3 Month Old Prediction: Ebola Is On the Way...Colloidal Silver Versus The Ebola Virus
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Ebola Vaccine is Here: So is Colloidal Silver
It is being reported today (4/2/14) that the Ebola Virus is rapidly spreading through the West Coast Africa Nations of Guinea and Sierra Leone. Over 100 cases have been reported, with almost 80 of the cases resulting in death. But.....get this........

It is also being reported today that there is a vaccine available in the United States that will "counter this deadly virus." Folks, it takes years to make a vaccine. It takes several more years just to make a few million doses. To me, this Ebola outbreak has all the ear-marks of a concerted effort of the CDC (center for disease control) and the chemtrail industry. And isn't it just soooo nice of them to make sure that they "just happened" to have a vaccine for this virus??? But I ask you. Do you know the best way to CHEAPLY keep your bodys' immune system in tip-top shape without being injected with a vaccine designed to kill you???

There is a product called Colloidal Silver, and a Colloidal Silver Generator can be bought for right around 100 dollars, which is cheap if you buy silver in a pre-made state at your local health food store. For about 100 dollars, you will be able to make a few hundred gallons (a tablespoon a day is all you take) of Colloidal Silver, enough to help save your family and friends from the outbreaks that will start raining down on us from chemtrails.

Colloidal Silver is so good at what it does, that the government has tried to ban it (tells you how much they care for your health). So when it comes to your health and immune system, you can choose the natural way....or you can choose Obamacare. Life or death. It's that simple.

Colloidal Silver WILL work against the Ebola, a deadly virus that should be here, in America, any day now (if it isn't already here). And this is why "they" want you to know that the vaccine for Ebola is "ready and waiting" for all Americans.

(our fore-fathers used a silver dollar to put in the milk they got from their cows which would keep the milk good for days. they had no refrigeration back then. Royalty, way back when, used "silver ware" and ate high-acid foods, like tomato soup, and would put the silver spoon into the soup and let it sit for a period of time so that molecules of silver would be released into the soup. this molecular silver would enter the body and prevent over 2,000 diseases and viruses.) And, today, we all think that true silver-ware was just a show of wealth. But, as stated, silver-ware had a very important role in staying alive, it's just that only the rich and royalty could afford it.

Folks, I'm not kidding you. The Ebola (and other viruses) are coming to America, compliments of the CDC and our Government. You will be stirred into a frenzy by the main-stream media as their headlines read "OUTBREAK: Get Your Vaccination NOW." Don't fall for it. Just go and take a tablespoon of Colloidal Silver and watch your neighbors, who got the vaccine, die-off in pain and agony.

Yesterday Obama touted the success of Obamacare, which shows you that "Failure is the new Success." You see, Obamacare is designed to eliminate health care. Obama stated that "there are no death panels "..........but folks, there IS a death panel, in fact, there are several "death panels." From our killer-cops, to Oprah Winfrey sitting on a United Nations Council trying to decide how to kill off 90% of the population, we are inundated with death panels. And if you do not belong to the family of the Evil One, then you're scheduled for death.

Yes sir, it's pretty convenient that the vaccine makers had the in-sight to make up millions and millions of Ebola vaccines......and just in time for an Ebola OUTBREAK. What are YOU gonna do?? Drink the kool-aid, or drink the silver

BREAKING \ Israeli warplanes just targeted a garden - playground full of children located in Western Gaza, beach camp.

BREAKING \ Israeli warplanes just targeted a garden - playground full of children located in Western Gaza, beach camp. Another air-strike targeted the outpatients clinics is Al Shifa hospital. At least 10 Palestinians were killed and more that 50 injuries were reported mostly are children. - Noor Harazeen
Photo \ One of the children who were killed in the "Israeli" attack on a play ground located in West Gaza.

Report Circulating That Justice John Roberts Signed Off On Obama’s Arrest For Treason
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BREAKING: Report Circulating That Justice John Roberts Signed Off On Obama’s Arrest For Treason
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