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Heavenletter #5175 The Doorway to Infinity, January 25, 2015
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Heavenletter #5175 The Doorway to Infinity, January 25, 2015

God said:

To say the best is yet to come is to say Truth. The best is not behind you. You may sometimes in gloom think so. Yet what awaits you is primary. I say this because you have grown since yesterday, and you have already heard Me say that the past never was. With or without you, the past is obligated to recede. You can’t hold onto it, the past, not the long past or the short past either. Past is past. The illusion of the past you carried over is done with now. The good days are lined up before you like pins in a bowling alley.

Your good days are not lined up behind you. The good days of the past are effervescent. They are not now. You can’t turn them into now. They left long ago. You can’t live in them now.

Nor can you live in the future, for right now is the moment you have been waiting for. Make good use of it.

When you live in the past, you are like a miser with his money. He hoards it. He counts it over and over. You are to be viable now. What fear would hold you back from this very moment?

If you are a deep-sea diver, you can dive only at this moment. You have to make a new splash. You cannot be a collector of time or a collector of tide. Spend the present moment. Be generous with yourself. Spend this moment.

You are always taking a step forward. You are in the middle of a step now. You might think of yourself as pending, yet you are more than pending. You are forward-moving. One step after the other, and you are on your merry way to the next.

You don’t walk backward. If you do, it’s awkward, and you don’t get far walking backward. It is not possible to interrupt life when you are in it. You are a human being who progresses. To progress means to go forward. You can’t go back, and you can’t stay still either.

At the moment you lived the days of the past that you hold dear to you, it was often the case that you didn’t know at the time how precious they would be to you as they are now. Most likely, you rushed them waiting for a better day.

Don’t make the same error, please. Enjoy fully the day that is here in the making. Today is not just another day. This is the day you are creating. Eat the pie that is in front of you. You have only today to eat it up. How many times can you reheat a piece of peach pie? How many times can you re-eat the same piece?

A memory is a memory. A memory is not life. Life flashes before your very eyes. You can’t re-live it. You can only ponder. The past is not to be underscored. The past is meant to be left behind. I say that as, even in the world I portray, there is no behind you or after you or anything at all but what is right now. In fact, there is not a whole day ahead of you. There is right now. Now is what you have. Now is all that you have. The sands of time may pile up, yet the sweet water of life flows on. The sweet water of life is here for only a moment. Drink deeply. Drink this sweet water while it’s fresh.

Gather you rosebuds while you may. This is the gist of what I am saying, yet, perhaps gather is not quite the right verb, for it may convey the idea of collecting. You are to be an enjoyer and not a collector. Yet to say Pick rosebuds while you may lacks artistry. We are talking about being an artist of life who enters into life for the fleeting moment it is here. You are here right now in the Doorway to Infinity.

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The 1% own only half of the world
Tags: Satire 1% Own Half World 99% Oxfam Study SirMaxGreedy Parsifal Davos Rich Money ECB

The world economic forum (WEF) in Davos is regarded as the annual meeting of the super-rich and powerful oligarchs, billionaires, moguls and banxters held regularly at the end of January in the Swiss ski resort as a gathering to compare their wealth and do their lines.
At the same time will be discussed how they may still amass more wealth.
The British charity Oxfam has presented on the occasion of the WEF their study on the distribution of the possessions of this world.
Therefore, has 1% of humanity over half of the global wealth, while the remaining 99% have to be satisfied with the other half.
Parsifal, January 24, 2015

According to Oxfam, 85 of the richest people in the world accumulated so much wealth as half the world's population of 3,5 billion.
To do the same in 2010, it needed the 388 richest people of the planet.

The Chairman of the 'club of the 1%', Sir Max Greedy, told the media in Davos, he was 'very disappointed' about this statement, and he would have expected more.
Greedy said:


'I think I speak for my 85 billionaires and multi millionaires colleagues when I say, I thought we would be much better off'.

He called the Oxfam study 'very disillusioning' and he hoped that this result would serve as a

'Wake-up call for all ultra-rich in the coming years to do much more effort'.

'To be honest, many of us havecome to Davos to celebrate. Because we thought, in which we control the Central banks, buy the politicians, control governments, formulate the laws in our favor, have the media in the bag, own the global corporations, would give us more of the world'.

But there is nothing to celebrate and Greedy could not hide his disappointment as he continued:

'If we after all, own the only the half of the world, only the equivalent of 110 trillion dollars in assets, what is ridiculous little, then we must in the future make considerably more efforts'.

Therefore, Greedy, immediately after the Oxfam study was released to the public convened all present billionaires to a special session, that a plan is developed, with the goal that by 2025 yet to sack the other half of the wealth of the world.

After learning of the Oxfam study, the members of the club of the 1% showed sorrowful and pensive faces

The owner of only half of the world met in the Davidoff Cigar Lounge in Davos, which was filled with thick smoke from finest cigars, and discussed the plan with a 50-year-old Cognac.
While the club-chairman Greedy during the meeting said, the goal to reach in 10 years is 'feasible', he would not underestimate the challenge, namely to take away the 7 billion people also the other half of the assets.

'To get the other half will not be a walk',


said Greedy Max.

'But if in 10 years we are meeting once again in Davos, and Oxfam then proclaimed, the whole world belongs to the top 1% of humanity, then is the effort more than worthwhile'.

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The decision of the European Central Bank, to print until 2016 1,1 billion euros to 'absorb' the debt of the EU member States, was greeted by the members of the club of the 1% with brighter joy.

'With this new money, we get for free, we can even buy more real values and so reach our goal',

said Greedy.

'Then, when the bubble bursts and money will be worthless, belong to us all the treasures!'


This Is Smoking Gun Evidence of Western Mercenaries In Mariupol! The man Clearly Speaks Fluent English and is Wearing Fatigues known to be Worn by American and Western Mercenaries! Regardless of Argument of Accent, He is with Western Backed Forces Period! They are comprised of Paid Mercenaries from all across the globe, including Australia and Canada!


Published on 24 Jan 2015 by National Separatist


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