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Benjamin Fulford 3-23-15: 'Khazarian Satanists shake their fists in fury as control of the financial system slips out of their hands' Tags: Benjamin Fulford

Khazarian Satanists shake their fists in fury as control of the financial system slips out of their hands
Posted by Benjamin, March 23, 2015

There has been an undeniable pole shift in the international financial system that has left the old Khazarian Satanist cabal out of the loop. This change was formalized, as predicted, on March 20th, to coincide with the solar eclipse, super-moon new moon and Spring Equinox that took place then. After the UK split with the US to join China’s proposed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Australia and others followed. Then, according to Pentagon sources, the corporate US corporate government in Washington D.C. failed to make a gold delivery and effectively went bankrupt. As a result, the US Republic announced they would work with the AIIB. In effect this means that the BIS, the World Bank and the IMF have all undergone a fundamental change of management.

“If I had to choose only two words that unite China and the world at this moment, it would be ‘structural reforms,’” was how IMF head Christine Lagarde described the situation. Speaking in Beijing on March 22nd Lagarde said the IMF and China would work together to promote “good governance…anti-corruption” and “preserving the environment.” She concluded her remarks by saying “the IMF is proud to be a partner in China’s economic endeavors here at home [in China] and on the global stage.” In other words, she was admitting, in public, that this once Washington controlled institution was under new management.

What will happen now.......

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Benjamin Fulford 3-17-15: 'Big public announcements and news events make it clear Khazarian rule is ending' Tags: Benjamin Fulford

Big public announcements and news events make it clear Khazarian rule is ending
Posted by Benjamin, March 17, 2015

There can be no doubt now that the global Khazarian crime syndicate is being dismantled by white hats in the US and Europe along with their BRICS allies. This can be seen in the many extraordinary events that have been taking place both in public and in secret.

Perhaps the biggest, and hardest to deny, indication that something has changed has been the British governments’ decision to join the China initiated Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank as a founding member. What this means is that the British, and the City of London Financial, district have split with the US financial oligarchs who own the Federal Reserve Board, the IMF and the World Bank. The other thing is that, starting on March 20th, the British bullion banks will cede control of the daily gold price fix to regulators, paving the way for control of the gold market by the BRICS. This means that London, Singapore and Hong Kong financial markets are moving to the new financial system. This leaves only two of the world’s major financial markets, Tokyo and New York, under Khazarian control. As you will see below, Tokyo too is about to break free.

The Germans have also openly split with NATO and the US over the Ukraine. Furthermore, there were public announcements last week that the IMF was giving the Ukraine money to pay for its gas bills to Russia. However, it is the Chinese, not the crooks in New York and Washington, who provided the money, according to Japanese military intelligence. What this means is that French and the Frankfurt based German financial oligarchs have also split with the New York and Washington based Khazarian Mafiosi. In other words, Europe has joined with the BRICS.

Another, perhaps equally big change, was the announcement by Pope Francis last week that there would be a jubilee year starting on December 8th. The jubilee will be “dedicated to mercy” according to Pope Francis.

This seems to be a request for forgiveness by ordinary people once they learn of the enormous crimes perpetrated against them by the Khazarian cabal. However, Vatican P2 freemason sources say this jubilee will also involve.......

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A Possible (potentially; maybe) bit of “Disclosure”/”not-Disclosure” by Obama on Jimmy Kimmel 3-12-15

A Possible (potentially; maybe) bit of “Disclosure”/”not-Disclosure” by Obama on Jimmy Kimmel 3-12-15

by kauilapele

The original article is from (Michael Salla), but I liked what Justin added here, so I post his text.

Here is a link to the Jimmy Kimmel show video.


Obama Admits Space Aliens Control USA: Was He Joking?

Recently President Barack Obama appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and joked that he, and all the other presidents are told what to say about aliens. They joke as if it is not actually the case, but most aware people realize there is far more being suggested. Perhaps this is another ramp up for disclosure.

David Wilcock recently did an interview discussing ET colonies on moons in the solar system David Wilcock Secret Space Program February 25th 2015 - Coast to Coast, also see NASA is Preparing the World for Extraterrestrial Contact.

Source - Exopolitics

On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, President Barack Obama made a strange UFO admission. He said space aliens control the USA, and they are responsible for government secrecy about UFOs. According to the LA Times and New York Magazine, Obama’s admission was nothing more than a joke made in a late night comedy show highlighting his dry sense of humor. But was it? A recent disclosure about UFO secrecy by John Podesta, Obama’s former White House Counselor for Climate Change and Energy Policy, suggests that Obama was serious about a situation he had no control over.

Here is what Obama said in response to Kimmel according to the LA Times:

[Kimmel] wanted to know whether Obama had tried to get to the bottom of the “UFO files” about the mysterious desert region known as Area 51.

“The aliens won’t let it happen,” Obama joked. “You’d reveal all their secrets. They exercise strict control over us.”

But President Clinton once said he’d checked on the matter and found nothing, Kimmel protested. “That’s what we’re instructed to say,” Obama responded.

Obama’s comments come only one month after Podesta claimed that his biggest failure for 2014 was: “Once again not securing the #disclosure of the UFO files.”

Podesta apparently received an informal briefing by UFO disclosure advocate Dr Steven Greer in Jan 2009 on alternative energy sources used by visiting extraterrestrial visitors. If true, it appears that when Podesta was appointed to be Obama’s senior adviser on energy policy in 2014, he attempted to pry loose classified information on the energy and propulsion systems of UFO craft.

Podesta’s frank admission of failure was interpreted as evidence that there exist powerful government and/or corporate forces enforcing UFO secrecy. Obama’s comments raises another possibility. Space aliens themselves, at least some of them, play a key role in maintaining UFO secrecy.

The possibility that space aliens may be on Earth and are influencing the public policy of major nations such as the USA is not so strange given what other major world leaders have had to say on the topic.

For example, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Dec 7, 2012 that Russian Presidents are secretly briefed on extraterrestrials living among us and a top secret agency set up to monitor alien activities. Medvedev’s statement strongly implied that space aliens living among us exercise some kind of influence over human affairs.

According to Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian Defense Minister, the U.S. has reached agreements with extraterrestrials that secretly live on U.S. military facilities at Nellis Air Force Base. Hellyer claims to have confirmed his UFO alien information with senior military officials in the U.S. Air Force. Hellyer’s claims were cited in a story by the Fars News Agency that the U.S. is controlled by Tall White aliens. The story was covered by the Washington Post and other major media.

Obama’s strange alien control claim may have been done partly in jest on a late night comedy show. Yet that does not dismiss the possibility that underneath his dry humor was a disturbing truth. U.S. Presidents are powerless to tell the truth about UFOs and alien life – unless they do so in a way that maintains plausible deniability, like appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live.


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