Awesome CGI footage shows view from Earth if planets replaced the Moon
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Awesome CGI footage shows view from Earth if planets replaced the Moon

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What if our sun was some other star? Say, Sirius or Polaris? And more than that: What if Jupiter and Saturn were at the same distance as the moon? Roscosmos, Russia’s Federal Space Agency, gave these fantasies a go in two amazing videos.

The first video gives an idea of what we would see above our heads if other planets in the Solar System were as close to Earth as the Moon – which is some 384,000 km (234,000 miles) away. While Mercury, the farthest from our planet and closest to the Sun would look pretty much as the Moon, being of similar size, it’s giants such as Jupiter and Saturn that are stunning.

Images show Jupiter, which is almost 140,000 km (87,000 miles) in diameter, and the 116,000 km (72,000 mile) Saturn with its rings hanging large above Moscow’s skyline. The smaller planets – Uranus and Neptune – would not differ much from the Moon in size, but appear unusually blue.

Another Roscosmos video demonstrates what the Russian capital would look like if other stars replaced the Sun in the sky.

If the Alpha Centauri system, the closest star system, shone brightly onto our planet, its component stars would appear similar to our sun – however, there would be three of them. Located four light years from the Earth, Alpha Centauri consists of two stars and a red dwarf Proxima Centauri.

Sirius, the brightest star in our planet's night sky, which is almost twice as big as the Sun, would be shedding bright whitish-blue light on us, while everything in view would be wrapped in orange under the giant Arcturus – which is the size of 25 suns, 37 light years away from us.

But even that would look pale into insignificance compared to supergiant Polaris, which shines with the brightness of 2,200 suns.



Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj - Who am I ?
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29 Breathtaking Photographs Of The Human Race You (Probably) Haven’t Seen
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Tags: Humans

by True Activist

These images capture the diversity of the human race, reminding us that we live on a planet where sad and happy coexist. Some of these images are beautiful while others are touching.

The images below are just a few of the many amazing images that we see on a daily basis.

We’ve also recently posted 64 historical pictures you most likely haven’t seen before and 46 Incredible Photos You May Not Have Seen Before.

Please SHARE these amazing pictures with your friends and family.

“Cosmic time is the same for everyone, but human time differs with each person. Time flows in the same way for all human beings; every human being flows through time in a different way.” ― Yasunari Kawabata

“I’m fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in.”

A boy rescues his sister from underneath the rubble of their home in Syria

Toshimana, an apprentice Geisha in Kyoto

Yezidi girl carries an assault rifle to protect her family against ISIS

A mother and her 3 year-old daughter, who were attacked with acid by their husband/father

Girl that survived 11 days in Siberian Forest

Blind albino boys in their boarding room at a mission school for the blind in West Bengal, India, 2013

3 weeks-old newborn with albinism happily sleeping with his cousin in Kinshasa, Congo photo Patricia Willocq

Siberian Family Meal

Public bus passengers try to rescue a woman who tried to commit suicide by slitting her wrist with a fruit knife

A boy of the nomadic Suri tribe of Ethiopia, in traditional face/body paint and attire

Iowa couple of 72 years finally gets married

13 year old eagle huntress Ashol Pan; Mongolia

The face of a Chinese coal miner

A Palestinian girl with a Kalashnikov rifle, amid Islamic Jihad militants in Gaza City

Beautiful eyes!

7 Year Old Syrian Rebel

Rice Farmer in Small Villiage, Vietnam

An 18 year old IDF soldier pauses after a long run in full gear and battle paint. By Asher Svidensky

Tea time on the Yamal peninsula

Malagasy girl walks among the Baobab trees

Ethiopian girl from the Hamer tribe

A Monk And His Brother

A poor farmer’s son graduated

A girl from the minority Yazidi sect rests at the Iraqi-Syrian border crossing in Fishkhabour, Dohuk province after fleeing Isla

Mother and Daughter

Taking a break at Burning Man

Alcoholic Father with child

2 Year Old Offering Food To Her Handicapped Mom

Note, we do not have the original credits yet and will update them shortly.

These images are from an imgur album created by an unverified user.

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