Amazing 'Lightning Storm' Over Middle East As Seen from Space
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 This is a Beautiful clip shared on Vine by Reid Wiseman.



The Sacred Science – Free Online Movie Until Oct. 17
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Tags: Alternative Science Esoterica consciousness Inspiration Science and Technology the awakening the shift

For the next week, from 7 – 17 October 2014, The Sacred Science film is being screened online FOR FREE.

Go to this link to view the full documentary.

The event features a free screening of The Sacred Science film, as well as interviews and a Q & A with several well respected health experts and indigenous healers.

Go to this link to view the Official Trailer of The Sacred Science

View Video

“In this film, you will discover ancient yet immediately relevant healing strategies. An entertaining, educational, and empowering movie! Loved it.”

David Wolfe, Health Expert, Author and Speaker

“Viewers watch in awe as these people plagued by seemingly incurable ailments stop experiencing symptoms or feeling tumors.”

Nikki Erlick, DOC NYC


Special guests scheduled as part of this Free Screening Event:

Dr. Lissa Rankin, New York Times Best-selling Author


Daniel Vitalis, Wild Food Nutrition Expert


Dr. Gabor Mate, Bestselling Author and Physician


Tahnahga Yako, Native Mohawk Herbalist and Healer


Tristan Truscott, QiGong Master & Co-Founder of Satori Method


Roman Hanis, Shamanic Healer & Co-Founder of the Paititi Institute




Lindsey Williams Drops NWO Bombshells Coming in 2015!
Category: VIDEOS
Tags: Lindsey Williams inside information interest rates economy 2015 NWO middle east time line agendas

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