Look Closer And Your Jaw Will Drop
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From a distance this looks like an old felled tree that is rotting away. Sad to look at and makes you wonder about the history of the tree and how it got there. But if you closer at this tree you will notice that there is something very very special about it…

In China, the ancient practice of carving impressive sculptures into trees is a revered art form.  For centuries, its chisel-wielding masters have been turning bland pieces of wood into awe-inspiring masterpieces, but none as impressive as this mind-blowing creation.


The artist  behind this breathtaking and intricate piece is Zheng Chunhui. The breathtaking beauty of his work simply cannot be expressed into words, you just have to see it for yourself.


The piece is aptly  called “Along The River During The Quinming Festival.” A very fitting name once you look at the piece in all its glory. 



The carving spans all twelve feet of the tree and has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest tree carving in the world.


It covers  a total area of 39 feet and there are more than 550 individually carved figures present on the piece.The more I look at it the more my breath is taken away. 


It is inspired by a famous Chinese painting of the same name by Zhang Zeduan of the Song Dynasty. It depicts the festivities that take place during this springtime festival. 


The piece took the artist 4 years to complete.


This spectacular work of art is a testimony not just to China’s great traditions, but to the unique art forms practiced for centuries within the country. What a sight to behold.


Arab National Youth in Syria
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Arab National Youth in Syria opens the first session of the cubs camp 'the martyr leader mohamed lbrạhmy' in Sahnaya - rural Damascus.
The cubs camp activities and events program included a third day visit to the city of Sednaya where immediately upon their arrival, walking around in the monastery of Saint Thomas and then moved to to the Lady of Sednaya church

13692549_1222334917817694_3507020934006043609_n (1)13775605_1222334774484375_8415040434353470560_n (1)13709867_1222334591151060_891458481627195122_n13782058_1222336394484213_8039018521765953182_n13707561_1222336317817554_7802637298087714267_n13728925_1222336231150896_5607198371779195634_n13775845_1222336167817569_5032517142034823484_n13707799_1222336091150910_6283125688405489044_n13697282_1222336057817580_635975515204936433_n13775797_1222335934484259_5090602384025652774_n13716176_1222335757817610_4960188242871493539_n13776019_1222335661150953_7984543844211571578_n13709923_1222335444484308_3351903265420093596_n13718600_1222335337817652_4114089523344413775_n


The article is from Sunday, July 24, 2016 by (the real) friends of Syria


More info about Sednaya:

Hat Tip Parsifal, thanks


Mammoth blade-wielding ‘God of War’ statue unveiled in China (PHOTOS, POLL)
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China have redefined the concept of ‘statue’ and put Lady Liberty to shame with the unveiling of a colossal 1,320-ton, 58-meter-high statue of legendary general and “God of War” Guan Yu.

The intimidating statue stands in the city of Jingzhou in Hubei province – and you would be well advised not to pick a fight with it.

Read more and see all pictures at:


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