Breaking News (well, Stew Webb says 'Super-Breaking') from VT Radio 9-3-14… …
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Thanks to Kauilapele which instantly posted this on his BLOG and for the MP3's.I will post the full Article from Gordon Duff at VT when it arrives in my box. SiNeh~

Breaking News (well, Stew Webb says “Super-Breaking”) from VT Radio 9-3-14… …

I was sent this by DH just now, who occasionally sends me insider articles and information I sometimes read. This one struck home, and I felt VERY strongly that I needed to post this. NOW...

I've listened to parts of the radio show this came from, but in particular, the Part 4 MP3, below, has some breaking news regarding a threat against Leo Wanta. The recording they mention starts at 11:58 of Part 4. The audio player for this part is below, and snips from the upcoming Gordon Duff article about this are below the MP3s (I'm refraining from publishing the whole article which DH included in their email to me, as it may not be completely finished, and I wanted Gordon to publish it himself, first).

Veterans Today Radio News Reports Stew Webb Host September 3 2014
Guests: Gordon Duff, Jim Dean, Dr. Preston James and Amb. Leo Wanta

The two men referred to, and speaking at the 11:58 mark of Part 4, are Sheldon R. Songstad, (South Dakota state Rep. & Sen., 12 years service), and Donald Sundquist (Governor, Tennessee, 1995-2003).

MP3s of the show (music removed, volume leveled and boosted, ~30 min., 9-13 MB each)

Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4

Snippets from Gordon Duff's upcoming article (not yet published, so I just put highlights)

"A day after former Republican Virginia governor, Bob McDonnell and his wife were convicted of 20 counts of bribery and influence peddling, former Republican Tennessee governor Don Sundquist and South Dakota Senator Sheldon Songstad may face, not just the largest bribery charge in world history but indictment for conspiracy to murder as well.

"What is amazing about this case is the amount of money involved, totaling $9.5 trillion US dollars, in fact the entire GNP of the United States for several years. Sundquist and Songstad, wanted $30 billion out of the proceeds to pay themselves along with congress, the US Treasury Department, 5 Supreme Court justices and two former US presidents.

"During the 1980s, Lee Wanta was... was tasked by President Reagan and CIA Director William Colby to destabilize the Soviet Union through establishment, with funds from the US Treasury, of a worldwide currency trading scheme.

"Wanta, with the help of Reagan, amassed a fortune of $27 trillion, funds earmarked by Reagan to pay America’s national debt, restore the nation’s infrastructure and fund a world free of debt based currencies.

"However, after Reagan left office and George H.W. Bush assumed the Presidency, Wanta was kidnapped and imprisoned in Switzerland, transferred to an American prison where he was held without due process for years and the money disappeared, taken by the Bush family.

"Nobody has heard of Sheldon Songstad, who with former congressman and governor, Don Sundquist, admit demanding a $30 billion dollar bribe from Wanta in order to compel the Supreme Court to issue a pay order on Wanta’s personal funds, based on the case he won, $4.5 trillion plus interest, totaling $9.5 trillion.

"The audience heard Sundquist describe how they would settle for as little as $5 billion, as a “retirement nest egg” and how, if Wanta fails to pay, they would arrange for his murder... Current US Senator Bob Corker, Republican from Tennessee had been on a conference call earlier that included Sheldon Songstad, telling Wanta that his funds would be paid.

"...they confessed to what legal experts have identified as dozens of crimes and laid out a trail of bribery and corruption that crosses nearly every level of government, every court and over a hundred of Americas’ highest elected officials.

"What is made clear is that the United States is far more a criminal organization than a nation. Those who don’t understand how America can say one thing and, with amazing consistency, do something else, often something totally bereft of moral responsibility, I think we may well have made the reasons abundantly clear."

Humanitarian convoy: Trucks cross border, en route to Lugansk as Kiev has no more 'excuses' to delay
Tags: Conflict Health Human rights Russia Ukraine Vehicles


Published on 22 Aug 2014

Moscow has accused Kiev of deliberately holding up the delivery of Russian humanitarian aid to the Donetsk and Lugansk regions in eastern Ukraine, according to a new statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry. MORE

Israel Changes Bar Code To Avoid Boycott!
Tags: Israel Boycott EAN Barcode War Palestine


Many people had stopped buying ANYTHING with a barcode starting 729, so Israel has changed it to 871, if you don’t want to support Israel in their genocide of Palestinians, don’t buy with this bar code. The old one is below:

OLD Israeli bar code

OLD Israeli bar code

Source: Shaunynews


…But upon investigating the barcodes of known Israeli goods people found the barcodes weren’t always correct:

The Israeli bar code story is not so simple. I purchased several food items from Israel to investigate which could be from the occupied territories.

The Achdut Tahini from Industrial Zone Barkan (Occupied Territories) starts out: 7 219….

Pri-Vayerek Olives from Industrial Zone Har Tov starts: 7 922… (Barbet (Jam) imported from Israel by Supreme Foods of Concord Ont.: 6 507…)

I notice that foods from Sweden start out with either a 7 or an 8, so there is no consistent labeling for some countries. As a matter of fact, I notice that the first number is not consistently the same on goods from any particular country; foods from Canada usually start with a 6, but not always. There must be a better way to tell…

So where does this leave us?

We recommend you read all the labels and not rely on the bar code as it clearly does not indicate the country of origin, although it might be accurate on many occasions.

Source: Inminds

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