Conspiracies & False Flags
The Truth About Srebrenica Tags: Conspiracy False Flag Events Psychopaths in Power

by Willem Felderhof

When organizing the Open Mind Conference NL beginning of this year, one of the primary speakers would have been Alexander Dorin. Alexander did 14 years extensive research on what really happened before, during, and after the fall of Srebrenica. He did his research despite the relentless intimidation, threats and pressure he was under, which had a profound effect on his personal life.

His heroic quest in exposing the truth about the lies around the killing of 8000 Muslims in the Srebrenica enclave resulted in the book “Srebrenica, what really happened”. Due to the intimidations and sabotage we experienced, it was impossible to realize the presence of Alexander at the Open Mind Conference in the Netherlands. Although I deeply regretted this, my motivations to go on with the event were even more fueled by it. If only for my deep respect for Alexander and Zoran Jovanovic.

Zoran Jovanovic is another researcher and associate of Alexander and co-author of the book.  Zoran died on July 13, 2013, just ten hours after he reported that he managed to buy two videos, which according to Jovanovic’s words, presented the “evidence to demolish the myth of Srebrenica.” Zoran Jovanovic, paid the truth on Srebrenica with his life, according to Dorin’s words.

Following relentless intimidation campaigns against him, Alexander was kidnapped this year during the 20 year anniversary of Srebrenica, by the Swiss police and held without any charges for 16 weeks. The Dutch puppet government is deeply involved in the participation of exploitation of the lies around the Srebrenica hoax and is facilitating illegal phony courts and tribunals in The Hague on NATO/US orders.


No justice is served here; only protection and/or legal exemption of war criminals. NATO/US (and Israeli) ongoing war crimes are considered legal under the ICC twisted laws. Just 2 weeks ago yet another defense witness in the kangaroo case against Mladic was killed in a hotel in The Hague. No riots, and no journalist to touch this subject of course.

I urge every Dutch citizen who cares about his/her country, to do proper research on the events around the fall of the Srebrenica enclave in 1995, and expose the disgusting lies around it. And any Dutch citizen, who doesn’t care, is accepting the fact their government and especially the so-called “royal” family is actively facilitating a Guantanamo bay in their occupied country. The ICC and tribunals are NWO tools of the devils advocate in the Dutch mountains.

If you think this is exaggerated, then watch the shameful trial against Slobodan Milosevic before he was killed in Scheveningen prison:…

Read more:…/kidnapping-the-…/…/……/denying-the-srebrenica-genoc…/…/alarmuwordtve…/slobodan-milosevic…/16/srebrenica-truth-and-lies/


Did London Police Stage Car Burning Event to Blame Million Mask March Anons? Tags: Falseflags #‎MillionMaskMarch ‬ ‪#‎BonfireNight‬


I came across info showing that the vehicle that was burned may have been a prop used for a staged event. From what i can tell, the plates look mighty similar. Let me know if you guys can add to this. You can find more at the link below. #MMMFalseFlagOp #MMM #Anonymous #AnonFamily #KillSec #UK #FalseFlag


The Energy Field War on Humanity Tags: Conspiracy EMF Pollution Health Mind Control Social Engineering

By Paul A Philips

Given that all things are energy what could be a better way to covertly manipulate the people than by the control of ubiquitous invisible energy fields?  As the metaphor says “control the sea then you can control the fish.”

Technologically generated invisible energy fields, the ’cosmic internet,’ are creating more and pollution:  Receiving scant attention in mainstream media, the low frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) originate from sources such as broadcasting towers; mobile phone towers, smart meters and WiFi for the various applications.

-All these can invariably have the effect of disrupting our body’s own bio-electromagnetic energy field and thus our health. The disruption can cause illnesses such as those related to our mental state, hormonal and nervous system… and it doesn’t stop at this, which I will explain later.

-The bringing in of this technology is to do with the code-worded Agenda 21. 

Smart technology, WiFi, artificial intelligence, human energy fields, new world order, EMF’s

‘Smart’ technology is the classic double-edged sword. Whether the technology puts EMF’s into the field for the use of communications in business, at home, or in the body for drug function… etc these informational exchanges can be picked up on and diverted to a surveillance control centre from many miles away, which can then, in turn, send  back information accordingly as a response.


The response can involve inserting thought patterns or even alterations in perceptions of users… so don’t be fooled into thinking the ‘smart’ systems are there merely for your own benefit.

-The idea behind all this is to set up a technologically induced sub-reality global control grid: Using the right frequencies a fake reality can be foisted on us anytime either as targeted individuals or in groups or for that matter the entire world population. Yet another system designed to take us away from the realization that we are in truth infinitely powerful spiritual humans.

Smart technology, WiFi, artificial intelligence, human energy fields, new world order, EMF’s

This in effect ties in with artificial intelligence and the trans-human agenda. For instance, this explains why Google want to put up 180 satellites for Wi-Fi (why-fry?!) EMF’s worldwide. All part of the extent to which the controllers are prepared to go…

I realize that all this may be too outlandish for some people especially when it would never get a mention in mainstream media. However, consider the controlling advanced technological operations that could go on beyond the limitations of the less than 0.05% visible electromagnetic spectrum.

Consider how the remote monitoring of human brainwaves, astral, auric, bioelectric energy fields… could be collected and downloaded at some control centre, and then as a response by advanced technology deliberately send out related informational fields to alter our perceptions, thoughts, feelings or emotions to create a desired reality by the manipulating controllers.

I’ve no doubt that further light will shine on this secretive and dark agenda in time.


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