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This might peel your eyes open a bit more. The hoaxes continue to be revealed, as well as their occult underpinnings. Strap in and enjoy the ride.

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Secrets Of Shapeshifting, The Reptilians & The Djinn Tags: Alternative Knowledge Conspiracy Forbidden Knowledge

The Kev Baker Show

The following are the notes for the show provided by the one and only Sonya herself…


In Folklore ,Shapeshifting, or metamorphosis is the ability of an entity to physically transform into another being or form. This is usually achieved through an inherent faculty of a mythological creature, divine intervention, or the use of magic spells or talismans.

The idea of shapeshifting has been present since antiquity and is common in many cultures.

  • Aboriginal men of high degree (highly initiated) were said to do this.

It is present in the oldest forms of totemism and shamanism, as well as the oldest extant literature and epic poems, including works such as the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Iliad, where the shapeshifting is usually induced by the act of a deity. The idea persisted through the Middle Ages, where shapeshifting was caused usually by a sorcerer or witch


MORPHOLOGY – Greek for the study of shape

The emerging science of biofields is a recognition of the fact that humans are comprised of energy as well as matter. Researchers are just beginning to characterize the various electromagnetic fields that occur within cells, tissues, organs, and a human being.

These electromagnetic fields of the body are easily picked up when using dowsing rods…   high electromagnetic fields can be found at the heart and brain.

1970’s Fritz Popp’s biophoton theory describes a web, or hologram, of light created by the constant emitting and absorbing of photons by DNA, cells, tissues, and organs and proteins.

This hologram  corresponds to auras, chakras, meridians and other energy matrices that have been part of eastern philosophy and healing traditions for millennia. An energetic matrix could also explain basic morphology, or cell differentiation, and the regulation of myriad other cellular functions. However, there are also other theories of morphology that are based on ion flows and gradients.

Kybalion – Hermetic teachings tell us the manifestation of thought, emotion, reason, WILL, desire or any mental state are accompanied by VIBRATIONS, which can also partly affect the minds of other persons by ‘induction’ which is the principle of telepathy, mental influence & other forms of action and power of mind over mind.  Every thought, emotion or mental state has its corresponding rate & mode of vibration. ‘HE WHO UNDERSTANDS THE PRINCIPLE OF VIBRATION, HAS GRASPED THE SCEPTER OF POWER.’ – Sound familiar with the current EMF weaponry used against humanity and the push for AI?

Modern science has proven that all we call matter & energy are but modes of vibratory motion.  Science teaches that light, heat, magnetism & electricity are but forms of vibratory motion.

In 1905 Einstein published his Special Theory of Relativity demonstrating the equivalence of mass and energy (E=mc2). This fundamental equivalence confirms the fact that human beings are half biological, but the other half is energy.

It was this knowledge and that of Nicola Tesla which led to the Philadelphia Experiment

Makes you wonder…….         If 60-70 years ago people were experimenting with Time Travel, Unified Field Theory, and Teleportation, what are they experimenting with today?

Even though, this sounds bizarre and sci-fi it is all theoretically possible and this experiment was just the beginning of human manipulation with electromagnetic fields in our modern day.

After “The Philadelphia Experiment” ended, “The Phoenix Project” started culminating with “The Montauk Project” in 1980s at Camp Hero or Montauk Air Force Station on Montauk, Long Island for the purpose of developing psychological warfare techniques and exotic research including time travel.

David Icke interviews with Arizona Wilder and Stewart Swerdlow shares eyewitness accounts of shapeshifting.

Ironically Stewart Swerdlow’s testimony is that of a Mind Control survivor, experimented on for 13years at Montauk.

He describes witnessing occasional rituals on certain days (planetary alignments?) involving Sir Laurence Gardner & William F Buckley (Head of the elite Janus Mind Control Operation based at NATO HQ in Belgium) involving rape, torture, child sacrifice, blood drinking from a Goblet and shapeshifting.

He states – ‘Gardner would shift into a reptilian form at the height of terror / sacrifice’…. There was much pomp & ceremony, Gardner would wear a purple-violet rope (naked underneath) which would fall to the ground upon shapeshifting,  when then a gold crown would be placed upon his head.

This I find interesting as Rev 17.4 tell us of the Whore of Babylon dressed in Purple and Scarlet with precious stones & in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and impurities of her sexual immortality.
Thoth (Emerald Tablets)

‘Once in my search for deep buried wisdom, I opened the DOORWAY that bars them (lower dimensionals) from man.  Used I the drum of the Serpent (vibration?), wore I the ROBE of PURPLE & GOLD, placed on my head the crown of silver, around me the circle of cinnabar, shone.  Raised I my arms and cried the invocation that opens the path to the planes beyond.’


The HULK…  in the comic strip, adorning PURPLE shorts, shapeshifts into a green being when he is angry (at a low vibration/frequency).  Food for thought?


SATANIC BIBLE’s Ceremony of the Invocation to the Dark Gods is held to open a STARGATE and return the Dark Gods to our dimension.

It involves 2 versions, the second which if used in conjunction with the Ceremony of Recalling and a sacrificial conclusion, involving sex, blood and VIBRATORY chanting, the Dark Gods may become MANIFEST.   This ritual involves the Master of Ceremony to be adorned in a Purple Robe.

It is the most sinister ritual that exists, its performance actually calling back to earth in physical form, the Dark Gods themselves.


Again I have to refer back to a passage in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth –

Far in the past before Atlantis existed, men there were who delved into darkness, using dark magic, calling up beings from the great deep below us.  Forth came they into this cycle, formless were they, of another VIBRATION, existing unseen by the children of earth.  Only through BLOOD could they have formed being, only through man could they live in the world.

In the form of man moved they amongst us, but only to sight, were they like men.  Serpent-headed when the glamour was lifted, but appearing to man as men among men.  Crept they into councils, taking forms alike man.  Only by magic, could they be discovered, only by SOUND could their faces be seen.

This is very relevant with  my article the NWO and the Whore of Babylon… with the secret symbolism behind modern day corporations and their plan to enslave humanity.

Arizona Wilders comments regarding their need for blood to maintain human form…. the mind boggles…   see 1.43mins in say to 3mins


Arizona Wilder on Reptilians materialising from out of another dimension… 5mins to say 5.55mins  (see above video)

ALIENS, DEMONS, REPTILLIANS, DJINN in my opinion are all names for lower dimensional beings.

Lets see what the Quran has to say….

Spirits of the Jinn Youtube…

EMERALD TABLETS – Nine are the interlocked dimensions, and nine are the cycles of space, nine are the diffusions of consciousness, and nine are the worlds within worlds… Nine are the Lords of the cycles that come from above and below.  

Many stories of the fallen lords/gods/angles, banished to the lower dimensions due to their obstructions to the natural lores and the need for self elevation.

KEYS OF ENOCH – Those who govern the power on earth, are those fallen from the higher heavens/dimensions and currently reside in the stars known as Ursa Major (Draconis)  – Reptillian

Beings of imperfect light using their knowledge to rule over the lower realms by mixing and dogmatizing the VIBRATORY relationships of the original teachings (universal lore)  – So their basic intention is to entrap souls into a lower vibration, hindering the souls progression to higher planes.

Bible tells us of the Fallen Angels


EMERALD TABLETS –    ‘Light there was in Ancient Atlantis, yet darkness too was hidden in all.  Fell from the Light, into the darkness, some who had risen to Heights among men.  Proud they became, because of their Knowledge, proud were they, of their place among men.  Deep they delved into the forbidden, opened the gateway that led to BELOW.     In his temple the all seeing dweller saw the Atlanteans by their magic, opening the GATEWAY that would bring to earth a great woe.

Fast fled his soul, then back to his body, up he rose, called he the three mighty messengers, gave the commands that shattered the world.  Called he then on the powers of the SEVEN, weilded and changed the earth’s balance, down sank Atlantis, beneath the dark waves….  Shattered the GATEWAY that had been opened, shattered the doorway that led down below’





The lower dimensional entities cannot effect a body of high vibration,  and one not in fear.

If one plays with magic, or shamanism he will invoke the spirits that are of the same vibration.   Therefore someone on a low vibration, even if it is due to the use of drugs or just negativity, can open the door for a lower dimensional being to Occupy or Take over the body.

Thoth explains ‘ Seek not the Kingdom of Shadows, for evil will surely appear, for only the master of brightness shall conquer the shadow of fear’

Those who fear the unknown bring that fear to life.  All fears of mankind have their source in the Dark Lords, conquer fear and be free.   Man makes himself according to his thought a being of light or one of darkness.


Keys of Enoch tell us that the ‘Electomagnetic Body is responsible for coding the physical body directly into other consciousness regions (dimensions) of the local universe through an array of electromagnetic waves.   In order to reach these higher spectrums, one must first illuminate the Electromagnetic Body with light, before one can cross the threshold of negative mass.’

My own experiences of the planes/dimensions, in that one cannot travel the higher planes unless he is resonating at a certain frequency, which entails an understanding of the oneness of man’s spirit and the ability to put humanity before himself.


Sonya finishes up her notes with this profound Out Of Body Experience – OBE….

I started seeing geometric patterns, similar to the flower of life and a vibrating sound which got bigger and bigger and bigger… Well then it was like a flash of light went off and I thought it was a nuclear bomb having been set off…  I felt a great loss for humanity….. everything around just disintergrated  including myself… Every atom just came apart. I was frightened at this stage as I really thought it what was happening, I was dead?… Then I reminded myself to go with it and headed towards light. Now I was in a totally different dimension.. Instead of seeing the flower of life, I was part of it… we all were (each one of us a petal) But beings of light not in a physical sense. It was like some kind of collective consciousness…. Some petals (souls) had turned black with darkness and were falling off the flower… the rest of the illuminated petals were joining each other as though to save the flower? It felt like chaos as the petals (souls) that were falling were trying to cling onto the rest…. but in that moment an incredible large ball of illuminescent light (creator/ the source?) appeared before us all and those that were still shining bright all flew towards it, united. We were part of it…. There was no sensation of ‘I’ we were one, every spirit part of the one… I felt an intense feeling of love and understanding. We were in the great spaces of the universe… I understood that life is infinite, it just goes on forever…. I could sense other beings around also… I could sense them and in a way would communicate telepathically…

Then I just started travelling through an incredible place of knowledge – A tube, a library, but not in the sense of books… It was like neon coloured tubes, although with a form of transparency… There were many many of these tubes intermingling and going off into different directions. I was surfing through them with no form of physical being at all, just a light and gaining knowledge every segment I followed. I had control now and could go in any direction I wished. The colours and geometric patterns were incredible. I too realised that we are not of this world…. but a much more universal spirit…. I understood that we need to unite in a fearless collective consciousness…

For approx. 15 minutes after returning to my body, I could see the Electo Magnetic Spectrum formed around the human body, my own, and others in the room.

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Sonya Van Gelder…


David Icke Banned by Facebook Over Savile-Heath Picture Tags: Censorship child abuse Conspiracy

With the most crass and outrageous timing and censorship, Facebook has chosen the very week when David Icke has been proved right about Prime Minister Ted Heath to ban him for posting what reflects the truth about Heath and his relationship with Savile.

David was the only person who publicly named Prime Minister Ted Heath as a paedophile, Satanist and child killer while he was still alive and has done so constantly since.

Indeed this very picture and words have been posted before on Facebook long before the Heath story broke in the mainstream media this week and there was no censorship.

Now, as what David said 17 years ago about Heath in The Biggest Secret comes to wide public attention, Facebook has removed the picture and blocked him from Facebook for three days.

Facebook you are a disgrace and this will rightly reflect on your growing reputation for censorship and invasion of privacy as well as unbelievably bad judgement in the light of this week’s revelations.

Others who shared the picture (above) have also had warnings.

Please circulate this information – link is:



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