From Neurosis to Gnosis : Resolving the Virgo/Pisces Polarity
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by Kit Walker


This month our exploration in non-dual astrology continues with a look at the Virgo/Pisces polarity. We are now having the full moon in Pisces (with the Sun in Virgo), conjunct Neptune in Pisces (the ruler of Pisces is Neptune), but we will be dealing with this polarity a lot in the coming months because Jupiter has also recently entered Virgo and will be there for around a year, opposing first Neptune and then Chiron, both in Pisces.

Last month we looked at the Aquarius Leo polarity and saw how perhaps this polarity is about the process of attention, and its connection to the heart. So now we take it a step further, where we activate the substance of awareness in the body’s circuitry. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo (as well as Gemini), and in Virgo, Mercury is turned inward, much like the quality of Mercury retrograde. It rules the nervous system, and also the intestines, which are responsible for absorbing the nutrients from food. So the Virgo process has to do with our ability to metabolize and digest our experience.

Virgo’s Mercury is an introspective one. The mirror of Mercury is turned towards ourselves, for the process of self inquiry, and self-reflection. The creative output of Leo is put under the microscope, as Virgo deals with minute details. The self-critic is activated. The useful is sorted from the useless. It is the time of harvest, when the wheat and the chaff are separated. And it is preparation for the transition to the world of relationship (Libra), and selfhood (Aries).

Mercury is the alchemical substance in Virgo. The Virgo process involves sealing the alchemical vessel, so that heat and pressure can build inside the vessel of the soul. The way to seal the vessel is to not project. The temptation of un-evolved Virgo is judgement, to project our own shortcomings onto others. But when the alchemical vessel is sealed, hermetically (Hermes is Mercury), then we always turn the mirror back on ourselves. Any projection is simply an energy leak in the cauldron of the psyche. Thus, in the heat generated, the creative envisioning mind is developed, the power of dreaming in full awareness.


When Virgo and Pisces work together as one, we have discriminating awareness, or discriminating (Virgo) wisdom (Pisces), as the Tibetans would call it. This is when the critical mind works as the servant (Virgo) of the compassionate heart (Pisces). The true process of correction is activated, with the compassionate view (Pisces), and forgiveness. Criticism can be compassionate and constructive, without losing any of its impact.

In New Age circles these days there is a tendency to favor the Pisces end of things, which, without Virgo, tends to idealize, put on the rose colored glasses, and live in a fantasy world. So critical thinking, discriminating awareness, is often put down as “negative”. People tend to want to escape (Pisces) into “spiritual” things. When the Piscean escapism activates, the Virgo end degenerates into a kind of neurotic perfectionism, judgmental towards self and others, and depression from never being able to live up to ideals.

But clearly now more than ever, we have to wake up from this glazed-over “spiritual” trance of pseudo positivity, and start seeing with a more critical eye. This will be important for the next year of Jupiter in Virgo. Let’s face it, there are some things going on here on Planet Earth that need to be criticized! Let’s let go of this deadly political correctness, that chokes the flow of truth in so many ways. We are entering a great phase of correction now, with Jupiter entering Virgo. Also the moon’s North Node is just entering Virgo, which means that this is a very positive direction for us now. It is time for us to work together, to cooperate (Virgo), to bring the compassionate vision (Neptune) into reality, by embodying it (Virgo), and to change the things we cannot accept. Hexagram 18 in the I Ching comes to mind : Work on What has been Spoiled.

In this sorting of wheat from chaff, what are we doing? Really, we are sorting true from false. But somewhere along the line we seem to have lost the capacity to tell true from false. We raise impostors, liars, and thieves up into positions of power and influence, and we allow good honest people to be trampled underfoot.

The Hollywood illusion machine (Pisces, Neptune rule the movies and “entertainment”, as well as music) has manipulated our minds so much with deception (Pisces) of all sorts, that somewhere in there our capacity to sort wheat from chaff, to tell true from false, got lost.

And the most deadly part of this, is how politically correct it has become to believe that there is no Truth, that everyone has their own truth, different from everyone else’s, and that really, there is no way to truly KNOW, when actually, in fact, it is entirely possible for anyone to have absolute certainty of the Eternal Source Consciousness, if they are dedicated to discovering what is true on all levels. It is just a different kind of knowing. It is as self evident as the sun, arises spontaneously, needs no proof, and is not of the mind.

Traditionally, the Virgo Pisces polarity has had a lot to do with religion. So many of the religious traditions have been built on guilt, however, which is one of the qualities that arises when this polarity doesn’t work together. Guilt, anxiety, worrying, and nervous system disorders proliferate, which then in turn lead to more physical diseases.

Virgo has to do with health. But there’s a secret hidden here, and that is that for Virgo (health) to flourish, Pisces energy must be an integral part of it. These qualities include faith, devotion, and bliss. Truly, Divine Love heals all. Neptune dissolves everything it comes in contact with, it is the great solvent. Notice this word, “solvent”. The problems and worries and diseases of Virgo are solved, by being DISsolved. This is not a mental process, but the mental substance of Mercury is definitely the main ingredient for the recipe. The mind here is used in self-inquiry, to trace everything back to the origin. Eventually the inquiry becomes just “Who am I?”, and the sense of separation dissolves altogether.

As the mindstream (Virgo/Pisces) becomes purified, its quality changes to one of bliss. This is the Virgo/Pisces process at its optimum.

Neurosis transforms to Gnosis.

What is Gnosis? We have perhaps heard of the Gnostics before, but we tend to think of them as some obscure religious sect around the time of the early Christians, and little has survived of their practices and knowledge. According to John Lash, the Gnostic scholar, the reason not much survives from the Gnostics is because it was brutally suppressed, by the Abrahamic religions, because the Gnostics were anti-religion, and practiced direct knowing.

Gnosis is just another word for direct knowing. Direct connection to Source, without an intermediary. And Lash goes on to say that the Gnostics were, and are, in direct communion with the Planet herself, who is the Divine Aeon Sophia.

So Gnostics receive instruction and understanding directly from the Organic Light of Source. This light is the light which has no opposite, the primal light. Because it is not in the realm of duality, it has a very different quality than the light that we see here. The light in this dimension is only visible when it is reflected off something, a process that can only happen in duality.

The religion business is the business of maintaining 3D, the world of duality. But when we live without any religion or deities in between us and Source, this puts the churches and holy people out of business.

So i am going to speculate once again, that the Virgo Pisces process has really to do with Gnosis, direct knowledge, imparted through the compassionate current of bliss, that activates in the process of contemplation and dissolution into Source Consciousness itself.

When the polarity is separated we have religions. Perfectionistic (Virgo) ideals (Pisces), motivated by guilt (Virgo), and illusions (Pisces). The aspirant (Virgo) can never really achieve the oneness with God (Pisces). It is always over there, on the other side of the circle. Gotta do more prayers and rituals (Virgo), and suffer (Pisces) more, before you can be worthy to receive the Divine secrets. But whatever you do, don’t look in your own heart. You are a sinner, and you will only lead yourself astray.

But now, the veil is pulled aside, and there are the church fathers, caught with their pants down, quite literally. Turns out they weren’t so perfect after all. The churches, temples, and ashrams have no place for anyone who awakens. They are simply not welcome.

Virgo is afraid of space (Pisces). The Virgo end of the spectrum wants to fill all empty space with something. With thoughts, with stuff, with accomplishments, with spiritual experiences, with money, friends, possessions, you name it. At its extreme it becomes obsessive compulsive, totally focussed on the details (Virgo), without seeing the big picture, or the overall vision (Pisces).

Virgo rules the nervous system, and all of its delicacy and sensitivity. It is a very refined energy if the energy of Pisces is included in it. Then it is the quality of seeing infinity in the tiniest things, and being able to take great delight in very simple activities, and in blissful contemplation in silence. In this space, the purification (Virgo) happens quite spontaneously. In this way, it is Perfect (Virgo) Love (Pisces).

Also health issues are greatly relieved with Neptune and Pisces energy flowing in the bodily circuits. We can really go into the sensations in the body and receive information from the body in what we need for optimal health. We can be spontaneously drawn to the right healing modalities too. We can begin to understand our body, and how it works, from the way it feels from within. The true source of healing is within and beyond. It is our Eternal nature. Because it is complete harmony, just to bathe in it brings great healing.

Pisces also rules music. The Virgo side has to do with the method of learning music, and the technique. So technical practice becomes a kind of purification practice, like a yoga. Removing obstacles to direct and unlimited musical expression.

Here is where we can see the intimate connection between music (Pisces) and health (Virgo). Two sides of the same coin. It stands to reason that music can have a powerful effect on health, both positive and negative. And since the true makeup of everything is really vibrational, sound healing may turn out to be one of the most powerful methods of all.

This is Gnosis, a new but ancient way of knowing, knowing by BEING. The current of bliss brings information as light, something the mind can never understand or even verbalize, but the entire being can absorb this information just by allowing it to flood the system. The frayed nerve endings can release into this current, as the entire body-mind dissolves into oneness. This is the Current Event, the very substance of Now.

Virgo is the Virgin, Mary, the mother of Christ. Pisces is Christ Consciousness, Divine Love. Mary giving birth to Christ is the equivalent of the releasing of the nerve endings (Virgo) into bliss (Pisces), which dissolves all sense of separation and suffering. The Christ Consciousness actually takes birth in the physical body, in the nervous system. For me, it has always been obvious that the “second coming” is really the awakening of the Christ Consciousness (the Divine become human) in each and every one of us. And when that happens, one is a true Gnostic.

A Virgin is someone who belongs to themselves, not dependent on anyone to complete them or connect them to their true nature. This is a Gnostic, one who knows and lives his direct connection to divinity, beyond all form, concept or belief.

So with Virgo Pisces, we “follow our bliss”, (not that it is going anywhere but more and more HERE). This is the fine tuning process of our work (Virgo), where, when what we do is service (Virgo/Pisces), because it is what brings us bliss, which then we can impart to others. it is whatever we do that brings us joy. But this is more than just a kind of surface, “fun” kind of happiness. This is what comes to you, while offering your gift. It is the gift you receive from giving of yourself. And this can be done without the slightest trace of self-consciousness, in complete humility (Virgo).

The Tibetans have a term for their highest practice of Dzogchen, non-dual contemplation, which they call the Great Perfection. This is Pisces/Virgo. Perfection is not something we can impose on “reality”, it is something we discover is already the case. When we locate this innate, indwelling perfection, we can simply remain with it in contemplation, whether we are in some kind of activity, or not. As we remain with it, it intensifies more and more, until the point where we cannot turn it off anymore. We go into a kind of “overunity”, a resonant connection with free energy. The transformation continues 24/7, not only in our own life, but in the world around us. This is why even one of the great masters who sat in a mountain cave somewhere, or lived in very humble circumstances, very anonymously, has brought more to humanity, than most of the most famous of public figures.

We can see here below, in the last sentence, the perfect summing up : “As copper when touched by mercury turns into pure gold, so the afflictions when touched by pure gnosis become true causes of virtue.”

from Poison in the Peacock Grove : Two Buddhist Texts on Training the Mind

by Geshe Lhundub Sopa,

Transforming Poison into Enlightenment:

Peacock in the Poison Grove bodhicittaAlchemy

the Chandra symbol for the degree of the full moon:

A candle burning. There is a ring of salt around it on the floor.
Spirit is well preserved from becoming untrue. It is held within its own matrix, and granted a pure and wonderfully veiled atmosphere and feeling tone and sphere to stay within. From this place spirit can empower itself to be whole, to commune, to remember, and to conceive. You are given what you need, and a specially-granted timing grace to be ushered through the world in a guided tour that leads only to the temples and the marvels that are here. However, all of this happens inside, deep inside. The outside situation may belie the inward experience. But here what seems in the moment is as nothing, and what is really there between the lines and through the cracks is everything. This is a domain set apart for special purposes, projects, and endeavors, and is the perfect retreat for one who wishes to remain in touch with the living spirit, who wishes never to forget what it is that stands under the phenomenal world and keeps the eternal flame burning without a flicker.

and the Sun at the full moon is here:

A pie thrown in someone’s face.
Action and reaction. Reflexive mirroring of self by world and world by self. You are forced to confront yourself everywhere. Starkly compelled to deal with karmas of the past returned: who did what to whom. Conflict, strife, tension, and pressure. Mischief and the unexpected . On guard. Agreeing to meet yourself through others and to find intimate reverberations from every side. You have an overwhelming experience of running into the consequences for even what you thought–a wrap-around world of breakthroughs, quandaries, alliances and dangers. On red alert twenty-five hours a day, knowing that you cannot turn your back on threat or opportunity. Everything is obvious and supersubtle, gross and elusive, tightly known and vastly beyond conception.


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The Lion’s Gate and The Infinite Power of Eight
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Kit Walker

In the past few days i have seen so many references to the Lion’s Gate, which we have just passed through, on 8/8, but no one mentions anything about exactly where this term comes from, and why the 8th of August is the day of the Lion’s Gate. So, as a bit of an addendum to my last post, perhaps i can shed some light on the subject.

The Lion’s Gate is one of four gates through which the Sun passes every year. These gates are precisely at the midpoint (15 degrees) of the fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. The are, the Bull’s Gate, in Taurus, Lion’s Gate in Leo, Eagle’s Gate in Scorpio, and the Angel’s Gate in Aquarius.


You will find some very interesting information about the Bull, Lion, Eagle, and Angel, (or Man) in the writings of Rudolf Steiner, where basically he says that humans are a combination of all of these: the digestive system is related to the Bull (cows are really all stomach), the rhythmic system, (i.e. the heart and lungs) is related to the Lion, the head (and the process of mind and thought) is related to the Eagle (which is the resurrected Scorpio), and the Angel is related to the true, awakened human.


Man as Symphony of the Creative Word:

So we find these gates in the middle of the fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, which also is the middle of each 90 degree quadrant of the zodiac. The circle with the cardinal points is divided in 4, and this divides those quadrants, making a total of 8 equal parts to the zodiac. Notice the symbol for the number 8 is really just the infinity symbol turned on its side. So i am going to speculate that these 4 gates are the places where infinity enters the equation, and the miraculous happens.

For example, the Bull’s Gate in Taurus (fixed earth) can be the place where the seed that has been planted actually sprouts. It is a radical transformation, and really, to me anyway, qualifies as a miracle. Yes, we have scientific explanations for what happens at that moment, but it is a moment when infinity, life itself, enters the picture. At the cardinal points, 0 degrees Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, we see the manifest change, but at these gates is where the miracle takes place in secret.

So the Lion’s Gate, what could that be? I am wondering if it has to do with the moment of enlightenment of the human being, where our innate infinite potential spontaneously activates. As I explained in my last article, the middle of the fixed signs is a transformational moment where awareness of the opposite sign flashes across the circle, So here, into the human heart, (Leo), the Angel (Aquarius) enters, so to speak.

We could say that the miracle that happens at the Lion’s Gate is really the heartbeat, and how for some inexplicably miraculous reason it continues to happen. In this video below, Drunvalo Melchizedek shares some very powerful information about what he calls the “tiny space of the heart”, which i have also mentioned in relation to some other spiritual teachers, including Ramana Maharishi and Adi Da. Although they use different words to describe it, I am convinced they are all talking about the same thing. Drunvalo explains how there is a very tiny process that begins in the heart with the “pacemaker” cells, at the sino-atrial node, where three elements, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus, combine in a microscopic interaction that starts the process of the heartbeat, and then it is amplified through the chambers of the heart, to become quite a forceful impulse. He goes on to explain that this impulse can magnify to the point where it is infinite.

Drunvalo’s Cosmic Grace


So it quickly becomes clear that we have the power to connect to the Infinite, through the heart, and, in fact, that is truly what we ARE. The heart is not of duality, it is of unity, infinity and oneness. When the heart awakens, the head is illuminated, and the two halves of the brain are resolved. Imagine a world of humans cured of the duality disease.

So perhaps this is the process of the Lion’s Gate, the process of the awakening of the heart to what is eternal. Because it is wholeness, then it is the ultimate force of healing too. Disease can only exist in duality. This is Eternity, the place of no death. And this Infinite Radiance is the only true medicine.

Also, let’s notice that infinity is not on the number line. What does that mean? It means that if you start counting to infinity, you will never get there. But “everything is nothing with a twist”, as Kurt Vonnegut said. We could say that twist is the torus, which the “new science” is finding to be inherent in all life, micro to macro.

Could Zero actually be Infinity already? The point is, why bother counting to Infinity when that is where you are already? This is a metaphor that can be very practically applied in our approach to life. How does life progress when we live at infinity, where all is already accomplished, complete, whole, and perfect?

The Zero Point IS Infinity.

This is the life of infinite oneness. I am wondering if this doesn’t make a whole new way of living available to us, where everything spontaneously self-generates, without cause, or effect, where we act spontaneously in harmony with Universal Law. Could that be the way it is already, but we just don’t see it?

The source of light casts no shadow. Does the Sun have a shadow? of course not. So when the heart awakens, we become the Sun. Immediately, the shadow is gone. Could liberation be that effortless? Of course! How could it be any different?


So if we simultaneously embody the cross of all 4 Gates, this could be a complete resurrection and awakening, in, as, and beyond the body, into Source Consciousness beyond all duality. This is the “crux” of the “matter”.

Notice that this “tiny space” of the heart is not in the chakra circuit, either. It is not the heart chakra. The chakra circuit is a bit like a treadmill, down the front of the body, and up the spine. When attention is trapped there, somewhere in that circuit, experience, high and low is constantly reinforced. We go from heaven to hell and back again. We repeat the same types of experience and lessons, the wheel of karma, cause and effect, time and space.

The circuit of the awakened heart is the shortcut. It comes directly from Source, at the heart, and returns directly to Source, above the crown, and illuminates the whole body in the process, much like the filament in a light bulb. It bypasses the endless ladder of achievement. It is accessible to anyone who has the capacity to rest attention in the heart. Often we’ll find that it is the most simple, kind, and ordinary people who have this capacity, where those of us who have been well trained to live in the head may have a much harder time accessing this miracle. We are so conditioned to believe in accomplishment, that we can’t imagine a gift so effortless.

Even though it has an effortless quality, it’s important to remember that these gates are the points in the zodiac of the most fixed, most consolidated energy, so it can feel very pressurized. It can give rise to feelings of stuckness, exhaustion, and lethargy. But the caterpillar in its cocoon, or the seed underground, are in this kind of position as the transformation happens. It is the most dense place, but most ripe with potential.

The Lion’s gate happens more than once a year, however. It is happening in myriad ways all the time in astrological cycles, from micro to macro. It is found with every waxing sesquiquadrate, or 135 degree aspect, between any pair of planets. This is 90 degrees, plus 45 degrees. The 135 degree and 45 degree angles are always carrying the transformational power of 8. Right now there are several of these aspects operating, between major planets. Specifically, the position of Jupiter, in the last degrees of Leo, and into the beginning of Virgo, is making sesquiquadrates to both Pluto and Uranus, of the now infamous Pluto/Uranus square, which has been kicking our butts now for the last 5 years. And Jupiter is exactly square to Saturn, which is also semi square Pluto and sesquiquadrate Uranus. So the Jupiter Saturn square is acting powerfully on the Pluto Uranus square. The process of having to make the awakening real, here on earth, is just beginning. The way i see it, the tables are turning. Don’t give up !!

We are in an 8 year too, 2015. Let’s allow the remembrance of our own Infinity. This is the time when the caterpillar emerges from the cocoon. This is the moment the water boils. This is the time when the sleepers wake.


From Selfies to Self-realization: Resolving the Leo/Aquarius Polarity
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by Kit Walker

I’m going to go out on a limb here, now that we are in the Leo season, with a suggestion that the Leo/Aquarius polarity has a lot to do with the process of attention. This is not “official” astrology, (whatever that is), it is only my speculation. But if we trace attention back to its source, we can see that the source of attention is the heart, which is ruled by Leo. The opposite sign to Leo is Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus.

The symbol for Uranus is this:


Notice that it looks kind of like an antenna, like for example, a TV antenna. I am going to suggest that Uranus is our antenna, since it rules intuition, among other things. Let’s look deeper into this symbol. If we superimpose it on the human body we could say that the circle at the bottom lies in the heart, and then the central line rises up through the throat and up to the crown of the head.


The two lines on each side could fall on either side of the head, helping to give the sense of duality, and perspective. Let’s consider the part of the head on each side, between the eyes and the ears, commonly known as the “temples”. This is an interesting choice of words for this part of the human body.

Some are saying that we humans have all been fitted with invisible etheric implants, before birth, with the purpose of blocking our full perception and memory of who we are, in order to maintain control over us. It is pretty obvious that most humans are not firing on all cylinders, so to speak.

They say that one of the places these etheric, invisible implants are placed is in this precise region of the head, on each side, between the eyes and ears. And now as we are becoming free of these implants, the senses of this region are becoming active again. Perhaps they are called the “temples” because when active, they bring the ability to perceive or intuit the sacredness of all life.

We could think of it like a combination of the eyes and ears, perhaps giving the ability to see sound and frequency, and hear colors and shapes. Since scientists have now been discovering that everything is actually frequency based (see cymatics), then it would make sense that these extra-dimensional senses would be waking up in us now.

And these etheric implants in that region of the head would have a very similar function as the blinders put on horses when they have been used in cities, so that they can just see straight ahead, with no peripheral vision. We have all been fitted with blinders, to be good workhorses. We have been “outfitted” with ears and eyes, both dualistic senses, which give the sense of distance and space, like stereo. Perfect for functioning in 3D. But our multi-dimensional senses have been lying dormant, having been disconnected, on purpose, at the “factory”, so to speak.

Uranus rules lightning, and kundalini, which is a kind of lightning in the body. Sudden, and unexpected. When the heart kundalini, or (Hridaya Shakti) awakens, the head is illuminated with transcendental fire, which naturally clears all implants and blockages. When the head (Uranus) and heart (Sun) connect in this way, the whole sense of “I am” changes radically, that is, at its root (radix, in Latin). This is not the kundalini of the spine, in the chakra system, however. As far as i can tell, it is a completely different circuit, as the chakra system is related to the cycle of down and up, death and rebirth. The Hridaya Kundalini comes directly from Source, and returns directly to Source.

After establishing the hearth of Cancer, we build a fire there. This is Leo. The art of the hearth is the heart. And we keep the fire alive (Leo) in the winter (Aquarius). Since the Northern and Southern Hemispheres have the opposite seasons, we could say this polarity is a winter/summer polarity.

But in the non-dual astrological approach we have to consider the Leo Aquarius polarity as one complete process, which as always, brings out the most positive attributes of the signs involved. Let’s look at that process as it progresses.

Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs, and all the fixed signs share something that is not found in the other signs. That is that the middle of the fixed signs is the 45 degree angle point, in other words, halfway through each 90 degree quadrant. This divides the circle in 8 parts, if we include the squares as well, which divide the circle in four.  zodiac

Each quadrant contains a cardinal, a fixed, and a mutable sign. The middle of the fixed signs is a very important point in the cycle, where energy transforms into something tangible, effective, and useful, and with the potential to be something entirely new, a radical departure, so to speak. It is an alchemical transformation, an actual transmutation of one thing into another, like a caterpillar into a butterfly, or a seed into a sprout.

So as we progress through Leo/Aquarius it goes something like this: Leo is, among other things, the creative artist. So at the beginning of Leo we have something like the artist or musician, let’s say, a jazz saxophonist, who creates art for its own sake, without any regard for the audience (Aquarius). He’s over there just blowing away, not even noticing or caring if there are people there or not, or whether they are bored or not. He just doesn’t care. He just keeps his head down, and plays, not even looking up, totally self involved. But also, this quality of not caring what others think is a necessary ingredient in the mix, as it gives one the courage (Leo) to be oneself.

So our hero plays and plays. And by the time he gets to the middle of Leo, he is taking it out, very intensely involved in his personal process of creativity, without any self critic going. The self critic comes later, in Virgo.

But suddenly, as he reaches the middle of Leo, the energy shoots across to Aquarius, and he realizes there are people (Aquarius) listening. He looks up, and sees the audience. Maybe he sees they are bored. Maybe he sees they are loving it. Or maybe he sees that they all left the building. Suddenly our hero realizes that the audience is part of the equation, and that the process of creativity includes those who participate in it on the receiving end. He realizes that they actually give him energy when they enjoy, and vice versa. It is a mutual exchange. The opposition is bridged. He also realizes that the best among them are not really so interested in his ego’s expression, but rather in his capacity to transmit what is beyond…which helps change the quality of his expression, once he can see himself more objectively (Aquarius). He also finds his originality there in Aquarius, as Uranus has everything to do with originality. Thus, the “bridged” Leo Aquarius polarity really has to do with creative (Leo) freedom and originality (Aquarius).

Meanwhile, on the Aquarius end, in the first half of Aquarius, the group is everything. They are happy to look up at the stage at the performer, the one who has the talent, and they don’t recognize their own uniqueness (Uranus). They are looking for a hero (Leo) to lead them. No one dares stand out from the group as a unique individual (Leo). They do whatever it takes to fit into the crowd, happy to jump on the latest bandwagon. If the crowd is doing things to themselves to look unique, such as tattoos, piercings, wild haircuts, they do it too. They say and do all the things the group approves of.

This attempt to be unique (Uranus) is outwardly based, so everyone adopts the latest “look”, not even noticing that they in fact look like everyone else in the group, no matter how hard they try to be different. The one thing that doesn’t occur to them is the obvious: be yourself. (Leo) You already are unique (Uranus), just as you are. In fact, you can’t help it. But when this polarity is disconnected, we get narcissistic (Leo) groupthink (Aquarius).

Notice that the medium of exchange here is the process of attention. The Leo wants to be the center of attention of the group. But when the Uranian process is not understood, the Leo will be looking for attention to come from the outside. You already have your own attention, and that is the only attention that will release you, as it becomes free attention. As attention becomes free from all the places it is bound, both in the “outer” world, and the “inner” world, it transforms into bliss, which is really the key ingredient everyone is searching for. The desire to be the center of attention simply shows a misunderstanding of how attention works.

The Leo experience has to do with self expression in all of its many forms. And the unevolved Leo expression is really about narcissism.

The Facebook selfie phenomenon illustrates this perfectly. Am I still here? Look at me, everyone ! Do I exist? Take a selfie ! Ah there we go, yes I still exist ! OK, how about now? hmm, not sure. Take another selfie. Yes, I still exist. And everyone still “likes” that i exist ! Ad infinitum.

The cure for narcissism is Self-realization. The heart is the direct connection to the Divine Self. And in particular it is the “tiny space” of the heart, the sino-atrial node, which is the direct doorway to Infinite Existence. When this doorway is open there is no more wondering whether I exist or not. It is self evident. It is self verifying. There is no need for external verification of any kind, because there is no external, or internal, only eternal remains. Even “inside” is the other, objectively witnessable. And the “I” that actually Exists is completely different than the one who was never quite sure.

Attention rises from the heart, and moves through the senses to create the sense of space and time. The problem arises when attention becomes fixated in externals, (or internals), and cannot be released back to Source, the eternal. Then you can be led around by your attention, and influenced and controlled in many ways.

Notice the language: “pay” attention. Make no mistake about it, attention is the real currency. Everything that the matrix does is designed to make you “pay” attention, like a tax. The matrix is designed to capture your attention and hold you hostage through it. Your attention, positive or negative, is food for the false kings.

However, your attention is the key to your bliss, your pure consciousness, but in limited form. It is how you create your world. If you are not master of it, then you are at the mercy of your world.

Think of the difference between a camera and a projector. Now we are like cameras, imagining the light source to be outside us, and the pattern of planetary influence is imprinted on our mind, like the film in the camera. We are at the mercy of whatever event transpires.

But when we realize that we ARE Source, we become like a projector. Ramana Maharshi has spoken about this analogy. The light source is within, and the pattern of the film (our astrological dynamic) is projected onto the screen of the world. You are the source of what arises. And when you exist in wholeness, your astrological pattern becomes coherent and unique, no matter how many supposedly “difficult” aspects you may have. It resonates, much like the sound of a bell, with complex harmonics.

By resolving the pattern on the film, your astrological dynamic, you can change your world, because the light that brings your world into being is the Source Consciousness that we all are. So then we can begin to participate in our own lucid dream, creating it as we go. This is the true creativity, when our whole life becomes our work of art, our masterpiece.

So when we reach the halfway point of Leo, the polarity with Aquarius activates, in a transformational way. Suddenly the creative person integrates his genius (Uranus) as his creativity become useful for others in some way. And at the middle of Aquarius, the individuals (Leo) in the group (Aquarius) begin to realize that they will be a much more effective part of the group when they develop and share their own unique gifts and talents.

Leo is the creative artist. it is about self-expression. But imagine the difference between self-expression and Self expression. What would your art be like if “you” were able to be completely out of the way? What would the art of enlightened beings be like? Well, one thing is for sure, it would be completely spontaneous. (Uranus). Without ego, the “small” self, there is no agenda possible. It is all improvised. Improvisation is another function of Uranus, along with synchronicity, intuition, and free attention.

When you are creating your art, what happens with your attention? It is very interesting to notice as you go through your creative process. To me, the whole point of practicing and mastering your art is so that “you”, the “doer”, will be able to be completely out of the way. The body, the instinct, will know exactly what to do, without any interference from technical limitations. The artist can rest as free attention at Source, and the process can happen on its own. This is the process of artistic mastery that can take a lifetime, and it is very much a yoga, a spiritual practice, to engage such an artistic, creative practice. With the amount of “destructivity” going on these days, it is of vital importance that we keep this fire of creative process going, by persevering in doing whatever it is that brings us to bliss, like we keep the fire on the hearth alive in the winter for warmth.

Leo without Aquarius is like the king or queen who doesn’t care about the people. This is a very common phenomenon these days. The arrogant world “leaders” who presume the right to force themselves on people, with no regard whatsoever given to how those people feel about it. But this cannot last, and will not last. We can see its approaching demise right up ahead. Somehow these cretins realize they need the support of the people, but their blind spot is that they think they can force people at gunpoint to love and support them.

And the people who still look up to these “leaders” are the other side of the coin. Not willing to take responsibility for their own awakened connection to Source, they prefer to project their own royalty out onto these impostors. The unawakened Aquarian impulse keeps these tyrants in power, and it is a pathetic imitation of real power. What kind of satisfaction can you get from forcing others to do your bidding? Obviously not much, as this frustrated insanity proliferates with ever more desperate attempts to control.

Uranus also is Truth. The false kings of Leo need to be faced with the truth. The open eyes of the people (Aquarius), seeing that the emperor has no clothes. People who do not comply, because they recognize the game. People who are masters of their own attention. These are the true royals. People whose awareness circuitry (Uranus) is activated and awake, and who recognize that their own sovereignty (Leo) is inviolable. Let’s be those human beings !

the Chandra Symbol for the 2015 full moon in Leo/Aquarius is this:

the Moon:

A book, the words in it keep changing.
Destiny can keep rearranging itself under special and unusual conditions, where you have written into the contract ahead of time extravagant allowance for major shifts throughout the course of your lifetime. Ready and able to live several lifetimes in one, you are eager to wipe out the traces of a given cycle and start all over again. In love with change and in desperate need of change. Because one side of mind is dogmatically rigid. And so in order to neutralize and outwit your own dry, stuck places, you make sure to generate innovative, radical currents–slowly wearing away the tight self-identity knots and generating freedom where being stuck in old pictures had sealed off the territory and made life predictable and unbearable.

the Sun:

A young woman sits at a piano and improvises beautiful music.
Aristocracy and fine breeding open a space for the inner heart to sing. Being aware that you are given manifest advantages which make it likely that your talents and abilities can flourish. Past life attainment pulls in present lifetime congenial context. But a shadow creeps over this beautiful scene. You take on how others see you and reflect you. Which leads to, in one direction, becoming the performer who plays to the audience, losing your center. And in the other direction, to becoming the one who suppresses and feels guilty about outstanding individual attributes and colludes in going against yourself. Many possible directions. It all depends upon ripening to be simultaneously proud and humble, magnificent and sober. A path of character evolvement with many places to get lost and a very strong will to work through it all, becoming fully who you are in a way that gives life to everybody and takes nothing away from anybody anywhere.

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