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Why Are Natives Changing Their Names to Zuckerberg on Facebook? Tags: Racism Facebook

Photo: Courtesy of Deloria Many Grey Horses-Violich

April 23, 2015 by Kayla DeVault

Native Americans are still losing their Facebook accounts for having “Fake Names” and now it is being used to silence them. 

As a Native person in today’s society, you might internalize a fear that you’re not “Indian enough”, not real enough. With our cultures repeatedly misrepresented, misunderstood, and aggressively appropriated all around us, this fear is only compounded.  Yet here we are today, continuing to stand up to the misrepresentation of our peoples, even when we are told to “go back to the Reservation” and have beer thrown at us (as at Eastern Michigan University last week) or as we can be too unbelievably Indian, as Deloria Many Grey Horses discovered this weekend when her Facebook account was suspended because her last name was reported as fake in retaliation for creating a petition asking Biloxi High School to stop mascotting Native people.

Your lack of understanding for our Native American sacred regalia perpetuates ethnic stereotyping and is a violation of our basic human rights. We are not your mascots. –Deloria Many Grey Horses

After seeing TV coverage of the Biloxi Senior High School band at the D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival all decked out in sacred war bonnets and toting the name “Indians”, Many Grey Horses-Violich began a petition on, stressing the importance of accurate and respectful representations of indigenous peoples within our schools.

In her petition’s open letter to Biloxi Superintendent Arthur McMillan, she described the continued use of the mascot as “misguided and concerning.”  And quotes the an Indian Country Today article, “Mass Display of Non-Natives in Headdresses – and No, It’s Not Coachella” which asks, “What are these boys and girls being taught about respect for Native people?”
Petition signers’ comments soon flooded in:

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 7.10.15 PM

Many Grey Horses’ petition, a peaceful call-to-action promoting true understanding of what the headdresses mean to our people was met with outright hostility by alumni of Biloxi Senior High School who rallied online.

These products of a Biloxi education responded to Deloria’s honest efforts with a petition of their own titled “Save the Biloxi High School Mascot & Tradition” also on and started by Kristen “Krissi” West, a 2005 graduate. “Please Mr. McMillan, keep our Indian tradition alive!” West writes in her petition.

But West didn’t stop there.  She announced proudly on April 20th that she had found the woman who started the petition and silenced her (Many Grey Horses), stating “I reported her for hate speech and had her profile shut down lol.”


And thus began a one-sided cyberattack by the alumni of BHS on a Native woman and mother.  Not only was an enrolled tribal member, daughter of Yankton Dakota Chief Phil Lane, Jr., called “not Indian enough”, but suddenly alumni’s claims to blood quanta of “part Choctaw”, “part Cherokee”, and “part Seminole” were used to justify their actions.  Acceding to the alumni’s repeated reporting of her account, Facebook required Many Grey Horses to provide government-issued identification (her birth certificate, marriage license and driver’s license) to confirm her surname “Many Grey Horses” was in fact real.  F.A.I.R. Media (For Accurate Indigenous Representation) was also targeted, accused of promoting racism by denouncing “red face” and “black face”.

In the afternoon of April 20th, after following the Facebook policy procedures demanded of her account was suspended twice in a row, Many Grey Horses’ profile was permanently banned from Facebook after more allegations of her indigenous surname being “fake”.

Photo: Courtesy of Deloria Many Grey Horses-Violich

Deloria Many Grey Horses-Violich whose Facebook account was repeatedly suspended due to her Indigenous surname. Photo: Courtesy of Deloria Many Grey Horses-Violich

Not only was this petty of the alumni, who later took their movement underground to the exclusive “BHS Alumni Secret Group” to plot more revenge, but it is an unacceptable flaw in Facebook “Real Names” policy.  As it stands, the lapses in Facebook’s name policy gives carte blanche to those who wish to cyberbully, “troll”, and silence Natives.  Natives who fall victim to this loophole are either robbed of their voice in social media or must, ironically, assume an actual fake name to pass Facebook’s name screening algorithms.

The initially permanent (which eventually became temporary) ban of Many Grey Horses from Facebook led her cousin Jacqueline Keeler (Yankton Dakota/Navajo), an outspoken Native American activist and writer and co-founder of Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry to create the Facebook event All Natives Become Zuckerbergs! Protest FB Name Policy.

She explained in a Facebook post, ““The way these Facebook ‘real name’ policies are enforced reveal cultural biases against our people that are still alive in the minds of our peers. And that is not acceptable. Also, since they rely on an account being “reported” they are useful tools for bullies to use to silence and further marginalize Native people. I cannot silently accept either while I enjoy the protections my surname gives me on FB. That I even have to type that sentence is unbelievable to me in this day and age but then, so is the fact that our people are mascotted. It is all unbelievable and yes, unacceptable in 2015.”

The author and all her

The author and all her “Indigenous Zuckerberg relations.” Photo: Courtesy of the author

The irony? Many have been changing their last names – or nicknames – to “Zuckerberg”, an actual fake name. Profile and cover photos show Zuckerberg’s face, emblazoned with #IndigenizeZuckerberg.  Hundreds of Tweets, Instagram photos, Tumblr posts, Blog articles, Pinterest boards, and Facebook status are being littered with the same hashtag as well as #NotYourZuckerberg.  Another irony?  The Biloxi alumni have told media that “there is no mascot controversy” – just in time to see this trending movement blow up in their faces.
“I just did some family tree shaking and it turns out I’m 1/18th Zuckerberg Nation! #NotYourZuckerberg #IndigenizeZuckerberg” Anthony Roy of Chicago satirically Tweets, reflecting the frustration of erroneous claims to Native blood that opposing parties often use to justify their racist actions.


Meanwhile, back in the Biloxi High School alumni Facebook group the alumni had determined that the actual citizens of the Biloxi nation were not “Indian enough” to suit them.  “Their ancestry cannot be 100% confirmed,” a Biloxi alum intoned, claiming that “the tribe, and factual descendants are extinct.”  Ignoring the tribe’s federal recognition, the group wondered if the Biloxi nation could even be considered Biloxi at all.  Another member concluded, “The Biloxi blood line is dead and only traces reside in thosScreen Shot 2015-04-22 at 7.12.58 PMe at Tunica-Biloxi. In fact you can find old Biloxi French families with as much Biloxi in them.  I’d still love to hear from Tunica-Biloxi, but let’s be honest there is no real ‘Voice of the Tribe’ left.”

Other members share photos and reminisce on their days as playing “Indians.”



The conversations of the Biloxi Alumni amongst themselves demonstrate they honor nothing but stereotypes, cultural appropriation, themselves and the “Indian” idea that puts Native Americans in the far distant past and our identity open to co-option. They not only lack cultural sensitivity but are willing to attempt to silence Native American voices who seek to educate them.  These “BHS Indians” pass judgment on “real Indians” and call them “racists” and “whiners” for standing up for their right to be seen not as stereotypes mascots promote, but as real, living human beings.

All of these actions, the mascotting of Native people to the discrimination perpetuated by Facebook’s “Real Name” policy perpetuate unequal treatment of our people.  Biloxi High School did not stop racially segregating its students until 1970.  It’s time both the high school and Facebook move beyond the old bounds of racial inequality.


Benjamin Fulford 4-20-15: 'US Corporate government goes bankrupt on April 17th, refuses to acknowledge' Tags: Benjamin Fulford

US Corporate government goes bankrupt on April 17th, refuses to acknowledge
Posted by Benjamin, April 20, 2015

The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION based in the Washington D.C. extra-territorial enclave inside the Republic of the United States of America failed to make a payment on March 31st and was given until April 17th to come up with the goods but was unable to, according to Chinese government and CIA sources. For that reason the US corporate government has gone bankrupt, the sources say. However, the folk in Washington do not plan to go quietly and are still fighting to survive.

This can be confirmed in the corporate propaganda and government news wires around the world in reports about the Washington IMF/World Bank meetings that ran from April 16-18. The news reports to the general public do not mention the word bankruptcy but rather say things like 19 out of the 20 so-called G20 countries are angry that the US will not give up its veto over the World Bank and IMF. In other words the US government has been publicly repudiated by leaders of 19 out of the 20 top economies.

The current US situation reminds of an old joke my mother told me about a woman watching a military parade and shouting proudly “look my son is the only one marching in step.”

Underneath the surface too, there is a lot of spy movie type subterfuge going on involving high denomination bonds, identity theft, murder and secret negotiations as various players jockey for position in the emerging new financial system.

A new set of meetings between the White Dragon Society and Chinese communist government representatives last week ended with...



"Coming on the Clouds" | A Message from OT Tags: OPERATION TERRA

Those of you that visit us regularly may remember and have seen that I update us (almost) always with what is up on the OPERATION TERRA website.

Here is the most recent Newsletter from "Adonna" and I recommend to check THIS ARTICLE out. Is now Project Bluebeam ahead of us and we finally can enjoy the show? Hold on, breath and build your own mind.  SiNeh~


When I was working on creating the Operation Terra Anthem, I kept having
images appear in my mind regarding the upcoming evacuation, so my attention
shifted from looking back over what had been to looking forward to what was
coming next. In thinking about the evacuation, I felt an inner nudge to
create a new article, "Coming on the Clouds"
(the title refers to the Biblical anticipation of "the Son of man, coming
on the clouds of heaven").

For those of us who have personally experienced "shows of presence" in the
form of cloudships, it's easy to understand that the "clouds of heaven" are
not weather phenomena or a spiritual metaphor, but for those who have not
had that experience, a little assistance might be helpful in coming to that
understanding. In writing this article, I made many discoveries with regard
to certain passages in the Bible, and have presented my perspective on
those, also.

This article has six pages, each dealing with a different aspect of the
story being told. I have woven together my own experiences (some of which I
have never shared publicly before), passages from the Bible, and content
received from the Hosts. The Hosts were at my elbow all through the writing
process and often audibly signaled their approval of the content with "wall
pops," a common form of validation that both my husband and I experience on
a regular basis.

It took a lot of work to distill it down to the essentials, because there
was so much more I could have written and wanted to explore, but then it
might confuse instead of enlighten. I hope there is enough to meet your

It's still pretty full of information and imagery, all intended to
stimulate your thinking, so take the time to "sit with" the concepts and
images and let them percolate through your awareness. As the title of
Krishnamurti's book says, "Think on these things." There are also links to
other material on the site, so take the time needed to explore those, also.
You might see more significance in the material now, even if you have read
it before.

Please note that I have identified when something is my personal opinion or
conclusion; I realize that some of my thinking could be controversial or
challenge cherished beliefs. I don't want to engage in debate about any of
this because I know people have their own beliefs that are valid for THEM,
even when my views and theirs differ. Like everything on the OT site, I
offer this with an open hand and then step back to let you form your own
relationship to it. I am not trying to persuade or convert. That is not
mine to do.

It feels like this will be the last article I (as a 3D person) will write
for the OT site. I hope it's helpful and meaningful for you.

As for the rest of this year, now that we have passed through the point in
time (April 16-17, 2015) where the timelines BEGIN to separate out from
each other and experience different scenarios and outcomes, I expect things
to gradually accelerate even more than they already have, leading to the
"glorious finale" that the Hosts spoke about at the end of last year (see
Archived News for the December 31, 2014 Message
if you haven't already read it).

Faithfully yours in service,


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