXA agency on December 25, 2014 here:


The new volcanic island which has formed around the Nishinoshima volcano ( 西之島 ), has grown 10 times its original size in the past few months.

Now to be called MOUNT Nishinoshima, this new island formed via an undersea volcanic fissure, which then formed into a rising cone (stromboilian type eruption).

The new island is located South of mainland Japan (575miles / 925km due South of Tokyo).

JAXA has released video, 3D images, and also HD photos showing the growth of the island. View all that information here:

and here:


12/16/2014 -- AMAZING eruption + lava flow @ Cape Verde Fogo Volcano - 20ft tall moving WALL of lava Tags: Cape Verde Fogo Volcano


Published on 16 Dec 2014

A 20+ foot tall moving wall of lava has taken out multiple houses , and covered a large area surrounding the Fogo Volcano on Cape Verde Island (West of Africa in the Atlantic ocean).

This video, provided to the press from Observatório Vulcanológico de Cabo Verde OVCV, shows multiple views of the deep lava flow coming from the volcano, which has now continued to erupt into mid-December 2014.

Request a copy of the full video from the Observatory yourself, or check their website for further releases:

Cape Verde is a volcanic hotspot located in the Macaronesia ecoregion of the North Atlantic Ocean, approximately 375 miles (604 km) off the coast of West Africa.

This volcanic archipelago is composed of ten islands (of which nine are inhabited) and eight islets. Holocen volcanism is mainly located at the islands of Sao Vicente, Brava and Fogo (Simkin and Siebert, 1994).

Historical volcanic activity has been only recorded at the island of Fogo which consists of a single massive stratovolcano that is the most prominent of the Cape Verde Islands. The roughly circular 25-kilometer-wide island is truncated by a large 9-kilometer-wide caldera that is located asymmetrically NE of the center of the island and is breached to the east.

A steep-sided central cone, Pico do Fogo, rises more than 1 kilometer above the caldera floor to about 100-meters above the caldera rim, forming the 2,829-meters-high point of the island.

Pico do Fogo, which is capped by a 500-m-wide, 150-meters-deep summit crater, was apparently in almost continuous activity from the time of Portuguese settlement in 1500 AD until around 1760. Later historical lava flows, some from vents on the caldera floor, reached the eastern coast. The most recent eruption on the caldera floor took place en 1995.

The Observatório Vulcanológico de Cabo Verde (OVCV) has been recently established as a joint effort of the Laboratorio de Engenharia Civil (LEC), the Serviço Nacional de Protecção Civil (SNPC) and the Universidade de Cabo Verde (UNICV) for reducing volcanic risk in the Cape Verde Islands.

Telephone :

+238-2627271, LEC

+238-2629145/9112, UNICV

+238-2616576, SNPC

Telefax :

+238-2627266, LEC

+238-2627655, UNICV

+238-2616455/6575, SNPC


António Augusto Gonçalves, LEC

António E. Querido, UNICV

Albero C. B. Fernandes, SNPC


Alternate Website : (inactive)


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