Norway Aurora
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Amazing - 12 Buildings that Wake Up at Night
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12 Buildings that Wake Up at Night

Some structures are designed so they are not beautiful creations of architecture, but are also dynamic and changing. One of the ways to achieve this effect is by light and color, that every night transform buildings like the ones you are about to see into unqiue and exceptionally beautiful structures.


Please watch the Pictures at the SOURCE where I have seen them. Unfortunately I couldn't post them.. SiNeh~

Drawing Lines on the sand... sign of our times
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If that is not art, nothing I would call art!

Enjoy those beautiful pictures our loving sister Tatiana forwarded to me via e-mail. It's her Birthday Today! She wrote in the mail.

"Drawing Lines on the sand... sign of our times. It is fragile  and little tiny blow of wind thing may destroy it."




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